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Sunday Talks – Bernie Sanders Grumpy Face After Being Called Out on His Pal Castro…

Senator Bernie Sanders goes into the full ‘old man screaming “get off my lawn” mode‘ after he was  put on the spot this morning because of his ideological support for brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro. Angry Sanders has very grouchy … Continue reading

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Visible Insurgency – The Rebel Alliance Strikes in Corona California…

In 2012 we called it the “Post-It Campaign” – a simple insurgent campaign designed to let American members of the political rebel alliance know they are not alone. The most important aspect to any insurgent uprising is for those amid … Continue reading

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Guerilla Art Part 2 – Artist Strikes At Oscars – “OCZARS” Contrast Imagery Of Unelected Obama Regime Appointees With Hollywood Award…

HatTip MoonBattery A rogue street artist has ambushed the 86th Academy Awards with a slew of street art posters poking fun at President Barack Obama and the Oscars. The posters, of unknown origin, feature the Oscar statue with Vladimir Lenin’s … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Leaving These All Over Town

Here’s Why

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Become Part Of The “Rebel Alliance”…. The Post-It Note Campaign

Several years ago patriots around the U.S. were disheartened by the overwhelming advancement of radical leftists. Then, as now, we maintained a common belief that Morale was key to defeating the ridiculous shift toward their “New America”. It is with … Continue reading

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SURPRISE ! – Well, notsomuch for y’all but: New Obamacare Tax Showing Up On Receipts….

[HatTip iOTW]  Please send in pictures of your receipts too… Email them to and include the state in subject line of the email pic please.  (via Blacksphere) on facebook and twitter. #1 OK…. Here comes some of those Obama care … Continue reading

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Report: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won’t Be Asked To Serve Another Term As DNC Chief…

There is more than a respectable chance that Debbie the hyphenated might also lose her next election.  We can only hope…. WASHINGTON – When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida was tapped last year to lead the Democratic National Committee, it … Continue reading

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Toxic Stupidity = An Unqualified President Strikes Again …..

Who is around this President?  Seriously, sometimes you have got to wonder how insufferably disconnected one administration could possibly be. my all of the above strategy….. we can’t afford……  cannot bring down overnight…….   sustainable ……. investments….. future……. dependency….. initiatives… under … Continue reading

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You can create custom “Post It Notes” free CLICK HERE See more examples below including more from Louisiana Guerrilla Gracie. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE…..

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Stop Shouting! will be on the Da Tech Guy Radio Show – Saturday 10a-12p EST

Saturday June 11, 2011, please join YTZ4Me on Da Tech Guy’s Radio show on 830 WCRN. The show broadcasts from 10 am – 12 noon, Eastern time. (Click Here to Listen) We’ll be chatting about how the Left likes to … Continue reading

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