Benjamin Crump Announces Three Funerals and a Viewing For George Floyd – Three States in Five Days…

Benjamin Crump did not specify if the body of George Floyd will be carried across the nation to accompany multiple funerals; however, in a Facebook interview today the attorney for the Floyd family announced he and the team have organized three funerals and a viewing over five days in three states.

According to Benjamin Crump [Video at 20:45]:

  • There will be a nationally televised public memorial service in Minneapolis, MN, on Thursday June 4th from 1pm to 3pm.
  • There will be an additional nationally televised public memorial service in North Carolina, Saturday June 6th from 11am to 3pm
  • There will be a nationally televised viewing and memorial service in Houston, TX, Monday June 8th 12pm to 6pm
  • There will be a nationally televised public funeral in Houston, TX, Tuesday June 9th, 11am EDT.

It would appear the North Carolina funeral and memorial service relates to the 2020 election and the DNC need to politicize opposition against the RNC convention. Additionally, Benjamin Crump stated presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend the funeral services in Houston Texas on June 9th.

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554 Responses to Benjamin Crump Announces Three Funerals and a Viewing For George Floyd – Three States in Five Days…

  1. jat says:

    Shakedown Sharpton is in his glory right now and will trot this corpse around until November. Trust.
    oh and does anybody even care about this black life that got snuffed out by a ‘protester’? nope. Doesn’t fit their narrative so this story gets buried.. I only know about it because Mark Levin addressed it last night..

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      FB has blocked that video several times now. I wonder why? She says protestors (because she just lost her sister) but she’s referring to the rioters- when we share this WE need to make sure that how we share doesn’t allow for the conflation of the rightfully peacefully protesting people with the rioters and looters. This makes me angrier…and more so that the “platforms” have tried stopping this…..yet, allow BS vids of people narrating their rioting and looting.


    • jay says:
      Young Woman Among 2 People Killed in Iowa as George Floyd Protest Becomes Violent Italia Marie Kelly was leaving a protest in a Walmart parking lot when she was shot


    • Marsha Frey says:

      I read about the young woman gunned down by protesters and thought…”where’s the outrage here, where’s the media here?” I am so angry at the cop who decided to kneel on George Floyd’s head, I can’t print my thoughts/wishes. However, all the sympathy I had is caught up in the arrival of Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton in their limos and the very nasty attorney accompanying them. This now is just another show with drama – George Floyd got lost in the shuffle — and by his own family. This scene is such a repeat it’s getting very old now. The bad cop is a law and order issue, not a race issue. More Blacks have been gunned down by rioters and no one seems to care in the Black community or the media.

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      • dginga says:

        Benjamin Crump was the Attorney for Trayvon Martin’s parents and turned that formerly quiet incident into a huge national fiasco, complete with a sham trial.


        • Jederman says:

          Big shout out to the obama (if i had a son…) wh and the rotten poodles in the msm. They made it easy for the ham fisted crump.


    • Roxanne says:

      Is this necessary? Do you think its fair to others who couldn’t bury their loved ones properly because of the shut down. Now on full display for 5 days. That’s wrong on so many levels. RIP Mr. Floyd. Sorry they’re using your passing for riches and polotical gains, instead laying you to rest peacefully

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  2. Laurie Churchill says:

    They picked Charlotte as it has not had much damage yet. Kind of hard to step over the rubble in your church clothes. Charlotte just gave up 160 million in RNC convention revenue. They need to crush it a little more, and it won’t be the downtown. It will be the large Southpark mall with all the fancy swag.

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    • shrek says:

      They are celebrating and kissing Gov. Coopers lead ring for doing their bidding here. He proudly just let $150 million in local revenue evaporate because (not only does Raleigh hate Charlotte) “my decisions are based on science, not fact” while he pretends to want to help small business owners, yet they still are not allowed to fully open; and the locals LOVE IT!
      All the “white quilt” is now being squeezed from our “high-end” neighborhoods because, according the local BLM field office, Charlotte suburbia has no idea what is going on in the black community and needs to “wake up”. Charlotte is incredibly segregated, NIMBY is the way of life.


  3. Marc says:

    I can’t understand the shortsightedness going on around here. Why be angry and disparage the deceased man when you know his corpse is literally being used to advance a political and social agenda? Be upset with the manipulating politicians and leftist operatives and stop trashing a dead man because of your own issues of racial animus.

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    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      Marc, I don’t believe Treepers are disparaging Floyd, the man himself per se. But I don’t see his family pushing back in allowing “his corpse” to be used to further an agenda.
      Let’s be clear, 11.3 mil (and growing) George Washington poultices will do much to ease their pain.

      And that’s just ONE GFM, of which Crump is the “Executor”. There are more GFM in his name.

      Trayvon, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray….all were worth much, much more dead than alive.

      Anyone know if Mike Brown’s grieving mother ever got around to placing a headstone on his grave?

      My sympathies are with the Dorn family, who’s will forever have their husband, father, grandfather memorialized dying, clutching his cellphone, in a puddle of blood, while onlookers traipse back/forth, on a street in SL.

      Or Dave Patrick Underwood, mowed down by a drive by while protecting a federal bldg in Oakland CA.

      Or the hundreds/thousands of business owners who’ve had their dreams destroyed having weathered COVID.

      I don’t disparage George Floyd’s memory at all. May he RIP….and may all the vultures cashing in/destroying lives go straight to hell.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        People are disparaging Mr. Lloyd, just read through the comments. Some of the commenters are defending the cops’ actions. That’s absurd and ridiculous.

        Mr. Lloyd didn’t’ deserve to die (I understand you are not saying this- others here have insinuated as such via their comments) regardless of him choosing to use drugs or trying to pass off a counterfeit $20 bill.

        The cops don’t deserve to be defended. I used the Mike Brown fiasco as a compare and contrast in another post I made a comment on. They (the rabble-rousers) did the same thing with the M. Brown incident but the facts showed that cop was in the right and eventually this was published, including the Obama DOJ having to admit as much. This is not the case here….the video doesn’t lie nor does the history of the Minneapolis PD.

        Lloyd has nothing to do with the rabble-rousers and race-baiters running with the narrative, nothing at all. Neither does his family. IMO, the families in this situation are taken advantage of during these times after the death of a loved one: that lawyer knows darn well that millions of Americans will donate and he took advantage (for a nice 5-20%, maybe 50% fee). Same with Sharpton. His family is in shock and grief, in other words- vulnerable. Both the lawyer and Sharpton know the media will milk this for them as well.

        What people don’t know or won’t make a connection (either purposefully or out of ignorance) is that at no time when Sharpton has involved himself has it done any good other than to make Sharpton a richer man. One would think that someone in the media would ask that question- what issues has Sharpton actually solved? We know he’s made up stuff- Duke Lax and he has gotten people killed. Fixing racial issues- not so much.


        • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

          Whew Dwayne, that’s a lot to absorb, but lemme take a stab.

          Admittedly I didn’t go through 500+ comments, so I take your point “some” are disparaging. That happens in public forums. People have differing opinions on a plethora of topics, and while I don’t always agree, I don’t necessarily concur it’s a “group consensus” anyone is blaming George.

          Who’s defending the cops? Where did I even elude to such an outrageous contention?

          As for the family suffering….cant be held responsible for Crump et al? Surely they’ve followed the Crump Dollar Train. Read the GFM page. Proceeds going to George’s kids’ education? Have you even heard if he has kids, how many, how old? Puleeese.

          If you believe ppl aren’t aware of Sharpton/Crump’s shake down tactics, or are unknown to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock……well, I can’t give you the benefit of the doubt on that one.

          Aside from that, the family and only the family could put a stop to having 3 funerals in 3 different States. You think they’re too torn up to realize the implications of further upheaval?

          So spare me a finger wagging on poor, poor George/s family. I’ve been around long enough to know how these deaths are politicized and yes MONETIZED. I might add, when the cops/city are sued and/or a million dollar settlement results….we ALL pay for that. Rogue cops, corrupt city officials, they don’t pay…, me, the taxpayer pays.

          Oh, and his name is FLOYD not Lloyd. I cared enough to “say his name”.

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          • Dwayne Diesel says:

            Devil those are great and valid points. I don’t necessarily disagree. And, you are correct the “some” don’t speak for the crowd. But, there are too many defending their actions declaring them justified. I just posted another comment somewhere here outlining and giving a timeline of the video where he was not resisting arrest just to refute a poster that said “three cops took him out of the first car and he was resisting”- when in the video it’s clear there was only 1 officer and the officer only assisted because of handcuffs.

            I will wag my finger because too many here make large assumptions that everyone is informed. I grew up as a white minority in a section 8 housing complex. I will let you know- they are not all well informed. Some people think Sharpton is a great guy and a civil rights activist. Just because you don’t , doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. The family of Mr. Floyd (I can say his name name too, can you pat me on the back now too?) may see Sharpton as that way….a civil rights guy there to help them. Stop being so naive to think everyone is as informed as you or others. Or view the world through the same lens. Of course the family is going to allow them to help- they just lost a loved one, are grieving and are being used as pawns in the “race” game. They are doing as told by people they have seen on tv.

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            • Dwayne Diesel says:

              Oh, they are doing as told by people they have seen on tv…..and promised them money (minus the large fees of course). If Floyd was trying to pass a fake $20 they more than likely are in need of money and thus vulnerable.


            • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

              Well Dewayne, you had me agreeing with you on about 80%, and then I just watched the presser held by Crump with Floyd’s son Quincey. Or should I say a con job.

              Quincey surely didn’t seem “all tore up”. In fact he was more focused on parroting the Crump’s buzz words, designed to elicit a certain reaction.

              You can continue to conflate the families grief v the spectacle that’s being waged. We’ve all seen this too many times to mistake emotional pain, grief, confusion, public outcry for “justice”, for anything other than what we’re witnessing, a repeat of Trayvon, Mike B and Freddie Gray.

              That you would give a pass to the family as being naive or consumed by grief, so much so they can’t be complicit (consciously or subconsciously) is illogical. Who do you think they learned the “public grieving process” from?

              I’ve buried a child. Trust me, the last thing I wanted was to face friends (although they meant well), much less millions of strangers.


              • Dwayne Diesel says:

                You said:

                “You can continue to conflate the families grief v the spectacle that’s being waged. We’ve all seen this too many times to mistake emotional pain, grief, confusion, public outcry for “justice”, for anything other than what we’re witnessing, a repeat of Trayvon, Mike B and Freddie Gray.”

                I agree. But of course Quincey didn’t seem all tore up. I’ve read things (not verified) that said they were not very close. That may or may not be the case.

                The kids is a young man. He just lost his father and that will cause an emotional response regardless of how much Mr. Floyd was involved with his son. The kids is a pawn….

                I saw the same presser. The boy was saying what the adults have told him to say and that is it. No more and no less. That kid, based on his expressions, looked like a lost soul being paraded in front of the crowd because Sharpton and Crump want the spectacle.

                You keep dismissing that to some of the black community, despite his past, Sharpton is a warrior for justice (the dude is a smooth talking charlatan). His family is grieving and they are being used.

                Back to his son- when have you seen that young man with out Crump or Sharpton at his side? Never.

                I would love to see an interview of the son without the lawyer and the charlatan. I would love to hear the answers to the following questions: When was the last time you saw your dad before he was killed and what did you say? Have you had a chance to sit and mourn his death? Why or why not?

                The kid is a pawn. We both have valid points and the only people that truly know are those directly involved.


          • Mist'ears Mom says:

            Unjustified black men getting shot or killed by a LEO is very rare. This Floyd death is being propagandized for maximum political damage and division.
            We having been hearing about “systemic racism” for 30 years and its now worse than ever?
            Pluh…eess rampant racism is police forces is almost non-existent.
            The problem is they conflate JUSTIFIED & UNJUSTIFIED shootings/killings of black men. These riots and protests are to attempt to take any and all authority from police officers instead of focusing on the real problem…black thugs with guns and other weapons attacking the public, each other or the police. Look at what we are witnessing now.
            The restraint of our LEO in the face of this mayhem has been remarkable.
            Floyd was an extremely rare occurrence, in fact it is so strange that it bears scrutiny. The whole thing on video doesn’t make sense, their actions are not normal, the EMT’s actions are not normal. None of it passes the smell test. Its suspicious.
            In reality the actual #’s of QUESTIONABLE OR UNJUSTIFIED 2020 deaths by LEO are 19 white men vs 9 black men. Meanwhile dead police officers numbers are over 45 and rising.
            LEO are attacked and physically injured & harmed more than 50 times a day-every day here in America.

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  4. bullnuke says:

    Good news can be found. The Chinese flu is dead. The first scheduled entertainment tour is scheduled. The circus is coming to a town near you.
    What a joke this has become. I still think of all those families denied a funeral for their loved ones because of the pandemic.

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    • jay says:

      The pandemic served its purpose, we’ve moved on to riots.
      Perhaps they’ll put on another impeachment during the summer.
      RATS’ operating drive has only one command, destroy.

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  5. TwoLaine says:


    Are you kidding me?

    We are televising the funeral(s) of a counterfeiter? What did George do for his nation? Did he serve in the military?

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    • My thoughts exactly.

      THESE DAYS, anyone can be beatified by the Church of Twitter.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        I want to know when we will see televised funerals of all of the deaths by illegal aliens. Where is the outrage for them?

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        • mikeyboo says:

          And all the dead /wounded officers harmed by the “sainted” criminal class.

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        • Exactly. Or memorials for victims of black racial hatred, like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome?

          Why isn’t there a litany that includes THOSE names, similar to the BS laundry list that includes the obvious frauds like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown?

          EVERY time the BGI seizes on a new case, they chant those names as if they’re fallen saints, when EVERYONE knows the opposite is true.

          After watching all these riots (which are entirely POINTLESS unless the motive was to get new kicks or a free TV) I am to the point where IDGAF about their grief OR their grievances.

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          • TwoLaine says:

            The rioters and looters are not grieving. They are thrilled. They live for this. The more haul and the more destruction, the better.

            Consider what would be happening if this were a pipe bomb situation or pressure cooker bomb, like in Boston.

            The city would be shut down, they would be after the culprits 24/7/365.

            And yet, these people are even more destructive and they say let them loot and burn. That’s the American way. BULLCHIT!

            No, there is no right to steal, loot or burn anything in the Bible or the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


            • Joe Biden could be RIGHT when he said 10% to 15% of Americans aren’t very good people. I have a pretty good idea WHICH people fall into that category, too.

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              • TwoLaine says:

                The DIMs were hoping they could tank TRUMP’s economy, blame TRUMP for it, win the election, and then they take credit for the TRUMP economy rebound.

                Ain’t gonna’ happen!


                • Heads exploded when this month’s jobs report came out. That’s WHY all the Dem Governors are fighting tooth and nail to keep their “Social Distancing” shutdowns in place. Now THAT has failed, they’re ENCOURAGING people to congregate in pointless protests, KNOWING that the lack of PPE WILL cause a resurgence in Coronavirus cases, which they will THEN blame on Trump’s efforts to reopen the economy.

                  It’s no coincidence that China ALLOWED travel OUT of Wuhan while they simultaneously locked the area DOWN.

                  The jury is still out on whether or not Covid 19 was engineered or cultivated for use as a weapon, or whether it was intentionally released by the Chinese govt/military, but it’s VERY OBVIOUS that, once the virus was loose, they did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to insure it spread throughout the world.

                  NOW these Dem Mayors and Governors are sacrificing their OWN citizens so THEM can similarly become vectors of death.

                  Wait about another week and watch the reports of a Covid 19 resurgence dominate news cycles IF they manage to pin it on Trump. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time even Googling “New Case” numbers if it looks like public opinion has gelled to blame the Fauxtestors and Dem enablers.

                  Funny how Google, Twitter, Facebook et al manage to quietly suppress info that contradicts their Leftist agendas, isn’t it?

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                • TwoLaine says:

                  I kind of doubt there will be many new cases from this, so again they will be sorely disappointed.

                  The riots were staged to take the limelight away from the REAL peace-loving protesters who just wanted to go back to work again and to stifle all of the news coming out about The Kenyan’s many illegal acts and all of his attempted prior coups.

                  How many of the peace-loving protesters have fallen sick from their protesting? I’ve heard of none.

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                • We’ll know in another week or two. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I believe there’ll be a noticeable uptick.

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                • TwoLaine says:

                  I’d be fine if ALL of the rioters came down with it. It would serve them right.

                  Makes you wonder if the Health Depts required all of the looted buildings to be treated as hazmat zones. If not, boy howdy did they screw up. Did anyone call in the EPA?

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                • Now THAT is a good question. My money says NO, they didn’t demand sterilization of ANYTHING (other than non-ovine Conservatives)

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    • hokkoda says:

      Maybe the Governors can issue orders dictating mandatory public viewing. It would pair nicely with their vans in going to church and bans on public protests.

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    • Kent Conrad Neal says:

      He did five years for a home invasion armed robbery in Houston in 2007. Victim was a woman living alone.

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    • Jederman says:

      With the race hustlers there is no such thing as too over the top. The liberal, Lefty poodles in the msm may chuckle about it amongst themselves over cocktails but, as the Left has done for the past fifty years, they use black Americans to support the narrative.

      Who thinks crumpton mixes socially with any of them. Truthfully, I don’t know one way or the other but I’m guessing he’s only playing a role in this charade, for a fee of course.

      Which of course makes me wonder, who’s paying for this mess?

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  6. scrap1ron says:

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    Cause I’m in need of some restraint

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  7. SHrek says:

    The CLT locals love this! They really do, and they are celebrating gov Coopers decision with the complicity weak Mayor Lyles cowering silently behind him, pumping his tires. The irony, we are still not fully open and the RNC would have been a HUGE shot of cash flow in the arms of a struggling local entertainment economy. The city counsel gave the local business owners the biggest middle finger and they are fine with it. I don’t get it.


  8. Ah .. the John McCain premium package. You get 3x the media for just a few dollars more.

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    • Jederman says:

      I’m waiting for anderson cooper to claim PT is also a racist because the flags are not lowered to half staff across the country.


  9. bluecat57 says:

    Must not make joke.


  10. Carter Burger says:

    The sad part is, Mr Floyd’s family has no idea they are now being played.

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    • Played? They RAN to Crump with vi$ion$ of REAL $20s in their eyes. He made Tra¢ey Martin and $ybrina Fulton into MILLIONAIRES, and their victims didn’t have pockets anywhere near as deep as thd City of Minneapolis.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        You don’t know they ran to this man. They did not run to this man. He came to them and you know it. Just like he approached the Martins and Fultons. And, once reached out to by these race-baiters and rabble-rousers. Give me a break…but I’m sure your and some others on here are correct- the Lloyd’s planned this out.

        They had a family meeting and said “Hey, we have an idea, one of us needs to be brutally and slowly suffocated to death by a cop. Let’s draw staws- George, sorry you drew the short straw…so how are you going to get them to kill you?

        George: Well, I think I should speed and pretend I am reaching for a gun- that works about 90% of the time.

        Other Lloyd Family Member: Nah, that’s cliche now.

        Greg: I got it!!!! I will try to use a fake $20 bill.

        Other Family Member: Ok, yeah, but they usually don’t catch that or call the cops if busted…

        Greg: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure its a bad counterfeit and then I’ll just hang around until the cops come. Then, I will argue with them….mabye reach for a gun…so I can get shot.

        Another family member: No, it can’t be that way… have to just not resist so they kill you really slowly while looking at the camera’s recording them….

        Greg: What, slow? Ok.

        The Family all Together: Alright it’s a plan!!! And once your dead Greg we will call that guy…you know the one who made the Martin’s and the Fulton’s rich. Sorry, you won’t’ get to enjoy the millions…but thanks!!!

        yeah, I’m sure it didn’t’ go down like that……


        • Norma Jean says:

          This might bring a little light, I thought it was extremely insightful …”Woodson told Carlson that he left the movement because he realized that many of the people who suffered most — poor blacks — do not benefit from the change — that they’re demographics were used by some of those leaders.

          It’s more class than it is race … and now race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of people running those institutions,” he added. “The question is why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?”

          When Eric Holder was a U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., a lot of young people were shot by the police, but they were black police shooting black kids and not one was prosecuted. But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that’s what’s wrong with looking life through the prism of race.”

          Woodson also suggested that much of black suffering was the result of Democratic leadership”.

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          • Dwayne Diesel says:

            Exactly why I said what I just said- people like Sharpton and this lawyer wait for stories like this and then they pounce. This Lloyd dude was just living his life…..that’s it. No pre-planned plot by the Lloyd’s The rabble-rousers are always ready for an event like this…


        • OMG! You might be onto something! It’s a PROFIT scheme!


  11. jay says:

    In 1506, Juana la Loca, (Joanna The Mad) the putative Queen of Spain, paraded her husband’s body for days. This modern day spectacle reminds of that historical event.

    “Perhaps one of Juana’s most notorious, lurid displays of mental instability occurred when her husband died in September of 1506. Already known to fly into jealous rages over her husband’s mistresses, even reportedly going so far as to attack at least one, Juana refused to part with her deceased husband’s remains for a disturbingly long time. Quite pregnant, Juana travelled with her husband’s body from Burgos to Granada, where he was to be buried. This is a distance of 668 kilometres, which would take around 6 1/2 hours to drive in a car today, so an extraordinary distance to cover in those days. Juana was said to have opened her husband’s casket to embrace him and kiss him.”


  12. Attorney says:

    Why is Crump still allowed to be a lawyer in Florida?

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  13. Cecelia Power says:

    I support the protests, but not the riots,,,the cause, but not the chaos. But are we mourning a man with these upcoming funeral events…or staging something else?

    At the moment, this four day event does not appear to be a is this years Democratic National Convention. Covid or no covid, huge crowds will be allowed…political signage and insignia will be displayed. Many political speeches will be couched in the language of eulogy…and there will be four days, fully televised of this DNC National Convention.

    Meanwhile, Trumps rallies are shut down. No crowds…COVID. After this four day event…perhaps we will be told numbers have peaked again…just in time to shut down any political equality.

    The RNC Convention is now homeless and will never get the glowing media attention anyway that this event will draw.

    Perhaps President Trump could schedule a Sunday Night address to the nation. At that address, he could have prominent supporters from minority communities and his entire staff attend ….and he would simply have them…led in modest prayer…for Mr Floyd, for his family…and our nation. Nothing but that. Whatever pastor he chooses should be center stage…his sermon should be about bringing us together. Nothing negative should be said…be the antithesis of all this rage and political posturing.,

    The President could then capstone the weekend events with simplicity and a message of unity, unity, unity. I think many Americans would welcome that after this chaotic period.

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    • Jederman says:

      Lets see. A lame dem governor uses corona excuse to try and screw PT out of a venue. I’m sure it’s coincidental.


  14. Reaper says:


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  15. Beany in Michigan says:

    I wonder if the family is going to hire those dancing Nigerian pallbearers? They might get better ratings if they do. /sarc

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  16. Deb the Bee says:

    We buried my dad four days ago. Limited to one short service with ten people. At least he got full military honors (Air Force). So I guess the virus is over now.

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  17. Flova says:

    Houston? Will the victims of his armed robbery hone invasion attend?

    So if u don’t have a long rap sheet and are a good citizen you get shot by thugs and terrorists, die and no one gives a flyin’ f***! Yep, these are the days.

    What’s the devils’ phase 2 of rioting? Suburbs?

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  18. StanH says:

    As yes “The Justice Brothers” Sharpton -Jackson. Their bank account must be running low.

    Paul Wellstone Memorial on steroids.

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  19. FTA:

    “… he and the team have organized three funerals and a viewing over five days in three states…”


    What are they going to do? Have that poor guy mummified like Tut?

    Cripes, Ben. Put him in the ground and help his family get down to the business of bilking Million$ out of the Minneapolis City government. Lord knows, the best retribution for police brutality is to bankrupt the city so they can’t afford to protect ANY of the remaining citizens, right?

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  20. Jenevive says:

    Do the poor blacks ever wonder with guys like Sharpton and Jackson and
    Crump..Gee they tell us we are downtrodden, and have nothings..etc
    while they walk around in their EXPENSIVE Tailor made suits and silk ties
    and expensive gold watches…hmmm….raking in the big dough..

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  21. Auwtsnae says:

    The Democrats have become like some ancient army marching to war carrying the bones of a martyred saint before them.

    It’s creepy.

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  22. Hammersdad says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘Rons and ‘-ettes,

    Didn’t anybody else ever see ‘Wag the Dog’? This is just all so like “Like the Sole of a Good Old Shoe”

    I have difficulty wrapping my mind around this. We have all been being ‘played’; we’ve been being played for quite some time.

    The little list is over a half mile long and lengthening.

    Cold anger.

    Boy Howdy!


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  23. grandmotherpatriot says:

    I am thinking that maybe I should start passing phony bills , becoming a drug addict , robbing, looting and killing my neighbors so I can be famous in death. This is crazy !

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  24. 2+2 =fish says:

    has anyone proven 100% by confirming death cert, obituary, funeral home, police report, etc. that this human is actually deceased, and this isn’t another false flag to perpetuate the socialist tyranny of the left? anytime i see sharpton, jackson coming out of the shadows, supposed facts become suspect.

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    • JTR says:

      You do know that he has a “Twin” brother. He’s also an actor. In porn films! This all smells too bad for me, and I will refuse to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. amwick says:

    WordPress happeds Deb….


  26. amwick says:

    This is terrible,, and it left me sick to my stomach. You know what will happen at these services? More innocent people will die… There will be someone hired to start shooting, and blood will be spilled… It will be someone hired by Sors et al, and made to look like some kind of “white supremacists”.

    This is too good an opportunity for more insanity.. I pray I am wrong… I want to be wrong.. but I see more death and destruction.


    • pocaMAGAjunta says:

      The Assault on Sanity Tour.

      Summer 2020 riots have been foreseen by many. But the thing about spreading insanity is that the sane are forced into conflict to defend themselves. Which will we do. Because only evil would spread insanity.


      The Armor of God
      10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

      18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

      Ephesians 6:10-18

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  27. Galahad says:

    Biden didnt attend officer Cody Holt’s funeral for sure look him up. Does anyone know if Tony Tempi had televised services? Well at least they both had white privilege right…

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  28. hitrestart1 says:

    Why do blacks deify black thugs? Such behavior should be shunned.


  29. jay says:

    God help those officers.

    Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck; also charging other 3 involved



    Strange timing for these Terrorist (ANTIFA) Rioters coming in now when all Businesses were going to open up. It’s pretty obvious the Democrat Party didn’t want the stores to open up, that’s why they contacted ANTIFA to start this riot and force businesses to close again. The Left Wing Democrat are doing whatever they can to reflect badly on President Trump, because the spying and impeachment didn’t work, so they keep trying anything they can to hurt President Trump. Joe Biden and the Democrats are behind all this CHAOS so people would vote for lying, worthless and corrupt Joe Biden becomes President. Heaven Forbid if Joe Biden wins. Our country will go down the drain and we will longer have a free and safe America for the people in USA. No Jobs, NO NOTHING!!!


  31. So….DJT didn’t get an invite?


  32. Wingman says:

    The traveling shakedown circus is coming to a town near you and the networks are showing it like compliant minions.


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