Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

With such incredible disparity between the states of our republic, I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you.   What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish.  You are helping me with advanced recon for a travel itinerary.  It is quite amazing the scale of difference between states.  The media reports in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function.  That’s what we are all interested in.

It is quite remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other.  So how is it your area?

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  1. James Street says:

    – Wear a mask
    – Pack your six-shooter

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  2. Dolor says:

    From Weatherford, Tx, near Ft. Worth: Gov. Abbot made an executive order requiring masks be worn…Only if social distancing is not possible. Most people didnt catch that. So just about all places like stores, gas stations and restaurants have signs at the entrance requiring customers to wear masks. Probably 90% of people are wearing masks inside these locations, and take them off as soon as they leave. Some places are lenient with the mask policy while others are militant about it. I saw two different customers get shouted at by a very flamboyant male clerk at a Pilot travel stop near me for not wearing a mask, the “excuse me” and finger snapping on full display. Later that night a pregnant female employee at the same location was not wearing a mask. It seems the political and social views of the person determine whether they support mask wearing or not.

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  3. Little Pink Houses says:

    Mid-south/N Ms
    Funny, contrary to what most would believe about our area we have had what I would call pretty good relations with most of the population. However, human nature does not change and in that respect we are all the same.
    The only companies that have boarded up their shops seem to be places like the Apple Store, full of geniuses that maybe pride themselves with knowing things that we do not? Some other stores who feel liability if they don’t’ will require masks, we oblige out of courtesy to them. (it’s hard to be a small business owner in this environment, “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”)
    There have been a few dust ups, I would not call these demonstrations being born prior to the 60’s, rather 15-20 peeps with signs & generally in the same suburban areas as the apple stores. Go figure.
    We own a franchise and shut down mid March until May 1st. Our agents are independent contractors and come an go in our building at will so not much really changed it just gave some older folks a feeling of comfort. My son is a chef and has continued to work within his company’s various restaurants. Hallelujah! Other children working from home, daughter & husband have been able to make some amazing memories with their children. (Starting to look forward to school!! 👀)
    Banking seems to be an on going problem, some branches of various banks have closed which might be an issue that bears further scrutiny?
    Stores seem to be returning to normal stocking & rates of consumption for now.
    Had dinner out last weekend after long hiatus, was nice!
    Overall feel okay…
    Still, on our knees praying that The Great I Am will sustain us and give us a little more time to sow His seeds of Grace & Deliverance.

    God Bless You And Let His Light Upon You And Give You Peace.

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  4. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    I reported the other day that my teeny tiny, rural neighborhood had a great 4th of July parade.

    We have a non political Facebook group for information on fires, looking out for mail thief’s, run away lamb ….etc.

    A person joins yesterday and first post ever is a black lives matter protest flyer.

    I told the lady this is a non political group and it’s Blue Lives Matter.

    I asked administrator to delete, but it already was problem.

    I decided to host my own event tonight for supporters of the police and to discuss protecting our neighborhood from violence and deaths associated with BLM protests. I said Delete Me!

    People Karen me and I comment you’re not invited.

    Lots of people agreed with me????

    I managed to get both her post and mine deleted.

    So now I reposted my meeting again, but we’re discussing boat design for a boat race in the creek on my property.

    I’m learning really quick who’s listening to the angels of light and who’s not.

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  5. Leslie Pellegrino says:

    I live in Colorado With a power hungry liberal socialist governor. We should never have shut down in the 1st place but he is still trying to keep everyone from opening up completely when there’s absolutely no reason not to. Most people don’t wear masks but of course you have your obedient socialists who do even outside riding their bicycles!

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  6. JT says:

    Never wore a mask except when I took my wife to the ER for a possible foot fracture (it wasn’t), and being in a hospital for that short of time was probably a good idea. We had been in Florida for nearly six months before the start of this madness. When we left it was opening up. Restaurants were distancing the tables and booths and the staff usually wore masks.

    (I have been fortunate in not having had the flu for years and I have never had the flu shot. I was convinced of that when over all those years co workers, who did get the shot, always got sick.)

    Returned to the land of Lincoln and everything was shut down. They allowed outside seating in restaurant parking lots. Great to be exposed to insects drawn by garbage and uneaten food plus auto and truck exhaust.

    Went to a grocery store and was the only one without a mask. It was like “Day of the Living Dead” where I was the only one not a zombie. No one said anything. There were people with their mask down around their neck or not covering their nose if they had it on.

    We go to Indiana to shop and eat. (By the way gas in Illinois where we live is $2.45 a gallon. In Indiana just across the border it’s $1.98.)

    There are consequences with wearing a mask as many have stated on these pages during this fiasco.

    You need to wash you hands before and after putting on a mask and again after taking it off.

    Your eyes are always exposed.

    Your clothes are as well.

    If the mask is a cloth or makeshift one (I’ve seen knitted ones) it is not safe (but it does satisfy mandatory use ).

    OSHA has criteria for mask wearing and it stresses the reduction of oxygen intake that results, which can occur within five minutes of putting a mask on. We’re not supposed to have a petry dish on our face.

    If its mandatory to wear a mask on the job, your company has a legal liability if usage makes you sick or weakens your immune system.

    Governors and mayors are practicing medicine without a license.

    How many people now counted as a positive have always worn a mask? Had the shot? In nursing homes I would expect the flu shot is provided to all. If wearing the mask all day the inmates are hurting themselves. Not seeing family and loved ones causes depression, which also leads to loss of immunity and many are already health compromised. Five states accounted for many of them dying.

    Social distancing of six feet was thought up by a high school student in 2005 who mentioned it to her father . He worked I believe in a federal medical lab and that’s as far as the science goes for that. He thought that a good idea.

    Remember Fauci first said masks were not needed.. Might have been the only time he was honest
    (or was machevelian).

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  7. MelH says:

    East Bay Area, across the bridge from San Francisco; Berkeley and Oakland are hot-beds of anarchy, always. Go through the tunnel to “East Bay Cities”, Contra Costa County, (Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Concord, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon) relatively up-scale and most wearing masks, keeping social distance, “locked down”. Many restaurants curb-side, then opened July 1, then closed because of weekend surge. Grocery and Mega-box stores installed plastic shields between customers and clerks. Many very nice Airbnb places in this area, if you need lodging.

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  8. Kentucky has a Governor that is toying with mask mandate. He is doing everything he can to keep the state in a state of emergency so he can continue to invoke KRS 39 A which gives him unrestricted authority to executive order whatever he pleases. The state legislature which is strongly conservative has been dismissed from session and he refuses to call them back in to session bc there is a bill with bipartisan support that will strictly limit his executive powers if a state of emergency lasts more than 2 weeks. The patriots are beginning to coalesce… He speaks for an hour a day to go on about the 1 new death in KY warrants the whole state being under a state of emergency. He intends to do this till Jan 5 when the legislature is back in session when the first bill presented will be the one to strip him of this unchecked power. It will likely be veto proof. For now he is power drunk. God help us.

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    • Lived in Lexington KY for a few years sometime recent. Loved it. Pray my friends there are okay. In VA now, glad you have a legislator who entertains the idea of restricting power. Still don’t get the appeal for McConnell and never met a fan while I was there in KY.

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  9. Sunflower Lady says:

    Shawnee County, KS. State Capital. I’m in a red state with a dem governor. Masks required here starting July 9th with a possible $2500 fine for non compliant comrades.

    I have some health issues and so do some family members, so I’ll wear the mask. I don’t think it ought to be required though. Gov. Kelly wants to get the case numbers down or we might have to cancel school again. Most businesses are open but with some restriction on bars, hair salons, ect.

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    • How does a red state end up with a dem governor. something is wrong with this picture/

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      • Sunflower Lady says:

        Kris Kobach was the Republican candidate. He was too conservative for more moderate Republicans. We had several years of Sam Brownback, who was sharply to the right. Laura Kelly, although a Democrat, was well liked. She was successful at painting Kobach as another Brownback, who was not a popular governer due to his severe budget cuts.

        I would also add that Kansas is kind of pink. Right leaning, yes. But we have our blue areas in urban areas and university towns, just like many states.

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  10. Added another bit of info to last post: Kentucky has a Governor that is toying with mask mandate. He is doing everything he can to keep the state in a state of emergency so he can continue to invoke KRS 39 A which gives him unrestricted authority to executive order whatever he pleases. The state legislature which is strongly conservative has been dismissed from session and he refuses to call them back in to session bc there is a bill with bipartisan support that will strictly limit his executive powers if a state of emergency lasts more than 2 weeks. The patriots are beginning to coalesce… He speaks for an hour a day to go on about the 1 new death in KY warrants the whole state being under a state of emergency. He intends to do this till Jan 5 when the legislature is back in session when the first bill presented will be the one to strip him of this unchecked power. It will likely be veto proof. For now he is power drunk. On his website there are snitch lines so you can turn in your neighbors or any business that is not complying to senseless rules. Contact tracers are showing up to medical offices demanding names and contact numbers of all patients visiting when one patient was positive for Covid. Then for 2 weeks they make very one on that list stay home whether they are positive or not or symptomatic or not, calling and/or visiting daily. I turn my phone off when I leave my house now. God help us.

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    • Kureelpa says:

      I think you need to leave your phone behind if you go out, don’t used Credit Cards, pay cash, don’t use a Garmin, don’t prebook at Restaurants, etc if you truly don’t want to be tracked.


    • dginga says:

      Isn’t that a blatant HIPAA violation? Frankly, if some contact tracer showed up at my house with information that I was at my doctor’s office at a certain day and time, I’d be tempted to sue the doc for violating my HIPAA privacy.

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  11. 4EDouglas says:

    NE Oregon-Union Co. site of large outbreak, Purple carbuncle on backside of E.Oregon’s red elephant-La Grande. Masks are required in stores per General Kate’s Order-serious too $1000
    fine if one of her Block Captains catch you. Police and Sheriff not so much. So i wear the mask to Safeway and Wal-mart . Getting Antibody test next week as i think I may have had a mild case of it earlier. Outbreak is lowly winding down 367 cases no current deaths one dead form weeks ago.
    handful hospitalized-no respirators. Businesses open some outside restaurants. Traffic is light but 4th had lots of fireworks none sanctioned and some were of the commercial type..Police and
    fire monitored but did nothing. . One group sealed their dead end road off. and lit fireworks in the road.

    No problems..

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  12. Added another bit of info to last post: Kentucky Gov website there are snitch lines so you can turn in your neighbors or any business that is not complying to senseless rules. Many businesses still not open, our unemployment insurance is essentially bankrupt and businesses that survive will likely shoulder the brunt. Contact tracers are showing up to medical offices and businesses demanding names and contact numbers of all patients or patrons who visited the business or office when one patient was positive for Covid and listed that establishment as a contact. Then for 2 weeks they make everyone on that list stay home whether they are positive or not or symptomatic or not, calling and/or visiting daily to make sure they are not leaving the house. I turn my phone off when I leave my house now. God help us.

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  13. Mobile, Al here. I am ready to take out a contract on Dr. Fauci and Senator Doug Jones. Fauci is worried about the uptick in positive cases so he had a conference call with Jones. They are pushing the fear porn with the aid of the local news people. Once in a while the news will mention the death rate is down. The political adds are obnoxious. grocery stores open, all senior centers closed. Big box stores all open and mostly normal.

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  14. Zachary Navarre says:

    Gwinnett County, GA
    Governor Kemp has stated on several occasions that he will not mandate masks. He is also spending a lot of time encouraging people to wear masks. IMO, this is how it should be handled.

    I haven’t seen a single place of business requiring masks. I wear one when in a very crowded place, like the grocery or Target, but there are plenty of people going without masks too. I’d say it’s close to 50/50. In less crowded places, like Ace hardware or the auto store virtually noone wears masks, and I don’t either.

    My employer, a large #BLM supporting engineering company, is requiring all employees to wear masks at all times while in the office, even if you’re the only person in the area. It’s obnoxious and they’re waaaaay too on board with all the PC virtue signaling going on.

    The only time I’ve seen anyone speaking to someone else about whether or not they were wearing a mask out in public is at the gas station I frequent where the owner is trying to sell them lol. He’s a friendly guy and isn’t pushy or condescending or anything. I get the sense he’s only doing it for the $$$.

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  15. NMGirl says:

    Reporting from The People’s Republic of New Mexico…masks mandatory in all public places (outdoors included) AND $100 fine if you get caught without one. The sign at the Sonic drive in today stated that a mask must be worn IN YOUR CAR when the carhop approaches with your food. No, I’m not joking…and I’m not doing it. Gov Lujan-Grisham has threatened all NM businesses with fines if they do not comply with her mandate and force the public to wear masks. Local grocery store (Kroger) now has mask police stationed at each entrance to stop those who attempt to enter without one. This is complete and utter insanity. Lord, help us.

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    • WonkoTheSane says:

      Before the little tyrant made the100 dollar fine and jail time threat I was able to go most places without a mask. Even places with signs. Was only turned away once. Now business owners are scared and I was asked to wear a mask next time at a place that didn’t care before. What’s most disheartening to me is seeing how many people comply with a mandate not backed by law or science. God help us.

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  16. Old Ez says:

    WNC here. Very strong connections in 6 counties And my hobby sees me talking with people from Charlotte to Cherokee to the western half of the Virginia line.

    Locals are largely ignoring Roy Stupor. Big corporations and businesses owned by outta state and outta country people are really posting lots of mean bossy signage to try to scare folks. Most of the local owned businesses have little to no signage. Mask wearing is maybe around 50-65 % in the scary sign businesses and 0 to 40 % in the local owned businesses. Almost no one is wearing masks outdoors. Disclaimer; I haven’t tried big box retail and grocery. Don’t care for them to start with.

    Restaurants all seem to be open but I don’t know how things are going. Haven’t been out to eat in a long time.

    Traffic is about up to 80-90 % of normal.

    Consensus among natives seems to be Roy Cooper can kiss our country asp. He’s sealed his fate as a one term governor. Most people would vote for Satan over Roy now.

    Rumors are being pushed by state employees the Roy Boy is going back to full lockdown soon because he knows he’s lost re-election anyways and wants to build up his cred with the commies and punish the peons. The business I have talked to say they will ignore him. We have already decided to ignore and go to court if messed with.

    Consensus also seems to be that the communists called Democrat have finally went too far. Also that they will try to cheat Trump out of the election and that if they somehow do, we’ll have no choice but to use the 2nd to re-gain all the others and restore The Republic.

    Nobody wants that, but it seems that almost everyone I talk to is preparing for it.

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    • I live in Western NC and my experience is opposite from yours. Bunch of passive sheep surprise if they vote. Conservatives sit around and complain but do nothing. Speak up sheeple, they are only hearing from one side, or get ready for the gas chambers.

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      • Old Ez says:

        Are you in Buncombe, Watauga, or Jackson ? Jackson and Watauga are college counties and parts of them are pretty far left. They don’t call Asheville “San Francisco East” around here for no reason and Life Magazine featured Asheville on the cover as “Freaksville USA”. (Black Mountain is nearly the same) Almost ALL of the rest of WNC is the opposite of them. If you are not from one of those Leftist counties, then we run in VASTLY different circles. The people you speak of I only see in those counties or in the “foreigner communities”, the transplant communities. I would say that well over half of the people who come into our business with a mask on are “transplant” or one generation removed.

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    • Old Ez says:

      P.S. The only business I have seen actually fully enforcing the mask wearing is the bank. Since they have a drive-up window and have pre-approved my 3/16″ holes mesh “mask” if I do need to actually come in for some reason, it’s of no concern. A very few businesses are forcing only employees to wear a mask. But as I said, I haven’t tried the huge corporate stores or restaurants.

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      • steph_gray says:

        The banks deserve to get robbed for mandating masks where they once forbade them!

        The covidiocy is thick on the ground!


  17. Lanna says:

    I’m in sunny Colorado where the beer is cheap (over 200 craft and micro breweries), you get drunk quicker (because of our elevation, average elevation is highest in the nation, sun is stronger) and pot is legal (has caused lots of problems). It’s a party and outdoor lifestyle place. 4 national parks, 42 state parks, 11 national forests, 2 national grasslands and 8 wildlife refuge areas.

    We’ve been invaded by leftists, but genuine Coloradans are, for the most part, individualistic, conservative and don’t like to be told what to do. We’ve had tomato wars vs. Texas (Keep Colorado Beautiful, Put a Texan on a Bus), Frozen Dead Guy Days, Polar Plunge, Madam Lou Bunch Days with bed races, Cowboy Downhill Skiing, biggest Zombie Crawl in the nation. Heck, we’ll celebrate anything. Unofficial state motto is “Hold my beer and watch this” whether we’re being pulled by a truck and waterskiing down a water filled ditch or climbing illegally at midnight on Red Rocks Ampitheater., or other things I will not mention on any public forum. Right from the start in March of flatten the curve people were defying authorities and getting into the back country to ski.

    I’m about 20 miles north of Denver, county is way too blue now, but Denver is the epicenter of the leftists, much of the state is still red. There’s a lot more resistance since the virus gave our overlords the false impression they could run our lives. Recent primary showed huge numbers for POTUS, Bernie won dem primary and Biden was a lame 2nd.

    No matter what edicts leftist governor Polis (born in Boulder to ’60s peace protesters) throws down, most of us will do what we want. Hardly anyone wearing masks here but I’m sure ite a different story in Denver and Boulder.

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  18. ericabukovac says:

    Salt Lake City, Utah is relatively normal, except for masks being required in businesses. Even then not everyone is wearing them.

    My life has not been impacted really other than work has been slower than usual (picking up now), I’ve had one handshake in the last three months, and I need to take a mask with me when I go out.

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  19. VegGOP says:

    I live in Culver City, California, which is a incorporated city mostly surrounded by the City of Los Angeles (with some small portions bordering unincorporated parts of LA County. CC is one of three “island” cities on the Westside of LA, all similarly surrounded by LA City; the other two being more famous: Santa Monica (which has a beach), and Beverly Hills (which does not). CC has two large film studios, one of which (formerly MGM) is where the Wizard of Oz was filmed; the other (Culver Studios) is where Gone with the Wind was filmed… both are now owned by Sony Pictures.

    I do NOT wear a mask in public, unless required to on entering stores, etc. Even inside stores, I do NOT cover my nose. I occasionally get verbally harassed people, but never by LE. If I am ever questioned by LE, I will simply and truthfully say that I never received any official notice of any “law” or “order” from Gov. Newsom or other official requiring me to wear a mask… I’ve received some unsolicited notices on my cell phone, but I cannot verify their source and simply delete them, and I know of no law requiring me to comply with anything on my cell phone. LA Mayor Garcetti can do whatever he wants, but it does not apply within Culver City. I’ve never heard of anything coming out of the City of Culver City regarding masks.

    Moreover, I would say that when I’m out and about, approximately HALF of the people I see are NOT wearing masks; and a smaller percentage are wearing masks that merely covering their chins. I also wear a red MAGA hat when I’m out, which occasionally triggers a sneer, but far more often attracts friendly conversations initiated by Trump supporters who say, “I like your hat,” and praise me for my courage to wear it. There are PLENTY of people here in the Democrat-infested Westside of LA who support our president. They are in varying stages of awareness about the deep state, and people often ask me how they can learn more. I often point them to this site. These people also come from every age group (although I rarely have occasion to talk with teens).

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  20. Dogsrule says:

    Nantucket MA still more strict than the rest of MA. Now there are signs downtown which let you know where you have to wear a face mask. Which is pretty much everywhere. There is a $300 fine for violators. Well yesterday the first fine was imposed. Someone rented a house to a bunch of people and the people were violating the face mask rule. I am assuming this house was in town in the historic district. So they imposed a fine on the HOMEOWNER, not the knucklehead renters in violation. Homeowner was not even there. Not sure if the fine was per person. There is something really messed up about this.

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  21. VegGOP says:

    Again from Culver City, CA: restaurants are mostly open. And traffic on the LA freeways is about 50-60% of normal, as of my driving today.

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  22. tsforex says:

    Well up in Wrangell Alaska, you land and have to do a 14 day self quarantine. Not like there is much to do here anyway except fish and hike! But it is away from all that madness in the lower 48

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  23. hoosiergranny says:

    Southern Indiana. Haven’t met anyone taking the WuFlu seriously. Things are pretty much back to normal. Other than employees, not many people are wearing masks. No one is staying 6 feet apart or following any of the directional signs. Restaurants are at about 1/2 to 3/4 capacity and some hair/nail saloons are still requiring reservations. Unfortunately, it looks like there are quite a few small businesses that have not been able to reopen.

    In Indianapolis, where our children live, is not as same. The D Mayor has decreed that on the 9th, masks become mandatory. Many more people are distancing and wearing masks. About 1/2 of the restaurants are open with many fast food places still not providing eatin space. Medical buildings are the worst with checkpoints inside the lobbies. Temps and masks are mandatory. The protest/riots have stopped but who knows if/when that will change.

    Our Rino governor didn’t move the state to Stage 5 last weekend as promised. He made a new stage 4.5 that expires on July 19th but at least he didn’t move us backwards. The reason given was a small uptick in hospital admits due to covid. They have an education taskforce who are still talking about how schools will proceed. The Indiana State Fair has been canceled except for a very limited amount of H4 exhibitions. Apparently there was a NOOSECAR race at IMS on the 4th but the Indy 500 was delayed until late August.

    The last time we’ve had a day with more than 10 deaths was June 26th. Testing appears to have peaked in mid-June and is slowly declining. The number of positive cases has been up and down for several weeks. It appears, without crunching the numbers, that more of the people being tested are positive. There isn’t enough data to tell what’s driving that but our hospitalizations and deaths are consistently low.

    Our State Health Commissioner, Dr. Box, has to be a D. She keeps talking about a new normal and doesn’t foresee us ever going back to our “old normal.” All in all, we’re doing better than a lot of our neighbors but we’d be back to our old normal with truly conservative leadership.

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  24. Just finished reading through the last 2 pages of comments.


    Weak leadership from our side, it is like one party states such as CA, IL, NY, etc. We are witnessing a cultural meltdown and communist revolution, whitewashing of history. We have the most history in the Union so if we go the country is to follow.

    We are in phase 3 meaning absolutely nothing since the mask mandate is a joke. Governor more concerned about his white guilt communist revolution. No timeliness for phase 4. Don’t think he will go to phase 4 in the next calendar year, our Newsome.

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    • Yy4u says:

      Coastal VA here. Traffic back to normal or close. About 50/50 masks. Our beach was packed on the 4th. Have eaten out inside restaurants about 1/2 dozen times but service is slow. It is almost like restaurants have forgotten how to do their jobs. One restaurant said they couldn’t get staff to come back because of unemployment benefits are better than working. As stated above VA is a blue state now with the attendant destruction of society and culture. Newsome is better looking than Governor Blackface (Ralph Nirtham) but that’s the only difference

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      • Richmond won’t recover. It never really did from the war of Northern Aggression. Any chance we get a good Republican candidate to coattail in 2021?


      • phjillip jeffreys says:

        I live in the same area. Will add fol: major league pickup in traffic a few weeks ago. Anecdotally, my count off Interstate 13 was 3 of every four autos headed South (i.e., Va Bch) sported license plates from NY, NJ, PA.


  25. maga2004 says:

    Sundance; here in Florida it has been mixed; I refuse to wear a mask unless I am absolutely forced to; which is rare. It is disheartening to see how many “sheeple” walk among us, dutifully wearing their mask, even driving alone in the car! Only select counties are pushing mask wearing; funny they all seem to be run by dems.

    I am very curious to see what your research will unveil about our neck of the woods. I know that the Left was pushing hard of Gillum for Governor of Florida and Abrams for Georgia; thank GOD that didn’t happen. I am convinced the long term plan was COVID 19 even then, and they were Hoping and Praying to get their own into governorships to direct the madness we see in the dem controlled states here too.

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  26. Malechauvinistpigfarmer says:

    Stop over with us at Lake Panorama, Panora iowa.
    You will be with friends

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  27. Lo says:

    GA feels like we’re back to normal. Everything is open and people are out and about (most Georgians didn’t follow the stay at home rules anyway). I go out to eat regularly and have never had a problem. The restaurants are 100% open but I haven’t seen them filled to 100% yet. I think a lot of people are still doing takeout. I will say this, when we first opened back up and my husband and I would go out to eat, surprisingly, the people who were eating out were on the older side (60+) which I thought was interesting since the virus is said to affect the elderly. You would not know it from going out to eat. Maybe people just wanted to go out again–LIVE. Being forced to stay home when you are healthy feels like a kind of death to me. I love seeing full parking lots again.

    On the mask issue, we have no mandates yet but they are pushing it relentlessly in the media ALL THE TIME. It’s weird, the longer this goes on, the further we’re away from it being a serious thing, the more masks I’m seeing–so the relentless fear mongering works! Sadly. I forget this is the new normal until I go out and see all the masked people. I went to a Publix today and I was one of about 5 people who were unmasked in the store. It’s so hot here that I can’t see how sweating profusely and wiping at the mask can be sanitary or helpful. At the park there are still people JOGGING in the 90+ heat and 100% humidity. It’s difficult to breathe without the mask so I don’t know how they do it. I see more black people wearing masks than white people, but it’s been that way since the beginning. White folks are wearing them more now for some reason.

    They are doing massive free testing here and there are lines of people and cars waiting to get tested. This is why our numbers are up. I think people are being “encouraged” to test to keep the numbers up and the fear mongering in place.

    I went to the Mall a couple of weeks ago and it was as busy as Christmas time. We have lots of those weird sticker rules that were implemented long after the virus was a real problem but lots of us ignore them.

    I have a daughter who lives in a democrat state who is moving home after 5 years because of this. It’s been hard for her to be in a tiny apartment on lock down for a long period of time (working from the apartment). She told me that at one time she thought she could be happy living in a condo in the city, but after this experience she just wants to have a home with some land so she can move around in freedom. What she loved about living there was taken away–the bars, restaurants, concerts, even hiking at one point was not permitted). This has damaged a lot of young people and I’m very angry at what has been done to our children and young people during this. The took young, healthy people and shut down their lives and isolated them. It’s unforgivable. It did not have to be this way.

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  28. Southeast Louisiana here- North of the Lake Pontchartrain, to be exact- With the exception of NOLA & Baton Rouge, its mostly conservative. Most businesses are open to at least 50% capacity & most have masks signs up, but its not mandatory or enforced. I’d say about half of the patrons wear them. I don’t. In talking with people, in general, strangers as well as the people I associate with, most people go back & forth from, “This is ridiculous, I’m over it” to “I believe the virus is real & I don’t want to get it”. There are no protests/riots here, they wouldn’t be tolerated well. I would venture to say that the majority support Pres Trump, but just don’t advertise it. I wear my MAGA hat when I feel like it, & haven’t been confronted yet. People are respectful & polite of others political beliefs, except for the occasional outspoken anti-Trumper, I also believe that many conservatives don’t understand the seriousness of whats happened or if they do, they don’t want to talk about it, publicly. I would like to scream it from the rooftops- quite honestly, Thank you for all that you’re doing and have done, Sundance. You are a treasure, and as Ive said on many platforms, if I felt like the Pulitzer prize meant anything anymore, Id love to see you receive it for your excellence in investigative journalism. You’ve made so many discoveries over the years, & I only wish Breitbart was here to see it, He would be SO very proud. If you come my way, there are several of us that would do anything we could to help you, or meet up with you, Family members have been in office in the past- Republican, at state levels, and I’m certain they’d be honored to meet you, as well, My twitter handle is @truthpirate4Rt- Message me anytime, Godspeed, my friend,

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    • WeeWeed says:

      NW LA., here – and it’s about the same. I don’t wear a mask and haven’t been Karened yet, but I think the petty little dem mayor of S’port is going to mandate masks everywhere in his domain sometime today. Fine. Shreveport can have him – but from what I’ve witnessed of the people there he’s gonna play hell enforcing it. Same goes for Bel Edwards if he does the same in his speech later today.

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  29. gigi says:

    From a blue state (can’t disclose), it’s a mixed bag:
    –the myrmidons/snobs who’ll do and wear whatever because they’ve been successfully brainwashed by the Chi-Com scare tactics of the wannabe Fuhrers, Himmlers, gestapo and their ilk. [ I mean no disrespect or insensitivity toward my Jewish brethren. I know what I’m talking about.] Somehow these vermin are still convincing people that they know-it-all When in fact, they’re making punks out of them.
    –those who are genuinely fearful and just want to do-and wear, the right thing but would probably be in the third category below if they really took the time to look at ALL the facts and took the time to think for Themselves
    –those who pretty much say, “GFY” (T2020-that was a good one!), go about their daily lives–and look pretty happy and healthy doing so. They’re going to parks, teaching their little ones how to ride a bike, going for walks and bike rides, a lot of dining–even if alfresco. And in that vein, I see positive signs of recovery, meaning a return to common sense: on the store shelves, there are masks and a lot of hand sanitizer and the like. As if to say, “I’m/we’re on to you, Bastards. You’re not going to scare the crap out of me/us.”


    • steph_gray says:

      Love your comment, gigi!

      Every time I get in a conversation with someone who actually believes they will get or die from the virus, I trot out the statistics straight from the CDC dashboard and break down the numbers for them.

      I think in some cases, my simple certainty at the age of 67 that we have nothing to fear, is what persuades them. It’s the first time they’ve even heard it!


      • gigi says:

        Good point, steph_gray. And thank you.
        Agreed–educate with truth and facts. And yes, I have the same experience–it is like “…the first time they’ve even heard it.”


  30. Southern Oregon – Jackson County (Medford is largest city)
    On March 8, 2020, Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency and non-essential businesses were shut down. Hairdressers, Barbers, bars, restaurants are examples of places that closed completely. Other businesses (grocery stores, gun stores, etc.) deemed essential were open but with distancing rules and spot checks by OSHA. Some restaurants that could provide takeaway did that, again with OSHA spot checks. The small businesses that I frequented that wanted to stay open applied for PPP funds, but none of them received them. A month after the initial emergency declaration, Gov. Brown signed an Executive Order to extend the emergency – without getting approval by the Oregon House/Senate. In May, as the weather improved, locals started hiking, biking, etc. By June, people’s masks were gone, and people were looking forward to Summer. Sorry… not so fast, Oregonians! On July 1, Gov. Brown instituted a statewide mandatory mask rule for indoor spaces. Generally, Southern Oregon has not been hit hard with the virus. Here are the numbers:
    6.9 COVID-19 cases per 10,000 people.
    • 152 COVID-19 cases
    • 77 COVID-19 recovered cases (51% recovered)
    • 0 COVID-19 deaths (0% died)
    • 138 positive COVID-19 tests (1% positive)
    • 13,094 negative COVID-19 tests (99% negative)
    • 13,232 total tests (597.9 tests per 10,000 people)

    • 221,290 total population

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  31. P.S. The numbers are for Jackson County.

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  32. algues says:

    Melbourne, Australia.
    we’ve just gone back down into Stage 3 restrictive lockdown for SIX weeks. We can only go out for: food, medical care, physical exercise (locally), work/education (where you can’t work from home).
    If the police catch you outside of your home for anything other than those four reasons, AUD$1600 fine for individuals, and thousands more for businesses. There isn’t a mandate to wear masks, but given that I live in the state of Victoria (aka the socialist capital of Australia), I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t get implemented soon. Some people choose to wear masks though.

    Only three weeks earlier we’d exited from Stage 3 restrictions: businesses were starting to re-open, we could go to Church again, could gather at homes of friends/family – all within certain limitations. During this re-opening phase, we had a spike in infections in specific suburbs of Melbourne – but no corresponding spike in deaths (thank God) – and the government decided to shut us down again.

    This is nothing short of madness. Going into lockdown didn’t do anything except ruin small business, cause huge strain on families, and weaken everyone’s immune systems. We were told that this was necessary to ‘flatten the curve’ so we wouldn’t overwhelm our health systems and would give them time to prepare. We did that, and all we heard from the government and their disgusting media allies during that stage that re-opening would risk a ‘second wave’. Well of course it would. The whole purpose of our initial lock down wasn’t to prevent infections, but to prevent our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. We spend over a month in restrictive lock down, our immune systems are weakened, and then everyone wonders why people start getting sick? The government moved the goal posts, changed the narrative. First ‘flatten the curve’, then ‘avoid a second wave’, now we ‘won’t be safe until there’s a cure’. So once this six weeks is over, and we venture out again – if there’s another spike, will they lock us up again?

    We had 191 new infections since we slowly started to re-open, and they’ve now locked those who reside in ‘the towers’ (government high-rise housing) into their housing towers, and forced the rest of metropolitan Melbourne back into restrictive lock down. And for what? This virus is here. Let’s protect those who are most at risk, and figure out how to get the hell on with our lives.

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  33. Rustynail says:

    Charleston, SC
    Masks are required to go into any store or public building. Many are ignoring the edict; including me. Some stores have signs: No mask—No entry. The County Park Folly Beach Fishing Pier had sign: Masks required beyond this point.

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  34. lgstarr says:

    Masks now required as well as Social Distancing.

    The Arizona Republic reported that while race/ethnicity is unknown for 51% of the state’s 101,441 cases, 23% of the cases are Hispanic or Latino, 15% are white, 7% are Native American and 2% are Black.”

    Here’s complete info for my city, Surprise, which is in Maricopa County (Sheriff Joe’s territory):

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    • jazzbogie says:

      The Arizona Republic is not accurate. How unusual! /sarc. I googled Covid 19 and Race and found this article that is researched state by state from CDC statistics and individual State Department of Health Service statistics. It showed dramatically high numbers in Arizona for Native Americans while every other race was relatively low. This tallies with anecdotal evidence from friends in Flagstaff and my Native American niece’s experience with hospitals in Flagstaff and Cottonwood. Other “Hot”spots are Yuma and Nogales. There are maps online that show cases/deaths by Zip code for Arizona. (Or there were a few days ago.)

      It looks to me that someone or the media has decided not to research the truth to somehow control the public’s reaction in Arizona. (Could this be all about the election because we are a swing state and if McSally loses, it could swing the Senate for the democrats?)


  35. Jhixon says:

    I was just watching local news on tv. Cochise County in the far southeast corner of AZ held a public vote on whether to mask or not. The residents voted against masking. The sheriff of Cochise County is a true conservative. Lots of ranchers, military base and military families, artsy-weird but independent Bisbee, and retired folks down there. So, no masking and apparently very few Karen’s and Chads!


  36. Perot Conservative says:

    PRIMA restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA, closes after 43 years, and New York hit a 28-year high for shootings. These disparate occurrences reveal massive changes.

    A top special event restaurant in a prime, centrally located suburb couldn’t weather Governor Newsom’s Draconian Covid policies and our unspoken cultural Civil War. I’m sure the owners foresaw another 6 months, or more, of leadership uncertainty despite an over 90% reduction in daily Covid deaths.

    New York suffers from socialist Mayor deBlasio, criminal “bond reform”, the Covid shutdown and Marxist BLM movement. I’m sure Atlanta, Seattle, and others are seeing similiar crime records.

    Super safe Walnut Creek has had 3 daylight shootings in one month. In 30 years I can’t recall ONE shooting in Walnut Creek! (One was a BLM drive by; yesterday a middle-of-the-day shooting, on a major street, by a Latino young man. In contiguous suburbs the past year: a couple shot in the drive thru in Moraga; and several Oakland residents killed in a “mansion party” in Orinda rented off of Airbnb. Ahh, diversity!)

    Sky high San Francisco rents have dropped 12%. Lots of rumblings Covid19 may have accelerated the work-from-home push.

    Californians itching to get out. I went to my first outdoor Happy Hour. Nice & odd at the same time. I tipped 250% of normal.

    California’s Caltrans finally starting some small highway projects months after Governor DeSantis in Florida. 24 Hour Fitness has filed for bankruptcy. Local libraries anticipating a huge reduction in hours due to funding reductions.

    A friend I’ve known for decades is moving to Utah. Hard-working sales professional with a six figure income who can’t afford a home in a safe, central location. For a city boy, that’s a big change.

    Someone wrote a book or article which claimed Hi tech destroyed California.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      P.S. A year ago I chatted with some young tourists from Poland. I asked them what they thought of California. “It’s dirty.”

      Ouch. They’re right. Especially the freeways, off ramps (homeless), etc. And pothole city.


  37. Aeronaught says:

    Vacationing in VA Beach. Almost normal crowds here despite restrictions such as no street entertainment. Despite signs everywhere reminding of the mask mandate almost no one wears one. Not even in hotels, stores and restaurants. Pretty much the only ones wearing them are servers at restaurants. No one complains about it, probably because those who would complain are too scared to go on vacation now…


  38. Aeronaught says:

    Vacationing in VA Beach. Almost normal crowds here despite restrictions such as no street entertainment. Despite signs everywhere reminding of the mask mandate almost no one wears one. Not even in hotels, stores and restaurants. Pretty much the only ones wearing them are servers at restaurants. No one complains about it, probably because those who would complain are too scared to go on vacation now…


  39. Aeronaught says:

    Vacationing in VA Beach. Almost normal crowds here despite restrictions such as no street entertainment. Despite signs everywhere reminding of the mask mandate almost no one wears one. Not even in hotels, stores and restaurants. Pretty much the only ones wearing them are servers at restaurants. No one complains about it, probably because those who would complain are too scared to go on vacation now…


  40. Adjudicator says:

    In Salem, Oregon, masks became a requirement on June 24, in public places. Trader Joe’s lines people up six-feet apart to enter the store. I only wear a mask in public places, never outside or around my yard. Neither do my neighbors. The bars aren’t acting as mask police and mist patrons do not wear masks (How can you to eat and drink?). Most people see the mask gig as a fraud.


  41. West of Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada. Democrat governor issued a statewide mask mandate last week. Stores require masks now. Restaurants and bars ask to see your mask, but don’t require using them. I don’t know about the casinos because I don’t gamble. Lots of unhealthy looking old people here taking precautions (as they should). The younger people seem willing to comply.


  42. Silent Majority says:

    Bad Behavior Not Tolerated

    Four black men from Alabama beat an older couple who asked the men to stop exposing themselves half naked to the children at a fireworks display. After ganging up on the couple, the four men escaped the scene and were quickly apprehended by local police. Local prosecutors vow to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Even adding that “this is how you stop the bad behavior.”


  43. marxiscide says:

    Been a lurker for several years and this is my first post. First off Sundance – you are a true Patriot in the finest sense of the word, an absolute ROCKSTAR of an investigative writer (wouldn’t think of insulting you with the ‘J’-word), and a selfless Christian. Thanks for all you do for us!

    Moving on to my neck of the woods – NC, north of Charlotte…

    …I don’t get out much, but have noticed a shift toward conformity with the recent (lib-turd) governor’s ordinances. Previously only certain stores required masks (Costco being the one I’m most familiar with). Since June 25th, “phase 2” was extended and masks were made mandatory in all public areas. Stores started displaying signs requirements masks and social-distancing . When these new ordinances first hit a couple weeks back, it seemed the vast majority conformed. Now I see more and more citizens (primarily older and younger) ignoring the masks and simply staying clear of others. Common sense really.

    There have been a few BLM protests over the past couple months, but not rising to the level of stupidity seen in the blue wastelands like Chi-raq, NYC, LA and Seattle.


  44. Paul says:

    North Phoenix (Peoria, AZ)
    Went to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sprouts, and Safeway on Monday July 6th without a mask.
    Target; everyone else wearing masks, one store employee offered us masks, we declined, no further issue.
    Bed Bath and Beyond; everyone else in masks, we were double teamed by a customer and employee concurrently for not wearing a mask. We claimed the ADA Medical exemption and I explained having been an engineer and scientist in medical microelectronics for 30 years that masks provide limited if any protection whatsoever, they backed off and no further issue.
    Sprouts; everyone else wearing masks, no challenge or issue from anyone.
    Safeway; all but one woman and her two kids were wearing masks, some mask wearers had them pulled down, no challenge or issue from anyone.

    My scientific analysis of mask efficacy below.

    Mask Math:

    Let (A) equal the size of a virus which is ~0.25 micron (0.00000984 inches) in diameter.

    Let (B) equal the spacing between threads of mask fabric which is ~1.0 micron (0.0000394 inches).

    Dividing thread spacing by virus diameter we get,

    B / A = 4

    Mathematically, this means the spacing between fabric threads is 4 times larger than the virus!

    To make the above more clear:

    Imagine the virus as a typical mosquito which is ~0.25 +/- 0.05 inches (1/4 inch).

    Therefore, since the spacing between threads of mask fabric is 4 times larger than the virus, it would scale to ~1.0 +/- 0.2 inches (1 inch), or about the size of chicken wire.

    So, could someone explain how chicken wire prevents mosquito bites?


    • jazzbogie says:

      Arizona here too. I started not wearing a mask until Walmart’s refused to let me without a note from my doctor! Now I wear a bandana. I have had 3 different people (in different stores; Walmart, a local bakery and a local second-hand store) tell me my bandana was inadequate (they heard that on the TV) I told them their spit masks don’t work either and pointed out the gaps! I wish I had said, “and mine wasn’t made in China!”


  45. sgtpete23 says:

    Southeast Michigan, run by a clueless tyrant Governor Whitless. She continues to make choices that are supposed to help the left. She continues to threaten shutting everything down again because of the uptick in positive China Virus cases. People are fed up with the leadership in the state. It is hot and there are a lot of sheep that live in the state.


    • jelu says:

      hello fellow Michiganian! Have you joined the fb group “Unlock Michigan – Stand up Michigan” run by Garrett Saldano? You should!!! Also the Recall Gov Whitmer group and Michigan Women for Trump!!!


  46. Surroundedbyblue says:

    King County Wa. Ground zero for Karenville. Inslee has effectively terrorized the masses into believing that if they live without a mask they will perish a fast and horrible death. I have been challenged a number of times on no mask due to health issues.

    Kitsap County, not so much. Things are far less, well, Karen-ish there.


  47. Mass Patriot says:

    Massachusetts is wear a mask everywhere/ business still shut down…. many so brainwashed and probably will be for life…however there are many patriots growing very tired of the current state. Food establishments just opened..mostly outside seating. Charlie Baker is garbage! That’s Mass in a nutshell!


    • steph_gray says:

      Howie Carr has been doing a terrific job of skewering Charlie “Parker” Baker on his shows (all available on the web site as podcasts, I time-shift and listen to previous day).

      He’s my primary link to sanity in Maskachusetts.


  48. Northern VA – masks required, but I don’t wear one. Some stores have mask “police” at the door, but most don’t challenge you if you don’t have one on. Northern VA opening up phases lagged behind the rest of VA because of the blue libs fear mongering. Arlington schools are going to either a hybrid (2-3 days in-person) or full remote learning. Its total crap.


  49. I live in the heart of OKC and where I live I swear it’s a 50/50 white to black ratio. I’ve noticed that basically Democrats all wear masks, thus black people are by and large walking around masked up. White older people out in public are as well. But the younger white folks are not. Or maybe only in certain businesses.

    I went to a buffet yesterday and a woman was in there acting like she was afraid to pick from the buffet because of covid so she wanted food made fresh especially for her. Only a Democrat could try to use covid to cheat on the buffet.

    The fascinating thing is a large chunk are wearing masks off and on – and it does not seem to do any good in terms of the spread. As per usual the alarmist and weaponizing Democrats want to pretend like people are not wearing masks, but they are, and it’s still spreading.

    My view is we need to just accept this now as apart of our life. It’s not going away and we’re just going to have to live with it. The recent growth “in cases” shows that we test more and that the original shutdown was a total waste and only prolonged this entire event.


    • jello333 says:

      So how are they handling buffets? Our favorite restaurant here in town is a Chinese (ha!) buffet, and like a lot of other restaurants they haven’t opened back up yet. And I’m real worried that they’ll be one of the last, seeing as they’re buffet. Not sure how that’s gonna be handled, since everyone is so paranoid about cooties getting on everything.


  50. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Scotts Valley, California adjacent. I occupy a ghost town and am officially in cold anger stage.

    I have been muted from my neighborhood effingbook for telling the administrators to delete a political protest post from a group dedicated to information and safety of our neighborhood.

    The admin gave permission to a sweet girl, not from our neighborhood, about a black lives matter protest in Scotts Valley, CALIFORNIA tomorrow!!!!

    I informed the sweet girl who only showed up to post this that this is not for politics. As she had broken the never before broken rule, I added

    I also posted a Community meeting for Supporters of the Police to discuss precautions to take to prevent violence and deaths associated with blm protests.

    They deleted both blm and my post but described blm post as a sweet girl who’s cause I support 💯. My post described as hateful and not to be tolerated. I’m on one month mute. I can look but not comment on my paper boat race for the kiddies and big kids on my creek.

    I donated my old car to SVPD. It’s racing dirt oval with an Honorable Member of Law Enforcement, in Police In Pursuit In Support Of Special Olympics. It will fly Trump 2020 and BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!! In Santa Cruz County, home to UC Santa Cruz.

    A little birdie told me today that my little teeny tiny ghost town will have the Torch pass through it.

    What torch? The torch that starts in Southern California in memory of the men and women of Law Enforcement killed in the line of duty; It ends in Northern California and turns out my friend happens to be the NorCal Chairman! 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    They said I was hateful.

    Raised by EEOC lawyers unfortunately.
    I was scraping Lead paint in Newark NJ at three or four. Dad almost got killed there.


    Too think I was the loved community member providing backstop to our parade down the “highway” on July 4th??

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ad rem says:

      Wear it as a badge of courage LBC. NextDoor is an official sponsor of BLM….they run an ad every now and then along with their listings. My DH is in the middle of his two-week suspension (“Soapboxing”) for daring to reply to one of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

        Thank you Ad rem!!!

        I think this was a spam ad and I reacted poorly!

        I’ll think about your DH while I’m in solitary. Send me “weather is here, wish you were beautiful” from the outside!

        Liked by 1 person

        • jello333 says:

          I never bothered to even check out the place, but now that I’m hearing what a bunch of freaks hang out there I actually had to join. 😀 So yeah, I’ve only made a couple comments so far, but we’ll see how it goes. I wasn’t nasty or anything, but in one of the comments I got a warning like “It looks like you’re using language that has been flagged in other comments as not being kind. Are you sure you want to post this?” ???!!!! 😀 😀 The “unkind language”? “This idiotic defund the police garbage.” 😀


          • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

            They just reinstated me.

            I didn’t back down. I have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy for local group. I’ve never used one of those SJW banners around my portrait. You don’t know I’m a Trump supporter, unlike these two ladies.

            I told them I support their right to hold their blm protest tomorrow and unfortunately, I would not be able to exercise my right to counter protest.

            I let them know about the LEO driven car sporting Blue Lives Matter as my freedom of expression and it’s for the Special Olympics. I hope they can come out to Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA.

            I walk my dogs with the one woman’s husband, so it should be a good time, maybe we will share a beer.
            Jello, don’t rock our world too bad. Definitely mess with folks on Scotts Valley pages or Santa Cruz.

            Cafe Pergolisi is where the deviants and anarchists hang out, so use liberally! 🤣


            • jello333 says:

              Oh no, I signed up for my actual neighborhood (central IL). I would never jump into a fight that didn’t impact me directly… well, I don’t think I would anyway. 🙂


            • jello333 says:

              “… don’t rock our world too bad”

              Yeah, that’s actually good advice. Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reading a friend’s FB page, and one of THEIR friends (who I don’t personally know) starts spewing garbage… and I come THIS close to responding like they deserve. But I don’t. Instead, what I usually do it send a private message and ask my friend what they think. Sometimes they’re like “Say whatever you want, that person is an idiot anyway.” But other times it’s “Yeah, probably best not to say anything, because that person is a real-life friend I’ve known for decades, and they’re not all there.”


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