Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell – Applebees Customer – Outed as a cheapskate and demands all workers, employees, and managers fired !!

This story is not about leaving a waitress a tip, or the absence thereof.  It’s more about the institutional mindset of the BGI, the transendance of all other priorities in affirmation -and loyalty to- the BGI entrenched ideology [See also Colin Powell], and one participants response when their character and motivation is dragged to the sunlight.

Pastor Alois Bell now says she's sorry.Employees have on occasion been guilty of doctoring receipts to say offensive things. There was the Hooters receipt that referred to two Korean immigrant customers as “Chinx” (they filed suit), the Maryland RadioShack employee who called a customer an “ugly itch” on her receipt, from “ghettohood, usa.”

But customers can get creative on receipts too, as with the Applebee’s receipt that advised the server to “Stop eating b*tch!” And like the restaurant customer — purportedly a pastor — who scratched out the automatic 18 percent gratuity, and scribbled in: “I Give God 10% Why do you get 18,” according to a photograph recently posted to the online forum Reddit, and picked up by the Consumerist.

The self-described server who posted the photo said on the Reddit thread that the gratuity was only included because it was a table of 20, and only parties under eight can choose to tip how much they like. “It’s in the computer,” he writes, “it’s not something I do.”

UPDATE: After the receipt went viral, Pastor Alois Bell, of the St. Louis-based Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries, reportedly called up the Applebee’s and demanded that everyone involved — from servers to the managers –be fired, reports Gawker. While the entire staff wasn’t fired en masse, the waitress who posted the receipt to Reddit was canned.

“I originally posted the note as a lighthearted joke,” the woman told The Consumerist. The woman, identified as “Chelsea,” said she wasn’t the pastor’s server that night — but she saw the note and took a photo of it. “I did my best to protect the identity of all parties involved. I didn’t break any specific guidelines in the company handbook — I checked,” said Chelsea, who earns $3.50 an hour. With tips, she said she usually earns less than $9 per hour.

For her part, Bell regretted leaving the note on the bill, calling it “a lap in my character and judgment” that was “blown out of proportion.”


The receipt was for $34.93, although the full table’s bill came to over $200, according to the server. The receipts shows the automatic tip of $6.29 as scratched out, and $34.93 entered as the total, along with the word “Pastor.”   (read more)

Indeed, He works in mysterious ways.    Allow me to introduce you to Pastor Alois Bell:

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178 Responses to Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell – Applebees Customer – Outed as a cheapskate and demands all workers, employees, and managers fired !!

  1. stellap says:

    Shame on her. Too bad I can’t understand a word she said in the video – need subtitles.

    • sundance says:

      Here’s another: :(

      • Larry says:

        According to the Bible women are not to be in roles of “pastors.” 1 Timothy 2: 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. Quailfications for “pastors” (elders also bishops) in 1 Timothy 3:2.

        • Frank says:

          Both Timothy letters are forgeries. They have been attributed to Paul, but Biblical scholars have used a variety of methods to analyze the epistles and have found, among others, Timothy is a forgery most likely written in the second century long after Paul was dead. In Paul’s authentic letters he is much more for equality and not anti-women to the degree that some of the forgeries are. All but the most fundamentalist Biblical scholars (who don’t actually care about evidence) agree that the Pastoral epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) are forgeries. This pastor’s actions have nothing to do with her being a female pastor, but rather are a reflection of her personal character which, in this case anyhow, appears to be quite hateful…and cheap.

      • Ely Slade says:

        She sounds like a tea kettle!

    • David Coe says:

      She sho is ugly…inside and out!

    • Meaty says:

      She may have tipped, maybe even tipped twice by accident. But this “woman of God” still had someone terminated in a terrible economy, just because she was reaping the direct consequences of her own rudeness. She’s a hypocrite, and deserves every ounce of embarrassment she gets from this. Maybe she will have learned to treat others as she’d want to be treated from all this, like some famous person once said…

      And as for Applebee’s, this about sums it up, lol:;postID=7187144613223999590

  2. WeeWeed says:

    A “lap” in her character?? There’s also a “lap” in her English.

  3. April Ratani says:

    Bell you were wrong now that girl got fired! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

    • Think the good pastor would take in the waitress if she cant afford her rent now?

      And SHE doesn’t “give” god any money, but I’m sure she is happy to collect money from her congregation “for god” don’t ya know.

  4. Rand says:

    The church building looks like a dry cleaners that went out of business.

  5. fb says:

    This kind of stuff is what makes me hate anything to do with religion. You may give god 10% but how much of that 10% goes to fill your belly? so do you really lose 10%? NO, because your tithe is what pays your salary! I would be ashamed to show my face at that restaurant again. Think about the waitress you got fired was your 18% tip worth her going without? You never want to piss of anyone who pre-pairs your food! God only know what they will do to it now. you better start cooking at home! Karma is a bitch!

  6. lisa says:

    Shame on Applebee’s they should ban Pastor Bell from ever entering thier restaurants again. I will never eat at another Applebee’s and I hope others boycott them as well.

    • mys says:

      I agree! I won’t support a company that lets idiots walk on their employees.

    • The Honest cold hard truth says:

      Why would I boycott Applebee’s? Regardless of what you think about the Pastor and the waitress. The waitress violated privacy laws and applebee’s can be sued over it. They were right to fire the waitress for that alone !

      • An Attorney says:

        What privacy law? Cite your privacy law. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

        • Margate69 says:

          Thank you!

        • hoonan says:

          Not if law….but it could be Applebee’s policy…

          I’m not a lawyer but also isn’t business (like amount spent, product purchased etc…) between a merchant and a customer THEIR business and private?…not a merchant’s employee…and a customer
          A similar thing happened earlier this year when a waiter posted a pic of Peyton Manning’s gracious $200 tip….they sacked that waiter as they don’t want to lose customers (esp celebrities) who don’t want their business posted online. Applebee’s has done the same here….and I agree…

          Same thing goes if I bought a $200,000 car…would you want that business (or in this case the salesman) posting that info all over the net? Or a gun? Or Jewelry, or “Marital Aids”? Or movie rentals etc….

          I’ve had bad service before and have tipped accordingly (never left a snide note) so I wouldn’t want some bad server holding a grudge and posting my info on the net with a false claim that I “stiffed” them…

          • MKD says:

            There was no personal info posted. Bell’s signature was there, though pretty much illegible. And seriously, she didn’t say the customer “stiffed ” her. *Did you even look at the picture?? Madame Pastor(sic) ‘s actions speak louder than any words. Totally lacking in character, in my opinion.

        • Gwen says:


      • Margate69 says:

        There were NO LAWS violated in posting that receipt. Please reply with any laws that guarantee something like this. There are none. The manager at that resteraunt should be absolutely ashamed. The cold hard truth is, in this day and age, you have no right to privacy except inside your own home.

        • The Honest cold hard truth says:

          Your lack of knowledge is not amusing but rather sad..Do your homework before you speak.

          • hoonan says:

            I honestly don’t know if it’s illegal or legal…searching the net I can’t find an answer.

            So could you please cite what law or provide a link to some case law or precedence.

            To keep things civil doing so would have been a better response.

      • Kat says:

        Really, because Applebee’s has no problem posting “positive”feedback on their Facebook page. Their posts include customer names as well.

    • Tom says:

      I agree with boycotting Applebees over such poor management. They really over reacted to this workers behavior. A reprimand for misusing the receipt, maybe; termination, over the top wrong.

  7. becky king says:

    Everyone should boycott Applebees for firing that girl!!! That woman is no pastor. She’s probably related to all of her 15 followers, sounds more like a tax dodger to me.

  8. brutalhonesty says:

    Idiot. got gets 10% of your pre-tax income…nothing close to 18% to pay for services rendered. these people work for tips. they get 2 something an hour. I have seen people get negative paychecks due to taxes owed on claimed tips.
    This story is local to me and its been on all day on all the talk radio shows

    • Tom says:

      Please let us know of the outcome. There’s no acceptable excuse for what this so called minister did. Her church should sanction her at best. Applebees should reinstate the worker as termination was simply too severe for this offense.

  9. ctdar says:

    Almost every restaurant that serves tables of 8 + puts the gratuity on automatically & states it on menus and reciepts to protect their serving staff from getting ripped off. Large parties always require more thsn one server in order to give the customer the best experience & I must say sometimes gets more attention than the rest of the other parties eating at same time at restaurant (have you ever got your order in just after a large party places theirs? You will be waiting longer than usual for your food).
    Waitress was wrong to post receipt but pastor started the episode by complaining after bill was divided amongst those in her party and handed to her.

  10. The pastor should be fired

    • Sharon says:

      And who would do that? I’m guess this is one of those hundreds of “pastors” who are not accountable to anyone, and no one has the authority or power to fire them.

      • Vam89 says:

        Pastors can still be removed by the board of elders or whatever internal structure the church itself has. It’s rare, but it does happen.

        • ron says:

          the congregation consisted of fifteen people. I dought if there were a tribunal of elders available to oust the sista pastor.

        • Sharon says:

          I’m fully aware of that. I am suggesting, based on her self-presentation and the video of her sermon, that she is likely “serving” a tiny church that exists for the sole purpose of giving her a place to “preach” and pull a salary.

          In other news, we’ve got F-16s paid for by our tax money going to the Muslim Brotherhood. And, in other really GOOD news: the national debt ceiling has been suspended!!! Boy, that’s a 2fer solution. Don’t raise it–sheesh, that just means it will have to be raised again when the raised level is hit in a few weeks….just SUSPEND it.

    • Hopefully her church was embarassed enough to fire her. She does not promote good will towards anyone. THAT is what Pastors are supposed to do. Be a good example for their Flock. Was that a good example???

  11. mys says:

    How dare this “pastor” demand that people be fired. She is a cheapskate. Applebees should ban this cheapo “pastor” and give the server her job back. The server who was fired isn’t the one who waited on the party; right? This “pastor”-woman gives religion and women a bad name. Christ wouldn’t ask for a bunch of people to lose their livlihood over something so petty and greed-driven. The “pastor” is a disgrace to her church and to humanity. The 10% tithe does NOT go to GOD, Tartface “pastor”. It goes to fund your church. God does have a wallet. And Applebee’s won’t get my business if the server who posted the assinine receipt gets her job back. I’d be upset to get such a note. These servers make such little money that every dime counts. We try to tip 25-30% as long as service is decent. 20% if it isn’t all that great. How cheapskate people can be served and NOT tip is beyond me. Sad. This says a great deal about the greed and self-rightousness that plague this world today. “Pastor” my behind…. myssi

    • mys says:

      Ooops- …if the server doesn’t get her job back…. that should read.

    • Gee says:

      What the pastor wrote on the receipt was degrading and insulting. If the 18% (should really be 20%) gratuity added on to your bill offends you (I’m sure the pastor knew about this before ordering), then you speak to a manager or don’t go out to eat in the first place. Applebee’s was wrong to fire the server, how about backing your server up? Adds insult to injury, reaffirming that the way this pastor treated this server, with such disrespect, as acceptable. Shame on you Alois Bell, you so called person of God, act that way then! If I were you, I would be emabrrassed too! Amen.

  12. Jake says:

    Matthew 5:41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.
    If an 18% tip is required, perhaps it would be a good example to go above and beyond and leave even more.

  13. CB says:

    And this is a fine example of a Pastor and her followers believe in her and follow her. Shame on Ms. Bell and Applebee for firing the waitress.

  14. Scott Hodges says:

    The b*tch doesn’t give 10% to her fake a** god, if shes a preacher she lives off what comes from the tithes of her followers. If she’s giving 10%, she’s putting it back into the same plate she’s taking it out of! She’s not giving 10% to nothing but her fat a** gut!

    • cajunkelly says:

      Whoa there. Try a more narrow brush please. Some pastors do not receive one *dime* for their service. Some receive *no* salary; the only money they receive is from “love offerings”/ donations that some members of the congregation give to their pastor…$10.00 or $20.00 here and there. Some pastors hold down full time jobs in addition to pastoring a church. These pastors have a deep seated belief that religion and pastorship shouldn’t be “for profit”.

      I’ve known one such pastor all my life.

  15. mark says:

    She is a real dumbazz
    Bless her soul..

  16. Denise says:

    Yes, the so-called “pastor” Alois Bell should be fired! I cringe to think she is advising and ministering to other people and hope that her “flock” have not learned her hypocritical, entitled, rude behavior! She just feels bad that she got caught acting so very “non-christian” like! She will be rewarded appropriately….if not in this life, certainly later! I can’t imagine God would approve of her behavior and her thinking she’s above the rules! If she didn’t want to pay the tip, then don’t go there to eat! You made the choice to accept the food, eat the food and accept the service. Now pay up like everyone else does! How appalling! Shame on you Applebee’s and “pastor” Alois Bell! :(

  17. Deana Hodges says:

    I’m disgusted by this woman!!! This is why I am NOT religious! How disgusting!!! Looks like she needs to put the fork down and be a lil more Christian like she preaches! I’m poor, I don’t have people shelling out money to me every Sunday and I still tip, going out to eat is a treat and I tip 20-25%, I’m more Christian than she is and I don’t even believe in the Christian god!!!

  18. jon jackson says:

    money is not the root of all evil… man (male or female) is inherently evil…

  19. Half Canadian says:

    Don’t black people have a rep for being lousy tippers?

    Not meaning to be racist, but when Ebony accepts it as fact, is it wrong to point out?

    • aliashubbatch says:

      Only if you’re white and are trying to address a situation that would call for some self reflection on the part of anyone guilty of it.

    • debfrmhell says:

      I know servers who hate waiting on black people. Frankly, I love waiting on them. I am a great server, they appreciate it and I usually (97%) get rewarded for my hard work. Every customer I get I treat in a manner I would want to be treated if the situation was reversed. I don’t care what their “color” is, they are family.

      If you have a person that you believe is not going to tip you, you don’t work as hard for money you “know” you aren’t going to receive. Poorer service means you get “stiffed” a lot of the time. It is a self-fulfilling act. Then the server blames the person when they have contributed largely to the fact they are not getting tipped.

      The last thing I would do is photo a receipt and do what that server has done. And that Pastor should be ashamed.

    • pbunyan says:

      I don’t think it’s a race thing. I think it’s an entitlement mentally thing. People who feel entitled are poor tippers.

  20. LANS says:

    Using ALL CAPS on the internet indicates you are yelling. We try to keep yelling to a minimum. –Admin ;)

    • myxlplex says:

      Praying to a myth is as effective as riding your bicycle without tires.
      Both are a waste of time and energy, neither show much common sense.

      • texan59 says:

        I’ll take my chances on your myth. Glad to see an atheist here at the Treehouse. What do you believe in?

  21. ashamed says:

    To call herself a Pastor, she doesn’t act like a christian.

  22. eric says:

    people should call Applebees up and complain and threaten to ban them and to call/email Alois Bell church and complain.

    • E says:

      I have already sent my letter tpo corporate and YES it was needed to let them know this is something that should not be overlooked but you know you reap what you sow so that pastor better watch out

      • The Honest cold hard truth says:

        Why is everyone overlooking the fact that the waitress violated privacy laws? On that basis alone she should be fired. Regardless about the other subject matter which is apart from what I am speaking of..

        • marc says:

          what privacy laws? in most places you walk on a tip in a large party you can be arrested for not paying and that public record.

          • The Honest cold hard truth says:

            The receipt is Public record? My my, go back to elementary school and start all over…

        • Margate69 says:

          Please reply with any LAW that guarantees your privacy in a situation remotely close to this one.

        • lovemygirl says:

          She excluded any identifying information.

          • hoonan says:

            Except for the Pastor’s else did the web find out who she was? Not against the law…but was IDing information…

            • The Honest cold hard truth says:

              In many states, (Louisiana is one), the law recognizes various claims for invasion of privacy. These may include: intrusion upon solitude or seclusion, and public disclosure of private facts. These causes of action are aimed at protecting against unreasonable publicity of one’s private life. In addition, the laws often recognize claims for actions such as false-light privacy. Such laws prohibit dissemination of information that puts another in a “false light.” Finally, most states also recognize a claim for appropriation of another’s name or likeness without consent. If the Pastor sues, she will win. And don’t give this “I am an attorney” BS..

              • Nolocontender says:

                It’s easily possible to make the case that a pastor is a public figure, or at minimum a limited purpose pubic figure. There was no falsity or malice here, simply a presentation of the pastor’s own words, so I’m not buying a “false light” argument. But you sure have your mind made up in her favor.

        • mm says:

          privacy laws pretty much went out the window when the internet was born. i and others can find more info about anyone by doing a google search than was shown on that receipt. we would never have known the restaurant or paid attention to this ‘pastor’s’ name had she not demanded this employee as well as the entire staff including managers be fired for this posting. she brought all this attention on herself. and all these ‘pastors’ that behave as she has bring a very bad name to real pastors actually trying to make a difference in the world. no wonder everyone laughs when someone calls themselves a ‘pastor’ nowadays!

  23. Pingback: Christ washes feet, while this “Christian” stiffs servant and then get her fired « Bible Studies from an Asshole

  24. E says:

    Well for one Black People are not bad tippers My husband and tip very well this was just a poot example of this woamn usingher title to get around a tip and then to have he checks split up sp she can avoid paying the tip if she did not have the money to go out and floss then she should have stayedf her ass at home. so when the server divided up the ticket it still showed at that table a party of 20 and the tip was split accordinly so she is wrong and I for one would not follow her or even go to her church she should be embarassed that she left that snide ass comment on her ticket We dont talk about how she dont have to pay taxes on her church events and things but that server believe it or not has to pay taxes on those sorry ass tips

    • lovemygirl says:

      One of the things people forget is when you get a large party they consume all your time as a waiter/waitress; Usually running back and forth with drinks or special requests. That might have been her only table for an hour or more. That is why they tack on the gratuity since if she was stiffed on a large party, she would go home broke,

  25. brocahontas says:

    I hope she mails her tithe directly to heaven or else she is a total hypocrite. And doesn’t her tithe come from other peoples tithe? She can make her salary whatever she wants. Oi vey!

  26. BoneDancer says:

    This culthouse should be picketed until the cheapskate conlady witchdoctor is fired and the server is reinstated with a public apology from Applebee’s.

  27. Ed says:

    Shame Shame Shame on Applebees, yup boycott. As for the Pastor Bell, a simple apology is not enough. Her church should give money to this fired waitress 10% of their donations to help until she lands another Job! It must have been her first time dinning out and clearly she Ignored the menu that notes about large parties. Sad for all

  28. Nanci says:

    How can Bell call herself a “pastor” when she doesn’t understand the basic tenets of love and respect! What she wrote on the receipt was rude, and I’m sure that christians cringed that she would hide behind “God” as her excuse! What a jerk!

  29. aliashubbatch says:

    Comment deleted by request….

  30. j kronz says:

    Bell is a disgusting person (and I use person loosely). Demanding Applebee’s fire anyone is unbelieveable, and the fact that they did is beyond logic. Bell is the scum of the earth.

  31. Brian says:

    She is a con woman who was brought to light and is now exposed. She is angry everyone can see her for what she is a fraud! My family nor myself will visit Applebee’s again for there lack of integrity.

  32. eddiebiggsv1 says:

    And now we know who she is. I wonder who gets her first, a group of angry servers who want to avenge a fellow server, some random person who is server by day but great hacker or night, or maybe Anonymous will step in seeing as how this whole thing has gone viral. Either way I hope someone does something.

    Remainder deleted by Admin. Please keep it civil, and watch your language.

  33. Uge777 says:

    Will the pastor give her a job now? or pay her rent?

  34. Sandra says:

    Let’s try and get the waitress, Chelsea Welch’s, job back for her. Applebee’s customer service toll-free number: 888-592-7753

    Let’s try and make this right. Alois Bell and her church isn’t, so why don’t we try too!! Give Applebee’s a call and request that they rehire, Chelsea Welch, in St. Louis, MO or we boycott Applebee’s. Be nice and polite about it, don’t be like Alois Bell. Let’s see if we can make it happen!!! Just completed my call and I feel REALLY GOOD about it!!

    • The Honest cold hard truth says:

      No thanks. Apple Bee’s like every other business has the right to fire anyone for any reason other then what is stated in federal law. And regardless of the boycott. Business will go on as usual, you guys are pounding on sand and deaf ears.

    • Ray says:

      Tried to call, got recording. Will try again tomorrow. I think this is the right thing to do.

      • The Honest cold hard truth says:

        If it makes you feel better, good for you. However do you really think they give a crap? Seriously who are you kidding?

        Abusive comments to others will result in your removal….Admin.

  35. Sal Paradise says:

    She is saying she left $ 6 dollars in cash, which makes ZERO sense after writing that comment.

  36. She’s just prideful and entitled – like all of her ilk.

  37. eddiebiggsv1 says:

    I’d like to know which Applebees this was. It would be nice if we could get a bunch of people to write letters (much nicer than my last comment was of course) encouraging them to give the girl her job back. Though the Applebees in question is no where near me I for one will no longer be going to any of them unless they hire this girl back. If anyone has the info for the Applebees please post it.

    • bob says:

      Nah, get the girl a job at a better restaurant. I wouldn’t want to go back to work at a place that fired me for bs.

      • eddiebiggsv1 says:

        Very true, guess I have no choice but to open a restaurant in St Louis and hire her……actually I wish I could do that my job sucks too lmao. Seriously though I hope she gets back to work soon

  38. hank says:

    This pastor ruins it for believers..and especially people that have stayed away from religious faith. Sounds like more of a self absorbed cheap pastor…if she was really sorry for her action, it’s not just about apologizing to her church but should demand apple bee to rehire the waitress, and apologize to the waitress and give her lost income compensation. If she doesn’t do such thing then i would question her spirit and her teachings. I’m a christian raised around religious leaders all my life….unfortunately they’re humans and sometimes don’t get what they’re suppose to teach. I knew a pastor once who would demand he gets first class seating in airplanes for coach just because he’s “reverend” SAD…but MOST of them are awesome and with the right heart so don’t judge religous faith because of a handful of stupid religious leaders.

  39. Sal Paradise says:

    Their facebook page is filled with comments about folks not going and boycotting Applebees. Is there such thing a theft of labor in this situation?

    • pbunyan says:

      She dined an dashed, plain and simple. If I was Appleby’s, I’d have demanded that she pay her bill or I’d press charges. Bad precedent they set here. I guess everyone can just ignore the 18% tip now.

  40. pbunyan says:

    Lol, the video of her preaching “has been removed by the user”. Must’ve been that whole sunlight thing again–makes ‘em uncomfortable.

    • sundance says:

      Is it not just INCREDIBLY TYPICAL that when a spotlight is turned on them – they flee. Think about it….. What better opportunity for a “Pastor” who proclaims the greatest goal is to “spread the word”, than to have millions listen to her message.

      Then again, if you listened to that sermon, you might get the opinion that spreading the word of Jesus Christ was not the actual GOAL.

      Funny that :( (notsomuch)

  41. pet says:

    Applebees needs to hire Chik Fil A management to provide consulting services on GROWING A PAIR!!

  42. sugarsweet says:

    She most certainly does not tithe 10% to the church – because she is the pastor of HER church. Does this mean what I think it means? She works in a job besides having her storefront church of 15 congretational members. From Job A she “tithes” 10% (untaxed because it is now a charitable contribution” and the “tithe” goes back to HER church = back to her. Which is also considered untaxed because churches are exempt? Sounds confusing, yes? BTW: all of the many Youtube videos of her have been removed.

  43. ctdar says:

    Did anyone see this part of story?
    Christians are in fact more likely to tip badly than diners with no religious affiliation, according to a study on the subject by Michael Lynn of Cornell University. While Christians gave an average of 17.3 percent for good service, a significant minority — 13 percent — left less than 15 percent gratuity for good service, which is double the percentage of unaffiliated diners who tip in that range and six times the percentage of Jewish diners who do the same.
    That is total horsepucky :evil:
    Prof Lynn did not get great reviews by his students either….

  44. creepytwins says:

    I always leave 20%. Move the decimal point to the left and double it. Most servers are not paid well and work very hard. They deserve a good tip.

  45. Dawn says:

    I can’t believe that she got fired over this. It is ridiculous that people think they can bring large parties of people into a restaurant and not tip. They are there for sometimes 2-5 hours, shame on the restaurant industry for doing away with auto gratuity at many establishments. Servers work very hard, sometimes work 10 or more hours without a break. They also tip out their support staff so when you stiff them not only do they not make money, you also cost them money. The worst days are the days a server has to claim more money then they actually make. Sundays are the worst tip percentage wise, must be because everyone else feels they gave their money to “God” too.

  46. hoonan says:

    I don’t agree at all with what this “Pastor” did…but…

    I don’t understand the outrage that the waitress was fired…it wasn’t even her receipt (it’s Applebee’s actually), she wasn’t even the server. It’s probably against Applebee’s policy and it’s not the first time lately it’s happened to a server. They want to discourage that behavior from it’s employees.

    So it’s ok to post receipt online with identifying info…but not ok post locations of gun owners homes? What if it was a receipt from a gunstore? Regardless of the customers attitude or what they wrote on the receipt as a business owner would you want your employees posting customers receipts or info (name, signature) online whenever they decide to?

    • Dawn says:

      The first picture I say didn’t show the pastors name anywhere…

      • hoonan says:

        The first picture she posted on Reddit’s Atheist page had the signature…and people figured out quickly who the the signer was…despite the efforts of the waitress to throw them off (she was probably freaking out and correctly predicting the fallout) she later edited the image but was too late….

        • The Honest cold hard truth says:

          A perfect law suit case against the waitress and the business for employing her.
          And by reading all the comments online thanks to the people talking garbage about the pastor, the pastor can now add defamation and libel to the case…The pastor will be laughing all the way to the bank if she sues.

          • hoonan says:

            She’s not getting dirt from an unemployed waitress…and I’m sure Applebee’s is covered in their policy and training to employees and it would have to be argued that they didn’t take all steps to prevent this incident from happening and then didn’t act after….which they did.

            • The Honest cold hard truth says:

              She can get plenty from the unemployed waitress. Its called file a civil action, get a judgement, liquidation of assets to satisfy the judgement, place lien on assets, etc, etc.

              • hoonan says:

                So she’ll get some beat up used car, an iPhone, and maybe $3k as that’s all the assets I can imagine an unemployed waitress that’s not in college only saving up for college has….

                Plus suing her will only lead to more grief and I’m sure the “pastor” just wants all the attention to go away and not want too much more interest gathered into her 15 member “church”.

    • The Honest cold hard truth says:

      Yea it shows the ignorance of 99% of the population does it not? I find it funny that most people think because we have internet and the paper was given to the waitress that they think the receipt is public record. Amazing ! But then again, that is what law suits are for !

      • Ben Dover says:

        You’ve been asked several times to back up your claims of violated laws… Put up or shut up!!!!

      • Gee says:

        why so bitter? Obviously, the honest cold hard truth, you must think that you are somewhat smarter than 99% of the population. I feel so sad for bitter, and unhappy people like you. Seems like you have a hidden yearning to relate to people, and blame them for not being able to. Let it go, stop the bitterness and be happy, kind and people friendly, People are not so bad, in fact, most are wonderful! Very sad for you.

        • The Honest cold hard truth says:

          Bitter ? Not at all. Just the facts. I am sitting back laughing because the more you guys speak the better the pastors case becomes {in court that is} Which is the opposite of what you guys want, however that is what you are doing..

  47. Mitch says:

    What language is she speaking?

  48. My2cents says:

    Thanks be to a ‘woman’ of God, another persons life is ruined. I hope she takes that 10% comment and eats it for the rest of her life. I would love a website to condemn her actions while adjudicating the waitress.

  49. Peter S Lopez says:

    This pastor showed more than a lapse in moral in character and judgment. This pastor should be fired, for this STUPID action. How dare you show such disrespect to the patoral position. the girl who posted this receipt, should not have been fired. Applebees over reacted to this. I fully agree with this statement. “Some Christian leaders have even spoken out on the issue, such as Daniel Readle, a pastor at a Baptist church in Cleveland. As he wrote on his blog: “By leaving tracts and not tips, that person is saying to their waiter or waitress, ‘You are not a person, but rather just a notch on my belt of evangelistic pride.’ ” This pastor did a great disservice to other Christians who leave proper tips to their servers. My daughter is a server and she works hard at her job and she deserves tips from your customers. So how dare you bring God into your cheapness. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have no right to be a pastor.

  50. meagain2y says:

    This is a prime example of the uselessness of religion. This woman is a pastor? How awful! What’s her excuse, she’s only human and a sinner? How about she’s not a nice person, has bad manners and a sense of entitlement that won’t quit? Religion, my left butt cheek.

    • Sharon says:

      And doctors are useless, too. Two years ago, we were on the fourth attempt to get our doctors to evaluate my husband’s face for skin cancer and they just kept brushing us off. This is a prime example of the uselessness of medical professionals. That MD was a doctor!? How awful! What’s his excuse…overworked and distracted?? How about he wouldn’t listen, jumped to conclusions and ignored my DHs situation until over a period of 3 years, the skin cancer spread over his entire face. Medical care, my left butt cheek.

      Everybody: stop going to medical doctors. At once.

  51. TAMMY KIRK says:

    Please stop yelling. –Admin

  52. dave says:

    There are all different kinds of “faiths” that say they follow Jesus Christ.
    I’m not sure though .. even in some of the basics she’s talking about.. is reflective of Christs teachings.. She said in that video.. “sometimes its not satan.. sometimes its you.”. what??
    look here is a basic christian belief. There are two things. Good. and bad.. Everything good is of christ. everything bad is of satan.. there is nothing else.

  53. lovemygirl says:

    I got my law degree from inside a Bazooka bubble gum wrapper.

  54. yankeeintx says:

    I saw the joke in an email last week. A father and his son sitting in a restaurant booth, and the son asks why the waitress gets 20% and God only gets 10%, and the father just looks perplexed. I wonder if this “pastor” got the same email and decided to use it herself?

  55. TAMMY KIRK says:


  56. Inkraven says:

    1) 15 people isn’t a church, it’s a book club. Or if it is a church, it’s a Westboro Baptist in the making.
    2) A Google image search for “Applebee’s receipt” turns up many others receipts than the one in question. Were those people fired and/or sued too?
    3) For a company so concerned about it’s bottom line that it’s going to let someone go over a ~$200 total tab, they would do well to consider the fallout over how many people have decided to stop patronizing them, and compare that against Ms. Welch’s wages for a year (or five).
    4) The CEOs of Chilis and TGIF have been rolling on the floor laughing about this all day long.

  57. Julie M says:

    Cheapskate hiding behind religion. Racism hiding behind the cross. This “pastor” needs a new profession.

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