16,000 Unmasking Requests in 2018 They Say – While They Simultaneously Ignore The Special Counsel…

The defensive posture by those attempting to deflect attention from the political unmasking requests made by the Obama-era administration and embed career officials is to highlight the volume of unmasking requests made in 2017 and 2018.

This is presented in a good question received via Twitter:

“Sundance what is your take on this fact that’s getting thrown around about 16,000 unmaskings in 2018? Wallace makes sure to point that out, and that it is not a crime itself, but leaking it is a crime. Although if the unmasking isn’t for the purpose stated it should be a crime.”

The answer is really quite simple. Think about what the Special Counsel’s office [Mueller Team] previously explained about the SCO investigation… These requests flowed through a very facilitating DNI Dan Coats and explains the vast majority of “unmasking” requests:

Again, in order for the media to retain their resistance bona fides, and keep the flow of their cocktail party invites, they have to pretend not to know things.

Carry on.

We have not yet gotten to the point of the reveal where the Mueller probe is identified as the insurance policy; and thankfully it now appears AG Bill Barr recognizes that his good friend Mueller was part of the abuse; but it will come.  Hopefully not too much longer.

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182 Responses to 16,000 Unmasking Requests in 2018 They Say – While They Simultaneously Ignore The Special Counsel…

  1. Marilyn Shealy says:

    We have to remember, that many of these people still hold security clearances. So how much information do they get from that? How is it possible to keep anything private.

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  2. Merkin Muffley says:

    To use the old expression, 2018 was that last year the Deep State could “make hay while the sun shines”.


  3. The Raven says:

    How many of those 16,000 unmaskings were from the White House spying on the Democrats? Probably none, but I hope all of them.

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    • Divingengineer says:

      Hope they were from Durham and Huber.
      As far as deep staters and media, “it’s hard to get a man to understand something when his livelihood (and probably freedom) depends on him not understanding it.


  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    I’d make one correction to the explanation above. The CIA sent embedded people into the FBI (like Leter Strzok) and then FBI sent these CIA infiltrators in to gather this intel for only one purpose.

    I wonder if Barr will resign before he’s exposed fully as a swamp guardian or if he can keep up the charade.


  5. Sassy says:

    I can’t find an article I read after the Flynn unmasking story first came out, but it was the first time I saw that supposedly under Trump unmaskings increased. Near the tail end of the story, the writer mentioned (in passing) something about how the increase could possibly relate to a need to unmask people who were hacking victims, which made me believe that the reporter included the “possibility” to pretend to be fair and balanced but only after already implying that Trump’s administration was worse than Obama’s. iow, he or she knew that a hacking investigation was exactly the explanation. I turned up an older story from a year ago: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/30/us/politics/nsa-unmaskings-surveillance-report.html?auth=login-email&login=email (You need an account to read it.) Here’s the pertinent part:

    “In a briefing with reporters, Alex Joel, the office’s chief civil liberties officer, cautioned against reading too much into statistical fluctuations, but said that one factor in the surge of unmaskings was that a handful of reports in 2018 contained numerous identifiers of Americans or American businesses that malicious hackers abroad had targeted.”

    Every time anything looks bad for Obama, the Democrats and their supporters in the media set up a false equivalency, using misleading and out of context “evidence.”

    They always and ever accuse their opponents of doing what they do themselves, whether or not the facts support their allegations.

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  6. Chewbarkah says:

    How many unmasking requests after the end of the Special Counsel investigation?


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