President Trump Holds a Press Conference From The Rose Garden – 5:00pm ET Livestream

President Trump will be holding a press conference on China matters today from the Rose Garden.  The anticipated start time is 5:00pm ET.  [Livestream Links Below]

White House LivestreamFox News LivestreamRSBN Livestream Link



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303 Responses to President Trump Holds a Press Conference From The Rose Garden – 5:00pm ET Livestream

  1. WalkAlone63 says:

    One word, Mr President: OUTSTANDING!

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  2. FreyFelipe says:

    As DJT is methodically going through what he says is the Biden/Sanders Plan for America, I can’t help but think, “This can not be real. One of DJT’s aides must have pulled a trick on him and given him the ISIS/al Queda/China/Iran/MS13 Plan for America instead”. I know this much for sure – that’s sure the hell what it reads like.

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  3. Big Jake says:

    This was more like a half-hearted rally than a Presidential speech. I’ve been with him since he announced and I was drifting off.

    He’s got to hone he message to get through to the idiots who have even worse ADD than I do.

    That said, he’s cutting into Be-hidin’s “lead” in the fake polls, so keep it up. Perp walk bad guys. Bring traitors to justice. Fight on!


    • Press conferences are not speeches. I thought it was really very good and bore no relationship to a rally. Weird, people were saying this was like a rally, didn’t sound like one to me.

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      • Big Jake says:

        You obviously didn’t watch it. He started with a speech. It was a recycling of what he says at the rallies only with less enthusiasm and no cheering.

        I found myself saying, “Get to the point!”

        He looks deflated. Hopefully he turns it on soon. The constant assault on him is taking a toll.


        • Eric says:

          I couldn’t disagree more.

          His outline of Biden’s platform was devastating. And I guarantee you that millions heard those details for the first time.

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          • gringz says:

            Me neither, he was not preaching the choir , he was laying everything out , the differences between him and Biden, telling people who have been tuning him out all the things we already know.

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        • Eric says:

          Weird post.

          You expect a rally tone/raised voice with no crowd of supporters?

          Deflated? He seemed confident as hell.

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        • I thought the President was making the case against Biden very well. And his tone was measured, calm and appropriate to the text. MAGA.

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        • Val says:

          Jim Acosta agrees with you.


        • roy1982blog says:

          Why should he give any time to the democrat media hacks that are only there to piss on his message. Just keep talking about success and pointing out how horrible for America Biden is. It’s not like any news stations aired this anyway. It’s complete unified censorship of the President.


        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          Big Jake-The press corps have repeatedly shown how immature they are by their behavior with Kayleigh – asking the same stupid questions over and over……..

          President Trump laid out what he has been saying in a very precise manner. Reminded me of a teacher “schooling” junior high students.

          People may not tune in to listen and watch a rally- while they may tune in and listen and watch a press meeting/briefing. And with those people who did watch the press meeting and do not watch the rallies—We can only hope that when listening to this press meeting that they began to question what the press have been telling them!



    • Jeff says:

      Jake, I strongly suspect as November approaches, his messages will become stronger and stronger. For now, anything he says gives Biden’s team and the media (one and the same) time, thus opportunity, to counter. He will never get through the idiots; Biden appeals to them too much.


    • gringz says:

      That’s because we are used to the high energy raucous rallies, we know pretty much what he’s going to say but we , just love to cheer him on like a pep rally against the arch rival team. This kind of tone is meant for the people who are waking up, the moderate Dems and Independents who maybe they have a problem with his “mean tweets” but they are seeing how insane the left has become, and he’s laying everything out for them, line by line. I thought it was extremely effective. Hopefully with the media heads exploding, it will cause people who haven’t watched it to check it out and see just what he said.

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  4. Meriadoc01 says:

    It did seem a bit random at times, but I think he’s frustrated by the inability to hold regular rallies. I think President Trump folded his campaign material into a press briefing. He figured out how to get his message out and now the media will have to report on it. It will change the subject from “Increased COVID cases/hospitalizations/death rates in certain regions” to President Trump’s campaign agenda. It’s not as edifying as a rally, but it worked.


  5. USA Citizen says:

    Why do people keep voting for Democrat Governors and Mayors in their states like Minnesota, New York, Washington, California, Etc. and then they complain about shootings, riots, looting, burning businesses and tearing down statues? This is what the people get when they vote for a Democrat. The only states that don’t have this chaos are the states that have Republican Governors and Mayors. WAKE UP, YOU STUPID DEMOCRAT VOTERS! Stop being “Trump” haters and start using your common sense and stop voting for Democrat politicians who don’t give a damn about you. President Trump does care. Please vote for President Trump on November 3, 2020.

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  6. Why does OAN reporter always have to stand…at least this time she wasn’t back in the shadows…


    • old deplorable owl says:

      Oann was deliberately excluded (not credentialed) by whoever is currently the head jackal of the WHPC. That jackal gets to deternine who is seated in the press room. Someone in the WH issued Chanel a specific press pass, and I believe said jackal raised so much stink and threatened a lawsuit, etc. (you know, spoiled brat who didn’t get a candy bar) that they compromised by letting her in, but she can’t be seated. Wish I lived closer to the cesspool long enough to get in some varmint hunting……
      Kayleigh likes her and usually always calls on her, and Chanel often manages to take the ‘question’ where Kayleigh would like to have it go.

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  7. What would anyone (of those who are criticizing POTUS) expect President Trump do to present his case to the American People and show case the extreme differences between 2 candidates for the Office of President?
    At this point in time (in case you haven’t noticed) this country is essentially Shut Down!
    How is the President suppose to talk to We the People? The MSM hates him and will not carry him.
    He cannot hold rallies. The Biden Team plans on Keeping Kreepy Joe in the Basement forever.
    So, what’s a guy to do?
    Bitch all you want But I thought he did a great job explaining the differences between the 2 candidates and MSNBC and CNN and The Hill, etal..can whine, cry and complain all they want that the President “used the Rose Garden for political purposes”…blah, blah, blah.
    I don’t buy into that BS.
    President Donald Trump goes to the fight; he does not back down.
    Get used to it. Get over it. Move along now.

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    • steph_gray says:


      And to those complaining about being “bored” – I’d suggest watching a Biden “presentation” from the basement and see how “exciting” that is.


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  8. fractionalexponent says:

    First Trump rewards the press corpse with Marine One prop wash conferences in the cold January winter, but now he has them roast two hours in the heat, facing the July afternoon sun.

    Hee hee hee hee hee hee hah hah hah

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    • Yahoo says:

      1st thing I checked when they started streaming the event was the temp in DC. 89 degrees, 86 heat index, 40% humidity at 5pm. Seated reporters were roasting! PDJT comes out first thing and says “It’s pretty warm out”. It will get hotter in the next 2 to 3 weeks and the press will have to be there. I loved the inflection in his voice when he said he’s going to do more of these. Dry cleaners had good business today!

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  9. dianeax says:

    Mini-rally for the press! Outstanding!


  10. Jimmy Jack says:

    I usually like Catherine Herridges’ reporting so what was up with her here? Did I miss he rbeing openly anti Trump?


    • gringz says:

      I remember the question being asked but I didn’t realize it was Catherine Herridgee who asked it. I’m surprised that she is buying into the BLM false narrative, but I guess she’s more into digging into documents. .


    • jimboct says:

      My guess is that her producer told her she had to ask that one. She is a solid truth teller. The body of her work shows she’s digging into Spygate.


  11. Julia Adams says:

    How is it that liquor, beer and wine stores are open and marijuana dispensaries are also considered essential–but somehow the media is debating the opening of schools?

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump really did put them in the sun (as he enjoyed the shade). 😁

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  13. Alli says:

    Outstanding. Exactly what so many young new voters want and need to hear. A vote for Biden is a vote for a destructive Communist take over. A vote for Trump is a vote for America . I really like the way he outlined the Biden agenda and obliterated it to hell.

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  14. ericsrightsock says:

    Just listened to a Karl Rove clip on Rush where he moans about the Rose Garden press conference being too much like a campaign speech ? I wouldn’t trust KR to take my dog for a walk !


  15. TwoLaine says:

    I understand today that the presstitutes and others didn’t particularly like President TRUMP using a his presser to beat back on Creepy QP Joe Biden’s so-called presser whenever it was this week. The one where he plagiarized President TRUMP, again.

    So they fawn all over Creepy QP Joe Biden standing at a podium reading a teleprompter, but they can’t handle an hour of President TRUMP off the cuff disputing each and every item in Creepy QP Joe Biden’s speech and platform?

    And I should give a hoot because?

    It’s not like they will EVER give President TRUMP a platform to do it. Not in a debate. Not in a town hall. Not in an interview. Guaranteed.

    Karl Rove, UP Yours.


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