US State Dept Running Scared – Scrubbing Documents, Denying the Undeniable

To truly understand the perspective of our research, and how it lends to the analysis of the unfolding events, please reference one of our very first reports on Libya and how Egypt is the fundamental connection to their future.   CLICK HERE 

The US Media want you to believe Egypt and Libya are two completely divergent ideological entities, apples and oranges, separate.  This is a lie.   This is their primary lie.  This foundational lie is what helps them frame the house of lies.  It is important to firstly dispatch that untrue talking point (media lie) from your psyche – Then you can better understand.  Once you comprehend the manipulative agenda within Libya then find out who stimulated it – Click here  


Solemn moment: President Obama, accompanied by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, spoke in the Rose Garden Wednesday about the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens

REPORTS: State Department Chaos – Now Hiding documents and Scrubbing Website to avoid the TRUTH.  The US Government was specifically warned of an attack – on 9-11 in Benghazi yet claimed exactly the opposite, and told people there was no known actionable threat…...  (more below)

CNN Reporting –  3 Days Warning:  Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

Jamal Mabrouk, a member of the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he and a battalion commander had a meeting about the economy and security.  He said they told the diplomats that the security situation wasn’t good for international business.

“The situation is frightening, it scares us,” Mabrouk said they told the U.S. officials. He did not say how they responded.  (more)

To fully comprehend how utterly inept the Obama Administration’s foreign policy is it is always better to reference prior behavior. Think back to the beginning of the Arab Spring – Think back to Hillary Clinton saying one thing, and President Obama stating the complete opposite (Egypt/Mubarak). Think back to 11 days of AWOL Obama in Libya when Gaddafi was pushing back against his countries uprising and Obama was silent. Think back to Hillary Clinton saying the state department does not know “who the rebels actually are” in Benghazi.

Think back to UN Ambassador Susan Rice travelling to South Africa for a global warming weekend class/discussion while the United Nations Security Council met to discuss Libya during the crisis. Yeah, that’s right we had no-one there representing us, or our opinion, AT THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING to discuss how to deal with Gaddafi and Libya.   Instead, at the president’s specific instructions, Ambassador Rice was discussing “Cow Farts”, true, no joke. Bovine flatulence and how it can impact climate change – Conference Topic. [February 23, 24, 25th 2011 – look it up].

From this 2011 UN Security Council Meeting came the International Criminal Court (ICC) charges against Gadaffi. Those short-sighted charges essentially insured the rebellion in Libya would be a fight to the death – Because Ghadaffi now had nothing to lose. If he quit the fight, he would be arrested, tried at the Hague and spend the rest of his life in jail. So why not fight to the death – he did.

But the example is about how short-sighted, inept, detached, and complacent the President Obama outlook is.

It really is *that* bad.

It is horribly weak, bordering on cowardice, for the extreme lengths Obama and Clinton will go to avoid dealing with issues.

Quite simply, they both are terrible – they talk two divergent narratives simultaneously – they are both horribly lazy – they obviously dislike each other – they are not often selling the same story – they are both extremely horrible managers of people and processes – However, they both possess one striking commonality, that, in the world of diplomacy is toxically dangerous; they are both extremely unprofessional and sloppy.

First Powerline Blog outlines the Chaos at the State Dept – I spoke with a well-placed journalist last night whose sources describe the situation at the State Department in one word: “Chaos.” The working assumption is that several American embassies may have been penetrated, or are vulnerable to attack, because so many of them rely on local residents for staff needs at the embassy, and as such may be in a position to breach security if they have been recruited by Al Qaida. Moreover, the full story of the attack on the Benghazi consulate is much worse than we have been told (except by the Independent newspaper report John and I linked to here on Thursday).

The consulate in Benghazi was an interim facility, with only a standard door lock for security, and worse, Ambassador Stevens was traveling with only a light security detail, rather than in the heavily armed convoys our diplomats in the region usually employ. The attack on the Benghazi was no mere target of opportunity spurred by reaction to the “Innocence of Muslims” film; the film is just a pretext. The killing of Amb. Stevens was a premeditated hit, planned and carried out as retaliation for the recent drone strike that killed the number two Al Qaida operative in Afghanistan recently. The vulnerability of Stevens at the Benghazi compound was scouted out carefully. All the other embassy protest activity is just covering theater. (read more)

Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit has the story:  On Wednesday September 12, 2012 blogger Speak With Authority discovered that five days before 9-11, the US State Department sent out a memo announcing no credible security threats against the United States on the anniversary of 9-11.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council, who posted the memo, is part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security under the U.S. Department of State.

Here is a screen grab of the memo at the OSAC website:

But now it’s gone.   The State Department scrubbed the letter from its OSAC website.


The damning memo is gone.  How convenient. They flushed the damning memo down the internet memory hole.  (read more)

A History Lesson:

In the rush to curtail Muammar al-Qaddafi’s military capacity to attack civilians in Libya, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on February 26,2011 to impose a comprehensive arms embargo on Libya. But the measure also unwittingly impeded the effort of the Western-backed rebels to fight Qaddafi’s forces.

Paragraph 9 of Resolution 1970 required all U.N. members to “immediately take the necessary measures” to bar the sale, supply or transfer of weapons, mercenaries, or other supplies to Libya. The arms embargo, which was adopted before the rebels had emerged as a potential threat to the regime, included no exemptions for Qaddafi’s foes.

Perhaps the reason both Ambassador Rice and President Obama were unaware of the arms embargo is because they were both detached from Libyan decisions at the time the UN met in emergency session to make the resolution:   Which included #1.  Asset Freeze.  #2. ICC referral.  #3. Arms Embargo.   This was on February 23, 24, 25, 26, 2011 in UN emergency session.  

UN Ambassador Susan Rice chose not to attend, and Obama was hosting a Motown review in the White House East Room.   They were disinterested !!  

It was not until the press began poking Obama over the optics of his golf bag whilst Libyans were strafed in the streets that Obama decided to take a look at Libya.   11 days after the entire flipping thing started.   Hello?  People?  Can you see how flipping incompetent this administration is yet?   Anyone ?…

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44 Responses to US State Dept Running Scared – Scrubbing Documents, Denying the Undeniable

  1. Shared this on facebook of course I don’t think some of my friends will believe it lol


    • Sharon says:

      Perhaps they forgot about The Spirit of Breitbart that has been unleashed in the land. That must be it.


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Sharon you are correct (She says as she is wearing a Breitbart is Here t-shirt)


      • johnnotjohnny says:

        I don’t think the ones I’m thinking of even know who Breitbart is. That and they worship Obama so our conversations are Interesting to say the least lol. One actually said they would not vote for Obama just because he tied his dog to the roof of his car! I asked them if that was worse then Socializing our country and they said yes! Blew my mind!!


        • stellap says:

          Be sure to include the CNN link, at the beginning of the post. They trust CNN, right?


        • maria says:

          That friend is lying about why she/he wouldn’t vote for Romney. That’s a person who has an illogical emotional attachment to a politician and can’t come up with a valid criticism of that candidate’s opponent so he/she offers the dog story. (The dog was in a dog house–a better means of transport given than that which over half of Americans give to their pooches by placing them in the back of a truck.)

          Just tell he/himr: “You sound as if you have some deep-seated personal issues, perhaps concerning abandonment. You should talk about them with a professional. You’ll feel better.”

          (It leaves them with mouth agape or all huffy, which I love.)


        • RealAmerican says:

          But they’ll vote for the dog-eater-in-chief?


  2. stellap says:

    Caroline Glick on Real Clear Politics, “The Reign of Imagination”


  3. boricuafudd says:

    Obama thought that he would be able to do what Bush had attempted to do with Afghanistan and Iraq, regime change to a democratic government. After he missed the opportunity in Iran, they started backing the other insurgencies of the Arab Spring, but they wanted to do it on the cheap, by providing material and putting pressure (Mubarak) to change the governments. Like anything else that this Administration has done, they forgot to do their homework, to find out who exactly was going to assume power, once the rulers were overthrown. Leading from behind, they were so far back, that they did not see, or choose to ignore who were the rebels they were supporting, this is the result.

    Tunisia once a pretty secular nation, now has fashion police roaming the streets
    Yemen longtime ally, on verge of being overrun by Al-Quada
    Egypt our largest Ally in the region, now we don’t even know if it a friend or foe
    Lybia while it has had it terrorism history, Qadaffi had turned the corner and was actually helping the US with intelligence on terrorists.

    All these nations are in turmoil and it is not clear is any of them can be called friends. Radical elements are either on power or exerting their influence. North Africa once one of the most stable areas of the ME is now a hotbed of anti-american fervor.


    • stellap says:

      It is frightening just how incompetent our “leaders” are.


      • boricuafudd says:

        5 months after getting elected Obama was already talking to historians about legacy. This was supposed to be part of his legacy, accomplishing what no other president have been capable of, turning the ME in Democracies with Islamist of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is any surprised that the assistant to the Secretary of State, Huma Abedin, has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, through her mother and other family members. This Administration was used, used to come to power, now they have no need for us, they are aware that we are not in any position to remove them from power, or have the stomach for it.

        We we warned.


      • Gino Lepere says:

        Stellap, our leader and narcissist in the White fail’s to recognize that which the Kuwait Royals will freely tell him. “The Middle East is not America and yes we want freedom, economic stability and peace within our nations but we must find our own form of democracy” The prince whom made this statement followed up same by stating that when the United States enforces it’s will upon our people they will revolt.


    • John Galt says:

      “Like anything else that this Administration has done, they forgot to do their homework, to find out who exactly was going to assume power, once the rulers were overthrown. Leading from behind, they were so far back, that they did not see, or choose to ignore who were the rebels they were supporting, this is the result.”

      Negative. They have known with precision the identity of the rebels from inception. The results were intended.


  4. Please help spread the truth – The Truth Has No Agenda – and the lies are dangerous, extremely dangerous. By all accounts the media is now reporting the “current uprising” was the work of one man – Mohammad al-Zawahiri. But who is he?

    Mohammad al-Zawahiri, the brother of al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was released March 2011 from Egyptian prison after more than ten years of incarceration. Extradited from the Yemen in 1999, he had been held on charges of conspiring against the government in relation to the assassination of former Egypt’s former President Anwar Sadat.

    His release was done by the Muslim Brotherhood contingents within Egypt during the uprising Feb/March 2011. The Egyptian Interior Ministry released and evacuated “political detainees” by direct order from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Do you understand what that meant/means?

    The Egyptian military let him and others out.

    Just days prior to his release the interim Egyptian “cartaker-government” released Tareq and Abbud al-Zomor, members of Egypt’s al-Jihad Islamic sect who were also held in relation to Sadat’s killing in 1981. They were let go as part of a 69-prisoner release being billed as a concession to rights activist.

    So who killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens? Yes, THESE PEOPLE.

    Here was our attempt to warn what would happen – – – – it fell on deaf ears.

    Here was the report from the ME about the prisoner release.

    These guys are the ones who killed Ambassador Stevens. Can you see now why we have continually stated that unleashing this viper nest was dangerous? These are the same guys who, with the leadership of Mohammad al-Zawahiri, are coordinating the attacks on our Cairo embassy….. and igniting the fuses around the globe.

    Help. Please help spread the truth….. before the outer perimeter Zoo walls are completly compromised and they hop ships to Cyprus (destination EU) or head further West to hook up with al-shabaab.

    Once they align with al-shabaab contingents they will have a fast track to Mexico, yes MEXICO, where al-shabaab already has a base of operations. It was from that base they launched the Washington DC attack on the Saudi Ambassador last year. REMEMBER THAT? We were able to thwart that assassination. But please for the love of God look at the bigger picture.

    Their ultimate goal is to bring down Jordan (easy) and ultimately Saudi Arabia (harder but not too difficult)…… That my friends means eventually we will be in a Global WWIII against these folks….. Please see the big picture and work diligently to spread the truth.


  5. Sharon says:

    But they’re not scared to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This was on THURSDAY–two days ago:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S., Ali Aujali, celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the State Department on Thursday. The Eid ul-Fitr reception was held almost a month after the official end of the month on Aug. 19, delayed, officials say, because of Clinton’s travel schedule.


  6. stellap says:

    More about losing Egypt:

    NOTE: This post is from one month ago – August 15.


  7. retire2005 says:

    Please, make a note of the wordsmithing by the Obama administration. i.e.:

    The scrubbed OSAC notice said there was no “credible” information. Why is that important? Because the Obama administration, through the State Department and the Obama administration’s answer to Howdy Doody, Jay Carney, has stated, post Ambassador Steven’s assassination, there was no “actionable” intel to indicate uprisings in the Middle East.

    That word “actionable” is very important. In the world of spooks, and HUMITEL, “actionable” intel is very, very specific; who, when, where and usually why. When they have “actionable” intel, they know where a hot spot is going to be, who is going to initiate the hot spot and the reasons for it and can take “action” against the event.

    And while Obama is trying to shut down the American press via the State Department’s statement that the Libyan incident is now in the hands of the FBI and they can’t talk about an ongoing investigation, he has no such power over the foreign press. The UK reporters are on this story hot and heavy, and Middle Eastern players are singing like canaries.


  8. michellc says:

    What else are they going to scrub with the help of the media? I was just reading this reuters article about Sudan rejecting the U.S. request to send Marines to guard the embassy. Which in itself shows any influence we had we’ve lost, but begs the question, “why are we leaving our people there if they won’t allow us to protect them?”
    That bothered me but the last paragraph in the article caught my attention:
    The Sudanese government had called for protests against the film, but peaceful ones. U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration said it had nothing to do with the movie, which is little more than an amateurish video clip and appears to have been made in California.

    WTH? That’s all we’ve heard it’s all about the movie. Hillary said it in front of flag draped coffins. They sent the brownshirts after the man who produced it. They asked Google to remove it. Now they’re going to spin it and say it had nothing to do with the movie? They’re trying to cover their ass and failing badly on ignoring the warnings and removing the evidence of just how far they did ignore it. Now they’re going to stop the spin about the movie? What do they plan on pulling out of their hat now?


  9. boricuafudd says:

    The BBC and other media outlets are reporting that Americans should leave Sudan and Tunisia.


    • howie says:

      I think so too. Now if the Obama plan works…ignore it and it will go away… they may be OK. But I don’t put any faith in any Obama Plan. I would be getting out of there.


  10. boricuafudd says:

    While the nations attention is on the ME, our credit has been downgraded and Japan a nation that we have a protection treaty with, has their Embassy overrun by the Chinese, smart power, indeed. Please notice the reaction of the Japanese PM when informed of the news, compare.,,16243293,00.html


    • lovemygirl says:

      The link seems to fail


    • boricuafudd says:

      Here is the story something wrong with the link;

      Anti-Japan protests have broken out across China, with thousands of people mobbing the Japanese embassy in Beijing. Tensions between the two countries have risen over a disputed chain of islands in the East China Sea.
      Thousands of protesters hurled rocks and bottles at the Japanese embassy in Beijing on Saturday, as tensions between Asia’s two largest economies escalated over a row involving a disputed chain of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

      East China Sea is hit by a wave of nationalism
      Rising nationalism in China and Japan is fueling the dispute between China and Japan over a string of islands in the East China Sea, experts say. Yet most expect the two economic powers to resolve their differences. (11.09.2012)
      Riot police sought to stop the angry mob from breaching the embassy, as chanting protesters burned Japanese flags.
      “Return our islands! Japanese devils get out,” some of the protesters shouted. Reuters news agency reported that one protester held a sign reading: “For the respect of the motherland, we must go to war with Japan.”
      Protests were being held in at least a dozen other Chinese cities, with only a few reports of clashes, according to the Associated Press. The Japanese foreign minister, Koichiro Gemba, cut short a trip to Australia and returned to Tokyo early Saturday to address the situation.
      “I’d like to underscore that we should never let the situation escalate,” Gemba told reporters on Friday. “We have strong hopes the Chinese government will respond to the situation in an appropriate and also a calm manner.”
      Long-running dispute
      The Japanese government on Tuesday announced its purchase of the Senkaku island chain from its private Japanese owner. Beijing also claims the islands, which its calls the Diaoyu, and dispatched surveillance vessels to the area on Friday in response to Tokyo’s announcement.
      The current row began in August when Japan detained a group of Chinese activists who had landed on the island chain. Although the islands are uninhabited, they are close to potentially large oil and gas reserves.
      China’s Communist Party normally does not allow protests to take place. But Beijing is under popular pressure, fuelled by historical memories of the Japanese occupation of China during World War Two, to take a tough stand against Tokyo.
      The Chinese tabloid Global Times, published by the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily, called on Beijing to hold its ground against Tokyo.

      “China should be confident about strategically overwhelming Japan,” the tabloid wrote, adding that the Chinese armed forces should “increase their preparation and intensify their deterrence” against Japan.
      slk/jlw (AP, AFP, Reuters)


      • czarowniczy says:

        I think the Chinese and its government still harbor an inferiority complex and fear of the Japanese left over from the Japanese invasion prior to WW II. The Japanese still have a memorial to their soldiers who died in China during the invasion and occupation, a memorial that the Chinese even under Mao and the current Communist-lite regime have allowed to remain. Every now and then a Japanese government official, as high as a minister, will travel to China for the sole purpose of worshiping at the memorial shrine. The Chinese government whines and moans but the shrine is still there.

        China is claiming ownership of the Spratly Islands also, along with Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan. The Chinese have been posturing over the islands for many years, even building small encampments on a few that the Philippine government goes out and dismantles when the tide comes in and the Chinese leave. China is trying to declare itself as the sole arbiter of Asian affairs in what it sees as its sphere of influence but no one else is playing. I believe that China’s main fear is that Japan will develop nuclear weapons and, with their experience with the Chinese and the Japanese classical cultural view of the Chinese, will not be afraid to use them. We’ve known for many years that the Japanese have, on hand, all of the dual-use equipment and technology they need to put a working nuke on the tip of a missile and send it China’s way. In the last ten years there have been a number of high-ranking Japanese government officials, including high-ranking military members, who’ve had to commit political seppuku after fielding comments regarding Japan’s needing to get rid of the no-nuke clause in its constitution and/or that the Japanese constitution does not prohibit Japan from owning defensive nukes. This seems like a political game being played by the Chinese to try and bluff the Japanese by showing them how tough they (think) they are (we own the South China Sea) and the Japanese telling them that we can still kick your ass and not break a sweat. I do not think the Chinese have, yet, the stomach or confidence for
        offensive warfare, just look at Taiwan. The Chinese have an American president in office who m, they are sure, would not commit US forces in a fight where they reclaim Taiwan as a breakaway province. The Chinese also have enough offensive armament on their shores opposite Taiwan to virtually sink the country were it rolled on shore and enough soldiers to physically pick the island up and carry it to the mainland – yet they have made no moves. The Chinese put on a good show but they ain’t about to commit to anything for a while yet.


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  12. Apachetears says:

    Obama should change the (D) at the end of his title to an (LD) for Loser Democrat because if nothing else stands out about his four years it’s the fact he is a Loser.
    Obama, Barack Hussein aka Barry Dunham-Sortero-Davis A Narssitic anarchist and a complete failure, here is your sign “L” wear it proudly schmuck.


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  16. Dave says:

    From the beginning, I saw an arrogance not yet seen during a Presidential election. This was the first giveaway to my wanting/needing to pay closer attention. Secondly, it was only AFTER Obama came into office that his real past was being disclosed. Had the media done its job and reported on his radical upbringing, his ideologies, perhaps that closer look would have swayed more Americans to think twice. It didn’t. The 2008 elections had every appearance of being ‘fair’ yet this person who had come out of virtually no where took hold of the attention of otherwise unconcerned citizens who seemed more caught up in an emotional trance than one of continuing the virtues of our great country, namely the primary focus of the oath of office: “To uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic”. This seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s mind at the time. Instead what we got were promises that were never going to be kept, and rightfully so: You don’t start an agenda that is contrary to our American heritage by ‘exposing’ what that agenda is. This is far too obvious and would most assuredly have prevented Obama from being so-called: “Elected”.

    Instead what America got, was this person with a radical past who even before the elections, had Youtube videos attesting to his embracing Islam and being identified as a ‘Muslim’. That had been out there for some time, but no one was looking to vet this person. They saw McCain and Palin and convinced themselves a 70 something person who seemed weak in speech and direction was ‘out-dated’ and out of touch.

    Obama’s entire campaign consisted of ‘familiarity’ sounding words of ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’. which on its face, was not wrong to state, but again, I say, if you have a completely different agenda, one that would prove radical by nature, would have exposed that very same agenda and would not have sat well with the American people.

    The deception of Obama’s agenda became very manifested when his so-called ‘Obamacare’ was made known and that those meetings took place behind closed doors. There was no transparency though prior to his being elected, he said he would ensure that the government would conduct itself with absolute transparency. Well ya, he has to reassure anyone who had started to think for them self that they did not need to look so ‘close’ but that he could be trusted without verifying his own words.

    As time has moved on, it has become more and more evident that Obama does not represent those things America was founded on. Instead, either by Executive Order or by pressure on Congress, that there must be a greater and greater allegiance to Obama’s agenda.. He began to exact his agenda because his presidency was coming to a close and there were too many things needing to be accomplished in order for that ‘Agenda’ to have its full effect.

    Bringing this to present tense, we have now witnessed Obama’s open loyalty to Islam and the Muslim people. His visit to Egypt saying that he was going to make sure that American’s understood the importance of understanding the Muslim people. For what purpose. Was this a code used to show those who are involved in this agenda that Obama is going to follow through with his promises, his loyalty to Islam. He spoke perfect Arabic to the audience in Egypt. He assured them that he was personally going to ensure that Islam would be a new part of America. Really? We were never asked that Obama represent America by pacifying our enemies. He has done this on his own.

    If you concede that Obama is a loyal Muslim, everything else falls into place and this removes any doubt where his loyalties are. Not for America, but Islam.

    Now to suggest to the American pubic that a simple video caused the attacks on the Embassies is absurd. Libya leaders making the statement that ‘This was planned’.

    Clinton and Obama sticking to their guns……………And then there’s the truth of the matter.which cannot be denied.

    There are no more places to run, to hide.

    The truth is on their tails and their pride and deception are ultimately going to be their undoing.


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