Comrade Whitmer Suspends COVID-19 Virus Mitigation To Facilitate Crowd Marching…

Comrades, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered the COVID-19 Virus to suspend the random infection operation while she organizes political marches to support the family of George Floyd.  All expressions of political protestation are not created equal.

Apparently the virus reluctantly agreed to conform with the request, and Fraulein Whitmer was permitted to violate her own social distancing rules and regulations:

No longer needing to retain the premise of social distancing, Comrade Whitmer marches with justice warriors in Michigan June 4, 2020.  [Source Link]

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183 Responses to Comrade Whitmer Suspends COVID-19 Virus Mitigation To Facilitate Crowd Marching…

  1. trialbytruth says:

    The one time I wish the covid threat and all the rumors were.true just for that one second in time. Maybe she could be like the a symptomatic woman who got on the bus healthy and had to have the coroner roll here out the back twenty minutes later ( never happened but was reported here by a panicked poster ) Maybe she could be like all the people who just get a mild case and then did later from kidney failure. ( That didn’t happen either) Maybe she will take it home to her dog who will get it become zombafied and eat her brains… Scratch that can’t happen she doesn’t have any.

    did I mention I love my governor Streachin Gretchen.


  2. Dodewelsh says:

    North Carolina can have protests and our governor marching in a crowd but we can’t have graduations, full churches or the Republican convention.

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    • Jederman says:

      And he couldn’t agree to crowds in the arena etc for the RNC? Probably just a coincident.

      If you live in the “nothing is an accident in politics” universe then this is coordinated at every level. What was that community organizer’s name again… ?

      Disrupt the RNC convention, shut down rallies, second “devastating” wave of covid forces mail in voting (at least in every swing state) another “racial incident” this fall… .

      4GW porn to be sure but most of us couldn’t get over how brazen the obama admin coup attempt was in the first three years. They’re not stopping. They are ALL in and IMO will now do ANYTHING to stop PT and the nationalists.

      The globalist will never permit the socialist utopia the duffus millennials were told they yearned for but they will permit an obama style state centric fascism administered by Lefty bureaucrats and sharia mullahs.

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  3. convert says:

    I can’t even imagine the rage I would feel if I had lost my business over her draconian shutdown, only to see this spectacle of the governor performing this little stunt.

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  4. Kaco says:

    This tells you right there the continued shut down was completely unnecessary. This woman is evil.

    I can feel evil radiate from some Democrat women, Corrupt HIllary, Kamala Harris, and this one.

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  5. appraisher says:

    Filthy, disgusting, repulsive, lying, Gaslighting lefties. They stripped us of three months of our lives, our children’s education, our booming economy, our livelihoods, our weddings and funerals. They destroyed cities, businesses, people and dreams, in their never ending war against Trump …then they blithely laugh in our faces.
    This can’t stand unpunished.

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  6. Over it says:

    Perhaps white privilege is a real thing, personified by the governor of Michigan and largely limited to rich, white uber progressives (think Beto O’Rourke) and their strongholds such as Hollywood, academia, Silicon Valley, and the national media. I don’t see many black Oscar winners, professors (outside of identity study departments), big tech executives or national news reporters. Their endless virtue signaling (such as this stunt by Ms Whitmer) is a lazy form of modern day indulgences that allows them to project this privilege onto the middle and working class.


    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Not ‘white privilege’ it is ‘liberal privilege.’ Who feels entitled to everything? Liberals. Who does not have to follow orders? Liberals. Who wants the police gone so they can do what they want whenever they want? Liberals. Who wants to hold court being judge, jury, and executioner? Liberals. It goes on and on.

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  7. NanetteDragoon says:

    It’s time for all citizens to disregard any guideline on covid 19. They can’t do anything to you anymore after this concerning coronavirus. Seriously, stop obeying these political hacks.

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