Agencies In The Media….

Long term CTH readers will not find this surprising, but it’s nice to see it starting to be said/admitted openly:


State Dept. and Defense Dept. embeds primarily operate through CNN.  CIA embeds primarily operate through The Washington Post. FBI embeds primarily work through The New York Times; and Politico carries a blend.  Fox is the controlled opposition.

Researchers who travel the deep weeds of U.S. politics have noted this very predictable pattern has been very visible for well over two decades.

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  1. jeffsn4 says:

    Been trying to tell people this since early last year. I just got into it with a bunch of people on FB today who were calling me insane and telling me that Fox loves Trump. LOL Some people really can’t grasp how deep the BS goes in regards to the media.

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    • Conservatarian says:

      Every time I question a person who claims Fox loves Trump discover they never even watched Fox and are merely parroting what they heard.

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      • Ad rem says:

        Found you in the bin…. 😦

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        • livefreeordieguy says:

          Quick Question, Ad Rem (apologies for being off topic but don’t know how to contact you directly), but I use Reader View to cut, paste and spread Sundance’s posts to friends (and those I’m trying to ‘influence with CTH transparency’) but it seems to be unavailable lately. Is that on my end or has the site changed settings or something? Thank you and Happy Memorial Day!


      • mimbler says:

        I have conservative friends that say the same thing. They are like the boiled frog when the temperature was only gradually increased. A lot of people don’t pay much attention to politics, and that is what the Fox propaganda is targeted to.

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        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          Yes. Fox is controlled opposition.
          Hannity “the 99% good, honest FBI, CIA……” None of which decided to be whistle blowers.
          The “dossier” full of “Russian propaganda”. Hmm the “dossier” (a french word for excrement) is 100% full of Democratic Party and Deep Cesspool slander.

          Unless the Dems are WIPED OUT in November, in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, we will have just been fooled into thinking we have killed the monster. Bleeding it is, but it is a long, long way from being bled out.

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      • roddrepub says:

        Very true! I feel the same goes for talk radio!

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      • daniel1335 says:

        “Researchers who travel the deep weeds of U.S. politics have noted this very predictable pattern has been very visible for well over two decades”

        Some felt the wrath of the media over two centuries ago for speaking the truth.and they tried to destroy them,

        “An event has happened upon which it is difficult to speak and impossible to remain silent”
        Edmund Burke 1789


      • BebeTarget / abdb61 says:

        I have watched FOX for years and their subtle, anti-Trump bias can be seen in several programs that have the usual Dem suspects as guests.

        These Dems constantly lie about POTUS, lie about pretty much everything as they promote their agenda. Rarely are they corrected, so by allowing their attacks to go unchecked, it gives an ill-informed viewer the impression that what the Dem stated is true.

        FOX is giving anti-Trumpers a platform to say whatever they want. Not much difference between them and MSNBC and CNN.

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    • spren says:

      I would say that on Fox News, the news side of the operation is anti-Trump but most of the opinion side supports him.

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    • WSB says:

      Tell them to look up Operation Mockingbird.

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  2. mallardcove says:

    Operation Mockingbird

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    The CIA’s had ‘contacts’ in every major East Coast paper, some Left Coast and Hollywood for decades, it’s an open secret. The Agency and the media/entertainment outlets use each other for their own purposes with the newspapers and Hollyork serving as an arm of the Active Measures group.

    I think we’ve gone all over this with how important the psyops program is to the government at all levels. The DoD rolled the previously cobwebbed military psyops units under Special Operation in the late 80s and various government agencies have psyops branches, usually referred to as customer relations or something like that, to position the agency and its programs in the public’s mind.

    Damn near everything from buying groceries to selling politicians is marketing and marketing is a psychological operation used to sell junk food and junk politicians.

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  4. 335blues says:

    Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.
    Most Amerucans have figured out
    1. Trump is for returning power to the people
    2. The ‘news’ is propaganda and is fake
    3. We are dependent on the republican party
    because the democrat party is 100% marxist
    4. We must hold the senate to continue
    to return the people to power
    5. Mitch McConnell is senate majority leader
    and he would love to return to the big club,
    witness the appt of Rubio to take over the most corrupt committee in congress
    6. There are many other corrupt republicans in the house and senate.
    7. How do we hold senate, take back house
    while removing corrupt republicans at same time???

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    • SW Richmond says:

      There is a way but it’s not polite to talk about it.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      There is a way but it’s not polite to talk about it.

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        I am an activist conservative Republican for 50 years. What You do is target a Senator to lose. A big target that will scare the shepple senators. Maybe even two. My opinion is we could pick off up to six Demo incumbents and lose one incumbent as it now stands. Rules for Radicals: Pick your target, freeze it, destroy it.. If I am even close to right we net 5 new Senators — giving us 58 — and we can afford to sacrifice 1 or 2 this year. The point will be every two years we will eliminate a couple RINOs. SO I nominate MCConnell! Cut off the head, and the snake dies – his whole leadership team.
        But a democrat will win! SO WHAT. MCConnell wouldn’t even adjourn the Senate so Trump could get his appointees in place!!!! Give him No support. Turn out for down ballot votes but don’t vote for HIM!!!. When he gets only 50% of Repub votes, and he loses 65-35% — they will get the message, NO MORE VOTING FOR THE LEAST WORST CANDIDATE!! MAGA only!!!!!!!!

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        • railer says:

          You are precisely correct. McConnell is the bagman. The cash is funneled through him to his lemmings in the Senate. He is the head of the snake. Cut it off. You will deal a devastating blow to the Uniparty if you take him out.

          Patriots should vote against McConnell in the primary AND in the general. He is our deadliest enemy and the #1 target this election. He must be liquidated.

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        • Reilly17 says:

          Yes! Remember when “comprehensive immigration reform “ had an instant death. Right after Cantor was defeated. They never listen to you until you fire them.


      • Razor says:

        Go on don’t be bashful, take a shot at it…..

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Number 7 is how we’d like to do it but it doesn’t work that way because we’ve let the bad players become to entrenched from both parties and are just now waking up to it. If we had a real influx of patriotic people willing to run for office it would give us an alternative to commie/Dem’s and pathetic Rino’s.

      At least those willing to run now have a brilliant example of what to say and do in a campaign, with President Trumps example. Of course we expect them to be truthful while doing that. Many people are sick of political speak that says nothing about what the person running believes or supports which has been the usual before President Trump.

      Almost any Republican is better than a Democrat at the present time that’s why Rino’s get elected. Replacing them with a better Republican is not the immediate solution we all long for but better than what’s there now.

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    • timothy says:

      Pray for Rubio.

      He is a Christian and, if you look around, God is telling us we must lay our cards on the table. We choose Him or not . Rubio is no exception.

      Rubio may be a problem for the deepsters if he chooses God.


    • Realist says:

      And don’t forget the BACKSTABBER in Chief John McCain who sent his OWN personal aide to the UK to bring back a copy of the DODGY DOSSIER from Steele then tried to push it in the Media and in Congress in the USA

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      As to #7.
      We must get rid of all Democrats Nov 3 & there after.
      Get rid of all RINOS in the primaries & state & local level.
      We must do our homework on local candidates and then vote the best we can.
      Help our family & friends when they ask for advise.
      Thank God for giving us life to live in the USA.
      Tomorrow is Sunday. Go to Church & spend an hour with God.
      It is the Third Commandment.
      Remember God & He will remember us.

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  5. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    All just a big game being played because of people’s ignorance, ease of manipulation, and complacency.
    Even the elitist crowd are puppets of the globalist.

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  6. Reserved55 says:

    How To Tell If You’re Reading Fake News Or Real Journalism
    BY JULIA SONG·May 23rd 2020· 8 min read

    In the age of “Fake News” and public distrust of the media, we’re left to wonder “Where can I find real news?” and most importantly “How can I identify when an article is trying to mislead me?” I compiled some of my best tips to avoid deception – and how to quickly identify when your time would be better spent reading something else!

    The Fake News Lair

    “Perhaps a more honest and realistic approach to this issue would be to assume that it’s in the strongest of interests of the mainstream media to play ball with certain rules, to avoid certain topics, and to report on issues that best align with their viewers and advertisers.

    The Headline

    It has become much more difficult to determine if a news article is attempting to deceive you, but we need to remember the one foundation behind news reporting: neutrality. If, by only reading the headline, you don’t feel the need to click on the article and read it in its entirety, and you feel fully informed and have an opinion made about that subject before reading more into it, then that headline was written to deceive you.

    Oftentimes, once we click and read the article, we can notice very quickly that the assumptions we made from reading the headline can’t be sustained, and sometimes they don’t clarify that until the last paragraph of the article, you know, to cover themselves from lawsuits.

    How To Discover If an Article Is Fake in the First Couple of Paragraphs

    Between work, kids running around, school, and other interruptions, most people will be looking for a quick, summarized way to stay informed. That is why, when writing papers, the first paragraph is usually a quick summary of what you’re about to read, and if the headline plans on deceiving you, the first couple of paragraphs will definitely cement that.

    Finally, there is whatever it is that we have today — a hybrid between news and opinion pieces — and the unethical part of it is that they’re not clearly marked as such. The viewer believes they’re reading a news piece, but they’re actually reading an opinion article masked as news. Your first clue: the length of the article.

    While opinion pieces must be lengthy in order to explain all the reasons as to why the author holds such opinions, news pieces must be short. That is designed specifically to avoid any unwanted opinions from the author in the news piece. Hybrids, as you can imagine, fall somewhere in between that and have longer paragraphs than normal. Once you see this structure, you should probably stop reading it.”

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    • spren says:

      Very good advice and insight.


      • jnr2d2 says:

        Also, look for neutral versus “value/emotional” or slanted words.
        Trump went to the Ford plant to examine the progress of his emergency ventilator program.
        Trump took time away from his golf game today for a photo OP regarding his dictated manufacturing decree at Ford, on the taxpayer’s dime.

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    • Questa Nota says:

      NYT is notorious for their story structure. If you keep reading through the dross, you’ll find a key point buried 9-13 paragraphs down. That isn’t an accident, and allows them to say that they covered some topic even as they tried to disguise it. Disingenuity.

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      • starfcker says:

        One of the things I have noticed it’s almost all propaganda pieces take you back in time to some other historical event, twist the causes and outcome of that historical event, and then compare it with what we’re going through now as if it was apples and apples. Usually at least half the piece in spent boring you with something unrelated that does not align with current events even though they say it does. Example, we all know that tariffs prolonged and deepened the great depression. For that matter, always read those three words suspiciously, “we all know”.

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  7. gary says:

    in other news, judge sullivan has hired a high powered D.C. lawyer. 🙂

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  8. dwpender says:

    I hope Grenell is working over his last weekend as DNI.

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  9. Skidroe says:

    Treat them like Old Ma Bell and break them ALL up! The MSM, tv news, twitter, YouTube, Facebook,and google are waging the largest propaganda and misinformation campaign against America of all time. They our worst then Ma Bell and even a greater threat to America and her freedom.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      I read every day on Drudge about hundreds of layoffs in the news media, and about the declining TV ratings for news shows, and declining circulation for newspapers and magazines. But..

      The people who read the news on TV, a rather simple job for a literate person, are paid $millions. They make far more than Cronkite, and old Walter had a bigger audience than the three networks now, combined, and the population was much smaller in his day.

      There are so many unseen web sites reporting or commenting on the news (Vice? Buzzfeed?) but none ever seem to shut down. Other than small local newspapers, unread magazines and newspapers just keep going. The Boston Globe changed hands for a $1, but it still exists. Rush was shocked to find that Newsweek still exists, in some form.

      My point is, who’s paying their bills? Who needs them? It’s not us.

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      • Revelation says:

        Same reason that Disney can lose billions on screwing up Star Wars with woke bollocks.

        The establishment has enough money to spend a bit on propaganda.


      • ezgoer says:

        The Left doesn’t care about making a profit they want to own all the media to control the information the people see to control the masses. That’s why the Left owns 95% of the media. There are no conservative newspapers because conservatives cared more about profit than controlling the message people see that shapes their behavior.

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  10. Trygve says:

    Let’s come up with a list of actual names at each outlet. These are traitors. They’re supposed to be journalists. It used to be a noble, intellectual profession.

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    • H.R. says:

      Trygve: “It used to be a noble, intellectual profession.”

      Yeah, back when the Pentateuch was written. It’s been a long downhill slide after that and here we are today.

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    • Charlie says:

      Give us a list, and we start contacting their sponsors and boycotting those goods. Counter their articles with truth.


  11. WhiteBoard says:

    this is not a Free Press – they have to Right to hide behind the 1st Amendment.

    This is PAID Media – and Disinformation.

    imagine our VERY OWN agencies set to protect us would ever be rightfully labeled “enemy of the people”

    this is SICK. my whole life i wanted the CIA to be the greatest agency ever. saves us all the time without us knowing… and then its comes to this sick traitorous filth.

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    • Spryte says:

      In my most humble opinion, the media is what got Obama elected with their continued rah rah’s about another Camelot etc. This really empowered them, they collectively felt they could rule the roost with the great unwashed, the unquestioning, foolish and stupid rubes.

      Here comes Trump, the great and stupid unwashed adore his policies. Yes, he has his own way of speaking and Tweeting and we get that, but he is by far the best who has changed us as a country all for the good and we get that too.

      Media is totally befuddled, how can they support this man? We have to change their mind, we have to show how wrong they are, how foolish. Well, since we deplorables have continued to support our guy, their desperation gets more intense. Lies and deceptive practices get worse and worse.

      So, here we sit. Ugly, aggressive and abusive fake news is NOT impacting us as they thought they would.

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  12. paper doll says:

    Everyone in pundit land is a larpp. That’s where I start from and then see how it goes


  13. joeknuckles says:

    “Either by choice or not” Just what the HELL does that mean?

    Are our intelligence agencies using the power of the federal government to coerce reporters and/or networks to do their bidding?

    This, by itself, should be a major scandal.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      this is why its against the law for CIA to use Dark Arts on our soil.

      essentially it means if you are willing to do anyhting and have the resource to get away with it, then you can get ANYONE to do anything.

      demostrate a young healthy kid dying from Covid 19 and the media convincing everyone its normal and part of this unknown disease – — as in show this to a reporter as you mention their nephew.. ….

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    • Revelation says:

      Are our intelligence agencies using the power of the federal government to coerce reporters and/or networks to do their bidding?

      85% of FISA searches were illegal according to Admiral Rogers audit.

      Thats millions of illegal searches every year.

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  14. Orson says:

    I notice they stick, primarily to cable news. So, who uses ABC News on a regular basis? The reason I ask, is that ABC got the exclusive when Grenell started releasing declassification documents. Someone as ABC was tipped off on that exclusively. I found it odd that cable news had no inkling of the story. And, ABC is certainly not a favored drop of the good guys.


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      Sundance wrote an article some time ago outlining which departments use which media outlets.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      It might be the 24 hours on the air factor with cable news that they relish. Some bizarre things appear on that crawl at the bottom of the screen – subliminal?

      And they supply a soft landing for many of their corrupt people on cable: Clapper and McCabe now work for CNN, for example.

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      • MelH says:

        Fox has mostly Conservative pundits, but the crawl at the bottom of the screen is usually Democrat propaganda. I’m not sure if that’s new or I just started reading that crawl. There’s another one above it, and then the closed captions, which are hopelessly censored so the Conservative ones aren’t printed until the speaker is done and then the closed captions are run so fast they are unreadable.

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        • lolli says:


          I quit Fox completely a few years ago. 2012 was it for me.

          IMO, presstitutes throwing the word “conservative” around while they spoke of open borders, compassionate conservatism, and “we must respect the President even if we disagree with him “(Obama).

          Bunch of gaslighters getting paid to dress like a street walker and read a script. This kept people watching while they slowly gaslit you. All entertainment until it isn’t.

          The word conservative is as meaningless now as the word liberal.

          All I want is the truth, don’t really care if it’s R, or D, doesn’t matter at all.

          We only have the Uni-party and the Patriot party. That’s it.

          Lib or conservative is basically meaningless, IMO.


  15. avocadodipp says:

    What about Hollywood? How is Hollywood manipulated?

    Radio? Talk radio seems to be NOT under control by the Agencies – or the Internet. The Agencies must hate not being in control.

    I’m in the Matrix.


    • Judiciary says:

      Avocadodipp, it’s my understanding that Hollywood is beholden to China for the big bucks necessary to produce movies actors need to maintain their wealth.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      AM radio would truly have gone under without the appearance of the conservative talk radio format. Better to keep the venue for propaganda open, for future use, then to drive it out of business. I shake my head at the leftist news feed that accompanies Rush, and other conservative hosts, on radio stations across the country. Even the Fox feed is leftist, by my standards.

      Left-wing cable news is just another channel among hundreds; if you literally never watch CNN, and you pay for cable TV, then you’re paying for CNN.

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  16. bruzedorange says:

    #7 is surely the right question to ask. Here are some “start-the-conversation” thoughts…

    1. Make it an issue among all Americans, regardless of party affiliation. Don’t try to convert–coalesce. Help Dem-voting citizens understand how their interests are not being served by the UniParty either. Even armchair socialists will buck at the vision of 7 or 8 global corporations running the world, unaccountable to anyone.
    2. Popularize the idea of formal coalitions (this could also be done in some state legislatures) of liberals + conservatives who are anti deep state corruption. Opposition to the UniParty would best come from a Bloc Party–a caucus of representatives from both parties.
    3a. We have to build a buffer majority, so that outing a Rhino leader doesn’t turnover control to the Dems.
    3b. In hopelessly blue districts, nominate and promote rogue, reform candidates.
    4. Expose at least three corrupt Dems for every Rhino (that shouldn’t be too difficult) but realizing that national media will continue to cover for them (thus, the 3-1 ratio). Local voices will have to carry those charges into each electorate.
    5. Recognize that (barring a politically and sociallt seismic event, like maybe a BIG, Undeniable Ugly) this is at least an 18 year project, just to get anti-UniParty representatives into leadership positions, and another 6-12 to re-stock the most powerful committees.
    6. MONITOR our own team. Over an 18-year period, some warriors will inevitably be corrupted, turned, or blackmailed. Maintaining freedom is a full-time job (that was once entrusted to the fourth estate.)

    Maybe #1 should be utterly destroying the credibility of the current news cartel (including social networks and search engines)–but not on the familiar “right vs. left” axis, rather as mouthpieces and censors representing agencies and special interests who are manipulating the public.

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    • Jan says:

      Charlie Kirk said tonight on Judge Jeanine that college students are starting to latch onto what this shutdown has done to THEM & they don’t like it one bit. Job offers & internships have been retracted, no graduation ceremony, no sports, no bars, no healthcare & living with their parents again.

      This is their first experience with socialism & they don’t like it. Hallelujah!! Democrats & RINOs have brought out their true totalitarian faces, arresting folks just trying to save their small business. As Mr. Praeger said tonight: “this is just their dress rehearsal for doing it worldwide based on “climate control.”


  17. I remember around the Christmas of 2014 that DISH cut FoxNews. I went crazy because the only reason I watched TV was for FoxNews. After about a month DISH came to an agreement with FoxNews. My DISH bill went up 25%. I said why was I paying this bill just for FoxNews. So I went cold turkey and “cut the cable”. As soon as I did that I realized I was being used.

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  18. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    Does this mean that there are people on government payroll assigned to the news agencies? Or, are these former agency employees who are sent to work there to maintain the line of communication and control the narrative.

    If the first is true Grenell / Radcliff should fire them? If the second they need their SC taken away.


  19. Ackman419 says:

    I have a friend, retired, who is as stalwart a conservative as any of us here.
    He routinely has Fox News on as background noise.
    Yet, he is always seeking clarification on issues from myself and another family member.

    I’ve told him many times, turn that shit off. Even Fox. But that’s how he gets “his news”. He won’t dig into the web like we do. He’s not stupid, just stubborn.

    Some of the older generations are kinda set in their ways. That’s why this tv “news” institution still has legs.

    Print media is toast, and eventually the major networks and cable news will find their bottom as well. It’s just a matter of time,

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      The audience for the evening newscasts is the oldest for any network programming. The ads for prescription drugs and adult diapers kind of makes that obvious.

      Conservative old people sit and listen to offensive leftist content, mainly out of habit.
      And the audience for these shows inexorably shrinks (one guess why).

      If you could hear or read the scripts for Cronkite’s newscasts, you’d be shocked. The length and the density of his reporting, the refusal to cover trivial or sensational stories, and the basic seriousness of purpose of Walter and his people. They took the concept of journalism seriously.

      CBS just hired Catherine Herridge from Fox. There must be executives who know the obvious route they have to take. As you say, they’ll hit bottom, and then and only then, they’ll change course.

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      • Jan says:

        Everything I read about Catherine is her CBS cohorts call her a liar most of the time. I miss Catherine. She is one of the best reporters on the Hill. So I catch some of her tweets but never watch CBS. “60 Minutes” has turned into “let’s bash Trump.”

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  20. Bogeyfree says:

    Sounds like an opportunity for a new FOIA request from Tom Fitton.

    Produce a detailed expense report from all agencies of all payments made to individuals outside government who are in the media.

    Are all of these records public info that can and should be disclosed?

    Maybe we just need to FOIA them?

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  21. Judiciary says:

    US Intelligence agencies have no business putting agents into various media outlets. Who started all of this government propaganda effort? I’m sure there’s always been some but not to this extent. I suspect every administration til now has contributed just as they contributed to all the other corruption rampant today. Why did the FBI bother to have a ban on agents talking to press? They actually did it a great deal besides using friends in the press to achieve nefarious ends, especially against Trump. Our enemy was once the USSR but now our government has way too many similarities.

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    • mimbler says:

      The ban is to insure that only the DS agenda is put out there. They don’t want honest agents talking to the press.


  22. chris tulmeth says:

    thats why it works as CONTROLLED opposition

    its not the individual presenters and their producers

    its the direction of the owners and their producers

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  23. CaptMorgan says:

    Whenever it comes down to do we believe what we are being told I ask my liberal wife if she believes that JFK was killed by one bullet.

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    • Mad Mike says:

      Oh Captain, my Captain – I’ve been wondering if the origins of this virus will go down the same road that JFK’s assassination has.

      Any story that explains all the evidence will be debunked as conspiracy theory, while the mainstream narrative protects any institutions that need protecting.

      Decades from now, we’ll still be split on what happened. Out of curiosity, I wonder how many folks still stand by the theory of a single shooter back in ’63?


  24. christinewjc says:

    Oops. Either I made a mistake trying to post my comment or it went into the spam filter? Oh well.


  25. bmwjac says:

    President Donald J Trump Best President Ever Promises Made Promises Kept above and Beyond
    🇺🇲🇺🇲Trump 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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  26. distracted2 says:

    I’m sure there are some anchors/hosts/reporters for the networks who are embedded but I believe the majority are faces we don’t see – researchers and producers who feed the info to the anchors and hosts. That is how they disseminate the information broadly.

    Fox has a “brain room” all of the shows’ producers rely on. And I’m sure every other network has one similarly named.


    • bjorn says:

      They all route from the same over arching brain room.
      The story is a limited hang out in the sense it says they have agents embedded.

      It would be more accurate to say there is a proportion of lower level people who work for the agency controlled media that are unaware of it.

      There is an old quote from William Colby to the effect that “we own everyone of any note in the media”. The reason they are known by us is that they only promote their own higher up.

      Its the same in politics (or anywhere else). Control the selection and you control the outcome.

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  27. TJ says:

    Agencies in Congress.

    Their new mission? Foil Trump. Ex-intelligence officials run for Congress as Democrats


    • railer says:

      Yes, the D in MI-8 is ex CIA. I think she may get whacked after this single term though. We may be able to take out my rep in MI-11, too. One term’s enough for her too.

      Problem is, Ryan failed to fund proper candidates and basically threw the election. Trump has to spearhead proper candidate selection somehow. Put up stooges like Bishop in MI-8 again and the Obamabot candidates will win again.


  28. bmwjac says:

    President Donald J Trump Best President Ever Promises Made Promises Kept Red White Blue 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
    President Donald J Trump Best President Ever he has gone
    Above & Beyond. God bless you


  29. bmwjac says:

    President Donald J Trump Best President Ever Promises Made Promises Kept Red White Blue 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
    President Donald J Trump Best President Ever he has gone
    Above & Beyond. God bless you


  30. avocadodipp says:

    My eyes have really been ‘opened’ by this website and all the comments of the well-informed readers. I’m beginning to realize our world is like the ‘Men in Black’ franchise – people around us ‘look’ normal, but in reality they are aliens and have an agenda. Things are not what they seem… I have been very naive.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Mel Content says:

    I never considered it, but Fox operating as the controlled opposition makes sense to me now. I always wondered why Lindsey Graham & Trey Gowdy got so much air time. I couldn’t believe they put that RAT Paul Ryan on their board. That’s it….they are the controlled opposition….kinda like the Washington Generals always losing to the Harlem Globetrotters.


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