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Former Miss Turkey Arrested For Insulting President Erdogan…

It was only a few months ago when all evidence indicated that Erdogan’s henchmen killed an American female journalist who was about to expose his alignment and support for ISIS.  Now another woman is targeted by Turkish authorities…. (Via Breitbart) Turkish … Continue reading

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New Video Shows President Obama’s Non-Islamic ISIS Demanding Ransom Or They Will Behead Japanese Hostages….

It is always important to remember the White House logic – when you hear the Islamic State make demands, according to President Obama they are not Islamic.  It is only when you accept the futility in conversation with the professional … Continue reading

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Perfected Timing – Justice Dept. Prosecutors Said to Seek Felony Charges against Petraeus

Predictable in the extreme.  Those who have followed events can see through the timing of this announcement and identify the agenda/motive.  The recommendation of charges against Petraeus is cover fire for a Hillary Clinton presidential bid. As outlined in the Benghazi … Continue reading

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U.S. Veteran Says Joining Up With Kurds To Fight ISIS Was Easy As Buying Plane Ticket….

During the battle for Kobane many people were willing to join the Kurdish YPG forces to aid in battle against ISIS.  Catherine Herridge interviewed on such American….  (Via Fox News) All it took was a plane ticket, and an informal … Continue reading

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The Future of Kobane – Thoughts and A Diary From Inside the Fight, 68 Days and Counting…

A really insightful paper written about the current status of Kobane Syria.  Quite a remarkable glimpse into the status, thoughts, hopes and prayers of those who are there. I hope you find it both reflective and enlightening… Planting Trees In Kobane After two months … Continue reading

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Breaking Overnight: ISIS Beheads Another U.S. Aid Worker – Peter Edward Kassig (aka: Abdul-Rahman Kassig) Murdered By ISIS…. Before becoming an aid worker, Kassig was an Army Ranger. He was deployed to Iraq in 2007, and later honorably discharged for medical reasons. The video shows a black-clad man with a British accent standing over a severed head. … Continue reading

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Update: Day #60 Siege of Kobane

Update below

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