Sunday Talks: Former AAG Matt Whitaker Discusses Flynn Case and Sketchy Judge…

Former Acting AG Matt Whitaker appears on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the latest DOJ and FBI issues surfacing as a result of the Flynn case.  Additionally Matt Whitaker gives his perspective on Judge Emmet Sullivan’s latest efforts.

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251 Responses to Sunday Talks: Former AAG Matt Whitaker Discusses Flynn Case and Sketchy Judge…

  1. billybob says:

    I wonder if it has ever crossed Sullivan’s mind that while he has retained an attorney to represent his interests ,the man he seems so intent on railroading was never given the same courtesy when asked for an interview by the FBI . That mere fact alone should disqualify this corrupt POS and it should be rammed into his jaundiced face at every opportunity .

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  2. Junior Samples says:

    I’ve been thinking about this “perjury” that Gen. Flynn is supposedly guilty of by withdrawing his plea. The argument goes that he lied to the court when he plead guilty which they are calling perjury.

    Ok, but what about the multitude of defendants who have ever change their plea, one way or the other? Is this a thing that these people were then charged with perjury? I’m betting not. And one reason I’m betting not is that a plea isn’t a “fact”. A plea is certainly something but my gut tells me it’s a not a literal “fact”. To me, perjury involves a fact as it’s basic component.

    A plea seems like a determination, an event, a decision or whatever. It may be picking nits, but I don’t see it as a “fact” and if it is, it’s an historically permitted (and lawful?) change-in-fact if a defendant chose to do so.

    I would think through the course of time and history that a defendant was deemed to have a right to change their plea without fear of any consequence.

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    • billybob says:

      Of course let’s not forget that the FBI told General Flynn that if he didn’t cop a guilty plea then they would charge him with perjury ! As has been pointed out by multiple posters the Soviet Union would be envious of such machinations. Perjury if you don’t and Perjury if you do .

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  3. ezgoer says:

    Whitaker did absolutely nothing as Acting AG. Nothing. Now he’s on every Fox show like he actually knows something or did something. Compare him to what Ric Grenell accomplished in like 10 minutes.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Whitaker was acting AG from 7 November 2018 until 14 Feb 19 (after Sessions was fired) ask to leave. The SC Mueller (Weismann) team was not just baiting POTUS to fire the SC so that the case for impeachment would be successful, Mueller and team was conducting a massive cover up and delay action. Goal was to stretch it out as long as possible to, cover up Clinton and DNC participation, influence dems winning the House and resist Trump at all costs. Whitaker could do little until SC Mueller was neutered. This happened in the summer of 2019 under AG Barr who appointed Huber, months AFTER Whitaker had left the DoJ. Media, dirty cops, Obama’s Administration, judicial activists, DoJ were all working to damage Trump. The cover up is corrupt, Matt Whitaker was at worse a place holder, at best he was and informer to AG Barr. The DNI (Grennell) releases sensitive and classified documents, not the acting AG in the Department of Justice.

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      • ann says:

        appreciate your explanation of the context and timing: factors that escaped me.

        So, essentially, Whittaker was left with a hot mess and insufficient authority?

        For instance, In my nonlawyerly mind, I envision quietly scrutinising the timing and content in backstage communications prior to Mueller’s appointment, with his trusty Bureau boys,
        Yates, as Acting AG, used the authority of the Justice Dept to intervene in the transition, the stagy public testimony was used to indelibly imprint paranoid fixed delusions,in the collective consciousness.

        To me, Whittaker and other leaders had a clear duty to intervene. But he couldn’t?

        I lost respect for our legal system. The courts and institutions, even the tradition of adversarial proceedings
        Now we see the reality, , judges don’t protect us. Prosecutors win,
        abuse of power, dishonest and arbitrary targeting is allowed.

        these arrogant SOBs should be damn grateful physicians don’t just pretend to treat patients. prosecutors & judges take advantage of Immunity- pay premiums like we do!

        Come to think of it, engineers, accountants, most other professions actually fulfill their responsibilities.

        judges & prosecutors expect engineers to design bridges that don’t collapse.

        Justice must work too . 🇺🇸⚖️🔨

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      • Jeff Dooley says:

        That’s an outstanding explanation, thank you.


  4. TML says:

    Hang ’em all vs. Continuity of govt (do nothing to retain ppl confidence). I say hang doj/fbi criminals to retain ppl confidence in govt.
    Anyone care to play a thought game?
    What would have happened if, at the beginning of russia!, russia!, russia!, Putin had interfered by lying, “Ya caught us.” With what globalist former-american bill browder and his ilk did to russia during their transition, who could blame putin? (Recognizing Putin’s rise to power was russian ppl response to browder et al activities).
    Maybe the end of the constitution? Plenty of globalist want it gone. We know globalist and their sheeple wanted the trump election nullified and clinton appointed president, even through there is no described constitutional path to do this.
    This thought game demonstrates the seriousness of there crimes; Democrat globalist conspiring to placing a US presidential election in the hands of a single foreign leader with Republican globalist (never trumpers) sitting on there hands. I vote hang them, too.


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