Final Presidential Debate: President Trump -vs- Former VP Joe Biden – Belmont University, Nashville, TN – 9:00pm Livestream…

Tonight is the final debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  The venue is Belmont University in liberal enclave Nashville, Tennessee, and the start time is 9:00pm EDT.  The debate will air live on all major broadcast networks and cable news channels. Candidate Biden has been in isolation with his debate prep team since last Sunday while rehearsing responses to his newly exposed bribery scheme.

As customary for the biased Commission on Presidential Debates, the moderator is NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker with deep ties to the democrat party.  Welker deleted and closed all of her social media accounts to avoid scrutiny. The debate commission also announced the topics: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security,” and “Leadership.”

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2,614 Responses to Final Presidential Debate: President Trump -vs- Former VP Joe Biden – Belmont University, Nashville, TN – 9:00pm Livestream…

  1. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Godspeed Mr. President!

    • Wethal says:

      Yes (after “Russian disinformation!”), Biden will sniff, wipe an imaginary tear from his eye, and say, “My surviving son has had such a struggle in the past, but I’m proud that he’s now clean and sober, happily re-married with a new [legitimate] baby, and I wish him well.” Another sniff.

      Welker moves on to the next question….

      • Peoria Jones says:

        Beau and Hunter are tragedies. Joe created them. This isn’t about the progeny – it’s about Creepy Joe’s corruption. It’s ABOUT JOE!

      • Daniel M. Camac says:

        Wethal, F that POS! I lost 2 wives (cancer and mental illness) and one of four sons (OD”ed) by the time I turned 57 so don’t even try to pull the sympathy card on me. I don’t blame God or anybody else.

        It’s called fate. You move on and be the best you can be.

        Slo Joe can hang just like the rest of the DC cesspool scum….and take plenty of “reporters” with them.

    • furtive says:

      He had no money to pay beau’s medical expenses….because hunter didnt.

  2. petszmom says:

    Can’t watch but will follow comments.

  3. Elric VIII says:

    Something in the back of my mind tells me this debate will be gangbusters!

  4. TexanInFL says:

    Can’t watch, but following comments.

  5. sarasotosfan says:

    I hope Trump live tweets tonight. It is the only thing that would make thizs interesting.

    He could say things like, “Gonna ask Joe if it is okay to call him Big Guy”.

  6. sunnydaze says:

    Good description of Joe in this ad, w/ words:

  7. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Moderator has sound kill switch.
    May need taser and firehose.

  8. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Fox’s over the air broadcast network will be showing some football game tonight. Yawn.

  9. Wethal says:

    I hope Trump doesn’t spend too much time on Buien corruption. Bring it up, hit it hard, but then move on. This is Trump’s last national pitch.

    People want to know how the economy will be doing, whether they’ll have a job, if their kids will be indoctrinated into the 1619 project and “anti-racism,” if they will be safe in their neighborhoods from the antifa/BLM mobs, and will be free to worship and speech thier minds.

    Hunter’s laptop won’t answer these questions. Biden will ignore the corruption charges with a dismissive “Russian disinformation,” regardless of what the FBI/DOJ said; Welker won’t press him on it.

    • Wethal says:

      Buien = Biden But you knew that.

    • Judith says:

      One of our President’s biggest strengths is his ability to think on his feet. Although he is always well prepared, his answers are unrehearsed. Unlike Sleepy Joe, the President’s sharp intellect allows him to speak on the fly.

      Quid pro Joe, on the other hand, is shallow and slick as a used-car salesman. The biased so-called “moderator” will certainly do his heavy lifting.

      I hope he swallows his tongue.

      • Wethal says:

        I think the 60 MInutes interview had some of the quickest thinking yet from Trump. (“How would you describe your supporters?” “They love America.” Wham!)

        Trump just has to let Joe ramble on and on. Biden gets worse as he talks (or repeats what his earpiece is feeding him.)

    • elderama says:

      when they get to the topic of “Leadership”,—-compare Joe’s awful campaign ad “america was an idea we never lived up to” which is stark contrast with Trump’s pride in our history and values, mount rushmore vision, “keep america great”, inspiring pride in america

  10. BareKnuckledConservative says:

    My suggestion for Trump on the Hunter issue One shot

    “I was very disturbed to hear this evening about yet more corruption in the Biden-Obama administration. As you may know, a brave whistleblower has provided evidence that the Biden Family benefited financially for favors or expectations of those.

    Of course, my opponent is on video tape explaining his use of quid pro quo and bragging about it. Threatening to withhold taxpayer funded US Aid to Ukraine in exchange for the removal of a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company.

    The facts are out there. Read the NY post (add others) It’s a sad sad day when a person who has behaved this way and shown such bad judgement is a nominee for President. Very sad.“

  11. sunnyflower5 says:

    President Trump has a incredible resume to shine a light on.
    I’m so proud of all his accomplishments in his first four years. Thank you to President Trump, his family and Administration. God Bless you all.
    The Best Is Yet To Come!

  12. bosscook says:

    My deer hunt starts tomorrow morning, so tonight I’m cleaning my rifle. It would be dangerous for the tv to watch the debates and a waste of a good bullet. But I’m counting on the usual stellar reporting from y’all….thank you in advance.

    • sunnydaze says:

      ‘Tis the season. Good luck hunting.

    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      bosscook, Bag one for me……and when you do? Keep hunting…you may see a doe with a swagger drinking Chardonnay out of a box. Don’t kill her….just bring her in for questioning.

      We Deplorables got a lot of questions for that one.

      PS- good idea about not watching the debate but I’m going in so cover me.

  13. slowcobra says:

    He’s been in seclusion getting his corneal cameras and wireless devices implanted.

  14. bulwarker says:

    Let’s goooooooo!

  15. gildie says:

    Maybe the FBI will arrest Biden right in the middle of the debate. Hope he puts up a fight & they have to taser him.

  16. Don Anastas says:

    National Security is the perfect segue into discussing the Biden Crime Family. Will President Trump call Biden “The Big Guy”?

  17. richard edwards says:

    They need a mute switch for the moderator, for when she interrupts to bail out Biden.

  18. “Only an Airhead Can Save US from Air” > principia-scientific(.)org

    “Non Science Nonsense” > CanadaFreePress

    NO gas molecule can capture, store, redirect or amplify radiant energy photons moving at the speed of light. NO gas molecule warms Earth. The atmosphere reduces incoming solar energy, COOLING Earth and reduces outgoing radiant energy, but this reduced cooling is NOT WARMING.

    I have been lectured in person by every claimed Lukewarmist “skeptic”, including Lindsen, Singer, Curry, Spencer, Watts, Morano, Delingpole, Monckton and more. This FAKE debate would have ended a decade ago if these charlatans could be forced to debate Thermodynamics and actual Radiation Physics.

    There is NO Carbon Dioxide warming, not even a little bit.

    • This is a thread about tonight’s Presidential Candidates debate. I believe you have entered the wrong room by mistake.

      • MustangBlues says:

        Great Answer by Fauxscienceslayer to the issue of climate change.

        Invisible Mikey: FYI about ”wrong room by mistake.””

        Here is the list of debate topics: Notice that one called ”’Climate Change”.

        The debate commission also announced the topics: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American Families,” “Race in America,” “Climate Change,” “National Security,” and “Leadership.”

      • liberty, not license says:

        I think he made this comment because “Global Warming “ is slated as a debate topic.

        • Okie dokie. Still came across as out of left field to me. Did anyone else come here to discuss climate change?

          • Daniel M. Camac says:

            Invisible…..well Mikey, since the Left associates Global Warming with climate change then I believe fauzscienceslayer has some legitimate points, supported by most “objective” scientists.

            I agree that it’s not the HOT topic right now so fauzscienceslayer could have prefaced his/her comment with the “Climate Change” topic but hey, many folks, including myself have done much worst.

            I hope we all want the best thing for our country right now and that is TRUMP 2020…and Beyond!

          • Now that the debate is over, it seems they both barely touched on the topic, aside from some tangential arguments about wind turbines and fracking. No actual discussion about climate science. Only framed within energy contexts. Probably outside both candidate’s expertise.

    • hocuspocus13 says:


      The Space Shuttle leaves in 20 minutes better hurry!

  19. ivehadit says:

    Tonight, Donald fights for us, for America. Be prepared. This is an existential fight. He will give it all he has got and we WILL STAND BEHIND HIM 100%.



    • liberty, not license says:

      Yes! And did you see the emails about Frank Luntz admitting he stated Biden won the VP debate over Ryan, even though Ryan was his paying client?!

  20. Bogeyfree says:

    Yesterday was Good

    Today has been Great

    But tomorrow could be Stupendous!

    Who is O? The world wants to know.

  21. Cam Heck says:

    what’s the hold up? Biden slash his wrists?

  22. OffCourseNation says:

    “Are you ready for tonight?

    Despite the Debate Commission’s best efforts to protect Biden by changing tonight’s debate topic from foreign policy, I am going to make sure he answers for his corrupt dealings with CHINA. He is totally compromised, and the American People deserve to know the TRUTH.

    Donald J. Trump
    President of the United States”

    • WSB says:

      President Trump: “I’ll take ‘American Families’, ‘National Security’, and ‘Leadership’ for Trillions,, Kirsten.”

    • Jase says:

      Every ‘favourite Dem talking point’ they’ve put on the agenda is easily segued into what needs to be talked about.
      Plus, NBC very helpfully ran a story this week about how proper forest management is the key to stopping wildfires.

  23. SR says:

    Biden is preparing for 5 days and he has all the pre defined ans ready with punches. As we have less expectations from Biden but he will do fine like first debate. PTrump is not professional lawyer politician with perfect words and punches. If PTrump able to destroy like Pence did to Kamala then election over tonight.

  24. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Welp at this point it is clear that any vote for any Democrat today is a vote for the Chinese Communist Party model of how a Society is governed.

  25. twodot says:

    pins and needles ,needles and pins
    beans and rice,rice and beans
    I could smoke a pack of cigarettes

  26. SR says:

    I heard they will have opening statements so PTrump can summarize all the foreign policy achievements and Biden’s failure. Bring China into foreign policy.

  27. trapper says:

    POOL TIME!!! Get your money out.

    How many times will Trump’s microphone be cut off tonight? My money is on 18.

    Drinking game. Every time his mic is cut off, take a drink.

  28. oldschool64 says:

    OK, is it just me, or does Trump bring the coolest guests ever to these debates! 😀

  29. Fools Gold says:

    Seen a funny tweet today goes something like this. Every time POTUS says BIg Guy everyone toast and take a drink of your favorite alcohol yell hell yah.

    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Fools Gold, Kinda like driving to a NASCAR event and doing a shot when the WInnie crossed a bridge (except for the driver of course). Yee Haw! oh I forgot……

      HELL YAH!! Go VSJPDJT! or Don as his old time friends like to call him.

  30. Sentient says:

    We got 7” of snow two days ago. On a list of the top 100 issues, global warming would be #968.

    • Rhoda R says:

      Libs are upset that most people don’t give a good D*mn about global warming/climate change so they are trying to bring it into fashion again. I do know the climatistas have been trying to like GW to CV19 as well as the forest fires out west. But with not a lot of success – especially since it was found that some/a lot of the fires are the result of BLM/Antifa arson.

  31. screwauger says:

    Been conversing with some like minded high school buddies and we all agree, the SS should remove Biden from the stage tonight. He is a potential threat to the POTUS given his clear guilt, little time left in the natural world and his blackmailability (we’ll take out Jill and Hunter too). He could be a plant!!!! This is total BS

  32. Sentient says:

    If Joe wanted to help race relations, he probably shouldn’t have picked a running mate who bailed out BLM rioters after they burned down Minneapolis.

  33. Ausonius says:

    Biden should resign during his opening statement.

    He will not, but he should.

    Questions: Would K.Harris get more votes than Biden, if he resigned? Whom would K. Harris choose for V-P? Buttigieg (remember him?), Shrillary…?

    • cjzak says:

      Would she automatically move to the top slot? What actually happens if the Pres. candidate has to withdraw from the race before Election Day?

      • Wethal says:

        State law controls ballot access before election day, and it would be too late under state law to change the candidate. Too many ballots have already been cast, anyway.

  34. Patience says:

    OUR Very Stable Genius, President Donald J Trump
    has arrived in the Beast.

    God, Bless…….

  35. sunnyflower5 says:

    Joe Biden is using his only living son as a Bag Man.
    Joe Biden is not a nice or good man.

    • Cam Heck says:

      I hope POTUS makes that point- what kind of father uses his crack addicted son for personal financial gain, rather than take him into rehab for help?

    • OffCourseNation says:

      Not that different from the Palestinians sacrificing their sons,

    • scrap1ron says:

      Jill Biden is allowing her dementia suffering husband to be used as a tool to regain globalist control of the Presidency. She’s not a nice woman, wife, or mother.

  36. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    They are going to throw it all at our President.
    They need to damage his momentum.
    Can’t watch, I have an anxiety disorder that will keep me up all night and I have to work all day tomorrow.
    But every second I will hold him up in my small prayer.
    Thank you Treepers who watch and report.
    What a gift you are!

    • Serena says:

      Let’s all of us Treepers lift the President up in prayer. Lord keep Your hand on our President. Guide him in all the right ways in his approach to answer the leading and condescending
      questions he will be asked. Help him to stay positive and keep him calm and steady and on track in the midst of his Godless and hate filled enemies. Make him strong and unwavering. Lift him up Lord and bless him with wisdom and strength.Amen

    • Jorizabeth says:

      Your prayer isn’t small. Every prayer is big! Thanks for your comment and you are also a gift. Let’s do this!

  37. I STILL say that President Trump should carry one of THESE in case the debate moderator cuts his mic off:

  38. Drogers says:

    Brit Hume is one of my Top 3 political observers.

    But is there no way he couldn’t maybe pick some new clothes that’s not from the 1950’s?

  39. MicD says:

    Topic for debate: “Race in America”.
    Why not Amish NASCAR ?

  40. Admin says:

    Every reference should be “the Big Buy”.

    The Big Guy is gonna raise your taxes
    The Big Guy is going to allow illegals to come in
    The Big Guy is gonna take your guns.
    And so on and so on.

    Google will get crushed with Big Guy searches from those who watch the mainstream news that’s not covering it.

    • Somebody says:

      I disagree, there has been a media blackout. Many people will not understand the big guy reference.

      Remember when Marco Rubio called POTUS Big Don trying to insult him and we all laughed. To people that don’t know about laptop they will have same reaction to POTUS calling Joe big guy.

      • Admin says:

        No, those people will wonder why he keeps calling Joe Biden “Big Guy”. It’s actually a brilliant strategy.

  41. OffCourseNation says:

    Biden is no doubt hoping this debate will put him over the top for the Senate. If not in Ohio, then at least for South Carolina.

  42. Somebody says:

    Biden camp out is out with statement that if POTUS brings up China Joe stuff he’s spreading Russian misinformation

  43. RJ says:

    “Joe, now I know why you called me a racist when I shutdown travel to China…you were selling out America for money”.

  44. rustybritches says:

    Well I would love to join all you lovely people but sadly I cant I really hope that the President does not get angary and I hope that he stays cool and allows Biden to just spew his crap and then when he gets threw, Talk to him about the lies he just told and strighten him out and talk directly to the American people I dont know if i can watch or not I might break my TV Lol
    Have a great Evening everyone May god bless President Trump and His family

  45. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    3 times a charm….trying to post this 1 more time.

  46. Here in NH with Comcast cable for TV:
    About dueling townhalls: they either did not until just before debate list the Trump townhall, & then listed it partitally incorrectly, but Biden’s were listed all over the place.
    This debate: my cable just went out and it is now re-loading.
    Just coincidence – right???

  47. Ackman419 says:

    I don’t want to get hyped….but I’m expecting EPIC!
    I’ll be fine with a beat down.
    But I want EPIC!

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