Tucker Carlson Calls Out (Softly) Trey Gowdy For His Prior Defenses of Mueller and Comey…

Tucker Carlson has Fox host Trey Gowdy appear for an interview to discuss ongoing events and revelations showing the corrupt behavior of the FBI and DOJ.  About mid-way through the interview Carlson takes a passive aggressive tack, shows Gowdy a video of his own comments in May 2018, and asks if he is still willing to stand by them. WATCH:


So Gowdy waited from January 2017 until three weeks after May 2018 to go look at the direct documents the DOJ and FBI had been concealing?

Not coincidentally; and in direct alignment with the expressed defenses of Gowdy; two months later, July 12, 2018, the DOJ and FBI told the FISA court the underlying predicate for the FISA warrant against Carter Page was still valid….


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192 Responses to Tucker Carlson Calls Out (Softly) Trey Gowdy For His Prior Defenses of Mueller and Comey…

  1. gabytango says:

    Gowdy put on his best Foghorn Leghorn voice to say he “asked a lot of question,” but seems like he got NO answers!

    That he said “Russian Collusion” with a straight face was abominable!!

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    • “I say, I say, listen to me when I’m talking to you boy. You got lead between your ears. I had no knowledge of anything I had knowledge of when I said it.”
      Where’s Rhode Island Red when you need him? Jordan? And who will be Foghorn’s George P. Mutt?

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      • gabytango says:

        The “I say, I say…” makes me cry tears of laughter every single time I hear it! Thanks! I DID expect him to bust out with it! hahahaha!

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        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          It doesn’t take special intuition to see that someway, somehow Trey Gowdy is compromised, and is a player in the deception.
          If what is going on Above the Table doesn’t make sense, then the truth is Always found Under the Table.

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          • jeff montanye says:

            certainly seems so. wonder what they’ve got on jeff sessions, richard burr, james risch, marco rubio, susan collins, roy blunt, tom cotton, john cornyn, ben sasse, mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, and james inhofe.


    • Pat G says:

      Like a Used Car Salesman selling a rusty car telling you “It has a rare patina”.

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    • Fergus Boone says:

      Seems to me that Gowdy is a McCain type of Republican. He may be brilliant but he produced nothing. He is not someone I trust. His behavior regarding Benghazi, the FBI probe all demonstrated stonewalling.

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  2. Bogeyfree says:

    It’s really a shame that there is not a law whereby all Congress people must be audited every year of their immediate family net worth and especially when they start and end and for 3 years after that.

    My guess is the American people have no idea how much these folks rake in during their time serving their citizens.

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  3. Priebus covering lol


  4. Blind no Longer says:

    This defense by Gowdy puts all doubt that he’s a deep state player and was in on the coup. That whole my mistake was relying on the briefings and not the documents…says it all.
    Now some people who want to believe that Gowdy is a good guy like I once believed, would/will buy this excuse.
    BUT when he goes on to excuse his defense of Mueller and Russian Collusion as being all Nunes fault….that’s all you need to know about ole Gowdy!!!
    Whether he was directly or indirectly part of the attempt to get rid of President Trump..he definitely was on the same side as the Deep State boys. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

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    • Кomrade Яetslag says:

      Trey Gowdy is in the same league with Senator Lindsey Graham. At their core, they are incompetent, and can’t really accomplish anything. But, to compensate, they have learned how to talk a good story.

      Compare what Gowdy accomplished with the Benghazi investigation vs what Congressman Nunes accomplished with Obamagate. The Benghazi inquiry accomplished nothing. And, this was when the Republicans were the majority in the House.

      Congressman Nunes found all kinds of irregularities with the Carter Page FISA application, and other misdeeds of the FBI. The HPSCI report he issued has so far proven accurate, and provided much information at the time to counter the Mueller probe.

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      • Doug Amos says:

        Maybe, maybe not. A young lawyer from Pittsburg is discovering many things as he proceeds with his Ukraine investigation. The Bidens, Schiff, Pelosi, Kerry, McCain, Graham; all the regulars. but so far, 0 on young Mr Gowdy. He just steals $ at home.


    • Learned Hat says:

      Seems that if he wasn’t in on it OR at least aware but avoiding getting in the fight – seems he could come out and say “when this started, I could not fathom that the corruption was so bad and ran so deep. Because of that, I was too gullible to the bigger picture. I screwed up and we missed our opportunity to address this at a much earlier stage when the evidence was fresh and some mitigation could have occurred”

      Why did he leave office?

      When he said “ you should see the full memo!” I got so pissed off. He has treated the whole thing like some administrative faux pas.


    • Frank says:

      Did you notice how he mentions Nunes right away talking about how he did a great job defining the 4 “pillars” that he wanted looked at but then at the end he says “look , i know I’m defensive of Devin…..blah blah blah” he just took the focus off of his incompetence and turned it into the defense of his good “friend ” Devin. Basically saying, “hey don’t anybody attack Devin, that’s not fair, he did his best” and “Il’m on team Devin”…laughable
      an now he’s willing to go after Obama whereas the other day he was saying ” we got the big enough fish, we don’t need the great white shark”
      also notice how Tucker or any of the fox hosts ever throw any shade on Paul Ryan???
      Matt Gaetz did as a guest, let’s see if he’s invited back on Fox anymore. It would be nice to see Paul Ryan on Tucker to see who looks the most uncomfortable trying to make excuses for their malfeasance


  5. CM-TX says:

    I ❤️ Tucker!
    Re. Russia/server BS spewing from Gowdy… “I’m confused…” 😁

    If Rooster-head was honest, he would’ve answered: “We should ask Assange about that. We would like to also ask Seth Rich, but we can’t b/c they killed him.”

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  6. prairiedayz says:

    Had enough of Gowdy, Graham, McConnell…altho his great USDCrt/SCCrt Judge selections will reduce his time in purgatory, Mittens Romney…and never want to hear of or from turncoat Ryan who surrendered the House allowing the almost successful coup…

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  7. Shyster says:

    Tucker gets a B barely. Should have asked whether Gaetz claim that HE and Paul Ryan blocked the republican request for subpoenas to get to the bottom of the Russian hoax was true and why they did it. Also, Tucker almost laughed when Gowdy said “Russia interfered” and Tucker said, what, with a $100k in Facebook ads. Shouldn’t have let him of the hook on that one, and made him say exactly what the interference was given NO ONE EXCEPT SOME GRU OFFICERS IN RUSSIA HAVE EVER BEEN CHARGED. Great seeing silver fin squirm though.

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    • Marc says:

      Gowdy is on FNC payroll so they’re technically colleagues and under contract. Tucker cannot be seen as attacking Gowdy in any form whether it be rhetoric or factual. He could only go so far.

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      • Magabear says:

        Exactly. All things considered, Tucker made Rooster look pretty bad.

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      • Exactly. Also, these are specimens with too much cowardice. They might not come back if they were excoriated. I think the only two who appear to be impervious to getting shellacked are Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams.

        Everybody else you get the sense that if they’re humiliated they’ll run. Juan has nowhere else to go and I think Geraldo has to support too many ex-wives


    • roccoboy1 says:

      OMG the “russia interfered with our election” or “russia threatened our democracy” mantras make me hurl every time someone regurgitates this crap. It has been repeated so often and, as such, has become de facto irrefutable such that it is impossible to suggest that this is ludicrous without getting a look like you have just suggested that the earth is flat. Russia has been doing it for years as have we and as have many countries. But the Obama propaganda machine has worked overtime on this one to make it appear as if this is something special for 2016. I can see in my mind’s eye Obama and Hillary laughing and high fiving every time someone throws out those phrases with a serious concerned face. They all know it’s bullshit. When Gowdy tried to suggest that when he complimented the FBI it was about the aspect of the case regarding the investigation of Russian interference, again, like you, I wanted Tucker to push back harder, but alas no.

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      • He couldn’t. Gowdy would not come back and who knows what vengeance Paul Ryan would wreak.

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      • Oscar Oddpicker says:

        Good post rocco. My liberal friends have zero knowledge of History and believe that the 2016 election was the only time in US history that bad actors or foreign governments might have attempted to influence a presidential election. “Russian Collusion” BS claims are even worse than “99% of FBI agents risk their lives every day, etc,. etc. which Hannity and others always use to qualify any criticism of the FBI/DOJ and other Deep State Spying apparatus. Let’s face it, today, 98% of the FBI are desk jockeys that rarely if ever risk their lives on the street protecting the citizenry.

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  8. ezpz2 says:

    Sundance inserting the word ’softly’ into the headline has put the song ‘Killing Me Softly…’ into my head – playing over and over…

    Great song!
    Thanks for that, Sundance.

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  9. Rooster should be put under Wray in the last picture. I knew rooster was bad news when he screwed up Benghazi so bad. 13 hours gets to more of the truth than rooster committee ever did. And to think there were rumors of rooster being AG.


  10. Magabear says:

    I had the same reaction Tucker did while listening to Rooster Head, “what the hell is he saying?”. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo to avoid answering the questions honestly. Rooster stalled the investigation. Glad he’s getting called out for it finally.

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  11. It’s mind boggling to think how much is owed to Sundance for all of this now unfolding.


  12. crikey9 says:

    Trey Gowdy was always playing for the opposite team….always….he and Lindsey Graham are disinformation, confusion, obstruction agents of the left…..they have always been willing to sellout the votes of conservatives to the needs and requests of their overlords.


  13. s s says:

    Tucker called him out but really didn’t press him. Gowdy repeatedly said his report from congress and the intelligence was clear that Russia tried to interfere in the election. What evidence has the intelligence or ANY report actually shown? Evidence please.


  14. We the people know says:

    #ObamaGate: Why did Trey Gowdy fail so badly? Rep. Matt Gaetz with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First


  15. willyeye says:

    Truly sad that Ryan and Gowdy were literally responsible for losing the House in the 2018 election. Had the Republicans kept the House, it’s likely that some of the good guys would have used that power to our advantage and some of the bad guys would currently be “being held accountable”.

    I have to say that the Dems are so much more clever than the Republicans when it comes to being corrupt. There are a lot of RINO’s out there. I wish I knew during the Bush and Obama terms what I know now. I thought the Republicans from that era were better humans than the Dems…I was so brainwashed and obviousy mistaken. It has been the Uniparty ever since the departure of Reagan, with the exception of a few legitimate conservatives. The rest are just in it for the money and benefits; no different than the Dems.

    I feel like such a stooge!


    • Learned hat says:

      If Trump can win, he needs to take that and start to buildout another party platform. We will never fix the GOP – will not be able to remove the sewage from the cider.

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    • MelH says:

      Wilyeye self-flagellation is unnecessary when a cast of thousands were similarly brainwashed and mistaken, I among them.


  16. MelH says:

    Sorry I can’t find a perfect spot to put this but it is an interesting spin on SpyGate:


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