Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 1:30pm ET Livestream

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing.  Anticipated start time 1:30pm ET.

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93 Responses to Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 1:30pm ET Livestream

  1. Eric C. says:

    Caught tail-end, Russia-Russia-Russia, the internals must be a train wreck for the Democrats.

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    Too funny, the NYT must hand back their Pulitzers….

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  3. donnieboy71 says:

    the long knives are out.

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  4. Kenji says:

    Whoa!! Dare to ask a question about the NYT … and get a lecture citing the multiple FAKE stories propagated by the FAKE News NYT. All with … unnamed sources.

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  5. Eric C. says:

    I think masks will take this country down before race, religion, lgbtqxyxywhatever, and politics.

    The best line I’ve heard from a doctor is: “Wearing a “mask” (surgical and homemade) to prevent the virus is like putting up a chain link fence around your backyard to prevent mosquitoes”.

    If wearing the mask is perfectly fine because CO2 and O2 can freely exchange so you’re not changing the type of air you breath, then the virus can freely exchange as well since is smaller than O2 and CO2 molecules, but like Sundance says, liberals need to pretend to not know things.

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    • David says:

      Actually, the best analogy is that wearing a mask is like trying to keep fleas out 0f your yard with a chain link fence. It is pretty effective if most of you fleas are entering your yard riding on dogs (air riding virus), not so effective when the fleas are riding cats (surface riding virus).

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    • Ohio Cyclist says:

      While there are many good reasons to question insistence on masks, it it not correct to claim that corona virus is smaller than 02 molecules or C02 molecules.


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    • Lets think the main reason demonRats wants whole USA population to wear masks.
      After Trump-Russia collusion failed they rolled out the virus. They exaggerated it and used it to create panic. Everyone went and bought toilet paper for the virus, that has lower mortality rate then influenza.
      They use the virus to release dangerous thugs our of prisons
      Then they get those dangerous prisoners to wear masks, forcing everybody to wear masks while shutting us down and locking us home in fear.
      And after that they released their Marxist revolution, with their rioters and so called protesters while conveniently wearing masks…while they burning cities down, killing police, attacking/killing people, taking down monuments of our American history…

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    • drg13miami says:

      For my 55+ years in medicine, I have believed that masks do help prevent infection, i.e., both the giving and receiving of infection. Nothing is perfect but I completely endorse the use of masks.

      The analogy of a chain link fence to prevent mosquitoes is quaint but it’s no analogy at all, in fact.


      • H.R. says:

        You might want to mention, “masks properly worn with proper donning and removal procedures and changed frequently.”

        Then I’m with you on that. Definite reduction in viral load.

        The homemade masks used for days and weeks without washing, and pulled up on the face going into a store and pulled down to the neck when exiting, touching your face all the while, are worse than no mask at all.

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      • I was born 48 years ago. Best hospitals, best doctors at Columbia in NYC. In the 70’s & 80’s PPE was never worn until AIDS hit the communities. You wore masks prior to Aids? if so what medicine did you practice? Also see Dental work prior to AIDS. No gloves, no mask. Al you guys did is wash your hands and walk away with your hands in the air.

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      • TJ says:

        How does a mask stop “aerosol droplets” from getting in your eyes?

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      • Eric C.. is right..drg13.. you are wrong. …admit .


      • mimbler says:

        Perhaps for medical people in proper circumstances, but there are many peer reviewed medical studies showing they do not work for the general population in avoiding flu. And flu spreads by the same mechanisms as covid.


      • MelH says:

        idrg13miami, in your 55 years in medicine did you find any scientific proof that masks mitigate the spread of respiratory infections? I ask because there are pages and pages of scientific studies proving masks do NOT mitigate the spread of respiratory infections. But masks DO impair the immune system by keeping out the bugs that build the immune system. Pity the persons who have been wearing masks for 4 or 5 months now and have no defenses against whatever bugs come their way, once they stop wearing masks.


    • fred5678 says:

      N95 masks stop 95% of particles bigger than 3 microns (see 3M specs on their masks). Bandanas and other masks are not as effective as N95 masks. Bandanas are pretty effective at stopping spittle and lugies, though.

      Airborne virus particles are between 0.14 and 2 microns. The comparative calculation is left to the eager student. Comparisons with oxygen are irrelevant.

      I have a printout of advice from WHO from a about 4 weeks ago that I carry if people ask me about not wearing a mask while distancing:

      For healthy people wear a mask only if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.
      Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.
      Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
      If you wear a mask then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly”

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    • The Akh says:

      Careful. Viruses are many times larger than O2 or CO2 molecules. I get that the debate about masks is open. But we can’t get the details wrong if you are arguing for one or the other.

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      • Eric C. says:

        Yes, my error, I knew that, I admit I was wrong unlike Schiffty 😂

        I noticed one advertisement for masks and they talked about stopping bacteria (which we all know is larger than viruses), kinda funny.

        Anyway, even N95 masks don’t stop the virus. I will concede there is some value if you are a spit talker, coughing, etc, in blocking some particles, but the virus is still getting through, maybe some is still stuck to your spit……….but just don’t get within 6 feet of me 😃

        Ive always avoided people, I like to shop, get in and out, not yack.

        I don’t think employees behind a plastic wall should be forced to wear them when no one else is around them, let them breath.

        Additionally, hospitals, schools (particularly schools) and other businesses should upgrade hvac system with better filters, dehumidification of fresh air and UV lights to improve indoor health quality – it’ll really help with “flu”. Recirculated crappy air increases flu in my opinion.

        If masks help, we should just wear them from now on, all the time, why should anyone die from the flu? I don’t think they help unless you’re sick and behave like a slob in public.


        • Read this last night and makes a lot of sense.Actually need to add humidity to the air.

          The seasonality of the phenomenon was largely not understood until a decade ago. Until recently, it was debated whether the pattern arose primarily because of seasonal change in virulence of the pathogens, or because of seasonal change in susceptibility of the host (such as from dry air causing tissue irritation, or diminished daylight causing vitamin deficiency or hormonal stress). For example, see Dowell (2001).

          In a landmark study, Shaman et al. (2010) showed that the seasonal pattern of extra respiratory-disease mortality can be explained quantitatively on the sole basis of absolute humidity, and its direct controlling impact on transmission of airborne pathogens.

          Lowen et al. (2007) demonstrated the phenomenon of humidity-dependent airborne-virus virulence in actual disease transmission between guinea pigs, and discussed potential underlying mechanisms for the measured controlling effect of humidity.


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    • T Carroll says:

      The Truth to Liberals is whatever they selectively want the Truth to be.

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    • Alfred Brown says:

      OK I usually agree with most stuff, but I am a Certified Chemist and a Licensed Professional Chemical Process Engineer.
      So Lets Think about some things.
      Water is made of Three Atoms, 2 Hydrogen 1 Oxygen. The Hydrogen are just protons, so the Oxygen is the most of it, 2.75 Angstroms. (I;ll let your look it up.)
      CO2 is also made of just three atoms, two Oxygen and a Carbon. Also a very small molecule.
      Corona virus is a particle of nuclear (cell not atomic) material that are typically RNA strands like the double helix polymers that make up our Genes. These are made up of chains of THOUSANDS of atoms. Then it is surrounded by a membrane of fatty material that fortunately is soluble in soap, so washing brakes it down. This fat layer is also a polymeric material made of chains of Thousands, nay Millions of Atoms.
      So no, the Corona Virus is not smaller than CO2 or H2O. But it IS MUCh smaller than any woven fabric we would use to make a mask, and will go right through the pores of the weave.

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    • free2313 says:

      Eric C. I haven’t worn a mask ever, nor do I intend to wear one…

      Firstly, they tell us to wearing a ‘Protective’ mask is recommended, (if you are coughing or sneezing around other people.) The mask will help to prevent contaminating THEM…



    • MVW says:

      America’s Totalitarian media is a perfect mirror image of the Chinese Communist Party State run and orchestrated media. America’s media behaves in lockstep and follows a perfect script, with no dissent, 100% in support of the CCP and Communist agitators.

      Why is that? Has the American corporate media been bought out by Globalist and Chinese Communist Party? If it hasn’t, then the Foreign enemies of America are getting a free ride. It is only reasonable that our enemies at least pay pennies on the dollar for their propaganda war.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      This is excellent. I see a problem though and that is how to curb the desire to just go ahead and finish them off. But maybe that’s just me. 😎

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    • I stole it for my FB)))


    • Mike in a Truck says:

      The Chinese Pox is the smartest bio weapon ever created. By the smartest people ever created: The Red Cinese. How smart? The pox knows if your in Walmart or Target it should leave you alone.. But if your in a barber shop or beauty salon it must attack you. The pox knows if your in an abortion clinic or marijuana shop, or a mosque, it won’t infect you. But if your in Church or a bar it will viciously attack. The pox also knows that if your a member of rioting BLM, Antifa,or any other nutcase it will lay dormant. But if your little kids in a playground it will spring an ambush. Amazing eh?

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      • Judith says:

        I said that early on. A strip mall near my parents had only a small grocer and a pizza place open. Every other store: the Cleaner ..the barber ..the nail salon ..the dance school ..was tightly shuttered.

        I explained to anybody who would listen, “This is the smartest virus ever! It reads the signs above each shop! Covid-19 will enter the Cleaner’s, but it obviously avoids the pizza place!”

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    • The American Patriot says:



    • hawkins6 says:

      The identified networks in the MSM’s vomitus are sufficient enough to make an excellent point about the corrupt and emetic MSM. But I would have liked to see the NYT and parts of FNC included.

      During Brian Kilmeade’s enjoyable visit to the WH and interview with President Trump last night, I lost count how many times the anti Trump operative/editor of their news crawler at the bottom of the TV ran the story about POTUS’s “White power” video that he deleted after he learned about the phrase. News crawlers are irritating and distracting at the best of times and aggravate most viewers but whoever is directing them has a nefarious political goal in mind. They can ruin a positive Trump story by themselves which might be the intention.


  6. sunnyflower5 says:


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  7. TradeBait says:

    Anybody else amazed there have only been around 800 deaths nationwide from the flu since mid-April and only 6463 deaths since 2/1? Absolutely stellar defense from flu while COVID rages on. It’s almost as if…nah, couldn’t be. Could it?

    I keep looking for that column in the CDC numbers for deaths exclusively from COVID versus deaths with COVID involved. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. I was told it was in the 7-8000 range in the US. There wouldn’t be a political reason to hide that would there? Nah, they wouldn’t do that. Would they?

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  8. H.R. says:

    [Kayleigh gives laundry list of fake news] “…and I think the New York Times and Washington Post should give back their Pulitzers.”

    [Turns and leaves]


    Play that clip, Press Corpse. I triple-dog dare you.

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  9. sunnydaze says:

    Wish they’d add the names and org. of the specific “journalists” to the YT vids once these things are over.

    Just run a subtitle underneath w/ names and orgs. PLEASE!

    For one, I’d like to know who exactly it was that asked “Is Prez Trump disappointed that the South lost the war?” And what News org. did he work for?

    What. A. Joke.

    Be nice to know the name of the Uni. he studied “Journalism” at , too.

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  10. sunnyflower5 says:

    Does the WH press pool have a daily competition on who can ask the dumbest question?

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    • Abster says:

      What filth. Kayleigh should wear a body condom to be certain she’s never exposed to whatever these dirtbags carry.

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    • goddessoftheclassroom says:

      I adored the look on Ms. Mc Enany face! That’s got to become a meme!

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    • fred5678 says:

      “Lizza attended the Berkshire School,[3] a private co-educational boarding school in the town of Sheffield, Massachusetts and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.” Wiki

      Nuff said.

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      • Kenji says:

        I received my bachelors degree from UC Berkeley too. Only difference is that I grew up. I learned. I lost whatever bullshitty sophomoric crap this punk still ruminates with. He’s a disgrace. To himself. His family. His University

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Thanks, Dan Bongino.

      Here’s where Lizza got his schooling and degrees: Private School in the Berkshires. Then Berkeley. Quelle surprise.

      Lizza attended the Berkshire School,[3] a private co-educational boarding school in the town of Sheffield, Massachusetts and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.[4]


      Now , PLEASE, somebody add names and org. sibtitles to vids in future so we know exactly who these peeps are.

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      • sunnyflower5 says:

        I wish they would proudly announce what organization they represent before asking their questions.

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        • MelH says:

          sunnyflowers, that used to be routine, but now is only done by the few who are REAL journalists and proud of the media they represent and proud of their own work. The toddlers who only ask gotcha’ questions are known by Kayleigh and you’ll notice she refers to who they represent so they can’t hide their rag affiliation. She is the ultimate professional!

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    • The Gipper Lives says:

      A: “You mean like the way you’re still grieving that the Soviets lost the Cold War? No.”

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    • RAC says:

      Answer to that question is no. They’re already running at maximum dumbness. Lose one more brain cell then breathing and heart rate shut down and they expire.

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  11. sunnyflower5 says:

    Not to mention the tweet it was already address during the briefing.
    Could Monica be any more lame? ……No that’s not a challenge.

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    • sunnyflower5 says:

      More importantly is Monica Alba sad the South lost the Civil War?
      Why won’t she answer me?!
      We’re waiting, Monica!
      Tick Tock……..

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    • H.R. says:

      I can’t recall the last White Power demonstration, though I’m aware there were some in the ’70s and early ’80s. It was a bit of a thing then.

      Poor attendance at those events, as I recall. Usually the YSM and counter protesters outnumbered the White Power demonstrators.

      Near as I can make out, she’s 32, so she probably has never seen or heard of an actual White Power demonstration.

      But, I’ll wait to see the hours and hours of video she has of recent White Power demonstrations before rushing to judgement on her question. I’ve not run across any, myself.

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      • Tiffthis says:

        HR- I saw a few (3) KKK members (adults in the bed sheets) running through my high school in 1998. We got a black principal and these “adults” were upset about it. They only came into the school during the 3 lunch periods then left. That was the first and only time I saw anything like that. This was miami, FL – btw.


    • Zydeco says:

      Isn’t BLM “Black Power” ? Has Joe Biden condemned it ?

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  12. Tom Hansen says:

    These people are not journalists, or JINO’s. These people are nothing but political hacks working for communist propagandist organizations. It would probably be a safe bet that the American main stream media today and the Democrat Party are allies with the CCP. As evidenced, by their own reporting, the MSM supports CCP propaganda nearly 100% of the time, while they rarely, if ever, report a positive or supportive story of Trump’s actions or policies.

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  13. RJ says:

    Bombs away, bombs away!

    Final comment: “It’s time for the NYT and WP to hand back their Pulitzer prizes!”

    I’ve got to send this woman a marriage proposal! My kind of gal…for sure!

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  14. sunnyflower5 says:

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  15. Jury Nullification says:

    Reporters who live in glass houses
    Really shouldn’t be throwing stones…


  16. MicD says:

    PDJT’s Sling’s and Arrows Speech was great one but boy does he have a lot of Red American Meat for the RNC in Jacksonville, it’s going to be one for the books. 🙂

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  17. MVW says:

    What torques me off is that the CDC, FDA, keep pushing Fauci’s IV delivered Remdisivir because he gets a $cut, due to patent royalties for a drug the tax payers subsidized and he gets to approve.

    Then he and cronies spend our money to diss a drug that costs pennies yet has better clinical results and decades of safety data.

    “Ivermectin Study Reveals Fantastic Results: 100% of 60 Patients Better in an Average of Just Under 6 Days”

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  18. Patience says:

    The newest leftist word for their previously –over used “denounce” is “condemn”.
    ~>Same feces different day, week, month, year.

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  19. Gary Lacey says:

    So the fake new’s media’s interest is to chase the fake rabbit down the fake rabbit hole for the sake of the fake narrative……the Democrat’s ‘seriousness of the charge’……can you read that…Democrats?!

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  20. rustybritches says:

    A Dr from Florida came out this morning and said that having the RNC in Florida for the convention will be very dangerous and what bull crap. Most Drs right now are saying that if you wash your hands and stay a little distant from other people you will be ok JUST ANOTHER WAY TO SHUT DOWN THE RNC CONVENTION please President Trump don’t give in to anymore of their crap and allow them to shut down more of your rallies and the RNC convention..
    please go on with life for the American people and continue to open up America
    No time like the Present for US to move ahead and open the states that we can
    Please Americans stand up for YOUR rights and don’t let these people bully you into staying home any longer This Virus will go away and in time we will all be ok..

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    • The American Patriot says:

      Doctors are just unraveling themselves!

      No wonder they can’t be trusted these days.

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      • romy911 says:

        Don’t fall for “doctors can’t be trusted these days.”
        Many of us know many doctors that are not crazy leftists.
        The left has led the charge to destroy the police. They will try to destroy your faith in Doctors. You should only trust The Government!

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  21. Hans says:

    Alex Trebek….. now for two thousand points

    What do you call 25 journalist asking the same question and expecting a different answer..


    Idiots……. sorry wrong


    Delusional…… sorry wrong


    The presidential press briefing… we have a winner…

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  22. Doppler says:

    I smell a “leak trap” with respect to the Russian bounties paid to Taliban for killing Americans: fake intel is fed to select suspected leakers, each with unique versions, who then leak, revealing who the leaker(s) were.

    Wow! What a closing! She waits and waits, and then nails the NYT and Wapo in the Russia hoax: not journalism.


  23. The American Patriot says:

    Who were today’s casualties to start the week off?


  24. Sonia says:

    Bill Grueskin (dean of academic affairs at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism) is struggling with how to deal with Kayleigh McEnan’s combative style. He asks whether the public learns much from it.

    Kayleigh McEnany, media critic

    Grueskin has no answer given the mainstream media that barely hides its prejudices – and often doesn’t even try. They have undermined their own credibility giving Kayleigh plenty of ammunition. How many people rely on the main stream media as a trusted source for their news any more?

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  25. romy911 says:

    Excellent presser – well worth the 15-20 min. More real news in Ms. McEnany’s responses than in the MSM shows.


  26. Kent says:

    Ohhhhh…no!….they…say…she’s got to go!

    go! go! kayleigh=zilla….



  27. MfM says:

    Surgeons wear masks because they are dealing with an open wound.

    If mask use is so amazing why are there close to 100,000 deaths in the USA a year from hospital infections and more if all health care places are included. That’s why I believe that hospitals and doctors offices were a major component in the spread of the Wuhan Virus in the beginning.


    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, from all types of bacteria combined, cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.[54] Other estimates indicate 10%, or 2 million, patients a year become infected, with the annual cost ranging from $4.5 billion to $11 billion.[55] In the US, the most frequent type of infection hospital is urinary tract infection (36%), followed by surgical site infection (20%), and bloodstream infection and pneumonia (both 11%).”


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