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A Positive Perspective On Trump’s “Immigration Policy Shift”…

A good perspective picked from the comments provided by Duke Taber: With over 1,100 comments on this issue, obviously a lot of people have strong opinions about KC [Kellyanne Conway]. What I am about to say probably has already been … Continue reading

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Kellyanne Conway Is Not Helping Donald Trump – And Perhaps That’s the Plan…

There were two types of people who attended CPAC in March 2016 and gave Speaker Paul “Omnibus” Ryan (the former chair of the budget, well, actually, non-budget committee) a standing ovation. Type one was the professional political class, the UniParty … Continue reading

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Operation Taco Bowl – Latinos For Trump Rally Sunday August 28th Orange County California…

#OperationTacoBowl – Latinos for Trump will be holding a rally in Orange County, California this Sunday. August 28, 2016 (watch – stay with it): If you are a Donald Trump supporter and would like to join the event – you … Continue reading

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Senator Jeff Sessions Refutes Recent Media Reports of Trump Immigration Position Reversal…

Following a Hispanic outreach meeting by the Trump campaign numerous media outlets began reporting that Donald Trump was changing his position on immigration, specifically deportation of illegal immigrants. The Trump campaign immediately rebuked the false media reports last night. Senator … Continue reading

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Stunning CDC Statistic: “25% of Puerto Ricans Infected With Zika Virus”….

Based on current Zika virus spread in Puerto Rico the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now has the following projection: […]  “If current trends continue, thousands of pregnant women will get infected with Zika,” said Frieden. “And there could be … Continue reading

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Report: Nearly One Million Illegal Aliens Defy Deportation Orders – Including 170,000 Criminals…

Apparently the letters requesting the illegal aliens to leave the U.S. are not being followed by the recipients.  Worse yet, the follow-up sternly worded letters, which they receive after committing crimes, are also ignored. The Obama administration is perplexed by the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Speech on Trade Priorities, Manchester New Hampshire – 3:30pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump will deliver remarks today on U.S. trade policy in Manchester, NH at the Former Osram Sylvania Building.  The event is scheduled to begin at 3:30pm EDT Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1

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