BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Tulsa Mayor Declares a “Civil Emergency” – Orders Immediate Shut Down Curfew Around Trump Rally Venue…

When this story started exploding on social media, I thought it was a joke… but it is not.

Tulsa Oklahoma Mayor G.T. Bynum has declared a “civil emergency” and signed an executive order (outlined below) creating an immediate curfew and locking-down a six block area in and around the BOK Center venue for the Trump rally in the city.  Any MAGA rally attendee who does not immediately vacate the area is subject to arrest.

(Tulsa, Oklahoma) In a Facebook post Thursday evening, Tulsa police announced that an area of downtown will be off limits from 10 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday ahead of the rally. The curfew will again take effect after the rally until 6 a.m. Sunday.

The curfew is the result of an executive order from Mayor G.T. Bynum, which cites both local and nationwide unrest in recent weeks as the rationale for the curfew.

“I have received information from the Tulsa Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that shows that individuals from organized groups who have been involved in destructive or violent behavior in other states are planning to travel to the City of Tulsa for purposes of causing unrest in and around the rally,” the order states.

The curfew affects the area from Archer Street to Sixth Street between Houston Avenue and Boulder Avenue. The people camped outside the BOK Center waiting to get into the rally were being moved out.

Police posted information about the curfew about 45 minutes before it took effect. Those found in violation who refuse to leave will be cited or arrested, according to the Facebook post. (link)

Perhaps there is a legitimate domestic terrorism threat, a “civil emergency”, which requires the curfew approach….

However, one would think if this were not a politically motivated decision, the prudent approach would be to place police in the area as a security precaution.  After all, the maintenance of a curfew perimeter will require a significant police presence to ensure compliance.  So regardless of whether there are people peacefully assembled to attend the rally, a significant police presence is required by the order itself.

Additional details outlined in the Executive Order:

Curfew Restrictions

1. People are prohibited from walking, running, loitering, standing or motoring upon any alley, street, highway, public property, sidewalk, or vacant premises within the boundaries indicated above, except for official designated duty in response to the emergency, providing public safety services, or going to or from a place of residence or work.

2. The manufacture, transfer, use, possession or transportation of a Molotov cocktail or any other device, instrument or object designed to explode or produce uncontained combustion is prohibited within the limits of the City of Tulsa.

3. The transporting, possessing or using of gasoline, kerosene, or combustible, flammable, or explosive liquids or materials in a glass or uncapped container of any kind is prohibited within the limits of the City of Tulsa, except in connection with the normal operation of motor vehicles, normal home use or legitimate commercial use.

We understand that many people are unaware that a curfew will be in place and barricades are still in the process of being setup. If we find anyone in violation of the Executive Order this evening, we will request that they leave the area based on the curfew. If people refuse to leave the area, they may be cited or arrested.  [LINK]

…And so the control mechanisms to block President Trump’s 2020 campaign officially begin.

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599 Responses to BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Tulsa Mayor Declares a “Civil Emergency” – Orders Immediate Shut Down Curfew Around Trump Rally Venue…

  1. Alleycats says:

    Perhaps I am thoroughly cynical, but I agree with Sundance.

    “…And so the control mechanisms to block President Trump’s 2020 campaign officially begin…”

    I don’t believe for one second the Tulsa mayor cares about President Trump’s or his supporters’ safety. “b-b-b-but the mayor is Republican” means absolutely nothing. So are most of the Never-Trump individuals. This is a ploy, nothing more.

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    • Landslide says:

      Trump Boomerang will prevail again. All of these moves only serve to cement the resolve to support & elect President Trump.

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        if the Trump campaign would cordially notify the mayor, et al – spin on a dime – “we do not want to impose on the City of Tulsa overly much, perhaps another time would be better”
        and “poof” as Grandma Covfefe might say, no rally in Tulsa, no Trump supporters show up –
        so all the merchants who have been going through the Coronavirus lockdown and then the George Floyd lockdown will have missed an opportunity to make a little revenue for the city –

        I know here in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area), the various events through the year mean a lot to local merchants/restaurants/hotels/motels –

        the tennis games at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens

        also, the various arts festivals, the White Party, golf tournaments – even the dog show!

        I wonder if the President could arrange to come out here – I think WE need some revenue –

        do it at the Classic Club – heck, so darn windy I don’t know how people play golf there but they do – I went to a debate watch party there in 2016 (inside, of course) –

        oh, but our people around here are probably too clueless to jump on the phone and call –

        maybe Ric Grenell could do something about that – there must be some place –

        maybe Larry Ellison would let them use the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens?

        Or would that make all the tennis stars mad and they won’t come to play next year, even if there IS a nice purse?


    • Rob says:

      I have much respect for Sundance or I would come here. With that said, I don’t agree or disagree, time will tell.

      But I see a pure helpless victim mentality from our side lately where every event is seen as a negative. Our lack of faith and confidence, while may be us being realists and not optimists, is looking more and more as pessimists. If the Mayor and the city didn’t want trump there, they would have just said no. Period.

      Also, this is the president and maybe 100,000 people on the streets with a viable threat anarchists and a volatile situation. The secret service may have needed some of this for protection of our president.

      The defeatists attitude is a downer. We are so defeatists yet all we are willing to do is stay comfortable as our constitutional rights are being eroded. Stay hidden in our houses and never banding together until they are knocking on our front door. I’m guilty also, but I’m not going out into a crowd alone. We need to stop talking about our firearms and ammo and actually organize like they are.

      They own the streets and the political narrative. We act like cattle that can be controlled by 4 cowboys.

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    • Adele Virtue says:

      thing is the cops were only asking the rally attendees to get off the sidewalk and behind the barriers and then they would be fine. A few had to move their cars also to keep the road empty. This was done to protect the attendees, not to punish them.


      • Bob Lawblaw says:

        I think this could put a lid on potential rioters or protestors, not just those waiting in line for the rally. We’ll see, I guess…


        • gymcy81 says:

          It equally increases space around the arena – which helps to mitigate others untold plans.

          ( the nefarious people like to use the good people as cover for their nefarious intents. They can still do that, but blocks away from the rally…and as such, the media that is seeking out mislabeling people, would also be spread out. )

          As the curfew window is lifted, people can enter the rally area (and there can also equally be a sniff of fuel etc.) that occurs.

          Just a guess, that there is mutual cooperation going on with the City, secret service and the Governor….such that a re-start, a re-opening of rallies may successfully re-begin…

          The barber in Michigan was given a tough time for trying to cut peoples hair…but, amongst the governor obstacles, he safely kept getting the jobs done….successfully (much to the despair of the over-controlling Gov. Whitmer)

          I do not know


  2. shipley130 says:

    If it is a “civil emergency” then can President Trump call out the active duty military?

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  3. paulashley says:

    As with the quarantining of the healthy in the COVID farce, this is yet another version of the left’s penchant to punish the innocent in order to protect them.

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  4. lolli says:

    I am doubting the mayor being on our side since he allowed this to be painted on the street in Tulsa.

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    • cplogics says:

      Our city paid black “artists” $130,000 to muck up a major thoroughfare in downtown. It looks like a damn ghetto. They will not be happy until America looks like some third world hell hole. All I have done all day is send replies to emails from various entities extolling the wonder of Juneteenth Day featuring all black businesses and cuisine. It’s another hyped up phony holiday just like Kwanza. Wish the President had not uttered the word which caused us to have another “let’s don’t go to work day”.

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      • jbowen82 says:

        I think Juneteenth is reasonable to celebrate, but I would then change MLK’s birthday to Civil Rights Day.


        • theasdgamer says:

          We also need a holiday for the indentured white servants who immigrated to America.


          • Daniel M. Camac says:

            theasdgamer, Whatchu talkin’ bout, Ellis? You mean dares was whiteys working as slaves? Building canals, railroads, stuffs like dat? ?sarc off.

            I agree with your request but since these poor souls got “paid, relatively speaking” they can not be defined as slaves…….plus they weren’t black so there’s that NAACP thingy gonna shut that argument down.

            You know what? Those Irish, Polish, Italian, etc immigrants who worked like dogs made this country and what’s even more ironic, they didn’t cry boogie man and ask for free shit.
            They raised their families best they could and survived. Now I’m not saying many black folk didn’t do the same thing and they are the ones who are Blexiting now after seeing what our VSGPDJT has shown them.

            He has shown them that’s it’s not about color, it’s about values and wanting the best for your families. The Damnocrats have killed that message for 60+ years and they still are but so many minorities are seeing the light that the LEFT is scared and trying to bring a race war that isn’t going to happen.

            It is a war between evil and good, not blacks and whites and ALL of us Patriots , black, white, yellow and red will prevail with the help of our President Donald J. Trump and that other force who is always in our heads but never reveals himself, until He decides to.

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          • theasdgamer says:

            Oh, we also need reparations for them. Being as I’m descended from one of them…lol.

            We probably need to put up some statues of black slaveowners, too.


    • William the Comptroller says:

      Somebody needs to paint out the ‘V’ in the “LIVES” part for sake of accuracy.

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    • SteveC says:

      I can’t wait for all the auto crashes on those streets once it starts raining. Paint does not have a great coefficient of friction.


  5. minnesotamike55 says:

    One of the tactics of the radical anarchists is to make bogus threats, place bogus 911 calls, and generally cause mayhem and distraction so that they know where the police presence may be. Then they set fires, loot, and block traffic, all to cover the actual operations they want to run.
    This was demonstrated in all the major cities riots in that police calls were astronomical and impossible to respond to.
    Profiling by Trump supporters should weed most of them out of the crowd. Watch for unwashed or odd hair coloring or style, too many piercings, tattoos, jogger pants, backpacks, all black clothing, horrendous body odor, black socks when wearing shorts, clown shoes, eye makeup on men, and Karens.
    Every attendee should be asked a question that radical anarchist democrats would never be able to answer like: What political party was Abraham Lincoln a member of? or Why was the Democrat south fighting the civil war? or What political party was Robert Byrd, KKK grand Kleagle, a member of? or What political party had a higher percentage of support for 1960’s civil rights legislation?

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    • redline says:

      Trick question – “If the Democratic Party had controlled the South, wouldn’t the slaves have been freed much sooner, with no need at all for the Civil War? Would they ever have been held in slavery at all?”

      I’d love to see their tiny little minds pounce on that one.


  6. In a ground war, the army that holds the better strategic turf wins. Now add the ability to watch the enemy as it moves.

    Tulsa .. site of the most important Trump rally ever . was carefully chosen. (Same as JAX was chosen for the RNC) All factors were considered.
    — Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene!
    — 9:34 AM · Jun 19, 2020

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    • jus wundrin says:

      PDJTs tweet there leaves me to believe he is coordinating with the mayor. We will see tomorrow.


      • T Town says:

        It isn’t so much the mayor that PDJT may be coordinating with, as it is the governor who has ordered 250 national guardsmen to be present. The mayor of Tulsa is a joke. He panders to all of the special interest groups.

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  7. FreyFelipe says:

    What the hell country am I in? Last night when I went to bed I was in America in the year 2020 and now when I wake up I’m in Nazi Germany somewhere around 1940 with some mayor now der Fuhrer?

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    • Right to reply says:

      Yep, the confusing thing about the Democrats, is not only are they all inclusive when it comes to perversion, but they are also inclusive when it comes to politics. It allows them to merge Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Nazism, while all the time pretending to be peace loving hippies, and convincing their supporters that they too are peace loving.


  8. Roger Duroid says:

    So, PDJT just said ” I just spoke to the highly respected Mayor of Tulsa, G.T. Bynum, who informed me there will be no curfew tonight or tomorrow for our many supporters attending the #MAGA Rally. Enjoy yourselves – thank you to Mayor Bynum! “

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  9. sync says:

    How they got this case all the way up to the Oklahoma Supreme Court so fast is beyond me.

    Special session today and a ruling just came out:

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  10. Eric says:

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  11. I Hear You Now says:

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  12. regitiger says:

    as curfews go…I’m on board with the hours selected…It’s legit. It is not broadly obnoxious.

    will people actually be doing anything after 10pm well after sundown to “rally”.? that’s hard to imagine….what would be the purpose of doing the late show?

    I think the broader view here, and let me state this as clear eyed as I can, is this:

    it’s very likely one of the many reasons is that we can almost guarantee that antifa types including the Black Lives bombast, are going to show up and violently disrupt this FIRST BIG TRUMP RALLY. They LOVE night ops…it’s their “thing”’s the precise window these very same arsonist and anarchists, looters, and vandals exploit…late hours.

    by putting a stop order in those late night hours, allows the local police to cleanup the idiots well before they can do serious harm and set the proper tone for a strong anti-riot element that is guaranteed to be salivating at this opportunity to corrupt a trump event and draw out a fight. You can bet the police in Tulsa are going to be there to enforce it and roll up anyone who dares to ignore the order….I agree with it.

    so, yes, it’s certainly got all the horrible optics of being overkill…but then I look at the last 2-3 weeks and I consider whatever the local police are allowed to do to protect businesses and citizens considering how much damage has already taken place by weak policy,…I’m going with this a great idea.

    Will it prevent those with fell intentions? Nope..the dummies will still do it, and get arrested…and should be. And the slightly less dummies will wait until 6am show up and create mayhem all day……with the second shift of police NOW WELL INFORMED with good intel, on the prior evenings events were scheduled and by whom, they can perform to focus on the agitators and take them out.

    The first thing I would be doing in regular patrols looking for those stacks of bricks and who places them…..out of state tags…and other transportation means and motels that have group contracts from companies of dubious and known connections to antifa and Bowels Love Movement.

    I like it.

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    • lolli says:

      They lifted the curfew.


    • H.R. says:

      Too bad you approve of the curfew, regitiger. The curfew was cancelled.

      You were probably composing that nice comment (no sarc, it’s a good one) when every kid and their little brother posted a copy of President Trump’s tweet that the curfew was cancelled.


      • LULU says:

        Reading regitiger’s comment, I had the feeling they have never seen reports and photos of the huge crowds that come several days before a Trump rally, camp on the venue grounds, stand in line. Etc. Quiet and orderly. No they aren’t rallying just yet, unless their showing up that way amounts to a rally. A little ignorance can end up writ large in a forum thread comment…


      • regitiger says:

        yup you are correct…I grew up 50 years ago….twitter and bookface do not interest me



    • nimrodman says:

      Regardless of “curfew lifted”, I thank regitiger for his comment
      It’s a nice summary of policing tactics for crowd control of insurrectionists


  13. dginga says:

    Just a question Treepers: Do you really think it is completely outside the realm of possibility that the paid Antifa and BLM thugs would choose to descend on Tulsa looking for an opportunity for a violent standoff between their number and generally peaceful, but possibly legally armed, Trump supporters? You know whose side the media would be on and how the whole thing would be spun. Isn’t it just possible that the authorities in Tulsa may be trying to avoid turning their city into a huge riot over a political rally?

    While I am all for the rally and the rights of people to peaceably assemble, in light of recent events I also believe there is credibility to the threat of violence from outside agitators, especially if they have targets who camp out near the rally venue for days in advance.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      This is what I fear will happen. You have to disarm to go to the rally. This makes those people fish in a barrel. Antifa has had time to organize attacks. Cops are not going to protect anyone. It’s not their job.
      So, IMHO, there needs to be fully armed citizens there with no intention of entering the rally, but of protecting those who do.

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    • Heika says:

      Thats how I see it.


      • Maria says:

        Maybe the Mayor of Tulsa doesn’t want his city burned down by Antifa and BLM.
        If I were Mayor, I’d call in the National Guard to assist before the rally even starts.


  14. sunnyflower5 says:


  15. johneb18 / @johneb18 says:

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    • moe2004 says:

      Wonder what changed???


      • Phil Free says:

        The Leader of the Free World made a phone call to Joe Mayor.
        It’s been said (by pretty much everyone) that POTUS can be very persuasive.
        So Mayor spoke to the MAN, and the MAN helped him to see the Light.
        Boom Done! 😀


  16. sarasotosfan says:

    I hope the attendees did not comply.


  17. GTOGUY says:

    Just saw a hit with Brad Pascale. He said they are working with the Mayor on this. He seemed not to be concerned. We shall see…..


  18. T Town says:

    Tulsa’s mayor GT Bynum is a joke. Because Tulsa’s mayoral election is nonpartisan, he panders to all of the special interest groups in an attempt to get enough votes to stay in office.


  19. Chris Benzaquen says:

    I think this is rediculous . Its a way to destroy President Trumps Rally . And I believe the Mayor to be in collusion with aiding in destroying the people’s rite to assemble . Shame on G. T. Bynum . You need to be arresting Rioters not people out for the Rally . You can’t lock the world up in a bubble. I’d rather die defending our freedom than to ever live in this New World Order that you are supporting. You are a traitor to the United States of America !!! Many Americans are aware of this globalist agenda and God willling all of you supporting it will one day be arrested for being traitors . Let’s hope your not for defunding our police.


  20. Skeeball says:

    Wow, the Trump haters are off-the-friggin charts with desperation. Does this sound like the action of a party that’s confident of Joe Biden winning in November? Things must be far worse for Democrats than we can imagine!

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  21. William the Comptroller says:

    Pres. Trump should hold a surprise rally in Chicago…. and station DEA/DHS/ICE around the Hispanic gang neighborhood which recently was featured in the media with their own vigilante drug/cartel/gang groups making it look like Ciudad Juarez/Cuidad Victoria/Tijuana as well around the South Side. Perhaps that might lower the weekend killing tally to ZERO for the first time in decades. Have him dedicate the rally to Smollet and the Nigerian “Frostbite” Twins. And then have a video vignette of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic and anti-American speech snippets on the Jumbotron.


  22. NC Doug says:

    This is an opportunity for “Trump” type thinking. Because you cannot loiter inside the zone, hundreds of thousands of people should loiter just outside the zone, across the street, and flood into the zone when allowed for the rally. Spend money at all of the small businesses possible and none inside the zone.


  23. JCM800 says:

    Fire Trucks, High Pressure Fire Hose, Water Cannon.
    Wash off the Bugs
    Extinguish all Flames.

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  24. Gary Hunt says:

    So Trump rally attendees are forced to leave the secure area until the “Bad Guys” gather around it, and are then forced to walk through the “Bad Guys” to attend the rally. Would could possibly go wrong?


  25. redline says:

    Possibly, clearing the streets and letting them refill under better-monitored conditions allowed the removal of particular threats, and the identification (for ongoing attention) of innumerable others. And, of course, the ruling out of a great many attendees as potential threats.


  26. clodfobble says:

    lol… “the prudent approach would be to place police in the area as a security precaution.”

    What are they going to do… fight off looters and rioters from their knees? Clearly, the MICs in Tulsa are not going to a damn thing except attempt to kill the event.


  27. theasdgamer says:

    You’ll notice that repubs are scared sh1tl3ss about letting the public carry guns to enforce order downtown. Police aren’t necessary to keep order. Tulsans could handle that job. Police are needed for intimidating the general public.

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  28. alliwantissometruth says:

    We should really be thanking the Marxist / Globalist / Corporate / Democrat coalition for their honesty and willingness to show Americans exactly who they are and how they’ll rule if they ever get total power

    Their recent actions and inaction’s could be put in a book entitled “Perfect Examples of Tyranny, Fascism, Racism, Enslavement and Anti-Freedom….. Or, How I Learned to Hate Freedom and Embrace My Own Destruction”

    Now, the American people have had an in your face taste of what’s to come under democrat rule. If that doesn’t move them away from the party of America’s destruction, then we’re much too far gone, and we might as well turn out the light on the American Dream


  29. Heika says:

    huh! They can’t control their own murderous looting left-wing nut jobs so they have to lock the place down. Makes perfect sense

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  30. H. Hawke says:

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  31. queensmary says:

    Bongino rule! Bongino rule. Even Dan Bongino didn’t observe his own rule and got scammed this week. The Bongino rule is always give a news headline 24 to 48 hours to ferment because in many cases the story changes or just wasn’t true to begin with. I’ve been at the point for about 2-3 yrs now, where I just don’t believe ANYthing anymore. But I do like memes — they still make sense.

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  32. coldanger says:

    You can riot, pillage, and rape without any LEO interference. But don’t you dare assemble peacefully…


  33. Wake up Dumb Democrats! says:

    Now Dr. Fauci (the sawed off Democrat Runt) is trying to run this country for the Democrat Party. He keeps lying that the virus is taking over, especially if the conservatives come to see President Trump’s rally in Oklahoma Saturday. But it was OKAY for ALL THE PROTESTING AND RIOTING AND BURNING AND LOOTING. That was OKAY with Dr. Fauci. Ignore Democrat Dr. Fauci, he is such a PHONY! He wants everybody to stay home and lose their businesses, until Joe Biden becomes President, then he will fade away, because Dr. Fauci did his job. Get rid of the Democrat Party and Dr. Fauci for good!! Vote for President Trump on November 3, 2020. Watch Fox News and they will tell you what is really going on with the EVIL Democrat Party and what they are doing to President Trump. The Democrat Party and Democrat Media are lying to their viewers about President Trump because they are so JEALOUS of him!

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  34. Texian says:

    I wonder who thought up this one.. 20th Century aging mainstream boomers.. this was a lame deep state Fake News DNC/RNC attempt to thwart the Trump Rally..

    They are throwing everything against the wall in hope that something sticks..

    It’s a Uniparty folks.. and you are not represented..

    The DNC will come right at you with the knife.. and the RNC will stab you in the back with it..

    Neither of them are on our side.. whether you are black or white..

    and there will be no negotiation either..

    It’s Us against Them..

    It’s our Country folks.. not theirs..

    so get ready..

    Fourth Turning..


  35. republicanvet91 says:

    “When this story started exploding on social media, I thought it was a joke… but it is not.”

    I am not. Tulsa has always struggled (shtruggled?) mightily to be the liberal enclave of Oklahoma. There are a few residents who seem to wish to live in Berkeley, so their actions/comments often make them look rather foolish.

    Norman gives them a run for the money once in awhile, but not often.

    Good luck with Bynum and Bailey’s Circus. This is such a charade.


  36. Cye Kosis says:

    The curfew was lifted on Friday, 6/20. According to the mayor, it will not be reinstated, and Trump supporters will not being impeded from remaining outside at the rally location. Anti-Trump protesters, i.e. “anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes” will be mandated to stay at least six blocks from rally location, but something tells me that will be impossible to enforce. It ought to be an interesting day.


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