Flynn Defense Attorney Sidney Powell Documents Could Be Unsealed Tuesday or Wednesday…

Amid stunning new revelations and evidence in the case against Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sean Hannity invites Flynn’s legal counsel Sidney Powell on his show so she can listen to him talk about it.

But seriously… I’m not kidding… watch this bizarre interview. Sean Hannity asks Sidney Powell several times to talk about the case against Roger Stone. What the heck?

Instead of asking questions about the case and her court filings, Hannity goes on to talk about what his sources are telling him about the documents that Ms Powell filed. This is the most odd non-interview you might ever watch.  Something is VERY wrong here.

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380 Responses to Flynn Defense Attorney Sidney Powell Documents Could Be Unsealed Tuesday or Wednesday…

  1. JON BROWN says:

    Hannity has never changed in all his years on tv and radio. Very boring, now OANN has much better interviewers and longer segments. Laura is annoying too always interrupting.

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  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    Hannity has lost his mind…talk about getting your wires crossed…. I never listen to him or watch his show…


  3. OK, Tuesday’s almost history. How about Wednesday?


  4. ConservativeHawk says:

    For the first time since following sundance, I disagree with his take on the subject. It appears to me that Sidney was given more air time than normally given to a Hannity guest.

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    • Amy2 says:

      The whole interview left me confused. I didn’t see the usual “agreement smile” that Ms. Powell usually gives when she and the interviewer both know what’s going on. That said, has she lost some weight or made a hair change? She looked even more put together than she usually is. (Just sayin’.)

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  5. All of our talking heads — including Nunes (I heard him say it on Lou Dobbs days ago) — are emphasizing “it was Russian misinformation all along”. Hannity does not even bother to say, “the FBI KNEW it was Russian misinformation”. I can only conclude that everyone, on both sides of the war, want to protect Obama AND the DNC, by having that last pretense of an excuse of why the “get Trump” fraud upon the American people has been exercised, ever since Trump was elected President, before Obama even left the Office of the President.

    But that will NOT “save the institutions”, in fact — even if we all pretend to believe it for now, and for the next 20 or 50 years. The closest thing to a real Russian in all of this was Deripaska, and he declined to participate in the FBI/CIA’s criminal plot against Trump; the Steele dossier only needed the “Russian expert”, Nellie Ohr, and Steele himself (to CLAIM he knew Russians, and they gave him information — though he didn’t). All of the coup engagers have publically, time and time again, expressed their PERSONAL hatred of Trump (not just as President, but as a man), which is antithetical to their professional responsibility to DISPASSIONATELY pursue justice, and shows they are all liars in their excuses for what they have put the properly-elected President and the entire country through, since his election. They have all shown themselves illegitimate; the entire Democrat party is ILLEGITIMATE (is in fact an organized criminal mob, and an insane cult, since the 2008 election of Obama).

    They are all trying to thread the needle, and not let this mass treason stain the reputation of Obama/Soetoro. But it’s all too little too late. Judge Sullivan had all he needed last October to end the Flynn outrage, and he didn’t. Barr has had all of his time as AG to declassify any and all documents, and end the many outrages, and he didn’t. And Obama, from the start, had the power of his office to bring his CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, DOS, AND the DNC to heel, not to start any of it in the first place, or whack off its heads quickly and finally. Instead we get one whiny, self-privileged “whistleblower” after another, claiming the President cannot be allowed to do things against THEIR wishes, but must be removed from office to salve THEIR sense of power and entitlement — given to them by none other than Obama, their cult leader.

    If the cult of Obama is not broken, utterly, then we will not have a legitimate federal government going forward, and our nation’s future will be founded on lies — Obama’s lies.

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    • yy4u says:

      I recommend everyone read “Revolution” by K. T. McFarland.

      It is a page turner, especially her experience with the FBI when they were trying to railroad HER.

      She explains how the bureaucracy believes THEY are in charge, that presidents come and go, but they are there forever. I heard Rumsfeld say the same thing years ago in an interview, how he would issue some directive and nobody would tell him no, they’d just drag their feet and not do it knowing he’d be gone before they were.

      THIS president was more of a danger to the bureaucratic state than any other because unlike ALL the others he was and is independent. They can’t buy him and they can’t bully him.

      I’ve posted before I believe AG Barr is a good and honest man but his loyalties are not to us, we the people OR the country,, but rather to the government (ruling class) of which he’s been a part for decades. He wants to bring to justice those who endangered his “government” but to do so in such a way as not to cause us (we the people) to lose faith in our “government” which he equates to “the country”. He cannot distinguish between the two. He believes if the “government” falls, the country falls.

      I believe they are trolling around for someone to take the fall — to throw us (we the people) a bone so we’ll go back to sleep and stop acting like it’s our country not theirs — but so far nobody has volunteered to be Webb Hubbell (the guy who took the fall for the Clintons back in the 90’s).

      Obama will be protected at ALL COSTS. The blacks will burn the country down rather than have the first black president’s reputation destroyed. Whether he is guilty of anything or not is immaterial. He is untouchable. And that means Hillary is untouchable too because she of all involved in “government” puts herself before anyone or anything else and she WOULD give him up (even if it was a lie) if they came after her.

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      • randyinrocklin says:

        You are absolutely correct about the entrenched deep state bureaucracy. They along with the lobbyists and members of Congress, grist the mills. Turds! Not sure how to clean it all up. I guess the biggest first step is term limits, then reforming the Civil Service system, where you can fire a bureaucrat for incompetence. Think of those that are still on the payroll after sitting on their asses all day and watching porn with NO consequences. How maddening!


        • Tfields says:

          I’ll tell you how it will get cleaned up:

          It will involve and armed force of between 10 to 15 million military-aged men from the grassroots right- which will be the largest armed force on the planet- and there won’t be anything the deepstate government can do to stop them.


    • capetribulation1 says:

      Well put, sir!


  6. yy4u says:

    “Amid stunning new revelations and evidence in the case against Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sean Hannity invites Flynn’s legal counsel Sidney Powell on his show so she can listen to him talk about it.”

    This is one of the funniest statements Sundance has every made — and right on the money. Sean Hannity has been a good supporter of Donald Trump but he (and Laura Ingraham) would be much more effective if when they invite experts on their show(s), they would LET THE EXPERTS TALK.

    I don’t watch Hannity because of this and only watch Laura I. occasionally, but both grate on my nerves with their constant blowhard interruptions to tell the expert what THEY think. Laura even interrupts the MDs to let them know what she thinks about medications. Victor Davis Hanson is a fantastic guest and yet he can’t get a word in edgewise when Laura has him on.

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    • dwpender says:

      Sean and Laura are important voices on “our side” (broadly speaking), and they have large audiences.

      I share your frustration with how they interrupt even high quality guests. This practice might be somewhat more tolerable if both hosts didn’t insist on starting their shows with (often recorded earlier) lengthy monologues setting forth their own take/views/contributions.


  7. John Drake says:

    Hannity does this often…and it is quite annoying when he won’t let his guests complete a sentence…


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  8. Cocoon says:

    Hannity was leading Flynn defense attorney in suggesting Flynn, Papadopoulos and Stone were all victims of prosecutorial misconduct.
    It’s a little early for that.
    There is soooo much wrong in Flynn case, missing 302, surveillance since August 2016 while traveling and campaigning for Trump (and 2 clicks) and knowing his intentions as DIA (would be known by surveillance).

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  9. logboom says:

    HAnnity is the right’s version of Rachel Maddow.


  10. Vincent says:

    Hannity has always bloviated on his show. Constantly repeating “…bleaching her hard drive…” etc. And the interruptions of both he and Laura I are extremely annoying, especially interrupting Victor Davis Hanson. If I were a famous person they wanted to interview, I would tell them: “first time you interrupt me, I’ll get up and leave the studio.”

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  11. mtg50 says:

    The Steele document does not contain Russian disinformation. That’s a story first put out in the NY Times. Hannity is not smart enough to realize the purpose of the cover story. He also turned on a dime from skeptic to complete believer in this Covid-19 lock down.Also he wouldn’t know a real cop if he tripped over him. A real phony.


    • Beau Geste says:

      I thought the moscow ‘pee pee’ allegations were from a russian subsource who admitted to the FBI it was just bar-talk in jest? And recently it was revealed that the CIA (Brennan) knew the russians preferred hillary?


  12. Laramie Evan says:

    Simply put: Hannity is an imbecile. I’m on his team ideologically. But, his “show” is just 60 minutes of throwing red meat to a ravenous right wing crowd. He’s preaching to the choir.

    I know the left is evil. I don’t need to watch Sean Hannity repeat the same point for 60 minutes each night. That does no one any good. Perhaps some analysis rather than just demagoguery.

    * I’ll add this asterisk: I know the folks at MSNBC and CNN do the same thing in reverse. Doesn’t make it right for FOX just because there is a lunatic fringe on the other side.


    • Beau Geste says:

      I note your ‘concern meme’ about ‘red meat to a ravenous right wing crowd’ which is a ‘lunatic fringe”.

      You do not need to watch.

      People who do watch may not agree that they are “lunatic fringe ravenous right wing crowd”. They might even think that your concern is ‘cut and paste’ from some prepared meme-script to ridicule hillary-lovers?


  13. Unknownsailor says:

    Hannity loves to monologue, it just drives me nuts. Yes, we know about the Steele dossier, we know it was un-corroborated, we know it was paid for by Hillary, STOP TELLING US THIS EVERY 15 MINUTES.
    He’s like a skipping record. I won’t watch or listen to him, he’s so bad.


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