Comrade Crazy – Governor Gretchen Whitmer Claims She is Being Victimized By Citizens of Michigan…

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed the issue of her husband attempting to use his position to get their personal boat prepped and in the water prior to Memorial day so they could enjoy the holiday. The Michigan governor said her husband was joking when he told the boat storage operator he was the husband of the governor and asked if that would move him up in the line of requests.

Additionally Governor Whitmer highlights how the citizens of Michigan are victimizing her; including scary men who have surrounded her home while carrying “automatic weapons.” Whitmer says the COVID-19 virus has created an undue hardship on her and her family, and she is burdened by hurt feelings and wounded sensibilities.  Whitmer personifies what happens when left-wing moonbats are allowed to gain political power.


Additionally (below), Whitmer denies reports that her family violated her own stay-home orders and traveled to their second home. She insists her husband only traveled to their second home to rake leaves by moonlight for one, or, well, maybe two days… or something.



On a positive note.  Whitmer will never be Biden’s VP selection.  Whitmer carries a personality trait found in many moonbats; every time she opens her mouth she is becomes even more unlikeable.

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395 Responses to Comrade Crazy – Governor Gretchen Whitmer Claims She is Being Victimized By Citizens of Michigan…

  1. SW Richmond says:

    Watched some of the video and will refrain from posting a long string of expletives.

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  2. Kerry says:

    So, it’s common in MI to rake leafs in late May?

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  3. MostlyRight says:

    That’s a man, baby! -Austin Powers

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  4. JL says:


    That youtube video picture has some faces that would launch a thousand ships…trying to get away in fear of crazy dictators hellbent on destroying Michigan, because tRump.

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  5. DERPAGE says:

    I can’t stop laughing at the damn deaf translator and her stupid facial expressions during the entire thing. ROFLMAO

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    • Truthfilter says:

      Haha! I, too, couldn’t stop watching and laughing. Where do they find these translators? Our governor has one like this. Do they hold “try-outs” for signers and choose the most distracting ones?


      • NewGuy says:

        That’s very common with sign language. Those facial expressions convey information. No need to be rude to the person doing their job to make information accessible to people with disabilities.

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        • JL says:

          You know what else conveys information?

          Closed Captioning.

          Lol. I’m in Wisconsin, and it’s been so long since I turned on a TV, that I don’t even know if our Governor uses a virtue signaler when he gives speeches. That would be Tony “Closed For” Evers.

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        • Jeffrey Coley says:

          Did you watch the video? She’s hilarious. Try this: Pause the video, and then click to any point and check out the freeze frame of the translator. Jim Carey can’t screw his face up that good. She’s amazing.

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      • NoMoreMultiKulti says:

        It’s a bloke. And he hasn’t a clue how stoopid he looks. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a deaf person to translate these ridiculous shows. No way could they keep up with what is being said. Anyone remember the big deal UNESCO conference in Africa where another man pretended to know sign language? Stop these side shows they are embarrassing.


      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        I only know this because my son is taking American Sign Language as junior in high school. He’s in his second year. He only started taking it, because like his old man, he sucks at foreign languages.

        But back to the point, I was going to make- the facial expressions are intentional and assist the reader in understanding the message- some signs are identical but rely on facial expression and the position of the hands to distinguish between the words.


    • tucker7518 says:

      Looks like she is making fun of what Whitmer says.

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    • fireflamestoves says:

      Why do they use these distracting sign language people in the first place? Isn’t that what CC and subtitles are for?


  6. Re-Farmer says:

    The expressions on the signer’s face are just killing me! 😀

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  7. jonhabart says:

    The sign language interpreter is freaking me out in a Caitlynn Jenner kinda way.

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  8. spinoneone says:

    Well, if I understands the rules in Michigan [and just about everywhere else for that matter] the Governor is free to resign any time the job becomes too much or too threatening for her.

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  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    She needs to blow the boatswain’s pipe and shut up.

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  10. BigTalkers says:

    Rule #1. Women on-stage with Ms Whitmer are not permitted to be more attractive than her Highness.

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  11. Professor G says:

    This woman is not qualified for anything, There must be many incredibly stupid people in Michigan. How could someone who is so unqualified even win an election?

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  12. Julian says:

    I think she’ll be Joe’s choice for VP pick. He’ll win Pennsylvania and she’ll carry Michigan.

    That’ll be the logic. Flawed though it is.

    I think Joe will go this road. I’m telling you now there’s no way he choowes Abrams, Warren or Kamala Harris despite what their boosters say.

    He’s gonna want to choose someone he can creep on. Whitmer fits the bill.

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    • lettruthspeak says:

      If Creepy Joe was actually doing the picking I’d tend to agree, but there is no way in hell the DNC and the rest of that criminal cabal will let him do the choosing. It could still be her, God I wish, but I think it will be a black woman. They’ve done so much virtue signalling on that note I don’t see how they change course now, but we’ll see.


  13. Bigly says:

    A joke? Raking leaves? “Automatic rifles!”

    To think her sheep will cry in support – poor thing!

    Listening to her whine about what she is going through is such unique character flaw of the leftist. While they project their own narcissism onto trump, there are events like this that illustrate just how opposite their narrative is to the reality.

    I do agree, she is the perfect “victim” for Biden – don’t count her out. Biden thinks he can’t lose. No matter who he chooses.

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  14. railer says:

    Blacks in Detroit have died in volume due to covid. There will be a day of reckoning over this, and as idiotic as Whitmer is, she knows it and is acting in fear of it. Who gets blamed? She is a prime target. They’ll try to blame Trump, can he coherently deflect this? The mayor of Detroit is somewhat sensible, imo. He is or shortly will be in direct conflict with Whitmer. Things aren’t looking too good for the Fuhrer of Michigan. I believe we’ll all get our day of reckoning and she and that idiot AG who affirmatively caused that dam to catastrophically fail last week will pay the ultimate political price.


  15. Susan D Harms says:

    Whitmer is the poster child of why women should not be in positions of power.

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  16. lettruthspeak says:

    By the looks of it, even the translator thinks Whitmer is nuts.

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  17. Legion of One says:

    She’s squirming now. LOL!!!


  18. Marilyn Shealy says:

    People have rights, check out this video:


  19. Bulldog84 says:

    Oh no, had to cancel her own daughters’ prom and graduation ceremony! Join the club, and, like the rest of us sista — Get In Line


  20. Diann says:

    Oh please let her be the pick for VP. What a ticket that would be.


  21. mdmnmdllr says:

    Ah, this time Adolf Whitmer is demonstrating Law of SJW #3 – Always Project. Every time Whitmer opens her mouth, it’s one of the three (the other two being Always Lie and Always Double Down)..

    She’s a good SJW comrade.


  22. Sparty says:

    Good morning all. I posted a few times in the past about Whitmer- mean spirited narcissist who flips Victim Switch when confronted with the truth. My theory was she could not connect well with women voters. She is spoiled. Incredibly selfish. Now finished.

    I own a Vizsla. Incredible dog. #4. That dog is sharp energetic and always a ton of fun. That dog would beat Whitmer in a run off. I swear that dog would win. That’s how despised she is here in MI.

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    • emroled says:

      Did you see the Fox 2 (Detroit) poll last week that said 2/3 of Michiganders approve of her handling of the coronavirus? The replies on Twitter were priceless. If they’re going to lie, they should try to make the lies more believable.


      • warrprin1 says:

        The poll results also say that we all want to stay indoors and hide for the rest of our lives – or at least for the rest of this campaign season. Either the poll results themselves, or the reporting on the poll results = repeated BIG LIES.

        Paraphrase: “If a lie is big enough, and you repeat it loud enough, and often enough, people will come to believe it.”

        This is the mantra, the politics, and the practice of the 21st century media.

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  23. Is that ghostly apparition Whitmer’s doppelganger?


  24. waawash says:

    Whitmer ‘attacks’ Michiganders with political science instead of ‘stewarding’ with empirical science. She is callow in wisdom, but advanced in hate. One term is too long for this Soros clone girl, and the hate agents that populate her administration. I would welcome her request for cogent, independent advice.

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  25. mikeyboo says:

    If Whitmer is Biden’s VP pick, I can’t wait til the “batch” elbows him off the stage.

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  26. Rumplestiltskin says:

    You GD right we’re victimizing you, you sick “B”tch. We also believe that you should be hung from the nearest light post as was Mussolini !!!


  27. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Eleanor says that signer is a dude. She should know.
    It appears that in the 21st Century, all state administrations must have a bevy of tranz.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      The PA the “T” in our State Admin. is the Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, a child shrink; not someone whose career has been spent studying physical health conditions.

      I no longer, nor ever will again, engage in references that utilize pronouns.

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  28. ExitSandman says:

    “Whitmer says the COVID-19 virus has created an undue hardship on her and her family, and she is burdened by hurt feelings and wounded sensibilities.”
    No – HER decisions and her complete misunderstanding of the exercise of power created the ‘undue hardship’. And ‘burdened by hurt feelings and wounded sensibilities’? What crap.
    Flame it as sexist all you want but this is EXACTLY what happens when a female is put in an executive position where they exercise power indiscriminately and foolishly with absolutely NO foresight and humility as to what might happen. Then they double down by refusing to admit the error, and finally when it all comes crashing in, they cry. And as we all know, the game is over when the girl cries.
    Males & females learn about power early on. For males, if you going to try it, you’d better be ready for a fist fight, because you’re going to get your arse kicked. Girls totally get away with it because at worst they’ll maybe get back-stabbed by their jealous girlfriends, but they definitely don’t have to worry about getting their sh*t knocked out.
    Ann Richards Texas Governor back in the 80’s-90’s. Kathleen Blanco in Louisiana during Katrina, Michelle Lujan in New Mexico, and now this Witchner (or whatever) in Michigan. Hell, Fauxcahontas started crying about mean boys and she didn’t even make it to office. That old hag in Oregon will be next. All of them, just like Nellie Olson, meting out orders and punishment. and then when the pushback exposes their foolishness for all to see, they first blame something or someone else and then start crying for Daddy.


  29. El Vez says:



  30. GuyGadbous says:

    Whitmer being victimized?

    Not yet…..


  31. Screaming Eagle says:

    What the hell was that David Lee Roth thing doing off to Cruella’s right ?? This is really one sick bag of a hag. How much longer you going to put up with this crap Michigan ??


  32. TheMother says:

    Where’s YOUR mask, Witch-met? What a shrill harpy. But the Detroit Free Press tells us 83% of us adore her and agree with her policies, lol.


  33. TheMother says:

    Where’s YOUR mask, Witch-met? What a shrill harpy. But the Detroit Free Press tells us 83% of us adore her and agree with her policies, lol.


  34. TheMother says:

    Where’s YOUR mask, Witch-met? What a shrill harpy. But the Detroit Free Press tells us 83% of us adore her and agree with her policies, lol.


  35. TheMother says:

    Where’s YOUR mask, Witch-met? What a shrill harpy. But the Detroit Free Press tells us 83% of us adore her and agree with her policies, lol.


  36. Xena Laminak says:

    Correct me if my spatial skills aren’t all that great but the Sign Language Translator is standing closer than 6 feet away, right? Mmmm

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  37. Jeffrey Coley says:

    OMG the deaf interpreter’s facial expressions are absolute GOLD.

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  38. timothy bruce says:

    Here’s a thought, did you notice how all the governors press conferences have a sign language interpreter standing next to her- she is so considerate for the deaf. Thank all that’s holy! You’d almost think there was a TV that doesn’t have closed captioning on it in this country, or maybe she thinks deaf people can’t read…like she does with a teleprompter…


  39. waawash says:

    The guy signing, beside Whitmer, was a riot!


  40. Daniel says:

    So many of us in Michigan are fed up with Whitmer. We have a small army of volunteers ramping up the recall effort which will being collecting signatures in July.


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