Giddy Up: It’s Time to Kick-start the 2020 Election Ground Reports – What Are You Seeing?

It’s that time again when we kick-off the pre-election ground reports.  With Treepers in every state, your information is actually a great insight into the political landscape.

Individual reports are obviously anecdotal; however, when they are compiled on a larger scale, and overlaid against the social media network we also follow, these ground reports have proven to be pretty darned accurate.

Recent state polling in Florida (not done by national media) shows President Trump with a considerable lead over Joe Biden.  The stronger than 2016 support from Miami-Dade and the increase in Latino voters for President Trump are a significant factor.  Local data and ground reality both support my own review that the Florida margin in 2020 is near the Ohio margin in 2016.   Without large mail-in ballot manipulation the Harris-Biden ticket doesn’t stand a chance in Florida.  It’s over.

EXAMPLE-2: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in Phoenix, Arizona, and the lack of support was remarkable.  A ground report from Phoenix aligns with the visible reality and highlights a true reflection avoided by MSM:

I live in Phoenix. I’d like to file the following report “on the ground” here in Arizona.

There are reports Joe Biden drew eight people in Phoenix when he visited here last Thursday.

The enthusiasm gap is staggering. There is very little real/organic support for Biden. Very few yard signs and very few Biden/Harris car bumper stickers. By contrast, there are hundreds and hundreds of old cars/pickups with Trump flags and American flags driving around. This morning, I saw a “Democrats for Trump” bumper sticker.

I have “coffee with the cops” whenever I can and the Democrat’s avowed support for Antifa/Anarchists has turned all the cops against Biden. They called his anti-police polices “bleep.” I can’t imagine any police union member supporting for him.

People here want a job not a government handout. Cindy McCain has zero support and virtually no influence.

My two boys recently graduated from ASU and were shocked by the college faculty’s attempt at liberal indoctrination. They just wanted to get a job after graduation. They will be voting for Trump (based on their own life experiences, not mine).

We the people are being sold a “bill of goods” about Biden the likes of which I’ve never seen or imagined. It is an epic crock.

God speed, patriots!  (link)

All visible support for President Trump is genuinely organic, grassroots and easily identifiable as not being politically coordinated.  Conversely all media-focused support for Joe Biden -used to frame the current election narrative- is transparently astroturf, inorganic and easily identified as being contrived.  There truly is a remarkable and easily witnessed distinction.

Additionally, I see the COVID weaponization for political purposes as a net negative. No-one has ever won an election by relying on American voters to be stupid.  We have our political differences but the DNA in our national blood carries a strong BS detector.  Once people pay attention, in the aggregate Americans can tell when things are manipulated.

So here’s the question…  What do you see in your area?

What is the visible situation from your community and how does that contrast or align with the national narrative you are seeing as promoted by media?

Ground reports are a great way to get a *sense* of the election.

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900 Responses to Giddy Up: It’s Time to Kick-start the 2020 Election Ground Reports – What Are You Seeing?

  1. frankdear52 says:

    In central Texas little to no grassroots support for Biden/Harris….very few yard signs or bumper stickers. A lot of Trump/Pence bumper stickers, yard signs and flags visible everywhere you go. Huge turn out on first day of early voting.


  2. frankdear52 says:

    In central Texas little to no grassroots support for Biden/Harris….very few yard signs or bumper stickers. A lot of Trump/Pence bumper stickers, yard signs and flags visible everywhere you go. Huge turn out on first day of early voting.


  3. boilingmud says:

    Whidbey Island, Washington State

    About 100 miles north of Shithole Seattle. Very conservative area due to Naval Air Station Whidbey. The China flu never really took hold here (thank God), 12 fatalities total to date for Island County with 10 associated with a long term care facility. Next to no one wore a mask until the damn idiot governor, Jay Inslee mandated them early summer. Outside of retail outlets, you rarely see them today.

    Born and raised in Seattle and moved to the island about 18 months ago, best decision we ever made. Very big supporters of the 2nd amendment up here, lots of retired vets. Hundreds of American flags flying along the main drag yesterday in celebration of Columbus Day!

    Signs everywhere for Trump and our future Governor Loren Culp. I don’t know anyone up here that’s voting for Biden. I’ve only seen a handful of Biden signs to date.

    My wife had to go to Seattle last weekend and was shocked by the decline over the past 18 months. We lived in Ballard, a beautiful neighborhood about 6 miles north of downtown Seattle, and were often criticized by our neighbors for flying the flag 365. Up here, all my neighbors do. My wife said she drove through familiar ares where there was garbage everywhere and large homeless out-camps in residential neighborhoods. She said it was very depressing…

    We have no desire to go to Seattle any more other than an occasional doctors appointment and maybe, just maybe, to leave a big dump on the sidewalk?


  4. RoyalCrownCat says:

    So, we are Trump country in rural SW Missouri, but signs and flags here went up months ago – local Trump trains very enthusiastic w/ hundreds of vehicles which is impressive for an area where there are only a few hundred residents in the scattered small towns here. There are a few outfits along the busy state highway south of me who bought the advertising board space on the big billboards on their properties, and the message is all Trump/KAG.


  5. Finlay Stephen says:

    Went to vote early in Bellmeade, Nashville this morning. 3 hour wait in line to vote. 4 years ago was about an hour wait. Huge turnout, but difficult to know who’s there.


  6. Elwood says:

    Oklahoma is set to go all 77 counties for Trump. (Just like ’16)



  7. Marian says:

    A little late with this report.

    I live in a very liberal neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona — near the university. There are about 325 houses in my neighborhood and I counted 10 Biden signs. There were some signs for Mark Kelly, local Democrat candidates, send more money on teachers, one anti-Trump sign, and one sign that said Defend Democracy Vote Blue.🙄


  8. Foxxie Marie says:

    I voted today in rural southern Georgia county that went 88.6% for Trump in 2016. My vote was around the 3,500th, I don’t remember the exact number, but very high turnout. If I remember correctly, our county had just over 6,000 votes in the final tally 2016. Inspiring numbers here, and maga-support everywhere.


  9. Melissa Varnadore says:

    In Alabama, LOTS of Doug Jones signs….thanks to all the out of state money. He will lose anyway. LONG lines since we don’t have early voting.


  10. FreshCovfefe says:

    Just cast my vote on Long Island, NY. Suffolk County specifically. Got to the polling place at 6 and the line was wrapped around the building. I’ve been voting here for 15 years and never saw it like this. I’ve seen maybe 2 Biden yard signs and more than a few Trump flags. Lots of American flags also, so I consider them to be stealth Trump voters. I’ve also seen a bunch of trucks with Trump flags/American flags driving around town.

    As an aside, I found this blog right before the 2016 election and it kept me sane throughout election night. I never post, but I lurk every day and I’ll be following along with you all today while we bring it home for our President. God bless him and our country.


  11. Contempt says:

    75 year old Southern Boy living the life in Columbia SC. Random Biden yard signs in my neighborhood. No Trump signs. Up at six am and out to vote with daughter by 7:15. First person to vote at 8:01. Drove in the senior citizen area. Interesting. We parked. Worker gave a yellow vote sign. A similar sign was given to last person in line of voters. When he got to our car a poll worker took the signs, another worker came out. Took my signature first sr. citizen for the day. Checked my drivers license id rolled out machine and I voted with a large q-tip. Piece of cake. Didn’t wear a mask. Think SC will be Red.


  12. Joe Spry says:

    Long lines in central North Carolina since before 6:00am at polls. A steady stream in Guilford and Forsyth counties.


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