Rod Rosenstein Steps-Up To Assist Mueller Attack Trump Over Roger Stone Commutation…

One of the biggest mistakes many people have made in their evaluation of Rod Rosenstein is separating him from the Special Counsel investigation run by Robert Mueller’s team of resistance lawyers. The reality is Rosenstein was always a willing active participant and co-dependent enabler.  [Thread Here]

Support for this foundational understanding comes forward yesterday as the former Deputy Attorney General showcases his support for an op-ed presumably written by Robert Mueller.

[Op-Ed Here]

[*Authorship is tenuous at best, and more likely written by Weissmann or Zelby (Lawfare) on behalf of Mueller] But for now, focus on Rosenstein.

Notice how Rosenstein positions his current advocacy as part of the Mueller team. This is critical; and unfortunately everyone keeps missing it. Rosenstein did the same thing in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

When you stand back it becomes clear, Rosenstein viewed his role with the special counsel as participatory. He was Deputy AG not only as DAG, but also there as a functionary – to facilitate the needs of the special counsel investigation.

This outlook, specifically Rosenstein’s internal definition of his role and responsibility, is why the special counsel was able to essentially take over Main Justice during the two year investigation. Rosenstein took NO ACTION that was not approved by his teammates.

This becomes key.


This becomes key because Rosenstein was an enabler for the plots and ploys being executed by Mueller’s assembled team. That’s how the Lawfare resistance group was able to set up shop and essentially run amok.

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions was firewalled; and Rod Rosenstein was a willing co-dependent enabler. The special counsel team was running main justice. Repeat this as many times as needed to absorb.

The special counsel team was running the DOJ.

When congress was getting stonewalled, blocked, and impeded from inquiry it was the special counsel doing the blocking. It was also the special counsel that did every release. Every strategic release!

The resistance team convinced Rosenstein that part of his role to help them was to block any inquiry into material they did not want released. If they defined it as adverse to their interests they controlled it. Rosenstein allowed this. Rosenstein facilitated this approach.

That approach included Rosenstein telling President Trump that he could not declassify any material that touched on anything to do with the Mueller team investigation. [Example Sept. 2018]

By aligning with the team of usurpers, Rosenstein blocked declassification of documents and helped the special counsel control the media narrative. It would be obtuse and intellectually dishonest to think Rosenstein was hoodwinked. He’s not stupid.

Rod Rosenstein knew what was going on behind the Mueller team’s closed doors, even if he was not physically in the room.

Additionally, another critical element to understand; that helps reconcile many challenging issues; was that every release from the DOJ during the Special Counsel tenure was only possible with the special counsel directing and approving the release.  Again, it’s worthy of repeating because this is a cornerstone understanding that is completely misunderstood.  This is another paradigm shift.

Nothing was ever released from the DOJ without a purposeful intent by the special counsel to allow its release. This includes the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages, and the information about Bruce Ohr which was released only a few days after the text messages.

This resistance group control also includes the redactions to all documents. The special counsel controlled all this stuff.  [Listen to AG Jeff Sessions in the video above]

Immediately after Brandon Van Grack pressured Flynn into signing the plea agreement (November 30, 2017), literally the next day, December 1st and 2nd, the Page/Strzok text messages were released. The special counsel was gaming this out. Controlling everything. Rosenstein was the facilitator.

The special counsel did all the redactions; the special counsel removed texts from releases; it was the special counsel who were selectively releasing and selectively hiding information for two years. Rosenstein was the facilitator.

It was the special counsel who decided to release the FISA application under the guise of a FOIA request. Again, a purposeful release. [Go look at it – release date Saturday July 21, 2018] Everything was being managed from inside the DOJ operation center controlled by special counsel lawyers. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was their shield.

Additionally from the Mueller Op-Ed, notice how the cornerstone of Mueller’s position is that Russia hacked the DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks. Again, in this article published Saturday -critical of Stone’s commutation- the issue of importance is the Russia-Wikileaks angle.

This Russia hacking narrative had been the fulcrum position of the special counsel all along. That’s why this specific issue must be defended *AT ALL COSTS*, even through today.  Take away the “Russia hacked the DNC emails” narrative and suddenly the entire premise of the special counsel collapses on itself.

THAT is why the day after the special counsel provided the original report to newly confirmed AG Bill Barr, the very next day they grabbed Julian Assange and threw a bag over him.

Rohrabacher interviewed Julian Assange in August of 2017.  The Eastern District of Virginia (Dana Boente) initiate an investigation of Assange after Rohrabacher’s public statements about the meeting.   By December of 2017 a grand jury was seated, and a ‘true bill’ was the outcome.  The indictment was sealed on March 6, 2018.

The indictment remained sealed for over a year; until after the resistance group completed their investigation; which would have continued except AG Bill Barr now had oversight.

On April 10, 2019, the special counsel gave Bill Barr their original report (containing grand jury information).  On April 11, 2019, the U.K. authorities moved-in and arrested Assange.


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662 Responses to Rod Rosenstein Steps-Up To Assist Mueller Attack Trump Over Roger Stone Commutation…

  1. Michael Hennessy says:

    The fact that Rosenstein has no compunction to open his corrupt dirty mouth speaks to the two systems of Justice in the country.

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  2. California Joe says:

    Hey, didn’t Hillary Clinton and the DNC buy the Russian Dossier for $12 million to slander Candidate Trump and they got it from….RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENTS?

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  3. Judiciary says:

    I always wondered what happened after Rohrabacher’s interview with Assange. I also now wonder if Kelley ever told the President about Assange’s offer. I doubt it.

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  4. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    Unfortunately, I believe that only a few token low level employees will be indicted and the big names will be let off the hook because they did not have any “intent” (remember that word) to commit any crimes and they didn’t know what the low level employees were doing. Then everything will be right back to the old SNAFU deep state running amok.

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  5. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    Unfortunately, I believe that only a few token low level employees will be indicted and the big names will be let off the hook because they did not have any “intent” (remember that word) to commit any crimes and they didn’t know what the low level employees were doing. Then everything will be right back to the old SNAFU deep state running amok.

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    • Peppurr says:

      Well, they have Lisa Page’s text, where she says POTUS wants to know everything. Otoh, it appears that nothing will come out of this, before the election, the way things are going.


  6. CTH Fan says:

    This is what happens when rule of law is not enforced and people who perpetrated a coup attempt are not brought to answer for their crimes. We appear to have been had by Main Justice. They are still out there causing mayhem to our once solid justice system.

    Shame really, I like Bill Barr very much.

    You have to give the Communist “Resistance” their due, they have run a brilliant campaign of insurrection over the past decades. Slow but sure. We are now experiencing their final push. This is what happens when politicians let Soros buy them and the likes of Ayers educate the young minds over a long period of time. Their infiltration of all our institutions is breathtaking.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      And they kept us too busy to notice and/or do anything about it, us just trying to survive their total destruction of our jobs, our families, our churches, and everything else in our lives.

      The mistake they made was in 2008, having so many of us on welfare and food stamps, with naught to do except pay attention to our jailer’s doings.
      They are all pretty dumb after all.

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      • teabag14 says:

        It won’t be a mistake at all if they win the war. We are precipitously close to losing our country. I don’t see any way to “fix” this other than taking some C4 to the entire structure as it stands & rebuilding from the ground up. I know PDJT has a plan for restructure. He floated some if it out a couple of years ago & the left went bugf**k. I think part of it had to do with moving some departments away from D.C. like he did with the BLM. But we need more than that. That’s long term good. We need short term total destruction of our bought, paid for, & compromised career politicians. Soon.

        Personally, my vision of the C4 results would entail completely annihilating these treasonous Dims, past & present, & every traitorous RINO in the place. Looking at you, Mitt. What an enema nozzle he is. Disgusting. 😠

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    • billinlv says:

      I recognize that many think Mueller is suffering from old age mental impairment but he has been a very bad actor for decades. Even if he is now impaired, that changes nothing about his corruption and criminality and abuse of the law up to and through this very day. Prove your bona fides Mr. Attorney General and arrest your friend Bob Mueller and roll up the criminal enterprise that he continues to run.

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      • numbersixdance says:

        Mueller is not suffering from old age impairment…he is a puppet for Lawfare and his impairment is an act so no questions will be asked of him. His letter criticizing the Stone commutation was by a person who seems pretty lucid.

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  7. gsonFIT says:

    So I think I missed this intitially Team Mueller storm trooped Julian Assange and put him out of commission?

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  8. The Red Pill says:

    This is really simple:

    -No hack by Russia…PERIOD
    -Seth Rich downloaded the info to expose corruption at the DNC
    -Seth Rich gave info to Assange to expose corruption
    -Seth Rich murdered by the deep state (rumor has it, Rosenstein was personally involved in the planning)
    -Assange rotting away in UK prison on BOGUS charges


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  9. Puzzled says:

    Rod Rosenstein’s testimony is all you need to understand that he was fully complicit. He just play Sargent Schultz, I know nothing. I just signed the documents including FISAs and scope memos because the other guys were supposed to do the work and I trusted them. I know nothing.
    I’m not saying RR is a great mind but no one could be a dumb as he portrayed himself, he is intellectually capable of knowing the system and how they were manipulating it.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      He didnt know anything at EVERY SPECIFIC MOMENT that knowing something would hold him liable.

      If Barr doesnt step up – Include him in the Coup. RR just stabbed Barr in the FACE.

      because if BARR doesnt step up then he is pulling the ‘ didnt know anything, at the SPECIFIC MOMENT where knowing RR Slapped him would make him liable’

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  10. gsonFIT says:

    Also would like to know why Roger Stone’s indictment never mentioned conspiracy with the Russians, or even which Russians Rod Rosenstein is referring to when he says:

    RR. “He communicated with people known to be Russian intelligence officers”

    Which Russian officers Rod ? Who says stone was in communication with them Rod?

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    • BitterC says:

      Yeah, I was gonna ask, does the WAPO article mention who specifically from Russian Intel Stone talked to? I don’t subscribe to WAPO. That was a new one to me, too

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  11. Sharon says:

    A very old saying that I am unable to source – – –

    “When a man’s heart is turned against a man, everything that man does becomes further cause to hate him.”

    One of our contemporaries said more recently – “If President Trumped walked on water, they would mock him for not being able to swim.”

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  12. cheryl says:

    Bill Clinton pardoning Roger Clinton is OK. Obama pardoning and commuting sentences of more criminals than 9 prior presidents combined is ok. But Trump pardons a man railroaded by a corrupt alphabet agency and it’s REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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  13. Patrice says:

    Sundance: You know what I would like to see — an essential philosophy course (on-line or in-person), Logic 101, taught by you to our children 6th or 7th grade.

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    • jmclever says:

      Then how could the left use identity politics and ad hominem attacks to control the sheeple?

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    • thedustmaker says:

      Patrice…. Our kids were home schooled, my wife doing the major part of it. She taught them “critical thinking” at just about the age you mention. Would give them a newspaper article, and have them research it, starting out skeptical, etc.

      Yes, they, and their spouses, are ardent Trump supporters (son was first in line for Trump at the very first, right after hearing from & about him, after the escalator), see through all these scams, and, our 2 oldest grandsons (18 & 19) will be casting their first votes for America/Trump as well. 19 yr old is absolutely disgusted with his deluded dimwit professors. :o)

      You called it & I agree!

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  14. Old Dawg says:

    My anger is no longer cold! I am rapidly approaching the state wherein I long for the violent purge that eliminates the scum from the political/justice system. The collateral damage will be great but IMO, worth it if it restores the rule of law.

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  15. Amy2 says:

    Mark Dice had a good interview with Roger Stone a couple of days before his commutation. He addresses Russia and his Wikileaks post. I always the Stone was a goofball, but I learned a lot here. ‘have a lot more respect for him now (more, not a lot!)

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    • Peppurr says:

      Amy2 – I don’t usually watch posted videos, but, because it was Roger Stone, I did watch ALL of it! 🙂 Roger Stone sure knows how to keep the viewers’ interest. He’s a very smart man and I can see why he and POTUS get along so well. Thanks very much for posting this.

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      • Amy2 says:

        I had put off watching it until last night, especially since he got the commutation, but I found him very interesting! ‘Must be, because two others posted it as well! ‘Glad you enjoyed it.


  16. MVW says:

    No Justice = No National Security

    Criminals get off felony free means the Chinese or Muslim Brotherhood can buy off anyone, from the head of the CIA, head of the FBI, Supreme Court Justice, Cabinet Secretary (Secretary of State), Vice President, to the President.

    No Jail = No accountability, ask LOIS LERNER. (SESSIONS gave her a felony free pass)

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      In order to actually ask Lois Lerner, you will have to head down to Nantucket where you will find her in her beautiful multi-million dollar island retirement home… Yup, no accountability.

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  17. My take: It’s better late than never to understand how, when, why and who was involved. There is still time and November 3rd will be the deciding point for the next chapter in the saving (or death) of our constitutional republic.
    This battle between the globalists vs the nationalists is ongoing and the nationalists must win this next battle on November 3rd.
    Sometimes, I get sidetracked with my wishes, regrets, fears, etc. and lose track of my goal(s).
    Sundance is keeping his promise proving this case against the globalists with facts, evidence. This evidence is being shared with the world community.
    I don’t want to lose sight of this main goal; Trump 2020 all the way baby!!

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  18. Country Boy says:

    IMHO the only thing Rosenstein is good for, is playing an Alfalfa look alike in Little Rascals sequel movies. Other than that he’s a POS, and a lying &corrupt one at that. McConnel needs to go too. because he’s part of the swamp too.

    Trump is literally surrounded by corrupt polis whose mission is to thwart anything trump deems needed.

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    • Timothy Morgan says:

      It’s repeated over and over ad nauseum… DEEP STATE. Nice tactic there, to persuade the gullible. There is no deep state, there is only THE STATE, and it is presently rotten-to-the-core, right down to the guy who sweeps up at the end of the day. It must be obliterated, and repopulated by capable people seeking something less than status, power and a lavish lifestyle, and something much more than just a job.

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    • MelH says:

      Trump’s 4th of July speech is somehow made so difficult to bring up on You Tube, they’ve done everything but scrapped it. The same is true of all the Conservative’s posts I’ve tried to access there, but that’s because Google owns You Tube and MANY other sites. They are fast making conservative thought extinct, and every thing I’ve read by a Conservative STILL claims “Russia hacked the DNC emails” ! I cry so often for what the President has been forced to endure and will NOT be surprised if he walks out of the White House one day and never returns.


  19. Alli says:

    As far as I can tell the deep state corruption has been strategically placed in all our government institutions. Nancy Mossenier Rotten Rob’s sister is strong arming everyone and everything coming out of CDC. I believe this has been planned many times over to see which corrupt narrative would stick. These horrible people have been in government positions for too long. They are truly traitors

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  20. kleen says:

    Why would the cowards release the lovers’ texts? It was damaging to them (all of them) perhaps, intimidation to the cheese lovers? make sure they comply all the way? A taste what they have against them?

    But it makes no sense since it damaged their own credibility. Something is not adding up.

    Unless that was another imbecile’s idea, like Rhodes/Biden, thinking they are living in Hollywood movie, thinking that they are the best FBI agents… so cool, all dressed in black, riding around in cool mysterious cars, with cool shades on… then those cool agents would release damaging info/texts on purpose to bait Trump… then Trump would act a certain way and they would nail him for obstruction, throw him in jail and the cool agents would make the texts go away, saying it was bait to get Trump and he fell for it… then they would be worshiped like these supernatural Hollywood like wakanda heroes, wearing their cool shades.

    Lisa Page thought she was fornicating with a cool movie star, Hollywood FBI agent. Ohhh so cool she couldn’t resist! Peter must look so cool when acting like a Hollywood make believe stud. Her horse gums just had to have him. Hubba hubba…

    Given how highly they think of themselves, that makes sense, and they are that delusional. It wouldn’t shock me if they got the idea from a movie and decided to put that to practice. Ben Rhodes probably planned it all out. All of these nerds fell for it.

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    • Horse Gums………………another classic description!

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    • gda53 says:

      “Why would the cowards release the lovers’ texts?”

      I’ve bee wondering about that ever since Sundance posted this on Twitter yesterday.

      I would appreciate if he would explain how leaking such information (and every other “helpful” leak, apparently, from DOJ during the SSC’s time, and even after that presumably), played to the advantage of the coup plotters.

      As a mere mortal it makes no sense to my little brain.

      I certainly see the fact that the SSC completely controlled the DOJ during their tenure. They may STILL be in control, or battling for control, even now.

      Were they just playing with us, as a cat might play with a mouse? But that makes no sense. Why give the “good guys” even a hint?

      So what was the “purposeful intent by the special counsel” to release the Strzok/Page/Ohr stuff?

      I can only assume that information (the Strzok/Page/Ohr stuff) was leaked by a “good guy” at DOJ to someone, the SSC knew this and so they pre-leaked it.

      Even that is not very satisfactory. Doesn’t quite sit right.

      I have no doubt that Durham knows EVERYTHING. He would have to be dumb as a rock not to once the Crowdstrike testimony was released by Grenell – likely he knew well before then.

      NOTHING has leaked from Durham. So how do we know that Assange is not now controlled by Barr, not Weismann & Co?

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      • MelH says:

        What have the lover’s communications done for the world except distract and give them an excuse for collecting mega-bucks of pay, and maybe an excuse to soothe their spouses, “It was a fake, Honey. We never touched each other.
        Our messages were just meant to confuse the stupid Conservatives.”


        • WhiteBoard says:

          WHYyyyyyy? its SIMPLE!!!!!!! to create the FALSE NARRATIVE tht is was just LOVERS TEXTING.

          People that ARE LOW IQ – that use the word DEMOCRATIC – would dismiss any talk of TREASON with they were just lovers!

          Get it ? Got it! Great!


      • Genie says:

        The first release of 375 texts was delayed until after Mueller rolled up Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, and Papadopolous. Releasing them before Flynn’s plea would have jeopardized that crucial prosecution. Once Flynn was wrapped up, the texts were released to incite President Trump and his supporters. The Mueller team waved the texts in front of PDJT like a bull fighter waves a red flag before the bull. Their calculation: Sacrificing Page and Strzok is a small price to pay for inciting PDJT to potentially obstruct justice in a chargeable way.


    • Magabear says:

      That’s my question as well. Only reasonsble answer I can come up with is that they wanted to give the appearence of being fair while actually manipulating any released information by heavily redacted it.


  21. trapper says:

    Rohrabacher : “Upon my return I spoke briefly with Gen. Kelly… No one followed up with me including Gen. Kelly.”

    And what may we conclude from that? That Kelly never passed it on to PDJT? Has Durham interviewed Assange? That’s who it should be going through.

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    • MelH says:

      Subsequent to that event, the President was asked about it by the press and he said, “I don’t know Assange, know nothing about that issue”. He dismissed it so fast I thought sure he knew EVERYTHING about the issue, but if he does, he’s certainly passed up the chance to solve EVERYTHING about the Russians hacking the DNC Servers.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        he dismissed it to not get IMPEACHED AGAIN for russia fakes…

        seee how TERRIBLE it is to have LAWYERS manipulating between the lines PERFECTLY to HARASS?

        PDJT was never briefed! HE RAN from that subject to avoid the PENDING MUELLER INTERVIEW.

        the whole thing is about having Assange DIE – then we say we will never know.

        its the hillary killing witnesses ALL OVER AGAIN.

        who was the FBI Technician that saw the laptop – Ask #4.


  22. jmclever says:

    Special Counsel running main justice means that comey getting fired was a setup and strategic part of the coup group actions. Wasn’t it Rosenstein who recommended the firing to Sessions who recommended it to Trump? Probably means Wray had the SpeCoun seal of approval.

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  23. Rod is an An A*s, he needs to be in jail and it coming soon.


  24. Caius Lowell says:

    What an awesome playbook! Wrongly convict people like Flynn, Cohen, and Stone, then scream like weenies roasting over a fire when correcting the monstrous wrong…

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  25. kleen says:

    The headline should have been:

    When low testosterone nerds are given too much power…

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  26. john says:

    When injustice was displayed in the stone case you would think this country was a 3rd world arena, so injustice was met with justice Jury foreman very biased Judge biased. Roger did not have a trial of his peers he has one that was biased to hurt POTUS at any cost, don’t allow for exculpatory
    evidence of any kind its OK for the jury to be biased against roger, says the judge. i.e. injustice wound up against DEFENDANT for an outcome of detention.Flynn’s case still pending a bad judge too.

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  27. kleen says:

    These nerds think they are so cool! They see themselves as Hollywood super cool agents.

    In their mind they are as cool as James Bond, everything they do is just extremely cool. Watch them on TV and that is their attitude. Comey, OMG, he think he rules wakanda.

    They are a bunch of office nerd losers soyboy noodle arms. They look at the studs in the special forces, they see real heroes being praised and can’t live with the jealousy. So they sell their ass for power to feel strong. Once in power they act like they are so brave by having the power to ruin other people’s lives. They are heroes in their own soy boy’s mind, very much like Antifa.

    Nerds who never got any girls in high school and were laughed at by the cool kids. Now they can use the power of of agencies to get back at the cool kids.

    Trump did get all the girls and had cool toys.

    That’s who these nerds are. Vindictive losers with too much power.

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  28. Nigella says:

    When will we get justice? I pray everyday…

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  29. WHY did “our” AG Barr allow a criminal who should be court-martialed for treason, Rod Rosenstein, the (not so) American Heinrich Himmler, retire with a nice ceremony and official thanks?

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  30. Pokey says:

    That Rosenstein was waist deep in the swamp muck has been obvious since his promotion to the made up Deputy AG position he was appointed to. There is no news here, except that Trump allowed all of these early machinations to happen at all. He even believed Jeff Sessions reasons for recusing himself, until he discovered that Rosenstein was issuing additional and more expansive “instructions” for Mueller and his team of Democrap Bureaucraps to follow. Then Trump began to see Sessions as a dumb ass and a failure. This article does not expand any knowledge base, but tries to get the timeline of events better understood.

    There will be no justice for Obama’s intelligence groups and Holder/Lynch’s DOJ. Holder is the Communist criminal who weaponized Obama’s DOJ to subvert our Republic. He did a bang up job of it and never even got suspected for his mostly treasonous activity and I suspect his name will soon pop up from a higher rung the Communist apparatchik ladder. Obama had to be a Communist all along or Holder would never have gone to work for him. Obama, Susan Rice, Moochelle, and Valerie Jarret were America’s first obvious Communist Executive Branch. No wonder Obama gives full throated support to the Soros funded BLM Marxist revolutionaries. Obama never gave a damn about black Americans. He only worked for the higher cause of Communism and BLM is incidentally allied with them in their effort to eliminate Trump and replace him with a fellow Communist traveler.

    The plot is just sickening and our Republic is teetering on the failure that will enable the 200 year old Communist monster to prevail. Left wingers cannot even conceive that they are being used by these monsters and attempts to enlighten them are now falling on deaf ears. We will inevitably end up destroying Communism in our streets.

    I see that no matter what is said of PDJT and whatever of it can be shown to be true, he is our only small hope to peacefully get past this debacle.

    In week 18 of the 3 week shutdown to flatten a curve that never needed flattening, this will be a terrible prognosis for a COVID19 panicked society to face.

    TRUMP2020 !


  31. We could see this scenario coming: Roger Stone, the poster boy MSM has been anticipating. Dems back on the offensive, turning this pardon into a corruption referendum with more bogus dots to Russia. Easy, since Barr failed to go on offensive and deliver indictments. Sure Barr talks a good game but for what? POTUS pardon of Stone could’ve been a data point in the ObamaGate timeline – but instead Trump is once again hanging out there with little GOP support.

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    • vikingmom says:

      The GOP has failed to go on the offensive since at least 1998, when they went full-tilt after Bill Clinton but failed to actually bring up his (and his wife’s) criminal activities and instead focused way too much on his sex life…and the media went after them for it because it gave them the chance to expose all of the GOPers who were also cheating on their wives! It was a PR debacle and the Clintons took full advantage of it to portray themselves as victims of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” a charge that still sticks to this day!

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    • MustangBlues says:

      susan: President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone; he was NOT pardoned. That information has been posted many times: Please avoid that mistake.

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  32. zurizara1 says:

    Just a reminder we must vote straight Republican ticket or else the President will be impotent.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      It is crucially important to remind everybody that we simply MUST vote straight ticket republican no matter how distasteful or nauseating it may be. That is the only way to give President Trump the political clout he will need to get rid of the traitors infesting both parties.

      First, we remove as many openly hostile, marxist, America hating subversives (aka: democrats) in November, then we can start cleaning out our own party (McConnell, Graham, Rubio, et al.) either through firings, criminal indictments, or defeating them through primary opposition.

      But, again, it is absolutely critical that we all stand behind our president and give him as much political power as possible.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      zurizara1 — thank you for bringing this crucially important reminder into our conscious thought process.


  33. LKAinLA says:

    I can just see Rod and his CDC sister laughing in their private conversations about their ill will towards President Trump and his supporters and their allegiance to the downfall of the USA. Rod and his sis should be afraid to walk the streets but they have positioned themselves where they are safe. I bet sis has the same “duping delight” face over her role in the virus shutdown. Their parents raised two low lifes.

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  34. islandpalmtrees says:

    It seems AG Barr labeled himself a co-conspirator, after the fact, by not prosecuting Rod Rosenstein. If this is in fact true, then how can anything Barr does, not be viewed through the same prescription.

    So why would anyone make themselves a conspirator, after the fact. Why have someone like Durham re-investigate the actions of the Special Council. Why come out of a nice retirement to a political hot spot.

    Sundance writes:
    “The reality is Rosenstein was always a willing active participant and co-dependent enabler. [Thread Here]”

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  35. Andy says:

    Appears RR is very scared of what is coming if Trump is re-elected. Good. That little rat bastard weasel should be in prison.

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  36. 335blues says:

    Let’s hear a couple of the Barr defenders weigh in on whether it is obtuse and
    intellectually dishonest to believe that AG Barr will just wait until after the
    November election to see if his job as obfuscator in chief is over.
    Will fat bastard bring a single indictment before the November election?
    That’s a fool’s bet.
    Somewhere, George W. Bush and Obama are laughing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Free Speech says:

      No. He’s there to kick the can. Otherwise, he’d never have gotten through Senate confirmation. The doofus voters in Montana and West Virginia, who voted for Trump by 30+% margins, and then turned around and put a couple of Democrats back in the Senate in 2018 are to thank.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Peppurr says:

      I’ve had the same thought, How can we help it, because the writing is clearly on the wall.It sickens me.


  37. hoosfoos says:

    Perhaps name associations need to be updated. Many wonder whether or not Barr/Durham will bring indictments. The DOJ and FBI are corrupted organizations. Barr owns this organization. No indictments. He runs the most corrupt DOJ in U.S. history. It’s Barr’s corrupt DOJ. It remains thus until criminal action is taken. We should name it what it is.

    Liked by 3 people

    • MustangBlues says:

      hoos: et al of the AG Barr bashers;

      Note, your constant mewing about AG Barr is unbecoming an intelligent person. You all by your wailing are just encouraging despair and suicide for no reason, since you really don’t know anything about what you concluding and constantly spewing.

      Spiro Agnew, long time ago, identified that behavior: ”Nattering Nabobs of Negativity””,

      Today, an infection worse than chicom virus.


    • Pokey says:

      He is definitely waffling with the political winds, but he is nowhere near the category of criminal that the Communist Eric Holder was.


  38. Alli says:

    The more these fraudulent cases fall apart the more the ugly criminals rear their heads
    Once General Flynn’s case is officially dismissed the uglier the real criminals will scream
    They have Zero integrity and they don’t want their crimes revealed.

    Liked by 3 people

  39. BigTalkers says:

    Why this low-life hasn’t been arrested is a travesty in the history of American justice

    Liked by 1 person

    • MelH says:

      We have several lawyers on this Tree and I’m wishing they would school us on exactly who /what it takes to indict a crook when we have evidence galore.PLEASE!

      Liked by 2 people

  40. teabag14 says:

    Well, wait a minute, Rohrabacher. If you interviewed Assange in August of 2017 (as Sundance states), then how would General Kelly factor in as you state? Timelines are important. Very important.


  41. iconoclast says:

    As Sundance says, Andrew Weissman, who attended Hillary’s election victory party in 2016, is likely the author or co-author of this editorial. Weissman belongs in jail. He is as corrupt and dishonest as the day is long, as documented by Sidney Powell in Licensed to Lie. These people are snakes, and Andrew Weissman is their pied piper.

    Liked by 5 people

  42. California Joe says:

    Obama commuted/pardoned 1,900 felons especially Black drug dealers and even murderers. Rosenstein never complained about one of them!

    Liked by 5 people

  43. TJ says:

    Not surprised, Rosenstein was recommended to Sessions by Wray, in a letter sent to Grassley.

    Comey next?

    -Muller, Rosenstein, and Comey: The Three Amigos from the Deep State
    -By Roger Stone, Jun 22, 2017

    Liked by 2 people

  44. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    It’s almost time. Keep your head on a swivel.


  45. islandpalmtrees says:

    If the foundation is broken then why not fix it. Based on the following Rosenstein was giving the wrong advice to President Trump about declassifying and releasing the documents. And, based on my posting above AG Barr is not to be trusted. So now, we know AG Barr is not going to prosecute few if any of the conspirators before the 2020 election and maybe none at all after the election depending on who wins.

    So it would seem, we are back at the beginning. Will the President declassify and release all of the documents before September 5th? In doing so, expose the DC establishment to the full sunlight, of the truth.

    Sundance writes
    “That approach included Rosenstein telling President Trump that he could not declassify any material that touched on anything to do with the Mueller team investigation.”

    Liked by 2 people

  46. SanJac says:

    Sorry SD but it has become easy to hate those who are involved in the destruction of this country no matter who they are.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. There is a vintage telephone booth on the edge of town. I understand there will be a meet and greet inside that booth for all those who believe Muller wrote that piece.

    Liked by 2 people

  48. Ppl I have always thought the Guccifer2 psy-op was the lynch pin here –
    Sean Henry is expert at creating sock puppets (e.g., Sabu) and he is a top dog at Crowdstrike, the firm in charge of the dnc servers that were “hacked.” Adam Carter has done great research on this and all but proves it, along with the ideas of Bill Binney, etc. (

    I am still trying to figure out why no one, including Sundance, is not going after this – it would undo everything and the evidence is not conclusive but VERY strong that the hack is bogus.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Oldretiredguy says:

    Am I missing something or is there not an obvious attempt to run out the statue of limitations on most of the crimes of Odumbo’s administration? Mueller wasn’t about investigating PDT, it was a welfare system for Odumbo lawyers. They spent 2 years covering up crimes and destroying evidence while creating a false narrative re PDT.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Oldretiredguy says:

    Am I missing something or is there not an obvious attempt to run out the statue of limitations on most of the crimes of Odumbo’s administration? Mueller wasn’t about investigating PDT, it was a welfare system for Odumbo lawyers. They spent 2 years covering up crimes and destroying evidence while creating a false narrative re PDT.


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