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Dear Leader Now Going To Send Manpads To Syria ?

*tap*tap*tap,… *ahem*… Not to be all Captain Obvious, but what was the CIA Benghazi mission about again ? The dots are all brutally obvious.   Team Putin (Iran/Russia) squishing Team Bam-Bam in EU and Syria.   In retort, Team Bam-Bam (Saudi Arabia/USA) poke … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Erdogan Manuevers National “Optics” Ahead of Election – Files Lawsuits Against Reporters…

I would encourage everyone to read this article about the upcoming Turkish elections and what Prime Minister Erdogan is doing in advance. Erdogan is a massive ideologue who will literally do anything to hold on to power. He is also … Continue reading

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A Trip Around Dear Leader’s Partial Globe – “Lightbringer Edition”….

Sometimes it helps to pause and reflect, then evaluate for yourself: IRAN – In 2009, from the now infamous Cairo Speech, an uprising of the student led “Green Movement” striving for a voice amid the heavy hand of hard-line Islamist governance … Continue reading

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UNREAL: Human Slaughter Houses In Syria….

Remember as you read this, the guys chopping off the heads and running human slaughter houses are the folks Senator John McCain says we should be supporting… (Via Right Scoop) When the stories are finally told about what really happened in … Continue reading

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If He Believes It, It Must Be True – Article and President Obama Interview Worth Digesting

The Weekly Standard has some excellent analysis of a VERY insightful interview given by President Obama to  Jeff Goldberg of Bloomberg Media.  The Full Obama foreign policy interview is HERE.  (A must read for those who tackle understanding of what motivates … Continue reading

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Conduct Unbecoming – Senator John McCain Explodes In Angry Tirade During Meeting With Syrian Christian Leaders After They Detail Atrocities Carried Out By His Rebel Allies….

Previously John McCain was angered when it was pointed out “his people” (the rebels in Syria) were actual kidnappers.   Now he embarrasses himself to the extent Lindsey Graham needs to apologize for McCain’s angry and petulant behavior. WASHINGTON DC – Hell-bent on … Continue reading

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al-Qaeda’s Mid East Geographic Footprint At Historic Highs

We’ve come a long way from Obama’s “open hand” Cairo speech in 2009. (CNN) – From around Aleppo in western Syria to small areas of Falluja in central Iraq, al Qaeda now controls territory that stretches more than 400 miles … Continue reading

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Acquiescence To Iran – Israel, Saudi Arabia and Congress React…. No-One Happy With Obama’s Weakness, Except Iran…

Twelve hours after President Obama announces a John Kerry brokered deal with Iran the international community responds.

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A Common Enemy – Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt Align Cooperatively Against Iran (and The U.S.)…

(Via Pam Geller) It is astounding. Consider how monumental the blunders of the jihadi stooge in the White House for an alliance of such divergent powers to align. Nothing happens for decades, then decades happen in a day. Israel is … Continue reading

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The Undependables – Secretary Kerry Tries To Convince World: “President Obama is a man of his word”….

A structurally subtle sentence set into a presser given by U.S. Secretary John Kerry to the press in the Middle East, yes.   But ask yourself this:  when was the last time a Secretary of State needed to tell the world, his … Continue reading

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