Economic Advisor Kevin Hassett Discusses Latest Jobs Numbers…

Senior economic adviser to President Trump, Kevin Hassett, discusses the latest data showing over 20 million people have lost their jobs due to the Wuhan Virus. Hassett notes the administration is ready for a phase-4 financial package if necessary; but waiting to measure the impact of states beginning to reopen.

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28 Responses to Economic Advisor Kevin Hassett Discusses Latest Jobs Numbers…

  1. YvonneMarie says:

    Too scared to say anything…


  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    I’m really sick of some of these Republicans and a few Communist Democrats refering to what the Red Chinese did as an “accident”. It was not an accident, it was a intentional
    military operation utilizing biological warfare.A Crime against Humanity. The Chicoms used vectors to spread this weapon around the world. Declare war on these dirtbags- I’m ready to saddle up. It’s now or wait for them to attack us again. Enough!

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    • drg13miami says:

      I completely agree that it was INTENTIONAL. No other way the chicoms could get back at us.

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      • Jim in TN says:

        Nope, just a coincidence that it was perfectly timed to shutdown protests in Hong Kong and Wuhan.

        Nothing to do with escape clauses found in the trade deal we just agreed to.

        Just a fluke that the bat can’t be found near Wuhan, or that the wet market didn’t sell bats.

        China just forgot to cancel international travel in and out of Wuhan when they shutdown internal travel in and out of Wuhan.

        China desperately needed millions of PPE for the few thousand cases they say they had, so buying up all the PPE from the west before the west knew it needed to protect itself was totally understandable.

        Scalping the west to replace the good PPE with Failed Chinese produced crap was an act of Charity. Same for failed Chinese produced tests. Charity, not an attempt to make us suffer worse while stealing badly needed resources to deal with the problem.

        /s. (The list goes on and on. I didn’t even get to the lies.)

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Whether it was intentionally released from the B-4 lab might never be ascertained, but it was intentionally covered-up from the world, lact of disclosure/transparency; therefore, it was an intentional pandemic that China chose/allowed to be released into the world.

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  3. P2 says:

    They’re not counting job losses from people who are not eligible for ‘unemployment’ – small business owners, self-employed, gig-workers, part-time workers, etc. Job losses are much higher than unemployment numbers.

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    • California Joe says:

      Yes, they are! It’s called federal disaster unemployment and covers everybody especially those not eligible under the regular state unemployment insurance programs. It’s also administered by the same state agencies that run the regular UI programs.

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    • Mo says:

      All of those people are covered by filing for unemployment in their State.


  4. Johnny Boost says:

    How about you force the states to open up before all is lost?

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    • junglee69 says:

      1000x. In my blue commie state of MN, we don’t have that many cases or deaths. But no, the gov has closed it until May 18th and will probably extend it every two weeks. No phased plan to reopen at all. I bet they are all waiting for more Fed Bailout Money. We already got $2.2 billion already as part of the CAREs package from March. They are fighting among themselves to see how to divvy up the $2.2 billion of taxpayer funded bailout. Truly sickening .

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  5. modspell says:

    No phase X…the numbers will bounce back quickly if they continue to reveal the irrelevancy of the models and the inflated death toll. The admin must undo the psych damage the leftists are inflicting or else the economic ceiling will never reach what it was. If stadiums and venues are empty then that will show in the reports. Enough with this “distancing” nonsense… Trump is still crowing about mitigation. I just don’t get him…mitigation is going to strangle us, it’s a WHO construct.

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    • vikingmom says:

      I too am perplexed by the fact that the president is not pushing back against the obviously inflated numbers. Far too many people will still cower in their houses in fear as long as the media continues to push the Chicken Little “We’re ALL gonna die” narrative!

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    • jessetmims says:

      @ modspell… Re “Trump is still crowing about mitigation. I just don’t get him…”

      I think I do… In my opinion, he knows the only way to best the haters at their own game is play their game long enough to let the world see and understand what they’re doing.

      President Trump’s genius is not that he has had some great plan from the beginning; as, followers of Q seem to believe. Rather, Trump’s genius is his ability to formulate the best possible plan using the best available current information but also being both willing and able to change his plan as additional information becomes available. He also has the ability to make changes when and if his original “best possible plan” does not work AS planned.

      At the right time, he will switch to HIS game, and win once again.

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  6. California Joe says:

    So, governors of Democrat run states who deliberately sabotage their own state economy with record unemployment and bankruptcies to destroy President Trump will be rewarded with a federal bailout paid by Republican states. Okay, I totally understand the logic of that approach!


    • Mary says:

      Ohio, Texas, Florida are Republican states with significant business shutdowns. There are others as well. They followed the federal Social Distance guidelines which by their nature restrict almost any human interaction. So states who followed the federal guidelines shut down businesses and churches and sports and life. That is what the federal guidelines necessitated. Who is in charge of the federal government?


      • California Joe says:

        I’m talking about deliberately dragging out the shutdown beyond the time needed and that seems to be the plan by Democrat governors.


  7. louche9 says:

    The emphasis seems to be on PPP and the fact that a lot of the unemployed are in fact furloughed, and should be brought back when the businesses open again. OK, great; what about the people who ARE unemployed, and in the case of Florida, can’t even access unemployment? Both hair stylists my family uses, one of whom has two kids, can’t open for business, can’t get unemployment, have maxed out their credit cards just trying to survive. It will take them months just to get back to where they were in March.

    The $1,200 was meant to cover the original two weeks of quarantine, which has dragged on for two months, and many people have yet to receive even that. Disabled vets are among the last on the list to receive the original stimulus, which is angering and terrible PR.

    This is 100% being spun as caring Democrats trying to get more money to the people, and out of touch Republicans hanging it up for an infrastructure package that will take months to get going.

    There are roughly six months left until the election.

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    • James says:

      Where are the links to this,
      “The $1,200 was meant to cover the original two weeks of quarantine, which has dragged on for two months, and many people have yet to receive even that. Disabled vets are among the last on the list to receive the original stimulus, which is angering and terrible PR.”

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      • louche9 says:

        The stimulus was (and is being) sent out in waves. Tax payers got theirs first. Social Security recipients had several dates shuffled around, but most got the stimulus direct deposit on April 29. SSDI, which includes disabled vets, has been pushed to last, partly because there was so much confusion over applying for dependent children on the nonfilers IRS page, which has required an extension.


        • mostlyogauge says:

          American Progress dot org? Seriously? With John Podesta on the BoD? Really? And Stacey Abrams? THAT Stacey Abrams? You’re quoting that website? A communist front if there ever was one. What do you think the term “progressive” means? Ain’t conservative or capitalism! Far from it.

          We haven’t received our “stimulus” check yet. We have to pay the IRS every year. Not complaining because I am fine with that and am not going to let the fed gummint use my money interest free. They don’t have my direct deposit info and so am, fortunately, content to wait for my paper check, that we have not yet received. My parents are on SSI and have not received their’s either.

          Please get your facts straight and correct. Doesn’t do the rest of us any good to be posting in support of communism.


          • louche9 says:

            Just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t mean their facts are always wrong. I don’t like them, either. It doesn’t change the fact that the original stimulus has stretched far beyond the original quarantine time. I’m glad you and your family are OK; many aren’t.


  8. woohoowee says:

    The Dim Governors are putting themselves on the path to having to open up, and the path to political extinction, by driving their own citizens bonkers:


    Three people were charged Monday with killing a Michigan store security guard who they say “disrespected” a relative by insisting that she don a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
    Two of the suspects, Ramonyea Bishop, 23, and Larry Teague, 44, were still being sought, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

    The third suspect, Sharmel Teague, 45, has been arrested, Leyton said.


  9. GB Bari says:

    Hassett looked very frustrated and unwilling to say what he really felt.

    I honestly thought that the President had seen through the fakery of Fauci and the models and realized that the economy was more important for millions of unemployed Americans.

    But apparently, given his slowness to change talking points and strategy direction, PDJT is not feeling the frustrations and growing anger among his 2016 supporters who do see clearly through the BS.

    I will admit some moderate disappointment at this stage.

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  10. Ausonius says:

    Is President Trump destined for Hooverville?

    This whole idea – even for just two weeks – has been a self-inflicted disaster caused by listening to “experts” who really knew nothing…and could never know anything for sure!

    I hope that we can recover quickly via all the “pent-up” demand the president has talked about.

    I have written before that the president needs to “pull rank” on the governors and re-open the entire country back to normal NOW!

    Opening by dribs and drabs is not opening: allowing e.g. 10 people in a restaurant, or only 1 customer in a barber shop where there are 5 chairs 3 feet apart, etc. will not make any sense. Small businesses will still lose money under such restrictions!

    I will still vote for President Trump: there is no alternative. But this decision to call a “national emergency” and letting governors, especially DEM and RINO ones, go wild seems to have been a huge mistake.

    May some semblance of prosperity and a return to the earlier growth by July or August be in our future!

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    • Dennis says:

      He won several states with less than 2% of the vote. He’s going into November with 30 million unemployed, trillions in new printing, governors encroaching on our rights while he tweets about Mike Tyson’s boxing skills.

      Even with Dementia Joe, he can’t afford to lose that 2%. How many small business owners do you suppose he’ll lose over this? Well over 2%.

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  11. carthoris says:

    “Senior economic adviser to President Trump, Kevin Hassett, discusses the latest data showing over 20 million people have lost their jobs due to the Wuhan Virus”

    Due to the crimes of Fauci and Birx. The ChinaWhoFlu was simply the vehicle and appliance they used to commit their crimes against the nation, its jobs and its liberty..

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  12. Has Hassett gained weight? His face looks bloated.


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