FBI Director Chris Wray Conducts Climate Assessment ‘Sensing Session’ With Brett Baier – Video

…”because I’m good enough; I’m strong enough; and doggone it, people like me.”

That’s the kitchen table sensibility as projected by FBI Director Christopher Wray in this interview. It’s a communication style blending the modern term “corporate responsibility” with the patronizing mannerisms of a dad discussing sixth grade peer pressure with his tender gender-neutral offspring.

This is actually a very revealing interview to understand why 50 FBI agents chased the Russian conspiracy for two years with Robert Mueller; and why 15 FBI agents excitedly responded to a garage door pull-down rope. The emphasis is on the wrong syllable, but golly we only have a 0.4 percent turnover ratio, so we must be doing something right.

I’ve actually met a Chris Wray clone in the past. While culling a tier of toxic executive management, the CEO voice in the organization said to me: “what if you fire all of them and later find out you’re wrong?” To which I replied: “what’s more dangerous to you, my firing them and being wrong, or you keeping them around and my being right?”…

Director Wray is the guy who doesn’t deal with the toxic infection, instead he uses words like: “we have an opportunity”, “they need to be supported more”; and “I challenge you to provide continuous coaching.” Note at 09:45 Wray says “I put in place an entire new leadership team”, without even realizing that Bill Barr just removed -by force- Wray’s hand-selected chief legal counsel, Dana Boente. It doesn’t even register with him.


Chris Wray’s performance as FBI Director is akin to what would happen if you took a hotel manager and made him the captain of a cruise ship.

…“energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”….

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357 Responses to FBI Director Chris Wray Conducts Climate Assessment ‘Sensing Session’ With Brett Baier – Video

  1. Ken says:

    I like the “obtuse” you used. I think it’s the latter – I recall that when Meuller came in to testify for the hearings he looked a bit feeble and befuddled. No one steps into those waters without knowing how to swim with, deal with, and/or fight off the sharks. Doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually get ripped to shreds, but…

    For me the bigger question is which side is he playing the milquetoast role? People often tear into Barr for not moving on stuff he promised to move on but what if players like Barr are running the screen play so running backs like Durham can do their job as unhindered as possible? (As you all can see, I miss REAL football and fear it may be dead – or at least dead to me – forever)

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    • MelH says:



      • Tulips Moran says:

        Winning? At what? The criminals are embolden because over and over again blatant violation and criminality go unpunished and clueless tools like Wray are institutionalized entrenched in the bureaucracy and unaccountable..

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        • MelH says:

          Tulips, WordPress won’t let me participate unless I hit on reply, so everyday I do that…and I agree with every word you just said, actually.


    • Moe Grimm says:

      Not sure there’s a need to question which side he’s on. Wray, besides being another lousy PDT pick, is what he is. Cucks like Wray are plague on this Country and will be for awhile if not forever. I miss football too, COLLEGE football, especially baseball, and at times basketball. I stopped subsidizing my own demise by watching National Felony League games 3 years back. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/nfl/arrests/, but do watch day of KCC highlights only because our youngest boy roomed with Pat Mahomes and he was a solid kid. And another HS friend drafted by Green Bay. Less awkward if I know what they did even though rarely see them anymore.


      • swissik says:

        As long as we are talking about a lousy PDT pick, I would like to add that PDT needs new speech writers for his rallys. It is getting boring to hear the same thing over and over. People tune out. I also resent the continued reference to various groups of Americans as in African, Hispanic, Asian etc. As Larry Elder pointed out the other day, Democrats don’t want a color-blind society, they want a color-coordinated society. Frankly this can be said of the Republicans too.

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        • Moe Grimm says:

          +1 Swissik. I neglected to mention this. And we’re not the only ones noticing. The rapidly declining new and gentile Fox neuze commented he looked worn on the way out. After what this man and his family have endured for over 4 now who wouldn’t be. He legitimately and richly deserves a full four (4) year extension of term stolen from him and those of us who elected him. Hell, I’d vote for this President on general principles ALONE. The one thing that sits bad on me is the significant swath of this electorate so profoundly and worse often willfully stewpidt, dazed, often doped up, and confused they can be talked into believing now ANYTHING. not the least of which is putting this pandering spectacular incompetent hypocrite into the WH. This marxist/BLM cadre along with their useful idiot self aggrandized spoiled the hilt middle class WHITE SJW faggotry in the streets the past 2 weeks will be what’s inside the Trojan Horse Biden rides through the wire.

          In this psychotic environment Biden could win. This is the reason we used some some of the limited retirement savings we’ve been trying to accumulate over the years preparing for what’s eminently possible. Food is one thing, water isn’t a problem where we are, but the ammo I use is up as much as 35% over the past 3+ 4 months – more the past 2 weeks with stock flying out of stock within an hour of the text msgs. 35% extrapolated to 500-1000 round lots is serious fkg. bone. The reality is no one is coming to save us. Not PDT or anyone else except by God’s Grace and I believe he’s very angry with this Country behind unbridled abortion, now even POST birth which is straight up murder, sodomite life styles, and even worse. Seems to me and others we know a reckoning is way past due. Anyone believing otherwise is a committed Fool.


  2. mickjt says:

    Wray is the perfect personification of what happens when bureaucrats become so engrossed in the organizational jargon and PC BS, they forget the objective IS to drain the Swamp by getting rid of bad people! By NOT doing that he is effectively supporting illegal activities within the FBI! He needs to be replaced by Ric Grenell, then we’d see some REAL Arse Kicking and Cleaning House!
    My question to everyone is this; IF the supposed 99% of the FBI rank and file are so GOOD, why is it NOT ONE of them blew the whistle on the Obama Thugs? … and don’t give me this, they feared for their jobs crapola. Civil Service has protections for that! It is especially bad when blatant illegal activity was going on and NO ONE noticed!

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    • Allano says:

      They noticed all right and they were part of the whole scheme and still are. It is not over, only just beginning.

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Totally agree, am so sick of this, “they did not know”,” they do not understand..” BS. I want someone to explain to me how stupid all selling this BS they continue to be thinking they are fooling anyone except a Soros employee?

        The Wray clown can only remain in office if AG Barr is also a corrupt employee or Wray continues to be used! Maybe a list of Wray accomplishments could be listed showing how valuable a asset he is for delivering Justice for American taxpayers and citizens?

        I’ll wait.

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    • Trygve says:

      Yeah, no idea who these 99% honest rank & file agents are that Nunes keeps talking about.


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      • diogenes says:

        That figure always lacks the contextually critical zero point in front of the 99. So it’d be more accurately written 0.99% “honest rank and file agents.”

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      • HonorDefendBuckeye says:

        However stated, this claim that 99%, or thousands, or most agents are honest guardians of truth and justice is supremely irritating.

        I guess those 29 agents well armed who went to arrest Roger Stone after tipping off CNN are great examples!?! Do not remember any unhappiness being reported by any of those 99% sterling characters.

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      • littlebird160 says:

        Silence is compliance. If integrity mattered to the “99%”, then you would think, by now, that there would have been at least a few whistle blowers.

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    • Doc Hellfish says:

      He needs to be replaced by LTG Michael Flyn

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    • michael says:

      If ya have a “Dirty” Cop, you have a Dept full if no one steps forward. It is that simple. Ask Frank Serpico. Most Cops tolerate racism, they see it daily, it’s the biggest body in the room. I have had the dirty Cops move against me when I was turning the drug dealers into them hurting their bottom line. In some cities the Cops pick up the protection monies for the mob. Dirty FBI? You bet. Law EnForcemnt is dirty! They just look away when required, can’t see, can’t testify.

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      • William the Comptroller says:

        It’s funny that over the last 50 years, Hollywood had portrayed the FBI (and the CIA especially), as a corrupt cabal organizations playing dirty and destroying honest citizens, even when not really true (and because they hated these institutions)…..but the same Hollywooders NOW proclaim these same organizations as the paragons of civic virtue and righteous justice!!!! So here is a very righteous patriot “Jack Ryanesque” guy (Gen. Flynn) being blatantly railroaded by a cabal of creepy-looking aholes in REAL LIFE…and crickets! (But by God!!! they will die to play the role in an (anti-semitic) Valerie Plame CIA movie drama puff-piece!!!!)

        Similar to feminists who wail about oppressive white macho misogynistic men “oppressing” women, especially minority women……and then you have Cuban patriot leader of the Ladies in White, the late Laura Pollan, assassinated by Castro goons about 5 years ago when they stuck her with a hypodermic needle during her weekly brutal arrest on the way to Church with her peaceful group and she died a mysterious death a week later in a government hospital. Her successor, Berta Soler, is AFRO-CUBAN (like many in this saintly group) and gets beat up and arrested every Sunday like clockwork by macho Caucasian males and female security forces…… yet NO condemnation from Obama, Oprah, BLM, AOC, Hillary, DOCTOR Jill Biden, and the Feministas….even the ones who had vacationed to Cuba when Obama bowed down to Raul Castro and gave him free hard currency and stayed in the Potemkin “resorts” away from the peasants who may have witnessed the attacks from their nifty 1957 Chevy taxi en route to a Salsa Dance lesson or cigar factory tour….


    • Moe Grimm says:

      Precisely Mick. Heroes they are. Every one. https://tinyurl.com/rankNfileheroes. But these 0400 dark armed door crashers can send (15) “agents” out of a sleepy Alabama office to investigate “nooses”. And this miserable group koombaya virtue signalling Nascar along with talking head sports media should Die.


  3. sarasotosfan says:

    Not wasting my data watching it. This is evidence Wray’s foxhole is no longer shielding him from the heat of the fire surrounding him.

    He’s a goner and this is his “save me!” moment. I simply cannot hear him or see him through the noise and smoke of the inferno he chose to hunker down within.

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    • Clarissa says:

      Enthusiastic about the replacement of Wray. There are many intriguing options regarding candidates to replace him…

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      • Ron Jaeger says:

        Exactly !!! If Trump wants advice on who to appoint then ask Grenel & Flynn to start picking out their replacement choices and get an elite group to pick out an axemant to come into the DOJ, FBI & CIA and start lopping off heads..

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        • Moe Grimm says:

          You boys are assuming PDT is re-elected. It’s a deadly mistake to sell short the ignorance and worse the often willful ignorance of a statistically significant percentage of this electorate. Remember too this is basically the SAME electorate who validated the Muzloid as their first “black” president with his co-imbecile Biden in tow right into the WH. Not once, but TWICE. And since it should be even more obvious the brainwashing is real when whites attack whites for being…. WHITE. Take a hard 360 look around you. What do you see given the past 2 weeks? Are you prepared for what may come post 3 November no matter who takes it? Ready for the catastrophe of the House remaining -‘rat AND the loss of the senate “led” by the Mega Cuck Rino Michelle McConnell? And his Co-Cuck counterpart in the House Kevin McCarthy. I Pray I’m wrong. But if I’m not I’ll be prepared for whatever comes through the gate no matter who wins. I suggest you all read this from Amthinker. Then think on it hard until it sinks deep in. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/12/will_there_really_be_a_2020_landslide_for_trump.html. You can use the JYT to chase back the numbers here: https://www.nytimes.com/elections/2016/results/president. On this they are correct.


  4. Avi says:

    Wray reminds me of the duplicitous gay William Devane character in Marathon Man – Elliot Janeway.


  5. Chris Wray is a Lawyer, he’s not a Cop…..This is not complicated….Lawyers should not be running anything, especially in our Bureaucracies…You are seeing the dangerous, unstable results of corrupt politician Lawyers, corrupt politically connected Lawyers(Lawfare) and activist Judges are causing…..How can no one see this??? We are a Republic run by corrupt Lawyers, activist Judges and a complicit Congress….

    Remember, virtually all of the exposed corruption, Coup attempt at the FBI/DOJ and other Bureaucracies has been and continues to be willfully committed by Lawyers….and not a single one of these Lawyers have had their Law License suspended or revoked for clear, provable criminal, unethical behavior…..

    Not one Politician is talking about the corruption within the Law profession…..Maybe because half of Congress are Lawyers………..Sickening…..

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    • AWM says:

      You are not saying having lawyers make the laws could be a “conflict of interest” are you?

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    • JCM800 says:

      “It doesn’t even register with him.”
      Vacuous Admin Tyrant
      “Tyranny Exists when those that Enforce the Laws are themselves not bound.”

      One of the most Projectile Vomit Inducing experience one can ever have is watching a Defense Lawyer argue for an Obviously Guilty (considering known physical evidence) Murderer. I understand they deserve rigorous defense of evidence, but they abandon the core purpose of Justice in a Justice System.

      The only more Vile Display to aforementioned is after being found duly, the same human Filth Defense Lawyer argues for zero prison time for the Convicted Murder, because up to the Murder they have had a clean record. poverty caused by racism, alcohol, drugs, etc….

      The other Vile acts are when the Colluding DA/Prosecutor hands out the Plea Deal in Capital Murder cases. (Anything to be reelected).

      Remove Wray

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    • annieoakley says:

      In Sidney Powell’s book, “Licensed to Lie”, she says she exposed Andrew Weissmann and be was promoted. That alone shows corruption. Imagine Andrew as a Judge. Would he be fair an impartial?

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    • kleen says:

      Dan Bongino should run the FBI

      But I think DB is a little to soft. He would fold easily under media pressure. We need more Trumps out there. He never folds. He quadruples down and drive them crazy. LOL. There will never be another Trump.
      We must cherish these times. Once in a lifetime.

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    • JCM800 says:

      Everyday, moving more and more away from the
      “Rule of Law”

      Everyday, moving more and more towards the complete
      “Rule of Lawyers”

      (Most Judges are Lawyers)


    • dd_sc says:

      And the majority have come from just a few law schools. These people have been pretty much been hanging out with each other since their mid-twenties.

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Shakespeare definitely had the best idea.


    • mickjt says:

      I have to wonder if 99% of Lawyers go to law screwl to learn how to GET AROUND the law and CYA themselves by knowing the law…vs. enforce the law! That seems to be the pattern!


  6. islandpalmtrees says:

    Captain Wray Speaks – “we are unsinkable”

    Sundance writes:
    “Chris Wray’s performance as FBI Director is akin to what would happen if you took a hotel manager and made him the captain of a cruise ship.”

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  7. TJ says:

    Wray recommended Rosenstein to Sessions in a letter to Grassley and Feinstein.

    March 3, 2017

    “We believe Mr. Rosenstein possesses the characteristics to be a strong and effective leader of the Department of Justice.”

    Lanny Breuer
    Leslie Caldwell
    Michael Chertoff
    Alice S. Fisher
    Mythili Raman
    Christopher Wray


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  8. Bill says:

    WOW, we finally have someone that makes AOC look smart!!!!!

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  9. huecowacko says:

    …”because I’m good enough; I’m strong enough; and doggone it, people like me.”

    Sounds like Baier was doing a one-on-one interview of himself.

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  10. David Farrar says:

    I just received a phone call from Pres. Trump. He asked me for my thoughts on the Gen. Flynn matter. I told him he should immediately fire Wray and move Gen. Flynn’s name into nomination as the new Dir. of the FBI, with Sidney Powel as his chief counsel.

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  11. Phil aka Felipe says:

    5:13 – 5:16 Wray: …”we’re really about the violence, not the ideology.”

    There you go. Top Law Enforcement Officer in our nation charged with the security of the nation, doesn’t have a clue that the violence is driven by the two ideologies united to destroy our Republic, the International Communist and the International Islamic Movements.

    They are two counter-states working essentially seamlessly together and freely within the country, wreaking havoc; and seem to be on well on their way to destroying the USA, which is a common goal they share.

    How does it feel being in a war for survival led by someone that would be better qualified as the director of a Unisex Salon/Spa than the Director of the FBI?

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    • henry says:

      I’m sure he has a clue.

      It’s stupefying that he/they find white militia showing guns and waving flags more violent than muslims decapitating/stoning/slaughtering men, women, children and animals all in the name of moon god allah.

      But what else can you expect from feckless Ivy League lawyers with guns and badges and no inherent sense of patriotism?

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    • Rileytrips says:

      He seems more concerned about his hair being groomed “just so” than protecting the law-abiding citizens of this country. He is a “fop”.

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      • huecowacko says:

        Back in the 1930s gangster era, the FBI took one “Pretty Boy” down, now there’s another “Pretty Boy” as FBI Director.


    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Why do so many Americans not understand what is going on? Is it because of demoralization?

      This helps explain:

      “The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already. Uh, for the last twenty-five years – actually, it’s over fulfilled because demoralization now reaches such areas where previously not even comrade Andropov and all his experts would even dream of such tremendous success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of moral standards.



      Uh, even if I shower him with information, with authentic truth, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, HE WILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT UNTIL HE IS GOING TO RECEIVE A KICK IN HIS FAT BOTTOM. WHEN A MILITARY BOOT CRASHES HIS BALLS, THEN HE WILL UNDERSTAND, BUT NOT BEFORE THEN. THAT’S THE TRAGIC OF THE SITUATION OF DEMORALIZATION.”

      – Excerpt from 1984 of interview of Yuri Bezmenov, (Defector) former KGB agent specializing in Communist propaganda and subversion. (Note: the demoralization process was “complete” way back before 1984 when the interview was conducted.)


      • Ana Nimity says:

        It’s also a condition of the soul of people today. A commentator recently said about the condition of our latest society, comparing to that of our parents and theirs; [para.] “before, when the communists or the Nazis reared up and tried to dominate the world, the decent people joined together and fought against them; but today evil wicked people are rising up against decency and want to stop good and innocent people.” It’s a reverse of good vs. evil.


  12. TradeBait says:

    Competency – thy name is not Chris Wray.

    Holy smokes, how bad are the alphabets managed and led? Simply amazingly bad. Politicized inside out, robots with no analytical skills, zero moral compasses, criminal intent…

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  13. Ziiggii says:

    WTH did Wray actually say in this interview?
    Talk about softball questions… this felt like a PR video for Wray/FBI.

    What does this foretell for us?
    I think something is about to drop (maybe tomorrow Fri dump) that is not going to be favorable for the FBI and specifically Wray.

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  14. Rex says:

    …“what’s more dangerous to you, my firing them and being wrong, or you keeping them around and my being right?”….
    “Sometimes, the best addition to your team is a subtraction.” – Whitey Herzog, famous baseball manager.


    • mickjt says:

      I have a motto: NEVER put someone in charge of anything if THEY were the one that caused the problem! They caused the problem due to incompetence or on purpose…both are BAD!


  15. Zephyrbreeze says:

    So will the CrossFire Hurricane culprits be overcharged so that they are essentially forced to plea down?

    Or will there be a trial with jurors, or with just a judge?
    How will they be able to say they got a fair trial with an impartial jury given the semi-wide spread of the information about their crimes and discussion by people like Wray and Barr in the press.

    I’m concerned that they would then use that point of the corruption of the jury pool, to get an appeal on any conviction.


  16. Zephyrbreeze says:

    The man has a stone-face, for sure, being a trained liar, and decepticon.
    What he doesn’t know, is how poorly he comes across as a transparent two-stepper.
    He’s giving courtroom type answers to avoid responsibility – so he sounds slippery, and sounds like he is deliberately trying to avoid direct answers. Credibility zero.
    He needs better coaching.
    No doubted he patted himself on the back after that interview.


  17. Elle says:

    I think you are right. I wonder if he also will be gone by July 3.


  18. Elle says:

    Chris Wray Conducts Climate Assessment

    Forecast….. crossfire hurricane

    what is a crossfire hurricane you ask? As the eye of a hurricane passes over a fixed spot the wind direction changes 180 degrees. Hence a crossfire.


  19. According to statements by PDJT, the name of Chris Wray to be Director of the FBI was recommended to him by Rod Rosenstein……..that’s all you need to know. Wray’s name was put forward by Rosenstein as someone he could count on to help cover up what they’d done…..you know it.


  20. Mean Old Man says:

    I am a Trump voter, trump donor and I went to the last trump rally in Dallas.
    I will not vote for Trump in November if this guy is still FBI director. Trump allowing this guy to run this incredibly powerful organization is a lack of his leadership skills.

    We need to an FBI director that LOVES throwing Politicians in jail for ANY infraction no-matter what the infraction. Democrats and Republicans…. Witch hunt to throw them all in jail for even the slightest law breakage…

    In November, I will stay home, oil my guns, and prepare for war.

    Trump sucks.


    • WRB says:

      go away

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      When has an FBI director ever thrown politicians in jail? I don’t even think Hoover did that, he just used their infractions as blackmail. The FIB is pure filth.


    • Ana Nimity says:

      I know exactly how you feel and have even entertained thoughts of not voting in November myself, but that would just be admitting defeat. The war isn’t won by one or two battles and by one or two leaders. If that were true Lincoln should have surrendered in late 1963 – early 1864. The north couldn’t do anything right for the first three+ years. But it’s how you finish a race that counts, not how you start.

      I totally trust in God, so if He decides America is finished and wants to let a socialist run things, there is nothing 350,000,000 people will be able to do to stop Him. All we can do is “trust and obey”. Because everything God does is right and holy and true. And if you have the Lord Jesus as your Savior, there are no bad days, painful maybe or uncomfortable at times, but; “all things will work out for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes”.


  21. john edward lorenz says:

    Replace Wray with either Grennell or for sure audacity, Gen. Flynn as Acting Director of the FBI. those documents will be out pronto.


  22. jesus schwartzkopf says:

    “Chris Wray’s performance as FBI Director is akin to what would happen if you took a hotel manager and made him the captain of a cruise ship.”

    I think that Wray as director is more like appointing the lead janitor to be Captain of the cruise ship.


  23. Bill Henslee says:

    He has to be shown to be:
    a. Incompetent by letting the open wound fester via the Durham indictments that must be coming =or,
    b. actually part of the soft coup conspiracy.

    Trump can’t do anything until after the election. He doesn’t need another distraction in the press before the election.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Don’t disagree overall but please tell me where these magical replacements are supposed to come from. One of the main reasons we’ve seen betrayal after betrayal is because finding good people with the know how to run huge governmental departments is NOT an easy job after decades of putting all the wrong people in these jobs along with the personnel they hire.

      President Trump was so, so lucky to get the financial guys he has because they unlike the others care more about economics than politics. Everyone of them was reluctant until Trump showed them the successes of his policies and now all of them are 100% behind his initiatives. Talk about a well oiled machine. I’m praying he can find the right people like these guys to take over every government department.

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  24. Mean Old Man says:

    Chris Wray will lead the charge to the White House to physically remove the President after the November election.
    1 – Democrats will blatantly cheat in the election and misreport voting numbers.
    2 – Cheating will be obvious and in your face.
    3 – Media will cover it up using Chris Wray’s and Bill Barr’s assessment.
    4 – Then Chris Wray and Bill Barr will lead the charge to physically remove Trump from the white house to embarrass him and make a statement to anyone else that attempts to do what he did.

    Bill Barr and Chris Wray are evil liars that protect the DEEP STATE CORPORATE EMPIRES.


  25. freepetta says:

    I’m off to work to watch my cops be disrespected, disparaged and demoralized.
    It’s heartbreaking.
    Thanks my Treepers you give me the strength to face it all and I love and respect all my Treeper friends including those who I’ve disagreed with at times.
    NYPD and all police departments under siege will carry on.
    You guys are my strength and you give me hope. For that I thank you all so much.💁🏻‍♀️


  26. Ronr says:

    Chris Wray says all good nothing to see here, bad agents either gone or disciplined. Somewhere I think I’ve seen this movie before, its like deja vu:



  27. Nessie509 says:

    Institutional inertia!
    Government is a mass of jello that cannot function as a business.
    Wray, Barr are just manifestations of this jello.
    And truthfully, for all the times Democrats accused Trump of criminality, I am positive he won’t be indicted after he is out of office.
    Anyone who thinks Obama will be indicted is living in a fog.
    We don’t put Presidents in jail. It’s just not done.
    Course, I reserve the right to change my mind if the BLM, ANTIFA overthrow this Republic.


    • jeffsn4 says:

      These current Democrats don’t play by the rules. If they can indict Trump after he’s out of office they absolutely will.

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      • Ana Nimity says:

        I was just thinking, if the radical violent wing of the Democrat Party (BLM, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and ANTIFA) could get there hands on more lethal weapons than just plain incendiary devices; THEY WILL USE THEM (they are unhinged sick wackos).

        One day the connection between Islamic terrorists and the Democrat Party will be completed (probably through the two Muslims who have infiltrated congress; Omar and Tlaib) and then the useful idiots in BLM and mommie’s basement dwellers ANTIFA will cause more damage than can be contained without a full-scale urban military assault; thanks to the aid and comfort provided by the Democrat Party politicians and main-stream media.

        The future of these events does not promise to be pretty.


        • jeffsn4 says:

          Well, their current goal is to get Trump to drop the hammer so they can play the victim. The fact that they’re falling back on that should tell you that they don’t have the capability to do anything serious. I mean, look at the armed guards of the former CHAZ/CHOP. They were all roughly 135lbs and pale as can be. lmao Those punks are their equivalent of Napoleon’s Old Guard. Think about that. It’s pathetic. These people are playing kiddie games.


  28. coolmamie says:

    I watched both Brett Baier’s interviews this week in full – Bolton and Wray. I thought Brett did a great job with both.


  29. MaineCoon says:

    It no longer matters if one if for or against Wry. At this point it is in the best interest of the country to replace him. Too much water under the bridge.


  30. jeffsn4 says:

    Another glimpse into the past of SD. Fascinating.


  31. Alan Reasin says:

    President Trump apparently doesn’t have a depth of political knowledge of people recommended to him. But he needs to have fewer aids/advisers who are creatures of DC. I always wanted, when I managed, to have people around me who were not yes people, but would do what was decided. Sometimes I failed in that quest and hired stab in the backs. But President Trump has had too many failures like that and they continue. Bolton is worse than a stab in the back; technically he is seditious and needs to be arrested for leaking classified info in his book if he released copies without proper approval. Also looks like the NSC screwed POTUS again on the book’s review.


  32. mello says:

    “…We’re really about the violence, but not the ideology”
    So, he’s operating under the premise that everything is just a random confluence of unrelated events?


  33. DeWalt says:

    Has he implemented Hawaiian Shirt Fridays yet?


  34. visage13 says:

    Dear Brett: There is NO Durham report no matter how many times you say it, arrest, indictments that is it.


  35. Ana Nimity says:

    The FBI will always have the stench of political bias and corruption as long as the Executive Branch leaves the corrupting influences in tact.

    Show you really can’t abide with the vile element of rottenness, by going full speed ahead and not turning to the right or to the left until all the putrid odor is gone; or continue to try and fool most of the people without honesty.


  36. nimrodman says:

    …“energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”….

    Hell, you can say the same thing about that manila envelope, paper of various types, etc

    The word you’re looking for there, Chris, is “explosives”
    …. unless there WERE no explosives

    Hey – how about that?


  37. john edward lorenz says:

    Dump Wray. Replace, as temporary director of FBI either Grenell or Flynn. Docs would be forthcoming.


  38. JD says:

    Are there ANY good FBI agents? Are they going after Antifa / BLM or standing down? Many other federal agencies (IRS, FEMA) are cesspools of Dem corruptocrats & ‘resisters’ of freedom & prosperity


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