Flynn Defense Gets More DOJ Documents – Previously Within Mueller Files?…

NOTE: Just before this was published the court has released the notes.  More will follow…

It appears U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen from Missouri, who was brought in to review all of the DOJ case files surrounding Michael Flynn, has provided an additional eleven pages of exculpatory FBI notes.  Michael Flynn’s defense counsel Sidney Powell describes the latest notes as: “even more appalling than the Friday production“.

The Flynn defense and the DOJ (likely Jensen) have filed a joint motion with the court asking for the documents to be unsealed after a classification review.  However, as Techno Fog noted looking at the cover letter, it appears these notes were already in the custody of the Special Counsels Office (“DOJSCO”)

Breaking…. As this was being assembled, the court has unsealed some of the notes.

New thread with the notes will follow…

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448 Responses to Flynn Defense Gets More DOJ Documents – Previously Within Mueller Files?…

  1. Snailmailtrucker says:

    Ms. Sidney Powell as New Attorney General of the USA
    and Lt. General Flynn as Head of the FBI !

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      That would be a waste of Flynn’s time. More, the fbi should be charter and structure abolished… Replaced by a designated state/local interstate and intrastate LE organization with a Tee-(T)ight specifically enumerated charter.


      • JL says:

        To start with, the same people or agency can not be resopnsible for both counterintel and criminal investigations.


        • Issy says:

          Not sure, but I think the fbi was put in charge of counter-intel as a result of 9/11. There was a vast reorganization of government agencies under Bush and The Patriot Act. Much of this, in my opinion, was detrimental to the country.


          • JL says:

            I agree. In theory a lot of it made sense. In execution the government used it to amass power, and it was only a matter of time before a democrat used it for domestic political warfare.

            The problem is when the same people do both, there is no line where one ends and the other begins. Exceptional powers and authority designed for counterintel begine to be used for criminal investigations, and then its not long before they start using it to creat criminals to investigate.

            Burn it all down.

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  2. spoogels says:

    James Baker has flipped. It is his notes that were revealed. Wray prevented them from being released.


    • Moe Grimm says:

      That handwriting already is, or will be, very easy to tag. Let’s see who shakes out. The Gateway Pundit is reliability wise – hit/miss.


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