Anatomy of a Smear – Administrative State Agents Coordinating with Media Resistance Operatives…

♦Step One – Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm compiled what’s called a “pulse survey” of hospital administrators over a period of March 23-27. Grimm’s report was titled “Hospital Experiences Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

♦Step Two – Instead of delivering her survey to the coronavirus task force members, including Assistant Secretary for HHS Admiral Brett Giroir, Ms. Grimm gave preliminary and incomplete results of her survey to allied members of the resistance media. This decision clearly outlines the motives and intentions of HHS IG Christi Grimm as an ally of the deep administrative state.

♦Step Three – The current president of the White House Correspondents Association, ABC News Jonathan Karl, coordinates questions from the press pool based on Ms. Grimm’s incomplete and leaked report. This is the set-up to create the narrative by ambushing the Trump administration with questions.  Some within the press pool could see the set-up taking place.  It also appears that Dr. Fauci was aware of the objective. WATCH:

Watch the video all the way through. It’s important to have a full understanding:

ADMIRAL GIROIR – That inspector general report was done here — 23rd and 24th — during our ramp-up period, quite a long time ago. There was clearly — and it’s hard to interpret the report because it mixes up all kinds of things — but clearly, there was complaints by some hospitals of a backlog. Probably had sent out tests.

And that is true. There were several days of backlog at some of the major labs that have been taken care of. We know now that the ACLA labs now have a 24- to 48-hour turnaround.


ADMIRAL GIROIR: They’re doing well over 100,000 tests a day. We now have the Abbott machine; that’s point of care. That’s 18,000 of those instruments throughout the country. The Cepheid machine is now all across the country with a 45-minute turnaround on.

So we have worked directly with many of the hospitals that have their own laboratory-derived tests. Some of those really, quite frankly, didn’t understand the regulatory freedom they have to use other different kinds of instruments or different kinds of reagents.


ADMIRAL GIROIR: So — like they do now. Like they do now. And I’m on the phone with them all the time to make sure that everything is clear. We have a 24-hour call number. But that’s what it was there for.

And I don’t know the inspector general. I don’t know that person. I tell you one thing I have a problem with: If there was such a problem that she knew about or he knew about on March 23rd and 24th, why did I find out about the test from them on the —

THE PRESIDENT: He’s the one in charge.

ADMIRAL GIROIR: — on the news media at 8 o’clock this morning?

If there was a problem, I think you’re ethically obliged to tell me where that is so we can interact with it like I do every single day.

But that’s a discussion for the future. I think testing is really in a good position right now, and I’d be happy to expand on some of the really good tests that are coming up. (read more)


It seems quite clear that multiple people, inside multiple agencies, with interests to protect the administrative state and maintain the bloated bureaucratic influence of big government, are aligned in common cause….

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423 Responses to Anatomy of a Smear – Administrative State Agents Coordinating with Media Resistance Operatives…

  1. David La Rochelle says:

    We need to flush these Obama hold overs down the toilet that they float in.

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  2. fabrabbit says:

    President Trump is on to them… too bad their little stunt fell flat on its face. The Admiral sure gave it to Grimm…she was “ethically obliged” to report it but did not. She’s got a pink slip coming when this calms down.

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    • theasdgamer says:

      I think Grimm was one of the IG’s fired today.

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    • sysconfig says:

      I agree..he is on to them.. a reporter asked him

      Q Thanks a lot, Mr. President. You’ve mentioned, other members of your task force have mentioned, over the course of the next two weeks it’s going to be a very difficult time for our country in terms of fatalities. And there —

      THE PRESIDENT: It will be a difficult week and a half…

      Thats pretty specific and dove tails nicely that he will end this S. Show sooner than later. I just saw he fired a buffet line of IGS..thereby elimininating any more crossfire hurricane hit jobs..especially this smear job aimed to prevent him and his administration..becoming national heros..with millions of lived saved.

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  3. Julia Adams says:

    President Trump removes acting Pentagon inspector general overseeing coronavirus spending
    The removal his position as acting Pentagon IG means Glenn Fine is not longer eligible to serve on the coronavirus oversight group.

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  4. howardrichman says:

    There was another interchange between Jonathan Carl and Anthony Fauci at yesterday’s task force press briefing. Carl specifically asked Fauci, and Fauci only, if the country could get back to normal without a vaccine (see the 37:37 mark in the video).

    In his answer, Fauci ignored that fact that the combo of (1) widespread testing and (2) HCQ with zinc were ending the problem now — just as they did in South Korea. Instead, Fauci claimed that new therapies and vaccines would be necessary, even though his own organization was slow-walking both!

    1. Fauci has repeatedly claimed his organization (NIAID, part of NIH) could not possibly approve a vaccine in less than “a year to a year and a half.”

    2. Meanwhile NIH’s testing of remdesivir won’t conclude until April 1, 2023. See:

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  5. glissmeister says:

    This links to the best synthesis yet integrating and explaining the problems within historical, medical and scientific issues bearing upon the present crisis. The public health orthodoxy is a dangerous mess and in dramatic need of remediation, institutionally, politically and scientifically.

    We are seeing the institutional pathology play out in front of us, threatening to destroy the economy of the nation and the lives and livelihoods of its citizens. Is such thoughtless myopic arrogance new to medicine? If you know the true, full story of Semmelweiz, you know the way it works. Few things are more perniciously malignant than medical and institutional orthodoxy, especially when rooted in victorian provincialism, rational materialism, bureaucratic ceremonialism dominated by institutional greed and vanity.

    In re science ignored:

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  6. Super Elite says:

    I thought from the first time I saw Dr Fauci with that shit-eating grin on his face that he was another Sally Yates. Sally always seemed to have the same snotty grin too.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Looks like a nazi.
      There is a story of a boy who every day stared at a picture of a mans face that hung on a wall in their house. He would ask his mother “who is this man” and his mom replied, “I don’t know, it’s always been there”.
      He stared at it studying its every line and wrinkle. He grew up and one day looked in the mirror and saw the face in the picture.

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    • Hoss says:

      Seems like the conniving, little smart-ass that we all knew and despised in high school. Who later became the lying, conniving, little shyster we all despise as adults …

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  7. BitterC says:

    Interesting article I missed in early March…

    “The federal bureaucracy has gone to war with the Trump administration, and their people have targeted and taken out many Trump’s officials,” a former White House official told RCP. “Those who are naturally responsible are the IGs, and they are complicit in their inaction.”

    “The IGs, many put in place by the Obama administration, empower the deep state to go after the administration. … It’s absolutely nuts,” the former official added. “If [officials] were scared of the consequences of breaking the law, they wouldn’t go after the Trump administration like they do. That’s why you have the deep state gone wild. No one is watching the watchdogs.”

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    • Ana Nimity says:

      If you are an IG who is doing your job, you will not have a job in the government Deep-State Swamp. They do not want someone who will actually investigate corruption and abuse, they want someone like Atkinson. Atkinson was part of the NSD and worked with the FISA applications. He either knew of the corruption that was going on or a participant of it. A huge conflict of interest.

      I say end all IG positions. No agency or department with IG’s from amongst their own ranks can “police themselves”. The Deep State will not reform itself.

      And we cannot take years to discover which IG was honorable and which was a low-life, political hack, scoundrel.

      Appoint outside independent inspectors from the wild, not the Swamp. (We should have learned from the failures of the past when presidents appointed crony so-called “watch-dogs” to monitor banks and Wall-Street, and make the rules, with those among their own ranks in positions like; inside the SEC; and the Treasury Department, and we fell for their lame excuse; “they’re the only ones who understand the system”).

      Use groups like Judicial Watch. How that is to be accomplished, I have no clue. But we need to hold the Slimey Swampy Creatures of Washington DC accountable to WE THE PEOPLE, not their mutually self-dealing cronies.

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  8. Patchman2076 says:

    I ask God to forgive me, I hold such hatred towards these people… I absolutely hate these people.
    I hope none of them ever crosses paths with me.

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  9. She’s a graduate of the Kennedy school program for senior government managers. A notorious program for developing Deepstate managers. She was hired into government service in 1999, so I assume she did the selling her soul to the Clinton’s routine, that all Clinton fundamentalists start out with…

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  10. Talk-to-the-hand-Progs says:

    Georgia opened their beaches for exercise only on Friday. The mayor of Tybee Island is fighting the order and closed all public parking lots.

    I went to the beach today on St. Simmons Island. You can’t bring coolers, umbrellas, or lawn chair. At the access point were about 20 LEO (state police, county, GA DER) standing around talking to each other. Were they there to keep people from bringing coolers or gathering in groups? One couldn’t help think is was to intimidate people from going to the beach. I went to the next beach and more LEO.

    Every person I talked with was very upset with the taxpayer waste.

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  11. sarasotosfan says:

    She needs to be “promoted” to a yet to be identified position.

    ABC has breathlessly reported on her report which she completed two weeks ago. However, ABC neglected to mention these were not federal institutions surveyed.

    They also neglect to put this report into any frame of reference.

    I hope the Dems try to weaponize this report because it will be another bad experience a la Wile E. Coyote.

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  12. sarasotosfan says:

    Meanwhile, Dr. F. has moved his center of attention to the “disproportionate affect COVID-19 is having on the black population”.

    He is singing his swan song now. His leash is tightening as it is shortening.

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    • SherryS says:

      Noticed that. That will be the next attack. Fortunately, it does indicate Fauci’s days are numbered. He is getting in the D party line that “Trump is Racist” when in actuality, the predispositions such as Diabetes, Hypertension are higher in the black population.

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  13. This is very unsettling. I’ve tried to maintain some level of hope in Fauci, despite his partisan past, until now. But I’m afraid that hope is history after this.

    Surely Trump sees the problem too. It’ll be interesting to watch how he handles it.

    Another thing. Note how Trump was so quick to pick up on Jonathan Karl’s game and fire back with bullseye shots. Imagine how other GOP pols (including Bush) would have fumbled, cowered and groveled, were they in his shoes. Thank heaven we have Trump.

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  14. railer says:

    Yeah, Birx is standing behind the admiral with a pained look on her face. She’s recoiling a bit at the force of his words. She’s in on it, apparently.

    Nice to see Trump’s team exposing these shenanigans in real time, right in front of our eyes. It may not get through to the great masses, but we see it, and so do our enemies.

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  15. Pat says:

    Napoleon complex
    “Napoleon Complex” is an inferiority complex normally attributed to people of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behavior, such as lying about earnings, and carries the implication that such behavior is compensatory for the subject’s physical or social shortcomings.

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  16. ZurichMike says:

    Fire the bitch. Now.

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  17. rjones99 says:

    Grab the handle and flush.


  18. Screaming Eagle says:

    Are Feaux-Chi & Corn Teeth, nothing more than future Vindemans? – You bet your ass they are. Time to run ’em off Big Donny, RUN ‘EM OFF NOW !!

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  19. Brett Hale says:

    We can sit here and discuss this until…whenever. It has long crossed the point of differing political opinions, it is war. President Trump needs to act with this understanding NOW! The enemy must be destroyed, people need to be taken away in handcuffs, operatives from the deep state and democrats have to be outed and eliminated from their positions of influence. We are facing massive, felony voter fraud and the loss of our country in a few short months!

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  20. AJ CASTELLITTO says:

    This makes my blood boil. Is Fauci Italian? What a disgrace…. F’em, lol.

    He needs to step down. This site is aces and SD is a mega-patriot!

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    Would these “hospital administrators” be the ones running these totally unprepared for profit hospitals?

    They all should be hauled out back and hung by their BLANKS for the crappy jobs they did preparing their hospitals for this “pandemic” and any others. They all should be FIRED at the very least. I have never heard such a group of whiny pansies.

    What the h311 have they been doing for decades while we have been talking about biowarfare?

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    • Ana Nimity says:

      So you think government hospitals so a better job than private?

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    • Ana Nimity says:

      TwoLaine. Biowarfare, and the nations that violate it (China etal.) should have been dealt with by the UN. You know that world-class organization for humanity that just made China a member the Human Rights Council, and their WHO which flew cover for the Chinese release of the virus.?!!?? So you think a hospital should be on what? Biowarfare alert 24/7, even after Obama deplenished the entire supply of masks and didn’t replenish them. That kind of preparedness?

      The only Bio war we should partake in now is a few hundred Tomahawk missile on the roof access door of the Wuhan military grade level-4 bio-warfare lab. I hear the little bug (COVID-19) doesn’t do well under heat.


      • TwoLaine says:

        I can see I hit a nerve. You must be one of those hospital administrators who fell asleep at the wheel. Salary too fat to do your job?

        Yes, for profit hospitals should be ready for any emergency, including biowarfare. They should not DEMAND that the federal gubt supply them with equipment they may need and can easily afford on their highly overpriced services.


  22. James W Crawford says:

    Inspector General Christi Grimm should be publicly flogged then prosecuted for recklessly endangering the lives of millions of Americans.


  23. Ana Nimity says:

    The big globalists; Bill Gates; Gloomberg; Chase Bank; Bank of England (and the rest of the Banksters); Red Shields; Soros and the rest, have these spokespeople doing their bidding. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fauci is in cahoots with WHO and the Red Chinese Communists to delay our supply of medicines and protective and medical equipment, so they can prolong this lock-down and the cures until election time. No globalists like China; Russia; or The Democrat Party, wants Trump to succeed. But they know if they came out and told everyone the lock-down was to be for 6 months back in March, with the low rates of mortality, there would have been an uprising. So they wean us into accepting extensions each month.

    I keep seeing warnings to get out of paper and into metals: Do they mean lead and brass?


  24. Ana Nimity says:

    The question is, as it was with Lenin, which side will our military and LEOS take when the globalists try to take our sovereignty away for real. This was just an exercise to see how easy it is for a cooperating populace to be herded into compliance, with threats of fines and arrest for resisting martial law, tanks, and troops. Bill Gates’ “Event 201” questioned how to overcome nations of their sovereignty and replace it with a world-wide central distribution of medical resources by one global entity; the WHO. Will the blue helmets lead by Bill Gates cause the same reaction from 350 millions Americans?

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  25. fractionalexponent says:

    Looked Ivermectin up on ebay. Only source is China.

    Terramycin, in its package labeling, specifically targets coronavirus in animals. Available mail order from feed stores in Texas. If you use it you need to be able to calculate the cc dose per your pound weight. I’ve used terramycin several times on my dogs and cats and myself to good success. I’m not a doctor, but I can do arithmetic and think for myself.

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  26. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    I like Dr Farcinator’s line on hand shaking no more.

    In NYC every hand rail, subway rail, stairs rails they touch they are shaking hands with the previous people who touched the door knobs and rails. Every street and sidewalk is laden with germs. People uses shoes to move disease. Then they set their virtue signal Whole Foods bag on the floor, set it on their kitchen counter and own the virus.

    But now we may see more hand washing, hand waving and more bathing .

    Why is he not wearing a mask?


  27. florida91 says:

    Fauci is liberal, communist scum. He and Birx need to GO!


  28. Bob Fornly says:

    So Sad when you realize the massive scope of the deep state. These people are EVERYWHERE. They are a super-majority.


  29. douglasdkelly says:

    This coronavirus eruption in an election year is strangely convenient for those opposing President Trump. It seems to be very well timed to cause maximum disturbance and fear among the citizens — almost as if it has been done purposely. Never mind the fact that it’s a worldwide epidemic. To cause distractions everywhere seems like an effective way to create maximum disruption. China’s desire for hegemony, WHO’s obvious tilt toward China, Dr Fauci’s record of influence in past administrations, and accusatory statements made by some political leaders as well as their out-spoken striving for a specific social-political agenda. Things like this can change the destiny of nations and the course of history.

    We have to ask ourselves who or what has the most to gain from this.


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