Inflection Points….

I have long felt that life is like a series of links in a chain. You might be driving down the road and you hear a song on the radio, or see a picture, and you feel a memory…. Something that reminds you of a different time and place than where you are right now.

You reflect.

The memories remind you of a totally different time in your life. Perhaps you lived in a different place. Perhaps you were surrounded by different people. Perhaps a different job or completely different friends.

Our reflection recognizes those memories like frozen moments in time. They become individual links in the chain in our life.

We never actually realize, in the immediate moment, when one link closes and another link begins. But when we look back, we can clearly see distinct points where things changed, the link closed, and a new link began. The links are only visible in reflection.

As we reflect we find parts of the chain in our life where each link closes and connects with the other. Yes, a beginning and an end.

At the point where the links are joined we carry parts of the previous link forward to the next. For many people those connections are bonded by family, or very strong life long relationships. Connections which continue beyond our geographic moments, jobs or temporary acquaintances.

But for everyone, the primary bonding agent brought forward from one link to the next is ourselves, our center, our values and core principles. Our beliefs.

The strength of the steel which comprises the links of our life is determined by forging in the fire of adversity, weakness, challenge, pain, loss, and painful growth. The steel is then cooled with the tears of triumph, hurdles overcome and resolve.

The forging makes the steel stronger and able to withstand the pressures that accompany the additional length. Slowly the chain becomes wiser as it lengthens. Able to reach further, form more significant benefits and become more useful.

Hope replaces fear. Love replaces loneliness. Success replaces adversity. These are successful links began and finished while contributing to the whole.

At times we may manipulate the links with avoidance. We hide from -or choose to avoid- an issue in our effort to begin a new link before the old one was naturally, and spiritually, prepared to be closed. Eventually as life continues, and the chain lengthens, the weak link can fracture and we are forced to revisit/repair what we originally chose to avoid.

You see, in life we cannot control the universal laws that guide us. So if we manipulate circumstances to avoid confronting our own weakness, we cannot fully strengthen our life of links. Eventually, the weakness of our past will impact our future.

So what do we carry from link to link? What core values and beliefs stay with us throughout the journey of our lives? The answers to these questions are what makes us human spiritual beings.

We possess freewill able to make choices about what we do, and how we define our individual humanity; but can we then define ’right’ and ‘wrong’ according to our individual principles? Or are there principles that exceed our influence and definition?

Are there natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, that cannot be subjected to the determination of man? These are the bigger questions, perhaps the more important questions, and yet perhaps the ones we reflect upon the least.

Consider the example of the ‘Law of the Farm’ vs. the ‘Law of the School’. Natural principles vs. those made by man.

A student can skip class, take few notes, pay only half attention, then stay up all night cramming for a test and manage a decent grade. It depends on the students goal: grades or learning.

The student can choose to manipulate the education by avoiding the learning and capturing the grade. This is possible in the ‘Law of the School’.

However, a farmer cannot take short cuts. A farmer cannot avoid tending to the soil, preparing the seed, fertilizing and nurturing the crop, and still gain benefit of an abundant harvest.  The farmer must necessarily do all of the appropriate work in order to benefit from it. Such is the ‘Law of the Farm’, the natural law.

When one considers the weakness remaining within a poorly constructed and manipulated link, perhaps established by selfish choices and driven by avoidance and fear, one can be faithfully be assured those who have dealt dishonestly with us will have to visit the issues of their association again. Conversely, no amount of manipulation or avoidance on our own behalf is going to improve the frailty of any link without first resolving the lack of character which created the weakness.

So we have choices in our lives. Decisions we each make regarding how we interact, and participate in the lives and links of others; as well as how we choose to construct the links that compromise our own lives. Do we base our sense of purpose around natural principles? Principles based on natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies.

Do we forge strong links based on following our heart, our values? If we can interact with others absent of a prideful self-driven agenda, or manipulative intent, we can then apply such principles and strength to our endeavors.

If we protect the integrity of the soil upon which we build the foundation of our lives, we can live without regret.

If we fertilize and cherish our crop, and the crop of our neighbor, with honesty and sincere appreciation for the souls we meet along our chosen path, we will live a life of abundance.

If we tend carefully to the consideration of everyone, yet holding true to our values and principles, we can strengthen ourselves amid the face of adversity and disenchantment.

If we do not hide from, nor ignore, our individual and collective faults, we can build the chain of our life with strength, humility, and purpose.

I wish for each of you the very best of life.  A long chain of bold, strong, beautiful links, polished with the reflective brilliance of Love.

~ Sundance

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)

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  1. starfcker says:

    Lara Logan did a 60 Minutes feature years ago on free climber Alex Honnold. She was in Yosemite Valley with some older climbing dude watching Alex climb through a telescope. The older dude said, at this point right here he can’t go back. He either climbs to the top or he falls to his death. Most remarkable human endeavors follow a similar arc. There may not be a way off the mountain for our President. There may not be a way off the mountain for you, Sundance. There may not be a way off the mountain for any of us. Keep climbing

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    • PS says:

      I had the pleasure of attending a conference and hearing a keynote from Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all 14 of the world’s 8000-meter peaks, “without the aid of bottled oxygen.” His talk (and book) “No Shortcuts To The Top” covered this creed like the Law of the Farmer : meticulously plan, know your limits, trust your team, be willing to fail.

      The goal of mountain climbing is not just to reach the top, but *to get back down to the bottom alive*. Don’t burn out on a short term goal. And many times in life things are just out of our control (story of a storm just 100m from the peak and they turned back), the goal is to survive so you can try again when conditions are in your favor.

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    • Cathy M. says:

      ” . . with some older climbing dude watching Alex climb through a telescope. ”
      Was Alex a munchkin? 😉

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      The TRUE mountain climber is not seeking a way off the mountain.

      The TRUE mountain climber is seeking the mountain’s zenith.

      Nothing else will suffice. 😉

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    • star- Brilliant post. Thanks.

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  2. The wisdom realized on reflection after having chosen either diverging path over the other, is that the source of the one is sufficient. The tree of life is one, the tree of knowledge offers differing fruit gives us invaluable experience, but wisdom is only realized when all these experiences gained from the various paths we’ve taken in life have been synthesized and once again we rest in the changeless peace of the singular tree of life.

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  3. QCM says:

    Thank you.

    I hope this is not the end of this branch of the path, however, if it is, please know THIS PLACE HERE has made all the difference.


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  4. TheWanderingStar says:

    I believe that this post by SD is inextricably tied with his earlier post “Do you really want the book..”

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      A couple of my favorite quotes from Andrew Breitbart that remind me of when I discovered SD:

      My goal is to try to weaponize the American people, try to weaponize the conservative movement, try to weaponize the underground conservative Hollywood movement, to weaponize as many people in the center-right country to try to rectify a generation-plus long problem that has been absolute media bias, absolute media used by the Democratic Party as a tool to defeat conservatives.
      Andrew Breitbart

      For those in the conservative movement to think that you’re going to change minds only by preaching to the choir, you don’t understand how media works. So that’s probably the most potent weapon out there is to go fight the fire, go towards the fire.
      Andrew Breitbart

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    • Personally I don’t want the book – yet. Last refuge is our last refuge many of us would be lost. Please Sundance don’t abandon the treehouse except for death.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        And definitely don’t die before me! Selfish? Maybe, but also altruistic for everyone else who relies on this tree house for intel, help, and consolation through these trying times. In all things may God bless, guard, and guide you, SD!

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  5. TarsTarkas says:

    ‘If SD has decided to turn a page in his life’s book, I wish him well.’

    I don’t quite read this post in that way, but then I’m not a subtle person who tries to find deep dark hidden meanings in every pronouncement or tries to interpret every vague warning of the Oracle of Delphi. I think he may be speaking of America at large, where the ‘Law of the School’ seems to be being imposed on us despite the reality of the ‘Law of the Farm’.

    For almost a century and a half scholars and philosophes, starting with Woodrow Wilson, have been trying to tell us that they are smarter and wiser than the Founding Fathers and should be obeyed without question, and when persuasion fails try to impose their ‘perfect’ systems of government on us anyway. The result everywhere else in the world has resulted in oceans of blood being let. We are facing an attempt to do so here. It must fail, or more than our blood will be shed. Tyrants Xi and Putin are waiting on the destruction of America for their own interests and gratification.

    The current crisis has been exacerbated because IMO the Democrats no longer believe that Biden or his proxies can win a free and fair election. They will either have to steal it through fraud-by-mail or failing that, make the counting of the votes so chaotic that they will declare victory just like they did in several primaries and call upon their allies in the government and military to forceably remove Orange Man Bad in the name of public health and safety.Their health and safety, of course.

    Sundance should write his book only if he thinks it will help swing the election and ensure justice. Sundance should NOT write it if there is personal danger to himself or to family in doing so, unless he feels that the threat justifies it. These bastards have long memories and are insanely vengeful.

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  6. Retired USMC says:

    Thank you for making me smarter.

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  7. WhiteBoard says:

    what i get from this — is that truth lasts, and its a link that stands the test of time, but if we dont spend the time talking with our family and neighbors and building our lives the way we want, then we have truth But No Links.

    we have to put effort in – the effort to get the end result we all DESERVE

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  8. We the people know says:

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  9. Janeka says:

    Thank You Sundance, God bless, stay safe

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    So many moments in life come back rushing into my head…many beautiful while a few others painful and sad…

    these are the things that make our lives…

    At the end of the “Grapes of Wrath” Ma makes an analogy that life is like a river…and that the people adapt and roll along…Thank SD for being like Ma!

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  11. billshiloh says:

    No No not the end ?
    I start and end everyday with the CTH.
    I am a self confessed dummy, i will be truly lost without the Treehouse!

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  12. MACAULAY says:

    Wouldn’t want to be too sentimental, but Sundance (and his crew–for there has to be more than one) remind me of the ancient hero Horatius when fledgling Rome was threatened by an overwhelming foe, They needed to destroy the bridge over the Tiber before the enemy could cross but there was no time, and capitulation was contemplated.

    “Then outspake brave Horatius,
    The Captain of the Gate:
    To every man upon this Earth
    Death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds
    For the ashes of his fathers
    And the Temples of his Gods?

    I, with two more to help me,
    Will hold the foe in play,—
    In that strait path a thousand
    May well be stopped by three.
    Now who will stand on either hand
    And keep the Bridge with me?”

    He meant the front of the bridge, while they cut it down behind him.

    The outcome is well known to History.

    America is in bad need of a Horatius—I hope it is Don Trump. They are damn sure cutting down the bridge behind him.

    Need more Sundances, Jim Jordans, Devin Nunes, Sidney Powells.

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    • bleep21k says:

      @Publius2016 & @MACAULAY:

      Reference to “The Grapes of Wrath” (my ALL TIME FAVORITE READ!), and Horatius quoted – all in the mater of a few post…

      This! – after reading the Sundance post “inflection”…

      Goodness! IS the REAL DEAL!

      I’ll admit that I am a better man for it, thanks to the Treepers!


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      • warrprin1 says:

        Oh my goodness, bleep! My husband and I watched “Red Dawn” this evening – the reason I’m so late arriving here tonight. “WOLVERINES!”

        Regardless of which film version, the first with Patrick Swayze, or the remake some years later, the story drives home the point about love of home, and the necessity to choose the path of courage under fire, when all seems lost, no matter what.

        As so many here are expressing so beautifully, I do not know what this new link in the chain for Sundance will be, but we are all praying, Sundance, please keep us linked together with you and your team.

        Also as many like minded here, I have grown both weary and impatient with sitting on the sidelines while an organized Borg concentrates all its energy on destroying our One Nation Under God.

        The Left has shown us in this last month that they are finished talking. I believe this is occurring now because they’ve concluded that all the stealth weapons in their quiver are spent and they are out of ammunition to take out our President. That which we are seeing now on the streets of our cities is an act of desperation by the multi-faceted, domestic and almost certainly international financier, Cabal.

        For the last 30+ days they have rioted, looted, burned, and destroyed private and public property. This is the 21st century version of the shot heard ’round the world – but from the wrong side of history. Our President has had enough, and from POTUS’ management of this national holiday observance, and from Sundance’s posts through this unusual July 4th, 2020 commemoration, it is clear that the War has officially begun.

        SD, if you have been summoned into service by POTUS and / or his loyal allies, please leave a digital trail of crumbs so that we can follow you, and assist in any way possible. This is our mountain. To the top we must ascend before we can find our way back down to safety.

        In this home we are not youngsters, but we are of one mind and ready to answer the call.

        I pray for you, Sundance, for Menagerie, for Ad Rem – for all of you, and for all of our beloved colleagues here. I love you all, with a love that has grown from the respect you command through your insight, your tireless willingness to read and learn, your Patriotism, and your determination to do whatever is required to defend and protect our Constitution, our form of Government, and our Way of Life.

        Now, I am going to break my vow to stay off social media, start a PARLER account, maybe even get on Twitter, so that I will be able to keep track of Sundance and all of you.

        God bless the United States of America.
        Thank you, SD, for everything that you have taught and that I have learned here. May it continue, God willing. Diós mediante.

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        • Kristin DeBacco says:

          Warr: I like this post and want to give Sundance thanks and praise.
          Hope Sundance is not leaving but will be leading us further.
          We are ready for the call.
          My Last Refuge has been here on these pages and has given me and others solace, resolve and peace at very difficult moments.
          I can sense we have come at a crossroads. I need to push my depression of last weeks away and look ahead in same direction Sundance is going.
          Go where your need is driving you and Godspeed Sundance.


  13. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    Well said Sundance. Well said.

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  14. StanH says:

    “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    “These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
    Thomas Paine

    “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31).

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
    Winston Churchill

    “…This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves..”

    “A TIME FOR CHOOSING” (The Speech October 27, 1964) Ronald Reagan

    The point is, as we forge our chain we had better be certain that at a pivotal moment, re-election of perhaps the last American President, the chain is not used to enslave us.

    The work you’ve done bringing truth to the fore is incredible, but this struggle really began in 2016 with the election of Donald J Trump. Hold the line and prepare for the push we have a country to save.

    God Bless you Sundance. We just now see the whites of their eyes our enemies are out in the open, veil is down, the curtain is pulled back, and in truth their BS is a mile wide and a millimeter thick. You keep pushing and poking and eventually it will bust and blow away like a stale fart in a brisk wind. Hold the line!

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    • cjzak says:

      Stan i was just getting ready to post that speech. Then I read your post so I will put it here under yours. The more things change the more they stay the same.

      Choices, so many choices that forge the links in the chain. Thanks SD.

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    • Stan- thanks for all the quotes and I too hope and pray that our hero Sundance will keep pushing and poking. We need him now more than ever.


  15. Rick K says:

    Sundance, you are a lover of Life and Liberty.

    We come to the Treehouse as brothers and sisters in arms against forces of darkness that seek to snuff both Life and Liberty out of existence. I know many here are moved by your words and what is in your heart — the heartbeat of Freedom. You are a human Liberty Bell… “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof!”

    Ring, Sundance!

    We are your long chain of bold, strong, beautiful links!

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  16. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Erasing Personnel History.

    Here is my take…first of all Sundance’s supreme accomplishment has been keeping his identity secret.

    But now with the Treehouse…..there may come a time, when Erasing Personal Personal History is best….

    Allow me to explain.

    Think of a father: A father is an example:
    Remember what your father thought of you. “Your father knew everything about you, ”
    “Your father had you all figured out.
    He knew who you were and what you did, and there was no power on earth that could make him change his mind about you.”

    When everybody that knows you…..or has an an idea about you,
    “You must renew your personal history by telling your parents, your relatives, and your friends everything you do.”

    On the other hand, if you have no personal history, no explanations are needed; nobody is angry or disillusioned with your acts.
    “And above all no one pins you down with their thoughts.”

    “It is best to erase all personal history, ” because that frees us from the encumbering thoughts of other people.”

    Create a fog around yourself and your life.
    And nobody will know for sure who you are or what you do.”
    “But, you yourself knows who you are,

    “Little by little create a fog around yourself; erase everything around you until nothing can be taken for granted, until nothing is any longer for sure, or real.

    “Begin with simple things, such as not revealing what you really do.

    This way you’ll build up a fog around yourself.”

    Once people know you, you are an affair taken for granted and from that moment on you won’t be able to break the tie of their thoughts.

    The ultimate freedom is of being unknown.
    No one knows you with steadfast certainty
    Some may consider it to be would be lying.

    “Lies are lies only if you have personal history.”

    “When one does not have personal history, “nothing that one says can be taken for a lie. You don’t have to explain everything to everybody, compulsively,

    You want to keep the freshness, the newness to what you do.

    “We only have two alternatives; we either take everything for sure and real, or we don’t.

    If we follow the first, we end up bored to death with ourselves and with the world.

    If we follow the second and erase personal history, we create a fog around us, a very exciting and mysterious state in which nobody knows where the rabbit will pop out, not even ourselves.”

    “When nothing is for sure we remain alert, perennially on our toes.

    “It is more exciting not to know which bush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as though we know everything.”


    • budklatsch says:

      I do not know how or what reason SD chose his Monika. I am sure it has great interest. I would add that ‘Sunshine’ would be an equally apt choice. With all the negativity about us, SD brings light into our little rabbit holes day in and day out for which I am eternally grateful.

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    • Tom W. says:

      “Here is my take…first of all Sundance’s supreme accomplishment has been keeping his identity secret.”
      The identity is not secret.

      For me, his supreme accomplishment is the totality of his work in putting the pieces together for us in mostly layman’s terms. Things are revealed here that will never be seen in mainstream media.

      We have been fortunate to be educated by such a dedicated man.

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  17. Parker Longbaugh says:

    It is okay to sell something you created. Wish you the best and if you publish use the name Sundance.
    Happy trails.

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  18. zephyrbreeze says:

    What Sundance wrote is pure truth seen through the lens of our strange time.
    I would add the virtue of Graciousness which is sorely needed in our time.
    I pray for it’s re-emergence.

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  19. Spar Harmon says:

    Remember, you live as you have from birth :: as an existential self just trying to figure out what’s what.
    If you become broken enough to reach out to the Holy, you will receive the help you need. [1st Beatitude]
    As he lived his life after receiving such help, Wendell Berry composed this way-prayer ::
    **To The Holy Spirit**

    O Thou, far off and here, whole and broken,
    Who in necessity and in bounty wait,
    Whose truth is light and dark, mute though spoken,

    By Thy wide grace show me Thy narrow gate.

    We each need to reach out for the gift The Holy offers to complete our creation and guide us in our part in bringing The Holy to Earth.
    Right Here, where we each are, let us make our choices while centered in the Presence of the Holy.

    Amen Amen Amen

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  20. David DeAtkine says:

    God Bless You, Sundance, you are not alone!

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  21. coldanger says:

    That was beautiful and so true, and perhaps in keeping with the celebration of our country’s independence, I have been reflective of late. I admit to fracturing a few links in my life’s chain. Young, impatient and immature, I forced instances to occur that should perhaps never have happened. But each step, even if backwards, brought a new understanding of life and left me with a blessing. Even the tragedies have brought me to new self awareness, but more importantly, the awareness of others. These days I try very hard to forge my links in strength, tempered with love and compassion. And looking back, I see I was fortunate enough to choose the road less traveled, for it’s given me a treasure more priceless than gold. But of course, I believe I was blessed with divine intervention. G-d bless.

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  22. Tornarosa says:

    Ecclesiastes 3
    3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

    2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

    3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

    4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

    6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

    7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

    8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    9 What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?

    10 I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.

    11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

    12 I know that there is no good in them, but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life.

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  23. jean0404 says:

    “The Road Not Taken”

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  24. delighteddeplorable says:

    I just received this from a friend. Very timely.


    A while back I read a story of a visiting pastor who attended a men’s breakfast in the middle of a rural farming area of the country. The group had asked an older farmer, decked out in bib overalls, to say grace for the morning breakfast.

    “Lord, I hate buttermilk”, the farmer began. The visiting pastor opened one eye to glance at the farmer and wonder where this was going.

    The farmer loudly proclaimed, “Lord, I hate lard.” Now the pastor was growing concerned.

    Without missing a beat, the farmer continued, “And Lord, you know I don’t much care for raw white flour”. The pastor once again opened an eye to glance around the room and saw that he wasn’t the only one to feel uncomfortable.

    Then the farmer added, “But Lord, when you mix them all together and bake them, I do love warm fresh biscuits. So Lord, when things come up that we don’t like, when life gets hard, when we don’t understand what you’re saying to us, help us to just relax and wait until you are done mixing. It will probably be even better than biscuits. Amen.”

    Within that prayer there is great wisdom for all when it comes to complicated situations like we are experiencing in the world today.

    Stay strong, my friends, because our LORD is mixing several things that we don’t really care for, but something even better is going to come when HE is done with it. AMEN! Jesus we trust in You.

    …..Source unknown

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  25. mark says:

    This has been my #1 go to site for information and analysis with an emphasis on analysis. A lot of sites post information and links to stories….only Sundance breaks it all down and gives you context. Its fantastic the way he ties the bits and pieces together drawing on information way back in time etc. I can see any number of news outlets wanting to use his talent if that is what he is implying. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading his and other posters stuff here. I hope he continues but he has to do what his best for him.

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    • laurisand says:

      Same for me… the amount of information and in depth coverage here has been staggering. As a former journalist, my hat is very much off to SD for the breadth and scope he has been able to convey in such understandable terms. The deep dives into archives and public releases has been amazing. Whatever he/she chooses to do, I have gained a lot of knowledge I could have never gotten anywhere else. Godspeed, Sundance.


  26. Carly says:

    I love this piece, but somehow it makes me sad. I don’t know why.

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  27. fangdog says:

    Speaking for myself: After all this time not one indictment of any one who’s deeds would had put any of us in jail long ago. IMO, this is the underlying cause of such lawlessness being witnessed everyday by the Left-wing communist democrats. We are not experiencing “accountability” in the manner we were taught to believe it should be.

    Looking back, Trump was 100% correct locking out other people from Counties infected with Covid-19. However, locking down our own Countries economy was and is a mistake. Trump had advice coming from both sides and a no tougher decision to make, but IMO, Trump listened to the wrong people at the time, but is now on the correct trajectory as evidenced by his Mount Rushmore speech.


  28. pristach says:

    This post is something to return to for reflection, guidance.

    Like the poetry of Raymond Carver.

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  29. pristach says:

    This post is something to return to for reflection, guidance.

    Like the poetry of Raymond Carver.


  30. I seriously couldn’t love this post more. So insightful and true.

    Thank you Sundance.

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  31. trapper says:

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep
    but you have promises to keep
    and miles to go before you sleep

    I think you would be astounded if you knew who all stopped here to take sustenance.

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  32. The Mount Rushmore Speech echoed in my brain while reading Sundance’s essay, particularly:

    “My fellow Americans, it is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country.
    It is time for our politicians to summon the bravery and determination of our American ancestors. It is time.
    It is time to plant our flag and protect the greatest of this nation, for citizens of every race, in every city, and every part of this glorious land. For the sake of our honor, for the sake of our children, for the sake of our union, we must protect and preserve our history, our heritage, and our great heroes.

    Here tonight, before the eyes of our forefathers, Americans declare again, as we did 244 years ago: that we will not be tyrannized, we will not be demeaned, and we will not be intimidated by bad, evil people. It will not happen.

    We will proclaim the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, and we will never surrender the spirit and the courage and the cause of July 4th, 1776.

    Upon this ground, we will stand firm and unwavering. In the face of lies meant to divide us, demoralize us, and diminish us, we will show that the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us all, and makes everyone free. ”

    It is time for all of us Treepers to self-reflect.

    What can we do in our own neighborhoods and communities to fulfill ” It is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country. ”

    I have thought of a few ways I can contribute towards that end. (Nonviolent, of course but if I have to defend myself from a direct threat, be it so.)
    Just being LOUDER will have an effect.

    And so, Sundance, whatever options you are considering, I know you will listen to guidance from Heaven. May His Holy Spirit be with you in all things.

    I trust President Trump. And I trust Sundance. They should both know there’s a whole Forest of us that support them. They are not Alone.

    Liked by 11 people

  33. aocsdad says:

    Take two from many types one a philosopher the other a warrior. Today we need warriors.


  34. 8shiraku says:

    The absurdity of these times bring this to mind (sincere apologies to the author, I am unable to accurately attribute)….

    Carbon crushing pressure
    Squeezing diamonds through my brain
    Its so hard to see their brilliance
    When you’re blinded by the pain

    When your hell belongs to daylight
    And your hell belongs to night
    And you race around in circles
    That grow small and very tight

    When your mind folds at odd angles
    And dejection takes its toll
    And your calm is merely residue
    Of long forgotten goals

    When you’re always sleeping lightly
    For your body lives in shock
    And your mind plays out its nightmares
    Past the buzzer on your clock

    And you sacrifice your family
    When they need to have you too
    But you trade them for depression
    And a world that has no glue

    And its tough to see it changing
    But you must to stay alive
    Every life owes contribution
    We must do more than just survive

    Find an outlet, start with family
    Aim yourself out of despair
    Start at nowhere and go somewhere
    Use a plan if one is there

    Know the things you want for others
    Know the things you want for you
    Separate the things you can’t control
    And treasure what is true

    Summon courage stay unbroken
    Look for goodness in the dark
    Time will lessen the upheaval
    And dilute the burdened part

    We must hug our friends and loved ones
    Look around and lose the stare
    Notice beauty in the foreground
    Smell the fragrance of the air

    Take a walk or visit neighbors
    Help a stranger, plant a tree
    Don’t forget, but smile in mirrors
    Heal and prep for destiny


  35. Merry-go-round says:

    Thank you Sundance. I am without words to express my gratitude.

    Liked by 5 people

  36. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Oh oh. SD, is this your valedictory address?!

    Don’t leave us. Hire someone to collate, curate and edit your posts into a book or two. But don’t stop this site. Please.


  37. sunnydaze says:

    That poem still moves me as it did when I first read it in Elementary School.

    I wonder, do they still read poems like this in the Public Schools?


  38. mg says:

    Mahalo, Sundance

    Liked by 1 person

  39. ALEX says:

    “Conversely, no amount of manipulation or avoidance on our own behalf is going to improve the frailty of any link without first resolving the lack of character which created the weakness.“

    Indeed Sundance. Thanks for the read. I found this blog during the Treyvon Martin/Zimmerman hoax and appreciate the perspective you provide………..

    An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

    “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

    He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

    Liked by 10 people

  40. visage13 says:

    If this is the end, which I doubt and sincerely hope not, I just have one thing to say, Wolverines!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  41. TarsTarkas says:

    I’ve had my share of inflection points in life, where if I had acted differently (or had just acted), my life would have gone down a completely different road. Sometimes you know that they are one at that instant; more often they are understood after the fact, often very belatedly. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I gone down one of those different paths. But not often, for I took a path less traveled thirty-some years ago, and despite many small stumbles since then have had few regrets over taking it. I couldn’t have asked for a better or sweeter wife.

    Sundance, your tireless efforts on our behalf to inform and exhort are greatly appreciated. Your breadth of knowledge is astounding. I hope in the end they are rewarded with justice and a renewal of pride in our country, the best that has ever been.

    Liked by 4 people

  42. Greg R says:

    Sundance, you shall have a life of abundance. You have been a mindful farmer. No one is perfect and the weak links of of lives are strengthened through forgiveness that comes from a power greater than ourselves. Thank you for your thoughtful insights and considered observations.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. Eaglet says:

    “So what do we carry from link to link? What core values and beliefs stay with us throughout the journey of our lives? The answers to these questions are what makes us human spiritual beings.”

    God, Character, Morals, Hard Work, Truth, Family, Friendship, Values, Choices, Regret, Sorrow, Happiness, Rejoice, Humility, Love of Country, The Ability to Learn, Mistakes, Gratitude and Love.

    Sundance you express your soul in words. You challenge our very thoughts and encourage reasonable debate. Thank You for allowing me to engage here.

    God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Eric C. says:

    I’m in Pismo Beach and it’s packed. A few people were wearing a mask on the beach and as they headed to the water (Darwin’s theory will work that out). Majority of the people are sans mask. One store is selling Trump 2020 shot glasses and hats.

    An impressive aerial fireworks show went on across the entire town I grew up in for 2 hours on the 4th.

    I choose hope and belief. The pandemic was thrust upon us so we can see (those who choose too) what lengths the government will go to control our lives.

    I believe most people choose freedom and less government interference. Most go along with Dems “moderate” public view and get conned. If the Dems came right out with what they want for their agenda, they’d get about 5% of the vote.

    Sundance has the knowledge and the ability to make it be seen. I think people are ready to see and vote for freedom.

    I believe the pendulum has begun to swing towards freedom, away from oppression.

    Only time will tell, thank you Sundance.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Eric C. says:

      🤞 I make it through 7 more days in CA before returning to America (life long California here until 6 years ago, most people are normal but under the thumb of tyranny of the Democrat rule since they campaign somewhat toward the middle and vote ultra left joining with LA and SF liberals platform) CA just needs R candidates with a spine, I think the CA voters will appreciate seeing the light, before I moved away I hardly ran into anyone who was pumped up about all the new laws, even people I know who vote Dem.

      Liked by 3 people

  45. Thank you, Sundance. You have kept others from thinking I’m a total conspiracy nut. I am so thankful to have found you and the Treehouse.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Daphne says:

    I love this piece. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. RyderLee says:

    May God Bless You Forever , Sundance .

    No matter which Path You Take You’ll be Stunning !

    Nothing , short of death , can Ever Take Away
    What I’ve Learned Here From You !

    Thank You hardly seems Enough ~~~

    Courage and a Strong Sense of Self are words I use to describe You !

    My Deepest Appreciation for All I have Learned Here ..

    Liked by 3 people

  48. bcsurvivor2 says:

    This reminds me of, when at 24 years old, I was confirmed in the Catholic church.
    I was surrounded at the alter with a bunch of young kids. i knelt with them to receive the sacraments and to pray. My brother in law and my sister in law were my sponsors.
    As I knelt there the holy spirit came to me in all His glory. I saw IT, I felt IT. The horrible rusty and broken chains that had been my life before those incredible moments became like polished gold. I was so immersed in the light and love that couldn’t see or hear anything around me. I was just there with GOD.I have had many awful chains if you will since then but that day has forged my faith in a higher power and I KNOW all will be well. I am powerless before God but at the same time God gives me the power to forge on.

    Sundance, Whatever your are facing or seeing right now, know that what ever you need, I am here for you. I don’t like what i am sensing from you but i will follow your lead. If you need money I’ll send what I can, If you need security I’ll protect you.
    You have given me and a great many others your gift of truth. I never wanted to know what I now know but with that knowledge comes a great responsibility.

    Yes i am scared, but not so afraid that i won’t stand up and defend my beautiful United States of America. and you to Sundance and all of you wonderful Treepers.
    God Bless

    Liked by 8 people

  49. Right to reply says:

    God bless you Sundance, for walking the road less traveled.
    The effort, the sacrifice, so the uniformed may learn.

    Enjoy the journey

    Liked by 2 people

  50. fionnagh says:

    The President said thrice at Mt. Rushmore: “It’s time.”
    I believe that Sundance is going all out, in a different direction, using his extraordinary gift for reasoned – and persuasive – analysis because yes, it’s time.
    Actually, we’re darned near out of time.
    Dare I suggest the President or at least those in his inner circle are aware of SD’s new direction?
    Insert a photo here of Sundance’s cat with that “hmmm” expression…

    Liked by 6 people

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