IT Contractor for Dominion Ballot Counting Software Co. Exposes Massive Ballot Fraud in Detroit Michigan…

If what Ms. Mellissa Carone outlines is true, this would explain how the ballots in Michigan were manipulated.  Ms. Carone was a contracted worker for Dominion a company providing software services for ballot counting machines in Detroit.

Carone was sent to Detroit, Michigan, to provide technical support for the ballot counting process.  While she was there she noted poll workers repeatedly double scanning ballots to generate multiple votes from the same batch of ballot sheets.  When she reported this to her employer, Mr. Nick Ikonomakis of Dominion, Carone was told it was not her role to  review what the poll workers are doing; essentially to ignore it.

Ms. Carone also witnessed election workers filling out ballots, fraudulently signing ballots, as well as the unloading of vans in an area of the Detroit election tabulation facility she was not permitted to inspect. Ms Carone was on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to explain part of what she witnessed.


Ms. Carone gave a longer interview –see here– which has more information. It is always challenging to interpret the validity of whistleblowers; however, Mellissa Carone has some specific details that provide credibility

I strongly recommend watching the full twitch video – HERE

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913 Responses to IT Contractor for Dominion Ballot Counting Software Co. Exposes Massive Ballot Fraud in Detroit Michigan…

  1. spoogels says:

    Chinese ‘cartels’ quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis

    The next US administration will have to counter the growing operation, which is claiming a growing number of American lives annually

    A Biden administration will demand their share and keep these cartels operating

    • marymorse says:

      And a proposed ASL sign for Biden resembles a Crips sign:

      Wonder how the CHAZ/CHOP security forces feel about that.

    • ATheoK says:

      A faux news reference?
      Who they?

      After November 3, I cannot accept any words from fox news as reliable.

      Not to discount threats China represents, but words from fox are not anything more than suggestive. Seek evidence and fact elsewhere.

      China as a willing source for fentanyl, heroin, other opium analogues is frightening.
      After a pandemic, election fraud in the USA and bought Federal Legislators and Senior staff, China is certainly capable of attempting to addict America.

      Though, I doubt China can do more than replace some of the drug flow from Mexico, South and Central America.

      • Skip Patel says:

        “China as a willing source for fentanyl, heroin, other opium analogues is frightening.”
        Chinese freighters, quite legally, ships tonnes of the LEGAL precursors for the manufacturer of “Meth” and Fetanyl to Mexican harbours and has done for over two decades ICE and Border Protection have been raving about this for years……without much response from “our side”.

        Thank you to ATheoK for mentioning this.

    • chadchal says:

      Every legal official who kept the lid on the Hunter story for so long should be indicted and prosecuted for suppressing that story that will affect so many Americans.

    • Fighter for feeedom says:

      That would be behavior handed down to Biden from bill Clinton who allowed receipt of cocaine into a smaak Arkansas airport and then laundered the money through a large number of Chinese businesses that opened up when he became governor – much of the laundered money then was transferred to HSBC, Hong king bank and used as additional startup money fir the many Chinese businesses that have stolen our manufacturing abetted by the same bill Clinton under the NAFTA trade agreement – did you know most of Clinton’s classmates at Oxford were family members of the CCP leaders – this is just like Obama giving Iran $150B which they bought missiles with and attacked our military installations in Iraq.

  2. spoogels says:

    Benjamin Weingarten
    Nov 10
    Read this sworn affidavit from GOP poll challenger, and former Assistant AG for Michigan, Zachary Larsen, on the alleged fraud he observed in Detroit. This is Third World stuff, and every American should be outraged if these allegations are true

    • California Joe says:

      Of course it’s third world stuff. The people who are counting the ballots are third world. What did you expect?

      • Skip Patel says:

        The 3rd World:

        In 39 U.S. counties, a majority of adult citizens speak a language other than English at home. Most of these counties lie along the southwestern edge of Texas, but the largest of them are Bronx County in New York (1.3 million people with more than 53 percent of adult citizens not speaking English)

    • chadchal says:

      Keep in mind that 60% of the Detroit precincts were “disqualified” during the recount demanded by Jill Stein in 2016. There should be a complete, audited recount of Michigan, and PRESIDENT TRUMP will prevail!

  3. spoogels says:

    Biden finds support among Republicans as Trump scrambles to salvage his strategy to contest the election

    One intriguing name being discussed privately is former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, according to the person familiar with the chatter who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The thinking behind the move was that it would be a way for Biden to highlight the importance of that position in his administration, and that placing her there would raise the prestige of the U.N. itself at a time when global cooperation, and the U.S. role on the world stage, has ebbed.

    Another name emerging as a potential Cabinet pick is Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), the chairwoman of the House Democrats’ campaign arm who oversaw the party’s loss of House seats in the 2020 elections. She has signaled interest in leading the Agriculture Department; a spokeswoman for Bustos said, “With votes still being counted across America, Congresswoman Bustos remains focused on the task at hand and making sure front-line members in uncalled races have the support they need.”


  4. spoogels says:

    Gird your loins:

    What comes next: Judicial Carnage If Biden wins

    • RazorZLD says:


      Horrific reading ! however I cannot see 70 odd million Trump voters putting up with that nonsense. There truly will be a CW which would make the first CW look like a walk in the park on a sunny day with birds singing.
      If Biden/Harris get to hold the reigns of power I don’t think it will not last very long – indeed it could start to disintegrate within the first year at most.
      America has but two choices – neither of which are palatable, succumb to the chains that the Democrats are offering ,or protect the freedoms that was given by the Founding Fathers, but at great cost. And I do mean at great cost…..

  5. Yossarian says:

    How would this fraud be reflected in Dr Shiva’s analysis? Presumably, the x-axis would be lower with less republican participation. The y-axis should remain unaffected, no? Pure, unadulterated, old-school voter fraud is a separate can of worms altogether from defective algorithms. How could any SoS certify their election results as valid?

    • James Groome says:

      There should not be a constant slope. It will reach an equilibrium and level off at some point if organic, however the vote percentage keeps getting poorer and poorer while the higher and higher the percentage of republicans in the district.

  6. JCM800 says:

    From a Common Citizen.
    Spoliation. Any erasure, interlineation, or other alteration made to Commercial Paper, such as a check or promissory note, by an individual who is not acting pursuant to the consent of the parties who have an interest in such instrument.. A spoliator of evidence in a legal action is an individual who neglects to produce evidence that is in her possession or control.

    Exspoliation is the term, I believe.

    This is an sharp explanation of what could be the Courts / SCOTUS throwing out parts of the counted ballots. Those groups that were illegal or a mix thereof.

  7. Ocelot says:

    Melissa’s 2 phone calls to the FBI.

    1st one ends abruptly like the phone went dead or it was cut off for another reason without a return call from the FBI agent. 2nd call lasted longer but no follow up. It’s obvious Wray is still the Director.

    I wonder how far up the leadership chain this issue went before it was decided to just ignore Melissa’s serious allegations of election fraud or the breaking of election laws.

  8. Mark says:

    I really hope people watch this MIT Phd’s data analysis of Michigan’s election. It clearly shows the underlying algorithm used by the computers to strip ballots from trump and add to biden. It is unequivocal that the fraud in Michigan was managed by a computer program.

  9. guest4ever says:

    Hope this is the best place to post this. Idiot judge said he/she didn’t want to be an activist judge. Spit!!!

  10. Chad1985$$ says:

    There should be immediate investigation and severe punishments for the voting fraud. If only the legal votes are counted, PRESIDENT TRUMP will have a LANDSLIDE!!

  11. Fighter for freedom says:

    She needs to be placed in witness protective custody

  12. SR says:

    (1/2) Over ~36+ years IT here. If they were updating in real time (NOT realtime, but real time, two different things), there will be data trails everywhere. From internal processor thread trails to server logues to client logues to ISP logues not only of traffic but of protocol analysis which is constantly running on at the provider level to monitor anything from DDOS to localized or non-localized broadcast storms. Even broadcast storm packets can be analyzed from the preamble to data package they are carrying. There are the caches and the NVRAM or other non-volatile PCB-based storage. There are NVRAM cache chips on PCBs from the drives to the optical drives to even the BIOS chips and memory chips. I can work my way up the 7 layers of OSI and find your Ma’s bra and tit size if I want … all without you knowing I’m compromising you in real time, or running you in realtime. To not only update in real time but to operate in real time, there has to be Users in a client server environment, whether local or remote. From router and switch logues to server and workstation client logues. Hell, if there was ANY proactive or reactive monitoring left on by accident by these “tech” dullards, I could even piece together timelines and data from, say, SNMP MIBs, the ASN.1 syntax that was written for those MIBs, or even the backend database the MIBs are sending threshholding data to.

  13. SR says:

    Can ANYONE explain to me how the hell COMMENTing works on this site?! Every COMMENT I post disappears. And what’s with all the different little icons next to the eMail address field? What the hell do THEY mean? To test, enter different eMail addresses, tab to the next field (Name), and the little icon next to the eMail field is different for every different eMail address tested. Mousing over the icon(s) produces nothing. I have NO desire nor time to dig through the web page code for answers. Can someone simply tell me how the hell COMMENTing works on this site and why are ALL my COMMENTS sometimes first appearing then disappearing, other times not posting at all, and still other times a first COMMENT I post takes and then when I post a second both COMMENTs suddenly disappear forever?! What the hell is going on?!

  14. SR says:

    (2/2) I haven’t even gotten into storage, the SANs and NASs, external drive arrays, the SAN switches directing that traffic, and etc etc etc, wherein data may flow from/to and/or PIX boot images may come from for to boot the “Voting kiosk-based machines” which are nothing more than personal computers running local closed-source proprietery software or, in this case, categorize it as mal(icious)ware.

    ALL the PCB-based firmware on these machines should be hacked via simple serial telnet and studied forensically. Some of this s/h/i/t was variable and flashed, you know it was, because these are proprietery machines used for only one purpose. They’re kind of like kiosks at the shopping malls … in fact, that’s EXACTLY what they are like.

    The Holy Grail would be to start subpoena-ing and sequestering at least one or some or ALL of the actual machines used so to tear them apart for forensic study.

    Do NOT worry … these f/u/c/k/ing dimwit dullard DemonCraps and Dominion/Smartmatic morons are too stupid and corrupt not to leave behind a shadow trail of epic proportions. It’s out there. Let us at it. We’ll get you your evidence … D/A/M/N, will we we get you your technical forensic evidence.

    In over ~36+ years in IT, no machine has ever beaten me yet. It all depends on how much will, time, money, patience, and “executive” buy-in there is to get the job done and done right. Most of the time, sheople lose the will to finish doing the right thing and finish the job right and that’s where it all falls apart.

    We’ll see how much conviction the sheople have towards saving their Country and liberties from treasonous traitorous felons and criminals who’ll stop at nothing to engage their globalist marxist filth.

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