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Breaking Overnight: ISIS Beheads Another U.S. Aid Worker – Peter Edward Kassig (aka: Abdul-Rahman Kassig) Murdered By ISIS…. Before becoming an aid worker, Kassig was an Army Ranger. He was deployed to Iraq in 2007, and later honorably discharged for medical reasons. The video shows a black-clad man with a British accent standing over a severed head. … Continue reading

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Update: Day #60 Siege of Kobane

Update below

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Egyptian Jihadists Pledge Allegiance To ISIS…

EGYPT – Under increasing pressure from the military, Egypt’s deadliest jihadist group pledged allegiance to the Islamic State organisation in a bid to boost recruitment and bolster its fight against the army, analysts say. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (Partisans of Jerusalem) … Continue reading

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Existential Economics: ISIS announces plans to introduce Gold Dinars & Silver Dirhams

The concept of bullion gold dinars and silver dirhams has long been part of the ethos of those who struggle to re-establish another “Golden Age of Islam” and a modern age pan-Levant Caliphate. This belief system is deeply held and … Continue reading

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The Benghazi Brief – Ghosts Beyond The Wire

Here’s The Full Benghazi Brief Grab a cup of coffee because it’s a long read with over 350 citations and reference source links for confirmational material. We think you’ll get hooked and find 95% of your Benghazi questions answered. And … Continue reading

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Shock Fail – Syria is Getting “Sketchy” – Difficult To Tell Friend From Foe As Factions Unite and Tell Us We’re Bombing The Wrong Jihadists….

Gee, you mean other than the Kurds the administration can’t actually locate the Syrian “moderates”?  Ya don’t say… ( – An Islamist rebel group that has been fighting both the Assad regime and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) said … Continue reading

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Good Grief Have You Seen Erdogan’s New Digs? No Wonder Obama Loves This Guy…. (Video)

It is well known and accepted in international circles that President Obama’s BFF is President Recep Erdogan of Turkey. It is also reasonably accepted that Erdogan is a Sunni Islamist and power thirsty Marxist who views his job to resurrect the ottoman … Continue reading

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