Ground Reports – Healthcare Focus – What’s Going On In Your City, Town, Neighborhood?…

There’s something really odd, a profound disconnect of sorts, between what the media is sharing and the reality of what the general public is reporting from their own experience.

According to most national media hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.

U.S. media claim doctors and nurses are collapsing under the stress and strain of conditions they describe as “war zones” in the battle against COVID-19.

Media are now reporting about nurses and doctors committing suicide as they try to deal with severe PTSD, and psychological trauma, as a result of endless shifts in overcrowded hospitals filled with desperate and dying patients.  Additionally, refrigerated trailers now fill with piles of dead bodies as the morgues are overwhelmed with deceased coronavirus patients.

Influencers, perhaps people with an interest in pushing an agenda, are sharing videos of nurses and doctors pleading for help and crying under duress amid their struggle.


It all seems rather sad and unnerving.  Additionally, that level of professional instability seems a little disconcerting…. Perhaps too dramatic.  That said, that’s one summation of a recent 24-hour media cycle.  However, there is a disconnect.

I’m not talking a little disconnect; there is a profound and entirely opposite set of reports from nurses, doctors and healthcare workers –in multiple states– who are being laid-off, sent home, told not to come in; and doctors worried of losing their practices because hospitals, and their offices are completely empty.

For every media claim of overwhelmed hospital war-zones, there are a dozen reports from actual workers, nurses, doctors and medical personnel reporting exactly the opposite; and yes, a disparity in reporting even in the New York metropolitan area.

Medical personnel in Wisconsin, Missouri, California, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Georgia New Jersey, and every region in the USA are reporting there are few to no patients in their facility and the medical staff is being laid-off, or told to go home and/or stay home, because there is nothing to do.

How the heck is this level of profound disconnect possible?

If you google (or duck duck) search: “medical personnel laid-off”, or “nurses sent home” there are thousands of various reports showing hospitals and treatment centers essentially devoid of any patients. There are videos of hospitals on social media showing empty medical treatment floors, empty ICU units, empty waiting rooms, empty x-ray labs, and workers waiting for something to do…

Obviously, the collective -albeit anecdotal- reports do not fit with the 24/7 media claims of “war zones” and PTSD suffering medical workers so overwhelmed they are now committing suicide because they cannot cope.

So you tell me: what’s going on in your town, city, or neighborhood in the healthcare provider industry?

Are hospitals near you “war zones”?  Or are they empty?

Do you have family in the healthcare service field?  What do they say (absent specifics and identifying information, obviously)?

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  1. Seeadler says:

    I would urge all members of the CTH community to read Martin Armstrong’ blog at:

    One will learn the insidious intent of all this handwringing over the virus. It is a well coordinated attack against capitalism and freedom. Loss of basic rights, the force of law to herd everyone into digital currency with its unending ease of taxation with a click at the computer, subserviency to the elite controllers for our own good, and no recourse available except serfdom. Everything that Trump advocates and stands for will be destroyed. The Russian hoax, the Ukrainian hoax, the global warming hoax didn’t work at all, but this method seems to be working wonderfully for our betters. Leftist media and government moles everywhere will push this agenda to the breaking point. They play to fear in the minds of the public at large that have been dumbed down after decades of ruin our educational system has endured at the hands of the socialist, group think mentality. When in public I sense uneasiness, fear, but beneath the surface the anger is palpable at being lied to constantly at every turn due to our loss of jobs, freedom, and our way of life. I believe this will lead to a crescendo of violence of untold proportions resulting in the breakdown of our country. All precipitated by the traitors of freedom. There will be bloodshed, immense in scale to the numbers of the dead from the Wuhan virus, and many that succumb will be those same socialist automatoms that preach for conformity. I sincerely believe we as a society, culture and country are at the tipping point of revolution. The cry of Howard Beale I hear in the not so distant future…”I am mad as Hell, and I am not going to take this anymore” will ring eternal in the fettered minds of the socialist lemmings as their blood is used to nourish the tree of freedom. A day of reckoning is fast approaching. No right to public assembly, no firearms, the suspension of habeas corpus, all our essential freedoms denied, all this and more, coming to a theater near you. May God have mercy on us all.

    “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”.
    Ferdinand Foch


  2. Joshua2415 says:

    Upstate SC regional hospital system is furloughing workers, and they are obviosuly not alone.


  3. Paul_in_STL says:

    St louis metro east hospital based radiology practice. We have dropped one of our 5 shifts due to lack of work. The reading lists sparse and we are still sending people home early. Didn’t distribute our 1st quarter bonus in anticipation of having to cut salary in the coming months as collection drop.

    A few day ago I looked up our number of studies read, 1st – 3rd weeks of March last year were about 2900, 2900, 2700. Same weeks this year were 2900, 2200, 1900. We have several Covid 19 patients. I only saw 1 intubated. Reported county numbers have gradually increased from 2 a couple weeks ago to 47 today. I suspect a significant part of this increase is due to wider testing.

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  4. Clarissa says:

    Hmmm…what about the empty Navy hospital ships designated to handle the non-COVID overflow? The NYC hospital accidentally sent COVID-positive patients there? There’s a lot of news lately that seems fishy (even more so than usual, that is…)

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  5. dottygal says:

    Hi Everybody/Treepers,

    Please watch this video: It’s an interview with Dr. Shiva, a brilliant scientist. He explains what is really going on. He has sent his info. to POTUS and I hope Trump is aware of this Last Ditch Effort to remove him from office. The Deep State is at again! Dr. Shiva said Fauci pulled this same stunt with Aids and got everybody in a panic. He is an expert at creating chaos!

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    • dottygal,
      It is a mind blowing interview. Thank you. I saw it at 1.25 – 1.5 speed to save time. Every minute was worth it. He literally came close to my own theory regarding the time line of failed 2nd coup / shampeachment effort and the arrival of this third coup attempt in the name of coronavirus.
      I have nothing personal against “Dr.” Fauci, but Dr. Shiva explains very succinctly my gut feeling of personal dislike towards him – and I did not even know about his history until I saw Dr. Shiva outlined it in this video. My gut feeling is today telling me that it is feeling vindicated regarding its instinct towards “Dr.” Fauci. And dotty gal I have to again Thank you for that.


  6. OldSkool says:

    As of Wednesday in Greensboro,NC there were 20 patients in Wesley Long Hospital and 33 in Cone Hospital with the Chinese flu out of a surrounding area population of around 275k. This will play out to be the biggest democrat “hustle” of all time. Wake up Citizens!

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  7. Vicki Boggs says:

    I work in a hospital in Columbus, Ohio. I drive to work in less than half the time it took before Covid. My parking garage is at maybe 1/4-1/3 full. Staff who can are working from home. Some are taking their own PTO to stay away. The hospital halls look like a ghost town. Lots of empty patient rooms. Many patients were discharged to remove them from harms way and to make room for Covid patients but they continue to sit empty. I can’t fill a day with direct patient care.

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  8. Donzo says:

    The empty hospitals and clinics is no mystery. Normal activities such as check ups, lab tests, elective surgeries, etc., that is, all the everyday normal functions of the healthcare industry, are on hold as patients are encouraged to stay away.

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  9. coltlending says:

    This isn’t very scientific and there may be a lot of explanations, but there may be something in the fact that after listening the last several days to Fire Department Scanner channels for two hard hit Covid19 counties, Queens NY and Orleans Parish, La, I did not hear one mention of a Covid19 call.

    One simple explanation might be such calls are on a different channel. However, news reports would lead me to expect mention of Covid19 on the channels I monitored would be more forthcoming.

    Today, listening to MSNBC the segment I listened to stated that going to a ER (they didn’t say where) was a certainty to get Covid19 because the air in ER’s is filled with the virus.

    I find that hard to believe.

    But I guess we’ll find out because the peak is about to hit in the next 7-14 days and half of us will be across the Rainbow.


    • annieoakley says:

      I wonder if “they” made up the story about Elmhurst Hospital and gave his friend The virus or A virus that sent the friend into a coma on purpose? Wanted to make it personal for our President? Stranger things have happened. Joan Rivers,for instance.,


    • Jan says:

      Kaiser Permanente shut down all of its satellite offices, cancelling all dr. appointments, thru
      at least April 23. So you can go to one of their hospitals if you have an emergency but you can’t see your doctor or get bloodwork or get an xray. Not even if you’re in intense pain & the dr. says you need one but wait until the coronavirus is gone.


  10. upstate ny says:

    I’m in NY less than 150 mile drive from NYC. My hospital is under 60% capacity and is asking people to take voluntary leave from their vacation bank so they don’t have to furlough or lay off anyone else. They are expecting a surge of patients “any day now” but it has not come yet. About 20% of the inpatients have COVID and most ICU patients either have it or are suspected of having it.


    • Scott Vines says:

      Which of course begs the question, if the NYC hospitals are overwhelmed, then why not send the overflow to hospitals like yours. We are being lied to.

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  11. notvicchanko says:

    While poking around the inter webs this morning looking for actual photos/video showing the alleged breakdown of hospitals due to COVID19 I came across two interesting “news” reports. The first one was a NY Post story on April 1st interviewing personnel at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn about the PREPARATIONS they were going through in anticipation of a deluge of new COVID19 patients. OK, fine. But the second was a Washington Post video essay that appeared to have been done April1st, also interviewing personnel at Maimonides hospital, that strongly implied they were completely overwhelmed and despondent over the weight of trying to care for the tidal wave of COVID19 patients! Since it would have taken some time to research, write and produce the video it seems fair to say that the interviews happened either the same day or even earlier than the much less scary NY Post story. What is going on here?


  12. Sparty says:

    Good friend of mine is a top dog surgeon at a large metro area hospital in TN. I asked for a ground report. Here is what I received this morning.

    “Hey buddy
    Hospital is not doing elective cases
    So that hurts
    People on furlough
    Staff on flex hours
    Empty beds
    We are not over run at present
    We have a few COVID cases
    But not unmanageable”

    I told him 3 weeks ago, while his hospital was in middle of emergency reconfiguration, that the numbers were just not there, decent chance they sit empty. He wasn’t at all surprised by what I said. Others echoed it as well. And here we are. The Dr is not happy. Smart guy. Knows well and sees right through the motive and specific method deployed in creating this overblown overhyped Russia 3.0.

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  13. Patricia Bradfield says:

    Provider staff (Drs, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners) in two central Florida Hospital Emergency Departments just 25 miles from Disney , are being laid off, There is absolutely no correlation to the tragic news. 🤷‍♀️I have been in Emergency for over 30 years. Trauma centers to community hospitals, I have stressed the disconnect presently occurring in the news , to my family and friends. All life loss is horrible but the media is not portraying what is happening! Very suspect and scary because someone is aging something from the deception and hysteria!!!


  14. WildTxWillie says:

    Let’s follow the Money. Hospital will classify all deaths as Coronavirus. That way the government pays the whole medical bill. The patient may have been homeless or indigent and died from anything but the virus, but the bill is paid in full if it is claimed as Coronavirus. I think local and State governments are gaming the Trump Administration to reduce their Medicaid costs.

    You also have the Liberals pushing this pandemic to push Medicare for All and drive the smaller hospital out of business. How many Liberal politicians have investments in Insurance and Medical stocks in Big pharma, insurance, and health care groups? The only thing that will go down is gasoline!


  15. minnesotamike55 says:

    3 days ago Fox9 news in MN “Why some Minnesota nurses are being laid off or having hours cut during the pandemic”

    The Minnesota Hospital Association released the following statement Wednesday:

    Hospitals have stopped elective procedures to conserve personal protective equipment, and this preparedness is consuming a huge amount of resources financially. As a result, that has idled some of our service lines and unfortunately impacts some of our employees. But it was the right thing to do in order to prepare to care for patients and to protect our staff who will be caring for patients.

    HealthPartners released the following statement Wednesday:

    As we take steps to adjust our care practices to prepare and help slow the spread of COVID-19, some colleagues have experienced changes to their work. This applies to nurses, as well as other administrative functions. These changes could look like reduced hours, temporary movement to another department, or the use of time-off or other leave practices. We have not done any layoffs at this time.

    M Health Fairview President and CEO James Hereford released the following statement Wednesday:

    M Health Fairview informed employees Tuesday that it expects to reduce hours for some staff beginning April 6 and continuing through May 3. M Health Fairview will provide impacted employees a minimum of 50% pay and continuation of employer contributions for existing benefits, regardless of hours worked during this time. These changes will not affect staff on the front lines of caring for COVID-19 patients.

    These changes were driven by a decreased patient census, a result of the indefinite postponement of non-critical procedures and a broad transition to virtual care. Both of these steps were taken recently to prepare M Health Fairview for the expected surge of COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks. Decreased patient census coincides with the need to increase spending significantly on new equipment and supplies related to COVID-19.

    Many hospitals expect near-term revenue declines of as much as one-third as a result of the current crisis. As a non-profit hospital system, M Health Fairview operates on extremely tight margins— 0.2% in Fiscal Year 2018. The pre-existing financial pressure, coupled with unexpected costs of preparing for a COVID-19 surge, required immediate action to protect financial stability and prevent deeper actions in the weeks and months ahead.

    Employees could be called back or reassigned as needed to address expected surges in COVID-19 patients.

    “We are deeply grateful to all of our employees for the heroic work they are doing during this unprecedented crisis. The changes we’re making now are needed to ensure the long-term health of our system, so it can serve the community.

    26,777 tested
    935 positive
    29 total deaths
    202 total requiring hospitalization
    106 currently hospitalized


  16. keebs63 says:

    I am an RN working in the recovery room of a 40-bed hospital (includes 8 ICU beds) in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Being a ski town, we are at risk for more exposure due to tourism, especially from the Bay Area.
    They cancelled all elective surgeries a couple weeks ago and we have been dead-quiet ever since. Averaging between 8-10 IN-HOUSE patients. ER very slow.
    I have lost a ton of hours. We have our “surge plan” in place which will increase our bed capacity to 130. Our department will become the overflow ICU.
    Personally, I don’t think it’s coming. Based on some reading (and critical thinking), I think California got COVID here in the late fall, early winter with a flu-like illness that tested negative for Influenzas A&B. There were 8000 people/every day coming on direct flights from China until Trump shut it down (ref: San Francisco, San Jose, LA should look more like NYC and Tahoe should have seen alot of it too since we get so many Bay Area tourists and busloads of Chinese. We have not had one sick COVID patients. We have 9 in our town (not sick, just positive), and 19 in El Dorado County.

    Besides the crushing economic effects, there are community health consequences too:
    The patient with the crushing chest pain who decides he shouldn’t take the risk of getting CV-19 and dies at home of a massive heart attack, the colon cancer patient who didn’t get that colonoscopy last week and is not having life-saving bowel resection this week, the undiagnosed leukemia patient who needs a venous access port TODAY so he can start chemo next week, the undiagnosed breast cancer patient who didn’t get that mammogram last week and won’t get the lumpectomy this week, the undiagnosed hypertensive patient who needs intervention NOW to save his or her kidneys from the pounding.
    From a community nursing standpoint, this is very sad and unnecessary consequence.

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  17. imalulu says:

    I have been a nurse 36 years and my background is critical care,(adult/pediatric) in tertiary care,(Level 1 Trauma) hospitals. My husband,also in healthcare, works at local the hospital. We have NEVER seen such hysteria and lack of professional decorum as is portrayed by our press and politicians. “Nurses” dressed in garbage bags, physicians publicly writing wills,health care “professionals” racing to the press with laundry lists of unionized complaints and political talking points,begging and pleading like they’ve never had a sick patient or witnessed death. (I came through the AIDS epidemic.Trust me,it wasn’t pretty.)Meanwhile,our local hospital has layed-off the entire out-patient surgery,endoscopy,family medicine and other “non-essential” staff,( “Essential workers”.Hitler loved him some didn’t he?). My husband just dropped the bomb of his impending hour-cut which starts immediately. We have 7 Wuhan cases and 4 of them are recovered,(thank God),while the one death was a 90-year-old “snow bird” in Florida with a local address. The health dept. STILL counted it as our county’s death even though he died 5 States away..So dishonest.So messed-up.Meanwhile,our small town is life-less with over 700 jobs lost in the last week and counting. The grocery stores are “rationing” everything from bread to all cleaning supplies to,of course,toilet paper. We’ve been told that “health and beauty”,clothes,and other “non-essential areas” in the Walmart are “verboten”and we are “encouraged” to shop quickly,once a week,with a useless-homemade-mask on our face.The Governor,(Prophet of Doom) and his Minister-of-Medical-Propaganda have shut the entire State down. Every day at 1400,(2pm),we hear “feel good” stories about old ladies and simple young girls sewing home-made,(see “medically useless”) face masks,hear Girl Scout choirs singing silly little jiggles,and watch goofy minions standing in their “sheltered” doorways cheering as police or fire fighters drive by. Afterwards,we are bombarded with ominous warnings such as:”…this is NOT a drill”…”lives are on the line”…”stay indoors”,and the laundry list of new closings and Marxist clamp-downs on our easily sacrificed freedoms.I keep looking for the mushroom cloud.Meanwhile,the jobs that put food on our tables and clothes on our backs are gone. Folks,life is a risk. It is appointed once for man to die,then the judgement. Whether that death comes from Wuhan Plague or any of a plethora of other causes,it comes. “Sheltering in place” ain’t gonna stop death if it’s your time. What’s happening now is a slow,excruciating suffocation of our Country worse than any virus. Oh,did I mention,we’re in Ohio,a “red state”.

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    • keebs63 says:

      Imaluli, 33 year nurse here. Agree with you!
      Our nursing staff had a legitimate beef with the “leadership”; they’ve been hoarding N-95 masks. You can’t get fit-tested and get a mask unless you’re taking care of a COVID patient (we haven’t even had one yet). But this scarcity mentality is affecting the morale of an already terrified staff. Fit test everyone and give them a damn mask, you jackasses.

      We have also seen ridiculous “demands” from the union people who have made complete fools of themselves, proving they AREN’T nurses, and are using this a political billy club.

      I totally agree about the death and dying piece of this. It reveals that our society is coddled and insulated to the reality that life ends. And while I have moral authority, having cared for 100’s of dying patients and my own mother, watching them take their last breath, I am lambasted for questioning the overreaction of this pandemic. I’M THE BAD ONE. I don’t have compassion; I’ve lost my way.

      We can protect the most vulnerable. We don’t have to do this. It’s ridiculous. Also, I think there’s an element that rather like it because it mimics their sick, goth, zombie, end-game romantic fantasies.

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    • Annie says:

      I didn’t have to read the last sentence to know you were talking about Ohio..Rino De Wine and Dr. Death as I have named her…our Ohio Dr. of Health..I refuse to listen to her ..besides she has THE WORST speech pattern on the planet.

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  18. Deserttrek says:

    The is the best hoax since hussien obama was appointed president

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  19. willyeye says:

    I live in Snohomish County, WA, just north of King County (Seattle). We were unlucky enough to have the very first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the entire United States back on 1-21-20. He had returned from Wuhan, China on 1-15-20. A close relative of mine is a nurse that works at the hospital where “Patient One” was treated. He was kept on a floor that is usually reserved for orthopedics, but that floor was designated by crisis planning for “Pandemic” patients given that many of the orthopedics patients are normally there recovering from elective surgeries. It’s been determined that “Patient One” infected at least 39 other people that eventually tested postive and became confirmed cases (he surely infected at least 100+ people that had mild to no symptoms and were never tested). Snohomish County, King County and the State of Washington were #1 in the country in cases and deaths up until sometime in March when NY State passed us. Washington State is now in 10th place, and Snohomish County has gone from 1st place all the way down to 33rd place. King County (Seattle) has gone from 1st place down to 18th place. The first Covid-19 death in America occured in Kirkland, WA (Costco was founded here), a city that is just south of the Snohomish County line, about 10 miles from my house.

    Snohomish County currently has 99 hospitalized, 1503 confirmed cases and 45 deaths. At the state level, we now have 8065 confirmed cases and 318 deaths. I know people that tested positive, but not anyone that died. I’m turning 63 in a few weeks and I have diabetes, so I am considered “at risk”. I had to go grocery shopping a few days ago, and it was the first time I wore a mask. Until then, I was tricked into not wearing any protection by our wonderful media.

    My close relative, that works at the largest hospital in Everett, WA has been very disappointed with her employer. They ran out of PPE and proceeded to make their nurses work without protection while giving their doctors masks and shields. My relative has an auto-immune disease and she is at risk. They basically forced her to take care of seriously ill Corona patients, and she even sat with and held the hand of a patient while he died. She did this because he was all alone. She has since gone on family leave. I do know that there are LOTS of available beds in the hospital and they have plenty of space for more patients. The biggest problem was that WA State had a 92-93% negative test rate on patients who had been tested. The tests are getting done much quicker and there is no lag time, so there are no longer many dozens of patients in the hospital taking up beds just in case they have the virus.

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  20. Blue Wildflower says:

    Sundance, I have been doing my research. A friend that has a friend that is an RN. She was off for the past week because it was her scheduled vacation time. Another interesting conversation with a nurse practitioner, she does not treat patients that have the virus but she seemed to know nothing about the Malaria cocktail treating the virus. She said it had not been approved for use with Covid-19. No tests have been done. I said, President Trump said the FDA approved it for The virus. She said, “Then why don’t they use it because the Malaria drug is very safe.” “What would it hurt to give it a try?”

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  21. TRUTH says:

    I live near the largest medical complex and pass by other large hospitals in my “Battle Ground State” several times a day – for the past 4 weeks the ER entrance is EMPTY. Each hospital has a Covid tent but there is no one there. They’ve been shut down.

    Spoke to an ER surgical nurse today and the hospital “census” is down and traffic is slow.

    HOWEVER – something else appears to be going on behind the scenes. The past several weeks, I’ve noticed a surprising number of out of state cars, truck, SUV’s with military plates and/or bumper stickers.

    It appears as though hundreds of National Guard members have moved into local hotels and motels, but wouldn’t our State National guard be manned by in-state citizens and wouldn’t they stay in an armory barracks?

    I believe we’ll know what’s really going on by the end of next week.


  22. jeans2nd says:

    It seems many here are either noobs, or Old Guys who’ve forgotten the lessons of 2016.

    Of course the media is reporting what they see are war zones. The world of Fake News is nothing more than Washington, D.C. and New York, and that small area in between known as the Acela Corridor. They talk – i.e. write – to each other, not us.

    Nothing else exists. All other areas of the U.S. are irrelevant, and what happens in that large area known as flyover country may as well not have even happened.
    How many of these people know anyone that voted for Donald J Trump?

    It may be time for another lesson on how Fake News really operates.
    There was a post from 2016, one that featured reporters breathlessly hanging on to every word of Crooked’s, sitting on a plane, Andrea Mitchell shown prominently in the center of that pic.
    Sure opened my eyes.

    Honest journalism is dead.

    As for answering the post’s question, what we see…, my docs have gone to Telemedicine.
    Safer for all, and most insurance and Medicare pays the same for Telemedicine as an OV.

    DIL is a coronary care-surg nurse, Wake Forest system, northern Carolina. She has the next week off, is considering going to NYC for that $5,000/day pay.
    Well, until Evil Mom reminded her of Cuomo’s totalitarian streak and may not allow contract nurses to leave. 😉


  23. Brownd81 says:

    SouthEastern Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia (collar counties) two smaller regional hospitals, parking lots look like ghost towns. Coronavirus tent at one empty, no one around, no tent at the other.


  24. Jenk1 says:

    My wife and I are nurses. I’m home care and she is ICU South West Florida. She hasn’t worked in three weeks!


  25. DCBOY says:

    I have been tracking the CDC closing daily death counts (cut-off 6am following day) for the US and recently began to compare it to the IHME model:

    Per CDC: Per IMHE ( approximate based on graph)
    3/30 661 700
    3/31 475 900
    4/1 1,056 900
    4/2 921 1,100
    4/3 1,101. 1,100
    4/4 1,344. 1,800
    4/5 1,143. 1,800

    The model death range was reported by the task force as 100k to 200k originally. Yesterday, the projected probable number was 91k. Today it is 81k. On the low range the models prediction of the daily deaths are coming in at 1,200-1,700 until May 1, when they drop to about 500. Projected peak April 16, 3,130 daily deaths.


  26. Padric says:

    OK, so I work for a hospital system in the Hudson Valley area of NY. Here’s what’s going on:

    We’ve been told for 3 weeks now to expect a surge of COVID-19 patients that was to begin last week and run this week and next week, at least. As such, we began freeing up space, turning rooms that weren’t patient rooms into patient rooms, having as many people work from home, getting drive through tents set up for testing and sending patients home as quickly as medically viable to do so.

    The hospital that is closest to NYC began testing ASAP, and began having COVID-19 patients almost immediately afterwards. They’re overall patient count, COVID and Non-COVID is high and they are using the overflow areas they created, but they are managing. If it surges much more then they are going to start having some real issues.

    Another, of our hospitals further away from the city began seeing COVID-19 patients them show up not long afterwards the other hospital did, Even though they’re in what would best be described as an outer suburb of NYC, there are a lot of people from the city with summer homes and second homes in the area. That said, they’re COVID-19 patient count hasn’t gone above 15 the entire time.

    A third hospital, yet further from the city just started seeing COVID patients show up last week. They’re count is under 10.

    Having said all that, however, I do know that another hospital that is not part of our system but is in our area is having a tough go of it but they are closer to the more condensed, city areas of my county.

    So ultimately, I think it’s impossible to say that hospitals being overrun is a nation wide thing. As far as I can tell that sort of level is only occurring in some highly concentrated pockets for now and might occur in a few places this week and next. But again, we’re talking NY here. I highly doubt the rest of the country is going to see anything like NYC and some of its suburb areas are seeing.

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  27. DCBOY says:

    Here are the daily death counts for NYC per CDC. (Cut-off 6am next day)::



  28. 1nikao says:

    Elective/outpatient surgeries are on hold-so pre-op, surgical, & post-op nurses, clerical, anesthesiologists are on hold. Some are being repurposed to “float” on medical & step down units. So, they overflow the regular staff needs, but this still keeps them working (which isn’t bad). Most of the time, hospitals understaff nurses on purpose. It’s a business.

    There is a usually a slow down of admissions after flu season is over. This causes low census in the hospitals generally this time of year.

    I hope the curve has been flattened, but logic tells me that once the stay home recommendations are lifted, the curve continues on the same upward trajectory that the stay home prevented. It either continues to go up (if testing still isn’t being done), or it stays flat until it burns out. Nobody is using the hydroxychloroquine/zpack/zinc combo. They’re piece-mealing it. So, they’re not getting the same results as the New York doc. They also may be a different category of patients. So, it isn’t a great study, although it is hopeful and inspiring.

    Very few symptomatic people are being tested in the ER. If they have symptoms, but are stable, they are told to go home and quarantine for 14 days. All these patients or none of these patients could be covid positive.

    Our hospital has inpatients: 12 total tested, of which, 6 are positive, 4 of those in ICU/2 required intubation.
    One of the persons who was intubated is young (<40) with no underlying health condition. The patient initially tested negative, but after deteriorating at home, was admitted and further deteriorated in hospital. He was intubated for over a week.

    This same hospital is limiting PPE for general medical floor nurses to wearing only the coffee-filter surgical masks, gowns, gloves & safety goggles. They are not wearing hair covers, or clothing/shoe covers in rooms with covid positive or suspected (+/s) patients.
    ICU nurses wear a space suit, completely covered (I imagine this is to protect against aerosolization that occurs with intubation).

    The ER has a different protocol. They wear surgical masks, gowns, & safety goggles at all times.
    Practitioners are contracted, so they do not have to abide by hospital policy regarding PPE. They are all wearing N-95s with protective covers to prolong their wearing use. Some wear them at all times. Others save them to use only when entering a covid +/s person and store them by a containment donning & doffing regimen, to preserve the mask, while also protecting themselves from contamination. They are covering from head to toe in the +/s rooms.

    Much of the stress that is occurring with medical staff is from a feeling of being placed at risk without having the proper protection from exposure. It really is a concern on the front line. The administration is apparently unconcerned other than from PR/optics of their clientele perception of their brand being "contaminated." In the beginning, all staff was prevented from wearing ANY protective equipment unless they had a positive test. Unscientific & bassackwards, in my opinion.

    But, the stress/fear has been causing most to overreact, either to the point of complete denial or reactionary. There have been several RNs, techs who quit their jobs completely or asked their MD to give them a note to stay home because they have "underlying health conditions" and work in a high risk environment. Some are coping by saying we're all going to get it, I'm ready for a 14 day vacation.

    Many nurses are women, who, in addition to working 12-18 hour shifts, are having to homeschool children. Teachers stay at home with their collective bargaining and paid vacation, and are available to parents from 9-2. This doesn't give the parent any opportunity to speak with teachers since a nurse's schedule doesn't sync with the teachers schedule. Nurse mom is basically doing teacher's job for free while teacher gets paid from the nurse's tax dollars. Hospital unit secretaries, dietary workers don't enter patient rooms, but are exposed to nurses & techs all day. Housekeepers are going into all rooms to perform cleaning with viricidals, but their hair and shoes are exposed in the rooms.
    Many people are walking around wearing N-95 masks at Walmart, while actual high risk healthcare workers are being prevented from wearing them. Patients cough and hack in their faces, pee, poop, & bleed on their clothes. The N-95 prevents very small particles from getting through to the wearer, hopefully viruses. The coffee filter mask prevents coffee grounds from getting through. And, working with sick people eliminates the ability to practice social distancing. People shed viruses through body fluids:(
    This causes a level of stress that most people can be afraid of, but aren't actually being exposed to in a high degree.


  29. anthohmy says:

    Boris Johnson placed in ICU “in case he needed a ventilator.” Again, how many people in NY and or NYC were actually on ventilators when Cuomo was screeching about a shortage?

    Also if Cuomo tanks, Newsom is the stealth pick, going to pop up out of nowhere with a fully prepared state.

    We are seeing new May Inn reservations starting to trickle in, after all of the cancelled.


  30. steve says:

    Just my 2 cents worth. In the event that some historian looks here in the distant future…..I work case management in a local central Texas hospital. Near the “Great Place”. (look that name up)
    I took a volunteer 40 hour week, time off last week. Due to low census. Now, this week 4/6/20; I just got furloughed for 2 weeks involuntarily.
    Furloughed?!!?! But how, when the hospital system is so over run……Well we aren’t and neither of the other 2 hospitals in this area are either.
    ER patient count is 1/2 of what is normal. On the floor patients is 40% of usual. ICU is normal census.
    Have we been scammed/duped/snookered? Beginning to look like it.

    And remember, the progressive left will use ANY event to further their agenda.


  31. Spangled Pandemonium says:

    My cousin is a nurse in South Carolina. She says her hours have been cut and she’s afraid she’ll be laid off, and that a cardiology nurse of her acquaintance with thirty years’ experience *has* been laid off. You would think that cardiology would be one thing they would really need if Covid were a problem there.

    Meantime, I have an injured knee that could use an MRI, a UTI, and a tooth that needs a crown, and I can’t receive treatment (other than phoned-in antibiotics for the UTI) for any of it because all non-emergency medical and dental care has been shut down in my state. I am also at high risk for complications of Covid should I get it, so I suppose I appreciate society’s concern on my behalf, but I am starting to think that in my part of the country there has been an overreaction.


  32. annadusseau says:

    It’s such a scary time but this has been an interesting post to read and full of helpful feedback. Thanks for sharing, you guys! x


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