Hurricane Sally Weakens Slightly – SE Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Coastal Communities Biggest Risk…

According to the latest information from the National Hurricane Center Sally has weakened slightly and has a loosely defined eye wall. This a very slowly moving storm at only 2mph which unfortunately means a longer storm surge event.

Coastal communities in SE Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama should pay close attention. A long duration storm surge and a great deal of rain is anticipated.

Hurricane Center – At 1000 AM CDT (1500 UTC), the center of Hurricane Sally was located near latitude 29.1 North, longitude 88.2 West. Sally is moving toward the northwest near 2 mph (4 km/h). A slow north-northwestward to northward motion is expected this afternoon,followed by a slow northward to north-northeastward motion tonight through Wednesday night.

On the forecast track, the center of Sally will pass near the coast of southeastern Louisiana today, and make landfall in the hurricane warning area late tonight or Wednesday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 85 mph (140 km/h) with higher gusts. Although little change in strength is forecast until
landfall occurs, Sally is still expected to be a dangerous hurricane when it moves onshore along the north-central Gulf coast.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 45 miles (75 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 125 miles (205 km). (link)

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22 Responses to Hurricane Sally Weakens Slightly – SE Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Coastal Communities Biggest Risk…

  1. gawntrail says:

    My dad is by Maurepas, LA. Flooded out three times. God bless everyone in the path. Stay safe and dry.

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  2. Leon Brozyna says:

    And the rains keep coming and coming … Pensacola drenched and rains hitting Mobile and still hours away from landfall … more than anything this will probably be best remembered as a rain event.

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  3. rah says:

    Look like Sally is make the turn. Still a solid CAT I with 85 mph winds. Should be heading north tonight and gradually, very gradually, turn to the NE. NHC is calling for ‘historic life threatening flash flooding from the western Florida panhandle to far south eastern Mississippi.

    Really it is good she turned because if the windward side had had pushed the storm surge up the Mississippi estuary the flooding would be even worse. But that of course is no consolation to those that are going lose so much to the water in MS, AL, and western FL.

    As the storm turns to the NE it should get to moving a bit faster but will still cause plenty of flash floods inland.


  4. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Praying for those in the path of Hurricane/Storm Sally….

    Heavenly Father, we ask that You bring calm to Hurricane Sally. We lift up those who are in the path of the storm. Be with them so they would not be afraid, whether they are at home or away from home. We ask that you protect them, keep them safe and provide for their every needs before, during and after the storm.
    May the Presence of the Lord watch over you, wherever you are.
    In Jesus’ Precious Name, We Pray….Amen.

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    • ruralnc6 says:

      Thank you, Grandma, for your beautiful prayer for those in danger from this present storm. I am thankful for Sundance when he and his team go out to help in these storm situations and all others that may sacrifice their lives to help others. I will be joining you, Grandma, in prayers for all our beloved citizens in the storm’s path. I know they are scared, probably already have so much to deal with otherwise, whether emotionally, financially, trying to work but helping the children with their online school assignments, and other personal issues, too many to name. I don’t know anyone personally in the Path of The Storm, but I care deeply for them and pray all will be saved.

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  5. JoeUser says:

    As hurricanes go, this one could’ve been as strong as Laura, but it’s getting ragged – almost a tropical storm. So, it could be a lot worse.

    However, it’s just stumbling along, dumping a ton of rain in the same places, so not so good. It needs more rapid momentum, hit land and dissipate. Pray for whatever trough there is that’s holding it back to let up.

    Got friends and family right in its path, but they’ve experienced much worse storms in the past. Just wish Sally would get on her horse and ride, quickly!

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  6. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Queen Nanzi Pelosi is telling us that these hurricanes and firestorms are Mother Nature fighting back against Global Warming. Unfortunately, a lot of crazy people believe her.


  7. dayallaxeded says:

    Praying for our neighbors in MS, AL, and FL! Super thankful for a beautiful day–just intermittent light rain and some wind–in NOLA. Praise the Lord in all things!

    Funny how long the “official” track stayed centered on NOLA. They do this with every storm–if it’s track is anywhere in the vicinity, NOLA stays at the center of the cone long after the computer models (recently GFS and UKMET most helpful, imo) and common sense shows unequivocally it’s going elsewhere. Keep crying “Wolf!” and see how that works out when there’s real need to evac.


  8. borndwebb says:

    As a weather bug I have followed this storm for some Time. It was headed to BigMuddy. However a high pressure system has moved slowly off to the east and that is the reason for the stall then the turn. I am sitting Basically at the old Blue Angel Base.

    Note The Perdido Bay Bridge on 98 from AL to FL Is CLOSED. Do not head east toward FL. using 98. That bridge is rebuilt from Ivan where the old one went down.

    The water at the Bridge is just inches from above sea level already. I used the Boat launch as the source. Yesteday at 3 pm it was maybe two feet below the parking lot. Now it is lapping. The eyewall currently seems to be forming and has wrap around on the east side but does not close the circle on the south yet and has broken up a few Times already.

    I am high above ground so bay flooding is not an issue for myself. Though lots of streams and runoffs are already pretty high. We had 20 inches of rain before in a 24 hour period. However we did not have the gulf blocking the outflow. This may be a large issue with road flooding near that area. Lots of expensive homes on the Predido upper bay and close to the 98 bridge and north. Old Navy base recreation area might have an issue. Down stream of the bay to the Will also be close if the winds drive the gulf deeper into Perdido bay.

    Heavy rain, strong wind and gusts already. It has picked up in the last couple of hours..

    If the cane comes into my area as a two. We have lots of pine trees etc. Road closures and homes will be an issue. Power will go if the winds go much higher here. LImbs for now, if it comes ashore near my location, bad news.

    Good luck. Most have not left this area because it has not been declared a Hurricane area. Mobile homes etc have a mandatory on a one, but most ignore. A two however is different, and it is the tornadoes. Watches been out for hours.

    The lack of consensus on the track is going to have consequences. It is coming basically E to West. Can’t evacuate into Pensacola and turn north. The roads to I-10 in that area will be a challenge to say the least going east and then North. Watching close, The window if it goes over 100 and is steady is closing fast.

    Just my take.

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  9. rah says:

    Here is the latest from Levi Cowan
    Summary of what I got from the above video from Levi. They are not sure yet exactly it will come ashore. Most think Mobile Bay but it could come in either east of west of the bay though east of it is more likely. They are even less sure about exactly when it will come ashore. Basically, any time between late tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Core of storm is starting to get tighter and pressures dropping a little and that means intensification though it will be limited.

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  10. borndwebb says:

    Levi’s update also stated that the wind field with this cane currently is very WIDE. to the east. If it comes ashore in Mobile bay area, the strongest Winds will exist Pensacola and West. It can even still move that direction.

    Not sure if it he said it was tightening. It was enclosing and has a big eyewall that is not closed yet.

    He also mentioned that it had a chance of intensification as it approached the shore. He said that it had that possibility. From there lets jump to Joe Bastardi From Weatherbell.

    Joe has stated from the gitgo that because of atmospheric and other conditions this year that close to shore rapid intensification could happen. Look back at Laura and other storms this season, several did that. With the windfield as large as it is now and goes to a Two then. that will be from Mobile and Past Pensacola to Navarre to the East with Hurricane conditions.

    Winds and rain really picking up at Perdido Bay.

    These damn governors. THey need to make statement. Hurricane WATCHs not WARNINGS yet. should have named it Sally Corona then they would shut things down and have real reason.

    My phone (s) were going off all day yesterday with warnings. NOt a peep since this morning for me.


    • rah says:

      Go to 5:49 on the video. He says “we are getting a tighter rotation now with the eye contracting just a little bit.”

      And yes Joe has been very specific of about near shore development and intensification and where it is likely to happen along the US coasts. Unlike Eli, Joe gets a lot more into general conditions and indicators like the Madden Julian Oscillation phases and such. Joe called out Sally as potentially bad news for the very area where she headed even before she was named.


    • Kent says:

      Yah…near shore intensification is sometimes a very real thing….Tropical Storm Humberto was ‘supposed’ to cross the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston at 40 mph winds but quickly spun up to 85 mph winds and galloped into Port Arthur, TX with next to no warning for residents…

      That will always be in the back of my mind, it almost ‘haunts’ me really, when watching these storms….quite the surprise it was….


  11. TexanInFL says:

    On a big cat diesel generator, thank God for it. Water pouring from a leak… Hurricane supplies (six bottles of wine) are being depleted🍷🙄. See ya’ll in the morning.

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  12. rah says:

    According to the NHC at 4:13 Eastern, Sally moving NNE at 3 mph with 105 mph maximum sustained winds. That makes it a strong CAT II.
    Hope it doesn’t strengthen any more! It appears to be making that anticipated turn.


  13. TexanInFL says:

    Eye just went over us, Nasty Sally. I live on Perdido Key…


    • 7delta says:

      Glad you’re still with us, TexanInFl. Wish I could help replenish your emergency supply of wine, but I will continue to pray for your safety…and for stores to open soon. Nothing like what you’ve seen, but we’re ready for our dose of torrential rain and wind gusts up here in SC. Take care.


  14. Kent says:

    During/after Hurricane Harvey the administrators of Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn and B.A. Steinhagen reservoirs were forced to release massive quantities of water which flooded areas downstream of them that didn’t actually flood from the 56″ of rain in two days….so…

    Those downstream of dams in the southeastern US might keep this in mind in the coming days…


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