Colin Powell Wants Everyone To Pass “A Test” Before They Can Use Their Constitutional Rights…

Progressive and intolerant Colin Powell has the whole gun debate figured out:  “why can’t we just test everybody” before they are allowed to own a firearm?

There’s those pesky “Bill of Rights” thingy’s again.   Maybe we could test before allowing voting rights.  Or, well,  maybe a stability test before free speech expression, or religious affiliation.

What’s that, those other rights can’t kill people?  Really?  Think about that.

And NO, driving is not a “right”, so testing is not an appropriate comparison.   And if you cannot see the slippery slope to ownership of ice-cream purchasing based in physical exam and BMI (Body Mass Index) then you really don’t connect dots that well.

Here is the full interview:

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40 Responses to Colin Powell Wants Everyone To Pass “A Test” Before They Can Use Their Constitutional Rights…

  1. akathesob says:

    I have to disagree with him… Is it me or have all the left-wing-nuts all gone off their med’s or what? They have just all gone MIA and out-2-lunch-4-good…

    • Coast says:

      1) He is not a Conservative…he’s a liberal.

      2) Despite what he says, he does not understand the second amendment. “Weapons of War” is exactly what the second amendment allows, because that is the intent. What weapons will the other side have…bolt action single shot with iron sights? No, they will have the best AR’s, with the best optics, with the best support gear, etc, etc.

      3) Powell…go suck eggs. Your Iraq war fame is long over.

  2. LouDaJew says:

    a test to determine if we’re mentally stable, the Constitution doesn’t even speak of mental stability. if Obama said this, I’d be worried.

  3. ar10308 says:

    Now would be a great time to bring up the topic of Voter ID…

  4. ColRebSez says:

    And would Powell approve an honest, fair literacy test in order to exercise one’s constitutional right to vote? Let’s be consistent.

  5. brutalhonesty says:

    i was thinking a few things for a few days…i didnt watch powells video yet, but ill say this…lets test market this for viability on the right to vote. clearly too many stupid people who dont know anything about anything voted in 2012 and 2008. people voted for the guy who “looks like” them, because he “looks like” them….and howard stern exposed obama voters not knowing what policies were his and which were mccains or palins. If the country is still liberal after this test program, then by all means, eff-it…apply it across the board for the 1st and 2nd, because I wont be here to care.

    the thing I had been thinking for a few days is if they want to ban guns, and refuse to enforce immigration laws, then let new york and california and illinois be the test pilot programs for this. if they can be 100% self sustaining and gun violence free by 2016, then let them apply it to all the states except texas…because thats where Ill be going….if not switzerland I guess.

    If the USA fails, where would the last bastion of true freedom be? Which country? canada would be the closest I guess?

  6. ottawa925 says:

    I want to go with SD’s test before voting suggestion. That would be a good start.

  7. dizzymissl says:

    And so it begins:

    Gun Owner’s Home Outed By NY Newspaper Is Burglarized, Police Believe Thieves Were Looking To Steal His Gun…

  8. Look on the bright side…
    Lucifer has no Entrance Exam here.
    No tests, no forms to fill out. Everyone is free to come.
    In fact, for America, it won’t be much of a distance.
    2013 is Hell Appreciation Year! :evil:

    • Sharon says:

      There is no bright side right now, except perhaps that people are figuring out…”oh…I guess they really do mean to deconstruct our Constitution and our rights….” I guess that’s “bright” if it turns out it’s in time.

  9. Allfal says:

    The Courts have ruled that some judiciary proceedings can temporarily suspend your 2nd Amendment rights, even though there is no criminal conviction. For instance, if you are subject to a Protection From Abuse order, you are prohibited from possessing a firearm from the time you are notified of the order until it expires, with no criminal hearing. Mr. Powell may convince me that everyone needs to undergo testing to own a firearm should we be able to make some compromise. Liberals are all about compromise, right? If he will ensure passage of a law requiring a judicial action for anyone collecting any type of public assistance, AFDC, food stamps, 99 week unemployment, etc and that judicial action states they are deemed able to collect that assistance but temporarily suspends the individual that is collecting benefits 1st Amendment rights and his right to vote in any election while collecting those benefits, then I will agree to think about his ridiculous proposal.

  10. jordan2222 says:

    We have absolutely gone stark raving mad. How on earth can over half of the people in America come to such absurd conclusions about such clearly explicit language in the most important document in the free world and the second most important RIGHT in that document?

    “shall NOT be infringed.” NOT means NOT. How can it possibly mean anything else?

    My head refuses to understand their logic because it’s simply NOT logical. What the hell is wrong with us?

    • Sharon says:

      We haven’t gone stark raving mad. We are just discovering what a high percentage of office holders and citizens there are who are willing to let the nation slip away into cold, dead history.

      Of course it can’t mean anything else….those lines. Most of the people who want our guns aren’t actually claiming it means something else. They’re just saying they don’t want to abide by it any more. They’re changing the rules of the games.

      And there have been POTUSes for over a hundred years who are, from the grave, cheering them. Woodrow Wilson was exactly in favor of what they are doing…Sorry I don’t have time to source the speech right now. But this is nothing new.

      This is not about obama. This is not about our guns. Those are shadows cast by the trees that were planted many, many decades ago by those who have been frustrated and embarrassed by our Constitution for a very, very, very long time.

      We have to fight the battles, to be sure–but we had better understand what the WAR is about. It is NOT about Teh oBama. he’s the pointy end of the current spear. But this is NOT bout Teh oBama. He’s a relic for the dustbin of history.

    • Allfal says:

      Perhaps the 9 stages of civilization. We are probably ranging between apathy and dependence. Logical thought is not required at that stage. I’m not looking forward to the next stage they are attempting to drag us into.

      If you notice, there is a considerable lack of logic in the public debate on this issue. There is much emotional debate. The emotional debate all boils down to ” our masters must do something to protect us”. How can anyone possibly address that in a logical manner? According to most of them, we live in a Democracy. They ignore the Constitutional Republic thing, it gets in their way. At some point in time, Constitutional protections of many kinds will make too large of a percentage of our population feel “uncomfortable”. I have read that book before. I know how it ends.

  11. 22tula says:

    Colin Powell Defends Obama Document Fraud on NBC’s Meet the Press
    Birther Report – January 13, 2012

    • 22tula says:

      Aaron Klein – January 13, 2013 – Podcast

    • howie says:

      Colon Bowel is full of it.

    • Coast says:

      Powell, you’re a black, a negro…that is how you were raised. Thus you value “color” over country. We get it.

      • WeeWeed says:

        +1000000000 Yepper.

      • Sharon says:

        Not all blacks were raised that way…what Powell is saying are considered fighting words by Lloyd Marcus or Allen West.

        • WeeWeed says:

          True, but THEY’VE got guts and reason with their minds – thus, they are not liberals.

          • Sharon says:

            Maybe I misread Coast’s comment. Coast refers to “a black, a negro….that is how you were raised” which seemed to assume that all blacks are raised that way.

            • WeeWeed says:

              Maybe I did, Sharon – I interpreted it as – Colin Powell sees a “victim” in his mirror, rather than an individual that’s been given every fair shake there is to get and who finally arrives at the top rung of the proverbial ladder due to the Peter Principle and the right political posturing. He’ll have a great career as something or another in this corrupticrat administration.

        • Coast says:

          People like Allen West are exceptional people…that look way beyond color. Powell is just another black. I complimented too much by calling him a negro.

          • Sharon says:

            “just another black….”

            I don’t even know what that means. In my America, it would not be a useful phrase.

            When I see blacks who are demanding and rude and lazy and duplicitous (like Colin Powell and a few others we might name), I assume those things are a result of personal choices they have made. I never thought of it as inherently related to the color of their skin.

  12. howie says:

    This is the approach to License you and “title” your guns. He is disgusting.

  13. mcfyre2012 says:

    A “test” to own a gun. Seems like a “test” before being allowed to vote would be in good order.

    Colon Powell is another Affirmative Action product…and yes, the military is guilty of Affirmative Action, even today. He was the right color at the right time. He’s a general who reached his position never having actually led men. He was a staff officer his entire career. Even in Dersert Storm, he was merely the figurehead (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs). Schwartzkopf was the mastermind and leader. Powell was known as a “Perfume Prince” in the Army…meaning no matter what he did, he couldn’t stink, because he had higher ranking and outside handlers. He’s not stupid, but he’s not brilliant either.

  14. Chip Bennett says:

    What most gun control advocates fail even to acknowledge is that the second amendment is explicitly written differently from the first amendment.

    The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law… that would infringe upon certain rights. It is an declaration of the limit of government power to infringe upon those rights.

    By contrast, the second amendment states that a certain right shall not be infringed. It is an explicit declaration of the sacred pre-eminence of that right. The shall not be infringed wording is written to invoke the same sovereign authority given to certain inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence: rights with which we are endowed by our Creator.

    So Colin Powell can take his “test” and shove it up his race-baiting rear end.

  15. czarowniczy says:

    Back to my earlier posts – he’s a retired flag officer and as much a politician as a warrior. Commissioned officers are generally (no pun intended) a breed-apart from the enlisted. There are certain tickets to punch, they differ with each service but they limit the ability of those who haven’t completed the required steps to go beyond Colonel. If you look at Powell’s career he spent a lot of time in the DC corridors of power, there was no doubt he was going to drive hard for a General Officer’s position, his tickets were punched 100%. Now that he’s retired he can put that military part of himself up on the shelf but that politician part is still alive and kicking. Generals are power people and have gravitated into politics all through history – look at Washington, Grant, and Eisenhower just in the US. I’m betting Powell is the political version of “I coulda had a V-8′, he sees himself as a man that could have been the first black US president had – as the story goes – his family not talked him out of it. He’s a left-of-center Republican, at best, probably is a bit bitter about where he is versus some out-of-nowhere upstart with no history taking the first-black-president honors,. Powell worked his entire life pleasing The Man in DC and now he’s relegated to the sidelines while the first black president, who’s done almost nothing compared to Powell, screws up everything he touches while driving the country into a ditch. I’ll bet some of that bitterness that’s built up bubbles to the surface every now and then. Powell’s on the sidelines now, neither Democrat, Republican nor credible. Look for more attention-getting pronouncements in the near future..

  16. Well, perhaps we can start having a literacy test for people before they get to vote…after all….it is a huge responsibility to choose the leader of the country. Or maybe we could be more generous, lets have just people produce an I.D. To show they are who they say they are.

    How about we have people register to which religion they want to be with the gov’t. Just ridiculous. If Powell wants to be a democrat he should go ahead and switch.

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