Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

The DOJ, Sidney Powell and the Sullivan appointed amicus John Gleeson will hold a hearing today in the courtroom of Judge Emmet Sullivan to argue the unopposed motion to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn. The hearing begins at 11:00am ET and you can call-in to hear the audio of the live courtroom events.  (details below)

  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 5524636)
  • 888-363-4734 –  (access code 6114909)
  • 877-336-1839  – (access code 1429888)
  • 877-402-9753  – (access code 2090166)
  • 888-557-8511  – (access code 4140864)
  • 888-273-3658  – (access code 1773796)

UPDATE: If you cannot get through on any phone line use this periscope link HERE

UPDATE 2: Technical issues at the court.  Recess called until 12:35pm ET to work on issues. I’m Dropping another link (YouTube) below that was not compromised during the “technical issues”.

UPDATE 3:  Some more technical glitches and a 15 min bio break until 2:45pm ET

UPDATE 4: Hearing ended abruptly.


If the true administration of justice was to prevail in this case, the judge should simply accept the unopposed motion and this would be the end of the malicious prosecution.  However, this case has so many precedents anything is possible.

If you are listening-in to the hearing, feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions into the comment section to share.

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1,675 Responses to Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Johnny Bravo says:

    DOJ and Sidney bring the house down on Sullivan’s head.

    DOJ Cole pleading with Sullivan to bring this to a swift end (it’s not Sullivan’s decision it’s the DOJ’s).

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  2. WhiteBoard says:

    “shocked and FBI agent” “look under the hood”

    what is this guy talking about?

    political bias,

    racial bias

    religious animous?

    this POS cant even complete a sentence.

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  3. vadrandma says:

    Geez, Gleeson has diarrhea of the mouth and they just let him go on and on. He’s not saying anything new.

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  4. MR52 says:

    Jackie is on the moon. Geez, what a joke.

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  5. booger71 says:

    Gleeson is asking for relief? From what…being stupid?

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  6. Donzo says:

    How many millions of tax dollars have been and continue to be spent prosecuting this case?

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  7. booger71 says:

    Under advisment……..he could have said that 5 hours ago.

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  8. CTim Bo says:

    How did Sullivan get this case? It was no accident.

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  9. berniekopell says:

    Hearing over. Flynn takes it under advisement and will issue a minute order about additional submissions.

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  10. Craig Branham says:

    What a POS Gleeson is.

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  11. Brian Baker says:

    Sullivan said he will be “proceeding with dispatch” whatever that means.

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  12. Johnny Bravo says:

    A judge needs balls in a case like this. We probably need Mrs Sullivan to turn in

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  13. Auntie Anxiety says:

    Sydney is headed to the tippy top.

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  14. cboldt says:

    Gleeson uses the Casablanca, “shocked” that the FBI would set a perjury trap against an otherwise innocent person. Of course! that is what they do! Says Gleeson.
    Gleeson says that if court denies motion to dismiss, of course the government will prosecute the case. What other choice will they have? To not prosecute would show extreme disrespect.
    Sullivan takes the case under advisement, will proceed with dispatch. Will issue a minute order as to production.
    Siney asks for an urgent transcript. Sullivan says talk to the court reporter. Hearing over.

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  15. barnabusduke says:

    Business transaction…What a classy guy! /s

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  16. Flabbergasted says:

    Gleeson is a tragic example of where this country currently sits after 8 years of a man who wanted to “fundamentally change” America. Despise him for sure, but he was relatively successful in achieving his goal. A large portion of the judges he appointed are simply unqualified or are simply partison juristic legislators. It is truly a tragedy.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      He is breathing example of corruption.

      It is that simple.

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    • Dekester says:

      Sadly many knew that to be the case when P44 was elected.

      Gruber was right..when he dissed the intelligence of the American electorate.

      That Biden is even in this “ race” and Harris the V.P. is almost as equally criminal.

      I fully expect PDJT to go for the throat tonight, with 70 million or so watching.

      Especially after Radcliffe’s release today

      Up here in Canada I am aware of two house parties that are arranged for the “ show”

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  17. berniekopell says:

    Correction – Suspicious Sullivan takes it under advisement.

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  18. terriertuff says:

    Who is greasing Gleeson’s wheels? Or, what are they holding over his head? The guy is heavily invested. Why?

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Hey, it’s an election year. Call him “heavily invested” or extremely infested… with TDS. Democrats don’t need a reason to hate a Trump ally like General Flynn. They are determined to wrench away control of the White House by hook or by crook. It’s just they way they are and it won’t change any time soon.

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  19. lolli says:

    The Gleason Show is to be continued…
    I didn’t care for it.
    Not believable.

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  20. WSB says:

    I do not think I have ever heard anything so…S T U P I D!!!!!

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  21. Blind no Longer says:

    As he said, indicating what the plan is…I’ll take this under advisement, but the file is voluminous!! Should take him till about Nov. 5th to make a decision…depending on how the election turns out.

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  22. mayflowerchild says:

    I thought the DOJ attorneys were excellent.

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    • FPCHmom says:


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  23. Johnny Bravo says:

    My overall impression.

    Sullivan hates Sidney, feeling is mutual.

    Sullivan looking for reasons to delay and found his buddy Gleeson inserting a lot of hot air to help him.

    DOJ took the hit saying blame us, we got it wrong in bringing this, but by dismissing you help us correct the ship.

    Emmet Sullivan is no judge and has no wisdom. The baby would have been cut in half in Solomon’s day!

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  24. Mike in a Truck says:

    I’m nominating Sydney Powell for President Trump’s next Supreme Court pick. I have spoken.

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  25. Puzzled says:

    I have followed people’s commentary all day. My conclusion is as a country with people like Sullivan and Gleeson in positions of power we are in huge trouble. And they are just a few in the lower echelon.

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  26. Hans says:

    Most telling Sidney asked Judge at the end of the proceeding for a quick release of the court transcript… Judge Sullivan said.. he doesn’t get involved in business decisions..

    WOW.. how hard would it have been to say.. I’ll check on that.. his hypocrasy is showing..

    My guess he is not a happy camper.. I also think this is far from over..

    Gleason said.. if you don’t grant this motion to dismiss is the persecution just not show up…

    I don’t think so… Why would Gleason say that…

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    • cboldt says:

      Sidney asked for expedited transcript, signalling she is going to petition SCOTUS to take the case. She needs a certified record of the hearing to do that.
      Normal timing on hearing transcripts is a couple weeks, unless the hearing is really short. This was 4+ hours.

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      • I don’t know how she gets to S.Ct at this juncture. She may ask DC for second writ to stay Sullivan from sentencing Flynn as Dutchman has suggested. Cert from the former DC decision is now foreclosed.

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        • cboldt says:

          DC Circuit has signalled it won’t take a mandamus petition until Sullivan rules. Sullivan is running the clock, manufacturing reasons to not rule.
          I think that is the rationale for skipping DC Circuit. Not saying it flies, and I don’t think SCOTUS cares about this sort of court conduct.
          At this point, the game is as much litigating in the public / press as it is litigating in court.

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    • texecutioner says:


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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Holy Hannah! The second paragraph is, if true, a tactical nuke!

      “According to his handwritten notes, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence, including the “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

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      • “if true”: Why wouldn’t it be true?
        DNI Ratcliffe just released the proof of “it” being true!

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Wonder what Jim Comey will say in his Senate hearing tomorrow about this?

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        • furtive says:

          Jeff Daniels will speak for him. He’ll say he has the Covid.
          “All roads lead to Putin”….

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        • WRB says:

          what Jim Comey will say

          Comey: We [the FBI] were very concerned about Russia interfering in our election. That is why we took the decisive action that we did. We did our very best. You would be so proud of how wonderful we were.

          Sen: but it was a Hillary plan to pin Russian collusion on Donald Trump.

          Comey: The FBI understood that Russia was feeding us disinformation. We knew it was Russia smearing Clinton with obvious lies, and that a matrix of information indicated Donald Trump was colluding with Russia to steal the election from Clinton.

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      • Right to reply says:

        Is this an attempt to lat it ALL at the feet of Clinton? They can’t do that. It was ALL of them!

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    • RAC says:

      Yay that’s good stuff, I needed a lift after sitting through the gleeson show.
      Wonder is that the whole, or just a synopsis with more detail to come.

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    • The Boss says:

      “Additional declassification and public disclosure remain under consideration…”
      Consideration of best timing, perhaps? This was a nice bomb to drop after Sullivan’s shit show.

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    • PS says:

      Guess what.

      If Hillary Clinton approved the start of the Dossier (by approving of Fusion GPS hiring Steele who hired his Russian buds to be his primary source), then that email is in Huma’s copy of Hillary’s emails on husband Weiner’s laptop.

      If Comey and McCabe / FBI knew this, and ran with Crossfire Hurricane anyway, they were operating as honorary agents of a foreign government. When they laptop was discovered, they knew the Clinton emails could get out, and point right back at them. The laptop investigation had to be quashed.

      When Trump won the election, and Flynn was going to take over, they knew he would get access to all of this, so Flynn had to be locked up in investigations. McCabe and Flynn already had a history. A guilty plea would keep Flynn out of the cabinet until an ally could be put in place. The FBI could not let anyone know what happened in 2016.

      Then in 2017 Comey was fired, which meant a replacement FBI head. That was Wray who came in through Christie. Fortunately For the coup team, Rosenstein was on the swamp side, so he could slow walk until the Mueller SC could get in place. All Intel heads could hide all Info requests in the SC, which worked until 2018. The Dems got the House, but lost the Senate back to the Reps. All they wanted was Impeachment powers to tarnish Trump and keep him away from the actual intel.

      And it all worked until 2020. 4 years wasted for Trump, 4 years of safety for Clinton. And we have 2 months until Biden is put in place and the public will never see the truth.

      Flynn likely never knew why they worked so hard to go after him. But it wasn’t about Flynn, it was about having an non-swamp head of intel who KNEW what was going on.

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      • furtive says:

        Of course Flynn knew and knows.
        As soon as he was fired, everything made sense.

        Emmett Sullivan is definitely being “black maled”.
        He has to shut down flynn by any means necessary.
        In the process, He has violated his oath and the Tenets of Jurisprudence .

        He will fall on the Court begging forgiveness when revealed.
        It is he who will be imprisoned..if he lives that long.
        His days are numbered.

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      • cjzak says:

        “And we have 2 months until Biden is put in place and the public will never see the truth.”

        So you are sure Biden is going to win?

        Under the second term of Pres. Trump, what do you think will happen to the Flynn case if it hasn’t been resolved by election day??

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  27. samwise163 says:

    Sullivan was such a jerk to Sidney Powell. She has gotten under his thin skin and thick skull. It’s as if Sullivan doesn’t even want to hear the truth. He has such contempt for Flynn.

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  28. FPCHmom says:

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    • Pew-Anon says:

      Essentially my point from a couple pages ago. And as if that was not sufficiently abominable, he makes the Orwellian argument that there is no exculpatory evidence because it is the job of the FBI to entrap suspects in induced lies. Even the incoming NSA. All while averring — at times falsely and at all times with impunity — to matters of fact, argued under oath at trial, for which he should otherwise have no standing before the court to do.

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    • Gleason let the cat out of the bag on his bias and what Sullivan instructed him to do when he said, “Opposing this motion [DoJ’s motion to dismiss] at the court’s request.”

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  29. Ninja7 says:

    Thank you for setting up this link, article, topic whatever. Allowing us a place to vent.
    Adrem etal, thank you for your work in keeping this community of Treepers civil. It is greatly appreciated, maybe even more than you are aware.

    Treepers, thank you for the the running commentary of what was, is happening in the court room, today. My BP is high that I am back on meds, don’t need to blow a gasket, ( Have NOT voted yet🤗🤔😁)

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  30. Snellvillebob says:

    WTF? What kind of ending is that? Will Sullivan huddle with Lawfare now and produce a conclusion?

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  31. Dutchman says:

    Sidney gave a very impassioned defence of her position, that there should be a dismissal, AND WITH PREJUDICE, …

    However, I believe the outcome was predetermined, some times ago.

    I think, in October, Sullivan will rule.
    He will deny the motion, rule that he is sentencing Flynn on his guilty plea, SO THAT they can have a headline
    “President Trump’s former National Security Advisor sentenced to two years (?) for lieing to FBI agents about conversations with Russian ambassador.”

    In the first paragraph, they will undoubtedly say he was FIRED for lieing about these same conversations.

    Doesn’t MATTER to them that this throws jurisprudence on its head.

    Doesn’t MATTER that this is later (after the election) overturned.

    THIS headline, timed as an October surprise, OR a headline of PDJT pardoning Gen. Flynn, again “for lieing to FBI about Russian contacts” has been the goal, from early on.

    Gleeson was brought in, specifically to give Sullivan ‘cover’; which is an EXCUSE (NOT a reason) to do what he has intended to do, all along.

    Let’s see if I’m right!

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    • lolli says:

      Of course you are right.
      Gleeson just providing the talking points and excuse not to dismiss the case. Even ensuring the DOJ can still investigate Flynn. Gleeson said to sully. the doj won’t walk away if you don’t drop the case.

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    • Janus says:

      You’re correct. The Deep State is banking on Biden winning thru off-the-charts, massive voter fraud and then forcing Trump to pardon Flynn–which takes away his ability to sue both the federal government (DOJ, FBI) AND Flynn’s original law legal counsel (Eric Holders’ law firm) for misrepresentation and conflict of interest.

      It also leave the cloud of guilt over Flynn because he could not get a fair and objective court to agree to the DOJ request for dismissal, but instead was stained by the guilt sentence of a corrupt judge and legal justice system.

      It’s time–way past time–to burn the whole thing to the ground and start over.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Oh, but only THEY “Burn it down”, remember?
        WE are LAW abiding, gun toting, bible clutching rednecks, too ignorant to accept what’s good for us, and sheeple that will easily be led by them to the slaughter, even if it KILLS them!,….What, hey,….oops!

        They have made major miscalculations from day one, not knowing or understanding their enemy, and in their hubris not acknowledging, to themselves, and therefore not correcting this (very probably) fatal flaw.

        It’s true that “they’re after YOU, I’m just in their way”; and what they are going to end up doing, with this crazy scheme, is attacking us DIRECTLY, instead of PDJT by proxies.

        Which I believe will be a YUGE mistake on their part, and probably their LAST miscalculation.

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    • I’m afraid of the October surprise that you propose Sullivan may do. I think Sidney may try to go back to DC circuit for a second writ. I don’t know no how she gets to Scotus before the election.

      She also needs to hire a couple of guns to go to the S.Ct.

      If you will will look in Whatfinger there is an interesting proposal to use military tribunals after the election.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Military tribunals have been talked about, along with gitmo, but I’m not seeing it, never have.

        Given Obama’s embedding his people in top echelons, what makes anyone confident a military tribunals outcome would be any different that what the liberal judges are doing in civilian courts?

        And the whole idea of an October surprise is that their is not enough time, before the election, to counter, the victim is “on defence” going into the final days of the election, and afterwards it doesn’t matter, cause no do_overs.

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    • Hans says:

      Dutchman.. 100 percent right on…

      Judge Sullivan has been given a lethal dose by Sidney and the DOJ….
      In the court record.. every FBI official involved with the Flynn prosecution has been outed.. corrupt….

      So for Sullivan to go against this evidence will end his career.. he will probably retire and get a book deal…. the deep state has money and the ends justify the means…

      This is far from over…

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      • Dutchman says:

        All mapped out, a long time ago, by Van Crack and Wiesmann, and once they commit to a plan, they STICK with it, to the bitter end.

        Personally, I think “Russia, Russia” is boy crying wolf, the electorate has stopped listening to it, or “taxes, taxes”, or any of the Orange man bad memes they have recycled, over and over.

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  32. doofusdawg says:

    And the circle is complete. Flynn obviously knew of this intelligence and that s why he was targeted… he wouldn’t play along and has been quiet for over three years. Flynn knows everythng and that is why they had to keep him quiet. DAMN.

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  33. booger71 says:

    First we F—Flynn, then we F—-Trump

    signed Sully and Gleeson

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  34. FPCHmom says:

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  35. vikingmom says:

    So, Sundance…where does it go from here?

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  36. zimbalistjunior says:

    Sydney, hope you read this.
    The problem here is you and DOJ are over-reaching and at same time under-stating.

    Asking the judge to rubber stamp is an over-reach. But the point to be made is, while legally, the judge can reject the motion to dismiss, that will only lead to the DOJ conducting a ‘fake’ prosecution, in that they will not offer a real case-because they know they cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt– basically, the judge would be forcing a ‘sham’ proceeding.

    At the same time, you are under-stating. Specifically, you are not challenging the Judge sufficiently. The point to be hammered home to Sullivan, is that his actions–specifically, the request for amicus and for the amicus to act as some sort of phantom third party (supplanting the original DOJ personnel?) is transparently a dilatory tactic. Query: Justice Sullivan, at what point, would the continuation of this dead-end of a case be considered unconscionable? If the Justice wishes to add more hurdles, to hire another amicus to replace this one for example, to request more pleadings, to bring in new ‘parties’—when does this end exactly? In 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Do you have a concept of the defendant being deprived of his freedom now? Do you consider the loss to his reputation etc?

    In summation, Sullivan seems to be happy to creating a record of egregious judicial errors that go far beyond allowable discretion, in a bid to compel an appeal court to rule against him. Because hey, that would simply take another 3 years. And hey, half the country will still revere Sullivan bc they are deranged

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Rubber stamp?

      What planet did you just arrive from?

      Dismissal is required when the government withdraws from any prosecution because of new evidence. The legal argument since May has been that once DOJ withdrew prosecution and requested dismissal, Sullivan was compelled to grant it.

      That he has refused and instead has taken up the prosecution himself is one of the biggest legal travesties of our lifetime!

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        of course its a travesty and a ridiculous position. unfortunately though, it is a legally tenable position. A judge has a role to play here. He can accept or not accept a dismissal of a case. the fact that we are having a discussion about it indicates that that is a possibility, no matter how ludicrous it is.
        the point is the judge had the right to dismiss or not dismiss the case. But that’s the extent of what he had the right to do. He did not have a right to hire an amicus ‘director’ to field various third party positions and/or act in the place of the original DOJ scam prosecutors. By doing so, he created another party to the proceeding. (as proof of this, read some of Gleeson’s crap from today—he admits to being hired to supplant Van Grack et al). The judge glaringly overstepped.
        The remedy for the judge’s exceeding his power? Removal from the case? or wait for appeal? That’s a tough one. Personally, I would be as aggressive as possible here—whatever can be done to shame Sullivan and Gleeson– to the point where even the mainstream media has to pay attention. Make Sullivan go as far out on a limb that he can to defend himself: i assume he will overreach and cite Sydney for contempt, or something. Make this front page news. Do not simply allow Sullivan to run out the clock and compel the President to pardon Flynn. That will be used to sully Flynn’s rep for the rest of his life, undeservedly so, of course.
        this accords with the position that needed to be taken with indictments. Play offense to hurt the opposing side. The opposition doesnt care if you produce damming evidence against them in dribs and drabs (ie today and last week’s revelations). The media will bury all that in a footnote. The only thing that matter are perp walks. Video of the deep state being frog marched counts. Arcane theories and evidence can be glossed over.
        Indict 100. So lets say, 50 will walk free because evidence not ‘perfectly ready’. who cares.

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        • zimbalistjunior says:

          and for the record, I take back what I said now that Sydney said she is moving to disqualify the judge. Bravo and godspeed!
          And if you read this, Sydney, thanks for being a heroine and one of the only honest people involved–you are extremely brave!

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  37. Curt says:

    Sullivan has put himself between a rock and a hard place here. The evidence keeps piling up in Flynn’s favor and this activist judge just digs his heels in. Sullivan is counting on a Biden win to gain justification for the unjustifiable. If Trump wins, and this case makes it to the
    Supreme Court, Sullivan will be censured. This is the kiss of death for any judge…..

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    • gary says:

      he’ll be impeached if the repubs get congress.

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    • Judith says:

      I don’t think the Judge really cares. He is obviously a partisan hack who doesn’t mind taking one for the team. If anything, he will be hailed as a cult hero and given a lucrative book deal. That’s so they can launder all their dirty money through him next.

      These people are too much! Hellary was right: these TRAITORS all deserve to “hang by nooses!”

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  38. I wonder if they can go back to appeals court? Obviously this has become about politics rather than justice.

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  39. laeagle says:

    Sidney Powell’s statement that she had met with the President in the past 2 weeks to discuss the Gen. Flynn case (and request that he not pardon Gen. Flynn) hopefully is a harbinger that she is in line to replace Barr as AG after the election. How awesome would it be for her to be AG and clean out the scum in the DOJ!

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  40. Unbeknownst to those now in the court room, there are 30 armed Federal Marshalls with valid arrest warrants for certain participants in this fiasco. The charges include obstruction of justice, violation of a defendants 4th Amendment civil rights, Treason, Sedition, and aiding and abetting an attempted coup. Nobody is to leave the court room until released by the Federal Marshalls. (Aside to Sullivan, “oh, by the way, we are looking into your son’s previous history of pedophilia and how he managed to get off with no charges, just a oh by the way”. When convicted along with the co-conspirators that allowed him to escape justice, he will be placed in an intense Federal Prison (where most do not tolerate child predators), just so you understand.
    A man can dream can’ t he. This whole proceeding has been like one.

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  41. bertdilbert says:

    So True!

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  42. comgri says:

    All sound and fury signifying nothing

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  43. L4grasshopper says:

    Sullivan is thoroughly corrupt.

    But so are several members of the DC District. Today would not have happened had the corrupt majority on the District panel granted the logical mandamus that was requested a couple months ago.

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  44. devilman96 says:

    Gleeson should be a little more speculative in his statements… We now have a criminal case where the defendant is held hostage by a court to travel down every unrelated political road it wishes.

    This is worse than a judge Judy case brought after a night of serious drinking.

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  45. bertdilbert says:

    Did Sullivan buy Professional Liability insurance and did we pay for it?

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  46. ncxplant says:

    There are so many great comments… analysis… new facts… insights, et al.. To Sundance, I always donate to say thank you… and thanks to everyone who contributes with their great minds to give a person like me a better understanding… I feel like a first grader taking a college course 🙂

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  47. lemontreeaguirre8580 says:

    Gleeson had nothing. He just read his brief, which was a waste of the courts’ time and talked about Trump’s tweets and spewed rhetoric. Weak, weak weak.

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  48. TwoLaine says:

    All that nonsense was to distract you from all the bombshell new information on their coups and to provide fodder for this evening’s festivites.

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