The Alicia Stanley Story – The Only Real Mom Trayvon Martin Ever Knew

….”So who are you going to turn to if they take away your rock”….

If you want a happy ending skip this real life story. But if you really want to know what led to Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman’s encounter you will perhaps first seek to understand.

To understand his step-mom, Alicia Stanley.

dr phil 2

This author does not know Alicia Stanley, nor did I know Trayvon Martin. But having spent the better part of a year and a half in and out of both communities, talking to people who know or knew them, and investing thousands of hours in research, I’ve got a pretty reasonable perspective.

Witness 8Within the testimony and deposition of witness #8, the now infamous Rachel Jeantel, you may have heard her say that she knew Trayvon since around the 2nd or 3rd grade. You might also have heard her recount a void of 6 years from 2006 to February 1st 2012, her birthday, when both Trayvon and Rachel became reacquainted. 25 days later he was dead.

For the sake of understanding Alicia Stanley – you must know the key to the 6 years of non-association with Rachel Jeantel.

Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, met Alicia Stanley about a year before his official divorce from Sybrina Fulton. The son of that marriage, Trayvon Martin, became the step-son of Alicia Stanley-Martin, after Tracy and Alica were married. Alicia has two daughters from a previous marriage, so the family was, what has become all too familiar and normal in the modern world of disposable spouses’, blended. Trayvon was 3.

Trayvon and his two step-sisters formed a family with Tracy as father, and Alicia as mother. Tracy and Alicia were married for 14 years. However, as with the jump from Sybrina to Alicia, so too was the jump from Alicia to Brandi Green. The disconnect in emotional bond happening well before the physical, and legal, dissolution of marriage. Tracy began “messin’ around wit'” Brandi about 2 years before he divorced Alicia.

However, between the time Trayvon was around 7 years old, up to the summer of 2010 when Trayvon was 15, Alicia was his Rock. His mom.

After Tracy began “being with” Brandi, he moved Trayvon back to the permanent guardianship of Sybrina.

This afforded Tracy more time for twerkin’ and less time for guilt in dispatch. He wouldn’t have to listen to Alicia’s criticisms of him not being around to care for, or be with, “his son”. The relocation was just one of convenience and afforded Tracy the opportunity to centralize his travel.

Tracy Martin 4-18-12Tracy Martin 2

Tracy Martin CRIP

What Tracy did not realize was the bond he severed between Alicia and Trayvon was actually Trayvon’s only lifeline.

He removed Trayvon’s rock, and in 2010 selfishly cast his son into a world of instability.

Having looked carefully at the written words of Trayvon, a person can read the anguish and feel the sense of abandonment. While he loved his mother Sybrina – there just was not the bond one would expect. A void existed in the chasm of his heart where the rock of Alicia once stood.

sybrina family

Look at any set of pictures with Sybrina and Trayvon and you will view the dynamic. Trayvon was in the picture, but he was not “in” the picture. Photographs show Trayvon in the background, or off to the side, or out of place. He was. He just was.


Compare the physical location of Trayvon in any photograph to that of Jahvaris, his step brother, and the child Sybrina actually considered her son.   Trayvon was not her son, he was her ex-husband’s son.   If you doubt me, or if you are not into picture searches – You can watch it here on video.  Watch and listen, and it will all begin to make sense.   ALL OF IT.

We have also documented the exact time that Trayvon replaced the rock and filled the void.   It was during that summer of 2010 when Trayvon took his first sips of Sizzurp, or Lean. It was his first experience with weed and a formula of cough syrup, fruit juice and candy. His favorite was Grape Flavored Scooby Snacks, but Skittles were not too far down the list.

It was during this summer he began following the “lean lifestyle” on his U-Tube account. We won’t go into all the specific details again, but you can CLICK HERE for the research.

Modern social websites provide a place where kids can engage with their friends, their circle, their crew, in a manner that expresses their sense of themselves and their individuality, as well as how they desire to be perceived by others. A lot can be learned about a teenagers value system, and what their aspirations are, by looking specifically at what they are interested in.

With a following of over 121,000 subscribers, the AMilonakis channel is a daily video log of a guy, looks like a kid, but he is officially 92 years old according to his U-tube profile.  Anyway, this “Kid” is living a life of drug use, specifically (purple lean/sippin sippin), a very popular type of drug use in urban teen circles.

Again a full documentation is available HERE and the follow up HERE.

The short story is Trayvon began a downward spiral of bad decisions.

But Alicia never knew this Trayvon, she only knew the pre-bad decision Trayvon.   She knew Trayvon when he had a rock.   She never knew him when he was floundering around trying to fill the void.   That is understandably why you see Alicia Stanley saying Trayvon was no-way a thug.  She never experienced this aspect of the spiral, and when she did see Trayvon, he was obviously filled with joy at her reappearance in his life.

After Trayvon was shot, Alicia became a risk.  Remember during this time from February 2012  to December 2012, Alicia and Tracy were still married.   But Alicia was not the person who the Scheme Team presented as part of Trayvon’s life.   Heck, many media outlets initially called Brandi Greene his mother.

Alicia would not be part of the program.   The Scheme Team, at the direction of Ryan Julison, needed to present a singular mother, Sybrina, and a singular father, Tracy, as if they were united in their grief.

Fundamentally, this construct was, and is, absurd.

You can imagine the pain that Alicia has endured through all of this, and before you go jumping on the “yeah but she didn’t put a stop to it” bandwagon, might I just remind you what she was up against.   Seriously.

The professional Black Grievance Industry needed Tracy/Sybrina, the NAACP, the Media, the entire Scheme Team and their co-conspirators needed to present a traditional family to make the media narrative more compelling.   They DID NOT want to present the image of a troubled teen from a broken home, twice, who was bounced around like a ping pong ball and who, according to Sybrina:

…”he’d get up in the morning, and if he had time, he’d look for some food”…

TradeMom™ Sybrina Fulton


The truth was a risk.  And having Alicia around who could potentially explode into “I told you so’s” was not part of the equation.   So she was dispatched.

Was she paid off?  I have no idea – but I doubt it.   My spidey senses are generally pretty accurate at detecting honest emotion;  And I definitely pick up raw emotion from Alicia.

I don’t hold it against her for having a flawed perspective of her son, Trayvon Martin, the boy she raised, cared for, and loved as she loves her daughters, his step-sisters.   Not a bit.

And given the amount of time I have spent learning about the hatred, the manipulations, and the lengths the Scheme Team will go to spew their lies in the quest for coin, I don’t hold it against her for being fearful and worried about their attacks being aimed at her.

However, I also don’t think it was accidental that just before she came back into the public view – the Scheme Team having lost the race card, *thanks Rachel*, tried to get out ahead of the pending media sh!tstorm and softened their tone into full acquiescence mode.

After all, if there’s one thing the professional BGI is good at, it’s ducking for cover until they can resurrect their schemes yet again.   The BGI professionals are merely constants in an ever changing universe.

tray - Newest

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168 Responses to The Alicia Stanley Story – The Only Real Mom Trayvon Martin Ever Knew

  1. moaldee says:

    sad but true…

    • Basil Fawlty says:

      Would it be out of line to start referring to Sybrina Fulton has Trademarked’s biological Mother? Moreover, can anybody point me in the right direction of verifying she’s already had a seven figure payout?

  2. Tz says:

    While much of this is speculative….a lot of it is backed up with facts.
    It’s a devastating and believeable story.
    Even if only 1/4 is verifiable, it’s big.
    It’s certainly more truthful than saying he was a wannabe pilot and a scholar.
    He may have been before he was sent to live with Sybrina but his school absenteeism and social media clearly show he wasn’t one in 2011-2012

  3. Lou says:

    sadly, they are both in denial.

  4. Lou says:

    any parent that hides his 3 suspensions in 1 year is clearly in denial. any parent that says Zimmerman could have just pushed Trayvon off him is in denial. both are liars and both seem to be manipulative people. they are far from being nice people from what I’ve seen.

  5. KPM58 says:

    This is a story that needs to be on MSM.

    • sangell says:

      I suppose the Anderson Cooper interview is the first step in this but the real question is why none of this was made public a year or so ago? If every chink in GZ’s personal armor could be discovered and reported on by a rabid media why was the true personal story of Trayvon concealed? OK , the Crump team had their publicist spoon feeding their favored media mouthpieces the story they wanted told but discovering the Tracy/Alicia/ Trayvon relationship was not that difficult and , IMO, would have been helpful to their cause as Alicia is a more believable and sympathetic person that Sybrina with her Coretta Scott King Permagrief mask. Divorce and remarriage isn’t scandalous and in this case it showed Tracy still trying to be a father to his son and Alicia being a mother to her stepchild. Nothing unfavorable about that.

      As noted, the only problem was the split. Of money. If Justice for Trayvon was the issue, then Alicia was not a problem, in fact she was an asset. But if money was the real concern then Alicia was like an old partner in a defunct enterprise that needed to be bought out cheaply before you resold it for millions.

  6. coreshift says:

    Of everyone on the TM side of things Alicia has always seemed the most honest to me. Her pain at the loss of TM is real. Her belief TM was a good kid is real and I think he was up to a year or two before his death.

    • tessa50 says:

      I also think her pain is real and she was the only stabilizing influence in his life. When she was taken away he floundered and it just makes me so sad. He truly never had a chance after that.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      Unfortunately, her judgment is just as clouded and is total bullsh** as every other race baiting moron out here. Some people just can’t admit the truth, even if it’s about the people they “love”.

  7. boutis says:

    I have known step parents who retained custody after marriages break up to keep continuity for the kids. It is not common but it happens. Often the issue is child support. The non custodial biological parents don’t want to pay it to a step parent. Unless the step parent is well off and really loves the child, economic factors often dictate where the kid goes irregardless of what the kid wants and needs. Did SF pay child support when TM lived with Tracy and Alicia? Did Tracy pay child support when TM resumed living with SF? Did both of them not want to pay Alicia? Also TM was supposedly living with an uncle after SF threw him out to go live with Tracy Martin who did not have a home apparently. Who paid him or was he just footing the bills out of the goodness of his heart? The entire situation was chaos.

    • ZurichMike says:

      My question is why TM went with TrayDad when he married AM. Usually the children stay with the mother. Why didn’t TM stay with TrayMom? Did she not fight to keep him and make TrayDad pay child support?

      • aoifecrane says:

        true enough, after all, wasn’t Traymom employed by the state or county in some government position? Those are pretty much locks with good income and benefits. I suppose they’re holding her job for her just in case she doesn’t win the lottery that is this gross misscarriage of justics and shakedown of the state of Florida, the city of Sanford, the apartment complex, and others.

        • Sherron says:

          I read that many peers gave her their vacation days so that she cold attend the funeral, etc. I guess they got played like everybody else. Wish the real suckers could see the light, but…they must love the darkness. *cough* obama.

      • rejoicenhim says:

        Maybe Tracy felt that if Trayvon moved in with him, Tracy wouldn’t have to pay support; Sybrina, probably sick of his philandering, possibly couldn’t afford to take on being a single parent. Look how Tracy is treating Alicia now, so I can just imagine he treated Sybrina worse.

    • judyt22 says:

      I agree Boutis ~ chaotic!! My question regards where Trayvon got the money for all those tattoos and the gold grid he had on his teeth. All of it costs money and as the prosecution pointed out in great detail this boy was just 21 days into his 17th year.

  8. moaldee says:

    He was always on the outside looking in…RIP Trayvon..this hit me hard..thanks SD

  9. eastern2western says:

    hey, any videos of trayvon martin giving out hugs and kisses?

  10. Mr. Izz says:

    It seems like this story has been mostly uncovered. I do have a question though. What has Sybrina been doing throughout Trayvon’s life? When he was little, when he was away, and when he came back. What was going on in her life that she did not want to be engaged with her own flesh and blood?

  11. justfactsplz says:

    I do believe Alicia was Trayvon’s only constant and that she has really grieved over his death. However, make no mistake about it, she hates George Zimmerman and comes across as hating white people.

  12. eastern2western says:

    was traci martin father of the year for bet or one of those civil rights groups?

  13. libby says:

    RIP Trayvon
    I was accused of being interested in this case as a supposed single issue.
    And yet this case touches on so many issues.
    Justice for all seems like a lot to ask for, but it seems like something the Almighty God expects of us.
    Even the bgi knows its power is limited if it overplays its hand. Nkw they shall sit back & pray for an angry reaction by whites so they can say i tols you so

    • Sharon says:

      I was accused of being interested in this case as a supposed single issue.

      It’s impossible to make this a “single issue” even if you wanted to. We’ve been saying for over a year that this is not about either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin.

      Those who want to play the game of accusing you of being “single issue” would be the same ones who accuse you of being narrow-minded because as the monster forest fire approaches your community, your attention is on your house. Of course you’re going to pay attention to the approach of the fire to YOUR back yard. To suggest that that means you have no concern about the forest fire itself is nonsense.

      As a nation, about 50% of our U. S. People are no longer capable of having a conversation in which ideas and opinions are expressed, and conversations move from point A to point B. The problem does not lie with you.

      There is a point (which we will soon reach if we haven’t already) where energy will be better spent in escalating our fight against what they are doing, instead of continuing to spend energy on trying to persuade them to stop. If they don’t have honest intellect and useful mental capacity for reasoning, it’s a waste of time.

      • libby says:

        Hi Sharon,
        I was out today and felt pretty good about race relations in general in the state of Florida-watching the races mix and mingle to varying degrees.
        Peace & understanding likely broke out today in many places where it didnt exist before, but reports of its occurrence arent on the back pages, but instead are on the proverbial cutting room floor.

      • SickInSeminole says:

        “As a nation, about 50% of our U. S. People are no longer capable of having a conversation in which ideas and opinions are expressed…”

        I choose not to argue on social media and rarely find myself in a civilized debate for that matter. When I do, I find myself always saying something like ‘we can have different opinions, it’s ok to disagree.’ It wasn’t until I read your post that I realized I do that- ALL THE TIME. What a sad thing to have to point out :(

    • Sharon says:

      And yet this case touches on so many issues.

      Separate thought here.

      It is not that this case “touches on so many issues”… is that “so many [pre-existing and ongoing/underground] issues[political forces]” have been driving this case from the beginning.

      This is not about Florida. It’s not even about race. It’s about forces that want to destroy our country, and this is the current, convenient opportunity to promote that agenda. The year before last, it was obamacare. Next year it will be obamacare again. Last week it was immigration. For the last five years, there has been no Federal Budget.

      There are pre-existing and ongoing, non-racial issues driving this case, and when this case evaporates (and one way or another, it will), it will be replaced by something else that “nobody saw coming.”

      • libby says:

        Its about civilizes versus uncivilized.
        If the black teens in so many cities werent resolving their issues with uzi’s, most of us would be much more appreciative of their subculture.
        And excusing uncivilized behavior by white teens i dont do either.just sayin

        • FedUp says:

          This IMO is why things need to be handled differently. Laws need to be relaxed when it comes to decent people dealing with thugs. I’m tired of the Progressives hiding behind us being “civilized” in complaining about our treatment of thugs, and yet prosecuting good people when they have to defend themselves from thugs. These gun control laws are nothing but a proactive form of this protection.

          When you wear a flag(bandana hanging from pocket), flash gang symbols, and wear colors in order to show which gang you belong too we should all respect that. That in my opinion means that while I respect that’s your gang; I also respect the fact that you have just identified yourself as the enemy. Basically you want to be a thug that’s your choice, but it’s time that good people started making you an endangered species. Sadly the progressives in charge would use that to target good people(Tea Party), and to protect those same thugs… just like they do every other time they get a chance. The only way out of this mess is jury nullification IMO, but definitely not the KKK style jury nullification(IE OJ Simpson).

      • ZurichMike says:

        Hi, Sharron!
        Fully agree, and as you know I’m fairly up to date on many issues big and small, but your concise summary has made my morning coffee (it’s 7:15 am on Sunday) suddenly bitter in my mouth.
        Will the nation survive another 3 years and 7 months of Barack Hussein Obama and his rogue’s gallery of rabid Marxists?

        • Sharon says:

          No reason to assume it will as far as I can see.

          We are a post-Constitutional dysfunctional Republic at this point…plainly not functioning under Constitutional guidelines. It’s a given that we no longer have the protections and the leverages that are available under the “discipline” of a functioning Constitution.

          • rocker124 says:


            Your thoughts have connected a lot of dots in my mind. I will put them down, and maybe another poster can help clarify them.

            First, when you say we are post constitutional, it is so true! The constitution is the law of the land, but if nothing backs up the law-enforces it-that law (and by default the constitution becomes null and void. That is why I was so uncomfortable with Holder being held in contempt of court. I did not realize until now that I felt that way because if he was declared in contempt and there were no consequences, it took away the power that declaring a person in contempt used to have.

            Second, I have always felt that with a very few exceptions most people-white people were not racists. No wquite person had to vote for Obama to prove to themselves they were not racists. The “n” word did not have to be reduced to a “bad” letter, because it was not used by white people. But by elevating it as they have done, it has become a powerful tool to be used against white people. It can now destroy the career of a white person faster than anything else, yet at the same time and in the same place, a non-white person can use the word shamelessly and with ease. Power to the non white people. the fact that the n word can be used to destroy the carreer of a white person without even proof that the white person used the word is proof of how the word as been elevated. How many of us have been taught that Jesus was the Word, and now, subtly, there is another more powerful word, but this word is to be used against us, not for us.

            Third, we are constantly told we are racist, and to prove we are not racist, we are being told we must overlook or ignore bad behavior or uncivilized behavior and to rationalize unrational behavior because not doing so proves what racists we are. It is basically crazy, but that is the position we are being put in. And at the same time that the power of rational thought and thinking are being taken away from us in these subtle ways, the power is being given to the bad actors.

            • libby says:

              We still have a constitution, but it only applies to minorites, gays and women (liberal and prog women only please)

              • Sharon says:

                No, it doesn’t. If it did, they would be “just” (only) equal to everyone else under the law and they would be required to be held accountable before the law. They would support three co-equal branches of government and they don’t.

                Equal standing before the law is basic in a Constitutional Republic. The last thing any of them want is equal standing before the law. In their case(s), the law has been made of no use and they stand superior to it.

    • aoifecrane says:

      I’m finally working my way through the Bible and run across many verses that touch on this case. It is a shame that for so many there is no moral compass. Whether you believe in God or not, or believe in the Bible or not really isn’t the issue. Take organized religion out of it and you still have to have some basic moral code. Some basic understanding between right and wrong, how to treat people, and so on. Just looking at the Ten Commandments…do they not cover everything regardless of their origin as the foundations of Jewish religious law, and by extension Christian religious law. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone affiliated with Trayvon who had a real sense of decency or morality. This is a becoming Shakespearean level tragedy all around.

  14. Sal says:

    Clearly Tracy didn’t care. Trayvon was on his third suspension, but was left unsupervised, allowed to come and go as he pleased.

    Look at the final night. Tracy returns home where Chad could tell him that Trayvon had gone to the 7-11, had phoned Chad that he was on his way back, but hours had passed and Trayvon had not returned and was not answering his phone.

    What does Tracy do? He goes to bed.

    I wish MOM had asked Chad about this. It would help explain why Trayvon was into fighting and always in trouble. He was angry. I believe it was that anger that caused him to assault GZ.

  15. libby says:

    The media’s role ina bgi race hoax is crucial-cant have one without the other.
    They didnt demonize & attempt to lynch gz cuz they hate white hispanics.
    .they tried to lynch gz so they could goad a response they could claim was racial so they could call whites racist until its time for the next race hoax.
    Its all in the book…the end of racism by dinesh dsouza.

  16. Cupcake says:

    Is Jahvaris his step-brother or his half-brother?

  17. LetJusticePrevail says:

    “What does Tracy do? He goes to bed.”

    Those are powerful words.

    • AlphaWookie says:

      I still find it hard to accept that Tracy did not hear or see the comotion only 100 yards down from Brandi’s house.

      • Lou says:

        he was playing his PS3 also. we’ve never heard that. the narrative was that Trayvon was getting Skittles for his brother during halftime. that was before the 7/11 vid came out and the times couldn’t be matched up.

        • Lou says:

          it’s too hard to go back in time and figure out that Chad wasn’t home. the story also changed to add the headphones. when you’re wearing headphones, you tune everything else out. nobody wear headphones when they are watching an All Star game. the Scheme Team are professional liars.

      • ZurichMike says:

        I guess TM’s staying out to all hours and sometimes not coming home must have been a fairly regular event in Tracy’s interactions with TM, so maybe that’s why he didn’t bother to look for him until the next day. But can we prove that Tracy and Brandi were home or came home at a decent hour that they would wonder where TM is? Any independent verification?

    • boricuafudd says:

      Not to inject politics, but the pararell is worth noting.

      Sept 11, 2012
      Embassy under attack, I dead and Ambassador known to be missing. What does the Pres. Obama does he goes to bed.

      • Sam says:

        That struck me too. But I am political.

      • That crossed my mind, too, boricuafudd.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Me too. I just posted on another site about Obama going to bed during the Benghazi attack.

          • FedUp says:

            Makes sense. If Obama could have a son like TCon, that also means that TCon Sr. would act like Obama.

            • aoifecrane says:

              I think people like this operate solely on what they want and when they want it. It’s all about them anyway so whatever tragedies happen, if it’s not happening directly to them then it’s not biggie.

      • Sharon says:

        …and just yesterday the news came out that a reporter was murdered in Egypt in the riots. When someone contacted the American embassy in Cairo asking for comment, they were lectured for being so rude to make such a contact. It was 10 pm. Our whole government has gone to sleep. It’s their strategy.

        • boricuafudd says:

          With government becoming the Universal Parent, it is any wonder that more and more parents are deficient and looking to government to do their job. Teach their kids morals, educate kids about life, replace their parents if any are found.

    • michellc says:

      The fact that nobody seemed concerned that a 17 year old kid walked to the store and never returned was why I knew from the beginning the parents were pretty sorry.
      My children are grown and if someone told me they ran to the store to get something to drink and eat and hours later they weren’t back, I’d be trying to find them. I certainly would not be able to go to sleep not knowing if they were okay or not. That imho is something that never leaves a parent no matter how old they are, you’re always concerned about your kid’s welfare.

      • FedUp says:

        I’m 29, served in the Army Infantry in Iraq, and my Mom still tells me that she worries about me. No way in hell do normal parents just go to bed without knowing what’s going on with their teenage son. I wouldn’t even go to bed not knowing my wife is safe, much less my kids. Even if my dog was missing I would be staying up looking for him. If you’re a thug though I could see why it doesn’t matter where your thug son is, because you would be afraid to be an accessory after the fact.

      • ctdar says:

        I still think they weren’t home…Tracy & Brandi claimed they were out to dinner yet indications were they were still at the mason party hours away. I bet chad was with them holed up in the hotel they were staying at for the weekend.
        Time to look at Tracy Martins cell pings.

  18. ed357 says:

    The Washington Times has picked up on TCTH with a heavily referenced article………..

    “….Yesterday, right-leaning blogger Sundance of widely-read The Conservative Tree House released several photos of Tracy Martin, some of which date back to 2010…….”

    I found this via WeaselZippers.

  19. labrat says:

    Alicia claims that Trayvon wanted to live with her. Why would a child not want to live primarily with his mother? It’s pretty obvious they never got along? Ever notice the way Sybrina glares at Tracy? I think she hates him and projected that hate onto her son and he felt it. I also noticied that RJ seemed to despise and fear Sybrina in her testimony, always calling her “the mother” – actually almost snarling it. She certainly never evoked and warm and fuzzies from me. Alicia did. I think your analysis is DEAD ON.

  20. bullnuke says:

    I truly understand the pain Alicia Martin is struggling with. There has to be a feeling of guilt that goes with the thoughts of “what if he had still been living with me”. However, she still cannot get past the group think that blacks have. George is guilty, no matter what the evidence proves. When George is acquitted, I seriously doubt she will accept any apology offered by George for what happened that dark and stormy night.

    • Sharon says:

      I have never understood what George has to apologize for in any world. Unless it’s that he chose to save his own life.

      • bullnuke says:

        My comment is based on his previous statement when he addressed the Fultons. I personally wouldn’t apologize for defending myself but I can see George expressing his sorrow for what happened. He strikes me as that kind of guy.

        • bullnuke says:

          Should have read parents instead of the Fultons.

        • Sharon says:

          I can see him expressing his sorrow and regret for her son’s death. If he does that, I hope that he does not use the word “apologize.” If he does, that implies that he has some culpability in Trayvon’s death.

          After what he and his family have gone through for the sake of declaring his innocence, my concern would be that he doesn’t open the door, after the fact, for those who hate him to start crowing that, “See! George feels guilty. He admits he did something wrong.”

          • FedUp says:

            George doesn’t owe them an apology at all, and I hope he “sticks to his guns.” The parents of TM owe GZ an apology big time for three reasons. 1 They have tried to persecute him for money, while knowing that their son was prone to the violent thug behavior that lead to his death. 2 They owe him an apology for encouraging their son to hate and attack anyone not black. 3 They owe an apology for letting loose an out of control thug on GZ and his community, while doing ZERO to stop his behavior.
            They owe the country an apology, and jail time for their race baiting actions.

  21. Paul Renick says:

    I enjoyed the article very much. It was unique and honest perspective, well written and concise. I thank the journalist that researched and penned it. Without going into specifics, it didn’t change my point of view, but I don’t think it was meant to.

  22. labrat says:

    I wouldn’t expected her to. The man killed her son. At least her grief is over the loss of a boy she loved and not coin.

    • bullnuke says:

      In time I would hope she can forgive George and be able to move on with her life. Anger at what happened to her son should be aimed at those responsible for the direction Martin’s life was heading. That would be TrayMom and TrayDad. They failed their son, not George.

    • kathyca says:

      I wouldn’t be so confident Alicia isn’t all about the coin, too. She’s been awfully quiet until now. Why all of a sudden is she on CNN? It’s been well over a year.

      • sangell says:

        I don’t doubt she is after her ‘fair share’. More importantly why is CNN giving her a platform? My guess is because the producers of CNN/HLN can see the handwriting on the wall. GZ maybe acquitted and a new storyline has to be presented. They realize they are in trouble and need to defuse a racial situation they created. They will thus slowly and gently bring Sybrina , Tracy and Crump into disrepute and pretend they had nothing to do with the matter.

      • John McLachlan says:

        It may be that she is indifferent to coin for herself, but resentful of Sybrina Fulton receiving coin as unjustified recognition, when Alicia dutifully fulfilled the proper role of mother to Trayvon Martin.

  23. LetJusticePrevail says:

    One point I think was missed in the explanation of why $ybrina HAD to be included: As a surviving parent, she had specific rights under the Wrongful Death Act, and would have come to the forefront anyway, so it made sense to exclude Alicia in order to project the “facade” of a nuclear family

  24. eastern2western says:

    the more I look at the new dd, the more it does not make any sense to me. I understand that some black men love thick chicks, but there has to be a limit. I read some of the tweets from trayvon and there is nothing in them stated he had preference for thick chicks. even his dad traci had three wives who were relatively normal size, but trayvon was into this girl? another bizarre part is that there is absolutely no pics of her and trayvon together. does that make any sense at all? a girl who spent eight hours talking to trayvon, but no pics at all?

    • libby says:

      I’ve known him since kindergarten versus i only got to know hin in the last 3 weeks.
      His girlfriend versus his friend.
      She’s 16 no 18.
      Couldnt versus coulda.
      Doesnt know difference between to and from.
      In spanish, to and frkm son diferente (are different).
      To and from.
      If you cant tell the difference between to and from, your testimony isshall ne seen as such.
      Crump says something like shes in puppy love with him.
      She may have been stuck in the friend zone

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      I do not believe that Trayvon had any interest in Rachel Jeantel,at least nothing serious. I noticed from his texts that she had access to a car, which might have been something he used her for. That, and an interest in the gun he asked about. Maybe he was just playing her along, to use her for transportation. Teens do that.

      • eastern2western says:

        I still think her hot friend is really the one who was talking to martin.

      • nivico says:

        I kinda got a ‘Single White Female’ vibe when Piers was interviewing her Creole (hmm, interesting) classmate…

        They’re not really friends, they only have 5th period together, she doesn’t really talk to Rachel outside of class, but Rachel constantly posts comments on her Facebook page.

        But in all fairness, I also kinda got the feeling Piers was literally scraping the bottom of the barrel of people to interview about the case.

    • Over the top says:

      Maybe Trayvon had very few friends so he wasn’t picky about who he spent time with… He was always in trouble, a high risk friend to have!

  25. Jacob Mathews says:

    I wonder how godly Tracy has become and now he sits right next to Sabrina in court. Very strategic move to influence the jury i guess.

  26. eastern2western says:

    it seems to me that all of the chicks trayvon hung out with are actually really good looking, but he spent 8 hours on the phone with her? and she refused to provide information on any of the other conversations she had during those eight hours? to me, she seems to be a person who was only coached to talk about those 4 minutes and was never given any information about the rest of the day/

    • sangell says:

      I agree 100% except for that gratuitous ‘creepy ass cracka’ and could have been a ‘rapist’ comment. Sounds genuine and a coached witness, even a stupid one from the ghetto, ought to know that would not be a helpful ‘embellishment’ for Sybrina and Crump’s case. So… did she throw those remarks in to get back at Crump and Sybrina for making her do this and or to give her friends back in the ghetto a laugh?

    • justfactsplz says:

      I don’t buy it. She was a product of Crump. I doubt she knew Trayvon that well.

  27. Wizzum says:

    Damn Sundance, you just broke my heart; This whole thing has been such a tragedy for all involved in it. I am fortunate that I have several rocks in my life and would feel severely weakened if any were denied to me.

  28. libby says:

    That they feel grief at their loss i do not doubt.
    That they acted aggressively i have no doubt.
    Did he learn thes behaviors from these role models?

  29. Serpentor says:

    Very nice write up. I had a lyric in mind that sums up Trayvon’s displacement….

    “I woke up and screamed ‘xxxxx the world!'”
    which of course is a 2pac lyric. THUG LIFE. I could see TM adopting the mantra

  30. recoverydotgod says:

    She’s doing what she needs to do for herself with the “I exist” statement. Not surprised she did this for herself before Tracy and Sybrina’s testimony, and after R Jeantel’s. She took her place on the front row of the courtroom, so to speak. The front row that should be afforded to the Zimmermans as well.

  31. Yakmaster says:

    Alicia and probably her daughters, raised with Trayvon as their
    step-brother, are likely the only ones who truly grieve for Trayvon. You can feel how much Alicia misses him and the thought prabably goes through her mind that if he had lived until age 18 he could have made his own choices and come home to her. I am so sorry for HER loss.
    Sybrina Fulton is one self-centered cold lying B. The minute this boy she’d never had to bother with starting giving her trouble she booted him. How close was TM to the Uncle who was apparently directed to straighten him out? How long there before being dispatched to the inattentive Tracy so HE could ‘handle’ the boy?
    Daddy-O was apparently too much of a cool skirt chaser to be bothered with even making the drive to pick the boy up or to stay ‘home’ and spend time with him. Nope, daddy-0 gotta parrrtey! The last insulting neglect is the 14 hours his son laid unidentified in a morgue.
    What a colossal farce Fulton and Martin are. Sybrina Martin can’t even fake grief—she stopped trying months ago. Every time you see her face on camera now she just looks pissed off. And I believe she is secretly seething that anyone would even question her, ahem, sincerity. She thinks she is absolutely deserving of all the sympathy, accolades, and gifts that flow her way. At least Tracy knows he’s big old fraud—the deception of a playa being his nature.

  32. I came to CTH after all this began, and missed many of the earlier posts. So this post tells me things I hadn’t clearly known

    There is so much sadness in all of this. So many “what if…?”s. For the first time, after reading this story and having the detailed “Trayvon hand-off” connections laid out like this, I feel deep pity for Trayvon Martin.

    It did not have to happen this way.

  33. marie says:

    Random thoughts….
    1.) You’re right about losing his rock but
    2) Stats show that kids get into things at 16 and 17 that they weren’t into at 12-14, the peer pressure orders of magnitude greater by then
    3) Purple Drank (lean) is very big in the black community
    4) Social media is the worst thing to ever happen to kids and to parents trying to keep track of their kids’ connections–it’s also horrible for the schools and teachers trying to keep the kids’ attention on classes and on achievement

    • michellc says:

      That is also the age when kids really need control and stability. Kids think they want all this freedom to come and go and do as they please. In his mind he probably thought he liked living with Sybrina, no rules, do as you please but deep down a kid really wants someone to provide them with rules. Some it’s harder than others to make them realize that but it’s the truth.

  34. LHlaredo says:

    With all I now have learned about TM and his existence, I have come to develop sympathy for him as a person, not because of the way his life ended, but because what took him there. TM in my own opinion was far from being a “thug”, in clinical terms he could had be classified as suffering from “Attachment & Reactive Attachment Disorder”,

    “What Causes Reactive Attachment Disorder?

    RAD occurs when attachment between a young child and his or her primary caregiver does not occur or is interrupted due to grossly negligent care. This can occur for many reasons, including:
    Persistent disregard of the child’s emotional needs for comfort, stimulation, and affection
    Persistent disregard of the child’s basic physical needs
    Repeated changes of primary caregivers that prevent formation of stable attachments

    The clinical Physical symptoms are:
    Lack of Eye Contact
    Lack of Conscience
    Feelings of Entitlement or Arrogance
    Crazy Lying
    Risk Taking
    Intense Control Battles
    Bossy and Controlling
    Food Issues
    Intolerant of Rules and Authority
    Incessant Chatter or Asks Nonsense Questions
    Destructive to Property
    Prone to Depression

    Inappropriate Behavior (Quite often, violent or sexualized behaviors will be observed with these children. These behaviors are often directed towards a parental figure (often the mother), as a means of pushing the parent away. These children are extremely afraid of trusting/bonding with parental figures, and the behaviors often appear to be an unconscious attempt for the child to insure that he or she will always remain safe. Many times, outsiders will not observe the severity of these type of behaviors, and may even question the validity of the parents as they attempt to make them understand the importance of monitoring these children at all times. These children often appear to NOT learn from their mistakes, and despite the consequences…the behaviors continue over and over again.)

    Self-Abusive/Abusive to Others
    Sleep Problems
    Fascinated with Fire, Blood, Gore,and Weapons
    Learning Difficulties
    Triangulation of Adults

    His view of the world:
    “He sees the world as a threatening place and seeks power and control in a compulsive self-reliant manner without having the developmental skills to navigate without constant supervision. When feeling threatened or not getting his way, he can become aggressive, argumentative, impulsive, and agitated. When exposed to triggers (alcohol, violence, or sexual content), he can become quickly confused, flashback to past memories, and become very immature and childlike. His world can become terrifying, quickly leading to disorganized thinking and behavior.”

    To me the lifestyle and negligence of TM parents Tracy and Sabrinas dictated his path, the signs were there in his actions and their interactions, just by looking at their pictures you can feel his detachment as well of his mom indifference to him compared to her other son.

    While I cannot guarantee that his fate took him there that night, one thing I’m sure of and that is that the conditions were ripe for his tragedy to have occur. If you really look closely all the variables were there, he was just abandoned and discarded, was under the influence and in a dark unfamiliar place. The only thing that was need that night was his trigger “the feeling of someone looking out for him a sort of parental figure” which for him was an unknown.

    George was unaware of the mistake he was about to make, which was to take the time out of his life to care enough to check up on someone who seemed out of place and get involved. Something TM wasn’t socially mature to understand and resorted to his “Fight or Flight” condition to his perceived threat. The result would had been different if TM would had done this or GZ would had done that, but that is not the case, because TM psyche would had led him to a future confrontation. The only hope TM had would had been for those close to him to had the decency of not being so self-absorbed in their own selfishness to had made a difference, and that includes TM family together with failed school district agenda of self preservation at all cost.

    • ZurichMike says:

      What you described could also apply to Rachel Jenteal DeeDee Diamond Eugene. Think of her testimony, and read your lists again. Scary.

    • libby says:

      I think the lack of his preferred parent could help lead him down the path of thuggery that he was on (I was taught to hate my father from a young age-that didnt do much for the bond-does that mean I get free beat downs on neighborhod watch guys?)

      • stella says:

        I’m sorry about that libby. I was careful never to criticize my ex to my daughter. She came to her own conclusions when she hit her teens – that was hard enough on her without me putting in my two cents.

    • Josh says:

      There are reasons and explanations for why TM did what he did. His actions however have no excuse.

      • Josh says:

        Son: “Mommy, mommy, why are you hitting me?”
        Mother: “Because I was hit when I was a little girl.”

  35. froggielegs says:

    I think between $ybrina and Alicia came Larisa Rozier and Cindy Lopez. Larisa ironically filed for child support the day before his divorce from $ybrina became final in 1999 and Cindy filed for child support in 2000. Neither of which he married.

    He likes to spread his seed. Pretty sad when you think about it all you hear about is Jahvaris as being Trayvon’s brother. You never hear about his other brother and sister.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Spreading one’s seed seems to be what makes men “men” among “Eric Holder’s people.” No shame, no responsibility — and yet somehow *we* don’t understand their “culture” and have no right to comment on it.

      • michellc says:

        We also now don’t have a right to comment on them speaking, reading or writing English, because it’s Black English and just something we don’t get. All of it is an excuse to make poor and even criminal behavior acceptable. It is just another way to destroy the moral fabric of this country or what little is left of it.

  36. ZurichMike says:

    Trotting out Alicia is probably another media construct for sure. Maybe Ryan Julison is behind this, too. Or someone who wants to take him down a peg. So we can predict that the poor sobbing Alicia, however real her tears are for the TM she remembered in the photo of him in his Hollister shirt, may be being pushed to add credibility to the sinking ship of Team Skittle’s public fraud. And there are people who will, as even some on this thread have shown, fall for the “oh, the poor dear!” nonsense. What about GZ’s mother’s tears and fears that her son is being railroaded and tried as a scape goat on the altar of political correctness?

    • boricuafudd says:

      ZurichMike- I was thinking the same thing, while Alicia’s pain and story might be legit, I am left wondering why now? Did she say anything that could not wait until the trial is completed? No, but what she is doing does accomplish 2 things, it makes TM a more likeable figure and that will help the prosecution.

      The case is going nowhere fast, sympathy for the victim can overcome lingering doubts if there are some. With a female jury that could be key.

  37. sillymsm says:

    IIRC wasn’t TM living with his cousin/aunt (can’t remember exactly) for a period of time as well? He went to live with SF when he was 15, kicked out by 17 and lived with his cousin at some point in-between?

  38. alan says:

    Reference this story, I wrote an RIP for Trayvon on this site a week ago…a sad, troubled teen with no direction….you know what? there are literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS more, in your community right now. Where is there “way to redemption”? Sadly, all branches of their tree of the future are bleak…you can join a gang (and get killed or in jail), you can try to get into the military (unlikely, as the military standards are higher now, than when I was their age(. ORRR, you can take advantage of the many low-wage jobs that are available…oh….wait….the illegals have all of those……….

  39. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    For those that are new here, and to help me vent a little steam here, this event has always been a clear cut, open and close, self defense tragedy. Without the media manipulations, PR firms, race baiters this would have been (and WAS) something we wouldn’t have heard about. That being said, how many souls have left this plane prematurely through violence since then? How many “grieving” parents get to fill trash cans up with blood money? How many parents get to “grieve” on national TV in front of scores of people in the audience (what kind of “parent” would want to)?
    Lastly if anyone’s offspring had a txt message on their phone stating “you gonna take one in the chest” as a premonition (b/c of that offspring’s behavior) less than a year of it happening….. how many would still have the tenacity to continue to seek the spotlight.. These are people I will never be able to understand, I think once Sabrina said “I think it was a accident” they (ALL OF THEM) should have disappeared and accepted the facts, FACTS BE DAMNED!! they didn’t and I really have to question humanity and the vehement supporters of this lynching

  40. myopiafree says:

    Hi Careful-Though –
    I often get this question – what if TM were WHITE and GZ were BLACK. Since there are many cases of this happening (like every day) the answer is that “blacks killing whites” is normal. If TM had succeeded in maiming (comatose) or killing George – he would have escaped – to do it again. It would have hardly been a “news note” in the local paper. There would have been no out-cry and no protests. Because George had a pistol – he saved his life. He yelled for help – and NO ONE CAME. Had it been “darker” and more isolated – and George was not “armed” Mr. Martin would have killed George. Mr. Martin was a violent thug – who thought nothing of attacking, and potentially killing a “white cracker”. That is the real truth of this trial.

  41. 1davesmith says:

    I find it mind boggling that this ‘Scheme Team’ will stop at nothing to project the victimization of minorities. What is surprising to me is that they feed their own into the grinder for money. Not the advancement of minority races, equal opportunity, or making the world a better place……….. For Money!
    Yes people are victimized, its a human trait that unfortunately we will never outlive, but the what we are seeing in the Zimmerman case is heartbreaking from the aspect of how much damage civil rights organizations are doing to the cause of people they claim to represent.
    On Anderson Coopers interview with Alisia Stanley Story is so very sad, with Anderson being very cautious in the questions he asks, and the way he asks them. Perhaps the formidable Geraldo (and having to back-peddle) has taught Anderson through Geraldo’s very outspoken (and true) opinions early on in this case that the public do not want to hear the truth.
    They want to hear the speculative rhetoric that fits in with the misrepresentations of minority groups that have this an agenda that profits them and not the masses.
    If there is a wrong that was ever being done to minority groups on the basis of racial equality its being done here and now by their own misdirected advocacy groups.
    The NAACP for one!

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  43. Luvbug says:

    The parents have yet to be called as witnesses…just wait…..LOL – if true, believe me MOM knows it.

  44. Josh says:

    The group photo with Trayvon, in an orange shirt, off to the side (of course) REALLY shows how tall he was!

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  47. Dani says:

    I find this believable but have to wonder why the defense wouldn’t call the step-mom to testify.

  48. w says:

    It’s sad that so many black children are raised like unwanted animals….they don’t have a chance to succeed in life….blame the parents not me.

  49. Casual Observer says:

    “Blame covers shame”

    This blog post is exactly the problem in America within the Black community.

    Men fathering children with Babies who have Babies and the man goes on to another Baby and has a Baby.

    It’s decimated the Family structure in Black Society and it’s never going to change until Blacks start changing the way they think about themselves.

    But the Democrat Party and the “DepenBrotocracy” are going to do everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    It is true the same single parent dysfunctional social structures exist in the White & Latino society, but there is no question it is epidemic in the Black culture.

  50. terriergal says:

    See, this is what happens when people lie to cover up things. People die. People in charge cover things up thinking they’re doing others a favor by keeping them out of ‘trouble.’ Then those people continue to go on down the road to their own self-destruction. We need to stop believing the lies the media and the liberals tell us, no matter what color we are, and start speaking the truth to each other. Lies are not less important than other wrongs. They are what give fuel and power to those other wrongs.

  51. terriergal says:

    “It is true the same single parent dysfunctional social structures exist in the White & Latino society, but there is no question it is epidemic in the Black culture”

    Oh but we can’t tell people who they are allowed to love, right? O.o

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