Mayor deBlasio Releases 900 Inmates To Reduce Coronavirus Risk – Makes Room To Arrest Priests, Ministers, Pastors…

New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio has released 900 inmates from city jails in an effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Days earlier he announced the intent to permanently close houses of worship that defy the ‘stay-at-home’ dictates.

New York – De Blasio made the announcement at a press briefing while reporting that a second member of New York City’s corrections department had died from the disease.

[…]  De Blasio announced last week that the city would release hundreds of nonviolent offenders, with those accused of offenses such as domestic abuse not eligible for release. Advocates have warned that jails and prisons are hotspots for the transmission of coronavirus due to the close proximity of inmates. (read more)

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77 Responses to Mayor deBlasio Releases 900 Inmates To Reduce Coronavirus Risk – Makes Room To Arrest Priests, Ministers, Pastors…

  1. BuckNutGuy says:

    I double dog dare him to arrest an Imam

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  2. How many more criminals on the street will it take until we’re all cured, there duh! Blasio?

    This is the same champion of “progressive” thinking who just last year ordered police NOT to arrest the growing tide of NYC street scum for pooping & peeing in the street.

    Friggin’ moron.

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    The “Left” works in mysterious ways, no?

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  4. T2020 says:


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  5. freepetta says:

    Now DeBlasio is the definition of an IMBECILE! How anyone cast a vote for him absolutely baffles me.

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  6. Richie5Angels says:

    So do they get re-arrested if and when this is over?

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  7. freepetta says:

    DJT Jr. should run for mayor of NYC. Will take someone like him to straighten this 💩 city out!

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  8. Richie says:

    Cuomo: “America Was Never Great”

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  9. kneejerkreactionary says:

    Prisoners were already quarentined from the damn virus! Now they will be exposed to the coughing and hackings of people on the street who may or may not be infected. Of course, the people on the streets will be left to the generosity of the released criminals. I hope NYC has taken all the guns from law abiding citizens. What a jerk DeBlasio is!

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    • prettiestone says:

      I’m convinced these measures are to create more chaos in order to justify further clamp down of our civil rights. Nothing else makes sense to me.

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      • kneejerkreactionary says:

        I agree. Our resolve must be strong inorder to defend our liberty and Our Nation. To do less would be an affront to our forebears and a slap in the face to our children’s children’s children.

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  10. Got243kids says:

    Commiefornia is eerily quite…

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  11. avi says:

    time for Koomoe to stop his daily pressers. maybe twice a week at most. when he does it Kaisr Wilhelm II feels the need to goon the air with his Zappa clone, and then orthodontically challenged Murphy feels the need and then Ned lamont. ugh

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  12. Mary Ann says:

    There has been a rise in crime for other states who have done the same..
    Now there will be a further housing shortage..

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    • X XYZ says:

      That’s the Democrat’s playbook. It’s what they always do. It’s a cycle. It’s promotion of negativity, poverty and destruction, while projecting the blame for their policies onto everyone but themselves. It keeps them in power. It works every time. Their plan and their actions ruin neighborhoods, cities, and now it also ruins states. Very effective!

      When the cycle of destruction becomes broken (when the money runs out of the economy) they retreat, regroup, and they wait, patiently. Eventually the cycle begins again. They always know how to rejuvenate and implement their plan. We the people remain ignorant of it. Like children we always fall for it and we never seem to catch on to their long term scheme.

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  13. ezpz2 says:

    Where are they being released TO?? Anywhere they wanna go?

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  14. Don’t forget social distancing offenders, jaywalkers and those attempting to purchase more than two packs of rice. He’s ensuring there is room in prison for them too.

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  15. dottygal says:

    Freakin’ libtards are all alike!


  16. Mike in a Truck says:

    As long as NYC tolerates Wilhelm then they deserve what they get.

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  17. vikingmom says:

    And the majority of Americans will yawn, roll over on their couch, and say, “Well, we have to listen to them because they’re the experts!”

    Until they get mugged, or their child is raped. or their best friend is killed by one of these “early-released” prisoners!! Then they’ll be screaming bloody murder and looking for people to blame but will never think to look in the mirror!!

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    • X XYZ says:

      A convert to conservatism is often a liberal who has been previously mugged.

      OTOH, there are liberals who are so brainwashed that they always give their mugger blanket forgiveness, thinking and saying that they empathize with the criminal’s ‘plight’ of being ‘disadvantaged’. Those who think like that deserve to be mugged again. Or perhaps they then even deserve to be removed from the gene pool if becoming the victim of a more deadly crime.

      Bullies and perps size up and choose their victims before attacking them – just as in the jungle. Randomness only happens rarely.

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  18. Brilliant move, /sarc

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  19. hawkins6 says:

    Mayor DeBlasio is just following the lead of the intrepid crime fighting Tampa Bay sheriff who arrested the pastor after he had already released 165 of his low level prisoners (on a Judge’s order) to make room for the “high level criminal” pastors he intends to arrest.


  20. donnyvee says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t look at Mayor deBlasio without seeing Shaky the Moil.


  21. jeans2nd says:

    De Blasio was the Poster Child for the TDS-afflicted Socialist Progressives that defied the President’s warnings about the CCP Virus.

    De Blasio lost another officer according to the article, and the NYC LEOs who have the CCP Virus is in the dozens.

    And now Comrade De Blasio is releasing more criminals, while jailing our religious leaders. This is the very definition of Evil.

    Here’s hoping the NYC LEOs sue the pants off that cretin.

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  22. SOCRATES says:

    OK. They release these folks with no job, support system, income,place to live.
    What could possibly go wrong? THINK ABOUT IT.
    Apparently nobody has thought about it.

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  23. freepetta says:

    May I add why NY was late with a reaction to this Chinese Virus they were busy giving driver’s licenses and voter registration to illegal citizens. That is why, nobody has brought that up!!

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  24. Here is an article that shows an interesting insight into the depraved minds of Manhattanites and other NYC Demon Rats.
    The miserable scum show no gratitude at all. Instead, their main concern is that Franklin Graham is a “notorious anti LGBTQ and Islamophobic preacher” and also that he is recruiting “Christian staff” for the hospital.
    As far as I’m concerned the Chi Com Flu is too good for these liberal a-holes. May they rot in hell for all eternity.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      So how does one get from
      “all the volunteers must follow a statement of faith,” to

      “New York State Senator Brad Hoylman warned Graham that the hospital should treat all patients equally, stating, “COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, and neither should Franklin Graham. It’s unacceptable that a New Yorker infected with COVID-19 could be subjected to discriminatory treatment from an organization whose leader calls us ‘immoral’ and ‘detestable.’”

      I hate to repeat myself but can these people get any more rancid or perverse?

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      • Country- when it comes to New York Libs being any more rancid or perverse, it may shock you just how low they can go in that regard.
        Keep in mind that this is a state whose exalted Dictator Cuomo has called our President Trump and the Deplorables every name in the book and told conservatives that we are “not wanted” in HIS state.
        F**** them all from Cuomo, DeBlasio on down. They are literally the scum of the earth.


  25. Jason Ross says:

    NYS taxpayers currently paying for child rapists to chill at the Holiday Inn.
    New York is such a toilet, run by the lowest form of toilet bugs.

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  26. Janeka says:

    I can’t imagine what he thinks the criminals are gonna do, it’s not like they can get a job and go to work.. lock and load people.. I keep security under my pillow, I find myself bringing it with me to the kitchen and my recliner.. Answering the door with a firearm in hand is no way to live but it is what it is..

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  27. InAz says:

    I saw a headline, on Breitbart I think, that mayor De BlowsALot commuted the prison sentences of 14 convicted murderers… released them.

    Where the hell is the Attorney General!!!!?


    • X XYZ says:

      The AG? He’s a Democrat, sitting in his comfortable office, in his comfortable, unassailable political position. Same as the judges who are never held accountable for their decisions.


  28. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Haven’t they been promising to put us in gulags? Guess they are getting them ready.

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    • Super Elite says:

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      • Sharon says:

        Releasing the prisoners is the Leftist criminals’ strategy to NOT be thrown in jail during the mass arrests that are pending.

        Trump said that the next two weeks would be difficult.

        Difficult because normies will see many of their idols and many priests, pastors, and child molesters … arrested and jailed.

        Stupid Commies – the jails now have freed-up beds for you … intended consequence.


  29. RobInPA says:

    Did Stalag Kommander DeCommio explain to anyone where these 900 convicted criminals are going to sleep, where they are going to eat, or how they will cloth themselves or keep hygienically clean, or how they will transport themselves about or how they are going to pay for these aforementioned minor details?!

    I doubt the public libraries are are open, so we know for sure that they will not be going there!


  30. SHV says:

    “More inmates released amid corona concerns as one inmate gets re-arrested for murder”


  31. Peoria Jones says:

    The Illinois Gov. Prickster has been playing these same tricks. Each day (on his emergency interrupted announcement) he has another set of stupid circumstances, from which he will protect us minions.

    One day, he warned that there were “reports” that Chinese restaurants were being discriminated against, and he would ensure that all the forces of the State of IL would stop it. (All I saw in my area was increased lines at the local Chinese drive-ups.)

    Then, Gov. Prickster alerted us of “concerns” that medical professionals are being discriminated against by their landlords, due to fear of the C-19. He will take all measures necessary to protect them! (Anybody heard of doctors or nurses evicted due to their profession?)

    Today, his “warning” was that hospitals which wouldn’t accept his released criminals would be held to account. As if that’s a thing. But Gov. Prickster will make sure the released convicts get hospital care – or else!


  32. Beigun says:

    The US military is a virus hot spot as well, especially a Navy warship. But no sailor, or comrade at arms ashore, would desert his unit for fear of a virus bug and become a Benedict deBlasio!


  33. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Sundance, you forgot to include imams. ’cause he will arrest imams and permanently close mosques too right?


  34. Follow The Money says:

    These prisoners do not have the safety net that goes with a usual release. The system tries to find housing, work, and support groups. Many prisoners have drug or alcohol problems and releasing them willy nilly does not help them.
    In prison, they have their medical needs taken care of and if they caught WuFlu they would be isolated.
    Many will resort to crime again in order to live. This plan was not thought through.


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