Lou Dobbs Interviews Sidney Powell: The Deep State and the Future of General Flynn…

Earlier this evening Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs interviewed Michael Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell about the status of the case.  Great Interview:

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249 Responses to Lou Dobbs Interviews Sidney Powell: The Deep State and the Future of General Flynn…

  1. ledygrey says:

    What was done and is being done to Roger Stone is equally reprehensible.

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  2. Peoria Jones says:

    “Adult supervision”…LOL! (Sidney, at 4:20) This lady is confidant and in control.

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  3. WSB says:

    May God bless You, Sidney and General Flynn. Our loved ones (My Taller Half) VETs, need your strength to carry on. They are PISSED that their country has devolved to this.


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  4. JustaVerb says:

    Rowan and Martin’s Artie Johnson – ‘Verrrrrry Interesting’


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  5. Retired IG says:

    Thank you for posting this interview CTH. While I am not worthy, or can only burn a candle in prayer to Sidney Powell, I CAN”T EVEN IMAGINE if I were working on an audit, and the auditee decides to finally FESS UP and provide all of the long fought for documentation and evidence./documents the auditors asked for DAY ONE. I’d be FURIOUSLY ANGRY.
    Its getting interesting that “ALL OF A SUDDEN” Covington is “coming clean.” Wondering why?
    What’s in this pot of stew brewing at the exposure to Sunlight?
    I am starting to SMELL FLOP SWEAT. Hey, ERiIC HOLDER? How’s it going with you these daze? Sunlight makes the night creatures go NUTS I guess.
    I also love that Sidney doesn’t wear a choking scarf around her neck. Sidney is beautiful. A true Patriot. At least I think so.
    Love to all.

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  6. Mortimer says:

    A key element that is unclear to me is whether Flynn’s lawyers and the DOJ agreed to hide the plea conditions from Flynn himself.

    I get that they hid the details to avoid disclosure under Giglio rules, but DID they also hide the details from Flynn himself?

    Hopefully some of you can tell me for certain.

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    • An says:

      Well, they couldn’t hide the non-prosecution of his son from him, but they might not let him know just how unethical that side deal was. It’ll be interesting if some of the docs the court has ruled “do not exist” later get sent to the court due to the oversight.

      Honestly, this kind of oversight should be *standard* all the time, though. No more winks and nudges and games played with the court records. FBI interviews should be recorded, no exceptions, and that interview should be made available in full to the court, at least in camera. Lost evidence should trigger an outside review and put everyone who could have been responsible for the loss on mandatory leave until the review is completed.

      And these computer systems… they have audit trails! Seriously I wish the judges would dig into the nitty gritty details of those systems and force someone to come up with all the audit logs and trace down *exactly* what was done, then match it against what the court was told.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Stop, that would be real oversight, accountability, and judicial prudence. The first two on my list are only for non-government agencies and companies, and the latter doesn’t exist for those not on the “cool kid” list of DC power players.

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    • Wethal says:

      They may have just told him it would be confidential without explaining Giglio to him.

      They may have advised his that confidentiality would keep his son’s name out of the public when Flynn testified at another defendant’s trial. Which probably was true, but the explanation was incomplete, and Covington gambled that Flynn didn’t know about Giglio.

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  7. Brutalus says:

    Attorneys are charged with the zealous representation of their clients…Covington seemed to fall a wee bit short

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  8. Puzzled says:

    The FBI and Justice department apparently doesn’t even have 1% of people like Sidney Powell otherwise this corrupt operation, collusion etc. and worse couldn’t fly. There is likely less than 1% and they need to hide their existence for their lives. I think we are in far worse situation than most people think. This lockdown clearly has shown it takes minutes to suppress a population, and they haven’t used much physical violence as yet to manage the more independent elements of the population. Shutting down protest and free exchange of ideas, economic deprivation and fear of jail has been enough thus far.

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  9. iwasthere says:

    And meanwhile – Berman is having Stone march up the hill.

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  10. StanH says:

    Thank God for Sidney Powell. She was the only one with the stones to rock-the-boat. She’s made a point of her career to expose and fearlessly stand up to this entrenched treachery of the DOJ that is nothing but the muscle for the swamp. Not to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign & domestic but to allow evil subversives to maintain the levers of power.

    God Bless Sidney Powell. We love you and put the screws to these evil bastards, and KEEP SAFE!!!

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  11. paulashley says:

    I hope Powell is correct, that the truth will set Flynn free. I tust that she also has plans to then make him whole as well. And further, it would be only just to make the real perps unfree.

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  12. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Timing is everything. That statement holds water in many instances and definitely does in regard to these past two interviews by Powell (Dobbs/Hannity) and Holder’s POS law firm (will be referenced as POS Firm) admitting that an “error” occurred and they just accidentally withheld thousands of pages of exculpatory evidence.

    Remember timing is everything, so why now? Something occurred behind the scenes. This is a major issue for POS Firm as someone else mentioned. A major issue they came forward with “on their own”.

    I wonder what bigger issue they are trying to behind the scenes CYA (we disclose this to you Sydney, you don’t sue us?)?

    Something bigger is happening….just my hunch.

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    • phillip jeffreys says:

      Kinda obvious to me. Someone senior at Covington was politcally connected and acted on discussions with deep state operatives. Who knows. The Lawfare conspirators sure seem to be a key node in the chain of illegalities and informaiton mismanagement.

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  13. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Judge Sullivan: Drip drip. Biden 2020👍🏿
    Bill Barr: Drip drip. Protect the institutions. Too big to fail.🎶

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  14. avocadodipp says:

    So Judge Sullivan has been allowing the prosecution to provide summaries of evidence and not the evidence itself? He wants it all spoon fed to him? He should have been demanding the documents and reading it! That’s what he’s paid to do. Something not right with this guy.

    I didn’t know AG Barr appointed someone to ride shotgun over the case in January, so Barr is actively involved. Found the information here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/justice-department-taps-outside-prosecutor-to-review-handling-of-michael-flynn-case

    Quote from FOX: Jensen will be working hand-in-hand with the lead prosecutor of Flynn case, Brandon Van Grack, according to the official.

    LOL! Jensen worked with Van Grack, the head Snake! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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  15. thedoc00 says:

    Powell is (hopefully) holding out for some sort of innocence declaration to preclude double jeopardy, in case a democrat ever darkens the seat of the White House again. Of course the cost will be some sort of nondisclosure and possibly no civil suit from the Flynn Family.

    Dismissal of charges is not going to be enough to protect the Flynn Family.

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    Lou had Mark Cuban on last night. GAG. I see he is all over Faux Newz Channel too.

    Noone one cares what Mark Cuban has to say about our President. He’s on the US Chamber’s payroll. He’s part of the problem.

    Lou was their (FBC) last gasp.

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  17. Wethal says:

    Undercover Huber tweeted yesterday:

    🚨 Major error here: “in some instances”, when searching for documents to turn over to Powell, Covington ran email searches based on the United States v Rafiekian case, NOT Flynn’s own case. Er guys, Flynn wasn’t even a party to that case, just a potential cooperating witness… pic.twitter.com/Lw6vp7WVf8

    — Undercover Huber (@JohnWHuber) April 28, 2020

    They searched the case name of a case in which Flynn was a witness, but not in Flynn’s own case??? They’d have a file number for Flynn as well as his name, and most firms nowadays put the file number in correspondence and documents for tracking for billing.

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  18. Flight93Gal says:

    A great interview by Dobbs!

    According to Ms. Powell… “under normal circumstances” the Government cannot simply produce a “summary of events”; they must produce the “actual documentation/evidence”.

    And now…voila 17,000 pages appear for Ms. Powell’s team to examine!

    In light of this exculpatory evidence making its way to Ms. Powell…

    Ask yourself, about Judge Sullivan’s possible motives. WHY DID JUDGE SULLIVAN:
    • ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO PRODUCE SUMMARIES versus the actual evidence,
    • UNLEASH an unhinged rant, accusing the General of Treason…
    • DENY the Genera’s pending motions for discovery
    • ACCUSE Ms. Powell of plagiarism,
    • REFUSE TO DISMISS the General’s case for outrageous government misconduct

    I’m like Dobbs. Tired of this corruption and evil drama–and only hopeful because the great Sydney Powell leads the General’s A Team!

    Thank you, Sydney Powell! We love you!

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    • Wethal says:

      Sullivan accused Flynn of treason because he thought Flynn was a lobbyist while still employed in the White House. When Sullivan’s law clerk quietly corrected him, Sullivan came back out to the courtroom and sort of apologized – which is rare for a judge in open court. Unfortunately, Sullivan’s original rant is what got, and still gets, notice.

      The rest of the comments are spot on. Including Sidney – she is a master class in defending a criminal case, including cleaning up past counsel’s mess.

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  19. Tom Hansen says:

    For me, Sydney Powell would be the perfect candidate for Trump to select as a new FBI Director to replace Christopher Wray. With her as Director, she would restore the American people’s faith in the FBI to what it should be, the greatest law enforcement organization on earth. She would clean out the swamp in that agency as Trump is doing throughout all of the government. For me, Sydney Powell has greater integrity than even William Barr.

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  20. hokkoda says:

    The Government’s response to the fact that they sent somebody in to surveil Flynn in 2016 is that he was already on their radar for things unrelated to “Russian collusion” prior to that. I think if that alone is the evidence that they were out to get Gen. Flynn and looking for a way to set him up, then it’s weak tea. Short of something written (e.g. contemporaneous notes) along the lines of “let’s look for a way to set him up”, it’s hard to see how that alone means anything.

    Now, I do think that these earlier opportunities to observe Flynn inform us better on the agents’ state of mind when they originally said they felt Flynn had not lied to them. If you observe somebody several times to figure out how to tell if they’re lying, and then you interview them and think “He didn’t lie to us,” then that matters a lot. Or it should. Especially if the agents’ notes were later “revised” to enhance their memory of the Kislyak discussion.

    I also saw a brief news report yesterday that Flynn is still interested in a pardon from Pres. Trump. Could be chaff or old news, but if these new documents are a slam dunk why would he still be saying that? I mean, I get it that you never close off your options, but I think if asked my response would be that I expected the DOJ to ask the judge to dismiss the case and drop the charges altogether.

    With all of this stuff, take it with a grain of salt. It’s like that NBC report last week that some low level bureaucrat had been “fired” by Pres. Trump for speaking out against hydroxycholorquine. Turns out, within 24 hours, we heard the other side of the story…the dude was lying his ass off and had actually written letters advocating HCQ in late March.

    News follows a certain pattern. There’s the big blast headline that drives the media coverage, and then there’s the tail-off where we find out it was not so big of a deal after all.

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  21. Countrywatch says:

    An explanation of what General Flynn’s role really has been in bringing down the deep state:

    See the account: Flynn’s role in The Plan. Makes sense to me.

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    • hokkoda says:

      This reads like one of those “insider” movie leak posts that has intricate details and it seems so precise that it “must” be the real movie plot.

      In reality, the coup plotters failed to entrap Pres. Trump into an obstruction of justice charge. The were hoping he would testify with Mueller and walk into a perjury trap, and that he would pardon or overstep with Flynn/Stone/etc. by firing Mueller which they would have claimed was obstruction of justice. Since there was never any Russia collusion, it was always about trying to frame Trump for perjury/obstruction followed by impeachment.

      Since that failed, and Trump is obviously still president, this has allowed the Flynn thing to drag on quite a bit longer while the DOJ, the IG, Durham, etc. continue to find and release damning information that would never have been found out had Trump been removed. Their entire plan required a successful impeachment/removal or resignation by Trump. This would have then been followed by 10 feet of cement dumped on top of everything at FBI and DOJ to cover it all up. Since they lost the war against Trump, they have been dragged kicking and screaming by their own Department, judges, Congress, Judicial Watch, etc. to release the stuff that was SUPPOSED to vanish like Jimmy Hoffa.

      Flynn was central to their plan because they needed somebody to pin a conviction to as part of Mueller’s probe. That they also hate him and wanted him out of the government was a nice bonus.

      I’m not a trustyplanner, so I’m a huge skeptic. The bungled coup d’etat has led to a bumbling slow roll of lies to try and cover up High Treason at the DOJ, CIA and FBI.

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  22. Wednesday and still no documents….hmmm.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Unsurprising. It’s never as fast as people claim. There are huge vested interests in redacting the names to protect the guilty. And “endless red tape to keep the truth confined” as the song goes.

      DOJ has until 5/11 now to respond to the filings. The huge data dump from Covington probably means they ask for an extension on top of that. Whatever it takes to bury this. They need to slow-roll the redactions and public release to give themselves time to get their new bullshit version of the truth figured out.


  23. Webster says:

    So it appears that the case against Flynn is falling apart with pieces of corruption now slowly filtering out. I’m guessing the DOJ will finally drop the injustice against him, as quietly as possible, maybe during the china virus dominating the news. Plus the dilemma about not prosecuting McCabe for similar issues, and the general resistance to indict ANYONE involved with the hoax and coup. But one question I wondered about, they also let Wolfe walk from his leaking crimes, or else he would drag down a bunch of other criminal conspirators too; but I think he did do 2 months in jail (very little attention in the news)…I thought he wouldn’t do any jail time at all or else expose everyone….did he agree to do a little time in a cushy Club Fed and maybe get other rewards?


  24. michael says:

    Sidney Powel spoke about the weiner laptop , that there are things on there that made hardened professional police break down, 9 of the 12 cops who handled that laptop have committed suicide. When are we going to see the clintons, weiner and huma go to long long terms in prison . I f the videos are true of huma and hillary they should be sent to prison for murder . When will we see justice ????


  25. Lee says:

    Course offered in Ivy League law schools
    Entrapment 304 and 305
    Fraud 303 and 304
    Advanced fraud 508
    Sexual Deviancy 101 and 102
    Leeching 203 and 204
    Lying 102 203 205 320 321 and 408
    Buggery 315
    etc etc. etc.


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