Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Co-Conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested – Indictment pdf…

The FBI and DOJ from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) have finally made a move to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell, the co-conspirator, manager, and socialite who facilitated the sex trafficking network of Jeffrey Epstein. [pdf to indictment]

Interestingly, very interestingly, the current indictment focuses exclusively on the period of 1994 to 1997.  DOJ Press Release: “The Indictment unsealed today alleges that between at least in or about 1994 through 1997, MAXWELL and co-conspirator Jeffrey Epstein exploited girls as young as 14, including by enticing them to travel and transporting them for the purpose of engaging in illegal sex acts.”

This timing aspect is interesting because in Epstein’s original indictment there were two time periods of focus: First, the mid-90’s which aligns with Maxwell today; and second, a conspiracy from 2002 through 2005 which included facilitating “employees.”  It will be interesting to see if the conspiracy charges released today generate more arrests related to the ¹three Epstein employees who facilitated sexual abuse of minors in ’04 and ’05.

Ms. Maxwell, 58, faces charges including the transporting a minor for the purposes of criminal sexual activity and conspiring to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.  There are a total of six counts within the grand jury indictment unsealed today.

Maxwell was arrested in Bradford, N.H. According to William F Sweeney Jr of the FBI New York field office: “We’ve been discreetly keeping tabs on Maxwell’s whereabouts as we worked this investigation. And more recently, we learned she’d slithered away to a gorgeous property in New Hampshire — continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago.”

The federal charges against her generally align with previously allegations made by Epstein’s victims, who accused Maxwell of helping the abuser run a sex-trafficking ring that targeted and victimized teenage girls.  Maxwell previously denied allegations linking her to Epstein’s exploitation of girls and young women, including denials she made under oath during sworn testimony in 2016.  The DOJ indictment today accuses Ms. Maxwell of committing perjury in those depositions.

DOJ Statement – “GHISLANE MAXWELL was arrested this morning and charged with enticing a minor to travel to engage in criminal sexual activity, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, conspiracy to commit both of those offenses, and perjury in connection with a sworn deposition.” [More]

Here’s the indictment [pdf here]:


¹Keep an eye out for these three employees to become a significant part of this story.  One of them is likely Maxwell; however, the other two?…

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413 Responses to Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Co-Conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested – Indictment pdf…

  1. sloobiesloobiedoo says:

    Hopefully Barr’s DOJ can do a better job of keeping Maxwell alive than Epstein. I have serious doubts & suspect her fate will be similar, perhaps due to the coronavirus this time.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      The Clintons had the kill switch in place months ago. She might not make it pass 2 weeks. Can you imagine being in her position knowing that you will be dead shortly.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        A sign the Clinton’s era is definitely over.

        Obama’s Party now. Biden/Kamala is the ticket he picked. (After Michelle said no).

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        • theoldgoat says:

          I doubt Obama picked Dementia Joe, he did pick Kamala though.

          I think Kamala’s campaign being dead from the start had them rethinking to use Dementia Joe so Kamala would end up being the top of the ticket once they shoved Joe aside.

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        • 28angelica28 says:

          Biden/Kamala? She declared him to be a racist during the campaign. How can she go to Black Lives Matter and tell them that it was okay for her to be bussed because Dementia Joe wanted her to be in the last half of 2020 when it was quite an issue in the early part? Then again, she thinks the BLM crowd is pretty stupid so I would bet that she thinks they won’t even realize that she already branded him as a racist. How can she square that circle? Won’t Stacey have her panties in quite a twist if Kamala is the chosen one?

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        • I believe the Clintons could have had her killed more easily in a sleepy town of 2000 than in a jail with lots of people and surveillance. Unless they couldn’t get in and out without being caught on govt. surveillance.

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      • Sentient says:

        Clintons-Schmintons. Israeli intelligence. Maybe along with the CIA. Epstein outlived his usefulness – just like Ghislaine Maxwell’s dad, Robert Maxwell, who died in a “boating accident”. Epstein had oodles of money, but did no financial trades or money management. The only thing he traded was pics of powerful men with children.

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    • …you mean whisked away to state where her dad is buried ???????

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    • Dutchman says:

      Or, a deal to insure her silence.
      Of coarse, the ‘best’ insurance is arkanicide, but with all the injustice coming out of Barrs Dept. Of Injustice,…who knows?

      6 mos to 2 year plea deal?
      Not out of the realm of possibility, given sweetheart deals like Wolfes, and,aggregious cases like Stone and Flynn.

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    • Bill Durham says:

      Epstein suicided
      Fbi wants to question prince Andrew
      Trump talks to Queen
      Trump fires Berman
      FBI arrests Maxwell
      Bedford NH is close to Durham
      Democrats move to impeach Barr


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    • Clinton virus. There is no cure.

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      Agreed. Don’t intubate her. Keep her safe.


  2. Merle Marks says:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist…

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  3. Berman out, Maxwell arrested.

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  4. Patriot says:

    Interesting that it took the firing of the SDNY, Geoffrey Berman, to get this released. Good on Audrey Strauss.

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    • Free Speech says:

      Don’t pat Strauss on the back just yet. She’s probably as Deep State as Berman. If Maxwell has a sudden fall down a flight of stairs, or winds up getting plea Jessie Liu style for ridiculously reduced charges, my suspicions will be correct.

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  5. VegGOP says:

    It is interesting that this arrest happened just 12 days after Geoffrey Berman was removed from SDNY. I would like to hear Sundance comment on this, as well as his thoughts on his successor, Acting Audrey Strauss.

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    • All Too Much says:

      The evidence was in hand, analyzed, and, buried by Berman.
      The indictment was ready to file*, and Berman sat on it.
      Just some thoughts from a Treeper.

      *Can’t verify that, but my more than four decades litigating in federal courts makes me think it’s the case.

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      • seekingthetruth2 says:

        I wonder WHEN did this Grand Jury sit? Was this sealed for some long period of time?


      • Rix Six says:

        All Too Much
        “Can’t verify that, but my more than four decades litigating in federal courts makes me think it’s the case.”

        This is one of the things I like about TCH. Persons within these professions on here giving the inside baseball analysis.

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  6. Johnny Bravo says:

    I bet right now, Adam Schiff’s eyes are a”popping

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  7. sync says:

    Different SDNY Units involved in prosecuting: Maurene Comey.. Jim Comey’s daughter


    This case is being handled by the Office’s Public Corruption Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alex Rossmiller, Alison Moe, and Maurene Comey are in charge of the prosecution. (Maurene Comey.. Jim Comey’s daughter)



  8. Archimedes Claw says:

    Maxwell and Epstein, using money from billionaire Leslie Wexner, were running a blackmail operation on behalf of Israeli intelligence. Looking forward to your exposé of this group.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      Spooks from all over the world have connections to Epstein and Maxwell. I’m guessing it was an operation carried out by Israeli Intelligence at the behest of Continental European and/or American powers.

      This is just a hunch but I have a feeling the plan was originally cooked up by the CIA and friends. International blackmailing scheme handed off to Israel in case it ever became exposed. Look at the targets of the operation – many Hollywood types and British royalty. Also look at who wasn’t targeted, going by the published lists of Epstein’s flight logs.

      Cui bono?

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  9. bkrg2 says:

    Did she commit suicide yet?

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  10. The American Patriot says:

    Paging Chief Justice John Roberts……………

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  11. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The FBI and DOJ from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) have finally made a move to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell,”

    Is it just a “coincidence” that this comes shortly after a personnel shake-up at the SDNY, or is it just my imagination running wild with conspiracy theories?

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    • WSB says:

      I wonder who recommended Berman?

      PT personally interviewed Berman, and Sessions announced Berman as an interim…”In January 2018, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Berman’s appointment as interim U.S. Attorney for a statutory period of 120 days.[1] On April 25, 2018, the judges of the Southern District of New York, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 546(d), unanimously appointed Berman U.S. Attorney for an indeterminate term that expired “until the vacancy is filled”,[2] which may or may not include the appointment of a presidential nominee approved by the Senate.[3][2]”


      Nah, must be wild imagination.

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  12. CopperTop says:

    Aaaand we will know more about why QE II helped Trump the little bit that she did with releasing her governments role in staging a coup, even though she wanted to do much more…threats against Andy were the hold up.

    The little bits:
    *Kept Obama out of her grandchild’s wedding
    *Made a very favorable article get printed front & center about Milania when NO ONE ELSE WOULD
    * Gave a proper welcome to a son of a former subject when her govt would not
    *Supported Brexit [ulitmately supporting a future partnership that 45 would build economicallly]

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  13. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO Barr will be laughed out the DOJ if this turns into The Perfect Storm 2, the sequel.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      she is only arrested for 94 to 97 (year)

      this is not what we think – its most likely to attack trump – via labor secretary


  14. The Boss says:

    “…others known and unknown…”
    I suspect we’ll know who the others “known” are rather soon.

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  15. WSB says:

    Where the heck was CNN? Now, we’ll never know about the 20 machine guns and the no nock entry.

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  16. Gerry says:

    Hmmm….. arrests like this don’t happen in a vacuum. She may be just as valuable as Epstein. She may be the mother of all singing canaries. How much would the Royal family be willing to do to keep Prince Andrew out of big trouble? What would. Ritalin exchange for forbearance with regards to the Prince? Maybe documents, witnesses that corroborate the coup against a President? Maybe the individuals interviewed by Durnham were reluctant to cooperate? The Art of the Deal- leverage on steroids. The Deep State is pulling out all the stops against DJT, and he in return is doing the same against them.

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  17. All Too Much says:

    Techno_Fog on Twitter posted another document, a mention memo. It outlines multi-million dollar transfers, sixteen bank accounts, and series of other transactions.

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  18. bullnuke says:

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  19. CopperTop says:

    1994 -1997

    This was prime investigative time involving the Vatican and it’s world wide move the priests around solution as well. It’s possible the investigations of priests produced old child trafficking records that have been linked to Epstein as well just by sheer movement from his traffic world to young people not escaping instead being sold/transferred to places priests enjoyed.

    I bet the crossover images landed on Weiner lap top

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  20. PatrickS says:

    Waiting to hear that she died from a broken neck, caused by Covid-19.

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  21. Comrade Mope says:

    I am not seeing the date the Grand Jury issued the True Bill. How long has this been sitting?


  22. Wethal says:

    Ghislaine’s hideaway:

    Bought with cash through a shell corporation with the help of a Boston law firm. Hmmm, can a law firm be an accessory-after-the-fact. Over $20 million in the bank and three passports. She had help or the kind of assistance that money can buy.

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  23. Ghislaine Maxwell DID NOT KILL HERSELF

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  24. In football, you have to practice the plays and game plan before you perform in the big game that week. I think some of these indictments are practice (getting the DOJ prepared) for the big game, which is taking down the Russia Hoax conspirators. Barr said summer and summer is here. Just a thought, could be wrong, but it just feels like he is knocking the rust off before the big game.

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  25. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    We wait for the sounding board for the elite known as the Wash Post and NYT to tell us the real deal.

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  26. CopperTop says:

    Look over “Trending”
    #1 Ghislane
    #3 Clinton with Andrew

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  27. Mike in a Truck says:

    Gizzy: “Am I in Heaven?” Greeter: “No Gizzy you’re south of the border. You’ve been a VERY bad girl.” GIzzy: “But…. #IDIDNTKILLMYSELF!”

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  28. sundance says:

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  29. MaineCoon says:

    “We’ve been discreetly keeping tabs on Maxwell’s whereabouts as we worked this investigation.”

    Q: Could the FBI define “discreetly”.

    “Keep an eye out for these three employees to become a significant part of this story. One of them is likely Maxwell; however, the other two?…”


    1. London employee: Andrew (at the FBI pressers, she said 2x they were interested in hearing his testimony)

    2. Clint*n, Bill & w/assist from Hag or the Clint*n Fdn [flight log]

    “Then there is a new book out, “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,” by Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper. There they say that Ghislaine Maxwell was also Bill Clinton’s lover.”

    3. P*desta (both bros)

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  30. Maxwell didnt kill herself.


  31. Davenh says:

    Did I just see the “Scooby Van” heading north on I-89?

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  32. Davenh says:

    Did I just see the “Scooby Van” heading north on I-89?


  33. thedoc00 says:

    The damage to those your girls and women was tragic.

    Even worse is if the DoJ goes by their present method of operation, the only crimes that will get prosecuted, if she lives to get that far, are lying to the FBI and maybe perjury.

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  34. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    She’d better hire Sydney Powell. Anyone who believes, with the FBI involved, that she is safe is a fool. Sing, Ghislaine, sing, or forever, and I mean forever😉hold your peace.


  35. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    She’d better hire Sydney Powell. Anyone who believes, with the FBI involved, that she is safe is a fool. Sing, Ghislaine, sing, or forever, and I mean forever😉hold your peace.

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  36. freepetta says:

    This case is being handled by the Office’s Public Corruption Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alex Rossmiller, Alison Moe, and Maurene Comeyare in charge of the prosecution.
    Hmmmmm Maureen Comey.
    Let me think why does Comey sound familiar?


  37. doofusdawg says:

    I keep going back to the fact that Trump’s major law enforcement push after his election was sex trafficking. This despite the fact that he knew about the spying and everything else.

    Perhaps this is the culmination of everything and they are not so dichotomous after all.

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  38. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Clearly this case has been underway for a very long time. But isn’t it funny timing, 2 weeks after Barr has to fire the US Attorney the hammer finally drops.

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  39. ziegler von strahn says:

    I would like to offer my sincerest condolences on Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell’s impending suicide……

    And Ghislaine Maxwell didnt kill herself.

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  40. cheryl says:

    Judge Orders Virginia Giuffre’s Lawyers to ‘Destroy’ Their Jeffrey Epstein Files, Bars Dershowitz from Accessing Them

    A federal court in New York City has moved to further restrict access to long-sought-after secret files in the Jeffrey Epstein saga. In a Wednesday order, Senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska determined that attorneys for Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre had improperly gained access to many of those highly-prized documents.


    • wondering999 says:

      So much for “transparency”.
      Guess those papers might reveal to much about “sources and methods”, thus they have to be redacted, lost, or destroyed… wiped with a cloth or a hammer or bleachbit…

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  41. Raised on Reagan says:

    And just like that, Berman is now set to testify before Nadler’s House Judiciary Commitee next week.

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  42. SanJac says:

    if these people did harm young girls they deserve everything they have coming, Some of these pictures of these young girls smiling from ear to ear don’t exactly show horror or terror of what they claim. I want to know how the young girls were able to travel out of states and out of country without the parents knowing.
    Federal flight logs need to be completely released one and all so we can see beyond the ones already shown to us. By law every pilot has to keep track of everyone or else.


    • CopperTop says:

      You can search the flights. They are out there. A couple of interesting notes.

      1)Pilot has some glider nameless location landings…those CAN be some remarkable distances and would be UNK and excellent way to hide a drop off pick up

      2) Tail #s are Canadian and two planes are consecutive named. That had to be done on purpose. Rare to have vanity tail #s consecutive for non-corporate purchased planes.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      If you have Netflix, there is a relatively new documentary out that interviews several of the girls, who are now women.


  43. MIKE says:

    So it was a strictly “pizza” menu? No “hot dogs”? also, I could not find what the maximum punishment for the crimes are. What is she potentially looking at?

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  44. thrawlbrauna says:

    At first I was going to say other than the announcement and arrest this isn’t really very important on its surface. More expected than anything however its supposed to indicate the removal of a roadblock. We will see..[9]?


  45. MR52 says:

    Well looks like all the epstein files will fall in to the black hole of Weiner’s laptop.
    Wonder why she decided to land in NH? She could have went any where in the world? Was it so she could be protected? Maybe Andrew is out to get her.

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  46. southcentralpa says:

    So the days in the pool until her autocide are counted from today, is everyone agreed …?


  47. WonkoTheSane says:

    Tune in to at 6pm EST (now). Local host is sure to have interesting stuff. He’s been digging.

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  48. Martin says:

    And how far will this reach? EO on trafficking with asset seizure in play. A back-door divestiture of the CF?

    Wouldn’t that be something? And they have claimed PDJT is an idiot.


  49. Waymore says:

    When is the perp walk. I want to see her in an orange jumpsuit and shackled at the wrists and ankles.


    • Wethal says:

      Today I was thinking the same thing that I was when Epstein was arrested:

      Each went from living in luxury, traveling wherever they wanted, wearing expensive clothes, eating fine food to…. a prison cell, locked in, an orange jumpsuits and cloth slippers, and starchy institution food served on a paper plate with plastic cutlery. Not to mention the interesting roommates.

      Along with the knowledge that these might be the circumstances of the rest of their life…however long that is/was.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        I have such little faith in our DOJ, and particularly the SDNY, that I wonder if those in charge there will offer her a great deal to lie and implicate Trump.


  50. Mike Shaffer says:

    Maybe Maureen is there to help the indictee “testi-lie” as an “October surprise” against KAG.

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