DOJ Joins Lawsuit Challenging Illinois Governor Pritzker COVID-19 Dictates…

Yesterday the U.S. Dept of Justice filed a statement of interest supporting the position of a lawsuit filed by Illinois state representative Darren Bailey challenging actions of Governor J.B. Pritzker in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even during times of crisis, executive actions undertaken in the name of public safety, must be lawful”…

U.S. Dept of Justice – […] In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of Illinois has, over the past two months, sought to rely on authority under the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act to impose sweeping limitations on nearly all aspects of life for citizens of Illinois, significantly impairing in some instances their ability to maintain their economic livelihoods.

According to the lawsuit, the Governor’s actions are not authorized by state law, as they extend beyond the 30-day time period imposed by the Illinois legislature for the Governor’s exercise of emergency powers granted under the Act.

Representative Bailey brought his case in Illinois state court and elected only to assert state law claims. On May 15, the presiding state court judge ordered Bailey to file his motion for summary judgment by May 18 and instructed the Governor to respond to it by May 21. A hearing on the motion for summary judgment was scheduled to take place in state court today. Yesterday, however, instead of responding to Bailey’s motion for summary judgment, the Governor removed the case to federal district court.

“The Governor of Illinois owes it to the people of Illinois to allow his state’s courts to adjudicate the question of whether Illinois law authorizes orders he issued to respond to COVID-19,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division. “The United States Constitution and state constitutions established a system of divided and limited governmental power, and they did so to secure the blessings of liberty to all people in our country. Under our system, all public officials, including governors, must comply with the law, especially during times of crisis. The Department of Justice remains committed to defending the rule of law and the American people at all times, especially during this difficult time as we deal with COVID-19 pandemic.”

“However well-intentioned they may be, the executive orders appear to reach far beyond the scope of the 30-day emergency authority granted to the Governor under Illinois law,” said Steven D. Weinhoeft, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois. “Even during times of crisis, executive actions undertaken in the name of public safety must be lawful. And while the people of Illinois must be physically protected from the effects of this public health crisis, including by complying with CDC guidelines their constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties must be safeguarded as well.”

In its statement of interest, the United States explains that this dispute belongs in Illinois state court, and that Representative Bailey has raised substantial questions as to whether the Governor’s current response to COVID-19 is lawful. Although the complaint does not raise any federal constitutional claims, the statement explains, “It is up to the Illinois courts to rule on Plaintiff’s claims, which, because of the sweeping nature of the Orders, may affect millions of lives and raise significant constitutional concerns in other litigation.” Even in the face of a pandemic, states must comply with their own laws in making these sensitive policy choices in a manner responsive to the people and, in doing so, both respect and serve the goals of our broader federal structure, including the guarantee of due process in the U.S. Constitution.  (LINK)


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224 Responses to DOJ Joins Lawsuit Challenging Illinois Governor Pritzker COVID-19 Dictates…

  1. bkrg2 says:

    I live in Prickster’s hell hole, in the suburbs of Lori Bitchfoot’s kingdom of Chi-raq.
    Here is a post I shared on Nextdoor of my experience today;
    So it turns out that this Wuhan virus can’t penetrate out of the border along the state of Illinois. I was able to drive my car due east for about 20 miles, then hit 88 miles per hour – ended up in an alternate world where people don’t have to wear facemasks & they can shop. They even discovered that people can sit down INSIDE a restaurant to eat a hot meal! I even saw some women getting manicures – I was so curious that I watched one leave the salon and walk to her car – she didn’t drop dead!
    We were so curious as how this is possible, so we walked into several stores without masks and purchased merchandise. We waited about 1 hour to ensure we were still alive, then tested our luck at Outback Steakhouse. Somehow, they were able to secure a ribeye steak and a rack of ribs before all the workers in the meat processing industry dropped dead from the virus. Meals were delicious and we didn’t have to wash the dishes!
    Unfortunately, we had to drive back into the reality of Illinois. It’s been a few hours and I am able to breath without a ventilator. We will be returning to this mystical land next Sunday to attended my goddaughter’s confirmation in a building the natives call a “church”.
    There is a rumor that you can also drive due north and experience another alternate universe… maybe we will try that in a couple weeks, assuming we are still alive

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    • roddrepub says:

      That’s beautiful! I too live in Illinois and about 30 minutes of this mysterious place you speak of! I actually plan on getting there this weekend. Great post!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Michael Osmon says:

      I live off Dempster & Harlem. Came to Ohio for the weekend what a blast!


    • Big Bubba says:

      Where is this majestic utopia you speak of? I thought Pritzker said the virus knows no bounds and is out there waiting to kill everyone. Are you sure you weren’t just dreaming all this? I watch the Today show and listen to brave celebrities all sing together on twitter and they say its doom and gloom everywhere – oh and its all Trumps fault! Sure you jest!

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      • bkrg2 says:

        Ha I love it. thanks for the laughs.
        Prickster & Bitchfoot migh be slowly losing control of the sheep. My mom has be in lockdown and praising what a great job these to idiots are doing. We couldnt even visit her with masks & social distancing on Mothers Day. However, I just got a text from my sister in Indiana inviting us over for cookout with mom! Apparently my mom read my post about this majestic utopia?


  2. Peoria Jones says:

    One could only hope that this thug would be another on the list of IL Governors sent to prison. Not that it would change the shameful corruption that is IL politics. Consider how the 44th President came to be.

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    • Bob Parker says:

      Your comment reminds me of an old quote about IL governors:

      1 week the IL governor is on the cover of Time (Magazine).
      The next week they are doing it (time in prison).


  3. anywho123 says:

    Dat guy is Morbidly Obese…


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