Fox News Really Doesn’t Like Kayleigh McEnany – Goldberg: She’s “Grotesque”…

Apparently the Fox News crew doesn’t like the effective approach by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.  During the pearl clutching discussion the panelists are aghast at an administration spokesperson who articulately presents and defends the office of the president in a manner that doesn’t fit their approved norms.

Having dropped his conservative pretense behind the can of unused shaving cream in the non-mirrored bathroom cabinet, Jonah Goldberg, who has a long history of attacking strong and articulate conservative women who dare exit the kitchen, pontificates that McEnany is “grotesque” in her approach. Meanwhile Chris Wallace clutches his pearls and pretends not to know the press pool is fraught with Trump derangement resistance.


Kayleigh McEnany is really good.  She effectively shows the American electorate the ridiculous hypocrisy of the beltway media at each event, by drawing attention to their non-coverage. McEnany does a better job in her position than any before her.

McEnany is smart, articulate, joyful and christian.  This puts a unique target on her back for those in opposition desperate to retain the DC fraud, two-party pretense and cocktail party invitations.

Infected with a toxic strain of metastasized TDS, his Trump-era irrelevance now painfully transforms his physical appearance into that of Canis Lupus.  Alas, methinks the Goldberg doth howl too much.

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489 Responses to Fox News Really Doesn’t Like Kayleigh McEnany – Goldberg: She’s “Grotesque”…

  1. distracted2 says:

    TDS is taking its toll on Jonah. He’s aged 20 years in the last 12 months.

    IMO, they can all go to hell. I don’t care what any of them think. Kaleigh is a brilliant force of nature and I am looking forward to four more years of crying journalists who simply are no match for this woman.

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  2. Hello Kitty says:

    All that you need to know about Chris Wallace is that…
    Donna Brazile rates his comments with an approving “thumbs up”,
    a constant smile / smirk and up-and-down agreeing wag of her mug.

    She will put in a good word for him and Soros will add a little to his check this week.

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  3. leavemygunsalone says:

    What howl? All he could do was stutter, stammer, and spitter. Some serious panic in that dude.

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  4. Kenji says:

    There is a simple solution to both Kayleigh’s “grotesque” behavior. Simply remove all grotesque media imposters. Remove all the unhinged TDS’ers. Remove the soapbox dummies. Remove the self aggrandizing autobiographers. Remove the race baiters. Remove the absurd. Remove all the members of the Press who have the ulterior “resistance” motivation for being in the WH Press Pool. And replace them all with intelligent, balanced, interested, journalists.

    And Dear Jonah … when certain people spew words like “grotesque” at beautiful people such as Kayleigh. It reveals a certain “middle school” kind of anger and frustration at never attracting so much as a glance from beautiful people. Rather than attempting to diminish her beauty by using the word “grotesque” … just make peace with the hand you’re dealt. If you work on your personality, it may help offset all your other shortcomings.

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    • Julian says:

      This is exactly the impression I got!!

      Poor old ‘Jelly Jonah’ projecting again…

      “It reveals a certain “middle school” kind of anger and frustration at never attracting so much as a glance from beautiful people. Rather than attempting to diminish her beauty by using the word “grotesque”

      The tag team question (Chanel Rion – OANN) and Kayleigh last week was very good – but why is Chanel forced to stand way out the back?!?

      Not good enough.

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      • LULU says:

        He’s at a stage in his life when he realizes all the things he will never be…

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      • Moe Grimm says:

        Chanel Rion is working out her sentence by the cult marx faction known as the White House Communications Agency whose commissar is one Jonathan Karl. Here’s some stenography from the rabidly leftist “Mercury News.” The overall tone?

        “… Rion’s continued presence is just one way in which the White House has worked to elevate OAN, a *little-watched* (must be compared to the world famous Mercury News here) that arguably has *more in common with a state-run propaganda network than a credible news organization*…. OAN serves up an *agenda of right-wing conspiracy theories and pro-Trump commentary* (i.e; the truth) mixed in with wire video news packages. The network would be mostly irrelevant, confined to the fringes of the conservative…..”. The atericks are mine highlighting the always grotesque hypocrisy. So, note the dead beat theme here Julian?

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        • Moe Grimm says:

          Whup… before the Corrective Commission shows up here once again I have elected to issue corrective action in amending my fat fingered “atericks” to the corrected “asterisks.”

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  5. Alec Rawls says:

    Jonah accuses Kayleigh of trying to spin the narrative (of “being a twitter troll”), with no acknowledgement of what all of us witness every day: that all of the major newspaper and broadcast “reporters” frame every stinking question as a “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” gotcha. THEY are Twitter trolls.

    Kayleigh and our great president have to answer each question by rigorously ignoring the framing of the questions and going to what is actually important on the topic that is raised (with Trump throwing in an occasional “and you are a terrible reporter for the nasty way you asked that question, really really bad fake news,” hahaha).

    So of course Kayleigh fights. Every question is an attack. She fights by chopping their Gordian knots and laying out the honest way to address each subject. In doing so she is the opposite of a troll. She is a troll slayer.

    She is not stooping to their level but is doing the opposite of what they do. They obscure, she exposes. That’s what fighting is: you try to achieve the opposite of what your opponent is trying to achieve.

    Not surprising that Jonah would be a pantywaist about this (yes, they do make panties sized to fit Stacey Abrams/ Jonah Goldberg.) After all, it was Trump’s instinct to fight that was behind Jonah’s perverted decision to switch sides in the first place. Jonah hated Trump’s “rude” style.

    Now he has become the troll. He tries to obfuscate and invert everything. Like everyone on the left he has turned into a constant bearer of false witness.

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  6. donaldthegreat20 says:

    Kaleigh McEnany is so proficient at what she does while at the same time communicating an aura congeniality, sincerity, humility and overall wholesomeness. As far as watchability is concerned, she is off the charts. I also don’t see any limit whatsoever to her future, professional endeavors within the next 10 years, even including the highest office in the land.
    When a dorky lib calls such superb competence and sincere cordiality ‘grotesque,’ you know the target of such an attack is a real talent, and should have her sights set very high!

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      When I still cared to watch CNN for opposition reseach, Kayleigh’s appearances on the channel always impressed me. She always kept a cool head while fighting for the truth on that purveyor of fake news.

      She would often be the only token Republican speaking on a panel filled with the usual suspects.

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  7. Retired IG says:

    Kudo’s to many of former Press Secretary’s to our great President Trump. As my parents once did, they gave me a “licking with the strap.” I am not kidding. Was a great teaching tool in my life. But OH NO. You can’t do that any more.
    Not saying NO has had DISASTROUS consequences in the next generation of my family.
    Sure there are lots of child abuser’s out there, but heck. Will parents EVER BE ALLOWED TO SAY NO! TO THEIR KIDS ANYMORE? I digress.
    Wallace definitely feels SPANKED. Whining and complaining about a smart WOMAN no less. Shaking his conception of what a Presidential Press Secretary, journalism and what news is should be a Double “Harvey Wallbanger” cocktail for him. What a limp d*ck “Major” of some kind.
    My spittoon has been filling up after listening to him WHINE and CRY LIKE A BABY. Doesn’t know what to do when he must, to survive his “profession” other than cry like a baby. What will he do when the day comes when he has to wean himself off of the BIG Mommy Teat – the FAKE NEWS SYNDICATE. Which is where he earns his income. Think Matt Lauer. This is going to get interesting.
    The “news” people will never open their pie holes again without learning the lesson of the humiliation of “being spanked” by Kayleigh. She has become a light in my life. Almost like a REAL and LIVE SNL. Looking forward VERY MUCH, to her tenure. Very much.

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  8. Ackman419 says:

    If you’re having trouble choosing between K Mc and Goldberg, you ain’t black.

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  9. RJ says:

    A 32 year old woman, breast cancer survivor (at this stage), educated who comes before a group of snakes and strikes back whenever they give her the chance.

    I like her style. My hunch is that President Trump loves his choice, this new hire. I stopped watching the Sunday so called news shows some time back, for obvious reasons. Jonah is his mother’s boy, while Chris tries too hard to be like his late Father. Who cares what these clowns thinks.

    As for Donna Brazil…she reminds me of an old hooker who still thinks blue hair works.

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  10. ann says:

    Priceless lineup for a panel critiquing press standards . 😂. Idiots.

    the red tie guy was pretty spot on, though,
    gaggle thinks they are so clever, using compound “questions” which are based on falsehoods asserted as given fact, coupled w a question which assumes the framework is true. .

    One must challenge the embedded narrative within the “question.

    Do these people not realise we are taught to parse, deconstruct and examine the suppositions inlaid within sentences? Like about in 7th grade? Lol.

    reporters must sincerely believe their audiences
    1) have advanced cases of amnesia specific to history
    2) our global awareness is confined to their selected topics
    3) our knowledge base is limited to their edited content
    4) their emotion based assertions do not determine reality.
    5).share their generalised sense of outrage when contradicted

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  11. H.R. says:

    I’m surprised that no one has used ‘lickspittles’** yet in comments.

    There are 450+ comments on the Fox ordered-and-approved clumsy hit on Kayleigh. I would have thought there would have been at least a half-dozen or so ‘lickspittles’ sprinkled throughout the comments.

    Well, someone has to do it so here goes.

    They’re all just a bunch of lickspittles.

    lickspittles (plural noun)
    A person who behaves obsequiously to those in power.
    “He is a lickspittle for the Establishment”

    sycophant · toady · lackey · flunkey · minion · stooge · kowtower · truckler · groveller · crawler · creep · fawner · flatterer · Uriah Heep · puppet · cat’s paw · instrument · pawn · underling · hanger-on · camp follower · doormat · spaniel · bootlicker · brown-nose · poodle · dogsbody · suck-up · chamcha · toad-eater

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    • butch cassidy says:

      So you learned a word by reading a Brennan tweet.

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      • H.R. says:

        No, I’m that old. Knew what it meant in the ’50s.


        • butch cassidy says:

          The 50’s. Well I apologize sir. I’m not that seasoned, however I did learn that word from Brennans tweet, and there ain’t no way I’ll ever use it because of where I first heard it from.


          • H.R. says:

            I am older than Brennan. He probably got it from me [wink].

            Huh… don’t know when the word fell out of common use such that you’d not run across it before. I think the switch was to brown-noser and even that one seems to be going by the wayside.

            No apology needed, though. I was more surprised that you didn’t know the word. It’s a good one, if you read the synonyms. You might want to consider using it as it describes all of the mindless YSM and Dem sheeple. Use it and, as they also used to say, “Amaze your friends!”

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  12. James Adams says:

    Kaleigh McEnany is doing a great job; & besides their family, who really gives a shit what Goldberg and Wallace have to say?
    When these buffoons protest this much, you know Kaleigh is doing the right thing.

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  13. Scarlet says:

    The way the MSM and the “ press “ treat our glorious President and his supporters and they have the nerve to call HER grotesque ?


  14. Pam says:

    There are some things I cannot bear: Chris Wallace’s voice; the sight of Nancy Pelosi; the sight of Chuck Schumer; any video of a rich, vapid celebrity explaining anything to me but especially anything about my life, my economic choices and the environment; and any Karen chick walking around in a mask like she’s changing the world one breath at a time. Oh, one more: putting your child in a mask. That is horrible.

    One thing that lightens my load is that underneath that mask the person could be very disapprovingly looking at my non-masked smiling face, but guess what dummy you are wearing a mask so I can’t even see it.

    The mask actually makes it necessary to directly confront me but Karen can’t do that because she is used to controlling people by her looks of grave disapproval. What she can’t do is actually confront me.

    That’s better because that would not go well.

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  15. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    The more they hate on her, the more I LOVE HER!!!

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  16. nuwildcat1977 says:

    Kayleigh is a treasure.

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  17. Jimmy Jack says:

    Goldberg is another deep state shill right out of Harvard. Worse than a mockingbird bc he also holds policy behind the scenes.

    If she made the same claims about him she’d be called an anti Semite since he has used that as a hedge against criticism in the past yet I don’t hear her calling him a misogynist.

    I wonder if she was working for Trump behind the scenes at Fox all along, saving intel for him on what really goes on there behind the scenes. Gavin McInness said it was like a funeral there when Trump won bc they’d all wanted Hilary to win. I think he made a couple exceptions obviously including himself. Probably Dobbs & Bartiromo.

    Anyway, one of my favorite election era meltdowns was when McEnamy took down Christine Quinn and Quinn became unhinged. Rotfl. It never gets old.


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      You have to remember that Fox News operates out of New York. I’ve been told that eighty percent of their staffers are left wingers or generic Democrats. Pretty much everyone that isn’t on-air talent and a few upper level producers are liberals.

      The change since Ailes left is that far more RINOs have been put on air in place of real conservatives. Every single on-air replacement they’ve made in the last two years has been a shift towards the Left. When they discovered Trish Reagan wouldn’t play ball and her show tilted more conservative than they liked, they made up a flimsy excuse to fire her.

      Tucker has only been allowed to go right wing if he doesn’t openly support President Trump directly. That much is apparent.


  18. Tom Hansen says:

    Kayliegh is the ideal spokesperson for the President Trump. When she goes after the press, it is like watching an Apex Predator attacking and consuming its victims. She is brilliant, smart, thinks on her feet, and knows exactly what the weak points of her adversaries are.

    She is the best WH Spokesperson I have ever seen.

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  19. Harlan says:

    I have finally crossed Fox off of my viewing list. Now ALL of my news comes from the internet.

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  20. humaweiner says:

    Chrissie Wallace, like Shep, Lemon, Anderson, Fredo, Stelter & Jussie appears to have a “little sugar in his tank”.


  21. Bluto says:

    Fox News may really not like McEnany but I really don’t like Goldberg.


  22. Spooky says:

    Brazile is a low life political hack who was caught red handed giving debate questions to the Hillary Campaign. Says a lot about spawn of Murdoch that they hired this obnoxious Demorat harpy. Chris Wallace is a typical beltway journo-hack who basically does infomercials for the Demorat Party ad nauseum and clearly has an advanced and incurable case of TDS that he tries to hide with an insufferable smirk. Jonah Goldburp is the prototypical Ziocon, Chickenhawk, Globalist warmonger. He loves the idea of sending the flower of our youth to some stinking, foreign shithole to die in a hopeless war for his beloved Israel. And if they should survive the wartime experience they get to come home to a heartland economy devastated by Jonah’s Wall Street based fellow tribalists. As this website points out so effectively Wall Street has been hollowing out the U.S. economy for decades and making trillions of dollars doing it. It’s no coincidence that a certain tribe to which Mr. Goldburp belongs is very prominent in this system of global exploitation.


  23. Jonah has been a pathetic creature since the paleos owned him back in ’03. Paul Gottfried humiliated him, and Goldberg hasn’t gotten over it yet. Goldberg tried to pull the Jewish thing on Gottfried and Gottfried came back and told Jonah, “Unlike you, both of my parents are Jewish.” After that, Goldberg could only sputter impotently.

    To the this day, Goldberg “loathes” the paleos.


  24. namberak says:

    When that bunch of lickspittles starts in calling you ‘grotesque’ you can be confident you’re over the target.


  25. Deserttrek says:

    chris wallace’s depends must be bunching badly
    That is the most putrid thing I have seen outside of msnbc


  26. Laramie Evan says:

    I’ve said it before, but these media types are almost never cursed by self-awareness. Jonah Goldberg calling McEnanny “grotesque?!?!” I’m not even comparing physical appearance. Just compare Goldberg’s (and Wallace’s) views to that of any thinking non-hypocrite. You’ll see what I mean by grotesque. Goldberg just hasn’t figured out how truly distorted he’s become. Good riddance to the entire NeverTrump crowd. It’s just one more thing Trump has done right: Brought these buffoons out of the closet and into the plain light of day.


  27. Yacov D says:

    I guess it’s because they’re old white males.


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