Sunday Talks: Jason Miller -vs- Insufferable Chris Wallace…

While CTH is not necessarily a fan of Jason Miller, this is the time to put all factions aside and focus on winning the election.  That said, Miller pushes back accurately and effectively against the intentional and manipulative media spin by swamp guardian Chris Wallace.

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115 Responses to Sunday Talks: Jason Miller -vs- Insufferable Chris Wallace…

  1. WSB says:

    Oh, yes he did!!!!

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  2. Zimbalistjunior says:

    I’m sorry Jason I can’t let you simply answer a question. I will intrude whenever possible and reclaim my time or something.
    The important thing is to make this contentious. Because I must prove to the MSM deep state and all my buddies that I’m part of the resistance.
    Oh hey did you know who my day was?

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      ‘reclaim my time’….that’s a good one LOL

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      • iwasthere says:

        Bet someone uses that on Wallace. “just can’t let you give a speech!, now answer my conflated issue!! BTW, Did you hear – will not accept foreign ‘assistance’ like you did last time” <<<—- such Wallace BS!

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    • 63gordfa says:

      Isn’t purple the color of the resistance? Chrissy Wallace is wearing purple.

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      • Marc says:

        And Sec. Pompeo wore a purple tie this morning as well. He’s worn them on a lot of TV interviews.

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        • TreeClimber says:

          I wear purple sometimes, because I like the color. Sometimes wearing a color, is just the color, not a message.

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          • Marc says:

            Even though we know that the so-called Resistance to President Trump made it a habit after his election to wear purple to symbolically show resistance to Trump and solidarity with those that secretly opposed this administration. Trey Gowdy almost exclusively wears purple ties when on TV interviews. Maybe it’s just a color, but I don’t remember politicians wearing solid purple ties this often until Trump became President. Bill and Hillary decked out in purple to concede the election was the catalyst.

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          • ssbishop says:

            Or, as Freud remarked regarding a good cigar…
            Which unfortunately, was forever rebranded by Bill Clinton.


      • Donna in Oregon says:

        I thought purple was the color of Barney the purple Dinosaur on Barney & Friends 🙂 Is it a secret PBS sign? “I love you, you love me”

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  3. Kay123 says:

    Wallace is a weasel… not a conservative… a sneaky snarky
    backbiter….. who streches the truth so thin it nearly snaps.

    Other than that….. He is ok for a liberal. Not MY FRIEND!

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  4. Sentient says:

    Biden’s running mate will be his political living will. I really don’t think he’ll be able to remember who he picked, though. He’ll probably just call her “the black lady – you know the one!”

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  5. drg13miami says:

    Jason was terrific. Chris couldn’t shut him up, even seemed a bit stifled when Jason stated the facts. Really entertaining!

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  6. Cathy M. says:

    I can’t believe Wallace brought up foreign assistance. . . Never mind, I can believe it.
    What a jerk.

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  7. Reaganite says:

    Biden promises he will not run for a second term.

    But he also is seemingly promising not to run for a FIRST term.
    A promise he is keeping so far…

    Running and hiding FROM the Biden record, while duly elected President
    competently runs ON his continuing accomplishments.
    But the Trump landslide will make the cheating futile,
    as we Make An merica Great Again, AGAIN.

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  8. RedBallExpress says:

    What Wallace tried to say:
    Obviously the Democrats can count multiple absentee ballots since the Postmaster General is a Trump supporter.


  9. CA M says:

    Jason Miller mopped the floor with the insufferable Chris Wallace

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  10. Reaganite says:

    Note: Chris Wallace just about has to admit that massive cheating is the
    real D-Rat strategy this year. And Miller nails that down here.
    Miller scores: “The thing you are missing” is that chaos election
    is clearly the Rats plan now. Wallace looks absurd as he demands
    “answer my question!” As his question is answered with stuning
    logic and authority.

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    • Reaganite says:

      Oops I mean stunning.
      Wallace is a weasel, and a sound signifying nothing.
      But a good foil for P45 and his troops- A contrast
      backdrop , so that some honesty can shine against the
      arrogant ignorance of the insufferable Wallace.

      Thx to CT for peoviding highlights so we don’t have to see
      Wallace’s ehtire “episode.”

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  11. livefreeordieguy says:

    I pay attention when Sundance says he is “not necessarily a fan of Jason Miller”, but I have to say I’ve liked what I’ve heard from Miller on many outlets and I LOVED what I heard from him in combating Comrade Chrissie and actually leaving Chrissie speechless a couple of times… As Sundance concedes, all hands on deck and let’s “focus on winning”….

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  12. Mr. Morris says:

    I think the press often refers to Joe Biden as the presumptive Democrat candidate. Don Trump Jr. thinks it is elder abuse to have Joe Biden as the Democrat candidate for President as Joe’s cognitive functions have obviously slipped.
    Why is the Democrat functunary handling Biden’s vp choice delaying the selection? On another thread it was suggested that a Biden nomination may not occur .The Democrats may pull a Torricelli and dump Biden for somebody else. Bernie would be the logical choice because he was runner up to Biden and Biden has endorsed his platform.


  13. Alleycats says:

    Notice Wallace’s visible hostility to Jason’s statements. It was interesting to watch his reaction to being told basically – we know that’s all bullshit and we aren’t letting you get by with pushing your narrative anymore. Eff that noise.

    hehehehe. More please.

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  14. Alec Rawls says:

    Wallace is perfectly overt in positioning himself as hostile to Trump and Miller. Nothing is shocking anymore but I’m still a little surprised.

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  15. patti says:

    LOL…Jason won’t be invited back, EVER!

    Here’s a handy list of VP picks

    Biden has no good VP choices in the field under consideration

    The pickings are slim in a campaign where the Dem VP nominee is the presumptive president due to Biden’s clear mental infirmities.

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  16. Elric VIII says:

    At the very last, when Commie Wallace tries to stifles the answer, Jason comes through it all and nails it in a way that cannot be answered with or without spin.

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  17. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Watching Insufferable Wallace gave me an insufferable headache.

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  18. OW21 says:

    Hmmm, have tried to ‘like” and post replies but seem to be locked out. Looks like WordPress is still up to its little tricks – any advice?


    • nimrodman says:

      yeah, advice is be patient and wait

      Adrem has posted multiple times that it’s a glitch in WordPress, they pushed out a new update to their code

      WordPress broke it
      It’ll be fixed when WordPress gets it fixed


  19. Team Trump Nationalists have it on the ready.
    Jason is not my favorite BUT he did quite well today and Wallace was insufferable at best.
    “I’m not going to allow you to give a political speech Jason”…(or something to that effect), However “Jason, Republicans in 2016 won the election based on “mail-in ballots”……”
    I call BS on that Chrissy: There is a big difference between “Mail-In Ballots” and “Absentee Ballots”.
    Just get it straight.

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  20. joebkonobi says:

    I think Jason did a pretty good job but he should not let Creepy Chris shout him down. Anytime Wallace hears a valid point being made he doesn’t agree with he shouts down the guest because it does not follow Wallace’s prog narrative. It’s disgusting, as is Fox in general, save a few actual reporters.

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  21. George S says:

    “Can you unequivocally state that President Trump will not instruct his FBI to spy on the Biden campaign? Can you do that now?”


  22. valuethetruth says:

    Yayyyy Jason Miller! The look on Wallace’s face at the end is priceless. He had nothing left after Jason said, “That’s the issue, Chris. You can’t go and change it away!”

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  23. GGHD says:

    Under his make-up, Mike Wallace looked like he was beet red, and his blood pressure was off the scale, when the ‘interview’ ended, with Jason Miller.

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  24. Don’t know anything about this Jason, but one would have to be grossly partisan to listen to this and not hear that Wallace was desperately trying to frame a narrative.

    “Can you guarantee …?”

    “Yes or no?”

    Any answer was for purposes of framing another false headline.

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  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    Chris Wallace. Poor thing. In sweaters, sipping his wife’s soup. Such a monotone bore.

    His Dad, Mike Wallace was just another Liberal piehole, but at least he had some cajones. I don’t like this sissy version of Mike Wallace.

    So glad that Chris Wallace picked the other side. We don’t need losers.–or Sissy La’La’s–we need another Andrew Breitbart.

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  26. joepertx says:

    I have disliked Wallace ever since the 2016 debate where he asked PDJT about accepting the election results but did ask “the smartest woman in the world”. He will not let it go. This is the third iteration (the second being when he recently asked PDJT during the interview).
    I wish Jason would have asked: Mr. Wallace how come you did not ask your two potential VP guests that question?


  27. Dwayne Diesel says:

    I think my favorite part is when Wallace brings up the Tweet where Trump mentions main in voting and moving the election. Miller does an excellent job to point out how the Democrats have actually done that in Nevada….and as Miller also points out it was in done is a “special late-night session”.

    And all Wallace could say “The question I have Jason…what is he doing about mail-in voting?”

    No Wallace…that was not your question idiot….Miller just handed you your ass and gave a real-life example of where the Dems actually did what you were trying to scree screee screeee what Trump only mentioned in a Tweet….and you re-directed because Miller owned your fake talking point.


  28. gensensibility says:

    After watching Chris Wallace’s performance on the A&E miniseries Biography: The Trump Dynasty (2019), I cannot call the man a reporter anymore. He is merely a political hack, not worth my time. I used to enjoy watching his Sunday program, DVR-ing it but no more. His weaselly questions in the above clip are more of the boring old same, “Did you stop beating your wife?” sort of nonsense. Stop watching his show so that Fox will be forced to get someone else.

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  29. TwoLaine says:

    I would love it if one of these days one of the TRUMP Team would do a pretend slip up and say Candy instead of Chris. In fact, I would like them all to do it all the time when they are “corrected” by the talking head.

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  30. trumpsbamagirl says:

    Jason brought out information that I did not know- like the Nevada bill that keeps the election open past November 3.

    The campaign needs to make this a key message. It undermines democrat talking points.

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  31. Mojo says:

    Ten minute interviews are useless. Five minute interviews are even worse. The talking head is trying to create a sound bite that’ll make them famous, and the interviewees can’t answer the question.

    If I hear, “Its a yes or no question” one more time, myy gag reflex will trigger.

    On a similar note: If congressmen are going to use their five minutes in congressional hearings to lecture and ask questuons but wont allow the witness to answer, the witness should have five minutes to respond, uninterrupted.

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  32. Dan says:

    Chrissy Wallace is an idiot and as unethical as his Dad was. His reference to the RealClear Politics survey of polls is hilarious. The one thing they count on is few people looking at the actual methodology. It is such a joke.

    CBS News/ YouGov selects a subset from their database of people willing to respond but provides absolutely no data on the demographics of their subset other than the stated claim that it is selected to be representative. Any organization that does not present the data required to make an independent assessment does so to cover up their intentional deception.

    Change Research runs online ads and selects their set from the respondents. So, paid Soro’s basement dwelling trolls are over-represented. And, like YouGov, they do not provide the demographics of their sample set.

    These “poll” numbers are as manipulated as the Covid-19 “case” and “death” numbers and are manipulated for the same purpose.

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  33. Ellis says:

    Talk about “walls closing in”, Wallace’s job is getting tougher every week. The facts are too big for him to spin into the media narrative at this point. Miller simply destroyed every talking point Chris tried to push out there. Miller’s devastating point about the democrats changing the election date and the shenanigans they are trying to pull had Chris desperately looking to end the interview.


  34. proudofpatriots says:

    Chris Wallace is so “insufferable” that I watch him ONLY when CTH or an honorable website provides an excerpt of his show. He’s got a holier than thou attitude, has obvious disdain for President Trump, and masquerades as a tough straight-shooter. He editorializes the premises of his questions to give the illusion that he’s just soliciting information. Then he gets whiny when he doesn’t like the information given back. Don’t get me started…. 🙂 It’s reassuring to see that so many “get” his game.

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  35. MTeresa says:

    The left is always screaming about disenfranchised voters, but when it comes to stuffing the ballot box with bogus mail in ballots, they are suddenly silent.

    They cheat and cheat and cheat cheat and cheat and cheat. And then they cheat some more.

    And as much as I tried, I couldn’t get through the entire interview. I’m glad Miller pushed back and I think he did a fair job. But I miss Brad.

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  36. Wallace is such a jerk.


  37. Chrissy got his panties in a wad. Good job Jason Miller.


  38. J Gottfred says:

    I need to update my record of SD’s comments about the insufferable Chris Wallace. Today is definitely being added to this list–This is from my June 3, 2018 CTH post:

    “…insufferable swamp gatekeeper Chris Wallace…” Apr 15, 2018
    “…the Deep State toll booth operator Chris Wallace…” May 13, 2018
    “…Chris Wallace is the insufferable media mouthpiece…” Mar 25, 2018
    “…all of the political media swamp defense maneuvers Chris Wallace is famous for.” Jan 28, 2018
    “The polished guardian of all things swamp [Chris Wallace]…” Feb 18, 2018
    “…swamp guardian Chris Wallace…” Jun 3, 2018

    And today, “Miller pushes back accurately and effectively against the intentional and manipulative media spin by swamp guardian Chris Wallace.” August 3, 2020….

    Every Sunday I look SO forward to SD’s comments about that TV “Deep State Toll Booth Operator” whose initials are Chris Wallace!

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  39. numbersixdance says:

    Jason’s a stud…held his own and put “little” Chrissy on his heels. His bias is on full display…Chrissy would never ask a Democatic candidate similar questions.


  40. Rick554 says:

    Hmmmm. Funny thing. Go to watch this video… screen. How ‘bout that?? Kinda like AAA over the target , one would say. Be careful out there, Treepers!


  41. Tall Texan says:

    An absolute butt-kicking! Great job, Jason!


  42. 1nikao says:

    Chris Wallace is living in 2016.
    I haven’t met a Democrat woman (I live in IL) in the last month who doesn’t call Biden a pedophile.
    This is a sign. These women hate President Trump. But, they know he isn’t as bad as Pedo Joe.
    Just as black people stayed home in 2016, which allowed Donald Trump to win the White House, Democrat women aren’t going to pull through for Joe Biden.
    Black people support President Trump more than any Republican in history. There is a very large swing in the Democrat vote who will vote for Trump–probably by a larger margin than they did in 2016.
    Mr Wallace is pretending that he didn’t live through 2016. He missed the paradigm shift.


  43. Retired IG says:

    I wanted to read the post above about WordPress before commenting (and I will do indeed), but this “interview” was not cold anger for me. I was shouting out loud in HOT Anger. Jesu Christo,
    Forgave Wallace for bringing up the polls to President.Trump in that “very HOT interview. (hah, hah).”
    Will never watch a Wallace interview again, unless it is a replay of him gushing over Hilary being AHEAD in the polls prior to the 2016 election, and his reaction when SHE LOST, For heavens sake, even Nate Silver read the polls wrong.
    Chanting the polls, the polls, the polls, is not a Winning mantra DUDE Wallace. I predict that when President Trump wins AGAIN, you are going to LOSE YOUR JOB,
    That’s just what happens to RUDE CRUDE, and UNSOPHISTICATED people who can’t LISTEN to ANYONE but themselves.
    Mr. Wallace, please put your crack pipe down before you do another “interview” again.

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  44. cameliani says:

    CW.. nasty and repugnant bit of work!!! I hope to see him squirm some day soon.


  45. ukdeplorable says:

    Jason Miller stood his ground and responded well despite the best efforts of the hideous Chris Wallace’s attempts to talk him down. Really dislike watching Chris Wallace at any time, he is such a ‘never trumper’ voice of non reason who loves the sound of his own shrill little voice. He failed today to get any mileage and just showed his contempt for constructive interviewing.


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