Sunday Talks – Steve Bannon Discusses His Thoughts to “Crush” Coronavirus…

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon appears on Fox News to discuss his thoughts on how to mitigate and eliminate Coronavirus from the United States.

Among Comrade Bannon’s proposals:  Shut down all inbound international air travel. Shut down all domestic air travel. Forced federal shut down all ports of entry, allowing only commerce. Initiate forced quarantine zones around major metropolitian areas keeping people from leaving.  A forced shut-down all vehicle travel on interstates, except supply chain transports. A federally enforced closing of states to cross border traffic. WATCH:


Yikes.  Civil liberties? Meh, details… details.

I’m just sharing information….

Steve Bannon was, perhaps still is, well regarded by many people; and formerly held a position of influence in the White House.

I cannot even fathom the totalitarian nature of what Bannon is suggesting.

What America would even re-emerge from that type of action?

Your thoughts?

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385 Responses to Sunday Talks – Steve Bannon Discusses His Thoughts to “Crush” Coronavirus…

  1. Great idea. Actually, something I’ve advocated for awhile. What I dont get are the people who complain about Deep State Democrat mutiny, Urban metro Democrat criminal regimes, 32,000,000 illegal aliens, read again T-H-I-R-T-Y M-I-L-L-I-O-N ILLEGAL ALIENS inside the US, Democrat run States and localities interfering in Federal law enforcement on behalf of Cartels and Smuggling Rings, Organized Street Gang controlled cities, hourly shooting deaths in metro areas, anarchy, insurrection, mutiny, and rebellion, etc., etc., but now they shrink away from doing what’s necessary to restore law and order.

    We have a epoch level disease outbreak, lock downs on these shithole cities, everyone agreeing Globalism has been a catastrophic failure, Chinese espionage rings everywhere and everyone knows it, and all it takes is one more step like Bannon and I suggest and the country is ours again. But now, we are worried that doing anything to protect the Constitution is somehow against the Constitution? And you think come election day, and the next Chinese Flu Cycle comes again that if in power these traitors wont use their chance? Now its our chance and probably the last chance. A bunch of cowardly do nothing complainers who think the solutions advocated by Bannon and I are some how out of bounds! Wake up, boot your boots on, man up, and smell the coffee folks. One more small rush and a push and the country is ours again. Dont let this chance go. It maybe our last one.


    • Remember, never let a crisis go to waste. Two can play at that game.


    • drlou007 says:

      Bannon’s and your proposals are way off base. Until there is herd immunity, either through the spread of virus or a vaccine, all of these draconian efforts are useless. I say, let it rip, as soon as we have enough Hydroxy Chloroquine to go around. Get the virus, take the meds and that will end this insanity.


  2. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    I’m glad for these interviews with Bannon. I felt a bit sad when Trump pitched him, wondered why and if the President had been fooled into letting him go by subversive elements in his inner circle.

    Now I feel much better, it’s clear the President had good insight and judgement to remove him.


  3. GREENMIRROR says:

    Gotta start somewhere to clear out this Bill Gates UN Communist Chinese Party Biological Attack on the world. Freedom inside USA in 30 days.

    Confiscate all land not owned by an American Citizen. Auction off in 20 days USA citizens only.

    Audit all institutions and biological labs for threat to national security

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  4. GREENMIRROR says:

    New China TV youtube in case you missed the kickoff October 18 2019…

    Half hour United Nations Dance routine CISM Wuhan Military Games late in opening ceremony after about 2hrs A Spinning blue World Map floor light show had Chinese writing with English translation

    A community with a shared future for mankind Innovation, Coordination, Greening, Opening Up and Inclusiveness sharing friendship and promoting peace Extensive Consultation, Joint Contribution, Shared Benefits and Win Win Outcomes Belt and Road(B&T)

    At the end UN blue helmets were in defense on top the great wall of china


  5. DeplorableOnTheLeftCoast says:

    Hmm. Ok, my thoughts- breaking down Bannons arguments as the youtube unrolls…

    1. Bannon is on the outside (or so it appears) so he wants access to the data and models used by the task force.
    2. I think his objections to the use of the term “full mitigation” and then his calls for a more complete shutdown of ALL travel is:
    a. unenforceable
    b. un-necessary
    c. inappropriate as not all regions are the same- NYC is not NewOrleans is not LA is not Fargo ND.
    d. too late anyway- the cats out of the bag.

    Something is working- and this may be enough. Trying to set a more perfect wall around every state or city is un-necessary, and impossible with assets on hand anyway.

    IF a person is vulnerable then the only solution for that person is to socially isolate to the point of no contact- and thats a case by case, individual by individual call.

    The idea of flattening the curve seems to have worked- enough to avoid Italy like deaths without ventilators-
    now the reality is that “herd immunity” wont be achieved until enough people have been exposed and enough testing is done to check on nearly every American, and that serology test determines if they have a temporary immunity, having contracted it and recovered.

    So, as a hard practical reality- you CANT shut down the economy as it is now, for the 12-18 months of getting a vaccine out, so its time (or will be soon- the 30 day period Bannon was touting began in Mid March- April 15th, plus two weeks to see if the curve has dropped- and move on.

    Now its time to begin to let people be exposed again.

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    • drlou007 says:

      Unfortunately, “flattening the curve” does not do much for the population that is still at risk. Without herd immunity or a vaccine, the virus will return as soon as people are “permitted” to interact normally. So WTH are we doing mitigation for? We have a viable medicine that the rigid medical fools will not acknowledge — they call Hydroxy Chloroquine evidence “anecdotal”. That is a lie. A person here or a person there who is cured, that is anecdotal evidence. We now have hundreds of doctors using the regimen (HCQ+Azithromycin+Zinc) successfully on thousands of patients. The head of Lenox Hospital in NY attributes that hospital’s 0 (that’s right, 0) deaths to the regimen. That kind of clinical evidence is the best possible evidence for safety and effectiveness. Trump needs to get control of this situation that has been taken over by globalist parasites (Faucci is the worst) and as soon as we have enough of these drugs, open the country. Get the virus, take the meds and get on with life.


  6. DeplorableOnTheLeftCoast says:

    I DO think that Bartiromo is onto something, and Bannon wisely picks up on it- this is NOT the Chinese virus but the CCP virus. See Bartiromo at 7;00, and read some of the posts at Instapundit-

    We WONT be getting this awareness of the obvious as served up by the USFAKENEWSMEDIA, nor on Twitter- there you see the chinese trolls swarm to attach ANY non-China favorable posts.

    And thats a sign too…

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