Philadelphia Firefighters Endorse President Trump – Philadelphia Precincts Block Trump Poll Watchers…

Earlier today the Philadelphia chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters broke with the International Association of Firefighters and backed President Trump for reelection over Joseph Biden.

However, in a repeat of 2008 -where Philly members of the Black Panther Party blocked voters against Barack Obama- there are now reports of President Trump poll observers being blocked from satellite precincts in Philadelphia.

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74 Responses to Philadelphia Firefighters Endorse President Trump – Philadelphia Precincts Block Trump Poll Watchers…

  1. OffCourseNation says:

    Trump likes it hot, but Biden just babbles when the heat is on
    Will Biden feel the heat and decide that he can’t go on ?
    Trump likes it hot, but you can’t tell just how hot ’til he really tries
    Trump likes it hot, so let him turn up the heat ’til Biden fries!

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  2. chojun says:

    What can one do about being blocked entry to a polling place? Take it up with an election judge?

    Hopefully these poll volunteers are instructed on how to handle this situation.

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  3. sync says:

    Meanwhile, in New York city:
    The New York City Board of Elections has mailed out nearly half a million absentee ballots ahead of Election Day this November, as many New Yorkers are opting to vote by mail during the pandemic. Yet some voters are already reporting problems with their ballots that could invalidate someone’s vote if they aren’t caught in time.

    Multiple voters in Brooklyn told Gothamist / WNYC that they have received a mislabeled “official absentee ballot envelope.” Normally, the voter inserts their completed ballot into the envelope and signs the outside. But in these cases, their ballot envelopes bear the wrong name and address. If a person signs their own name to this faulty ballot envelope, the ballot would be voided.

    So far, voters in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Carroll Gardens, Crown Heights, Clinton Hill, Bushwick, Flatbush, Brooklyn Heights, Sunset Park, Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Fort Greene have already reported the issue. More than 140,000 absentee ballots have gone out across the borough.

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  4. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I don’t get it. I thought their candidate is up by over 500 point, no? Then what are they are afraid of? Why block Trump poll watchers? They are outnumbered, right? They have no power, right? Why not let them sit there and watch their candidate get beaten by joe the conqueror?

    Pay no attention to what they say. Watch what they do.

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    • 28Angelica28 says:

      They want to do without us watching because they know that they are engaging in both illegal and immoral activities!

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    • Wethal says:

      “Then what are they are afraid of?”

      The secret Trump voters that gave him the win in 2016. The Dems are trying to cheat on a bigger scale to overcome them.

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      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        Yes, but according to their “polls” POTUS does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Creepy is so far ahead that there is no hope… so why the worry about a couple of measly poll watchers?

        Obviously I am being facetious…
        Do not listen to what they say. Pay attention to what they are doing…

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    • numbersixdance says:

      “They” want to show Biden up big in polls so when the results come in and Trump is the perceived winner…that is their evidence that voter fraud must have occurred and to file suit against the state and to manufacture ballots to overcome the deficit.


  5. Caius Lowell says:

    If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts.
    If the law and the facts are against you, send out absentee ballots and cheat like hell.

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  6. OffCourseNation says:

    Fighting for Peace.
    Military Intelligence.
    Democrat Election Integrity.

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  7. maggiemoowho says:

    More firefighters will come out in support of Trump now, it usually takes one group to start and others will follow. I can’t imagine why any firefighter, paramedic or anyone for that matter, would vote for Biden. People have two choices, either you love this country and vote Trump or you hate this country and vote Biden, there is no in between.

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  8. AG Barr & Company have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that they either don’t care or are incapable of doing anything about the corruption on the highest levels of our Government and THEIR agencies.

    At this point, I have only one demand left, having given up on everything else: AG Barr, if you do nothing else for the rest of your miserable life, MAKE SURE THAT WE AT LEAST HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE TO GET OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP RE-ELECTED.

    I am sick and tired of being played like a yoyo- every day another up and down. As Sundance, Tom Fitton, Devin Nunes, James O’Keefe and many others have PROVEN, the Stalinist/Commie/ DemonRats know they can’t win a legitimate election so they are planning to STEAL this one.


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    • newtreeperpa says:

      Seneca…My sentiments exactly. I have never liked Barr as he is a swamp creature “extraordinaire”, knowing all the other creatures in DC and protecting them, especially Mueller & co.

      The only reason we have been stuck with him is another creep, McConnell. On November 4th, I want PDJT to go scorched-earth on all of them. If the rinos get caught up in this to the point they have to resign, oh well. Rubio, Graham, and the rest of them.

      We The People have been lied to enough. It’s time for transparency (Ratcliffe????) on all fronts.

      As for Philthadelphia, is anyone shocked? This may be very well be THE most corrupt city in the country. I am being told that there is ever-growing support for PDJT in the city proper but residents and businesses are still putting out hiden biden signs because they dont want their property trashed. A very sad city run by a tyrant with no laws enforced by the Soros-paid DA, Krasner.

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      • Marystriumph says:

        “Let em go Larry” is what he is called in Philly.

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      • warrprin1 says:

        McConnell must go as Senate Majority Leader. He has consistently betrayed our POTUS, who is the leader of McConnell’s own Party – OUR Republican Party. We need every single Senate seat we currently hold, and to strengthen the Majority with more seats, but we also need a new Majority Leader.

        A few Senate Repubs have, as late, taken a stand in pro of releasing more of the truth. How much more, I don’t know. Prior to these recent developments on a couple of Senate committees, I was convinced that not a single one of GOP Senator could ever be trusted again – including Rand Paul. Even Rand hasn’t voted for a Senate recess.

        We must hold the Senate Majority, and equally so, we must have a different Majority Leader – never Lindsey, never Marco, and never any one of Mitch’s GOPe posse.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Well said. Video proof in Minnesota. And video proof in Texas. One for Omar and the other Biden.

      Yet, nada. Zero. Zilch.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Well said. Video proof in Minnesota. And video proof in Texas. One for Omar and the other Biden.

      Yet, nada. Zero. Zilch.

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  9. Smartacus says:

    What happens if someone shoots a cop who illegally removes a poll watcher on behalf of an election official who is acting illegally?

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  10. prtomr says:

    Irrc, the NBP folks were not prosecuted by Holder in 2008. I wonder how AG Barr is going to approach these Philly irregularities? I am assuming that PDJT’s people are already on this.

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  11. Ploni says:

    Biden already is fried.

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  12. Beth says:

    According to a 2010 FOX News story , “the Department of Justice wrongly abandoned voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party .”

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    • sync says:

      Black Panther voter-intimidation debacle still gnaws at nation’s values
      J. Christian Adams

      is an election lawyer who served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice and is author of Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department

      Most who have seen the video of the New Black Panthers standing in front of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 have well-settled opinions about the matter. However, with the presidential election next year, and with the injunction that barred the baton-wielding King Samir Shabazz from appearing at city polling places set to expire, it’s worth considering some facts you might not have heard before.

      “As we know, the Justice Department brought a voter-intimidation lawsuit against the Panthers in the final days of the Bush administration. I was one of the four lawyers who brought the case. It was dismissed entirely a few months after President Obama’s inauguration, apart from a temporary slap on the wrist for Shabazz. The dismissal occurred despite a default being entered against all of the Panther defendants because they never responded.”

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    • Hopper Creek says:

      Eric Holder


  13. sync says:

    Starting September 29, Satellite Election Offices will begin opening throughout Philadelphia. There, voters will be able to drop off their mail-in ballots in-person during their hours of operation. Voters who have not yet requested a mail-in ballot will be able to go to the office, request a ballot, fill it out, and turn it back in—all in one trip.


  14. stvzs47 says:



  15. namberak says:

    I thought one of the more interesting things about the Panthers with the bats threatening voters in ’16 were the results in those precincts. Several of them reported 100% for the Dowager Empress. Just by the laws of probability, that’s impossible. Someone somewhere would have pushed the wrong button (pulled the wrong lever, whatever, however it’s done in Philly). That means not only was it good old fashioned voter intimidation, there was also North Korea style box stuffing. “Don’t blame me– I voted for Kim Jong-Un!”

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  16. MelH says:

    Your heart needs to watch this, I think.

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  17. FL_GUY says:

    The only way to stop local election fraud is by federal intervention. Can they do it? Damn straight; it’s called the Voters Rights Act of 1965 which I believe is still effect. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not just for black voters; it’s for all voters who are being discriminated against by local authorities.

    A pair of US Marshalls should escot every President Trump observer into the voting places and stay with them. Arrest anyone who tries to interfere. It’s TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The Election Observer escort by US Marshalls wouldn’t be necessary everywhere; mainly in the worst nests of democrat infestation like Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee & Madison, etc.


  18. jumpinjarhead says:

    Excellent—these first responder union defections are historic—a VERY good sign!

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    • Eagle Driver says:

      NOW to bring the rest of the UNION(s) into the fold!!!!

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        If they were not largely run by authoritarian and mafia-like thugs there would be many more.

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        • Eagle Driver says:

          Surely the Union leaders see the writing on the wall? It is NOT hieroglyphics…The unions are going to loose in the long run if they still back Hiden’ Biden’…Once they do that…and President Trumps wins again…the Unions are out in the cold…Teachers Unions come to mind for some reason…Agree with you on the “authoritarian” thugs…LOOSERS!!!

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    • Tess from Philly says:

      I don’t think it’s really a defection. It’s more an acknowledgement of how they voted last time. Many of them are in my parish. To a man, they voted for Trump. Their wives, however, did not. That might change this year. I’m praying.

      What’s with Mitt Romney’s niece robocalling me this morning and telling me to make sure that I and all Pennsylvanians voted safely with an absentee ballot? If the RNC asks for money they can go pound sand. Unfortunately for me my boycott is meaningless since I’ve considered them all a bunch of swamp dwellers for more than a decade.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        I meant a “defection” from the national organization.

        I share your feeling about the RNC—I vote for individuals as a result of the behavior of the RNC—given the respective platforms of the parties I end up voting for the repubs in the general election but in spite of their party affiliation rather than because of it.

        It is ALWAYS a choice of the lesser “evil” as there is never a “perfect” candidate.

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    • Rotor says:

      As a former member of the IAFF. I can confidently state that a majority of the membership are Trump voters.
      To the extent there are Dims in the union they mostly come from the large metropolitan depts. As the geo-political map would dictate. If the large metro depts are indeed flipping to Trump That would be telling.

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  19. Paladin says:

    My Philly story: I was a poll watcher in Philly for the National Republican Lawyers Association for Bush/Cheney ’04. Many of us never got our pollwatcher credentials despite having our names submitted well in advance. So we were left outside and could do nothing. One of the few things I could see was the greeter at the table just inside the door who had on a “not my president” shirt with a picture of President Bush. That shirt kind of told the story of how things were going at our assigned polling place.

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  20. freepetta says:

    This cheating ballot harvesting and disallowing Trump poll watchers is reprehensible!!
    Every state conducting this like my own đź’© state of NY should be tied up in court and there should be feds at every voting precinct and any place receiving truck loads of ballots!!
    Has anyone seen this new book by corrupt Weissmann and how he chides Mueller for not subpoenaing or charging PDJT with obstruction.
    Weissmann is doing this to save his own pathetic stinky skin.


  21. John Comnenus says:

    Simple solution, Trump should threaten legal action to not include any ballots from any voting booths or places where his integrity inspectors are denied access. Simple. If you wipe out most of Phillies votes, Trump wins Penn in a landslide. It’s not an unreasonable case. And it will end up in SCOTUS straight after the election. His puts the Dem vote in Philly at risk.

    Likewise Trump should reserve the right to do the same for any polling place where there is violence or intimidation against his voters. Obviously you would apply this suit with discretion only in largely blue districts. This might well negate Portland’s overwhelming Blue vote giving the GOP a chance in Oregon.

    Trump needs to forecast dozens of law suits that puts the Dems on notice that they can’t cheat. For example, we know he Dems have an advantage in mail in voting. Any state that has any record of mail in voter fraud will cause Trump to question the legality of counting any mail in ballots. Trumpeters will vote on the day, will Dems turn up. Such a move would already threaten Dem mail in in Minnesota, NY, Texas, and Nevada. This would threaten The Dem vote in numerous swing States and turn Minnesota over as well as Nevada.

    Such measures at the very least put some risk in the game for the Democrats and they know they will end up in a SCOTUS with a Conservative majority. It creates risk and changes the game for the Dems. The cases might not succeed, but then again they might. Either way they change the Democrats thinking and game plan. They disrupt the Dems disruption and lawfare plans.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      John Comnenus, President Trump lost Philadelphia County to Hildabeast in 2016. However, he pretty much carried the rest of the state. Apparently Hildabeast was so ignorant as well as arrogant, that she assumed she only needed to carry Philly to win the state. There’s lots and lots of other voters spread out across Pennsylvania, and when you add them all up, their numbers are greater than the voters in Philly, living or dead. lol

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      • John Comnenus says:

        Yes I know, but the Dems plan is clearly to cheat to win Penn. if you threaten their base in Philly there is no way they can manufacture enough votes to win Penn. if it were a free and fair election Trump would carry Penn. but it’s not a free and fair election so Trump has to make it harder for them to win. Without Philly the Dems cannot even come close enough to cheat to win Penn. that’s the point. Disrupt their cheating now. Make them understand there is significant risk in cheating. Do it now.

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  22. Sentient says:

    If democrats – whether in Philly or here in Minneapolis – had any shame, they’d stop this fraud. If democrats had any shame, they wouldn’t be democrats.

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  23. Pokey says:

    Philadelphia has come down a long way since the 18th century. What a cesspool of a third world political environment. They can’t even collect ballots for an election in the 21st century. This would be humorous if these ass hats didn’t take their ballot shenanigans so seriously. Philly just sucks now.


  24. Eric C. says:

    The IAFF newsletter from 2009 that listed the line item budget showed no reduction and mostly increases in each line item despite the Union members across the nation forced to pay dues saw a reduction in salary, benefits and overtime opportunities due to the financial crisis.

    The IAFF President has about 10 Vice Presidents (at least) that make north of $200,000 and the IAFF president makes over $300,000 per year all at the expense of the local front line firefighters.

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  25. montanamel says:

    Time to saddle up….

    Daylights’ wasting….

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  26. SanJac says:

    We observed mass voter fraud in the midterms and nothing was done. When you walk into polling places and there are signs that say “vote straight Demorat” with video proof and nothing was done.

    With the Roy Moore fiasco we witnessed video proof of people gloating that they have been bussed all around the state voting yet they were not even residents of the state.
    Where was the FEC then and where are they now ?

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  27. MfM says:

    Trump just mentioned this.


  28. JCM800 says:

    SCOUTS Janus vs. AFSCME

    The Crying of the NYT is symphonic beauty to my ears…..

    “The Supreme Court decision striking down mandatory union fees for government workers was not only a blow to unions. It will also hit hard at a vast network of groups dedicated to advancing liberal policies and candidates.

    Some of these groups work for immigrants and civil rights; others produce economic research; still others turn out voters or run ads in Democratic campaigns. Together, they have benefited from tens of millions of dollars a year from public-sector unions — funding now in jeopardy because of the prospective decline in union revenue.”

    Hate posting a link, but citing sources establishes validity.


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