President Trump Holds White House News Conference – 2:00pm ET Livestream…

President Donald Trump is holding a news conference at the Rose Garden of the White House on China and other matters.  Anticipated start time 2:00pm ET.  Links below.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkPBS Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream Link




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388 Responses to President Trump Holds White House News Conference – 2:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Ausonius says:

    SECOND WAVE!!! T.V. news here in Central Ohio displaces the President’s speech… because of an outbreak in a warehouse and a church in South Korea! Brazil has a spike which was not explained.

    YAWN! All phony I suspect simply because more of the populations are being tested and so, guess what? You discover more cases, of which a tiny percentage may be fatal because of other factors. The Wuhan Flu may act as a catalyst to worsen those other factors.

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  2. lieutenantm says:

    Where is the damned video? This news conference is 3 hours long?

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    • Dutchman says:

      If you notice, PDJT kept the prestitutes sitting in those folding metal chairs (NOT comfortable) for just over an HOUR, in the sun.

      Just before he came out, one of the media took off his suit jacket. Wonder if thats what PDJT was waiting for, LOL.

      He slaps them around, without saying a word, and they have to (uncomfortably) sit there and take it.

      Poor babies!

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      • Beany in Michigan says:

        It was glorious! They had to sit there, waiting and waiting in that humid, hot Washington DC climate, then he came out, at least an hour late, spoke for 7-8 minutes, turned around and left, took absolutely NO QUESTIONS from the press! LOL! The absolute best press ‘conference’ I have ever seen. They were livid!

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      I’m watching on The White House video (2nd from top). Go to 1:10:45 for start. Only lasts about ten minutes, ending at 1:20:19.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Taiwan begins accepting HK citizens for asylum in Taiwan. 20 accepted so far. Good for Taiwan. It’ll strengthen them considerably to have HK people on board.

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    • Dutchman says:

      There in the same boat, so might as well be on board.
      There is no immigrant more desirable, IMHO, than one who as first hand experience with CONmunism.

      Look at Poland and Hungary, our strongest allies in Europe.

      Hope we can make some room for some Hong kongers, here? An exception to the general policy of restricting immigration?

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        As long as they ask for asylum in Honk Kong as required. We can’t expect different from our eastern friends than what we expect from our southern neighbors.

        Bringing them here is a good idea- let them be censored by Twitter.


    • gda53 says:

      This is good, but maybe just delaying the inevitable.

      Taiwan is next. And there is no UN Treaty “protecting” them.


  4. Henry says:

    Donald Trump REFUSES to answer questions at Rose Garden ‘news conference’ after defending ‘looting leads to shooting’ tweet over Minneapolis protests which Twitter flagged for ‘inciting violence’

    Refuses? Hahahahahahaha

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  5. Thank you president Trump,👍🇺🇸❤️

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  6. says:

    I can just hear the bitching going behind closed doors by the globalist repubilcons and lobbyist at Chinks of Commerce. Meanwhile, Democraps are crapping, sweating and panicking 🤯😎🍻Three cheers to Trump!


  7. fred5678 says:

    Yahoo story headline:
    “This week in Trumponomics: The president is doing nothing useful”

    I beg to differ. In just a few minutes …

    1. Saved $450 MILLION on wasted WHO contributions
    2. Schlonged a certain black and white animal that is not a zebra, thereby safeguarding American research and technology, business interests, jobs, etc al. and fostering freedom in the world.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Every trading day, Yahoo Finance posts multiple economic doom and anti-Trump articles authored by itself, Reuters, The Business Insider, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and Investor’s Business Daily. The attempts to stifle the market and to smear the President are both ongoing and transparent.

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      • GB Bari says:


        I have the “Stocks” app on both my iPhone and iPad Pro, which is unfortunately pre-loaded with financial news feeds from Apple News. Apple News is basically all the anti-Trump MSM news sources that exist, several of which you listed. While you can slightly modify Apple News, you cannot change the news sources that feed the Stocks app.

        And Apple News refuses to let you add alternative news sources. You are forced to choose among hard left or moderate left news sources.

        I really like my Apple hardware but absolutely abhor the company management which creates Apple apps that push every leftwing news source that exists but prohibit a user to add their own preferred conservative or more balanced sources.

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        • Daniel M. Camac says:

          Here! Here! GB Bari! I’m a hardcore Apple user but I must admit I rarely read their NEWS cuz I know it’s BS.

          I think Steve Jobs would not be a happy camper these days.

          I wonder what Wozniak thinks about all this? Hmmmm.

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  8. jmclever says:

    I wonder if any of the outcomes against China will affect certain American social media companies? Or any US Congress critters sanctions wise? Plenty will loose a lot of money, but they were warned.

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  9. jmclever says:

    POTUS Trump did everything short of dropping a nuke on Bejing! THIS is likely more effective in the long run.

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  10. jmclever says:

    No social media to suppress conservative and presidential communications, no FISA for oppo research and fake scandals and investigations, and no Chinese money to ad-blitz the non RINO candidates. How will the dems win in November?

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  11. How to punish China-CCPs for Hong Kong? Very simple, for those of so called Chinese People’s Representatives (most of them are CCP officials, company Executives) who voted “Yes” for Hong Kong National Security Act, US could ban them and their family members from entering USA, revoke their visas and green cards, confiscate their US properties and assets, and delist their companies from NYSE and NSDAQ, ban their business with any US entity.

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  12. Kristin DeBacco says:

    A highlight in my last days so far. Good news is hard to find…I have turned away from all the bad.
    Only here I can read Sundance’s exposés and learn something.
    Btw I was walking into a Loft store this afternoon to boost the economy and was asked to put a mask on. I said:” No thank you, I will come back when everyone is sane again”.
    Trying clothing on seems to be ok with a mask on. ( which I know people take off in fitting rooms).

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    • Lady in Red says:

      For the time being, my response is going to be “I take my advice from the World Health Organization and they say I don’t need to wear one”. Then I will give them a copy of WHO’s guidance. I realize guidance from Mayors, etc is what matters to these stores dictates their restrictions, but at least it will get the word out there that the mask requirement is BS. Maybe they will show it to others. The Left loves WHO, so this will really mess them up.

      “If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19.”


  13. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    The propaganda media turds screaming about Minnesota at the end there. Wow. What President Trump is announced is 1000000 times more important.

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      And actually under the purview of the office of the President. The issues in Minnesota are local and state-based. This is on the mayor…and now the riots are spreading due to organization by Antifa.


  14. Super Elite says:

    I have never heard President Trump use that tone of voice before.

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  15. sunnydaze says:

    In the comments, the Chinese posters are all in agreement w/ this move. Back in the 80’s, all the students I knew from PRC were suspicious and “on alert” for spies from their home country. They all knew it was a common practice.

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  16. Michelle says:

    I always enjoy how President Trump gives a history lesson in his speeches. It is important for people to know why events are important, what the background is, especially because many people don’t know the history.

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  17. hawkins6 says:

    Perfect! It was short, precise, articulate and delivered a powerful message.

    Arguably, the sun baked or broiled media yelling or whining at the President and the silent Cabinet procession as they headed back to the WH was the most entertaining. The teleprompter was definitely better than reading the speech while looking down on the podium but both are effective.

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  18. A2 says:

    In case you didn’t listen to the presser and it’s subject matter, here is a transcript


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