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Obama’s Mid-East Fantasy World – A President Incapable of Accepting Reality…

We often say ‘we accept the world as it is rather than as we wish it to be’. Because to do anything else only creates frustration from projecting our own perspectives, dreams, wishes and hopes into a situation that may … Continue reading

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Jordan’s King Abdullah Vows “Relentless War” Against ISIS….

Quite a significant difference from President Obama’s strongly worded letters…. However unfortunate the horrifying origin, this is actually a very fortuitous opportunity for King Abdullah (pictured middle and below) to go full wolverine against ISIS.  Anyone who follows Mid-East events … Continue reading

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Former Miss Turkey Arrested For Insulting President Erdogan…

It was only a few months ago when all evidence indicated that Erdogan’s henchmen killed an American female journalist who was about to expose his alignment and support for ISIS.  Now another woman is targeted by Turkish authorities…. (Via Breitbart) Turkish … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Jihadi Highway – Every Radical Islamist Who Joins ISIS Flows Through Turkey….. Easily….

(Via Stars and Stripes) For the wife of the gunman accused of killing four people at a kosher supermarket in Paris 10 days ago, the escape from questioning about complicity in the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks was relatively easy. Once … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Recep Erdogan and U.S.A’s Ron Paul Both Accuse The U.S. of Creating “Racism” and “Islamophobia” Leading To French Terror Attacks….

I would expect this from Erdogan, but from Ron Paul it’s profoundly disappointing. Erdogan blames the generic “West” for creating racism and negative views of Islam, adjusting his view to present a massive conspiracy against the Islamic world. However, Ron … Continue reading

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Beyond Mere Words – Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sisi Has Taken Action To Confront Violent Islamist Extremism…

~ Actions Speak Louder Than Words ~ In recent days some western media have begun to take note of Egypt’s President Fatah al-Sisi who challenged the larger Muslim religion to confront violent religious extremism. However, with this recent attention few … Continue reading

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Perfected Timing – Justice Dept. Prosecutors Said to Seek Felony Charges against Petraeus

Predictable in the extreme.  Those who have followed events can see through the timing of this announcement and identify the agenda/motive.  The recommendation of charges against Petraeus is cover fire for a Hillary Clinton presidential bid. As outlined in the Benghazi … Continue reading

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