RIP Herman Cain…

Sad news today as Herman Cain, 74, has passed away.  Most people became aware of Herman Cain as a result of his 2012 presidential bid which drew national recognition.  However, long before Mr. Cain was a candidate he left a legacy in business and touched the lives of many as a minister.  His patriotic voice will be greatly missed.

~ Background Story Here ~

Farewell Herman Cain.  You made a difference to many; and you left this world a little better place.

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214 Responses to RIP Herman Cain…

  1. I’m so lucky. I got to meet this great man at a Floyd County Republican Party meet and greet event many years ago.
    A great man and a great loss for the conservative America First cause!
    I know he is up there in heaven and pulling for the warriors left here, to save our great country. You will be missed Mr. Cain!
    Praying for his family.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    All previous comments above ^^^^, wondering this or that about Mr Cain’s health – read the durn link Sundance provided. Every question asked above is answered there.

    Mr Cain’s colon cancer was cured, but then moved to his liver, which required more treatment for cancer.
    Mr Cain was given “meds” for early stage CCP China Virus, which translates (to me) to read HCQ. Unfortunately Mr Cain was well past “early stage” CCP China Virus and required intubation almost from the start. That is not early stage CCP China Virus.
    It was already too late for Mr Cain. imo

    Mr Cain had just completed his second show of his new gig at NewsMax.
    One surmises Mr Cain was so excited at this next new stage of his life, he missed the early symptoms of CCP China Virus.

    Thank you for all you gave us, Herman Cain.
    Please find Lloyd Marcus and Andrew Breitbart, and lend us a hand down here, from time to time.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      “A Tribute to Herman Cain” 4:26 NewsMax

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      • auntiefran413 says:

        Thank you, Jean!

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      • Deborah D says:

        Thank you, Jean! I was at the Cobb County, GA Tea Party in 2009, and Herman Cain was the host doing his radio show from there. Here is what I posted on FB then. He was such an amazing, thoughtful, Happy Warrior:
        Herman Cain said his (great?) grandfather lived in slavery, and he wasn’t going back to that. Whether it’s slavery to an “owner” or slavery to a government, makes no difference to him. It’s still slavery, and it’s his right to be free. What a great argument.

        He also said something to the effect that you can’t have the “pursuit of happiness” without “liberty” and you can’t have “liberty” without being in control of your own “life.” He said that’s why the Founders wrote them in the order of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, because you can’t have the others without the first.

        So, as government continues encroaching on our lives, remember, we have a right to our lives. Our lives do not belong to the government. They belong to us. We can’t have liberty without control over our own lives.

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    • 63gordfa says:

      There is some speculation he may have contracted the virus at the Trump MAGA rally in Tulsa. I don’t know if that is being put out there by Trump-hating individuals or if it could actually have happened that way. If so, someone in a higher risk group like him should have been more careful perhaps. Anyway, great man. Rest in peace.

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    • JMP says:

      Why would you assume HCQ, maybe it remdesivere?

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  3. Jason Ross says:

    Does he get 37 funerals and a pearl-inlaid diamond casket driven by a team of Snow White Arabian horses or was that treatment reserved for George Floyd?

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  4. Right to reply says:

    RIP great man. You will be missed

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  5. littlebird160 says:

    A truly great American and patriot. Godspeed Mr. Cain!

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  6. T2020 says:

    Rest in Jesus, faithful brother!🙏🌺

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  7. Yomin! says:

    Terrible news. Can’t help but feel suspicious. Herman would’ve been an excellent president. The evil that was done to him was legion.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Just imagine if Herman Cain had been the first black president instead of that America hating, communist, homosexual POS Obama.

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      • Yomin! says:

        The whole world would be different, DB! And that slithering loser you mentioned would’ve slimed away forever. He should’ve been the first black president! A true gentleman, what a shame.


  8. appraisher says:

    Rest in eternal peace, Sir. Your loss will be sorely felt by all patriots who love God, Country and Family. You will be greatly missed, but also joyfully remembered.

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  9. appraisher says:

    Why would my heartfelt farewell post to Mr Cain be in moderation?


  10. teaforall says:

    RIP Mr Cain
    Great American Patriot. who loved this country

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  11. 4gypsybreeze says:

    Herman was one of my favorites when I watched Fox. I always imagined him and Mike Huckabee side by side in chairs and having Dem/Liberals ask them questions. That would have been the tag team of all tag teams. By the time those two got finished the Dem/Lib wouldn’t have known if they were coming or going!

    I will always remember his common sense…999… smile and humor.

    RIP Herman and condolences to his family. He will surely be missed by many!

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    • 63gordfa says:

      I remember when Mr. Cain, on TV, schooled President Clinton on the inadequacy of Clinton’s health care plan proposal.

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      • romy911 says:

        The video of Mr.Cain schooling President Clinton is linked above in “Background Story Here.” Also, an article about Herman Cain’s life. Worthwhile and enjoyable to read & watch.
        I was fortunate t be able to attend an Americans for Prosperity rally in 2010 that both Herman Cain and Andrew Breitbart spoke at.
        We lost a great American today.

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  12. dufrst says:

    I consider Herman Cain the John the Baptist for Donald J. Trump.

    His 2012 candidacy proved that a businessman with no political chip experience could be successful. He showed the way for Trump by taking the slings and arrows in 2012, so Trump was prepared for them in 2016.

    I will definitely say, without Herman Cain, we don’t get Donald J. Trump!

    RIP Herman Cain!

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  13. avocadodipp says:

    Such a sweet man. He will be missed.

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  14. Norman Franklin says:

    My wife and I met him twice in Las Vegas. What a decent human being. He stayed after the rally and made sure to meet and greet everyone who bothered to stand in line. He showed Trump the way to victory. Our President took what Mr Cain did well and did it better. He also learned from Mr Cain’s mistakes enabling him to crush 17 little neocon posers and one sick old woman to become 45. Thanks for showing the way Mr. business man. RIP.

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  15. rahrahred says:

    Loved listening to Herman Cain. His voice will be missed. He persevered and finished the race! He has a grand inheritance awaiting him. May his family be blessed knowing he lived faithfully and free!

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  16. dawndoe says:

    Heartbreaking. Praying for family and friends.

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  17. Rex says:

    Just another (very) gifted soul that tried to leave our world a little better than he found it. I always wanted to shake his hand.
    Reckon that will be on the other side.

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  18. auntiefran413 says:

    I would have voted for this great gentleman but the lamestream media ran him off. Requiescat in pace, Mr. Cain.


  19. Don McAro says:

    He was a very kind man

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  20. Chokdii8888 says:

    I Am America.

    Best Campaign Song Ever! RIP Herman Cain


  21. Saltwater says:

    A great loss for America. Mr. Cain was a great Christian, a great patriot and a great American. He will be missed. He was the perfect example of the power of the American dream. Taken from us too soon, but his suffering wil be no more. Rest In Peace.

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  22. The Devilbat says:

    Herman Cain may have left this world a little early but he left it only after accomplishing so much and doing so much good. The world today is in serious need of people like him.

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  23. hawkins6 says:

    Herman did not look happy or well to me at the Tulsa rally according to the brief clips shown of him on RSBN. While many around him were laughing, dancing, cheering etc, he looked concerned to me. I was worried about him at the time but was still surprised when I heard he had contacted Covid.

    He was obviously a very popular and affable fellow and will be sorely missed. Sincere Condolences to Mr. Cain’s family.


  24. sunnydaze says:

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Cain.

    Can you imagine if the R. ticket that year had been Cain/Palin? And they’d WON?!!

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  25. sunnydaze says:

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  26. sunnydaze says:

    We lost a good guy today.

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  27. sunnydaze says:

    Great little vid.

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  28. God bless you Mr. Herman Cain


  29. Joshua says:

    So Sad! I was a huge fan of his and campaigned for him when he ran for President.


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