Boldly Into The Breach

Will the real life story of incredible bravery, and the extreme courage of warriors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods be lost just because of Machiavellian politics ?

Updates as more information is coming through.  Even if the true story of their heroism casts an uncomfortable light of truth upon the lies told by President Obama and his administration we will tell it.   They deserve it.

President Obama implied, quite intentionally, in his Weekly Address that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were part of Ambassador Christopher Steven’s security detail:

Glen and Tyrone had each served America as Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats in Libya. They died as they lived their lives — defending their fellow Americans, and advancing the values that all of us hold dear.

-President Obama (Weekly address)

Sounds good, the only problem is this statement is a total fabrication.   It was worded to imply Ambassador Stevens had more security than actually existed.   Yes, they were both former Navy SEAL’s, but neither Tyrone nor Glen were part of the Ambassadors official security detail.

No.  The truth is: they heard the attack, they heard the gunfire, and despite the danger to themselves they rushed into the breach taking weapons from the frightened Libyan security officials to help protect the American Consulate, Ambassador Stevens and his embassy aide Sean Smith.

Both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were under no obligation to assist, protect or defend Stevens.   They could have bugged out, they didn’t…..  They ran into the breach.   It was, and is, an important enough distinction such that two U.S. officials quickly wanted to tell the truth.   They told the Guardian 

[...]  they feared the Obama administration’s scant description of the episode left a misimpression that the two ex-Navy SEALs might have been responsible for the ambassador’s personal safety or become separated from him.

“Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,” …..

According to what scant actual information is available the former seal team members, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, appear to have been in Libya because they were contracted by another intelligence office, probably the CIA, to track down the missing surface-to-air missiles from the initial rebel uprising.

During the Gadaffi overthrow massive stockpiles of Libyan weapons including MANPADS and other surface to air missiles were looted from the military storage facilities.  Estimates put the number of missing missiles around 20,000.

It appears Doherty and Woods were in Libya to track down those weapons.   As a consequence of their visit they were crashed at an annex to the US consulate grounds using it as a safe place to meet, coordinate, and evaluate their ongoing intel.  Their location was approximately a half mile from the main consulate compound area.

They were inside an annex building when the main consulate complex came under attack from the Libyan al-Qaeda terrorists.   They heard the distant shots and responded to a call for help from the compound itself.   Both Woods and Doherty evaluated the assassination attempt, and immediately took up arms to defend Ambassador Stevens.

Their heroism is incredible when you consider what they were facing.   Doherty and Woods reached the main compound of the Consulate and evacuated approximately 20 employees.   Unfortunately, Ambassador Steven’s aide Sean Smith was already dead when they arrived.   Woods and Doherty fought through the firefight, and took the consulate employees back to the annex building where again they came under another wave of attacks.

Between the initial firefight at the Main Consulate, and at the annex building, for over six hours they, along with others, were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists, who pre-planned and coordinated the attack to occur in two stages.

The second wave of attacks at the annex brought even more firepower upon them.  Yet they held their position providing time for the 20 consulate employees to be rescued.  In total for over six hours they held off upwards of 200 attackers, under heavy fire from RPGs, mortars, and at least one 23mm Anti Aircraft gun firing on their position(s) around the consulate grounds and the annex building.

This story must be told.   The heroism of Doherty and Woods MUST surface.  They deserve it.   Unfortunately, because the truth represents a risk to the manipulated narrative of the White House and State Department, it will be up to outsiders to keep the pressure on and force the truth to the surface.

If we leave it up to the Administration and the State Department we will probably never know the TRUTH and the heroism of Woods and Doherty will not be fully recognized or appreciated.

These guys died while defending US interests because they were brave patriots who put country ahead of self.

We will not let their courage be hidden or diminished.   I promise to do all I can to keep their story in the spotlight and provide their family the full measure of appreciation for their bravery.

They deserve it.

We will not forget, and will keep fighting for the recognition they deserve.

CNN Security Analyst Fran Townsend confirms the initial reporting from officials familiar with the Benghazi attack.    She posted an article titled:  Former Navy SEALS Died After Coming To The Aid Of Others.    Her information resources, and intelligence contacts, affirm the initial story of Doherty and Woods bravery.

On October 9th, facing pressure from a congressional hearing scheduled for the following day (10/10), the State Department held a briefing to confirm details of the attack.   The early insider reports of Doherty and Woods actions were again confirmed.  (Full Briefing Here)

Yet as of 10/21 no-one from the President Obama administration has ever once clarified the attack, discussed the true involvement of Glen Doherty and Ty Woods, or answered a single question in a press conference.  It has been 40 days -so far- without specific answers from the administration.

The New York Times ran a letter (below) written by Brandon Webb who is a former Navy SEAL, author of a memoir, “The Red Circle,” and editor-in-chief of SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report). He served with his best friend, Glen Doherty, at SEAL Team 3, where they were sniper students together. They had just completed a book together, “Navy SEAL Sniper,” which is due out in January. He Penned this farewell to his friend:


I still can’t believe you punched out early on me, but glad to hear from the guys that you fought like a hero–no surprise there.

You should know, your efforts resulted in the rescue of over 20 Department of State personnel. They are alive today because of yours and Ty’s heroic action.

I know you hate funerals as much as I do but, the service in Winchester was humbling and inspiring. The people of Boston are amazing. I had to choke back the tears as me and the boys rolled through town, and thousands of people lined the streets to honor a hero and our friend and teammate. Seeing American citizens united around a hero, if only for a brief moment, restored my faith in humanity and that there’s other things more important in life than killing each other.

Your family is and was amazing. Their poise, patience and the dignity they displayed was incredible to witness. Your mom, Barbara, stood by stoically for hours to ensure she greeted everyone who came to pay their respects. She was an inspiration to everyone who watched. Seeing your dad, his sadness and how proud he was of you, made me give him a big hug, and reminded me to work harder at patching things up with my own father.

Greg delivered one of the best talks I’ve ever heard under the most difficult of situations. What an amazing brother; I hope to get to know him better. His speech made me reflect on my own life choices and how important our relationship with friends and family are. I’m going to work harder at embracing my friends and family the way you always did.

Katie gave such an awesome toast at the wake with all the Bub lessons to live by, I smirked secretly to myself knowing that I’ve heard them all before and will never forget. “Drive it like it’s stolen!” and “Kids don’t need store-bought toys, get them outdoors!” and all the rest.

Your nephews are amazing and so well-behaved. Great parents of course. F.Y.I., I told them I’d take them flying when they come out west. They were beaming when I described all the crazy flying adventures me and their uncle went on. I told them how you and I would fly with my own kids and take turns letting them sit on our laps to get a few minutes at the controls. I’ll do it up right and let them each have a go at the controls.

Sean has been steadfast in his support role and has handled everything thrown at him. Helping him this last week really showed me why he was such a close friend of yours. He’s solid, and I look forward to his friendship for years to come. You chose well having him execute your will, he’s solid.

We are all dedicated, as you explicitly indicated to us all, to throw you the biggest eff-ing party we can, and to celebrate your life as well as our own. Done deal; Sean and I are on it.

Most of SEAL Team 3 GOLF platoon showed up in Boston. It was great to see how guys like Tommy B. just made stuff happen, no matter what was needed. Things just got handled like men of action handle them, no questions asked and no instructions needed — just get it done in true SEAL fashion.

One by one the Tridents were firmly pounded into to the mahogany as the guys paid their respect. Mike and I handed the plank to your mom, choked back tears, and kissed her on the cheek. We both told her how much you’ll be missed by us all.

Afterwards, the Team Guys, Elf, Steve, Sean and others tipped a few back in your honor. In good Irish fashion we drank whiskey from Sean’s “What Jesus Wouldn’t Do” flask, hugged each other like brothers and said goodbye, each in our own way.

We are planning the yearly surf trip to Baja in your memory. We share Steve Jobs’s philosophy on religion and tolerance, but if you can arrange it, please talk to whomever and fire up a good south swell for me and the boys.

My kids will miss their Uncle Glen. I told them it’s O.K. to cry (we all had a good one together) and to be sad but not for too long. You wouldn’t want that. They will grow older, and like the rest of us, and be better human beings for having known you.

You definitely lived up to the words of Hunter S. Thompson:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”

When I skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke myself I’ll expect to see your smiling face handing me a cold beer.

See you on the other side, brother. You are missed by many.


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277 Responses to Boldly Into The Breach

  1. Sharon says:

    Rage and pride. In ever-increasing amounts.

    • boricuafudd says:

      My sentiments exactly, but the rage at the lack of proper recognition keeps going up. Any other time they would be getting the props they deserve, but doing so now, would damage the Administration.

      • WeeWeed says:

        This corrupt administration is beyond redemption. They’re all filth.

        • thefirstab says:

          +Eleventy ad infinitum

        • ANNE says:

          Obama and Secretary Clinton are the one’s that should be held responsible for this tragedy, but that said, we all know that they both will skate on this, just like all the other times this government has screwed up and our people have been slaughtered.

          • Harriet Fretwell says:

            so,so true, so thankful someone has there eyes wide open but so sad so many don’t have a clue. thank you

            • nmgene says:

              Our Heavenly father is watching and those at fault will pay for there lies and slanders. The Seals are, always have been THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!

          • Robert S. Long says:

            How true. Incompetent and unaccountable. Both should be tried for treason.

          • Well they all crucified NIXON over watergate and NO ONE GOT KILLED ! Obama& Hillery also who ever else DENIED these people extra Secuirty should be TRIED and SENT TO PRISON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jacqueline Carpenter says:


          • Rosanne says:

            Bob, you are a man of substance for certain…tears and a resolve,these are lacking in many Americans these days. Their heads have been brainwashed by media hype and false statements, not the truth. This ignorance is deeply embedded in both older and younger citizens. Then we have a so called commander-in-chief who describes the service of our military as not having to enlist; “It was their choice.” He proceeds to cut defense, pay and benefits, for our precious military, while he and his first lady spend, spend to satisfy their hedonistic appetites on our dollar. Then the Bibles were taken away, limiting our chaplains’ work of Christian evangelization and our military personnel is halted from speaking about their Christian faith when addressing a group of citizens. And people still cannot see the truth of what is happening under our noses; ask a Cuban immigrant. They will tell you what they see…tyranny and dictatorship!

    • Bob Corso says:

      .Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Incredible people, preforming incredible act’s of bravery. We should never forget these guys. And we should never forget the primitive animals who murdered them. We are not supposed to refer to them as…Terrorist anymore, which is fine with me. From now on I will only refer to the Islamic Jihadist as “Brainwashed Savages of the Muslim Brotherhood”. It is high time that Moderate Muslims around the world took a stand against religious ignorance ! There is nothing Godly about these idiots!

      • Gail Robinson Schwandt says:

        Yes, where are the moderates? “Islam” equals “terrorist” in many minds. And I wouldn’t downgrade “idiots” by called those terrorists by that name. The word for them simply does not exist.

      • Alan D. MacNutt says:

        Bob: Are you the Bob Corso I know from the city, the local “outlet,” and church? If so, I would like to talk to you. If you are that Bob Corso, you know through whom to contact me. If you are that Bob Corso, it must be tough working with your national affiliate and how that organization helped for over a week to perpetuate the lie that this was not preplanned and was due to that crudely done trailer appearing on YouTube. A retired law enforcement administrator and Army Veteran.

      • sherman4040 says:

        There are really no moderate Muslims! They say so, but only until the bloodthristy thugs put the sword on their necks! Nearly all will “switch sides” in a heartbeat! America will rue the day that we did not expel all those who hold with their cultist Book! Their movement will fail, because our Book says it will! The results are in! All one need do is read the last chapter in our Book! God Bless the families of these 4 brave men!

      • Loyal says:


        Very well said.

        To blame anyone else besides the Jihadist’s borders on ignorance itself. The DFL and the Gop were both lax with the security in these matters. All they have to do is both sides get together and pass legislation to protect our citizens abroad, especially at Embasy’s and such. Both sides need to start doing their jobs better, working together and simply getting er done! On every matter and every day!

    • Tom says:

      Great article, please ensure SEAL is capatalized. Future reference.

    • usakmt says:

      how about this Breach Foreseeable Aggression

    • Kenneth Johnson, Jr says:

      God bless these Americans forever. The Muslim empire rages and Americans die. Wake up America…from Vietnam Veteran.

    • Jumpmaster82 says:

      You believe that these two Honorable men held off 200 prepared fighters?

    • jACK says:

      we need to take Obama……O U T

      • LeBrit says:

        Let’s try the Biblical way.
        Put him on a horse to Straight Street,
        Damascus. Or pray for Divine Intervention.

  2. PatriotUSA says:

    Sharing and honored to do so! F–k Obama

  3. Sharon says:

    The British Broadcasting Corporation has cancelled the screening of a controversial documentary about the history of Islam after the presenter was threatened with physical violence.

    The private screening was to take place, followed by a debate, at the BBC’s headquarters in London on September 13 before an audience of historians and opinion shapers.

    “Islam: The Untold Story” is a documentary by historian Tom Holland, a well-known British author, who examines the origins of Islam and argues that there is little written historical evidence to verify claims about the Muslim prophet Mohammed and the origins of Islam.

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      The Muslims are winning their war on us…So what is next all the women of the world wear head scarves and long sleeves as to not offend them…

      • Sharon says:

        Either that or die, I guess.

        I thought about that last night as we were at our granddaughter’s JV and varsity (she’s on both teams) volleyball games. Dozens of high school girls, flying around in their volleyball uniforms–tight black shorts, long sleeved tops, marked with their high schools’ logos–all of them athletic, normal American girls, with gorgeous hair tied up in a variety of ways with glitter ribbons including their school colors….having so much fun, both teams playing well (our DG’s team(s) slightly better–they won all their games :) ) ….but I thought about that. Under Islam, all of those girls should be stoned or have their heads cut off. And I can guaran-damn-tee you that any muslim man looking on that scene would have been been contributing 99.9% of the sexualized thoughts toward those girls. (Gotta leave .1 % for some unknown perv in the audience) ….because their uncles, their brothers, their dads, their grandpas in the audience cheering them on certainly weren’t looking at them that way.

        The team they played has one amazing cheerleader–we saw him in action last year, too. He’s about 30 years old. He has Down syndrome, doesn’t talk much or walk very well, but otherwise, physically in pretty decent shape. He wears the school colors. He stands near the front of their school’s audience seating, and spontaneously leads a variety of simple cheers–spelling out the school name, cheering plays well done, leading in foot-stomping….and he has either learned this or has an instinct for it. Their school’s people just love him, and respond mightily to him. He does the cheers at appropriate times–with a deep voice—facing forward toward the court with his hands held across the front of his face about 3″ out so the sound of his voice is deflected back towards the audience around his head! He has filled this role for years and years, according to our son and DIL. He’s highly appreciated by community and the players who give him recognition for what he does. And I, like the conservative fool I am who is supposed to not give a rip about him (I hear that we have no compassion for him and don’t care if he lives or dies?? that’s what I heard) well,….I just sit there appreciating him and being so very glad that he does what he does, so very well.

      • frank yurisic says:

        keep your power dry,I will die before I bow to the rats of the earth, GOD Bless.

      • oldgringo says:

        Obama’s claims of the Repulicans at war with women is BS….The Women’s war in America should be with the radical Islamist who control the Muslim poplulace with Sharia Law…..Nary a word from the Women on the Democratic side of the aisle….They could care less about the pitiful plight of Muslim Women around the worlld and here in these United States who are subjected to cruel and unusual treatment by their Master’s and or the Enforcers of Mahammads proclaimed Sharia Law!

      • Linda Rivera says:

        If Muslims are winning, it is NOT because of Muslims. It is because of Western ruling elites who are colonizing our countries with many millions of Muslims in order for Muslims to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries as commanded by the Quran. It is the greatest BETRAYAL by nations’ leaders in all of human history.

        Abu Baseer in London:
        “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

        In Britain, courageous British patriotic human rights activists EDL (English Defence League) and BF are viciously persecuted for protesting against Islamic sharia law, the Islamification of Britain and the Muslim gang rapes, sexual enslavement and forced prostitution of Britain’s children:

        South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
        …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

        British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

        GOD HELP Britain’s beautiful, innocent children!

        Joining and supporting British Freedom is to take part in the fight for freedom against tyranny and Islamic conquest. It is a battle being fought not only in Britain, but in Europe and other countries. The consequences of importing many millions of Muslims by Western ruling elites are horrific.

  4. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    This article recounts many of the recent Islamist outrages due to excessive sensitivity toward cartoons and videos depicting their barbarism. Perhaps if sated, they would become “fed up” in the anachronistic sense of the word harking back to the days of falconry, get their fill of flying off into riots and ignore the prey they are directed to kill.

    With adequate security, we might be able to handle the resultant riots and prevent the customary slaughter; perhaps not. I am insufficiently sanguine about our current competence and motivation to provide such security to agree with the article that that’s what we should do. Still, I appreciate the thinking behind it.

    • nmgene says:

      If they follow the muslim ocult they are our enemy, they are the enemy of the world and turning them to glass is the best way to deal with the problem.

  5. stellap says:

    I am in awe of such bravery. God bless them. May they rest in peace.

  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    This Administration is so #@$$@@ up its really really @@#@#@ scary…

    • Timothy Ashley. former active duty Marine and patriot. says:

      Indeed the Administration is lacking in so many ways, and they refuse to acknowledge the sacrifice of our hero’s very lives. But we can turn it around on them and we can tell everyone we meet that regardless of the denial the politicians have for our troops who are placing themselves between the lions and the targets of their appitites, our American Military STILL step up to the plate and show their true worth and how valuable their very being is to our country….even while still knowing they will be ridiculed and brushed aside by our elected officials. That, my friend, is the true defination of an American hero. God bless these two SEALs’ families, friends, and teammates. Our Government won’t allow their deeds to be made public…..sometimes for reasons of necessity for the safety of them and their families, but sometimes it’s for reasons of arrogance and selfishness….just like it was for these two outstanding warriors.

      • Jake says:

        Well said Sir, very well said indeed. May God hold their souls and place them by his side in heaven to continue their calling

      • Candace Wells says:

        Personally…I think it is “TIME”. We have been patient long enough. We have gone by the books. We have been extra careful in what we say as to not sound racist against BO. It is getting us no where. This man is doing his all to steal this election and, just short of divine intervention, he will win. I am not saying it is time to be violent, but it is time to nudge….just like they have been doing. My first thing will be to start an e-mail campaign to everyone I know that has their head stuck in “Dancing with the Stars”. i am also going to write our lame congressmen. They have been quite complicit in allowing all this to happen. Angry? Yes, I am angry..

        • Remember the movie where the actor leans out the window and yells “Damn it. I’m not going to take it anymore!” It’s our time to do so, and act accordingly both verbally and in the voting booth!

      • Mona P. Martin says:

        I first want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service in keeping our country safe…I so appreciate each and everyone of men and women who put themselves in harms way in order to keep us free and proud…

        I have had a difficult time adjusting to the tragedy that those men lost their lives unnecessarily…It could and should have been avoided. I have a heavy heart when I think of their families and thier grief..

        I can`t imagine what the president and Hillary were thinking of other than campaigning..when they refused the request for more security…This administration only holds the position of being President of value…They don`t like the job..they only like the power and fame..It is apparent in the condition that our great country is in after the
        four year`s of their leading…is in shambles..

        I hope that majority of American`s make it to the poll`s and Vote them all out of office. It is not to late to bring the respect and strength of our country back as it has always been..
        Thank God for our service men and Leader`s in our America that did make a difference.

        Obama needs to go in shame…He obviously does not have a we can`t look forward to that…As far as Hiillary is concerned..She needs to retire and get a grip…She looks so tired and un kept…She has run her gamit..Would make a mistake if she ever considered running in 2016..after this I can`t imagine anyone who would think she is free of guilt in the killings of our fine American`s in Lybia…

      • Beautifully said..”Godspeed” Patriots All

  7. Obama knew of attacks 90 minutes after they began?
    The actual attack lasted over 2 hours?
    Ambassador Stevens body was missing for 6 to 8 hours?
    Obama went to sleep on 9-11 not knowing where Ambassador Stevens was?
    Obama woke up and Stevens body was still missing.
    The Security Briefing told him of the embassies under attack Egypt/Libya etc.
    Obama went to a campaign fundraiser in Nevada.

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Why the F@#$@ were we not in the area of the Embassy and safe house with some fire power….
      What @#$@ is wrong with the our citizens letting this man get away with it like he is….
      What the @#$# is wrong with the people in DC for just staying mum about it…
      Ok ending this before you end up censoring me for actually typing the words that I want to say.

  8. Tuduri says:

    Well said, SD. Keep spreading this story. The public must become aware.

    • kinthenorthwest says:

      spreading all of this to every forum I know about…

      • We need a Title For The Controversy/Storyline – A call sign like “Fast and Furious”, something to catch peoples attention so they know what is being referenced.

        I was initially thinking “Fast and Fatwa”….

        any suggestions.?

  9. Coast says:

    I was humbled reading this article including Brandon’s letter, and I’m deeply ashamed of the people we have running the Executive branch. I don’t even want to mention their names, for they’re not worthy of having their names mentioned with these heroes. What I would like to see happen is for the family members to get on TV and state the facts…that Glen and Tyrone just happened to be there and were not part of the official security detail. Let the families speak out…and if anyone here can help communicate that message to them please do so.
    Thank you Glen and Tyrone!!

  10. Sol Horowitz says:

    Ambassador Stevens’ last public speech in Libya, 16 days before his execution:

  11. GracieD says:

    Brandon’s site is always an interesting take on things from an Operator’s perspective. I had read about this earlier today when Brandon posted it on his FB page. I can see why many in the Military don’t much care for Zippy. There is a special place in hell for people like him, IMO. I’m just sayin’. This makes me feel physically ill. Praying for God’s Justice on all guilty parties.

  12. stellap says:

    Op-Ed: Stevens Video: Dancing With Corpses, Dancing in Blood

    “However, I have been looking at the photos and the brief video of Ambassador Stevens and I have spoken to two different Arabists.

    The Arabists both assure me that the mob dragging and photographing Ambassador Steven’s body are chanting a song of victory over one’s enemies and are praising God for that victory.

    The photos and video show a mob of men photographing a half-naked, facially battered man as they drag him through the streets. They do not look like Good Samaritans who are rushing him to the hospital for treatment. Ambassador Stevens looks quite dead.”

    • Mona P. Martin says:

      What has not been mentioned anywhere but Fox new`s..The final insult from those animals were…They sodomized Stevens…Can`t get much lower than that…When I watched the bodies coming off the airplane ..knowing the family was sitting there…I was so appaulled in what the President and Hillary had to say..Still covering up what we know now is true..they knew then…were still able to stand before the families and lie..blaming it on a movie that most did not see..There should be a tough penalty for their behavior..

  13. kinthenorthwest says:

    I wish I could take credit for this…
    they stepped forward and gave their lives

    the backtrack bunch stepped backward gave their lies

  14. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    Thanks to Dan Miller In Panama for the link here.

  15. Reblogged this on The Busy Post and commented:
    These brave men made the
    ultimate sacrifice to preserve
    liberty for all Americans and must
    never be forgotten.

  16. cajunkelly says:

    I know this is a serious thread, but did anyone else notice the irony of the pic of obama? His ears are a repitition of the wings on the seal.

  17. Boeke says:

    As I understand it, Woods and Doherty were EX-Seals employed as mercenaries by a private security firm for non-personnel reasons and they left their posts to insert themselves into a firefight not related to their duties. Didn’t they, in fact, abandon their posts? Didn’t they deprive their employer of their services, services they were well paid for?

    Didn’t they abandon their employers financial interests (and their fiduciary duties to their families) to hare off after excitement and glory?

    If so, it seems to me that Obama was gracious to declare them as part of Stevens security instead of as interlopers attracted to a live firefight. If so, Obamas action was generous.

    • Boeke, rarely do I read a comment that is so blatently devoid of facts as what you are presenting here. Not only are your facts totally incorrect, but your framing of them to make Doherty and Woods seem cowardice is the lowest form of commentary.

      Woods and Doherty were staying (stationed) at the consulate annex building approximately a half mile away from the main consulate grounds. They responded to a call from “the main complex” for help. GET THAT. They went to help.

      Not only did their actions help people, they saved lives. Doherty and Woods took the arms from the Libyan security forces that were afraid to fight. Together they entered the compound, rescued 20 American and Libyan workers from the consulate, and took them safely back to their initial position at the Annex.

      There they came under fire again (2nd wave). Both Woods and Doherty fought against the onslaught until reinforcements could arrive to evacuate the consulate employeees.

      Financial interests? Fiduciary duties? Seriously. I want to throw a huge F-BOMB at your comment, but I will digress….. It takes a twisted mind to manipulate the herosim of two brave American patriots and turn it into some quasi paragraphed line of Bullsh!t.

      Go spit.

      • Amen. He posted a similar comment at my site where I had re-blogged the post. Oh well.

      • boricuafudd says:

        Obamabot delusions, you should be very happy that they aided in the attack and saved lives with their own, imagine the fallout if 20 American Consulate were killed or taken hostage and beheaded on video. Think the position your Obama would be in then, as it stands, some the media is not giving the coverage this deserves, but had that happened they could not hide it.

      • Old Z says:

        Rite on “SUNDANCECRACKER”! Boeke can go spit ’cause it is doubtful this limp wristed liberal will see anything but disdain from 99.9% of those who are reading this story. Navy SEALS, no matter their mission when off (formal) duty would never, never, ever – back away from doing what comes naturally to them. Protecting other Americans was their intention and they weren’t looking for pats on the back just as any will note we seldom ever see any SEAL recognized for their bravery. God and Jesus will watch over these men,, we don’t need to fret the reward people like Boeke will see when they check out.

      • APPLAUSE to you sundancecracker !!! Well said!

    • bydand says:

      Boeke, YOUR comment is the most DISGUSTING thing I have read about the attack!

    • texan59 says:

      Boeke, your post is about the most disgusting thing I’ve read online in years. First off, those were two highly trained former military men. Duty and honor are two of the things they were taught in the service of their Country. Things you obviously know nothing of.

      Second, for the POTUS to lie and say they were part of the security detail is not honorable as it looks as if they were unable to complete the job they were “assigned” to do.

      I would like for you to sit down with any man or woman who has served this Country and let them explain to you why you are so wrong. Then, after you piss your pants, you should come back and apologize to everyone on this site. I’ll wait. Asshole.

    • patriot in PA says:

      Wow, how incredibly ignorant. You need professional help, if you believe what you just posted. How dare you speak of those two heroes in those terms. I am angry that I even responded to your nonsense.

      • Patriot, we must realize that in the course of human events, there are some who do not know the ramifications of serving. Thus some responses we receive are from Mars, some are from Venus, but there are some who definitely from Uranus. Leaving their posts, Boeke, you must be kidding..

        • nmgene says:

          All gave some, SOME GAVE ALL!!!! These 2 men were, are, a great tribute to our fighting MEN and WOMEN!!!! If you were standing here I would knock you down and step on you. You are a disgrace to the word AMERICAN!!!!!

    • Don P. says:

      This is how you react and think. This is why you never stand in the company of men. You remind me of the soldier that was a coward in Saving Private Ryan. You could not even stand in these mens shadows.

    • f blume says:

      This doofus sounds like a bean countier or a failed, ambulance chaser. As LBJ would have said — His opinion is worth about as much as a bucket of warm spit.

    • With no due respect, you are exceptionally stupid.

  18. Boeke says:


    What facts was I incorrect about?

    I never ascribed cowardice to those guys, I just thought they abandoned their employers interests.

    • Charles Wical says:

      boeke, what is the basis for the “facts” as you “understand” them? your first post stated the “fact” that they abandon(ed) their posts” – yet this post says you “just thought.”

    • Peter Gratton says:

      Do you have ANY hard facts? They were NOT security. They were doing intelligence work that involved finding missing WEAPONS, stolen from Military armories. They were NOT guarding anyone. I hope that is clear enough for even YOU!!

    • KenR says:

      Boeke, its you self centered rjection of anything someone does that you cannot counter with reasonableness and conscienable rhetoric. You position fails to include the concept of honor, something that seems to be lacking in your life considering the content and intent of your posts. These men were in the area of an emerging situation where others were in danger of losing their lives. they assessed the situation and decide that they would to the honorable thing, try to help! They made a judgement call based on the exigencies of the situation and applied their specialized skills and training to try and save others, the honorable thiing to do. To down play that perspective with the hollow, self serving claims of abandonment of post and duties is truly demeaning, which is what you are attempting to do. They, and their actions, will not be demeaned by someone like yourself who has never considered serving a higher cause than oneself. You are truly a small, shallow person who most likely has no redeeming qualities.

    • Senior Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) says:

      Boeke, let’s put everything into perspective for just one moment, okay? Let’s look at nothing else other than common sense. The compound is being attacked and overrun. EVERYONE is leaving any job they’re working on at the time. As it happens, the call for aid from the Consulate comes in to their building FOR THEM (knowing their backgrounds). If you had that background what would you do? Fight? Flee? I’m a retired vet of 26 years, and if I was there, I can tell you I would have fought. Our building could have been next. No one knew what was going to happen next at the time. Your comments are totally not thought out, shameful and infuriating. Others have said what I’m thinking, so I’ll keep the rest to myself. I spent 26 years defending everyone’s right to free speech, even when it’s as bad as this.

    • It has been suggested that their employer’s interest (and their employer was a department of the US government, of which Obama is the supposed highest in command) had been to kidnap Ambassador Stevens so that Mr. Obama could negotiate his release with a trade – Stevens for the Blind Sheikh. This was to have been the October suprise that would assure a triumphant win in the November presidential election. It explains the drawdown of security on August 14th, less than a month before the anniversary of 9/11, and inspite of repeated requests, not for beefed up security but for the existing security to remain. It explains the near real time observation of the entire hours-long, two-wave attack by State Department officials who did NOTHING, because they were expecting a different outcome. They were not expecting the incredible acts of selflessness that these two patriots displayed. Their valor was a element not considered – or at the very least it was underestimated. Their call to duty came directly from the consulate. EAT IT Boeke, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I don’t know about anyone else but I refuse to sit quietly. The sacrifice of these two men must and will be correctly and loudly acknowledged by this lame and cowardly administration.

  19. whitefalconone says:

    Live your life that the fear of death
    never enters your heart.
    Trouble no one about his religion.
    Respect others in their views
    and demand they respect yours.
    Love your life,
    respect your life,
    and beautify all things
    in your life.
    Seek to make your life long
    and of service to your people.
    When your time comes to die,
    be not like those whose hearts
    are filled with fear of death,
    so that when their time comes
    they weep
    and pray for a little more time
    to live their lives
    over again in a different way.
    Sing your death song,
    and die like a hero going home.


  20. czarowniczy says:

    It may take a few years for the story to come out but it sounds as if the two ‘former’ SEALS may have been sheep-dipped, much as workers at the LIMA sites in Laos were during Vietnam. There are reasons why the Government do not want active members of the military conducting missions in a foreign country, and it’s not unusual for special operations to be conducted by military specialists who’ve been ‘discharged’ into civilian life, thereby preventing a nasty diplomatic problem if they are caught. Russian Spetsnaz members did this with regularity during the Cold War as did military the US and other nations. There are some things that a military specialist can do, due to their knowledge and training, better than a civilian without a military background can. This is not meant to detract from their heroic actions but as an aside it will be interesting to get the details on what they were doing there and to whom at the embassy they were reporting to.

    • Scott says:

      When Americans express more outrage over the quality of officiating in the NFL than the incompetence in the White House, the future of our country is in great danger. Honor the lives of these brave heroes by spreading the truth to others. Express outrage over the appalling behavior of the president and his administration. Remain vigilant.

      • Charles Wical says:

        Scott, allow me to (presumably) append and support your statement: generally, those that politically blog – regardless of party affiliation – tend to know the basic structure of our government and, at a minimum, some of its participants (i.e., unlike the “acquiescent[s]” interviewed on Leno. Maybe these people feel disenfranchised, but – whose fault is that? At least bloggers are enfranchising themselves [by expending some effort at awareness/vigilance], not waiting for “franchise entitlement”).

    • Steve says:

      No one needs to respond to the idiot savant Malcolm. Everyone is dumber for reading his post. These useful idiots on the left don’t realize they’re in the same boat as the rest of us. Look around idiots, our country is in a downward spiral under this current administration. Do you have any idea what is happening? Our government is destroying our economy. Everyday more and more people depend on the government. Everyday you hear of another gaffe by our governments foreign policy. This President went to sleep while our Ambassador was being slaughtered? Are you serious? It just seems like he’s playing for the other team. Everything he’s touched has failed. We let this goverment go to far. We must all vote. Hell the way things are going it could be our last…don’t take it for granted. While we’re at it get the Rhinos out of office too. They’re worst then the Democrats. At least we know what side they’re on.

    • phoenix says:


      You are correct. same still happens I know personally from NATO and Russian operators. Sleepers to prevent military attraction.

  21. Scott says:

    Agreed, Charles. While it seems so many Americans have been anesthetized from outrage, others recognize the importance and necessity to stay motivated by such. “Obligated.”

    • boricuafudd says:

      We have a large contingent in this country that is basically followers, if the leader of the country feels that this is just a bump on the road, that is the attitude they will adopt and have adopted.

  22. 18C SF ENG says:

    Thank you for your selfless service. I know you went out like a true warrior. My prayers go out to the families and the true warriors who protect the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    God bless!

  23. ctdar says:

    Tyrone Woods mother speaks out, wants answers to her son’s murder and 3 others at US Consulate in Benghazi

  24. Okie Driller says:

    Obama will be the hero here when he and media can get facts screwed around to suit themselves.

  25. William R. Rhodes,UDT/SEAL Master Diver says:

    The actions of these two retired SEALS leave me with great awe, inspiration and pride!
    William R. Rhodes

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  27. Malcolm Gee says:

    Be glad Obama gave these two private sector capitalists credit for trying to protect the Ambassador. It is very difficult for a sitting President to explain two rogue Americans who thrust themselves into a firefight (in someone else’s country).
    Don’t confuse stupidity with heroism…this story is filled with assumption and gaps that the author has attempted to fill.
    I commend their service as SEALS, but that part of their career was over. They were civilians in a foreign country who drew weapons and were killed
    They actually put our President in a horrible position as Obama had to cover for these two rogue private sector capitalists as this could have set off yet another “foreign situation”.
    Believe it or not, not every other government/country wants American ideals.
    Lastly, someone please tell any and all US citizens working for defense contractors in war-torn countries that there is a reason your paycheck has more comma’s than most—IT’S A WAR ZONE!

    • Charles Wical says:

      Malcolm, while your post sounds reasoned, it intimates that POTUS Obama basically lied (“had to cover”); a common occurrence? Since you purport knowledge on this incident (“…this story is filled with assumption and gaps that the author has attempted to fill.”), does that mean that you KNOW they were not responding to a request for help, but instead “thrust themselves into a firefight?” And, who was an original major supporter of this “WAR ZONE” (and “had to cover” for what was already a “foreign situation”)?

      • boricuafudd says:

        They were in US territory defending an US Ambassador, if the pantsy pants Presidents feels he has to apologize for that, well that just speaks volume about him. It should be the Libyan government that should be trying to explain how that happened in their country not the other way around. Your so call logic is absolutely backwards, but I guess you feel you must protect our President from embarrassment, as if his reactions on that day could get any more embarrasing.

      • Malcolm Gee says:

        Yes, I am intimating that leaders of the US “cover” for actions to get a favorable outcome to a bad situation (ie: “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, Iran Contra/Hostages in Iran)—YES, that sort of thing. The difference between the two examples listed and this situation, is that there is NO MALICE here.
        It is sad for any mother and father to lose a child…Of any country or religion.
        if you are serving in the military you do what you are told and go where you are told to go…when you put yourself in a hostile place as a mercenary or soldier of fortune, all bets are off.
        It is scary to me when politics dictates ones viewpoint of bad occurrences…Fate didn’t put these two in Libya, good money, a private sector security job and a chance to keep the adrenaline running post-military service did.
        Simply put, If you choose to sleep in a mine-field, and roll over in the middle of the night and are killed—you only have yourself to blame…YOU knew the risks.

        • boricuafudd says:

          You obviuously are forgetting that they were at this time in what should have been safe territory, there motivations for going there are unknown to you, a lot do this in order to help doing things that they would not be able to do in the military. They were also, not involved with the security detail of the Ambassador, but felt a duty to try to save him, they could have as you probably would have, hide at the annex or leave the complex altogether. That they choose the harder choice and attempted to do something our Administration failed at, protect the Ambassador, does not need you or anyone else the right to minimize their choices.

          Its not about politics unless you make it so, but you can hide the sun with 2 fingers, and then complain when your are blinded by the sun.

      • Bill MacWithey says:

        The fact that these men were there working to locate stolen weapons says enough about their character. They were in a dangerous situation and willing to lay down their lives for what they beleived in. That is so much more than what I can say for most men I have met in my life. America has allowed political correctness lead us right down the road that Satan wants. I applaud these men and how brave they were. I have raised my boys to do what is right and to always have a set…
        Going into a hostile country to try and secure our freedom takes a great deal of bravery and sacrifice. It is impossible to imagine leaving all those who you love behind and not knowing if you will return alive, at least it is for me.
        My heart is with the families of these two men. Maybe if we had men like these running D.C. our country would be strong as it once used to be.

    • f blume says:

      These two warriors were American heroes in the greatest sense. May G-d grant them peace. May Allah thrust their filthy murderers’ souls into the belly of a pig; there to be digested for all time.

  28. Norean says:

    God bless our patriots and their families. Pray for the USA!!!

  29. Harold Massey says:

    P.S.: God bless you and have a nice day.
    You can probably find another blog where that kind of communication is the norm. Please do. –Admin

  30. Malcolm Gee says:

    Three things;
    1). You made my point…to use “safe place and Libya” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. You on the other, are just a moron. LET ME KNOW IF I NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF.

    2). You, however, are correct. I would not have been in harms way because I am at a level whereas I throw a few extra bucks at the adrenaline-laden pawns to do the heavy lifting and I take the credit…I have afforded myself with that luxury…
    You, on the other hand, weep as Beavis and Butthead chose to engage in a firefight whereas they were out-gunned, overmatched and mostly likely out-witted—you have that in common with these two pawns, as you try to debate their vigilante-like antics on this blog.
    To place a “hero brand” on this situation is like giving a post-mortem medal on the canary after he went into the coal mine…and to politicize it is even worse.

    3). I hope the family thanked President Obama for the honorable ride back to the US…however, I am sure they have already retained a lawyer to sue the government for not protecting their kids while galavanting in Libya…god bless America.

    • Citizen X says:

      Malcolm Gee in his September 29, 2012 at 10:02 PM post has made a few things pretty clear:
      1) He’s a political Liberal and fears Obama may be exposed by his (in)actions.
      2) He’s an overpaid bureaucrat (government-type, more than likely, but a bureaucrat in mindset without doubt).
      3) He is not genteel, thus likely has never been in the military. Furthermore, he disdains gentility.
      4) He believes that because he is “educated” he is, therefore, superior (though probably still isn’t smart enough to realize that although anyone can “buy” an education, wisdom [which he clearly lacks] comes at a much higher price — a price he can’t pay because he doesn’t understand the nature of the currency well enough to acquire it).
      5) He is a bully.
      6) He is very likely working (?) on this — and other — blog(s) for the Obama re-election campaign. If not officially, then freely, because of the ax(es) he is grinding (slavishly).
      7) Since he has chosen to name-call — and called a good soul here “a moron,” he will hear himself name-called: You are a(n) _________. (Reader: fill-in the blank at your pleasure.)

      And Malcolm — Gee! If you don’t understand why these men are heroes — and you have both stated and demonstrated that you don’t — then there is little which can be said to make you understand. A cold fish is a cold fish. On the other hand, a man who is willing “to lay down his life for a friend” is truly a human being — but one who through this ultimate gift to another, actully transcends his own humanity. It’s unfortunate that you don’t “get” that. But you have said of yourself that you are a “man” who would “throw a few extra bucks at the adrenaline-laden pawns to do the heavy lifting and I take the credit”. So — could you see that these men are indeed heroes? No. Not on any level could you grasp that. It is completely out of your reach — far beyond any capacity you have or believe you have. Clearly, there is much regarding a life which is truly and fully lived that you wouldn’t understand and couldn’t appreciate.

      Be sure to run the spell- and grammar-checkers on my response. You will need to prove your value here on this blog — again.

      If you ever want to join us in Truth, we’ll be waiting.

    • KenR says:

      This is really late but I hope it gets through. Malcolm, your logis is self centered and exactly what is wrong with some segments off our society. These American men of honor were in a foreign land and in close proximity to our foreign diplomats who were in danger. They recognized the situation and did the honorable thing, they tried to save as many American or friendly lives as possible. They did not stand idly by and watch a horrific event unfold. they took action, the honorable thing to do.
      Something I think eludes you, honor. As displayed by your rhetoric here. Just think if someday you you are in a situation where you need help. Should those able to help just stand by and let you fend for yourself? The honorable among them will not, I wonder where you would stand in a similar situation of the roles were reversed.
      20 lives may have bheen savfed as a result of their actions. Something you will never be accused of.

  31. Malcolm Gee says:

    Harold…Yet another brilliant American showing his intelligence…I hope your shopping trip to Wal Mart treats you well…
    I happen to shop at Walmart. I truly hope Harold doesn’t.–Admin

  32. Malcolm Gee says:

    One final request…
    Can you please tell me if the two ex SEALS were guarding Ambassador Stevens or not, because at 6:57pm you said they were “defending an US Ambassador” (yes, a grammatical error), yet at 7:29pm you stated “they were also, not involved with the security detail of the Ambassador”.
    I know I make people nervous, but take a deep breath…you are speaking with adults who like to deal in facts.

    • boricuafudd says:

      Mr. Gee, as someone who is obviouly far more intelligent and superior to this humble, I fail to see how, being involved with the security detail, and defending the Ambassador are not possible or intelligible for you to understand.
      As for making me nervous, never fear, there is only one person that could make me nervous and that was my great-grandmother, because of the respect and admiration that I had for her, you on the other hand, I feel nothing. My apologies is that hurts your feelings, but I am also an adult that deals in facts.

    • KB says:

      Mr. Gee,

      I don’t know you or anything about you but, I have never seen anyone who has drunk as much kool-aid as you have.

      Those of us who are the “adrenaline-laden pawns” take offense to your thoughts that we are just mindless zombies out there to do your bidding. We are the ones who do what we believe is right for the Country and at times for the world. We do this often without regard to our personal safety and in most cases when we are greatly outnumbered, but we do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

      Apparently you have no concept of what it’s like to be this way and therefore cannot truly understand what it takes to put your life up for someone elses no matter whether some bureaucrat or one of their pundants would criticize your actions later as to wehther you were doing the job you were hired to do or not.

      You’re obviously someone who has never thought of anyone but yourself, except to throw a few dollars to some organization to have them do your bidding. You remind me of the French royalty back in the days of their revolution that said to the starving massess let them eat cake and then threw rotten food instead of helping them solve the issue of having the proper food. And just to clarify, I’m using this metaphor just to demonstrate how you think. And that it’s apparent that you think you are above all the rest of us, which is why you would never consider laying down your life for anothers.

      God bless the men who have been doing these types of brave acts since 9/11 and before!

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  34. ExSoldier says:

    From this group of bozos ummm I mean this Administration, the disrespect shown to the entire spec-ops community it’s just another business day. I just finished read a book on the bin laden raid by former SEAL Chuck Pfaarer and tells it like it IS and was. The behavior of the POTUS and V-POTUS following the death of OBL has been nothing short of obscene.

  35. Cheif Standing Bear says:

    This is just another outrage that the American people will be angry about but do nothing about. Have the people of this country lost their backbone and turned their backs on LIES and just gave up their pride in their self and their country? What ever happened to (A Country of the People, For the People and By the People). Have we Just given up. What are we willing to give up to get back our PRIDE in our self and in our country. ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION

    • Diamondback says:

      Here, here Chief! We’ve become the “land of the INCARCERATED AND CONTROLLED” and the “home of the couch potatoes.”

  36. Dsquared says:

    I am crying right now reading this. One, because of the way these brave men are being treated in death (by this administration) and Two, because I am so proud to live in a country that produces such selfless and brave men. I am sorry they are gone, but they went out the way they probably would have want to…fighting for what they believe in. That is just awe inspiring. RIP and Thank you.

  37. Norm Winne says:

    My problem is this… when (like; each time) these people break the law, including Constitutional law… how in hell do we arrest them and prosecute them? If we can’t do that, then we should hold all our rebleious energy for Nov. 6th, and even after that if we loose!!!

    • Constitutional officers are the last hope. Unfortunately they too are at risk. This is where the “electorate” have a responsibility under a constitutional republic to demand lawful following of constitutional requirements. Elections have consequences and I do believe the broad American electorate have woken up to that understanding…

      …. I hope.

      • Sharon says:

        So do I.

        If the electorate has indeed awakened, maybe the results of this election will kick a bit of a chill into the guts of the supposed “under-oath-to-protect-the-Constitution” weaklings that are holding office right now.

  38. CURTIS POSEY says:

    Obama put all this aside and hauled ass to Las Vegas,
    I guess he felt the trip was more important than this “‘BUMP IN THE ROAD”
    If Americans do not wake up SOON, we will all find our selves under full muslim control.
    We can not stand another four years of his muslim bull$H*T

  39. Brian says:

    What can Americans expect when they elected a fraud.

    Elections do have consequences!

    • ctdar says:

      I hope people have learned from their mistake and correct it on Nov 6

      • Diamondback says:

        Unfortunately, too many Americans refuse to even consider Obamao a fraud. They’re too lazy and apathetic to even read his books or listen to his own words from the past. That’s all it takes to know the truth.

        Just sayin’

  40. jetskier says:

    You are forgetting one thing…..the US embassy/consulate is considering US territory. They were in essence defending the US against an invasion. Had they not responded, there would have been greater loss of US lives.

  41. Malcolm Gee says:

    Citizen X,
    Good to know I am in your head…the fact that you took 46 minutes to write your response speaks volumes…
    Save the “Hero Label” for guys like Pat Tillman…he was active duty and was killed by his own guys (after an embarrassing cover up)…he left fame and fortune to serve his country. Dougherty and Woods did just the opposite…writing books and bad mouthing the very people who gave them their training.
    Strange however, at the end of the day, THEY ARE ALL JUST MARTYRS for the cause…Just like you!

    Mr. Gee, this is Sundance the author, and one of the site admins. Unfortunately, for whatever agenda driven reason you might carry, you are doing exactly what the mother of Ty Woods has begged not to happen. You are politicizing their death.

    Whether you agree with the principles that guided them into the circumstance they responded to or not, their response should not be diminished by agenda driven political filtering. Quite simply they had a choice, they could have done nothing, or, they could have tried to help. THAT sir is the substance of this thread.

    At a time of immediate consequence, given tremendous risk to themselves and ultimately their lives, they choose to help others, and in so doing they were able to save the lives of 20+ people while giving their own.

    That is courage. That is bravery. That action is what distinguishes their honor.

    Your politicization sullies the spotlight of that honor.

    Please Stop.

    Thank you.


  42. Malcolm Gee says:

    Wow Sundance, then it sounds like the bad guys win…as a “writer”‘ I would think you believe in the concept of free speech…

    “Author and Site Administrator”? Nice “titles”‘ Way to capitalize on the death of these two…be proud of yourself.
    As I tell my staff, if you you ask for comments to your ideas, be “big” enough to hear the truth…if you can’t handle the truth, then shut down the site and stop trying to make a buck on the back of your self proclaimed patriots…your an embarrassment to Capitalism.

    I am shocked that you think “I” am politicizing this sad event…read your story and the Romney-youth comments, this is the worst case of “educated guessing and jumping to conclusions” since educated guessing and jumping to conclusions were invented. My posts are probably the least political in this irrelevant string.

    Lastly, As a Conservative Writer, whatever you do, NEVER LET THE FACTS get in the way of a good story….someone’s mom may be watching! Let’s just hope it’s not Pat Tillman’s.

    Thanks for threatening to censor me McCarthy!

    • stellap says:

      He didn’t delete your comment – he simply responded to it. You have very thin skin, I think. He is the site administrator and author, and you are taking a dump in his living room. Doesn’t he have a right to tell you what he thinks?

      P.S.: Free speech applies to the right of the citizen to speak without being muzzled by the government. It has absolutely nothing to do with what is published on a private blog. The site administrator can disallow any comment at any time. That’s the way it works on every blog.

      • I do not believe Mr. Gee fully comprehends the concept of “free speech” Stella. Nor does he appear to carry the comprehension of manners. Gee is a typical progressive who demand they can walk into your house, defacte on your floor with their pontifications, and you must tolerate their behavior under the guise of “free speech”. NOT.

        Goodbye Mr. Gee. You are considered an annoying gnat.

    • KenR says:

      Methinks thou dost protesteth too much! Malcolm, you are exposed, actually you exposed yourself. Truth, honor, and a higher calling elude you. Too bad, And by the way, I’ll take capitalism and freedom over socialism and tyranny any day. And all socialism requires a tyrannical government to allow the abject taking of one’s property “for the good of all”! Right!
      As for free speech, you have no right to demand someone provide a venue for your free speech on their medium. Get your own medium and state your case,
      OH, that right, no one would bother to even look at your site except your ilk, and they waould all be in lockstep with you, SHEEPLE!

    • f blume says:

      Mr. Gee — I suppose those 2 warriors should have called you up first to get an Okey-Dokey before doing what needed to be done. Having read (and parsed) your blovation, I find it to be 99.44% pure, solid, digestive end product of the male bovine animal and that you are speaking from your anal orifice and, as such, I refuse to treat your thoughts in any other fashion. Heaping scorn on falshoods is a goodness that leads to enlightenment, even if it is painful. Didn’t your Daddy ever spank your butt when you did wrong?

  43. edouard says:

    Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. POTUS acknowledged the bravery of the 2 former SEALS. May they rest in peace knowing they stood up when the situation demanded. God Bless USA. My only problem is the politicization of these events for a purpose. Quiet Professionals are just what they are supposed to be. They do the job and the many put out everything except the kitchen sink while knowing the enemies, both foreign and domestic are just waiting for the right moment. Let us make sure 9/11 never happens again. Semper Fi!

  44. I could comment, but I am too infuriated. Putting a political bent on this is not a vilification, its a matter of fact. Putting the onus on the anus.
    Wake up America!
    Bravo Zulu.
    Semper Fidelis,
    Col. B

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  46. kemoniso says:

    Reblogged this on Constitutional Free America and commented:
    Thank you for honoring them and telling their true story.

  47. I am an American Fightingman, retired, I Salute the Young Hero’s and their willingness to fill the Breach God Bless you and your Families!

  48. Semper Fi Guy says:

    I am amazed that this administration gets away with everything ithas been involved with. The Muslimification of this country is coming and the piped piper is “you-know-who”.

  49. Right on Marine! Semper Fidelis.

  50. Aviator_Guy says:

    The Administration has mislead us into believing these men were part of the Ambassador’s Security Detail… These men were Hero’s and Deserve the Truth.

  51. jimharben says:

    We are in our second “Revolutionary War” in our beloved country.There is no doubt about it. The enemy has saturated our society. Hard times are coming.

  52. Wayne Hubbs says:

    The morons that run our country, do not scare me as much as the morons that vote them in, and continually, year after year. we are in charge of term limits, if we would only vote them out.

  53. Sargint Rock says:

    Their selfless act of valor ranks with the exploits of Gordon and Shugart! De Oppresso Liber!

  54. jose castaneda says:

    I want to be a navy seal

  55. BillSaidIt says:

    Vote – Least that right be taken away – Pray for the previous – Defend your right to say this – Honor that you were able to read this

  56. patricia Wolff says:

    Just a simple Thank You, Seals!

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  59. These guys are “Quiet Professionals” doing a nasty, dangerous job that most people don’t want to know about. They were tracking down rogue arms and munitions before they can be used against civilians. The fact that two SEALs took the fight to the enemy and held off 200 terrorists is an incredible act of valor. This is the Best of America.

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  61. Larry Tacker says:

    There may be a lot of “fabrications” in this story, and this is certainly one of them: “Both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were under no obligation to assist, protect or defend Stevens.”

    A civilian, and a cowardly one at that, might have considered “bugging out,” as you say, but any military man worth his salt would never consider that. As a former Ranger, I can assure that a SEAL, or any soldier for that matter, feels an obligation to protect those around them, especially those that aren’t in a position to protect themselves.

    Maybe you’re technically correct that Woods and Doherty weren’t under some sort of legal obligation to “run into the breach,” but they took oaths as soldiers and had a deep moral obligation to do just that. Shame on you for implying that they would or could have even though otherwise.

    • stellap says:

      The author has profound respect for these two men. I think the word “shame” in your criticism is over the top. The article is clear – “Yes, they were both former Navy Seals, but neither Tyrone nor Glen were part of the Ambassadors official security detail.”. The word “obligated” was used to emphasize that point, the truth of which had been blurred by the President in his weekly address.

    • WeeWeed says:

      What Stellap said, Larry – we all know that these men are heros and love them for it.

    • Sargint Rock says:


    • phoenix says:

      Point taken Larry,

      But as former operator from the other side of the Atlantic, I see that politicians have abused our brothers to play on our conscience. For the staff as normal citizens I still will intervene as I am conditioned to do so. But for employees with a high political degree I tend to leave them and let them fend for themselves. They after all created the problem.

    • JFM says:

      I think the author meant they were under no _legal_ obligation to do anything. They faced no penalty be it from their employer or from the judicial system. In this aspcet they were totally free. Only their conscience and sense of duty compelled them to give thir lives.

  62. Danielle says:

    Thank you for continuing to shed light and not let anyone forget who is out there defending, protecting and selflessly doing a job that most can’t or won’t do.

    And, thank you B.W. from the bottom of my heart for your candor, being so open and sharing your experience in celebrating Glens life.

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”

    He had a great ride and even took a few passengers along the way.

    Glen, you are celebrated every day. Life is lived with more intention than ever before.

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  65. Allen Christian says:

    CHOPPER PILOT to the 2 ASSHOLES who claim freedom of speech to embarrass and humiliate the SEALS and their families is a disgrace !! The US Embassy in any country is still US Territory !
    It is obvious these 2 Assholes are extreme liberal, left wing socialist leaning democraps. Thanks to the Authors & Admins. on this site you have exposed two maggots who should have blogged on Obama’s web site. I am a Korean Vet and proud to have served my country and thank God for our Military men and women who still willing to make the supreme sacrifice to protect America and her citizens. I am Proud of Glen and Tyrone and would have been honored to have known and their families !! God Bless America and remember to vote Nov 6, 2012, Glen and Tyrone will appreciate
    that and America too…………

  66. MamaBearJune says:

    This is making its way through email to many, many veterans. I served in the AF 6 years, married to a retired MSgt of the AF. I’ve been livid about this situation being buried and continue to bring it up on my FB page and will continue to do so until these families have an answer for this administration abandoning these heroes and patriots and refusing requests for more security for so many weeks and then LYING about it. And the fact that they decided to take NO ACTION when they heard of the attack and COULD have sent in the Marines has me practically foaming at the mouth. We will continue to honor these brave men and WE WILL REMEMBER. I’ll be following Congressman Issa’s activities as he looks into it and Secretary Clinton’s responses. God bless.

    • Chessnut says:

      “Looks into it?” They’re not going to do a F@@$ing thing about it. When are good people such as our veterans going to get in the Acton and oust these morons from their political seats? I don’t have the cash flow yet, but someone needs to stand up. You think Mormons didn’t sell their children out before they found Jesus? polygamy is any better? In breeding?

  67. DougM says:

    As I type this, I am lying in bed with my 11yo son snuggled against me. I will sleep well tonight because SEALs like these guys are out all over the world protecting others, gathering intel, dealing with bad guys and in general making the world safer for Americans. The popular media, liberals, and others of this ilk do their best to prevent that state of affairs being taught and generally known by Americans. Thank you first to all you guys who stand at the pointed tip of the spear for us. Thank you to your fallen brethren’s families. And thank you for getting the word out on this.

    Good speed to all.


  68. KB says:

    Please remember that the best way we can honor the bravery of all our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen is to vote on 6 Nov. We’re a Country that has one of the greatest honors in the world and that is the freedom to change our Government every 4 years with minor adjustments every 2 years if we don’t think things are going the way they should.

    We have the ability to have a peaceful revolution through the vote and as several of the previous bloggers stated and eluded to, we are still a Country of the people by the people and for the people! So let’s stand up and take our Country back. Tell your freinds and family to get out and vote. Don’t buy into the liberal media and think the current administartion has this in the bag and keep voting no matter what the polls say on election day. Remember the left will do everything they can to steal this election and since they no longer have any honor or sense of right or wrong everything is on the table to include lying, cheating and even intimidation as we saw in the last election but the DOJ refused to prosecute.

    So honor the wounded, the fallen and their families and execute your freedoms and rights that were earned, not just given to us in this Country and get out there and vote and speak your mind! Remember someone had to fight for these rights.

    Don’t let the liberals and the media shut you down, let your voice be heard and let freedom ring again!

    God bless America and her people!

  69. Master Chief says:

    These guys gave their lives so their Government could lie about what really happened… BRAVO ZULU to them!!!!!!!!! Shame on our Government.

  70. Marine101 says:

    Rest in peace my brothers. Well done.

  71. Greg Doherty says:

    Thank you for publicizing the heroism of my brother Glen and his friend Ty. The widespread gratitude for them giving their lives to save others really does honor that ultimate gift.

    I think that your setting this in the context of what you perceive as lies from our President is inappropriate. As you say when not getting political with this, this isn’t about politics.

    And in fact, you may be wrong. On a number of occasions, Glen’s official role overseas was in providing security for diplomats. His last hours were certainly part of a coordinated effort, not a rogue response with a buddy, to provide security for diplomats in Libya. The response that Glen and Ty led was spur-of-the moment but well-communicated and not impulsive. Note that the over 20 people Glen and Ty rescued from the consulate survived: they were protected after Glen and Ty fell by more team members rushing in to help. This role of protecting diplomatic personnel was not mutually exclusive with Glen and Ty’s other duties in the country, such as seeking out and destroying unaccounted for anti-aircraft weapons. President Obama never said Glen or Ty were Ambassador Stevens’ personal security. So you incorrectly characterize the President’s statement that they provided security for diplomats as a “fabrication.”

    Let’s all stay on the same team on this one, shall we? Terrorists killed my brother and others. They are the enemy. Respect to all the heroes who do real deeds. Leave it at that.

    • Utah Pow Rider says:

      Well said Greg,
      The words you have written about your brother and the eulogy you gave him at his funeral were beautiful. I find it sad that the politically influenced author of the story now tells people who may not agree with him to not politicize this story.

      • OK, well now I have to take exception. There is NOTHING factually wrong in the post above. Secondly, the “fabrications” were intentionally “implied” by the President and the specific comments were called out by US intelligence officials, I am merely affirming my belief that the intelligence officials were right to step forward and correct the record.

        You say:

        ….”President Obama never said Glen or Ty were Ambassador Stevens’ personal security”…..

        NO, he “implied” it, and he did so very intentionally, as I have outlined:

        ….” Glen and Tyrone had each served America as Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats in Libya”….

        The implication was not only noted by me, but it was so concerning to the intelligence community that they came forward to the media to specifically correct the record.

        [...] they feared the Obama administration’s scant description of the episode left a misimpression that the two ex-Navy SEALs might have been responsible for the ambassador’s personal safety or become separated from him.

        “Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,”

        These are facts, to refute the statements is to be intellectually dishonest. THAT is politicizing the story. Not me.

    • Sharon says:

      Terrorists killed my brother and others. They are the enemy. Respect to all the heroes who do real deeds. Leave it at that.

      It’s not my business to address your concern about Sundance’s context for this post, but I have my own question rising from your objection.

      When American heroes are defending themselves and others from terrorist attacks, and those Americans die as a result of those actions, may we not discuss issues we have with the reporting of those events by government or media?

      Does freedom of speech end with heroes’ deaths?

  72. Greg Doherty says:

    Sharon, it’s not exactly running into the breach, but discuss away. This was me chiming into the discussion with the thought that, first, thanks are in order for honoring Glen and Ty’s jaw-dropping (to me at least) heroism in crunch time. But second, to best honor the dead, try not to run in the wrong direction waving their names around. Sundancecracker should have separated his two points–that Glen and Ty are heroes, and that Sundancecracker thinks the Obama Administration lied in communicating their deaths, and that that’s what’s important here–into two posts.

    As to his second point (how I wish this were a whole different post!), I believe that citizens should hold their leaders to the highest standards of honesty and accountability. But as the brother of one of the men being discussed, I have felt throughout that the biggest facts in the case were obvious from the get-go. Glen and Ty are dead. They were murdered while protecting American diplomats in Libya against a brutal attack. Libyan democracy is in a fragile infancy. Libyan security is insecure. Everyday Libyans seem horrified by and apologetic for and at least somewhat motivated in a constructive way by the attacks. Mid-eastern/North African (and why stop there?) peace is uneasy at best, genocidal at worst. Good people all over that region are in danger from armed bullies. These thugs are telling the kind of lies about America, such as that we are at war against all Muslims, that cost real lives. The kind of seeming misinformation that Sundancecracker is railing about has cost us merely some time and thoughtfulness to sift through. You want to play the game of pretending our confusion as our leaders shared what happened is what really matters? I’m more concerned with: man, this world is troubled. How can we help? How can we too rush into the breach, without getting underfoot?

    • You might note the introductory paragraph: Will the real life story of incredible bravery, and the extreme courage of warriors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods be lost just because of Machiavellian politics ?

      Unfortunately, because of the specific actions of President Obama and Secretary Clinton the obfuscation of Woods and Doherty’s actions are theirs, not mine. The establishment of the Obama/Clinton narrative, fraught with intentional dishonesty, is what blurs the lines of this story, not my telling of it.

      • Greg Doherty says:

        I note and appreciate a concern that their real life story be told, not lost. I note that you blame politics for its mistelling–that you are dismayed that someone’s political message could get the big picture meaning of it plain wrong. Looks like we share that concern, too.

    • John Galt says:

      “Libyan democracy is in a fragile infancy.”

      Islamist state with sharia law run by Muslim Brotherhood. Let freedom ring, lol.

  73. Utah Pow Rider says:

    To start with you wrote:
    “Between the initial firefight at the Main Consulate, and at the annex building, for over two hours they were able to fight back against approximately 200 al-Qaeda terrorists, who pre-planned and coordinated the attack to occur in two stages.” At this point this is pure speculation on your part. I have seen some evidence that the second wave of attacks was spontaneous.

    Also I do believe that it is important for people to know what went down and the heroic actions of Glen and Ty but to slant the story in a political way to get the conservative base on this site fired up is a disservice to Glen and Ty. As a friend of Glen’s I can tell you that he knew what he signed up for and was proud of his work and if the consequence of his death meant the President of the US could not fully explain the reasons that was there and died that Glen would be ok with that.

    You must know that Glen and Ty were private citizens working for a security company most likely hired by the CIA to try and destroy arms in Libya. Most people would agree that this was a noble undertaking. But for very obvious reasons the US could not send in active military for this job. And if the US tried to get them in the country under these circumstances they would never be allowed to step foot in the country. So they entered Libya as diplomatic security. ( which by the way they were performing at the time ) So to avoid a diplomatic mess the President can not come out and say the true reason for there presence in Libya. This is why he had to say they were there as diplomatic security. Like it or not this is the way things work in this country under both Democrats and Republicans.

    • ctdar says:

      ” So to avoid a diplomatic mess the President can not come out and say the true reason for there presence in Libya. This is why he had to say they were there as diplomatic security. Like it or not this is the way things work in this country under both Democrats and Republicans.”

      Then why did other Seals come out and say different so quickly? Why not accept the situation outcome as Obamas & Clinton’s word as is? Why did they break protocol? Must be more to it.

    • The “two stage attack” not unfounded speculation on my part. It has been reported by Fran Townsend and confirmed by both Libyan and U.S. intelligence officials that the Mortar fire was held only for the Annex building. Mortar fire specifically implies pre-planning because fire patterns require advanced sighting and distancing measurements. No mortar rounds landed outside the Annex area.

      Secondly, while it is prudent to say President Obama did not, or could not, state the official capacity of Woods and Doherty’s objectives. However, neither did he need to manipulate the narrative to “imply” they were part of the Ambassador’s security detail.

      He could have just recognized their heroism without attaching a reasoning for it. This is NOT unintentional. He intended to imply that more security was protecting the Dead Ambassador Stevens than actually existed. This is an intellectually honest analysis, factually supported by the leadership within the intelligence community who took exception with the Presidents implication. (all citations in post above).

      No-one is slanting this story. The truth has no agenda, the administration does; as is clearly evidenced, cited and examples given. You cannot honestly refute the truth with anything except falsehoods. The establishment of the Obama/Clinton narrative, fraught with intentional dishonesty, is what blurs the lines of this story, not my telling of it.

      • Utah Pow Rider says:

        So if Bush was still president would this story be written the same way? One only needs to search your site or just read your url name to know your agenda. You can try and spin it but you are not fooling anyone.

        • Oh hell yeah, if Bush’s behavior was the same as Obama in this instance, it would be written EXACTLY the same way. Only an entrenched ideologue would not be able to see the flawed behavior of an unprincipled President….

          Brilliant ! I see you are tacking the exact way progressives trend when unable to escape their own intellectual incapacity – you result to personal disparagements. Typical Prog.

          There is only one person fooling around here… and it ain’t me. Your slip is showing. ;)

          • WeeWeed says:

            Ain’t it, though?

          • Utah Pow Rider says:

            So show me one negative Bush story on this site as i can’t seem to find one. By the way I am not a fan or member of either of the two incompetent party’s that run the country. So really I am able to look at things in a completely unbiased way unlike yourself.

            And my “slip is showing” nice sexist remark a true sign of a real intellectual.

            But the most disturbing thing you have said is your reply to Greg who came on here and wrote a respectful reply to this story about his brother and you come back with:
            “Lemme guess. Greg is a 1/2 brother by marriage. Greg is an ideological (Obama supporter) progressive by geographic confluence and family upbringing. Greg and his brother were divergent in their belief systems and really did not associate much. Just a guess. A random possibility….”

            I hope you never have to read something this hateful and disgusting after one of your relatives dies. Now everyone can see what type of person you really are.

            • Typical obfuscation. Focus on the messenger right Utah? Again, you leave not a scintilla of substance.

              Yeah, based on commentary that ideological impression of Greg was my guess…. and voilà was not far off. California School teacher, Cartoonist, Screenwriter… Huh? – a liberally minded fellow – funny that, but not too difficult to spot.

              Regarding Bush, if his “behavior” had been the same, the same criticism would be applied. I am not a fan of George W Bush, but I doubt he would personally, and intentionally, hoist a false statement to provide himself cover for his shortcomings.

              On the other hand you, along with those of similar mindset, fail to be able to reconcile a similar intellectually honest appraisal of Chicago Jesus. Again I refer to the substance of the post. The substance you avoid with your distractive personal disparagements.

      • Case in point: DoD Col Woods had enough of the BS, steps forward, becomes the whistleblower and outs the Administration and State Dept as the cause:

        • Sharon says:

          I have no idea how a man of his caliber and knowledge manages to keep saying what he has to say calmly and clearly–obviously he exercises familiar discipline of a very high order. May his tribe increase. And quickly.

  74. boricuafudd says:

    Greg, what your brother did was heroic and apolitical. The administration on the other hand, has been political, about what happened, about the circumstances of your brother death and about what caused it. Excusing it as fog of war, or that democracy is fragile in Libya, hence any mistakes, whether intentional or not are excusable is naive at best. I agree with you that there are people, not just in Libya, but throughout the Middle East, who are good and who look upon things like this in horror. I have met some, and to some degree wish we could do more to help them.

    You say; ” I’m more concerned with: man, this world is troubled. How can we help? How can we too rush into the breach, without getting underfoot?” well it starts by being honest, not pretend that things are better than they are. Accept, that to a large group in that area, we are the enemy, no amount of goodwill on our part, will change that. We are the anti-thesis of them, they are extremely religious, we are not, their religion dictates their lives, our religions free us, they look out for the tribe, we are more individualistic.

    There are reasons why the Middle East and the West have clashed for hundreds of years, our leaders need to know that, and be held accountable for actions. Good intentions alone, are no reason to give them a pass, or we will have many other people like your brother, Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, coming home in flag drape coffins. It not just that the Administration tried to use your brother as cover, is that they did this for political cover, endangering other people, that is important. BTW, has the government given you and detailed accounting of what happen?

    • Lemme guess. Greg is a 1/2 brother by marriage. Greg is an ideological (Obama supporter) progressive by geographic confluence and family upbringing. Greg and his brother were divergent in their belief systems and really did not associate much. Just a guess. A random possibility…..

    • Greg Doherty says:

      I appreciate that you are directing this conversation towards concerns of substance, boricuafudd (and that your name makes me smile)–namely, what can be done in the Middle East? I do accept that we have a substantial force of unconvertable-through-goodwill enemies in the region. So then it’s war with them. How to fight it? Where? Who is NOT the enemy and how do we best work with them? Who, if anyone, is on the fence about how to deal with us, and how to work with them? How do we support the systems and security that empower good citizens and weed out terrorists? These are the questions that I am interested in as part of my sense of honoring my brother’s sacrifice. I’m not giving anyone a pass, I’m just trying to keep my eyes on the ball.

      • boricuafudd says:

        The first thing you do is protect our boys and girls out there in the line of fire, we don’t assume that they are safe, because we feel we helped them, and they owe us. We need to re-evaluate what our goals are in the region, not what the goals of the UN, Nato or any other country, but what are our goals, and make strong commitment to them. Half measures do not work there. Democracy as we understanded, may never work in that region, for various reasons, is time we understood that. The only times of peace between our cultures have been when they have had a strong leader. Yes, that includes current crop of dictators, but they have been able to keep the terrorist under control, when it suited them, of course. Its time to stop the hypocrisy, when the local leaders torment the populace, we cry foul, but if the same or worse is done under the guise of religion we look the other way. Either we are against both or not at all. Resolving that will go a long way in normalizing relationships in the area. Most important of all is that all change most come from within, this is an area where we fail the most. The political decisions, deciding who is a winner or a loser are what people in the region resent the most, not to mention our inability to choose correctly, or do so with no thought of the long range effect. One final thought, we need to come to terms with their religion, everything flows from there. In America, we dismiss religion, in the Middle East they live their religion, because of this we underestimate how much it is a driving force for what happens in the ME. It is used and abused by the leaders to incite, keep and control the population. It is popular refrain from politicians that we are not at war with Islam, I believe that to be true, the thing is Islam is at war with us, and has been for centuries. Our culture clashes with Islam, the differences were not as evident in the past, but it has become more evident in time. This is not just my assessment but that of many in the ME, as well. The most secular of Muslim countries does not offer the basic protections that we take for granted. The world has change after the end of the Cold War and with it things that were hidden in plain sight and these issues are now more evident. Islam became resurgent in the ME, and now we have to learn how to deal with that. It won’t be easy, the answers are not clear cut, but if history taught us something is that when dealing with Islam, appeasement does not work, President Jefferson read the Koran, and came to this determination. I am not advocating invading, bombing or attacking other Muslim countries, what I am saying is that we need to protect our people who are there, when dealing with those countries we deal from a position of strength, and personally I would prefer for us leave the area. When, muslims are willing to engage let them come to us.

    • Col. Don B says:

      Keep your eyes on the ball.

  75. John Markham, CTCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    Thank you for the story. I watched some of the BUD/S training at Coronado when i was stationed there. Those guys are amazing.

    To keep things straight, the photograph of the casket with the Tridents is from several years ago, possibly the casket of Petty Officer Michael Monsoor or Petty Officer James Suh, both SEALs who died in defense of the United States several years ago.

  76. KB says:

    I agree with your basic thoughts but would like to add some thoughts, we have to remember these Countries have been this way for centuries as you said, the point your missing is most of them like it that way. Our problem in this Country is that we think we have to change all of that for their benefit. Also as you said, these changes have to come from inside their Countries and must be led by people with the same mindset that we have before we run off and help them. The problem is the terroist organizations over there have figured out that if they start an uprising against a Country run by a dictator that we’ll run in and help them over throw that Government and they’ll be put in charge via democratic elections which they’ll try and control (I give you Egypt). Inevitably that ends up making them a bigger threat to us, the world and our way of life than with the dictator that was in charge. As bad as some of these dictators are, most of them do not pose a threat to us but only to the people in their own Countries. Again we must always evaluate that before we go rushing in and try to help. As bad and uncaring as all that sounds it’s what we must do in the future, otherwise we’ll end up at war in those Countries forever and in the meantime we’ll destroy our own Country and way of life as we cannot afford either emotionally, or monetarily to continue on this way.

    • Greg Doherty says:

      Boricuafudd and KB,
      Sounds like you both agree we need to get straight what our goals are in the region, and from there decide when to get involved with help or in pursuit of our interests, and when to wait situations out. And that our relationship with Islam itself, or at least with Muslims as such, is key. I think this is a great place to start. What do you think our goals should be? What are the criteria for getting involved with help? What are the risks we should take in pursuit of what interests? In what way can Islam and our secularism/freedom of religion coexist? Where are the lines, and who draws and maintains them, between sharia law, a government the locals want, and human rights assurances? All these questions seem difficult and important to me.

      • boricuafudd says:

        Part of the problem in the ME is who are we are getting our information from. We talk to academicians from the area, a great deal of them educated in the west and use them as sources. Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Institute is an example, western educated and when he does his analysis, he can’t help but to look at things with an American point of view. Is not that his analysis is all wrong, but his left leaning american influence is evident. For example, when dealing with the ME his solution for the Arab Spring countries is basically to bribe them. He proposes a fund, in addition to any existing aid, that will be given to those countries that meet certain benchmarks to become more westernized. On the surface that sounds like a good idea, but if you look at more deeply, you realize that, it does not penalize lack of progress, it does not guaranty that any extra assistance will help the populace and it completely ignores the question of whether this is possible. You see he starts from the point of view that our democracy is the way to go, and works from there.

        I’ll give you another example, about a year ago I was watching an interview of a young Egyptian lady, who had written a book about female circumcision in Egypt. This is around the time of the overthrow of Murbarak in Egypt, now this lady had left Egypt as a young girl and was raised and educated in the UK, but had been circumcised while in London, by a doctor brought over from Egypt by her mother. She was being interviewed and the station had managed to patch her inspirational mentor, a leading female director from the Cairo University by satellite. She was overjoyed to be able to be able to talk to the lady, until she basically said that she agreed with the procedure if it was done in a setting where the girl could be taken care of properly. The author was sort of dismayed because to her the Arab Spring and the liberation of Egypt would put an end to this type of abuse, and while she did not articulate it, she could not understand how a women who had risen in Egypt to direct a department in the University of Cairo, and had the procedure done to her, could actually support such actions, in the name of religion. See, the author was Westernized and because of it lost sight, that in that region female circumcision would be acceptable.

        This is what I am referring to, both of them have insight in the Region, and that insight is valuable, but the western tinge in their thinking, can make some of their insights loss their value, as those blinders color their thinking.

    • boricuafudd says:

      Thanks KB, that is exactly what I was trying to say, our way of governing does not work with everyone, it is time to accept that. Their people must make the change internally, for it to be lasting and stable. Our style of government may not be suited for them, so let’s stop pretending that it is.

  77. Tim Grant says:

    Where are the applications for the Congressional Medal of Honor? If two guys ever deserved it, these two do. I have no idea how it is done, but if someone knows who to call and pester until they are awarded the CMH, i will call every day until it happens.

    Gentlemen, thank you for your service you will not be forgotten.

    • Col. Don B says:

      Tim, There is no such thing as an application for the Medal of Honor. It all starts with the Commanding Officer of the unit to which the candidate is assigned.

  78. KB says:

    Exactly, that’s why it’s so frustrating when we stick our nose into those Countires business and don’t get the results we think we should. It seems we can’t get it in our heads that we can’t change everyones mindset and get them to think the way we do.

    We have to remember these people have been doing things the way they are for centuries and most of them seem to like it that way. Some of that may be from fear or religious beliefs but it is what it is and may not be something we can change. The best we may be able to hope for is peace in the region and not democracy or our way of life. As for defending our way of life, it may be that we just say, we won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother us or our allies. That may be the only way we can all get along. While it sounds like a sad set of circumstances it may be the reality for that region.

  79. KB says:

    Agree completely! We’ve got to learn that the people over there do not think the same way we do. Their thinking is very much controlled by their religious teachings and beliefs. No amount of money is going to change that. The best we may be ale to hope for in that region is peace and not democracy or our way of life.

    The only thing we may able to do, is tell them we’ll leave you alone to live the way you want to live if you leave us and our allies alone. However, we must also be ready to strike, and I mean hard and without mercy if they don’t abide by this agreement.

    As history shows it’s the only thing they understand and respect. This also means that once the fighting is finished we pull out. I know that sounds harsh, and we’ll be leaving their world in poor conditions but I truly believe it’s the only way we can send the proper message. Which should be if you mess with us you will truly regret it! Instead of the message we currently have, which is if you go to war with us we’ll rebuild your Country to a better standard then what you’ve ever had and it won’t cost you a dime and oh by the way you can kill our people that are there trying to help you, burn our flag and spit on us.

    Sometimes reality sucks but it is what it is.

    • boricuafudd says:

      As you said KB, we will leave alone, as long you don’t attack us or our allies, but more importantly, we have to strike fast and hard if that line is crossed. A time may come when the region, will be more willing to join the rest of world, until then our role needs to limited.

  80. Ken the Patriot says:

    Obama had no prior knowledge that Stevens was going to be attacked. If he had, he would have done something about it.
    Quit telling lies about Obama…you’re making yourselves look like idiots.

  81. KB says:

    Agree completely!!!!

    Col B.,
    Also agree and they just keep going on and on. So now you have to ask yourself if they’ll lie about an attack on an Embassy, what else will they lie about? Maybe there is another reason they want the information for Fast and Furious to be hidden under the Executive Privilege rules. Maybe Romney’s claims on his positions aren’t lies, maybe Romney is telling the truth and Obama is lying just so he can get relected.

    Power is a terrible thing and corrupts most people unless they have a strong center and to my knowledge most politicians lack this attribute (no matter which party). From what I’ve seen with this administartion they’re willing to do anything to include breaking the laws or not enforcing them just to stay popular. This is not an example of a strong core, rather an ego that just wants more power. Remember what Jefferson said a Country big enough to provide you everything is big enough to take it away (paraphrased, as I do not have the exact quote on hand). This Administration continues to grow and we end up spending more and more to feed the beast, as we all know sooner or later the beast will eat it’s master. We see this in Europe and yet people here don’t think it could happen here. We all need to wake up! We are not immune to this.

  82. T. Rodman says:

    “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” Samuel Adams

    God Speed and Fair Winds. Forever missed but Always Honored.

  83. Rachel says:

    Obama and his whole twisted Commie administration needs to be ousted in November and our White House power-washed to get rid of their stench

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  85. Byron K says:

    Just wow. The more I hear of this story, the more I am enraged at the current administration in Washington, DC.

  86. Richard Gile says:

    Every American should express their OUTRAGE. Might organize occupiers in Administration offices, State Department, etc. Also, express rage to news media that won’t publish this story that needs to be told .

    Never in my long life have I ever known of such a massive cover up, nor felt so helpless in fact of the Obama Adminstation. It is as though I am living in a closed society and the news media is either suppressed or in love with Obamism.

    I am preaching to the choir, but if any one can suggest a way to get this story to the public, not withestanding a long term investigation, certailnly after the election and then the truth will be glossed over such as in case of Fast and Furious.

  87. CWO4 (Ret) says:

    First, somehow someway the “record” needs to be clarified NOW. Once this true story is out in the main stream media (at least as much as Mitts 47% statement was beat to dead), then the fallout for the administration will be both swift and deep!

  88. CWO4 (Ret) says:

    I sent an email condensed version of this story and letter to: NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, CBC news as well as Glen Beck and Anderson Cooper. All I requested is they set the record straight to the viewing Public. Obama and Hillery had they shot and did a great disservice to Glen and Tyrone by their “implications”. Both men were larger than life by their actions that day. They deserve better….

  89. William J. Stephenson says:

    This is the premier lie of the hobama administration, thank GOD in November we’ll see the end of an error.

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  92. This post saddens me for the family’s of these men who must soldier on without Dad, Husbands……the lives they lived and their commitment to ONE ANOTHER will never be a foot note!!! ” Men sleep peaceably in their beds at night while rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell.

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  96. Tim Michaels says:

    My heartfelt condolances to the families of both of these brave men.They have helped restore of of my faith in the American spirit that Obama had destroyed.

  97. dean184 says:

    I heard from a blue-badger/’insider’ that both Ty and Glen, when they told their immediate superior that they were going to main compound, they were ordered to “stand down” and stay in their annex… Their boss said “it is NOT your job to respond to outside gunfire”.

    They went anyway.

    Toward the sound of guns.

    I also heard they stacked up those azzholes like cord wood, dropping golden egg 40mm HE on their heads by the dozens.

    Rest in Peace, brothers.

  98. We must never forget who fought for us. We must be ever vigilant in our lives to always remember all who fought for our freedoms. I know I will never forget.

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  100. laurierogers says:

    Make sure you tell the Romney campaign so that somebody can tell Romney so that Romney can tell the American people this on Monday.

    The people deserve to know, and the Americans who died deserve to have the truth about their deaths be told.

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  102. Greg says:

    Served from 1972 to 1995 US Army. Although these gentlemen are from a fellow branch of the U.S. Military they are Brothersin Arms. I was there when Beirut barracks were blown and we lost so many. I shed tears then as it wasn’t hidden and mostly the truth came out. Today L shed my tears for our fellow brothers but I also have this great anger that this administration would be so evasive and actually lie about what is in the actual happenings. It is funny that with old technology the then administration felt fear in any attempt to lie about what happened in Beirut, but this administration even with this new technology, the actual time video and audio the twitters and facebook, how can someone be so bold to think they will get away with this. Gor those who vote for Obama again or for the first time, I would like to talk to you after 6 months if he is elected, for those who vote for Romney I congratulate you for your eyes being opened. Let us get to the truth and bottom of this and what is going on in Texas. Let us join in telling this administration that if they can fix the government from the outside then let us send them back to Chicago to try. I have given my life to defend this country, as these men have done the supreme sacrifice of giving and dieing for there fellow countrymen. I ask God to bless them and there families and friends, and to please if it be his will to finally get someone into the White House that will be truthful and also to investgate and prevent as best as can be expected our country, The United States of America. God Bless You All

  103. Dave Ryan says:

    Once more into the breach dear friends once more…Or close the wall with our dead!
    In peace nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility…But when the blast of war blows in our ear…Then, imitate the tiger. Summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with rage and lend the eye a terrible aspect. This is not the cry of a warmonger,but the whispered prayer of one that loves peace but will suffer war to see it. This is the will to say no to men of great ambition and with a thirst for conquest and blood. It is the song of a soul that will not suffer tyranny or to see others suffer it in silence and hopelessness. It is the nightmare of evil men to know of these words. Let them lie in anguish,let sleep be far from them. Let them know no rest.

  104. John Chinn says:

    I can add nothing. I am appreciative of the Patriotic Comments made by many if not most on this issue.


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  106. Shamrockswife says:

    Speechless… God Bless them

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  108. LTC Robert T McLaughlin Jr. says:

    Volley’d and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shot and shell, While horse and hero fell, They that had fought so well Came thro’ the jaws of Death, Back from the mouth of Hell, All that was left of them, Left of six hundred.
    All the world wonder’d. Honor the charge they made! Honor the Light Brigade, Noble six hundred
    Wen I think of the honor of battle I always remember “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennison. God bless Glen and Tyrone for giving everything they had in battle, we all Honor them and when I meet them on the other side, we’ll all have a beer together.
    LTC Robert T McLaughlin Jr. (USA-RET)

  109. John Chinn says:

    I have been following all the comments on The Last Refuge concerning our Deceased Patriots. We all know that Hussein Obama, will not nor anyone in the Department of Defense will put these men up for the Medal of Honor. Nor will any move be made to Honor the Civilians for their sacrifice. Whether it is successful or not, is not the question. It is not even a consideration. I must try. I will start with my Representative Rob Wittman. Though it is useless , I will go to my Two Senators. Third , I will try to get on Hannity’s phone and see if he will help.

    Just because we have a Dishonorable Thing occupying the Oval Office , does not mean we, Americans , are Dishonorable.

    I will also try another Avenue. I will call my Governor’s Office and ask that McDonnell convey to MR. Romney a request on behalf of the American People , that he add his voice to so honoring all those who were left to die by Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton and anyone else in this Regime in a line of responsibility.

    I will let you know ,as I proceed and how I fare.

    God Bless America !

  110. Outstanding letter! Outstanding Heroes! And outstanding Bravery against a God-forsaken culture. Another shining example of American exceptionalism. More leadership shown here during a long 8 hours than has been shown in Washington DC in 8 years! A grateful nation salutes you. Stand tall, Americans. [1600 Pennsylvania excluded]

  111. Outstanding letter! Outstanding Heroes! And outstanding Bravery against a God-forsaken culture. Another shining example of American exceptionalism. More leadership shown here during a long 8 hours than has been shown in Washington DC in 8 years! A grateful nation salutes you. Stand tall, Americans. [1600 Pennsylvania excluded]

  112. Buck Rogers says:

    I will gladly die defending the honor of my fallen brothers…
    My Challenge still stands, as a sworn defender of the Constitution, I have challenged the usurper Barry Soetoro to a bare-knuckle fight to the death, mine or his, as I see him to be an enemy of the Republic that I took the oath to defend from any and all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    All Americans should join in this fight against the usurper Barry Soetoro and the moozlims that have attacked the United States and are attempting to destroy our way of life here in America. I say that the blood of moozlims will flow freely wherever they stand against Our God or Our Republic.
    Buck Rogers for President, it’s a write-in…

  113. LeBrit says:

    Outstanding bravery and commiment to duty. These wonderful men made the ultimate sacrifice. America should be extremely proud of their endeavors against such great odds. Presidents will come and go, but these courageous men will have a Glorious Page in American History. God Bless them.

  114. Hugh Kendalk says:

    The wrath of “Hell” will soon be upon us, because the Devil is in charge
    I——–pray to God!!!

  115. Dick Thoma says:

    Thank God for real heros. Above the Rest

  116. Philip Piro says:

    This President is our Commander in Chief? Future historians will wonder how our generation who inherited the finest form of government , could have been so dumb as to elect this specimen that none of them knew who he was, where he came from, didn’t bother finding out how he got to where he is, and on this day might be given four more years to continue taking us further away from the founding principels of our government. Let us wake up before it is too late.

    • Gordon Gammon says:

      Yes, I agree with you. But, not so astounding when one considers how Christian values have been so undermined by Left-liberalism and initiated by an unchallenged Academia, fifty years ago. The product of the latter has resulted in a largely politically braInwashed media that has little knowledge of Economics (… not the Paul Krugman version based upon Keynes) and History.

      Blessings. Sent from GG’s iPhone

  117. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    For those of you debating the differance between “abandoning” their post or heroism, remember – they reacted TOWARD the fire.

  118. LeBrit says:

    What in Heaven’s name are you
    talking about SOB Bob…?? This is
    out-and-out HEROISM, whichever way
    you ‘slice’ it !

    Now, go back to sleep!

  119. Floyd Lukowski says:

    Patriots of America. IT IS TIME TO REVOLT !!!!!!!

  120. jaydog says:

    Somebody knew about this firefight as it was happening. Real-time communication went to the highest level. The “fax” wasn’t lost in a pile of paperwork. Somebody watched for the eight hours that the intense assault continued. Somebody knew about the removal of the diplomat to the safe house. Somebody knew about one of the SEALS painting the targets for aerial support that never came. Somebody was flying the drone over Benghazi. Somebody denied permission to support Americans under seige. Somebody sat on their hands far, far away. Somebody needs to answer to the American people how this was allowed to happen. Somebody is not on my team. Someday, somebody will talk.

    • John Chinn says:

      You bet ! And you are very right. Truth will out,as is said. And there are people in high places who must stand accountable for this. What I fear I see, is a deliberate act. Not an accident. Something Obama thought he could skate by. The night of the day this happened,at 9 PM there was a gentleman named John Batchelor who started his show on WABC with , “I will suspend the planned program for tonight .” We have breaking in real time a serious story. by 1 AM the next morning when his show was finished it was concluded that this was a Terrorist Attach. Sadly John Batchelor has been removed from WABC

  121. Tonly says:

    That gay weasel Obama lied to avoid a disruptive incident that was hindering his bid for reelection–He’s our President-a man of courage????? He’s simply a disgrace.

  122. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    Did you notice how Hillary couldn’t figure out what difference that “Truth” makes? They, initially, tried to attribute this to a random act of “street violence”? But remember, this same group initially classified Major Nidal Hassan’s murder of 13 Fort Hood soldiers as “Violence in the workplace.” Do you sense a pattern, here?

    • LeBrit says:

      Would it be “Solid Secular Socialism”…no Christian values or truth…??

      • John Chinn says:

        And Hilliary is going to run for President. Carville is going to run her Campaign which we know will be nothing but lie after lie. Carville was the creature who said Bill Clinton was the most Moral Man in America.

        On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 10:59 AM, The Last Refuge wrote:

        > ** > LeBrit commented: “Would it be “Solid Secular Socialism”…no Christian > values or truth…??” >

  123. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B.) says:

    Maybe the incorporation of a three man flame thrower team into the USMC embassy security details would discourage “mob violence” coming through the gates of our embassies. A two second burst would seem to go a long way in dispersing a mob. Sure worked WWII.

  124. Now I am going away to do my breakfast, after having
    my breakfast coming over again to read further news.

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