Went Woke, Going Broke – Starbucks Announces Advertising Pause…

After positioning their brand in 2015 as the leading indicator of woke credentialing; then reversing course in 2016 on the plan to force racial discussion with every purchase; Starbucks is now announcing a pause in all social media advertising because… well, they don’t want to contribute to hate-speech n’ stuff.

…”We will pause advertising on all social media platforms while we continue discussions internally, with our media partners and with civil rights organizations in the effort to stop the spread of hate speech.” (read more)

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357 Responses to Went Woke, Going Broke – Starbucks Announces Advertising Pause…

  1. mickjt says:

    I propose a name change…From Starbucks to Starsucks.

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  2. cdor1 says:

    Anyone who wants to spend six bucks on a cup of burnt tasting coffee should care about this. That leaves me out.

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  3. JustaVerb says:

    The culture shifts below the corporate media surface as we speak. Comedian Ryan Long was on The Federalist podcast talking about how comedians are saying ‘no’ to the ‘land a situation comedy role’ path to stardom because they can make near 7 figures on youtube if they are good and gain a following and OTOH they have a 20% chance of getting #metoo’d and ruined if they go the less funny watered down corporate route. He said Comedy Central is viewed as trash because Trevor Noah is corporate woke anti-funny and the rest of their shows are woke unfunny trash created by leftest zombies ingrained in their corporate structure. This is all in line w The Oscars needing Kevin Hart more than Him needing The Oscars and Louie CK being funnier again now that his corporate money dried up after being metoo’d.

    Also, you have Joe Rogan making comedians now like Johnny Carson used to do by inviting them on his show. Witness some comedian named Mark Normand who said he started getting attention after his 2 Rogan appearances and currently has 500k youtube views on a 2 week old non-descript Dallas Improve Club non-woke performance excerpt.

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  4. Puzzled says:

    The MSM is positioning the boycott as a protest against conservative views because of course it is hate speech.

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  5. henry says:

    I worked with a woman whose husband is on the executive board of Starbucks. I met him. Both of them were CA inbred liberal buffoons who thought that the clown CEO they had was a “mad genius” for opening the stores to the homeless.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Anyone remember the absolute H-A-T-E that was leveled at the prior CEO of Starbucks when he announced he was running for President in 2020 as an Independent.

    You can’t do that! TRUMP will win because you will split the DIM vote. Well, TRUMP is still gonna’ win. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I couldn’t stand the man, ever, but at least he had more brain left than Creep Q Joe Biden does. Not that he had much of one in the 1st place.

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  7. Eric says:

    It doesn’t count until they enter Chapter 11.

    In my area, multiple starbucks including many drive throughs. I won’t go to starbucks, and I’ve told friends and family why. At the start of my day lately, I’ll want a cup of coffee. I have enough time to cruise a bit and try to find the smallest line (there are big lines now). So on tour the last several weeks I’ve noticed lines at the 2 other main competitors in this area with multiple locations each. Yesterday was the first time I noticed a line at starbucks, and it was half of the others. That’s a poll.

    Several days ago an elderly gentleman in a red MAGA hat was holding a Trump/Pence 2020 sign at a major intersection. People were making eye contact with him when stopped at the light but not really reacting. He turned towards me, i honked and gave a thumbs up. The next day I went through a different intersection often used by the “No blood for oil!” “Arrest Bush!” crowd – this time they were doing Only Black Lives Matter. They had 2 cars honk in agreement that I could tell. Dozens more just passed by. That’s a poll.

    The silent majority will remain silent, they don’t want their windows broken and vehicles vandalized. But I believe 60% of the electorate sees all this for what it actually is, and they’ve had enough.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      Starburnt’s coffee is swill anyway. I wouldn’t want their stock since the poor quality of their coffee will be their demise when it is no longer politically “cool” to drink their product.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      One primary reason people are afraid to express their political views is the police are not allowed to protect those who do (unless it’s a radical, anti-American position).

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      • Joemama says:

        And your job can be terminated by radical left wing HR management and other management at your employer, even for off work activities that have no effect on the company.

        Even having thin blue line flags (supporting law enforcement) on vehicles is a no-no.

        The level of hate and censorship by left wing radicals in CA is frightening.

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    • billshiloh says:

      I agree Eric,people see it ,but they wont
      say it out loud.
      They will say it in the voting booth tho and it
      is going to be a ROAR , Book it !

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    • Cynthia says:

      Thankfully we have a local coffee chain – The Mill – that is hands down better than the Bucks. They have 4 locations in Lincoln and all are very charming and conducive to conversation. My mom was a VERY loyal Bucks customer until they closed seating due to the Rona. I think she is leaving them in the dust now, which makes this conservative daughter quite happy. We’ll see how long it takes The Mill to succumb . . .


  8. NanetteDragoon says:

    I make better coffee……

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  9. billshiloh says:

    Thanks CommieBucks i needed a good
    reason to laugh out loud this morning.


  10. Never liked them. Never will. Brew my own coffee for a lot less.

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  11. OldSkool says:

    Went into a Starbucks years ago to give it a try, couldn’t stand the burnt coffee smell and left, never made it to the counter. Apparently still popular with the crowd that makes $150k a year but lives on $175k.

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  12. OldSkool says:

    Went into a Starbucks years ago to give it a try, couldn’t stand the burnt coffee smell and left, never made it to the counter. Apparently still popular with the crowd that makes $150k a year but lives on $175k.


  13. Kaco says:

    I believe they are doing this to try to force facebook and the like to further censor conservatives. Same with Unilever. They want their view of what is hate speech squelched and want social media to lose advertising dollars until they get their way.


  14. He represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. I will find out this week if I can eat. Live in NC…may have to go to SC to buy food.


  15. shipley130 says:

    Perhaps Starbucks needs to focus on preventing employees from putting tampons in customers’ drinks.


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