Holy SNAP – CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Ali Belshie Try to strong arm Jack Welch

This. T.H.I.S. Right Here.. is exactly what it looks like when the institutional media circles the protective wagons around The Lightbringer – President Obama.

Jack Welch, the most trusted CEO ever in American history, says: when it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, looks like a duck it’s a friggin Duck.  (talking about the manipulated 7.8% unemployment figure From the Bureau of Labor Statistics) His credibility is so firm, and so dangerous, the media must find a way to diminish him, and protecting their Dear Leader, without being seen as protecting their Dear Leader.

Enter the water-carrying CNN crew to provide  cover.   Watch how they do it.

They, CNN, know how manipulated this Hilda Solis created statistic actually is. They cannot allow the emperor to be witnessed by the crowd as naked. So the messenger must be dismissed at all costs.

It is simple math.  You cannot have 150,000 people joining the eligible workforce – create only 114,000 jobs - and simultaneously have the percentage of unemployed Americans drop.  It is statistically implausible, UNLESS you are manipulating the numbers.

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40 Responses to Holy SNAP – CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Ali Belshie Try to strong arm Jack Welch

  1. jordan2222 says:

    Markets rely on accurate reports to function properly. IMO, this report warrants a criminal investigation. If it were accurate, the market would have skyrocketed today,

    I hope the GOP is working overtime to factually discredit this nonsense.

    I read all of the articles in all of the financial publications today and no one believes these numbers. It is mathematically impossible.

  2. Sharon says:

    I don’t think their wagon-circling is effective, though. They look kind of silly.. Anderson Cooper sounds like a little kid following his older sister around, repeating everything she says, and thinking that somehow that makes him really powerful. Anderson Cooper looks silly. Jack Welch never changes what he is saying.

    The fact that the second says this is troubling because of WHO Jack Welch is actually reinforces his points. It doesn’t make the wagon-circling effective. It’s obvious they’re just attacking the messenger…and it keeps looking that way as they keep pushing. They just look silly. They NEVER refute any of his statements about the issue with the figures.

    And then they start literally telling him what to say? That just makes them look silly. “To honestly suggest there’s corruption……!!!!!!!” Really? That’s beyond the pale?? Are they going to get the vapors if they find out there’s actually corruption afoot??? They look SO STOOPID.

    “I love you more, Jack…..fix this….” Then Mr. Welch says, again, “These numbers are implausible…….” Flat statement. And they don’t touch it. And Belshie is smirking. That’s a giveaway that he’s on a mission that can’t be interfered with.

    I think Jack Welch wins, along with the substance of what he says: their attacks on him gives him 12 minutes to reiterate what he said and demonstrate his confidence in his original point.

    • You’re right in everything you say of course…. But have you ever witnessed such a tag team of obfuscation and media dodgeball?….. The psychology they openly displayed is brutally obvious: endear yourself, appeal to emotion over logic, request acceptance of their transferrence.

      Right there. Or as I would say “right thar’” in front of ya….

      Maybe I’m off base, but this was visible “shark jumping” to me, because their efforts were so transparent, it just seems quite over-the-top.

      • Sharon says:

        You’re absolutely right! I was a little squeamish to start watching it because I was afraid I was going to be watching a successful “beat-down” of an old man. And it was not that.

        I think there is some shark-jumping quality to this. Combine this with some of the bad experiences obama and his media have had in the last 7 days…..well, it puts a quiet little smile on some corner of my heart. If we see some deliverance and some sanity and some mercy-of-Sovereign-God fall on our nation, there will be some moments that we look back on and say, “You know what? I remember that. That was part of the turning…..” and this might be one of them.

        I was typing my comment above as I was watching the piece….and I saw after I posted that I repeated the phrase “they look silly” in a variety of ways. So yeah, shark-jumping. :)

        What will stay with me is that Mr. Welch NEVER MOVED with regard to the basis for his tweet–that these numbers were “implausible.” He never budged. He’s a MAN, that one is. The other two are just operatives.

    • lovemygirl says:

      Absolutely. The Chicago guys comment is very true but Jack kept saying how immplausible is it that in a drop in GDP you magically have a huge growth in jobs? (I added Jack’s ?). Yes these guys will lie. I live here. Obama was elected IL Senator on lies

  3. boricuafudd says:

    The Obama administration was in a bind, the debate had put them on their backs, they overreached. I think they were not supposed to do something so dramatic, but with the circumstances as they were they over did it. The problem is that it is now obvious, and they are trying to backtrack, somehow. They are caught, they know that this is implausible and they know it, so instead of looking good, they will end up looking desperate. I will not be surprised to see some sort of investigation started by the House, into this numbers starting Mon. I hope they covered their tracks.

    • The odd thing is (well, not really odd per se’, because in this new reality “odd” just doesn’t appear to fit anymore…. it’s become normal) but the odd thing is how *blatently transparent* this one is.

      I personally know it’s brutally obvious when measured by the Len Factor. I get a call from “Len” (that’s not his real name, but I protect the identity of the outlying prog friend I hold dear) who says: “I think the unemployment number is not right”… he says this quite honestly mind you. I ask him why he is puzzled. He replies “simple math – just doesn’t compute”.

      Now mind you this guy is non-politically intune as it gets. If I were to ask him about the vice president he might respond “Pelosi”; he’s dear, but delightfully non-political. He heard the figure on the radio being bragged about during the commercial break from the broadcast of his favorite ballgame, and even he recognized something was up.

      We chatted or a bit and I about spit out my drink when he said, they prolly couldn’t use 7.9% because that would just be too obvious, as in just below 8, so they had to go a snippet lower. This guy does not follow politics, but he hates, seriously hates, being lied to…. and he views this as a lie.

      • Sharon says:

        There are normal Americans in the ranks of the political opposition. Sounds like Len is one of them.

        It’s about 14 months since Barry threatened Eric Cantor, “Don’t call my bluff!!” He’s so used to being protected that he’s never actually had to deal with genuine card players.

        The nonsense that his infrastructure is trying to put over on the American people is bringing some normally taciturn folks out of the woodwork….talking as they materialize.

        It’s almost popcorn time. And God bless the Lens of this nation who are watching…..and thinking….and watching…..and listening…..

      • boricuafudd says:

        I guess we should all have expected this, remember they found 400,000 jobs to match all the jobs loses since he was elected, this is more of the same. The question is and remains will there be anyone, outside the blogesphere to challenge them?

    • lovemygirl says:

      You don’t get it! They don’t care how outrageous their lies are. They don’t care if they even get caught in a lie. They are that depraved.

      • Sharon says:

        Up until now, they were getting by with it. Once they are not being given a universal pass, and significant voices start shining lights in their eyes and demanding answers–they might not be quite as proud of their depravity as they have been.

        • lovemygirl says:

          They really don’t care, a few tenths of a percentantage they will write off to error. We need to focus on the big issues to defeat him. Those that sway intelligent women like you or the muddle headed middle voters. My wife is voting R, I may have had a bit to do with that but she would never back down if she disageed.

      • boricuafudd says:

        You are probably right, the either don’t care or feel as Obama did in the first debate, that the media would cover, so they don’t have to be careful. I, truly hope we are wrong.

    • canadacan says:

      I don’t. let it all be transparent to the public

  4. A Forecast From The Home Fires…
    Jack Welch will be vindicated when you see what the Chicago Gang does to keep the Anti-Christ in Power. This cooked (yes, it was) Unemployment number will look like child’s play between now and December. Yes, DECEMBER,

    • canadacan says:

      F d r are you referring to the election returns? This is going to be a thumb. In your. Eye and knee. In your. Throat bar room brawl .al Capone. Would. Be proud. He was good at cooking the books on his tax returns toO. we need a recording of Frank Sinatra singing Chicago is my hometown..

  5. Sharon says:

    …..and he gets to keep on explaining….and clarifying….and explaining….! ;)


    Filling in for Cavuto, Eric Bolling has a great conversation with former CEO of GE Jack Welch about his earlier tweet about jobs numbers shenanigans. Welch goes into details about why and how the numbers just don’t add up.

    • howie says:

      That is just outstanding. The WH Chef Hilda Solis has been cooking this up for months. It is a simple recipe. Adjust, adjust, adjust. Take 1 cup of chopped August. Add 1/2 pound of September. Blend in 2 tablespoons of Disability. Put in a pan and simmer until October. There you have it. Obama upside down cake.

  6. Sharon says:

    Oh–and apparently Allen West got in on the action!


    In a combative interview on CNBC this morning Allen West defended his suspicion that the Obama administration is cooking the unemployment numbers, saying they simply don’t add up.

    The obama thugs must sort of feel like they’re being chased by a herd of bees! Having habitual truth-tellers sending them spinning--when they keep insisting they are the smart ones–must really be a downer.

    Truth is a wonderful thing (including the observations that flow from truth-tellers). Just sayin’ what’s so. It’s a wonderful thing.

  7. Lucifer edited out what followed the comma. I’ll wait until Halloween, when he’s roaming the Earth, to re-post what’s ahead.

  8. lovemygirl says:

    The stories you hear about Chicago mob politics pale in comparison to the reality. I know what I know from my barbershop and long term residents. They are mostly Itslian and Irish. Call it gossip but it is true. The Barack crowd is the same. Ryan lost when Maddigan “accidentally” released his sealed divorce papers weeks before Barack won (he was losing). It is that bad and corrupt. The old addage when you apply for a city job is true. “Who sent you?” If you were not sent by someone, no job.

  9. Sharon says:

    If nothing else, has Jack Welch not made it very difficult for obama and his crew to keep on bragging about the numbers–even on the Sunday shows? Because sure as shooting, anybody goes bragging, someone (even an alphabet interviewer) is going to bring up Jack Welch–aren’t they?

  10. howie says:

    Why is anyone surprised. I thought everyone knew they would render the recipe and simmer the stew to under 8% for the election. Hilda Solis has many ties to the Communist Party. She would not let Dear Leader down.

  11. lovemygirl says:

    What people that seek the truth often overlook in specific articles is our enemies do not share our values. They don’t care about what is true. We have values and fall back on truth.
    7.8% vs 8.2% is the argument they want you to be trapped in. No voter knows or cares about that. Understand their lack of values allows them to lie and force you to waste time responding to their lies.
    Just keep on message, tell the truth.

  12. gretchenone says:

    Jack did an okay job of standing by his tweet. He should’ve turned it back around:
    1) Only the president gets to see the job numbers ahead of release. That means either they are very incompetent to not question the veracity of the numbers, or something dishonest just happened.
    2) We are within 30 days of an election, and the president seized on this ‘opportunity’ however strange the numbers are, which indicates either desperation or again, incompetence.
    3) It would seem only natural that the press would want to seize this opportunity to find out the truth, instead of relentlessly attacking those who are rightly calling attention to the job numbers that don’t add up.

  13. Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

    Hey Sundance,
    you say potato, I say potahato
    you say eether, i say either.
    you say neether, i say niehter (clearly i dont spell well)
    you say ‘manipulate’ and I say ‘massage’ (ok, I will say manipulate – hard to disagree here)……):

  14. cajunkelly says:

    I’ma post it again….


    This “employment number” is *bought*…no more, no less.

    I think Mr. Welch’s tweet was *spot on*.

  15. bvc says:

    read this:

    the two stats are apples and oranges. the sampling criteria for each is totally irrelevant to the other and share little in common.

    • Sharon says:

      So–once again–because they’re being naughty, a bunch of adults have had to show up on the scene to deal with them; and a whole bunch of other adults are standing around discussing the things that the liars and lying about. So everybody who’s awake is learning a bunch of stuff useful for understanding and stuffing lies back in the faces of the liars. Sunlight is a fine thing.

      God bless Mr. Welch, and I hope he has a terrific weekend. He had a long day yesterday!

      I wonder if Mr. Welch knows WHI.

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