Newt Gingrich: “My Hope Is That President Trump Will Lead The Millions of Americans Who Understand Exactly What is Going On”…

A few days ago Newt Gingrich delivered remarks on Fox News outlining the transparency of the election fraud being perpetrated on the American people.  Gingrich calls upon President Trump to push-back in the face of the intense media onslaught to keep leading a legal fight against those perpetrating the fraud.

The words of Mr. Gingrich are heavy as he outlines the stakes.  WATCH:

“I’ve been active in this since 1958. That’s 62 years. I am the angriest I have been in that entire six decades. You have a group of corrupt people who have absolute contempt for the American people, who believe that we are so spineless, so cowardly, so unwilling to stand up for ourselves that they can steal the presidency.” ~Newt Gingrich

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216 Responses to Newt Gingrich: “My Hope Is That President Trump Will Lead The Millions of Americans Who Understand Exactly What is Going On”…

  1. Brant says:

    It must start Monday and be done in 2 weeks, before Thanksgiving. None of this Barr/Sessions/Wray/Durham time frame. If we are 2 weeks in and nothing but, “we’ll show ’em” press conferences, its over. If Barrett pulls a Sessions and recuses, its over. We don’t have 2 months.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      The Democrats have built an illegal militia that has been training all summer — this will not end well…

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      • Rileytrips says:

        We can take it. The police unions back the President, too, they will help if it comes to that. Don’t let that be your reason for not standing up and fighting this election fraud.

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      • True most of it is democrats, but there are Republicans involved in this attempted overthrow of an American president. And many of us that see what’s going on are not even Republicans.
        Truthfully, an honest election is all I want.
        And as of the cut-off time of the election 8pm Nov 3rd we got that andTrump won.
        Whatever happened after the cut-off time is not valid, except perhaps to allow military personnel ballots due to them being on active duty. Everyone else, 8pjm Nov 3rd.

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      • Wadnick says:

        So be it. . Trump supporters are either AMERICANS, inheritors & upholders of the GREATEST experiment in human freedom, the American Constitution or you are all talk & are cowards, not worthy of the Freedoms gifted to you over 200 years ago. It IS that simple. Defend it or lose it.

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    • Peniscufflesin says:

      We dont even have two weeks.


    • Lynne says:

      In 2000, it wasn’t resolved till early December. It will take as long as it takes (unfortunately).

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      • Contrarymary says:

        We also got to sit and watch broward county with their corruption last election, and I don’t remember anyone going to jail over that one. This is broward county on steroids.

        Once democrats get control of the levers of power, you’ll never get it back. Take a good look at California, people. Anything the communists want passed, it gets passed, no matter how absurd. We don’t have free and fair elections. The courts are in the tank and there isn’t anyone to help you as you watch your beautiful state go to ruin. Don’t allow your states to go down this path if you can stop it.

        This man was a radical out of San Francisco, related to Nancy Pelosi. Democrats that I talked to, during that election said he would never be governor, they would never vote for him, but yet he is governor.


  2. snarky1958 says:

    I haven’t watched FOX news since Monday. I haven’t watched very much television at all. I am seriously thinking about disconnecting my cable. I have my Christian radio station on and check in on CTH, Parler, GAB and a little twitter. Rake leaves and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. I am following President Trump’s lead and trying to stay positive. I have donated to the legal fund and pray regularly. Whenever you start feeling depressed, get up and move…. Works wonders.

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    • Snarky is right. That’s what’s working for me too.

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      • phillie_fan62 says:

        My wife and I were going to watch Jessie, the Judge, then Guttfield as we do every Sat. night. I usually DVR all of those to zip through the commercials. When I got on the Guide and saw they were going to have a Biden pep rally ? No DVR, went to Forensic Files and ID Discovery to watch democrats get arrested for murder. Why is it always the leftists who do all the crime? You can tell just who they are.


  3. TonyEuropa says:

    We’ll see what the SCOTUS does now.

    The three that were vetted by Trump have no skeletons. Clarence and Alito are good. With those three, we don’t care what the three commies and the Bushie do. Its a 5-1-3 court and those four ( minus Barrett) where clear a couple of weeks ago.

    Barrett better be doing her homework right now because she has to get involved, like yesterday.

    The Commies are rushing it, trying to get their PR in order, because they know that the SCOTUS can shut them down… as well as the Republican legislatures in Pennsylvania, WInsconsin, Georgia, NC and Arizona.

    I got my Xanax prescription redone yesterday at my yearly check up. Both my doctor and I were wondering what we’ll do because California, now Calimexistan, is our home. He was thinking of retiring and spending time in Japan. My wife and I have been thinking about Okinawa.

    The SCOTUS needs to step in an issue an opinion that election ballots are the bedrock of our republic and must be treated as such. Only in person vote with ID must be the way to vote. The sole exception being absentee ballots that must be issued only per request, for each election, with good reason: work travel, military and civilians overseas and the such. And for the love of Christ, get rid of ballot harvesting.

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    • Rileytrips says:

      Actually, SCOTUS needs to state that they back the Constitution….the part that states only State Legislators get to change election/voting rules.
      If they did that, they would be heroes and would save the country.

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    • Tony, you will be happy to know that Barrett is a big gun, election fraud is not new to her, she was involved in the 2000 Bush-Gore election contention so this is not her first rodeo. She will be very much involved in this election contention too. The Left know this too, just check out some of the many fear-fueled articles they’ve produced on the subject (I won’t cite links since we don’t want to give them views just noting them here for example).
      “How Amy Coney Barrett played a role in Bush v. Gore — and helped the Republican Party defend mail ballots”
      “Amy Coney Barrett’s First Votes Could Throw the Election to Trump
      A sinister argument from Bush v. Gore returns with a vengeance”

      And also note these articles were written in October 2020 BEFORE the election so obviously they knew they were going to try to steal the election and that it would be disputed by Trump.

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  4. Soldier/Cop says:

    Joined the army in Ike’s last year in office. Was trained, trained others, and led others to fight so-called communists, socialists, terrorists of many different labels. Learned well before I left the army and had confirmed a few years into a civilian police career that those I had killed and/or jailed were of no significant threat to the American people when compared to the threat presented to each and every American from the politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, and most of the so-called news media. Since D.J.Trump walked down that escalator I have witnessed action after action that confirms my threat assessment was far short of the mark. The actions of the four groups cited above have proven to me that my guns were always trained in the wrong directions. Though pushing 78 I am ready to once again pick up a weapon and stand a post. What about you? Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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    • Randolph Scott says:


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    • Amy2 says:

      Locked and loaded Soldier/cop and thank you for your service!

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    • Jan says:

      Never held a gun. Lousy at sports. Just had back surgery. Not supposed to swing a bat or twist. If I had a baseball bat, I’d swing & kill as many as I could.

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    • mamadogsite says:

      So many of us in our 70s and 80s remember with disgust the stench of American politics now and again throughout our lifetimes. And these current affairs have been repeated generation after generation since the beginning of time.

      Nothing has changed, nor will it ever change.

      Qualifications for buerocratic and political “service” are many…unfortunately all on the evil, dark side of humanity. Greed, lust, ego, sexual perversions, compassionless, unconsciousness, unintelligence and animalistic behavior.

      Once in a while, brilliant, naive, exceptional Americans step up to the plate to “serve”, only to get sucked into the system, or to leave in disgust.

      You can never take enough showers to remove the stench once you leave DC.

      As frustrating as it seems, there are little ways 70+ million Patriots can make life miserable for #1…the media, #2….the turncoat politicians, and #3…the next administration and their supporters.

      They need viewers. Do not watch TV. TV is an addiction, like drugs, alcohol and smoking. It is hard to break this addiction, but fortunately, we have other choices. (Everyone has been sharing these choices). NO VIEWERS, NO SPONSORS.

      Massive emails and calls to the politicians. NOT ONE PENNY EVER TO THE RNC.

      BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT any company and corporation who donated to and endorsed the BLM movement.

      Communicate, but be very careful in your on-line Trump supporters groups, etc. Could be a trap to accumulate the names and info on Trump supporters. Don’t ever forget your history. Hitler rounded up the Jews in much the same manner.

      If you have a concealed carry permit, consider some insurance. We already have kangaroo courts, but it wouldn’t hurt.

      Have enough supplies for 1-2 years. Guarantee you, whenever the natives get restless, another more virulent strain of Covid will be unleashed.

      Those of us in our 70s and 80s were blessed to have studied history, and the lessons history teaches us, and how to prepare. We’ve become so dependent on technologies, we forget that we have natural survival skills. Go online and learn or review these skills. Since you are no longer watching Fox, you have plentry of time. (Believe it or not, I know several families in their 30s-40s-50s who are planting back yard gardens, learning how to can and dry freeze. )
      Once you tap into those forgotten skills, the energy and hopefulness returns.

      We don’t give an inch. We don’t give in and board the cattle cars like sheep.

      We are Americans.

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  5. Rileytrips says:

    We are not a Republic with freedoms and rights if we allow these criminals to take over America. Not gonna happen.

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  6. huecowacko says:

    POTUS should terminate the disloyal/current Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs; then replace them with reinstated/recalled to Active Duty military members who were purged by Hussein Obama, some are bound to answer the call. In the case of the SOD, replace with a loyal, Constitution respecting/loving and trustworthy civilian. He should then invoke the Insurrection Act and declare Martial Law; if necessary to do one to achieve the other in appropriate order, do what it takes.

    He should then activate his Army of supporters/voters similar to The Tea Party actions of 2009-2010, calling for them to rally in Washington, D.C. after shutting down transportation into and out of D.C., to include roadblocks/security measures preventing members of all branches of the Government from escaping D.C. Once this is achieved there should be Citizens’ Justice served to the perpetrators of the recent hoaxes, i.e., the Russia Collusion Hoax, the enforcement of the fraudulent solution to the Wuhan Virus, and the most recent fraudulent General Election results. The Corporate Media aka Mainstream Media should be treated as Democrat/Leftists allies. With transportation modes shutdown, Trump Army would have to self transport.

    The Democrats/Leftists have stated on many occasions their desire and INTENT to scrap the Constitution using any means necessary, IOW, use of extra-legal methods. Their INTENT/methods make them outlaws by definition in the minds of reasonable people, and they should be treated as outlaws, enduring appropriate punishment. They are the “…enemies, foreign and domestic..” that many of us have taken, in previous times, oaths for military service/federal employment.

    Extreme? I don’t think so when considering what we have recently witnessed and going back four years in time; if action is not taken, there will be dire consequences both immediate and in the future. POTUS needs our help and support, an overt expression of both.

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    • They should start making arrests. Honestly, I get the feeling they’re afraid to for “fear of looking like Fascists.” How ridiculous. It’s almost like they used to control people with the label “racist,” and people would avoid speaking out for fear of being called racist.

      Since when is upholding the law fascism?

      But let me put your mind at ease with some facts: Americans cannot be Fascists, not in the true sense of the word. Fascism is an Italian concept built on Romanity (bringing back the glory of the Roman empire to Italians in Italy). Fascism is not Nazism. Nazis are not Fascists. Nazi is from Germany and Fascist is from Italy. The term “Fascist” used to describe Nazi and other authoritarian groups was coined by SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS as a catch-all phrase because both Fascists and Nazi were their enemy. But in truth Fascism is an Italian concept and exclusive to Italy. Americans cannot be Fascists because this isn’t Italy and America is not the home of the ancient Roman empire. The Fascist flag is an Italian flag with the eagle–the symbol of ancient ROME. The Fascist salute (copied by Hitler) is nothing more than the salute of ancient Rome, it is specific to Italy. Who knows why Hitler copied it but it is Roman.
      Fascism is rooted in ROMANITY.. Without Romanity there is no Fascism. Americans have nothing to do with Romanity and are not the home of ancient Rome.

      So when Americans use the word “Fascist” to include Nazi and other authoritarian movements and governments they are only mimicking COMMUNISTS.

      We still got Fascists in Italy and I know many of them in Northern Italy..

      Trump can make as many arrests as necessary. Americans cannot be Fascists unless they use the communist definition of fascist. But why would they do that unless they’re communists? Upholding the law doesn’t turn an American into a Nazi and for sure not into a Fascist.

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      • Just to be clear: Communists didn’t invent the word Fascist, what I said was they used the term Fascist and coined it to include not only Fascists, but also Nazi and anyone opposed to them. Fascism comes from an Italian word rooted in Romanity. What communists do, and what Americans do unknowingly, is use the term Fascism to mean Nazi or any other authoritarian group.

        MY MAIN POINT OF ALL OF THIS is to urge those in authority to uphold the law, make arrests and don’t let anyone intimidate you by fearing being called “a Fascist.” Americans don’t qualify as Fascists.

        Throw the bums in JAIL. Uphold the law, you can be sure the liberals will use the law against us if you don’t.

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      • phillie_fan62 says:

        OK, so he does all these arrests. They then call him a dictator. So what else is new? They call him a racist? yawn! Lock em up, put em in jail to await their trials. They’ll all be yelling dictator and racist from jail!


    • buckturdgison says:

      Not extreme. I would call it a good start or step in the right direction.

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  7. mtg50 says:

    Biden and Harris along with Pelosi, Schumer and others have assured themselves to go down in infamy in American history. I do not believe that the Supreme Court Justices want to join them. Destroying your legacy for anyone is bad, but for Biden and Harris!

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  8. Peoria Jones says:

    Newt Gingrich, I love you. I’ve always loved you.

    I saw you at at your rally in a hanger in Sarasota for the 2012 nomination, and you were electric. I knew Democrats at the time who even supported you, because you spoke the truth.

    If the Repub nomination had not been stolen for Romney, I can only imagine how much better our world would be now, with you in a prominent place.

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    • Cesta de Plorable says:

      My thoughts exactly. I was so disappointed when Newt suspended his campaign as I loved this truthful and honest man and wanted him for POTUS badly. Thank you, Speaker Gingrich for standing up and pointing out the truth to this dire situation. God bless you.

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  9. Danielle Cadiou says:

    Could have given him a little more time to speak, Hannity. Especially due to the importance of the topic.

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    • Raffaella says:

      It is quite disgusting that you are still watching Fox after what they did on election night and all days since. They just canceled Judge Jeanine show. Hannity and the rest of them can kiss my ass.

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      • I don’t watch any TV and I understand the anger against FUX news but let’s not blame Hannity or the others for wanting to use his position to help keep the Republic from falling. He is probably very aware of the fact that one day they will remove his show too but in the meantime he is using his position at FUX news. Hannity has gone to bat for Trump and the American people.

        The only real answer is to start a new network and new TV, I hear Newsmax is gaining ground over FUX News. Trump could start his own network.

        But at this point in time we must not “eat our own”

        File it, back burner, but now is not the time.

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        • Kimberly Gibson says:

          I am watching OANN. They are the only channel that has NOT called the election and are still reporting on all the screwups during the election. I also hope they will continue to report on things we will never hear about again on other channels….like Hunter Biden and the rest of the ‘gates’ #17 has spoken to us about….If nothing happens and Biden takes the WH….everything #17 talked about is down the toilet. There will be no JUSTICE.


    • Newt has the most logical, inspiring speech in all of this discord, and Hannity gives him a few minutes to talk! Either give these “guests” at least five to ten minutes to state their case, or don’t have them on. These talk shows need to be revamped to allow entire threads of opinion or just stop. Have only a couple of guests and give them the floor. What do they think people are? Get dressed, make-up, show up and get cut off after the host blabbers on and barely lets the guest have two minutes to speak??

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      • iwasthere says:

        The format is so annoying. 5 minute segments to be the foil of the shows host. Unfortunately Lou Dobbs has the same format. Tucker is a little better as he sometimes cuts actual reports into his show. It’s making us all A.D.D.


  10. Raffaella says:

    Any Trump supporters who are still watching Fox: you are a traitor, dirt, garbage. And you deserve to be ruled by Democrats.


    • Let’s rebuke but have patience with our fellow patriots. Remember at this time many are weak,sad, depressed and in need of support; we must exhort and lead, not condemn and belittle.
      I would say that the media consists of viewers and producers. Viewers are what fuels the media’s revenue: advertisers. To be a viewer is to support the media.
      It is high time any Trump supporter stops watching FUX news, but even more high time we start our own networks and internet system if need be since that is becoming a monopoly as well. Still, Hannity and Tucker and to a lesser extent a couple of others are still the voice of reason on that sinking ship. The other thing is that Trump tunes into FUX so it’s a good way for us to get word to him too.

      Twitter has to go too.
      Those of use who speak truth have already been banned from Twitter for simply mentioning Kyle Rittenhouse’s name. I’ve been banned for months. Yawn.

      We must start our own network and honestly cannot imagine any logical reason we haven’t. Probably the dog in the manger syndrome aka learned helplessness.

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  11. Intel Vets says:

    Why are all the headlines dated 2012?


  12. Haveaspine says:

    Freudian slip? Admission of guilt? 🤣


    • I prefer to say it’s a statement of fact.

      Out of the mouth of dementia patients comes blatant truth. Like children they just cannot help themselves. He’s so out of it he didn’t even realize he had said it.

      Time is no friend to a person suffering with dementia. One day unknowingly blurting out shocking truth, the next month drooling and dribbling on oneself. Dementia is a cruel disease. It may be a determining factor in this election by December. Depends on how fast Biden’s dementia progresses. But one only needs to listen to this video to decipher it’s progressing at an alarming speed.


  13. Haveaspine says:

    Why are my posts never got posted?


  14. Anon says:

    All TREEPERS – please watch / listen to the Newt Gingrich podcast:

    Not through Youtube, but direct:

    Episode 149: It’s Time for Us to Report Voter Fraud
    Episode 148: It’s Time for Us to Get Mad
    Episode 147: Election 2020 – What’s at Stake?

    You wont be disappointed…


  15. NedZeppelin says:

    I read Bush V. Gore case abstract and summary this am and think that the ballots collected after the election in PA will be tossed in their entirety since the PA Supreme Court (a real piece of work but I digress) fashioned the rule allowing this only AFTER the criminal Governor Wolf COULD NOT get the PA GOP controlled Legislature to enact amendments to the election law to allow this post election date count. It was a workaround and it will fail. Bush v. Gore criticized the FL Supreme Court for also “making up new rules” and stopped the Gore requested ballot recount on that basis. So will that be enough votes to matter in PA? Who knows. If there is more very substantive evidence of chicanery substantial enough that is deemed reasonable to assume it would change the result then the remedies could be invalidating certain ballots all the way up to declaring the election in that state fatally flawed and ordering a new one. Each of the circumstances in the other contested states will depend on their laws and the evidence. The constitutional “flavor” of Bush v Gore is that each vote must be legally cast and then counted the same way according to the laws of the state. There are different ways to arrive there by our federalist system but I think that rule is not to be broken. Another twist to this is whether the Supreme Court in effect decides the vote is entirely “advisory only” under the Constitution and the electors can vote as their conscience dictates.


  16. NedZeppelin says:

    FYI further digging: both PA and WI are under a similar cloud were in each case the law as enacted by the state legislature was overridden by, in PA their Supreme Court, and in WI by the state election boards allowing for the receipt of ballots received post-election. And we now now the fact of a USPS postmark isn’t exactly a guarantee of the “mailed” date. The latter fact also goes to the integrity of the mail in ballots themselves. When they arrive at the post office, it is an easy matter to sort those by zip codes of origin. How hard do you think it was for the Post Office to sequester and throw out/hide ballots from a “republican” zip code (a fact easily ascertained by a review of the voter registration records.) Easy. I mean easy if you’re a crook.


  17. old sneakers says:

    SCOTUS is going to toss this result, it will be determined that there were two elections, and each one of them won one. A new election needs to be held that requires ID and voting in person (PERIOD), all observers welcome and document the heck out of everything. Its the only way out…


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