Former Zimmerman Attorney Mark O’Mara Disparages His Client George….

O’Mara: George Zimmerman should not be visiting gun factories

(Yahoo Headline)

Mark O’Mara continues his robust advocacy for freedom - NOT !   What a jackass !   At least Robert Zimmerman Jr steps in to support his brother where the idiot former attorney is unable to.

Mark O'Mara 2(Via Yahoo News) The attorney who helped murder defendant George Zimmerman win a controversial acquittal last month was frustrated to learn his client toured a gun factory on Thursday.

According to TMZ, the former neighborhood crime watchman visited Kel-Tec firearms, the company that manufactured the semi-automatic handgun Zimmerman used in the fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

“We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart,” Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for attorney Mark O’Mara, told Yahoo News. “That was not part of our public relations plan.”

News of Zimmerman’s visit to the gunmaker comes just six weeks after a jury found him not guilty in the 2012 shooting death of Martin, an unarmed black teenager in Sanford, Fla. The trial was televised to a wide audience, and his acquittal led to nationwide protests and prompted President Barack Obama to speak out on the case.

According to the TMZ story, Zimmerman got a personal tour of the Cocoa, Fla., facility from the son of Kel-Tec’s founder and owner. The story includes a picture of Zimmerman and a man wearing a Kel-Tec shirt. TMZ says it was taken on the assembly plant floor. The entertainment website reported that Zimmerman inquired about purchasing a tactical shotgun; however Kel-Tec’s website says the company doesn’t sell firearms directly to the public.

Late Friday afternoon, Kel-Tec sent Yahoo News a statement “concerning this leaked bit of information by someone unassociated with Kel-Tec.”

“He simply wanted to see the manufacturing facility,” the statement said of Zimmerman’s visit. “This is a common occurrence with our customer base that live close by or may be traveling through.”

[...]   “Security is, has been, and continues to be of great concern to every member of our family for obvious reasons,” his brother, Robert Zimmerman, wrote in an email to Yahoo News.


O’Mara still represents Zimmerman on sanctions his firm filed against Florida prosecutors for allegedly withholding case discovery, and in a defamation lawsuit against NBC News. Vincent says O’Mara and Zimmerman are in contact about once a week.

“From that perspective, we are George’s legal representation, but I don’t think he takes our advice on how he lives his life or what factories he decides to tour,” Vincent told Yahoo News. “We represented him in court. We got the verdict that we believe is just, and the rest of George’s life is up to George.”

But Vincent acknowledged that the timing of the factory tour was not well planned, especially since Zimmerman has become a lightning rod in the debate on gun and self defense rights.

“If you’re a public figure and you represent people’s opinion on those issues, then what you do in context is important for sure,” Vincent said.

Robert Zimmerman made no apologies for his brother’s visit to Kel-Tec.

“Every criminal defendant is presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty,” he wrote to Yahoo News. “When a defendant is acquitted the presumption of innocence is maintained in our society. George is a free man and as such is entitled to visit, tour, frequent or patronize any business or locale he wishes.”  (read full article)

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184 Responses to Former Zimmerman Attorney Mark O’Mara Disparages His Client George….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    I thought for a moment that he was worried about how his former client visiting a gun sales site might appear to the prospective civil jury pool, even how he might have totally forgotten about the death threats GZ’s received and the possibility that the NBP might still have an open kidnap/death warrant on him. Then (sound of open hand slapping forehead) it dawned on me that being a lawyer he just might be demonstrating for Trayvon©® INC LLC that he’s the best choice for the plaintiffs in the civil suit.

  2. rickmadigan says:

    You ever get the feeling that Progs are UnAmerican and really do not understand what the American spirit is about?

  3. Wizzum says:

    I think that right now I am about as mad as I have ever been and will be writing a letter to Mr. O’mara tomorrow when I cool down.
    He has just guaranteed that should any one I know need legal help in Florida he will never appear on the list of attorneys to call.

    • rickmadigan says:

      I say write it when you are hot, so he can feel the heat and the outrage that we have all felt about his yellow bellied, minimalist, proud, pedantic, prickly, prude ways of putting things when representing George.

  4. StormyeyesC says:

    Robert is eloquent and the best brother and advocate George could have. I applaud him for his courage, candor, and tireless defense of his brother.

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  6. Sam says:

    Reality to O’Mara law office: George Zimmerman’s life has been threatened multiple times and you are not concerned about that, but only concerned that he might actually have the means to defend himself against multiple thugs? Brainless progressive twit! I hope all the Zimmerman family are well armed.

    • rickmadigan says:

      This is from O’Mara removes his Mask thread:

      “Jeff B
      July 13, 2013 at 2:26 am

      I would like to be the first to comment….

      I was extremely disappointed with how Omara handled this entire case with GZ’s life and liberties on the line. Omara chose to remain very PC despite the down and dirty smear campaign that was in full effect against GZ and his entire family.

      Not once did OMara mention in detail the deadly threats that have been directed to the entire Zimmerman family from Spike Lee attempting to tweet the Zimmerman address to the outright dirty lies that GZ was a total racist as well false and malicious accusations that GZ’s; father was involved in keeping GZ from being arrested.

      This trial was the time to dispel all the lies, corruption and manipulation that was initially created by the BGI, Crump, Sharpton and company. This trial was supposed to quell the civil unrest of all the lies that had been perpetuated against GZ and family. None of that happened.

      Omara failed to dispel anything that was grossly misrepresented in the media about GZ and family. Omara basically went to a down and dirty street fight with eloquent words of PC wisdom which fell on deaf ears. To me it was clear that Omara was thinking of his own career first and GZ’s life second.

      I am sickened by Omara’s closing arguments and I am left speechless… I just don’t know how to describe how disgusted and sick I am by the half-ass PC fight that Omara put up on behalf of GZ…”

      • Eddie says:

        Omara’s only job was to get Zimmerman acquitted in a court of law, and he succeeded. It’s not his job to worry about the media or anything outside of the law.

  7. LittleLaughter says:

    Rmemeber how the left were condemming ppl for condemming Michael Vic for getting a dog after his conviction for dog fighting? Yahoo News was one that sympathized with the worthless criminal and the liberal fan base was saying he really did love dogs and he has a right to own a dog just like everybody else. (Remember, Vic was convicted). But now they feel that, even though GZ was aquitted, he has no right to own a gun, or even tour a gun factory.
    Typical Left-Loon Hypocrits.

    • saywhat says:

      Great comparison!

    • It’s also okay for terrorists to be employed at our universities!

    • Eddie says:

      Not true. Yahoo and the liberal press were hard on Vick and rightly so. And though some do feel as though Zimmerman shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun, it doesn’t matter, he is allowed to so it’s a moot point. The real problem here is Zimmerman’s attorney releasing such a charged statement about their client. He should fire them and hire another attorney who understands you don’t make damning statements to the press about your own client!

  8. Shannon says:

    O’Mara really needs to put a sock on his sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude. Not only that, but there’s something about him that I find very creepy.

    • LittleLaughter says:

      I didn’t really find MOM to be creepy, And I felt he wrote good, sound motions, (especially compared to Bernie’s ridiculous and child tantrum like drivel). It was MOM’s gooey, marshmallowy innards that I disliked. I still hoped he would gather some fire within himself and storm the castle doors, as it were. I did, indeed, appreciate him calling out the media after the verdict. But he has now undone what good he did with that chastising.

      • rickmadigan says:

        All he ever did was chastise and control his client, his wife, his family, his monies, call him a liar and talk about him like he was a confused little child who went astray.

        As for the motions, I believe they were written by very many helpful others, if not Mr. West.

        • LittleLaughter says:

          He may well have, rick, but he did deliver a nice chastising to the media after the verdict. I appreciated that and hoped I would see more of a fire from him and he might go on the offensive with the scheme team and the persecution. That didn’t happen. Still know not a darn thing about Crumps depo, and I am doubting there will ever be any sanctions hearings. I will give him the chastising of the media. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. It was nice to hear at that time. However, as I said upthread, he just undid any good from it.

      • whiteradish says:

        gooey, marshmallowy innards Didja hear that, OMara?

        • michelle says:

          Unfortunately, I don’t think an illogical prog like O’Meara views that phrase as deurogatory.

          • whiteradish says:

            Marshmallow and skittles, rainbows and fluffy clouds. Innocent people are being run down on the streets due to lies while MOM practices affirmative action for the delinquent parents. He specializes in shooting rainbows out his rear. Otherwise known as political civility, which is not a nice thing at all.

  9. LittleLaughter says:

    Anyone still wearing rose collored glasses concerning O’Mara after reading this will never shed them. This shows the difference between a defense attorney and a defense attorney who is also your advocate. A stellar defense attorney always has your back. O’Mara just stabbed George in his.

    • justfactsplz says:

      My sentiments exactly. You reap what you sow. His statements will come back to bite him on this butt someday. All of the fame and fortune he is seeking may be very short lived. He no longer has control over George or his family or their finances, thank God.

    • Eddie says:

      Exactly. It’s unconscionable as well as unethical to make such a statement regarding your very own client! I hope Zimmerman fires O’Mara and gets a new attorney.

  10. Sundance, you know I have repeatedly thought of your criticisms of O’Mara to be excessive, sometimes unfair. I still believe we should focus more on the *really* evil ones.

    However, fair is fair: two recent O’Mara things made me lean your way:

    – the moronic declaration that he would welcome further DoJ investigations on his (former?) client – no, Mark, that is despicable, you should complain about the abusive investigations that took place so far, not invite another one, shame on you

    – this Shawn Vincent declaration which, if it represents your own views, as it is likely, is even more despicable.

    Mark, you and the rest of the defense team, Don West in particular, have great merits in having helped George Zimmerman avoid an unjust, abusive, Kafkian sentencing.

    Nevertheless, it is REALLY time for you to start reading more carefully what people like Sundance and other Zimmerman supporters are saying. They are NOT extremist or irrational.

    I feel, with regret, as somebody who defended you a dozen of times in these very discussions, that you are on the verge of losing it. What you’ve been doing recently, these two things mentioned above for starters, are immoral, ungraceful, unwarranted, and stupid to boot.

    Please take a deep look in the mirror and revise your behavior!

    • rickmadigan says:

      As far as the Kafkian sentencing, he almost lost an open and shut case, where the Prosecution had no law on their side.

      Three of the jurors wanted to charge something, and one of that number wanted 2nd degree, and that’s the one O’Mara called an “ideal” juror, after she went on TV.

      • kathyca says:

        Exactly. And is it any wonder when his media relations person says the gun he used “to shoot trayvon marting through the heart.” Wth. It’s amazing to me that they didn’t lynch George themselves.

        • rickmadigan says:

          They are definitely throwing George under the bus. I wonder if Sims has talked to O’Mara about his knowledge of the pay pal, and depo’d him.

          George would certainly go along with what needs to be done to save Shellie. And hence we are seeing some visible signs of O’Mara trying to save his own reputation, by making George look like a callous fool with no judgment.

  11. czarowniczy says:

    There’s also the distinct possibility that GZ’s receiving some remuneration from Kel-Tec for being its unspoken spokesman. I’ve never been a big fan of Kel-Tec pistols, they’re inexpensive and shoot most of the time, and it’s not a weapon I’d want to have to explain were I to have to go into court. Paying $1100 for a new and unproven shotgun design when you could buy a Remington 870 at Walmart for around $300 (here) – a shotgun you’ll find in most police cars. The Remington’s proven, reliable and you’re more likely to be able to buy replacements parts quickly and easily. I’m getting afiled here – I think GHZ was being used for publicity by Kel-Tec and may well have being paid. Why would he just wander in and start shooting an expensive piece they’re trying to sell with -Oh goodness, look atthat!

    • czarowniczy says:

      Curse you WordPress and the NSA! Reply above just printed out without my asking it too – guess the WH has all the evidence it needs. Anyway, as I was saying, -Oh goodness, look at that! a cameraman standing by. GZ did use a Kel-Tec to commit the deed so is this just coincidence or is it bad taste in firearms times 2?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      According to Kel-Tec’s website, they do NOT give tours to the public, do NOT allow the public to test fire weapons on their test-firing range, and do NOT sell firearms to the general public at their factory.

      So, why did they give George a tour guided by the owner’s son, if George’s *celebrity* status (for lack of a better word) had nothing to do with it?

    • keriheat says:

      czar, czar…..whoa, slow down…..”Paying $1100 for a new and unproven shotgun design”

      The Kel-Tec TSG 12 has been out for a couple of years and has had 2 revisions that I know of. I linked to a review of the gun on Sundance’s TMZ “Tour” Story yesterday.

      Prove me wrong. — It appears George went to the factory on his own (every right to do so). Kel-Tec is quoted as Saying: They are not set-up to give tours, but when buyers that live in the area or a customer traveling through, they are willing to show them around. I believe the term “Tour” is ‘MediaBait’ from TMZ.

      No Harm, No Foul. :)

      • czarowniczy says:

        By unproven I don’t mean that a few buyers have had it in hand and pumped a few rounds through at the range. Let’s see KT run it through NIJ/NCJRS using the same tests they did to rate police shotguns and through the US Army’s Mil-Spec 3443E test. Proven means that when I have to point that SOB for true at some skell I have no doubts in the back of my mind that it’s gonna go bang. My 870 was introduced in 1951 and is still the most commonly found shotgun in a police car.
        Another point. Let’s say you have a defensive shoot and the NOK decide to sue you in a civil wrongful death suit. The plaintiff’s lawyer takes your futuristic, plastic, double-grip, snub-nosed, pump shotgun holding beaucoup rounds in its extended magazine and waves it at the jury (seen versions of this in court). “You paid $1200 for this while a regular $300 Mossberg or Remington shotgun was readily available. Shotguns good enough for our military and police to use”, he theatrically intones, “and you bought this killing device just for hunting people like my client!!!” “The killing devices used by our military and police weren’t good enough for you, you had to go out and buy this customized killing machine to make a sport out of self defense, you had no intention of dissuading the man you so murderously tore to pieces with this destructive device, you were just waiting to kill someone.” I’ve heard versions of this in court cases and for a jury with no gun history it puts one in the hot seat. Go back and research why NYC is carrying Glock pistols with 12-POUND triggers, up from their old 8-pound ones. When you use a gun in self defense your life is on the line three times: first, in dealing with the shooter; second in dealing with the DA and grand jury; third when facing a civil wrongful death trial.

        I still don’t believe KelTec didn’t set this up, it’s all too convenient.

        • keriheat says:

          A “few rounds” is very subjective. I’m talking guys that have shot 1000.

          This is not a war gun. It is a ‘Home Defense Staple’ and made so you don’t bang the sides of your bedroom doorway when you need to sweep the varmints out of the hall.

          Aside — My kel-tec 380 required a dis-assembly and a little polishing on the ramp. I’ve used quite a few different types of ammo without a hitch. The only time I have a misfire is from neglect., I carry it in my front pocket, un-holstered, round in the pipe. It gets doggie treat crumbs, wood chips from log cutting and typical navel fuzz from inside my pocket.
          (why I have navel fuzz in my pocket is another story)

          If the slide hangs up, I just say “Good Boy!” and it will fire the remaining 6 rounds without fail. I can even carry it in my swim trunks as long as I don’t wade out to far in the creek. :)

          • czarowniczy says:

            As a matter of fact I had my Glock 23 in my cutoff bibs (I refer to them as redneck Trachten) as I waded through waist-deep water last week to chop holes in a beaver dam. I cracked the action to drain the water and it fired, mud and crud and all. I just don’t like KelTec as a bet-yer-life-on-it pistol. As for the shotgun, ain’t no way I’ll take the KelTec home at closing time. My 870 with 18-inch barrel and factory-installed folding stock is my inside go-to piece, followed by my CAR if they somehow escape the initial barrage. My inside 870 holds 6 rounds and if I need more than that I’m either doing something wrong or I need the kryptonite grenade.

      • czarowniczy says:

        I’ve tried twice and can’t get a reply thru – only blocks on you. I’m going to try to post it on the daily thread

        • czarowniczy says:

          Or maybe I’ll try here:

          By unproven I don’t mean that a few buyers have had it in hand and pumped a few rounds through at the range. Let’s see KT run it through NIJ/NCJRS using the same tests they did to rate police shotguns and through the US Army’s Mil-Spec 3443E test. Proven means that when I have to point that SOB for true at some skell I have no doubts in the back of my mind that it’s gonna go bang. My 870 was introduced in 1951 and is still the most commonly found shotgun in a police car. Proven also means it doesn’t look like a Star Trek prop when it’s waved in front of a jury.
          Another point. Let’s say you have a defensive shoot and the NOK decide to sue you in a civil wrongful death suit. The plaintiff’s lawyer takes your futuristic, plastic, double-grip, snub-nosed, pump shotgun holding beaucoup rounds in its extended magazine and waves it at the jury (seen versions of this in court). “You paid $1200 for this while a regular $300 Mossberg or Remington shotgun was readily available. Shotguns good enough for our military and police to use”, he theatrically intones, “and you bought this killing device just for hunting people like my client!!!” “The killing devices used by our military and police weren’t good enough for you, you had to go out and buy this customized killing machine to make a sport out of self defense, you had no intention of dissuading the man you so murderously tore to pieces with this destructive device, you were just waiting to kill someone.” I’ve heard versions of this in court cases and for a jury with no gun history it puts one in the hot seat. When you use a gun in self defense your life is on the line three times: first in dealing with the person you shot in what better be a life-and-death situation; second with the DA and grand jury; third with any wrongful death suit. Best bet is to have used a weapon that isn’t tricked-out, custom or whiz-bang,

          I still don’t believe KelTec didn’t set this up, it’s all too convenient.

        • stella says:

          I released one of your comments from spam, and deleted the other two. Sorry!

  12. The Worm Has Turned says:

    MOM is a typical sleazebag establishment local hack attorney.

  13. LittleLaughter says:

    Mark O’Mara and Don West did succeed in gaining a Not Guilty verdict for George. A true victory to be sure. Many Zimmerman supporters have argued that it was not the job of O’Mara to go after the BGI and the MSM, only to obtain an aquittal for his client. However, George and his family suffered and are still suffering far more than just the trial and the charges. Their lives have been dismantled and they are living in fear. The state they are in, as well as the charges he faced, were/are a direct result of the BGI & the MSM. O’Mara AND West were Georges legal defenders, and that status should have included advocacy. That would be the moral, if not legal, position a dynomite attorney would assume.
    Fine then, if you were inclined to believe their focus should have been on winning the trial and nothing else. But the trial is over, and George is still persecuted. Had they taken advantage of the opportunities in front of the cameras to condemn both the media and the scheme team, at least most of the persecution would have been cut off at the knees. Not only are they not condemning the media and scheme team, they are condemning George for excercising his constitutional rights! That is certainly not advocacy! This goes for West as well, because he could take a moment to speak up on George’s behalf if he were so inclined.

    • Very well put, Laughter.

      I was inclined to cut MoM quite some slack as I thought, reasonably I believe, that his duty to his client overwhelmed his civic/societal duties, perhaps equally important, but less imminent, more subjective, and less clear-cut.

      It’s these recent evolutions that make me believe Sundance read this man better than I gave him credit for.

      I still believe though that people like Corey, BdlR, the Florida governor, Holder and Soetero should be vilified with much better reason.

      Another question to be raised would be why does George still stick with MoM. Could it be that this good man has a sense of loyalty which sometimes overwhelms legitimate self-interest??

      • LittleLaughter says:

        From experience, I can say that once you are with an atty for over a year, you are often bound to what you’ve got. Money is part of it, as it costs a fortune to retain a decent one (I use the word decent with a grain of salt here). Another is that you might not like your atty after some months, so you call another. They’re all country club buddies on the same boards and what not and they do not like to step on each others toes. So they defer to the current atty.
        With George, I wonder if it would be a huge deal to have to start fresh at this point.

        • Thanks, there are some things I didn’t think about.

          • LittleLaughter says:

            If you have never had the misfortune of being railroaded into the court system, or having a loved one tied up in it, you wouldn’t be expected to think of these things. God knows I never did. But 15 months into it and my eyes are wide open. Thank you for the coversation. :-)

        • Having been married to a criminal defense attorney for 10 years, you are dead on. They’re a small “clique” and they’re mostly buddies. I would be amazed when, in the middle of a caustic trial, we’d go to have lunch at the local diner and the prosecution would come sit at the table with us and have lunch, tell jokes, etc. when they had just been going at each others’ throats in the courtroom. It is almost surreal. I don’t think there was any comradery between the defense/pros in GZ’s case (at least with Mr. West), but you’d be surprised.
          And you’re right – they don’t like to “step on each others’ toes.”

      • justfactsplz says:

        Omara recently told someone that he no longer represents George. I believe that is going forward as he is involved in the NBC suit and the sanctions. Omara may be doing these digs at George because of Shellie’s upcoming case that could very well sink Omara. George should have had an attorney they talked good about him at all times. He is to blame for how out of hand the scheme team got and how George’s reputation suffered in the media.

        • rickmadigan says:

          O’Mara could have stopped the railroading, called an end to the farce. There were plenty of legal remedies available. His sanctions against State mean nothing. The times he most came alive is when he wanted Bernie to be spanked for dissing his great authority. O’Mara is fighting his own battles, with Bernie, not George’s battle.

          O’Mara could have done good PR for his client to afford him the respect and empathy of society.

          The American people are not without heart. Black people also are not without the capacity to understand truth.

          If truth about George and how the railroading had occurred had been put forth by his Representative, they would have adjusted their understanding to the reality. If truth about what the Zimmerman family had been through had been repeatedly put in the faces of the American people, I have no doubt that the American people would have felt truly sorry for believing the lies and turned against the scoundrels who subverted justice and law.

          O’Mara was in control, but he was using his power to give love to black sensitivities. O’Mara approved, acquiesced, apologized, and accommodated the heartless cruelty that continues to pursue an innocent man.

    • ZurichMike says:

      On the issue of the Zimmerman case, West defers to O’Mara, the control freak. That’s the deal, and why West doesn’t speak out.

    • hooson1st says:

      Little Laughter -

      Having read the links above provided by Sundance, I did not see where “they are condemning George for exercising his constitutional rights.”

      In fact what the MOM spokesman said in part is that “the rest of George’s life is up to George”.

      What the spokesman also made clear, and which I think was the thrust of their response to media inquiry, was that the defense legal team disassociated itself from George’s visit to the Kel-Tec factory.

      I would agree with critics that Shawn’s statement went overboard, especially with this part, “…the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart.” That part of the statement is unnecessary, very inflammatory and I wonder if Shawn Vincent even said that.

      It would be good to get clarification whether this appeared in a written statement from the MOM law office, or if it was said orally by Vincent in a audio interview with Yahoo, or were those words added on by a sloppy reporter on Yahoo’s side of the conversation.

      • LittleLaughter says:

        Reading that link and not realizing it is a condemnation of George is not being honest about it. Surely, the MSM sees it as a condemnation of what George did- which was indeed his constitutional right. If MoM’s law group felt they needed to distance themselves from the visit, that just solidifies the PC nature of the firm, and of MoM himself.
        If there is any part of that statement that Vincent did not say, then the time for them to speak out against false statements was immediately after they were aired. If O’Mara still represents George in any capacity at all- he should be an advocate for the truth as well as for George’s rights. The O’Mara Law Group did not have to speak out about it at all, but if they were going to, it should have been in a manner that was to tell the nation that George committed no crimes, and he is well within his rights to do whatever is necessary to defend himself and his family. Then they should have pointed out all of the death threats that continue still, as well as the NBPP’s bounty, and the recent hate crimes of racist thugs killing innocents.

        • hooson1st says:

          Little Laughter –

          My opinions may be wrong, but they are honestly held, as I assume are yours.

          The link, which is a Yahoo link, is an implied condemnation of George. Whatever George does that gets into the public, despite his acquittal, will be portrayed with a negative twist. If Don West has ice cream with his daughters, it will be portrayed with a negative twist. That is part of the fallout of this tragedy.

          Of course the MSM “sees it as a condemnation of George” of George exercising what is his constitutional right. It is further proof of the uphill battle that George still faces and exactly to the point why MOM in his closing point emphasized that in this case, the George Zimmerman case, the jury should have had a third option – that option being of declaring George Zimmerman innocent.

          You are correct that MOM, or his spokesman, could have declined any response to press inquiry on this. And for that, it would have limited criticism of MOM on this aspect just to the fact of non-responsiveness.

        • keriheat says:

          When a customer of ours would spend $1000′s to paint his car, and would get a little scratch in it… many times, they would bring their car by the shop and we would rub the defect ‘out’ — Gratuitous! … O’Mara’s ‘Due Diligence’ should be the same for George.

          O’Mara’s professionalism and loyalty to George, just plain sucks!!

          • rickmadigan says:

            “O’Mara’s professionalism and loyalty to George, just plain sucks!!”

            How can it suck, when it never existed?

            Nothing against Hooson, but he was one of the dozen reasons I never bothered to post at CTH. All of Sundance’s hard worked insightful articles about O’Mara were pretty much cannabilized by posters who take you round and round the machine of circular logic and bring you back completely dazed so you have no choice but to say, “uncle.” And one optimist went around banging you on the head with “nope, its not that way.” How can you argue against that level of delusion. And pretty soon, everyone was walking on eggshells and apologizing for saying anything truthful about O’Mara.

            I’ve seen it happen to too many people here. The conversation gets run aground, not by vitriol, but by polite verbal manipulations. Its not logic, its “I agree, but I disagree, you may be right, I might be wrong, but, it is actually this, I have 50 plus years on this planet, people know what I mean, they like me around here, what if the space ship Enterprise landed tomorrow, would you believe in O’Mara, you see, he really meant to intimidate Crump by the arm around him, see how he did that Writ, he’s got something up his sleeve, I have my reservations too, I am not a turd, I like cats, yada yada yada. Meanwhile, those of us who wanted to join the conversation, never did. Its too much politically correct conversation passing for “politeness” and “civility,” and anything true is roped and chained quickly, so all you can do is stay out.

            • Sharon says:

              Its too much politically correct conversation passing for “politeness” and “civility,” and anything true is roped and chained quickly, so all you can do is stay out.

              Exactly. Well said, rickmadigan. Thanks for providing the headsup for new readers to not get drawn into this excessively polite, circular logic. No conversation. Just perennial high ground.

            • hooson1st says:

              Rick –
              At the risk of employing civility, I have to apologize if anything I wrote prevented you from commenting earlier at CTH.

              When I thought there was a plausible alternative explanation for some of MOM’s actions, or non-actions, I offered it – often to vigorous pushback by other commenters.

              Clearly, I did not know, and still do not know, about a lot of the backdoor machinations to which Sundance and others were privy. Had I known, I suspect my observations would have been tempered, or completely changed.

              I should note that I do not share your observation that “pretty soon, everyone was walking on eggshells and apologizing for saying anything truthful about O’Mara.” To the contrary, the criticisms of O’Mara, whether justified or not justified in my opinion, continued unabated. Today’s thread is a good example of that.

            • sundance says:

              And now you know why we tried to purge the people commenting who just could not accept the issues as they presented around Mark O’mara.

              There was always some “he’s about to do something brilliant” explanation, justification, etc etc etc….

              There are a core of people, who at their very center ideology, cannot fathom to actually engage the truth *if* it runs couner to their preconceived notions, OR what they *must* believe.

              Yes, it is very similar to Political correctness running amuck. Very similar.

              We are continually surrounded by people who just cannot accept the truth as it unfolds in front of their eyes.

              This, in my humble opinion, is the virus rotting the thread which sewed the fabric of this nation together.

              • whiteradish says:

                They can’t accept the truth because they repetitively get assaulted by gamers and liars shooting rainbows out their rear end, who pounce on guilt laden sing song sound tracks until one cows away. They play the But I Am Such A Compassionate Person and You Are Not.

                $abryna and Fruit, the sociopath parents, gets the affirmative action treatment from OMara while GZ isn’t allowed to smile once in a while for the camera. Like someone says, OM kills you softly with his song. I can’t stand pretense.

  14. Sentenza says:

    George Zimmerman is a free man and Kel-Tec is a legal business. So, what’s the problem?

    In this case, MoM should have said such.

    • PeruvianMom says:

      With the insinuation to the press being: Are you stupid, or what?

    • canadacan says:

      Sentenza, that’s exactly how it should have been handled.
      Brevity is the soul of wit necessary here .At times like this, anybody connected with Omara’s law practice tends to pontificate.
      Mark Omara has become an albatross

      • Sentenza says:

        Yep. Zimmerman can legally go out and buy any weapon he wants.

        He’s free, and I’m sure that fact infuriates his persecutors. It also warms my heart, because we still live in a society where the weak aren’t at the mercy of the strong, and justice and good prevail.

  15. whiteradish says:

    He’s a sanctimonious sleazebag establishment local hack attorney with gooey marshmallowy innerds. Get on your knees ‘n start praying, O’Mara or be a twit forever. God will take your intellect and court skills one day if you abuse these endowments.

  16. elvischupacabra says:

    I smell an endorsement!! :lol:

    “When you’re flat on your back getting pounded by a drugged-up gang-banger, you need a reliable weapon that is easy to draw, easy to shoot and always works when you need it. Take it from me, George Zimmerman, the Kel-Tec PF-9 is my concealed weapon of choice!”

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Right now, George is the quintessential poster child for self-defense. While it might seem “crass” to the general public, many in the “Pro-2nd Amendment” camp want to hear his story. Endorsements for Kel-Tec and other manufacturers could prove quite lucrative, as well as appearances at gun shows, NRA rallies, and speaking engagements for self-defense seminars. If George doesn’t have a PR rep, or agent, he should get one.

  17. PeruvianMom says:

    I was insulted by the tone of the announcement. Why pile on George Zimmerman? If O’Mara had a problem, why not call tell George privately, put in public defend him vigorously, like the lawyers that sleazy democrats seem to employ? With the press it’s like scaring off a pack of jackals – someone needs to stomp their foot, shout emphatically and keep them on the run. I should have gone to law school.

  18. PeruvianMom says:

    Warms my heart to see George’s happy face in that photo. George is living his happy, law-abiding life, like always.

  19. no agenda says:

    George can visit any gun store He wishes.

  20. Vivid Blue says:

    So the tour is, “not part of our public relations plan.” But the tasteless mural in the FL capitol depicting George is fine for your PR plan? How about when AC called George a murderer after he was found not guilty? Where was your PR plan going after her, Mr. ‘high and mighty’ O’mara? You are not worried about George’s image as much as your own reputation. Your nose is so deep in the bull that I can’t believe you don’t smell it. Get some sunlight, grow a pair or borrow Don’s and speak up and for George…. you remember George don’t you? It isn’t always about your image O’mara. Don’t cherry pick the PC fights, defend George on the dirty ones too.

    • Once again, well put.

      Mr. O’Mara, if you read this, don’t dismiss it foolishly as the rant of some conservative crank.

      Examine your conscience and apologize. For your own sake, only secondarily for George.

    • rickmadigan says:

      Look at Ariel Castro! Evil monster from the pit of hell! His lawyers said, we have evidence, he is NOT GUILTY, (strong tone) we promise you the jury will find him NOT GUILTY (confident tone). We are trained in law, trust us, let the law handle it.

      They were completely bullshitting us, but guess what, it worked. We calmed down.

      Compare to what O’Mara said: My client believes he is not guilty. I will not say. I have not looked at all the discovery yet. My client lied about the funds.

      (The truth was, O’Mara knew about the funds, he knew about the $37,000, he lied to the media, he lied in court, George went to jail and Shellie was arrested for perjury)

      • justfactsplz says:

        You’ve got that right Rick. Omara is why George went back to jail and Shellie was charged with perjury.

      • Vivid Blue says:

        Castro’s attorneys were appointed to do a job which they did their best, O’mara wasn’t appointed, he ‘volunteered’. His motives could have been noble in the beginning (doubtful, as I think he was smelling fame), but after the Paypal funds and even more national attention, the case became to O’mara an opportunity for him, instead of justice for George who is still being beat up in the media, attacked and called a murderer (AC, the PSA, the mural in the capitol). The difference is one group of attorneys (Castro’s in this case) were doing their best job, and in George’s case, for O’mara it wasn’t a job, but an opportunity.

      • keriheat says:

        Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! (crowd hoops and hollers )

        I feel like I’m at an Amway Convention! :) :)

  21. ZurichMike says:

    Question for Mark O’Money, the Ichabod Crane of the Florida Bar:
    Why didn’t the your public relations plan include before the trial stating loudly and clearly “This is travesty of prosecutorial misconduct masquerading as a racial incident. My client is innocent, and the evidence will show that GZ is innocent and had every right to defend himself in the manner he did. More importantly, our legal system considers him innocent until the State proves its case — not the media, not so-called family advisers, not out-of-town race agitators, not breathless media outlets looking to improve ratings. Any speculation or reporting beyond actual legal facts of the case, any attempt to twist reality or facts is not only irresponsible, but potentially illegal, and we will be monitoring and holding any and all parties responsible for defaming my client.”

    For the current issue with GZ’s visit to the gun factory, see his brother Robert’s PERFECT response.

    Hey Mark, how’s that TV gig coming along? Not.

  22. justfactsplz says:

    I too believe George needs a trusted PR man and agent. Until this lawsuit is settled he has no income. I hate to think what percentage of his future earnings Omara will get since he represented him pro bono (snark). I have a hunch there is not love lost between Omara and George since the trial is over. I believe Omara has hurt George’s reputation too many times.

    • rickmadigan says:

      No, no love lost! I would’ve settled for him doing his job to represent George. But he was representing George’s enemies, the black thugs mistreated by the system.

      Progs like O’Mara are incapable of empathy, let alone love.

      This is Simon Baron-Cohen’s talk on the inability of some humans to have empathy for others (Cohen is the smarter brother of Borat):

      • judylwhelan says:

        Interesting….thanks for posting….:)

      • whiteradish says:

        Rick, fascinating, thank you for this chance to hear studies on empathey. I recommend others view it if they haven’t yet! I am glad I never called Michelle Obama a butt monkey, since research shows monkeys have empathy. Whilst I have empathy, I do not have empathy for those like her and her Lame-In-Chief husband, and very little for Mark O’Money, who live and puff around in style at the expense of the multitudes.

        • rickmadigan says:

          Cohen admits they haven’t done studies on political leaders yet. Lol! I am thinking some may be psychopaths. We should have them take Cohen’s Empathy test, before swearing into office.

          For O’Money, George was an IT, an object to help O’Mara achieve his career goals.

          • whiteradish says:

            So right, George was an object to him.

            Ship engineers steer ships and work on engines. These lawyers come hither social engineers treat people as objects to mold into shape.

    • kathyca says:

      and Shawn Vincent even had to label George a “public figure” in his statement. It’s been mentioned here a bunch of time that “public figure” is a legal term of art with meaning in the context of George’s civil suits which would elevate the burden of proof in a defamation law suit. NEVER should have crossed his lips. He knew what he was saying when he said it, imo.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I believe he knew exactly what he was saying. There are no words to describe Omara. He used George for selfish reasons and now he is basically done with them he isn’t about to support him to the press. It would have been far better if he had made no comment about George visiting that factory.

      • sundance says:

        I do not think those words were without forethought. He knew exactly what he was saying.

        What you are witnessing here is best described as vindictiveness from the Law Firm of Mark O’Mara.

        Anyone who would ever walk into that office to seek his representation, and who is not a far-left ideologue, unwilling to contort themselves to suit his opinion of himself, would be subject to the same treatment. IMHO

        • justfactsplz says:

          This is true. I know someone who walked into his office because he did not return phone calls. They were definitely not seeking his representation but had an issue to discuss with him about some evidence still on hold. He has lied about what he has said and done about certain things, then denies it even on t.v. He has left voice and emails that even show he has lied. I have not one iotta of respect for him. George, Shellie, and their families have suffered way too much stress over Omara’s actions. He thought this case was going to bring him fame but it may turn out to be not the kind he was seeking.

      • whiteradish says:


  23. Lou says:

    okay, I finally agree with SD on MOM with this one. it was so easy for MOM to say “Kel Tec saved George from serious imminent danger or loss of life”. that would have shut down the entire mainstream media argument, shut up the Black Grievance Industry and Trayvon supporting dummies everywhere .

  24. ftsk420 says:

    George is a free man and can do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants but if he wants the bs to die down he should do his best to stay out of public eye. I really don’t care what he does but visiting that particular factory is only gonna fuel the fire.

    • LittleLaughter says:

      To suggest that George acquiesce to the PC standards and oblige the MSM and the racists who believe he should now live a life contrary to his freedoms and rights is just another way of lying down and allowing the PC bulldozer to ride right over the top of you. Your first sentence doesn’t require a “but”. It should end right there, because when you add the “but” to it, you are already giving them a piece of your/our/George’s rights.

  25. Lulu says:

    Shawn Vincent’s over-the-top public remarks – the tone, his use of words and images – was far worse than George’s visit to Kel-Tec. Very imprudent for a lawyer. Grabbing his 15 minutes?

    As for George’s continued interest in guns – especially the one he expressed “interest” in, I say swell. If that will keep the bad guys away from his door, more power to him.

  26. Chip Bennett says:

    “We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart,” Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for attorney Mark O’Mara, told Yahoo News.

    Sounds like Shawn Vincent has been reading from the BGI narrative (or a John Guy Days of our Lives court transcript): used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart? Seriously?

    “That was not part of our public relations plan.”

    That’s odd; I don’t actually recall seeing any semblance of a “public relations” plan – unless that plan consisted solely of O’Mara getting in front of any camera he could find, to kiss the derrieres of those persecuting and slandering his client.

    “From that perspective, we are George’s legal representation, but I don’t think he takes our advice on how he lives his life or what factories he decides to tour,” Vincent told Yahoo News. “We represented him in court. We got the verdict that we believe is just…

    How about: George Zimmerman is and always has been an innocent man. Kel-Tec is a legitimate business, that has every right to host public tours, and what George Zimmerman does on his own time and of his own free will is none of anyone’s business.

    …and the rest of George’s life is up to George.”

    How magnanimous of you, you condescending twit.

    Maybe you could have deigned to mention that “the rest of George’s life” isn’t truly up to George at the moment, because he lives under the cloud of numerous and continual death threats – legitimate death threats that, oh, I don’t know: might warrant the purchase of a shotgun?

    “If you’re a public figure and you represent people’s opinion on those issues, then what you do in context is important for sure,” Vincent said.

    George Zimmerman isn’t a “public figure”. He’s merely a man who was forced to use deadly force to defend himself against an unprovoked assault, and who had the audacity to assert his rights in the face of a malicious prosecution.

    You know who else aren’t “public figures”? Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton. Maybe your “public relations” plan could include a comparison of Zimmerman’s ability to defend himself against the thug who assaulted him, and demanding justice for those two men (and others) who were not so fortunate.

    • Sharon says:

      X 1000, Chip.

    • Thank you, Chip!! Well said (especially the “condescending twit” part!) :-P

      This was the very first news article I read this morning along with my first sip of coffee. I had to re-read it because I could not believe that Shawn Vincent said “the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart,” How disgusting a choice of words is that? I’ve been irate ever since (and it’s going on 3 hours, now.)

      IF he was going to comment at all, and he shouldn’t have if he wasn’t going to defend GZ’s or anyone else’s rights to visit a gun factory and/or purchase a gun, he should have said something more along the lines of “the gun that he used when he was forced to defend his life in a senseless, brutal attack.” How about that, Mr. Vincent/MOM?????

    • KPM58 says:

      Why do I feel that there is an orchestrated effort to make George into a “public figure”.

      • justfactsplz says:

        It helps them if there are civil suits. If George is labeled a “public figure” it will be much harder for him during civil suits because it raises the burden of proof bar.

    • StormyeyesC says:

      Agree with your post but, for the record, GZ is now, unfortunately, considered an involuntary public figure.
      Wikipedia: A person can become an “involuntary public figure” as the result of publicity, even though that person did not want or invite the public attention. For example, people accused of high profile crimes may be unable to pursue actions for defamation even after their innocence is established…

    • froggielegs says:

      Excellent comment Chip!!!

    • rickmadigan says:

      I should add here, that some of his involvement with the Sherman Ware case, where he went to black churches, and later spoke at a town hall meeting, is something many citizens around the country do. It does not make them public figures.

  27. Chip Bennett says:


    …however Kel-Tec’s website says the company doesn’t sell firearms directly to the public.

    This line should tell you the knowledge and intelligence demographic at which the article was directed.

    No gun manufacturer sells guns directly to the public. They sell to FFLs, or to distributors who then sell to FFLs. Why? Because it would be an administrative and logistical nightmare for manufacturers to sell directly to the public, especially with respect to conducting background checks.

    But, the average reader of TMZ and/or YahooNews wouldn’t know that, because everything those average readers know about guns, they learned from Hollywood and MSNBC.

    • stella says:

      If the average readers use their heads, they would realize that very few manufacturers sell directly to the public, particularly if government “licensing” is required. They don’t go to the automobile manufacturer to purchase a car, for instance. Even an auto company employee purchases a vehicle via a dealer, not directly from their employer.

    • +1,000
      Shows how much the lo-fo public knows about guns, gun laws, purchasing laws, background checks, etc. Unreal.

  28. flaladybug says:

    I have tried to keep my personal opinion of MOM to myself since I have never met him….however, I am now CONVINCED he is the epitome of a self-absorbed, narcissistic, butt-kissing, ethically retarded, political/social climbing, hypocritical, liberal tree hugger, with the intestinal fortitude of a melted marshmallow!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! (Tension breaker….had to be done)!!

  29. scaretactics says:

    C’mon O’Mara….George is dealing with constant scrutiny from the TM supporters …he doesn’t need damaging comments from his own attorney! And constant death threats. Wouldn’t you want a gun to protect yourself and your family if you were him?

    And why did you have to mention that George was at the same factory that made the gun that “shot TM through the chest?” Whose side are you on, anyway?

    Just a friendly reminder …. George was acquitted. He can do whatever he likes and to he** with your “narrative.”

    You had better watch what you say about George or you will find Beasley coming after you!!!!

    • justfactsplz says:

      He needs to be very careful. There are others that could go after Omara for things he has said and done that were unethical.

  30. FoxyGranny says:

    I personally do not own a firearm, however I firmly believe in the right to do so. As far as Mr. OMara, silence on matters of his client, that would be the professional and appropriate way to handle things.
    My Mother, was a lovely southern lady with many “mom quotes”. I certainly did my fair share of eye rolling, however she was one wise woman. One of her comments…. Don’t lower your value with verbal attack… Give someone enough rope, and they hang their self. True colors eventually shine through.

  31. John Galt says:

    I guess public client bashing is cool with the Florida bar. Good to know.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      Is it conceivable that George could sue O’Mara? Honestly, to publicly defame one’s own client is despicable.

      • rickmadigan says:

        O’Mara needs to be sued for malpractice and disbarred, and whatever else George could do for the psychological pain he caused to him and Shellie and their families

  32. czarowniczy says:

    My reply to keriheat, that I had such a pain of a time trying to get thru the NSA filters, brings up a sore point with me. Any of you planning on getting any kind of firearm for self defense should consider leaving the gun box-stock except for perhaps sights and grips. Don’t have the trigger adjusted – nothing done to the mechanicals. Only use stock off-the-shelf ammo, no handloads. I’ve sat in civil shooting trials and read many transcripts from others. The tort lawyers who go after self defense shooters share info and have certain presentation routines down pat. Ain’t unusual for the plaintiff’s lawyer to pass the gun to the jury and have the jury dry-fire it to feel the ‘hair trigger’ and try to make the jury feel that you shot accidentally as the adrenaline surged through your body and you lost fine-motor control. One of the reason we stopped carrying revolvers is the plaintiff’s lawyer would cock the pistol, hand it to the jury and have them fire it in the single-action mode. Now we had it drilled into us that you NEVER cock the piece, you squeeze out double action, but the plaintiff’s lawyer will try to put the thought in the jury’s minds that you might have and won’t admit it. Same with the Glock – we went to the 8-pound triggers once NYC had to after a wrongful death trial there in which the jury was asked to squeeze of the ‘hair trigger’ of the standard 5-pound issue Glock the police carried. Another trial’s since raised their trigger pull to 12 pounds. God help you if the lawyer finds you’ve lowered the trigger pull to the competition 3.5 pounds.
    Same goes with ammunition – remember the ER doctor’s outcry against the killer Black Talon bullets? Once the company changed the name and sold them with a regular gilding metal jacket the hue and cry subsided. Nice standard vanilla out-of-the-box ammo will do the job – it’s the placement and not the bullet – and never a hand-load. If you do use a roll-your-own expect the lawyer to go on about your finding standard ammunition not deadly enough and how your ammo may have killed instead of perhaps incapacitating the vic. You may also hear the ‘you rolled your own in anticipation of hunting a vic. argument in one form or another.
    During voir dire the plaintiff’s team will try and load as many people on to the jury who have zero gun knowledge as they can. If you use a piece like a Desert Eagle or space age shotgun like a Saiga or KelTec imagine what, as a never-held-a-gun juror, you’d feel as the the plaintiff’s lawyer passed that down through the jury’s hands. This sure don’t look like the shotgun grandpa had or that the Good Guys on TV use – the seed’s been planted in their minds. I’ve seen jurors recoil at having to touch the Glock that was used in a shooting, the defendant’s lawyer’s silent groan was palpable. It’s not only how the gun looks but its immediate connection by the jurors with it being used in a shooting/death.
    That plaintiff’s lawyer is getting paid based on (a) getting a guilty verdict and (b) vacuuming as much out of the shooter as s/he can; the defendant’s lawyer’s on a fee. Using that gun to save a life can quite easily end the shooter’s – it’s less about facts and justice in civil court than it is about which lawyer can put on the best song-and-dance production. Being as guiltless as you can starts with the mindset of being as blameless as you can be and that includes the subjective elements the plaintiff’s lawyer will argue when the facts are against his client.

  33. Bongo says:

    I still say Hal Uhrig would have made a much better defense attorney for George. He would have publicly blasted all the liars who misled the public in the leadup to the trial.

    • rickmadigan says:

      People point out His Holiness’s the O’Mara taking the case pro bono, and working without getting paid, they need to put down the kool aid and read my blog thread “O’Mara’s Narcissism and Noblesse Oblige!

      Uhrig truly was pro bono, he would not have come up snake eyes and parseltongue after seeing the paypal amount monies, as O’Mara did.

      Uhrig truly was in it because this was a case to make good law in Florida. He truly cares about the justice principle and you could see it in this clip, where Sonner gives him the floor. Uhrig was a quick study, and he trusted that LE had done a proper investigation. He wouldn’t have gotten into petty squabbles with Bernie, or be played in getting discovery.

      O’Mara is a high falutin classist snob, looking down his nose at both George and Bernie. I almost wanted Bernie to stick it to O’Mara, and then remembered, oh crap, that could be bad for George. George needed a guy with fire in his belly, not a two timer like O’Mara. Uhrig, or for that matter, Castro’s attorneys or anyone who remotely cared about truth would have been able to do this:

    • justfactsplz says:

      I agree with you 100 percent on Uhrig. Sonner I am not so sure about.

  34. StormyeyesC says:

    Sad to say but anyone with a public forum could and should do that, NOW and then. Expose the liars and the orchestrated persecution by the operatives of the DOJ/BGI. Prevent it from happening to someone else at the hands of the immoral, money hungry, underbelly of society.

  35. Everything else aside…doesn’t anyone else think this is in extremely poor taste? I mean, come on.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Everything else aside…doesn’t anyone else think this is in extremely poor taste? I mean, come on.

      Why, yes; I do consider the PR statements from Mark O’Mara Law to be in extremely poor taste. So does everyone else here; that’s rather the entire point of the post.

      • Well, see, that’s rather what I meant by everything else aside…I agree with everyone re: this was a rotten statement for them to make. But I have to say I’m a little flummoxed by GZ’s decision to visit the factory. Just not something I would have done, given the gravity of the events in his life. Hope that clears it up.

        You said (above):

        “George Zimmerman is and always has been an innocent man. Kel-Tec is a legitimate business, that has every right to host public tours, and what George Zimmerman does on his own time and of his own free will is none of anyone’s business.”

        That would have been a great response for them to make, and I agree with it. GZ should hire you.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          But I have to say I’m a little flummoxed by GZ’s decision to visit the factory. Just not something I would have done, given the gravity of the events in his life. Hope that clears it up.

          Zimmerman did nothing wrong. Kel-Tec did nothing wrong. Why shouldn’t he visit the factory? What, exactly, is in “poor taste” about him visiting the factory?

          • stella says:

            She said it wasn’t something she would have done. I’ll just butt in here and say that since anything George does publicly will be noticed and reported, visiting Kel-Tec is something that would be talked about and criticized by certain people. No, he did nothing wrong, but it was something that was sure to land him in the news again. It’s a given. If he doesn’t mind that, then okay. Sadly, there are those who see him as a target; if I were George, I would be doing everything I could to blend in for the next year or so, for his safety and the safety of others in his family.

            • Chip Bennett says:

              She didn’t say it was in poor taste. She said it wasn’t something she would have done.

              I beg to differ. These were her exact words: Everything else aside…doesn’t anyone else think this is in extremely poor taste?

            • As usual, you express my thoughts much better than I can! Poor taste was probably not the right phrase…maybe poor judgment is a better way to say it. It seems foolish to me, given the circumstances.

          • *shrugs* I agree with you Chip. Neither did anything wrong. Perhaps “poor taste” was the wrong phrase, sorry you’re taking such exception to it. I guess poor judgment works better. Just think maybe a lower profile is better for a while.

            • rickmadigan says:

              Women always seem to err on the side of caution, which is why I learned long ago, never to tell the women, in my life, anything risky I plan to do. I simply make like the old Nike commercial and “Do it.”

              I do understand and value what you are saying Tilda, its simply sometimes you gotta be free. It kills a man, on the inside, to be afraid and not be free to follow God given intuition and judgment.

  36. myopiafree says:

    The failure of Judge Deb – to allow evidence that Trayvon Martin was a, “wanna be Gansta”.
    This evidence – should have been admitted. Now we can explain Mr. Martin’s random attack on Mr. Zimmerman. I know you heard this before – but it is an excellent summary.

    This type of evidence MUST BE ADMITTED to the jury. This is a failure of our presumed justice “system”.

    George was lucky, with the denied evidence, to be found, “not guilty”.


  37. Hell, I’d visit any place where they made something that saved my life. God bless G Zimmerman.

  38. whiteradish says:

    If $abryna can profit from her own son’s death and live in a house that her son brought for her, while she kicked him out into the street of a strange place with no where to go but on a bus and to an adulteress’ home………Z can profit from associating with Kel-Tech. I hope he at least got some promotion money in return because I bet he and Shelley sure can use it.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Whiter -
      George was lucky he was armed. Had it been darker, or more deserted, and Thug Travon had mounted his attack – George would have been killed – no question about it. As long as violent Thugs are ‘cut loose” to attack and kill, your only defense is – armed self-defense. I am now totally for concealed-carry – to stop these mindless murdering thugs.

      • orangeradish (formerly whiteradish) says:

        The Kel-Tech gun he had worked for him. Why look for a different gun. It saved his life. Didn’t Zero Negative and his side-kick Holder confiscate his original gun? Z and Kel-Tech discussing the merits of the type of gun he had and why it operated perfectly. Z saved Trayvon from going to hell for murdering a good man in cold blood.

        On another note, I can understand Z saying it was God’s plan. But for $abryna the mother to also claim it was God’s plan for her son to attack and be killed is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. $he must think her prayers to God to get rich was answered.

  39. auscitizenmom says:

    “That was not part of our public relations plan.” Well, what in the he** was the public relations plan? I haven’t seen MOM out doing interview after interview exposing Trayvon’s true self, or pointing out the lies of the Trayparents, or standing up for George against the Federal Government. And, I think all of the lies should have been exposed during the trial. He should never, ever have spoken anything negative against George, I don’t care what it was about. Grrrrrr.

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