Comrade Whitmer Extends Stay-Home Order to June 12th – Michigan Now Focused on Eliminating Non-Existent “Second Wave”…

Well this is an interesting development.  The goal of the lockdown to “flatten the curve” in Michigan has now morphed into eliminating a mysterious second-wave of the COVID-19 virus that no-one has actually identified.

The rules are now justified to prevent the appearance of a ghost virus.

With a mysterious and invisible new-phase of the virus to battle, the Michigan stay home lock-down can possibly be extended to infinity.

According to the Detroit Free Press: [Whitmer] said while coronavirus cases and deaths are clearly declining, “we are not out of the woods yet.”

“If we’re going to lower the chance of a second wave and continue to protect our neighbors and loved ones from the spread of this virus, we must continue to do our part by staying safer at home,” she said in a statement first reported by the Free Press. (read more)

See what Comrade Whitmer is doing there?  The objective that grants her unilateral control over the lives of all citizens, has morphed to “lowering the chance of a second wave” as the hot new justification legalizing her totalitarian dictates.  Slick move.

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435 Responses to Comrade Whitmer Extends Stay-Home Order to June 12th – Michigan Now Focused on Eliminating Non-Existent “Second Wave”…

  1. Bill Dumanch says:

    When POTUS repeated to America Friday about the
    FIRST Amendment
    FIRST Phrase
    Churchbells in ALL the Land should have been ringing out
    Celebrating AMERICANS
    Our WAY of LIFE
    When BOTH V-E and V-J Days occurred
    My Army Nurse Grandma said “It was CRAZEE!”

    Seems as if
    We’ve Been Whitmered…
    Ask Oregon
    Ask Maine
    Are YOU truly…
    A Free People?

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    • slowcobra says:

      Not sure I understand your post, bill. Was your grandma saying Pres Trump was crazeee?


      • John Ostrowski says:

        slowcobra, you must be very young, and therefore can’t recall the exuberation of the American public when the two great wars ended, versus the ho hum attitude of a lot of folks today, not recognizing what the various State governments are doing to their rights.The tyrants that were defeated in those wars left offspring that infiltrated our schools, and today many of those schooled in fascistic dogma hold public office.

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        • mike says:

          Sad to say, our “allies” agents, the Communists, are the primary problem in our schools.

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          • YvonneMarie says:

            True !
            Homeschool K – 8.
            Then set your children free to take on the world in their high school years.

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            • John Ostrowski says:

              Yvonne Marie,with the tools available for educating ourselves and our children, I would think that many would take your advice. I know many that have, with great success. Regretfully, many households are not capable of following this train of thought for a variety of reasons. It will take time, but unfortunately there is not much of that left for us that care.


        • slowcobra says:

          Dear john, thank you for your comment to clarify. After reading your explanation, I re-read bill’s post and the light went on! Duh!

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  2. trapper says:

    It’s the same scam they tried to pull with Manmade Global Warming, fake science and all. With MMGW, if we only give away all America’s wealth to developing countries (read “China”), abolish cars, meat, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and sit in the mud eating bugs, the world won’t come to an end. AND, IF we had done that, TA DAH!!!! The world didn’t end. But we didn’t do all that crap, and the world still didn’t end.

    Drat! MMGW didn’t work. Now what? I was convinced it was going to be space aliens. Turns out they had a virus up their sleeve.

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    • CM-TX says:

      🤫 No worries, the Aliens come next. See here… (I found their super-secret planning calendar):

      Personally, I’m sticking around for the Zombie Apocalypse! 😁

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    • johnnybiface says:

      The sign language person dropped the mic on the truth about Whitmer!

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    • boogywstew says:

      If the Democrats take the presidency back, Climate Change will be back with a vengeance. If we thought the Covid19 precautions were draconian, we ain’t seen nothing yet. This is a template for the future Democrat administration. I believe President Trump should treat this upcoming presidential election as a National Emergency. Paper ballots and photo ID only, everywhere.

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      • dd_sc says:

        I think it’s some Australian that just proposed doctors be able to list “climate change” as a cause of death.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        And each of us should go to the polls for every election offered us.
        Then we can come back here f tell each other that we did our patriotic duty.

        I think habitual voting at the polls is more important than sending our hard earned dollars to politicians.

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    • John Good says:

      Brian Ferguson whose “buggy computer models” predicted that 2.2 million Americans would die from this Chinese Virus Scam, gave his Fauci & Brix. These are the “two very smart people” that conned Trump into shutting down the American Economy & also the English Economy was shut down.

      Ferguson was a researcher at the University of Cambridge in London England & Cambridge is the source of a lot of the Climate Change BS, so I believe that the Chinese Virus Scam came from there & China had a lot to do with it!

      “Heads need to roll” over this massive fraud on the World!


    • Jan says:

      Praeger said last night on Judge Jeanine that the coronavirus is the dress rehearsal for launching all out Socialism of the world because of the need to “save the earth” from Climate change.

      And if Biden picks Witmer for his VP candidate, Michigan is Pres. Trump’s by a landslide.


  3. John Taylor says:

    Whitmer must have realized her ill fated original shut down caused the weakening herd immunity that could withstand the 2nd and 3rd waves, which btw may or may not even become.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Who will stop her? I’m encouraged AG Barr is going aster the mayor in Los Angeles, but it is time to put a stop to these dictators.

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        It’s like Huey P. Long has multiplied so now there are like 10 of them — talking to you Andrew “Big Fredo” Cuomo (D-NY)!

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      • Poseidon says:

        A large group of you Michigan Patriots may have to assemble and remove her by force!

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I am really amazed that there has been no major rioting in the D RAT infested states. Are people that willing to let them destroy their lives? Every small business owner that is shut down should be holding rallies in their respective cities.

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          We are biding our time patiently.
          We made a mistake by being lazy, not voting in person.
          The blue state will turn red.
          They should stay that way.
          It is up to American citizens to decide to do their duty f vote in person when ever the election is offered
          Take pride in going out of our way to vote either before or after work.
          Seniors should vote in person if they are able to as well.


    • RSFavis says:

      I think it’s all pre-planned and she’s executing the plan as scripted. Sadly, it’s all about the 2020 elections.

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  4. Mark says:

    I like that photo with the sign language lady pointing at the commie and making an “L” . Bless her hearr, she’s going to be triggered

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    • harrietht3 says:

      Please be explicit as to the meaning of the “L.”
      I’m obviously out of the loop because this “L” reference is lost on me.
      Thank you.

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      • Heine Ootenvault says:


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      • mr.piddles says:

        Holding your right hand up to your forehead in the shape of an “L” is the universal Pop Culture gesture that translates to calling someone a “loser”.

        I don’t know what that sign language means, but the whole thing is quite the coincidence.

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      • boogywstew says:

        The photo posted at the top of the article shows the sign language interpreter with her hands forming the letter “L”, as in … “L” for Loser. This photo was taken a week or so ago and is NOT photo shopped. In the course of signing, one’s hands assume that position. Some wag took the frame from a video or was lucky with a camera shot and the result is the comedic picture you see.

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    • Chris Moriarty says:

      More than just elections – it’s a power grab to bring in their ONE World Government !


  5. BigTalkers says:

    Without doubt this “rising star” Dem Gov would be the PERFECT runningmate for Ol’ Joe!

    (How she and and her Atty General actually graduated from recognized law schools and passed their bar exams being a separate question..?)

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  6. Michael Jones says:

    What beautiful irony, this worm is doing her dead level best to RE-ELECT TRUMP. Thanks in advance.

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  7. Penner says:

    Is it just me, or is the sign-language assistant indicating that Governor Witless is a loser?
    (And another thing: You can eliminate the sign-language employee and save taxpayers a few bucks. Closed captioning isn’t science fiction.)

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  8. John Obidienzo says:

    Flattening the Curve becomes Flattening the Vote

    The President is not welcomed in the Wuhan Blue States. No Trump rallies in vaccineless battleground Pennsylvannia?–or any State with a Democrat Governor for that matter. They want to lock-down the President. Dems are pushing mail in ballots using Covid as the excuse to legitimize the fraud they have been committing for years.

    The Covid Coup will intentionally try to keep the President off the road where he generates tremendous energy and momentum. The ploy is to equal the playing field by keeping Donald Trump on Basement Biden’s level. Biden can barely fill a high school gym.

    Leading from behind becomes leading from the basement–gaff after gaff–racial slur after racial slur–and Dementia Joe’s lead just keeps growing in the media run polls. Being tied to the furniture in one location works when you can shut down Trump’s mobility.

    Taking away the day before and the day after a big rally–the love Trump talk–in the breakfast Diner’s, the taverns, the Barber Shop’s, the Salon’s, and positive coverage from alternative media throws a wet blanket on the vitality and passion that Trump generates.

    Those closed business’s and their employees also generate campaign cash for the President. These are Tea Party people under attack again, but this time it’s their livelihoods at stake.

    Evangelicals as well as other Religious groups are among his strongest supporters–they can’t gather in very large numbers.

    People who put on their shoes and socks and go to the rallies and go to the polls on Election Day can find themselves overwhelmed by ward leaders who stuff the ballot boxes. Mail in votes that are harvested by operators, and ballots loaded onto box trucks, which show up days after the election are part of the fraud.

    Votes found in the trunks of cars, precincts showing more ballots than signatures or registered voters, dead people and people who have moved or have not voted in years, and provisional ballots are methods of manufacturing votes that do not exist. The schemes are designed to overcome the real people who are motivated and show up to vote.

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  9. Willo says:

    Meanwhile, Big Gretch is in Traverse City for her daughters graduation party. Funny how she opened up that area of Michigan & extended the lock down for us normies.

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  10. thedoc00 says:

    Reading the comments about the State and Municipal leaders testing limits of tolerance reminds me of the Sci-Fi movie, “The 5th Wave”. The aliens in the movie were using “indoctrinated” humans to defeat the human race and there was an “aware resistance” to the aliens.


  11. Zorro says:

    Whitmer is merely sending a message that she’s willing to do anything for the Democommunist Deep State. Too bad decades of anti-American education with no teaching of basic civics will allow her to get away with it.

    Doesn’t the last 4 years teach you there is no “civil disobedience” on the horizon? Yes this is the New Normal because their control of the language is unchallenged.

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  12. iwasthere says:

    With Florida, Georgia, etc now going to fully open – but with extra hand washing whatever – it’s hard to believe Michigan will sit still for this. Obviously, Whitmer is on to something other than the virus mitigation. Something like drive the Michigan State balance sheet so in the red, they can pressure DC for a State bailout?

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  13. General Stark says:

    Trump should hold his campaign rallies on military installations or national parks in the locked down blue states. The governors have no authority over what happens on federal property.

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  14. Alan Reasin says:

    What is it about previously SCOTUS rulings about strict scrutiny in suspending constitutional rights in an emergency that governors, the media and others don’t understand.In American constitutional law, strict scrutiny is the highest and most stringent standard of judicial review, and results in a judge striking down a law unless the government can demonstrate in court that a law or regulation:
    1) is necessary to a “compelling state interest”
    2) that the law is “narrowly tailored” to achieving this compelling purpose
    3) and that the law uses the “least restrictive means” to achieve the purpose.
    But, as with the judge in the Gen. Flynn case, SCOTUS rulings don’t seem to matter since he has violated a ruling that was not even two weeks old. That is why I am so pissed. Officials know they are violating SCOTUS rulings, insist on issuing illegal and unconstitutional edicts and receive no consequences except maybe in the ballot box. Then someone has to have standing and the money to relegate the question already ruled on since the civil rights groups are presently dysfunctional. Disgusting!
    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Congress amended the Insurrection Act of 1807. The Act enables the President to deploy the military “to suppress, in any State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy.” The amended Act expands the language of the original Act to include natural disasters, epidemics, or other serious public health emergencies, terrorist attacks or incidents, or other conditions. Add the 1905 rules on strict scrutiny and the criminality under US Code Title 18 Section 242 for revoking constitutional rights and one sees that governors could be at risk.
    These dictatorial governors would not like the use of these laws/acts, but just letting them know they can be used might be enough. Since Orange Man Bad is already called a dictator by them, they just might expect him to use these laws/acts to full fill his promise on religious freedom under the 1st Amendment, the 4th and the 14th.


    • Big Bubba says:

      Hopefully when this is all over, there will be some serious legislation at the federal level that will survive a Supreme Court challenge that prevents this type of overreach at the state level again. I am absolutely amazed at the havoc and blatant totalitarianism (central planning) that was achieved and the willing compliance by the masses over a hyped virus with a 99% survival rate. If they can do all that over this, then what is to stop them from doing it over climate change. After all, aren’t we all supposed to be dead in 12 years? Or gun violence or social justice or some other crazy liberal ideology. Take your pick. This is a very scary time in America and we are witnessing a fundamental change to our culture and way of governance with state officials unilaterally deviating from the core fundamentals of our country’s governing philosophy and the overall general public and law enforcement communities overwhelmingly willing to comply. I remember a radio commentator saying something interesting a few years ago. He said all the rhetoric about Trump being a dictator and the vitriol hate spewed toward his supporters could backfire on the left when people get sick of all of it an elect someone who runs on the platform of making the left and the media pay for the damage they have caused to this country and vowing to destroy them using their own tactics and by any means necessary. He said that person will end up being the dictator they so greatly feared and the left will have wished Trump was still their President. Interesting times!

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      • Joebkonobi says:

        Not sure if MI has recall possibility but now would be a good time to start a recall petition. I would think that most but the craziest lefties would sign. As the numbers got closer to the threshold comrade Whitmer might think differently.

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  15. ncedgar says:

    So Governor, what is the plan to address the MI State Budget deficit? Just curious how keeping the state locked down (while the government moves the goalposts) as it continues to operate works.

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  16. Paul B. says:

    Three more years of this witch. There needs to be a recall. But will Detroit go along?

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  17. CM-TX says:

    Southwest FL (Gulf Coast) Report: many of the stores have been slowly removing all the absurd precautionary measures.

    They’ve also reopened the vacation rental business… Bring it on!

    Beaches are back to normal. You can actually sit in the sand, & even bring a chair & umbrella! What’s amusing is the beaches look no different then they did prior to the BS, as it’s always been customary to space out when you stake a spot. No masks either– probably b/c it would look ridiculous with a bikini!

    I did note a group of a kids playing in the water, & the one boy kept yelling at the other 3, “you gotta come over to the HEALING STATION!” 😂 (Brilliant child- He should run against NOT DeSandman!)

    I also went to dinner last night– back to the restaurant/bar that I was at just before all were closed down. It was fairly busy at 9pm. Only the waitstaff were wearing masks- felt bad for them. They also kept adjusting, which really defeats the purpose!

    The hostess asked if we minded being sat at a “communal table”. Since I’m not a “Karen,” I didn’t “Reeeeee!” Nor call in a “social-distancing code-red!” Instead, I just smiled & said that’d be fine.
    There was empty seats between groups, but we congratulated each other on parting ways for our fabulous, yet lacking conversations. 😏

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  18. Rick says:

    Whitmer’s Stay at Home order belies the stats proving most flu viruses are caught, in the home!

    And what’s really funny about all this is how China admitted they destroyed the virus samples in their lab. So what exactly are the vaccine makers making an antidote for? And it gets better, what the hell are they testing for in those coronavirus tests?

    What’s going on here is an attempt to delay herd immunity, so they can get to the point where they proclaim the state gets out of lockdown when the vaccines arrive.

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  19. Jeff Dooley says:

    Doubt this will last for long, AG Barr & the DOJ are finally looking into Gov Whitmer’s “decrees” which, imho, should’ve been looked into a couple of weeks ago. Am sure Tuesday will have quite the crowd in Lansing.

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  20. Talk to the hand Progs says:

    Someone should remind the tyrant hag that she won’t have personal police protection for her whole, and hopefully short, life.

    What she is doing is criminal. The DOJ needs to step in and arrest her for violating the civil rights of the citizens of Michigan. The DOJ civil rights division needs to step in and quash the vote-by-mail with the same fervor they used, and I’m not sure if it has ended, against the southern states since the 1960s. Promoting and tolerating voter fraud is a violation of our civil rights.

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  21. lieutenantm says:

    The woman is a fool.

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  22. testpointwp says:

    Whitmer is likely the first governor to issue concurrent mandatory evacuation and mandatory stay-at-home policies.

    The concurrent policies were either accepted or held valid by a judge. Which means, if you live in Michigan, you are literally damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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  23. steelydan69 says:

    Her outrageous, totalitarian behavior only serves to help President Trump in November. She surely must be the most hated person in Michigan.

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  24. TrustyHaste says:

    I’m in Michigan & here is how it is going. People are done, fed up, etc. Even “lib” facebook beach friends 🙂 are saying we are done. Enough is enough. Traffic is increasing. Our church is meeting to decide what to do. We are making our own decisions. I saw one person on facebook say that Traverse City restaurants were checking IDs and if you were from other areas in the state they would refuse business. I can’t find a news story on that.

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  25. Pokey says:

    She is just doing what Obama wants her to do in order to be considered for the VP nomination in August, if even then. If she does complete economic destruction to Michigan it will be ripe for a Demcommie turnover. But, of course, Whitmer is too stupid to realize that if she succeeds she will never be the Demcommie nominee or even the Lady in Waiting for the Crown. Talk about a ‘useful idiot’!

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  26. I grew up in the 40’s.
    In the “old days” people were quarantined when they were sick,
    Isn’t it amazing how much smarter we’ve become.

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  27. Free Speech says:

    Interesting anecdote from Atlanta, and I wonder if Michiganders are seeing something similar in area attitudes. In rural Georgia, outside ATL, folks have been going about business for awhile, except those who look like they might have a health risk. When you get into the more Democrat suburban areas, like Henry Co, it is still full on mask-wearing hysteria. However, oddly, even though the mayor of Atlanta still is keeping businesses under strict control and many are not open, people in the urban zones of Atlanta, which are even further left politically, are walking around, no mask, no social distance. Roads and sidewalks very crowded.

    It seems like the lingering hysteria is mainly of what I suspect is Whitmer’s constituency, namely liberal middle class suburbanites.

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  28. DRAMAMINE WARNING: you may puke if you watch this. The title of the article doesn’t do it justice. This evil little midget should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. Why isn’t he being investigated??


  29. InAz says:

    All the people I work with are Stalinist Dems. A sibling of one co-worker moved from Michigan to my town.
    I said to the newcomer that they must be glad to have their freedom because of the lockdown (I wanted to say Totalitarian Dictates). Nope. This newcomer agrees with the Wicked Witch governor. I said “we each have our opinions”.

    Barr’s inaction to protect our Constitutional Rights, and declassify etc, is glaringly obvious which side he supports.

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  30. RonR says:

    After a judge last week ruled for Whitmer, it appears that she has the power to do this indefinitely under some emergency legislation dating back to 1945 which is opened ended with no time limit. Back in 1945 this legislation was written probably with the notion that it would be used in good faith and for the good of the people. Today, good faith, Whitmer has no idea. We can clearly see that this legislation is defective in today’s world, but it will take the SCOTUS to fix it ( I am not a lawyer, maybe some lower courts can right this wrong, address the flaws in this legislation).

    It looks like Whitmer can do whatever she wants and it appears that whatever the people want, Whitmer will ensure that they get the opposite. So Whitmer has won a victory over the people, the bill of rights, and the Constitution and is able to extend her unfair, willy-nilly, Stalinist edicts indefinitely based on the theory of a second wave that may not happen. What will definitely happen, though, is the destruction of the economy of Michigan and along with it the lives of countless Michigan citizens. Many small and medium business will go under, and many already may have. Lives will be destroyed and many lives will be lost to suicide, alcoholism, mental health issues, and domestic abuse. The hard work and dreams of business owners will be tossed away, likes some much garbage, possibly forever, without any acknowledgement from Whitmer of the true costs of her edicts.

    If there is a second wave, Michigan citizens now know how to deal with it and the economy of Michigan does not have to be sacrificed. At some point, Whitmer may declare some sort of victory and begin opening up Michigan, but if this goes on any longer it will be a Pyrrhic victory, one where the citizens will note that the price paid far exceeded the gains.

    Michigan citizens are now living under a governor with power that fits the definition of an authoritarian dictator. History is replete with examples of authoritarian dictators and the misery and destruction they brought upon the citizens they governed. That is why we have a written constitution with a bill of rights. Next step should be a recall as fast as possible while at the same time a SCOTUS court case on the vagaries of the emergency act in question. Relying on the good faith of politicians like Governor Whitmer today to faithfully execute the laws doesn’t work anymore. Give them an inch and they will take a mile or in Whitmer’s case the whole state.

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  31. MightyConservative says:

    The welfare of humanity is the alibi of the tyrant.

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  32. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Michiganders are surely fed up with this stupidity. I foresee mass civil disobedience in Gov. Whitmer’s future.

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  33. Killer Cuomo has figured out that the best defense is a good offense.
    He is blaming President Trump for all those elderly people he murdered in the nursing homes.
    And we are demanding the people be put in prison for ObamaGate!
    How about some punishment for Covid-Gate?


  34. Orson says:

    This is all about Consumer Confidence…which has emerged as a telltale sign of the state of the economy. By now switching to the “second wave” position (which btw was initiated by the CDC and WHO with their little speeches about the coming Long Cold Winter)….they are telegraphing to potential employers that they don’t want to hire back the people they let go because it would be a gamble. It, also, telegraphs to the consumer to hold onto their money instead of spending it. This is key relative to the November election. The democrats can’t afford the slightest inkling of a recovery between now and November. They want the consumer and the potential employers sitting on pins and needles and afraid to proceed as normal.

    You’ll note that the minute this little plan raised its nasty head, Trump immediately responded by stating “we aren’t going to close down again for this virus.” So, he knows what the deal is. I found Fauci’s comments yesterday interesting…almost as if someone read him the riot act…and pointed out how this continued down turn will reflect on him personally…which seems to be the key with that guy.


  35. railer says:

    Very, very bad governance here in Michigan. It’s grown bad these past 20 years, but now it’s catastrophically bad.

    Whitmer has likely killed hundreds of the elderly in nursing homes across the state, as she mirrored Cuomo’s stupidity in forcing nursing homes to accept covid patients.

    Now her AG filed a lawsuit on May 1st against the operator of that dam that just blew out, DEMANDING he keep the water surface level at its highest level, despite engineering reports saying that was unwise. The guy wanted to lower it to a safe level. She fought him on it.

    She filed that insane lawsuit May 1st and the dam blew out 18 days later… because of high water.

    Our Michigan government is outright KILLING residents, and that is not hyperbole.

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  36. atomichillbilly says:

    If those tyrannical turds manage to cheat their way back into the whitehouse it’ll be time for an uprising…

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  37. Michigan needs a strong grass roots leader to unify various conservative groups, and a strong leader in the Republican establishment to counteract Whitmer. Whitmer has made several 180 degree turns and has come out virtually unscathed. No one wants to play hardball with her because she is a woman. She is vulnerable in all the ways these posts indicate, but she is formidable in what I call the evil skills, which her enemies underestimate.

    Whitmer is evil and dangerous and is to be despised.

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  38. pochas94 says:

    Communists must go!


  39. CM-TX says:

    “Turning nursing homes into extermination sites: the Gretchen factor”
    By J.R. Dunn

    | We’re finally getting a clear picture of exactly how the beating of a 75-year-old nursing home patient by a man nearly one-quarter his age came about. And boy, it is a shocker. It turns out that victim and perp were sent to the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit due to the fact that both were suffering from COVID. The older man, an ARMY VET, was snatched from his apartment and dumped in the nursing home without any notification of his relatives,… |


  40. Fools Gold says:

    I’m sure automakers/workers from Detroit (Ford) would be be welcome to move straight south to Tn. in a heart beat. “Come on Man!”


  41. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    So why doesn’t Herr Whitmer go ahead and declare martial Law and be done with the charade? It’s obvious that his democrat tyrant is determined to turn Michigan into a charity case with everyone dependent on the government know-it-alls in Lansing.


    • RonR says:

      In effect, Whitmer has declared martial law, in that the Emergency Powers of Governors Act of 1945 gives her dictatorial power, has no time limit and is open ended. She is in effect an authoritarian dictator with the power of state and local police that will willingly enforce her unconstitutional edicts nullifying federal and state constitutions; i.e., police – “we are just following Governor’s orders”. Where have I heard this before, hint, I am a WWII history buff, and also “your papers please”. Today when law enforcement demands your ID; i.e., drivers license, it is effectively, “your papers please”, often with the 4th Amendment totally abandoned, but I digress.

      Michigan citizens find themselves in the nightmare scenario of being ruled by a vindictive dictator with no recourse other than civil disobedience, at least for the near term. Whitmer has her army of police that deal harshly with civil disobedience. The police may soon be at your door, “your papers please”, cease and desist, else face financial ruin and charges that include fines and jail time, we are just following orders. After all, the Dems are releasing criminals so that there will be plenty of jail space for the civil disobedience crowd who will then have nothing to return to.

      I noted Whitmer says one reason for this current lockdown extension is that it is needed because of the civil disobedience crowd. This reason shows that she is a vindictive dictator intent on controlling the citizens of Michigan with an iron fist using the 1945 legislation; i.e., citizens who question and push back on these tyrannical edicts will get more and more extensions until they submit. Like in WWII where the gestapo would select a few citizens to hang (Whitmer’s first business going bust) in order to frighten the citizens into submission more was promised, so next they would select and ever larger number to hang (Whitmer – more extensions, more business demolished), and like in Whitmer’s Michigan today, they had no recourse to the police and military powers enslaving them.

      The other reason Whitmer noted is the theoretical 2nd coronavirus wave that may never appear, but the waves of business destruction and human misery will continue and get exponentially worse with each extension until the economy of Michigan is destroyed. Whitmer will then declare victory, but isn’t this the type of victory we have come to expect from the Dems, oh, but they really, really care.

      For me, the main lesson here is that the veil has come completely off the Democrats and their ugliness in on full display. This ugly lawlessness demands a very high price.

      The Democrats are actively taking the United States down the road to a socialist hell hole while the passive Republicans, unwilling to fight, are happy to go along for the ride. Are we there yet?

      Liked by 1 person

  42. Meanwhile, back in New York, Killer Cuomo is dismantling yet another hospital while claiming the state can’t reopen because, you guessed it- not enough hospital beds.
    How the hell does he get away with this???


  43. EnoughIsEnough says:

    Where is the DOJ? She is abusing her power. And is anyone looking into the shocking incident of nursing home residents being viciously beaten by a 20-year old man with Wuhan virus sent to their facility to be quarantined? (which he wasn’t)? Michigan is a mess. I pray that the citizens push back, and regain their livelihoods and ability to support their families. One person should never be allowed to hold enough power to totally destroy millions of people.


  44. clodfobble says:

    it astonishes me that this is permitted… by the people.


  45. Greg J says:

    Eventually, it is going to come down to the people themselves to stop this power-crazed witch, and by that I do not mean by waiting to vote her out. She should be dragged, kicking and screaming from the governor’s mansion, by the people of her state.
    Unless the people of her state are willing to do that, then “let them eat cake”.


  46. roddrepub says:

    Hey Halfwhit! Remember what happened to Mussolini? Be careful what you wish for! The people won’t take this lying down.


  47. KBigg says:

    In Michigan, Whitmer is polling at 64.7% and Trump at 35% in their handling of COVID. This despite the fact that Whitmer sent COVID patients all over the state to “regional hubs” and spread the virus. The brainwashed citizens of Michigan are all on board with Whitmer, they think she’s doing a great job. Opposition to her is a minority, despite what you hear in conservative media. You can’t argue with these people. They are steeped in irrational hatred of Trump, and mindlessly repeat MSM talking points in loud voices. Unless something changes, Trump won’t take Michigan in 2020. Sad to say, COVID-19 and MSM propaganda is working well in Michigan.


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