Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst…

The notoriously political DOJ lawyer who was assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, has joined notoriously political DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann as a paid MSNBC analyst. The media are not even pretending any more.

Laughably, the media assembly of highly partisan DOJ and FBI officials continues.

However, apparently the left-wing media does not think the American electorate will see all of these political operatives, gathering under one collective presence, as an indication of their extreme bias and political intent.  They have no credibility left to burn.

The media are all-in in their visible resistance.

The narrative engineering is going to get a lot worse in the coming months.

At this point it is simply absurd.

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323 Responses to Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst…

  1. Henry says:

    OMG…..SHE IS SO HOT,!!,,xoxoxoxoxoxoxoococox

    /serious sarc

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  2. Drogers says:

    Even if your were inclined to give MSNBC or Ms. Page the benefit of the doubt how do either of them justify a seemly marriage made in hell.

    MSNBC – uses the public airwaves to prostitute its political reporting at the behest of any individual Democratic politician or the DNC.
    Ms. Page – is currently under suspicion on numerous civil and criminal charges; first and foremost the attempted usurping of a federal election.

    MSNBC should have their license suspended until such time they can show a six month plan to implement Improved Standards of Conduct. While Ms. Page spends her six months in Nevada working at Charlie’s Fine B-B-Q and Hump Hump Bar {Closed on Sunday’s}.

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    • WRB says:

      MSNBC should have their license suspended…

      They do not have a license to suspend. You are thinking of broadcasting over the airways, where the Feds decided they could control who could (or not) transmit over radio or television frequencies. But cable is more like the newspaper business… they can say or print what they want. You know, that free-speech thing the US is known for.

      We have to fight them another way. The first way is turn them off. Another way is go after the company, as stockholders, or with aggressive law-suits. Or massive picket lines in front of their offices. Or (a bit dicey ), sic the gov’t on their parent company for various “infringements” (OSHA, IRS, EPA, etc) like what Obama did, for those on his “list.”

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      • Thanks for a real solution to this issue!!! Too often on here we bitch and moan as opposed to coming up with meaningful ways to combat this overt antagonism by NBC and Comcast. Every single person on this site Should boycott and use shareholder power to pressure this company. We should be asking daily why Noah Oppenheim still has a role running the NBC news division with his issues regarding MeToo. We need to also be more aggressive in attacking AT&T who owns CNN. We need to ask money people WHY they are allowing BOTH these corporate entities to subordinate making money to promoting a lefty agenda… We need to start fighting back and these ideas are a good way to begin…

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        • granitej4 says:

          Because they will always support the political group the affords them the best way to make more money. That’s just life in capitalism.

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      • Drogers says:

        WRB –

        Thanks pal. I walk away a little smarter today.

        My fighting is not to tune them in. On the few times I’ve seen them while channel surfing it’s hard for me to believe people are stupid enough to believe their drivel. Each to their own I guess.

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      • dd_sc says:

        Need a la carte cable TV packaging. If 50% of cable subscribers were to drop CNN and MSNBC from their packages, I doubt they’d be solvent for very long.

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        • guest4ever says:

          dd_sc—-I think Georgie would probably pick up the tab, if he isn’t already now. That being said, a la carte cable could be a way to go for ALL sorts of things. Maybe something to do when we have the presidency, house, and senate after November 4!!!


        • That’s a fantastic idea, I’m wondering about a class action lawsuit that would force cable to enact that option?


  3. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Oh gag. She could have recovered with some integrity by admitting the error of her ways. We are a forgiving people. But, no…. she has to stick with the #resistance crowd. How embarrassing for her. She participated in a coup against our President. Does she think going on television will protect her from an indictment? Well, let them all go on TV. Maybe this is a last resort to garner sympathy. At this point, sorry Lisa, none left. You had a choice. You blew it.

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  4. Lisa Page belongs on one of the porno websites, but the MSM is the next best thing. I have not watched that channel in more than 20 years and would not think to start now.


    • RJ says:

      If I were a porn director/writer, I would come out with those two lovebirds exposed in a movie that would have look a likes and be totally outrageous using the FBI as the active backdrop where they begin the affair, take it over to the CIA and even have a romp in a Wal Mart parking lot…oh the ideas of exposure and pleasure between Lisa and Peter.

      The moans, the groans, the twisting and turning…every angle one could imagine…and of course I would bring in her husband for a scene…

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      • Hopefully, some budding director is reading this and lifts the idea… it would serve them both right… dirt-bags.

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      • Joemama says:

        PDJT did a pretty funny verbal pantomimes at a couple of his rallies. “Oh Peter! Say he won’t be elected!” “No Lisa, He will lose 1 million to one!” Ooooh! Aaaah! Ooooh! “I love it when you rub my 302 that way!”

        Something like that.


  5. Merkin Muffley says:

    She’ll need it to pay for the lawyers.

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  6. Ellis says:

    “ However, apparently the left-wing media does not think the American electorate will see all of these political operatives, gathering under one collective presence, as an indication of their extreme bias and political intent.”

    The public may not see if they are all on the msnbc staff. Laughably predictable that Page joined the team of hacks.

    Unfortunately for them, they no longer control the narrative.

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  7. Then Monica Lewinsky definitely needs a show too.

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  8. In the Land of Poz says:

    Lisa has done some Portrait Of Dorian Gray level aging of late to look like that with TV makeup.

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  9. Disgusted says:

    Lol, MSNBC, always hires the idiots that have attempted to capture this country for their own benefit. The station is blocked on my tv, cause I do not want to accidentally give, them any ratings.

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  10. Lulu says:

    It’s adultery network – Mika, Joe, slattern Lisa Page. But they did force pervy Chris Matthews out so there’s that.

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    • Thanks! I learned a NEW WORD! “Slattern” EXCELLENT!

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    • Tl Howard says:

      This might sound like heresy, but consider how much fun it would be to listen to Chris Matthews, as he goes from PRO protestors to “You gotta be f____ing me! (Spit flying at the lens of the camera). You actually think Americans are going to vote for the party that’s sitting there quietly while their spawn try to abolish police departments? OMG. Pelosi, get your ass back to dC. Where the hell is Obama? He’s got a tiger that he bought thinking it was trained but right now he’s hangin’ to the tail for dear life. I got news for you, Barack Obama. Tigers turn on their trainers. That guy in Vegas??? YOU know the gay guy, the one who is/was a magician with his partner? He’s DEAD now. Almost died way back when his favorite Tiger , in front of an entire showroom of folks (spit all over the place), sprung at his throat and dragged him off the stage. Remember that? YOu remember that? Well, yeah, now he’s dead after spending a decade or so trying to recover from those injuries, but never did. Obama, you’ve got a tiger that is going for your throat and you’re the one who thought you had him trained. Yeah, well, there ain’t no training these idiots on the street. No way. They’re burning down cities and NOW they want to leave urban cities w/out any way of controlling chaos. Oh my God!!! Democrats will lose again to Trump. Oh my God. (Chris begins foaming at the mouth and the cameraman comes out from behind the camera, grabs Chris by the throat as Matthew is now gagging, and drags him off the stage.”

      I miss Chris.


  11. etbnyc says:

    How does The Onion still exist?

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  12. LOL says:

    Maybe they can arrest you on live TV which would be quite the ratings boost.

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  13. GB Bari says:

    These coup conspirator scumbags are all taking “journalism” jobs so that they’re immune from prosecution for anything they say on air. And they’ll say plenty – all lies, of course.

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    • Clay More says:

      Not all of Agent Peter Smirk’s and Lisa’s Page’s text messages that were exchanged between them have been released (see FBI Dir. Chris Wrong). Suspicion has swirled that these two miscreants mused about causing physical harm to the Trump Family. Like my President says, “We will see”.

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    • Publius says:

      It’s bigger than that. They are being given these roles as air cover so when the indictments come the media can run the narrative that Trump’s DOJ is cracking down on and arresting “journalists,” stifling the free press, destroying democracy etc. Wait for it.

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  14. MACAULAY says:

    By any measure, from any view, this woman, and her psychotic man—Peter Strzok—Disgraced Themselves.

    They failed miserably at their jobs at the FBI.

    So what could possibly qualify either as an Expert due to be handsomely paid by CNN for her opinion—on anything?

    Only that it is a new version of Reality T.V.

    There are enough people with Trump Derangement Syndrome who will watch her Virtue Signal… ignoring her past sins, bias, incompetency, and humiliation, by Hating on Trump…to justify it in Rachael Maddow’s Twi-Light Zone.

    I myself will tune in initially. I never watched the recent show about the man and his lions (or perhaps it was tigers), but I would never miss Lisa Page going full Orange Man Bad.


  15. Gracie Garcia says:

    I have sometimes conversed with people about TV news. Those who watch “msnbc” actually think it is valid. No amount of factual data can persuade them otherwise. Utterly baffling. Unless we consider it is a quasi-religious belief, similar to what we saw with the mass-kneeling mass-self-loathing rituals. We should not take this lightly. How to push back? Many people say boycotts don’t work. Have we actually tried? Boycott msnbc advertisers? Barrage executives of msnbc advertisers with emails, letters of complaint? Any other suggestions?

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  16. Lisa Page has resorted to claiming SHE is the victim because her extramarital affair with Peter Strzok was exposed to the public and she was ridiculed because of her OWN poor decisions. So, yeah, she‘ll fit right in at MSNBC.

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  17. Gary Hunt says:

    Love the pivot. It is no longer the Trump Russian Collusion investigation, it is now the Russian election disinformation investigation. How convenient.

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  18. calbear84 says:

    Not ONE, but TWO recipients of the prestigious “Hero of the Soviet Union” medal on the same network! The others must be so jealous 🙂

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  19. ruckustom says:

    Of course. And man. She’s one ugly woman.


  20. kleen says:

    Money Laundering.

    She is getting paid for her dirty work.

    They want to make sure she has plenty of money for legal fees and doesn’t have to lose her house and go bankrupt. She is probably getting Paid enough to be just fine during her defense ordeal If indicted.

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    • john another says:

      Exactly. It’s all money laundering.
      …well, that and the phone bills to the stenographers was getting so high they had to move the sources in-house.


  21. sync says:

    Actually, the is a undercover operation being run by the FBI
    There are a thousand James Wolfes’ type leakers out there sitting on classified information hoping that Lisa is the Ali Watkins type…classified information in return for sex in the back of a car
    Lisa will be wearing a wire and has agreed to testify as she “works off her case” in return for a lighter sentence

    Does anyone believe this…I guess not 🙂

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  22. kleen says:

    Book deal probably coming soon too. Money laundering.

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    • dogsmaw says:

      Nah, the boys at Lawfare passed her around and threw her to the wolves at NBC to get used up 😛


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        That’s what I was thinking……she became famous ……..then got passed around by a bunch of big boys until she dried up…..

        The only hope she has is like Bernie….

        “Hey… pay off my house….I’ll say anything you want”


  23. sarasotosfan says:

    Punch back. #BoycottOrlando

    The home of NBC Universal amd Disney. Do not subscribe to anything they offer. Do not use Comcast.

    Send the message you will not support them.

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  24. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    She would have a hard time getting layed at a VFW on a Saturday night


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      I dunno……a pint of Tequila……..a nice hat or halter…..

      Nah…….she may be able to sit under while we play cards…


  25. bertdilbert says:

    After the hammer comes down, CNN is going to have the biggest rap sheet of ex commentator felons in the history of Fake News.

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  26. dogsmaw says:

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  27. jus wundrin says:

    Why do I think that half of the fools who watch the crap even know who she is, or what shes been involved in?

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  28. Peter says:

    One question: Why isn’t she facing charges? Or better yet, in prison already.

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  29. zimbalistjunior says:

    “Guccifer. Sleazy Romanian…,” Strzok wrote.

    “They ALL are,” Page responded.

    “Funny to watch and think of [redacted]. No wonder he’s a brusque as he is…and those Romanians aren’t even the gypsies…” Strzok shot back.

    “Seriously, I kind of hate them. (I’m sure [redacted] fine). But they have the crookedness of the Russians with the entitledness of the Italians. Yuck,” Page answered.

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  30. 335blues says:

    Sleazy B****. She’s right where she belongs at the communist propaganda bureau.

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  31. dogsmaw says:

    O My 😛

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  32. Jimmy R says:

    Not only is no one going to jail. They’re dining out on it.


  33. Zydeco says:

    The old blast Orange Man is bad everyday and then cry retaliation when the law shows up. The part after the “and” is make believe.


  34. Robster says:

    When Durham time starts happening the narrative will be: ‘Trump orders his DOJ to go after the free press’.

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  35. Ken says:

    Yeah, because… why should NBC even pretend to be unbiased news any more and I enjoy getting my news from a partisan, home-wrecking hack.

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  36. hawkins6 says:

    The hiring of several unindicted Obama Admin. operatives, that were deeply involved in the Coup attempt to depose the President and frame Gen. Flynn, is in part, a further attempt to discredit A/G Barr, Durham and the Spygate investigations to their viewers as political abuses of power and conspiracy theories.

    The Dems are still way ahead in the battle in the courts. They have been handed numerous unjustified free passes and “Lisa” is free and lucratively employed while Gen. Flynn is still stuck in Judge Sullivan’s kangaroo court and Stone is awaiting incarceration after a corrupted trial in Amy Berman Jackson’s court. But it isn’t over yet.

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  37. Thank you AG Barr. This is what happens when zero indictments happen, the perpetrator are free to continue to attack our president.

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  38. aisheschayal says:

    At this rate, MSNBC should send their staff roster to the local supermarkets to post as a criminals “Most Wanted” list.


  39. PatriotGalNC says:

    I wonder… When she gets hauled off and indicted, will she make a workers comp claim?

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  40. lansdalechip says:

    Coyote ugly, both physically and morally.


  41. Thomas Johnson says:

    Drag a dollar through the Deep State and this is what you get.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      The deep state could not come up with anything better if it was a $100 bill.

      You cannot buy personal integrity, self -respect and moral values.

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  42. RonR says:

    Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, and now Lisa Page, who should be embarrassed to be seen in public, are now hired by MSNBC and we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, ok by spring, no by summer, no by fall, no but before the election we wait and wait and wait and so far patience has gotten us NOTHING. No enforcement of the law, no equal justice under the law, exactly NOTHING. This is bad, really bad, not only are the criminals who attempted to throw an election still not held accountable, they are laughing at us all the way to the bank. And Flynn waits and waits and waits, while forced to continue to run up lawyer billable hours and appears headed for the poor house if not worse while Clapper, Brenan, McCabe, Page, Comey and all the rest of the criminal enterprise just laugh and laugh. Is Barr laughing too? I am not laughing, this is not funny.


    • Ronr says:

      Correction, Clapper and McCabe hired by CNN, I believe this is correct but not worth a further waste of time to check.


  43. Perot Conservative says:

    Was she having one affair, or two? I thought I heard she might have been involved w someone else.

    Who is her husband?

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  44. valuethetruth says:

    In a few months she will be transitioning to her new position as MSNBC US Prison System Expert, from the inside.

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  45. sunnyflower5 says:

    The pervs in MSNBC upper management hired her for sexting….I mean, texting skills.

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  46. Joemama says:

    I start feeling sorry for her – the ridicule is almost universal and some of it is pretty nasty – then I think about what she did to General Flynn and I get over it.

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  47. Perot Conservative says:

    Is this a desk job?

    (Knee pads in the bottom drawer.)

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  48. burnett044 says:

    whoa… that is fugly…..
    I just watched the vid of her and it killed my house plants and all the hair fell of my cat.

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  49. avocadodipp says:

    In order to work at MSNBC, is it a prerequisite to be under investigation by the Feds?

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  50. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Who’s she boinking now?


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