Rally #3 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Butler, Pennsylvania – 5:30pm Livestream…

For the third Pennsylvania rally of the day President Trump heads to Butler, PA, just outside Pittsburgh. The rally venue is Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport, and the anticipated start time is 5:30pm EDT; however, the campaign is a little behind schedule. [Livestream Links Below]  Team RSBN is doing an excellent job.

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link



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235 Responses to Rally #3 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Butler, Pennsylvania – 5:30pm Livestream…

  1. I’m voting in person for president Trump and all republicans November the 3th,

  2. Patience says:

    On Tuesday
    will say

  3. FPCHmom says:

    There will never be another campaigner like the President. Such an amazing political instincts for a non-politician.

    But they will all try to be like him, if they want to win.

  4. Niagara Frontier says:

    My brother-in-law is there tonight. He says there are members of the crowd with tears in the eyes. Tears of joy for the opportunity to be in the presence of such a brave warrior, one who fights tirelessly on behalf of all of us.

    • Ditto. Something special going on here.

    • Retired IG says:

      Live about a thirty minute drive from Butler, PA. Am embarrassed that I did not know about this rally. Holy bejesus is all I can say after watching this rally and listening to President
      Have no idea what the sore losers are going to do. But the local National Guard unit (less than a mile away) has been very visible lately, testing out their engines. I guess! And believe me, I live in PA BF Egypt!
      Anticipating a landslide. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • l13er7y says:

      I was there. It’s right in my backyard. It was fantastic!

  5. WhiteBoard says:


    the MAGA versus KAGA debate seems decided – MAGA ! after the sick coup put their hands back on it with this COVID chaos.

  6. Bogeyfree says:

    What’s the deal with the Biden speech to the Nation on Tues?

    • delighteddeplorablechumpette says:

      Is that a headline from the Babylon Bee?

    • fionnagh says:

      He’ll ask Trump supporters to please not run any more of his campaign busses out of Texas.

      • WhiteBoard says:

        and repeat his BS of being a president of all people. HE HATES US!

        • spren says:

          I saw one of Biden’s recent TV ads and he ends by assuring everyone that he’ll take care of us just like he does his family. He doesn’t realize that’s what we’re afraid of.

      • icthematrix says:

        No, I predict this will be the SET UP SPEECH. It will be designed to cast President Trump as someone who will not accept the will of the people, but also claim that he may have committed voter fraud. It’s a SMEAR, designed to perpetrate the crazy leftist narrative that he will not leave the White House, effectively trying to do a reverse coup. It will also help to launch the massive “protests” against him that will trigger violence in DC and all major urban areas.

        Why else would it be a “nationwide address”?

        This is dangerous and over the top, but it’s all they have left.

        • icthematrix says:

          The BIG other reason would be to say he’s sick and cannot go forward so once his election is finalized Harris will be President. This angle sets him up for sympathy relative to pursuit for prosecution while inferring that a “Trump cheat” is denying the privilege to have the first black female in the office.

          Sickening in either case.

          • cow wow says:

            I just read an exclusive -sickening-article from Daily Mail about the laptop. I’ll try to post the link.
            Who knows what they are up to really.
            EXCLUSIVE: National security nightmare of Hunter Biden’s laptop

        • trnathens says:

          Revelation 3:10
          Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

      • sunnyflower5 says:

        Joe will claim his son Is ill and seeking treatment. He’ll ask for privacy for him and his family. This way he thinks he can slither away after his devastating loss and the lapdog media will continue to ignore the Biden crime spree.

      • Troublemaker10 says:

        Hopefully….his concession speech. ?

      • Linda K. says:

        He is going to step down from the Presidency and give it to Kamala, even if he doesn’t win.

    • delighteddeplorablechumpette says:

      Maybe he’s going to pre-emptively concede!

      • HillariousClinton says:

        It says Election Night. Maybe…just maybe they are going to do the right and just thing for the good of the nation. I know it’s a lot to hope for from these people….

  7. This was an amazing rally….he must win…

  8. If Trump had dictatorial instincts ( like Obama) – he could have extracted vengeance , shut them down etc – The POTUS has a lot of power. DJT , and Iam amazed by this, has shown such restraint in the face of hellish, dishonest, Spanish Inquisition style opposition.
    He really does love the Constitution, respects it as deeply as it is possible to respect it – even in the face of things that would say – heck with it , shut the dishonest MFs down.

    • Bannon represents what most “normal” people would have done. Enraged. Wants vengeance. Its War!!. Lock them all up. etc.
      DJT is showing us through actual lived experience, what it means to respect the Constitution.
      Remarkable. We are so lucky.

    • Frankie says:

      Defendants in Spanish Inquiaition hearings were allowed counsel and many were cleared.

      To include Teresa of Avila (later declared a saint for her work) and Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote). Cervantes, a participant in victory over Turks and other Moslem jihadists at the galley battle of Lepanto, was later captured in North Africa. After the Spanish freed him and others in a prisoner exchange, a captive who turmed Moslem falsely accused Cervantes of doing likewise. Cervantes was able to show the charge was a lie.

      Cervantes, as a veteran wounded severely in combat and able mentally, was appointed tax man for the Spanish government. Occasionally he had scrapest with the authorities, which wound up in court.

      Man of La Mancha was a total fantasy.

      Trump’s opposition is Communistic, Nazistic, sexually pervoertd, and animal fetishistic.

  9. Lion2017 says:

    We love President Trump! Thank you!!

  10. beach lover says:

    One of his best rallies yet! The sun setting in the background and the flags…I lovesd Lou Houltz speech. All good stuff.

    Now to watch Mark Levin show. Looks good also.

  11. Niagara Frontier says:

    I don’t understand why he’s going to Montoursville. That’s in Lycoming County, a county in which he beat Clinton in 2016, 70.5% to 25.7%. Must be something else going on there.

    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      I think for the same reason the President is willing to do interviews with hostile “news” outlets: worst case no change of minds, best case some folks get some red pilled.

    • petszmom says:

      Wasnt it mentioned back in 16…he doesnt take anyone for granted. A thank you, I dont forget those loyal to me.

    • Somebody says:

      He’s beating the bushes to find more votes to offset Philly. There could be people that sign up for the rally that sat out 2016 or maybe the last 10 elections. He can scoop up part of that 25% that voted for Clinton. He fires up the 70% he had in 2016 and makes sure they know how important their vote is.

      When you campaign there are red areas, blue areas and purple areas. In this case you make sure you find every voter in the red areas and get them to the polls. You branch out into the purple areas and find additional voters that like your message and make sure they vote. Unless you are way ahead you don’t waste much energy or resources in the blue area.

      I’ll use Florida as an example. Southeast Florida is densely populated and tends to vote blue. In 2016, DJT nipped at the edges to lower HRC’s margins in Miami-Dade, etc. However, what won him the state was finding every voter he could in other parts of the state. Shortly after the polls closed in the panhandle an hour after the rest of the state you could see he was going to take Florida. There weren’t enough ballots in car trunks for Broward’s Brenda Snipes to offset the panhandle. It wasn’t just the panhandle that won him FL, the panhandle alone can’t offset SE Florida. He had strong support in SW Florida, NE Florida and the big bend area, but the panhandle brought it home. So when he rallies here he hits some purple areas, he’s even gone into the heart of the blue beast in SE Florida, but he also rallies in his stronghold areas to shake the bushes looking for votes and to GOTV in those areas.

      • beach lover says:

        I believe people who arent necessarily involved in politics as we are here, love to be in camp with a winner.. and they see the excitement and enthusiasm of their neighbors, they want to be on that side.

        Who would want to go against the flow with someone like Joe? He is a loser.

    • BuckeyeMom says:

      How far away from New York is Montoursville?

    • crewdog52 says:

      Montoursville is in the absolute HEART of fracking country. Drilling rigs all over that area!

  12. PatriotKate says:

    Jill Biden was here today. I worked an early voting site that was at our coliseum. When I arrived I couldn’t understand the amount of police cars there and learned there was a Jill Biden rally later. The “rally” was in a portion of the parking lot.

    Here’s what is so funny and I only presume it’s the case because of all the times that Patriots have tracked down their events and been taunting them. Possibly expecting the same here they had taken DOZENS of school buses creating a barrier and a huge square in the parking lot. And, of course it was a “Car” rally. These people are pathetic

    I couldn’t really see from inside the building I was in but did see cars driving off later. That, coupled with a handful of people who came inside to vote and the amount of honking I heard, I’d estimate there weren’t more than a couple of dozen people.

    I can’t wait til this is over and we move to the next phase of working with President Trump to fully drain the swamp and take our country back.

  13. teaforall says:

    Biden has another episode today slurring his words, definite cognitive issue just …..watchhttps://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/joe-biden-speaks-gibberish-michigan-barack-think-right-people-badakathcare-video/

  14. Ausonius says:

    From the Wall Street Journal today:

    “…Robert Cahaly, head of the Trafalgar Group, thinks a lot of people aren’t. Trafalgar polls accurately foresaw the outcome in 2016, calling Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan for Mr. Trump. In 2020 the Atlanta-based consulting firm has generally shown Mr. Trump to be in a stronger position than the conventional wisdom would suggest. …

    If a poll respondent tells you he’s voting for Candidate A but that same person answers every other question in a way that suggests he’s voting for Candidate B, the pollster may wish to account for that oddity in the overall tally. And in a year when Candidate A is said by the cultural elite across the globe to be the Source of All Bad Things, the need to reckon with disingenuous answers is perhaps more important than usual.

    “Take any retirement community in America,” he says. “Poll how many people watch ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ and you’re gonna get one number. Contact the cable company and find out how many people at the same retirement community actually watch ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ and you’re gonna get another number.”

    …“I run a business. It’s not in my interest to pump up a Republican candidate just for the sake of it. I need to get it right.” …”

    Yes, his polling method shows the president winning on Tuesday.


  15. Tornarosa says:

    Does it still count as Campaigning if you’re doing it in secret, hiding, with no people?
    Asking for a friend

  16. Bogeyfree says:

    PT gets 20-30-50K people at rally after rally and Biden gets 30 people rally after rally.

    So tell me again how a man who has no visible support and following is going to break Obama’s vote record of 69.5M votes in 2008 to beat PT?

    It truly isn’t possible IMO WITHOUT MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.

    90M paper ballots produced and sent out which represents 70% of the Total Combined Votes cast in 2016 (128M = 65M for HRC and 63M for PT)

    If Barr is truly about one system of justice, one of his top priorities should be protecting FEDERAL elections. Has anyone heard him even mention election security or the penalty for election fraud?

    Where have the warnings been??

    NOT ONE PEEP that I have seen.

    • Dont expect Barr-zini to do anything. He is a teat on a boar.
      He is a Bush-man. The Bushmen of the kalahari—erm..Connecticut … cannot be trusted.
      The entire American Empire ( Deep State) is fighting with everything its got – all the systems have been weponized against DJT.
      I still think DJT wins, despite all that, maybe I have an unreasonable faith in America.

    • WhiteBoard says:

      its simple- the same reason why STUPID AMY got PUNKED and gave PA away to a fraud risk. Lets hope she outsmarted me, and will see this case after the election.

      80 million ballots were mailed out – thats how they win – ballots DO NOT GO TO HOMEs – they go to warehouses.

    • WhiteBoard says:

      and ! they call them STATE ELECTIONS. they dont GIVE A DAMN ABOUT FEDERAL elections – you saw the Supreme court. THERE is not such thing as a FEderal election i guess! no such thing as a President I guess!

  17. Retired IG says:

    I take my gut feelings very seriously. Saved a parent from the industrial pharma complex as well as my self from too many things to mention just by following my emotional gut,
    Many people have been refrained from living a “normal life” over the China virus. Where did the normal flu season go? Talk about “cold hard anger!”
    President Trump is the ” Gray Champion” re the book the Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe.
    I really don’t know what the USA populace will do when President Turmp wins. This is one scenario.
    Nevertheless, I am taking some comfort in imagining so many TALKING HEADS exploding. Watermelon Head Schiff, Nancy Pelosi not able to get her dentures in correctly while she promises all who watch her speak that this is yet another “fake election.” Pelosi reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe. Sore losers are getting so tiresome.
    Love to all and God Bless America and President Trump. Four more years of draining the Swamp is only going to even better Entertainment!

  18. Retired IG says:

    Darn my last sentence. Should “be” even be more entertainment. I don’t like my typos.

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